Would you try this? 😳 (via @lumberjackchamps/IG)  

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2. 02. 2024





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Bro is like Mulan 😂
@shamachelon Před 23 dny
@PlaqqqPEY Před 23 dny
Fr 😂😂 put him in the movie lol
@trev5434 Před 22 dny
Lmao yooo that’s funny
@jimboh.2654 Před 22 dny
Who is Mulan
@100mssnipes5 Před 20 dny
Mulans been real quiet since this dropped
Сабантуй 😂 ??
@RedGallardo Před 5 dny
She was just a girl after all =P
@SpunkyGrubber Před 20 dny
“This represents discipline, and this represents strength. You need both to reach the arrow.”
@PradeepKalki-ps2uh Před 2 hodinami
@steveciancone8941 Před 25 dny
@zombuu5594 Před 22 dny
“I’m never gonna catch my breath, say goodbye to those who knew me, this guys got them scared to death, I hope he doesn’t see right through me, I really wish I knew how to swim” lol
@Ekolop Před 21 dnem
Mulan lol
@ikaru5089 Před 21 dnem
This is exactly what I thought haha
@coopertown7867 Před 21 dnem
And your joints will remind you of how manly you are every day😂😂😂😂
Her: this is my first time Also her
@ColonelNickSteel Před 20 dny
This is how my ol man went to school.
@hansolo631 Před 5 dny
in the sky? would be so sick
@eliargumedo4728 Před 23 dny
Top 10 ways to destroy your knee caps
@heathswinson6506 Před 22 dny
Yo mamma knows the very top way to destroy your knees lol. JK it was just out there I had to say it
@@heathswinson6506 your mom's out there
@igorsolonari77 Před 22 dny
​@@essjayschwingle6981😂 🔥
@KevinZaja Před 21 dnem
​@@essjayschwingle6981with his sister!😂
@SUD7117 Před 20 dny
You guys talk about knees/foot in sport oriented videos and brain damage in mma/fight related videos. What do you want us to do? Sit on the couch and do nothing? We are built to work and play tough. Use your body to its fullest potential, that's heaven
@davidgarcia3650 Před 14 dny
Glad I'm not the only person that immediately thought of Mulan 😂
@saulegoode415 Před 20 dny
Bro got down to business
@Hadley_Capybara Před 26 dny
Danggggg me personally I would die 💀
@hypezzyy Před 24 dny
@seangardner4013 Před 23 dny
I wouldn’t be able to get high enough to die 😔🤣
@browhat924 Před 23 dny
Thought they’d dive into the water
@Hadley_Capybara Před 22 dny
@@browhat924 lol
@Hadley_Capybara Před 22 dny
@@seangardner4013 facts me too!!
@auroralshine6176 Před 15 dny
"grandpa why your knees gave up on you?"
@FriedCheesePaws Před 20 dny
Bro forgot to struggle 💀
@dijopadamaden2214 Před 23 dny
He runs vertically faster than I run on horizontal surfaces 😂
@westerxxx9220 Před 15 dny
Random “Moscow Suburb nights Remix” on the background 💀
Best way to train and climb faster is to tell your wife you bought more car parts.
@merlehexum3932 Před 26 dny
Gravity was discovered in 1897 People in 1896:
@lmoalol3936 Před 25 dny
Acrophobia was invented in 1888 People in 1887:
@rytruitt Před 23 dny
discovered, not invented
@carnagecabage8323 Před 23 dny
​@@rytruitt that's the joke. No one actually thinks people were just flying around before gravity was defined and "discovered"
@rytruitt Před 23 dny
@@carnagecabage8323 yeah ik. it’s just not funny or logical
@EezoTheChezo Před 23 dny
​@@rytruitt shave your head
@DhruvParmar-gm4ke Před 13 dny
Women from the movie "Fall" sweating uncontrollably 💀
@rakesh.d6804 Před 13 dny
Nature never gives a straight smooth pillar in life 😅
@HeartlessWon506 Před 26 dny
Her: “this is my first time” Also her:
@shanecharles4589 Před 26 dny
@WafflesnFalafels Před 25 dny
Women ☕️
@mattfowler3760 Před 25 dny
whenever i see these comments i just wonder…who hurt you boys? Lmao
@706truth Před 25 dny
@@mattfowler3760 women
@HeartlessWon506 Před 25 dny
@@mattfowler3760 It is called a joke
@jean-lucfreret Před 19 dny
What country is this sport taking place in ?
@8Iceprod Před dnem
"What your best skill" "Oh I can climb a pole really fast" 💀💀
@totoblox4242 Před 23 dny
My knees hurt watching them get back down
@dudeinthewoods4517 Před 12 dny
Shoulders left their sockets also.
@archmasterone Před 11 dny
I did that in competition for ten years when I was young, my knees are shot now. I wasn't great but still fun.
They look like super heros 😂
I bet these guys do a lot of stair climbs, high knees, and mountain climbers
@yhwhwarrior1530 Před 26 dny
Seem way too easy to hyper extend your leg on this one.
@adamjohnson5307 Před 26 dny
He good
@kynangowans5761 Před 21 dnem
Some of the guys dont catch the pole at all on the way down, just free fall the whole way.
@yhwhwarrior1530 Před 20 dny
@@kynangowans5761 wow that is insane! Props to them.
@omnigar9611 Před 20 dny
per the rules you have to touch each section between the black lines with each foot at least once or it's a DQ
@susannahhart3946 Před 20 dny
@@omnigar9611Whoo-eeeeeee!!! Said my shoulder just prior to the moment of dislocation…Lol!! 🤣
@joshzuppo2688 Před 3 dny
That takes some serious cardio and leg strength. I have done it on trees just not the coming down part like that that’s crazy
My man just won every Lineman’s rodeo in the country with that one lol
@its.zivvyyy33 Před 24 dny
bro pulled a mulan
@thorselllukas285 Před 6 dny
Bro will survive every animal attack
@user-fw6dh5td6d Před 6 dny
Your voice is so soothing.
@Monique9953 Před 23 dny
Gotta defeat the Huns, since they’re singing and dancing 💀
Did they send me daughters … when I asked for sons?
@Pizzagulper Před 11 dny
Imagine the leg strength these guys mush have! That must be such an intense workout.
@devashishpatel5438 Před 17 dny
The guy on the left just did the DX FU like the game and the heart break kid at the end.😂😂
@BijjokTv Před 24 dny
Now the phrase 'Break a leg' 😅
@paradox11111111 Před 17 dny
@MP-ko8go Před 18 dny
No way bro ,I can't go up and down on a few stairs without taking a break 😂😂😂
@jopar024 Před 11 dny
Those dudes absorb those drop impacts like they're professional mogul skiers.
@goodlife3561 Před 26 dny
knees have got to be destroyed
@WeeWyllie Před 7 dny
I use to work in Woss Camp BC (early 70's ) on Vancouver Island. It did logging big time. I worked during the summers (4 month university summer holiday) doing government highway surveying, and one summer I stayed in Woss Camp. I was working on the then new island highway from Campbell River to Port Hardy. At that time there was a logging competition held at Woss Camp. I watched the guys running up a 100 ft (?) pole and dropping down. They were awesome. Log-rolling, chopping, sawing and other stuff were also fantastic.❤
@medicalstudent8588 Před 16 dny
Gravity: 'am i a joke to you?!'
@stormcucumber9054 Před 24 dny
props to the cameraman for defying gravity Edit: I know it's a drone bro
@kaeya_1385 Před 22 dny
It's the cameraman who's invincible 🗣🔥🔥🔥
@user-ry4nl7rl7l Před 21 dnem
I think its a drone
@DeenDawn Před 19 dny
Props? Nah bro the cameraman does this everyday, nothin too crazy
Yes bro​@@user-ry4nl7rl7l
@beatriz_playz1086 Před 13 dny
@thuringian5360 Před 16 dny
My knees hurt already just looking at this 😅
@AbdulAbdul-zc2or Před 12 dny
Me when the rope breaks💀
@jedinxf7 Před 21 dnem
they are definitely down to business to defeat the huns
@BUST-YO-FACE Před 20 dny
All those horrific splinters too 🤣.
@chudavieets Před 19 dny
The way they get down is me jumping off the ladder in minecraft and catching back on it near the bottom of the climb
@lildex1633 Před 26 dny
Leopards and monkeys somewhere watching this show on their iPhones like Woahh those guys are amazing 😂😂😂
@thomasfowler8198 Před 20 dny
The leg strength though 😳 my legs are tired after 2 flights of stairs 😅
One wrong step and they will be out of service 😂😂
@AliceBruce6661 Před 22 dny
Happy to see Mulan comments 😂❤
@ElHolyBoy Před 9 dny
I don't know about anyone else's knees, but my knees sure exploded.
@derekwbooker93 Před 6 dny
Mans was swift as a coursing river
@levihorne6468 Před 26 dny
Mulan was faster
Your father was faster getting the milk.
@levihorne6468 Před 26 dny
@@ArchieSonicIsTooStrong what father???
@Annabeth-Chasee Před 26 dny
@cheekymonkey2785 Před 18 dny
@@levihorne6468 Exactly
@ih3966 Před 19 dny
Sound sync with his steps on the way down is fire
@oneoone1017 Před 13 dny
Where do you even get a tree that big and straight?
As a former child, this was always one of my greatest dreams
In rural areas of Tamil Nadu (one of the states in India), you can see men(mostly elders) climbing palm trees like this 😂
If you think about what you're doing, you fall 😅
@emmybee5189 Před 23 dny
@charleswalker2484 Před 12 dny
Huns lmao they were the Hans
@moviesandweb Před 16 dny
Bro broke his legs 💀☠
@DANIEL_GARCIA. Před 13 dny
My Girlfriend: I’m alone at home Me: be there in 2 minutes
@ssblueZZ Před 21 dnem
“Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside of their head?”
@SuraNur1453 Před 18 dny
bro didn't climb, he run up
I would watch this strickly for the agony and accidents lol
@manuelcastro7322 Před 25 dny
And my a$$ be complaining every time i have to get out of my truck 😂😂
@jmackinjersey1 Před 5 dny
I did this when I worked for the phone company. The only difference was I had a ton of tools and equipment to haul up, and I got paid by the hour. Oh, and there wasn't a large cushion at the bottom to lay on when I was finished on that pole and had 10 more to climb before noon.
@ryan005869 Před 19 dny
That has to be hard on your hips when you hit that pole going down with your foot.
@TisTheName Před 22 dny
Sure picked the right soundtrack
@Berrylust Před 17 dny
The amount of stamina it requires
@blue_white1759 Před 18 dny
I go up but I dont go down 😂
Don't do this at home. ( Unless your house has very high poles )
@user-qy9kt1ok8k Před 4 dny
You're a natural performer.
@leonelmassipe6211 Před 13 dny
That looked like Elon musk running up that tree 😅
@user-mv6sq1fu9o Před 22 dny
You have some serious talent!
@3lmi__319 Před 17 dny
I can’t wrap my head around the physics behind this
@BlueNightfall Před 17 dny
I was expecting he started the Naruto run lol
@MadMetaGamer Před 25 dny
My knees 💀
@9tiesNostalgia Před 15 dny
Game policy: Whatever goes up has to come down, albeit a bit faster.
@fairytells5225 Před 17 dny
We have the same tradition on some festivals, and the first one to reach the top gets a sheep!😂
Achilles has left the planet
@BOYKA2058 Před 19 dny
I can't even run faster than the man Climbing. 😂
@akila_melindeth Před 18 dny
Bro what is that SOUND it slaps.
@user-wk9pz1gc5t Před 23 dny
Bro put Mulon in her place
@Prof.SeverusSnape Před 22 dny
Who's Mulon, Sir Cringe?
@2egenjerry Před 17 dny
My legs after two meters 💀
@papigamerff2886 Před 19 dny
This is how locals in South India climb coconut trees to get the coconuts, just using a rope
@Jaelyn-hq2lj Před 24 dny
I’d die so fast 😂
@AntonBazzhenov Před 16 dny
Speed doesn't kill, stop does 💀
@elvanmilla830 Před 19 dny
I can’t even if I had a ladder 😂😂😂
@Xiaolongbaokid16 Před 26 dny
Asian dudes are faster coz we’re “hui hui!”
@Chris_Line Před 26 dny
Those are American, chinese suc*s
@adamjohnson5307 Před 26 dny
Maybe running up poles. Not on land 😅
@user-np2wi6yc4l Před 20 dny
If I try that, I’m dead.
@oreo1734 Před 20 dny
My toxic trait is thinking that I can do this
@arshad7992 Před 14 dny
This shows how hard to go up in life and how easy to fall 😮
@user-yd8gs4ko6z Před 2 dny
You've got serious acting chops!
@zetaagora6777 Před 18 dny
Special forces against godzilla attack 😂
@CalebPorter1105 Před 19 dny
Bro trained exclusively to defeat the Huns.
@sylvainmarc2638 Před 10 dny
I already do that 😂 exept the descent just to preserve my knees
Gravity was a paid actor 😅
@jasonhoward2613 Před 12 dny
That was cool but that beat was nutty
@777Bviews Před 19 dny
Shout put to the cameraman for climbing the log and getting the perfect shot.
@moses1142 Před 19 dny
Homeboys be climbing faster then a F16 😮😮😮
@suzancollier9518 Před 21 dnem
We all thinking the same thing 😂😂😂
Angel Reese in warmups 🏀
Duke Tenting: Life at K-ville