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16. 02. 2023





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Kai Před měsícem
I think he’s finally listening to his heart by reducing the unhealthy ingredients
Sky Před 3 hodinami
​@Tono He s just a bot or a troll
Sky Před 3 hodinami
​@Instabruh User Bot
Sigrid Höbold
Sigrid Höbold Před dnem
​@Instabruh User 🎉😅
Sigrid Höbold
Sigrid Höbold Před dnem
​@Instabruh User 🎉😅
Nigar's Family Kitchen
🎉 yummy 😋
Bahiya13 Před 3 dny
I'm hunting for the recipe and ALL comments about the cucumber session. 😂
Treesa Michael
Treesa Michael Před 5 hodinami
Me too. Ingredients please
F. Nasierkhan
F. Nasierkhan Před 8 hodinami
Haha the rubbing got me shooked
Sumita Rai
Sumita Rai Před 13 hodinami
Me too
Esther Před dnem
Akayliah Hibbert
Akayliah Hibbert Před dnem
We all talk about how much this man’s heart must be suffering, but what about his digestive system
Luis Valentin
Luis Valentin Před 12 dny
His cardiologist finally said enough is enough
GoldenBoi Před 2 hodinami
​@Jessica S ahh, eggs are THAT BAD for you? Damn, I eat three a day
SpiritCrab Před 5 dny
@Jessica S nothin wrong with a single egg yolk
Purble Ken
Purble Ken Před 8 dny
​@Job Seeker llol9pploloo
Jessica S
Jessica S Před 9 dny
There’s a freakin egg yolk on it and tons of salt. His cardiologist isn’t gonna be too happy lol
Job Seeker
Job Seeker Před 9 dny
Scratchy226 Před 3 dny
Bro runs 25 kilometers a day to eat something "deep fried" 💀
Schema Před 10 hodinami
He doesn't deep fry, he Mariana Trench fries 🗿
G1nSan3 Před 11 hodinami
There is nothing deep fried in this short
Skyler Před 5 dny
I would definitely eat that, looks way more appetizing and healthier than the stuff he usually makes-
Vincere Před dnem
Gotta admit, wasn’t expecting it , but I’d hella go for that.
k P
k P Před 2 dny
Je Gr
Je Gr Před 18 dny
Bro straight up violated those cucumbers
Infifido Před 2 dny
breaks the 69 replies
Aisev Před 8 dny
They a victim
KillerDoughnut Před 10 dny
Most mature CS-vid shorts commenter:
Victor Hugo Amemiya
Victor Hugo Amemiya Před 12 dny
Mumy brother, see, u have to come to brazil. In ur very old fan. Call me, ok?
Just Popcorn
Just Popcorn Před 13 dny
@Christian Quintana Fr. I think that’s a zucchini but idc.
Manola Hill
Manola Hill Před 5 dny
It looks delicious. And yes, I would eat it without that raw yolk.
K O Před dnem
Seeing a refreshing, healthy and simple cooking method is really delicious!
Ricky _
Ricky _ Před 14 dny
Homie gave those cucumbers that NYC rub n tug for $20
Ghaemmaghami Girls
Ghaemmaghami Girls Před 13 hodinami
nour Před 2 dny
boojwahz Před 5 dny
With salt
hp Před 5 dny
@Byunniq what?
Byunniq Před 5 dny
​@hp gen z weirdo
dschonsie Před 2 dny
raw egg yolk? nope, i'm not a dog
Klm49 Před 5 dny
He had me until the raw egg. Otherwise I would totally eat that!!
Kungpow Před 12 dny
That cucumber went through 4 stages of grief 💀💀💀
The one who asked
@gidolbbe wdym
gidolbbe Před dnem
I thought that people had become at least a little smarter, but I was wrong.
@Chap Daddy it’s basically like a laughing emoji or a “wth did I just see/read” emoji lmao
The one who asked
The one who asked Před 2 dny
​@Anti-Furry I mean, it was funny though.
Infifido Před 2 dny
​@Anti-Furry you're an antifur, your "humor" is not the slightest bit better 💀✌️
olegario berrones
olegario berrones Před 3 dny
That looks like México Tinga, this look delicious too especially that cucumber
BobaBearzEditz Před dnem
I’m fasting for Ramadan and this just made my mouth water, but I can’t eat anything 😢😢
MrPloopy Před 11 dny
Bro knew what he was doing with those cucumbers 💀
Zineb Mastouri
Zineb Mastouri Před dnem
Ann Phoenix
Ann Phoenix Před 2 dny
jasper clouds
jasper clouds Před 4 dny
@Noiyu ok 👴 i think i grew up too much
Noiyu Před 4 dny
Grow up
ellisa williams
ellisa williams Před 2 dny
I was all in with you until you dropped that raw egg yolk over it at the end😂
Leanne Goodall
Leanne Goodall Před 23 hodinami
Yep, bird flu came to mind 🤧
Lubaba Kamal
Lubaba Kamal Před dnem
Bro this guy is a master in cooking
Froggy Před 15 dny
These cucumbers got better skin care than I do
AMSW6330 Před 4 dny
I most certainly would eat it. Looks delicious and healthy too! Rarely find that combination. It's either delicious and unhealthy or healthy but not delicious! But if anyone knows of any recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious and healthy, please feel free to pass them on.
Puck Avalon
Puck Avalon Před 4 dny
Considering my my mouth was watering as it was being prepared, I'm going to say I need this in my life yes
Rafael Tsanidis
Rafael Tsanidis Před měsícem
If you ever stressed, just remember this guy‘s heart exists
Rengoku Probs
Rengoku Probs Před 13 dny
The Blue Scar
The Blue Scar Před 13 dny
@Infu Riated nope. All they are here for is for bragging. Oh overused comment? How about I cry about it. Definitely helps.
Nightmare Fanatic
Nightmare Fanatic Před 14 dny
Overused and not even Relevant to the actual video.
Infu Riated
Infu Riated Před 14 dny
​@Jake Mitchell he's right tho, and you can't be talking if that's you in your pfp LOL
BlueNova Před 3 dny
Someone's gotta tell me what he ate and what the ingredients were cause it did look pretty good
G1nSan3 Před 9 hodinami
@BlueNova yes u can see them in the video
BlueNova Před 9 hodinami
​@G1nSan3 im talking about the actual ingredients
G1nSan3 Před 11 hodinami
Just watch the Video? Lol
Dustin Maxwell
Dustin Maxwell Před 3 dny
This guy is teaching us how to make the best foods.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Před měsícem
He sure does know how to salt a cucumber
Mary-Jane (really not Sarah)
@Twilight 4357 lol what? 😄
Twilight 4357
Twilight 4357 Před 15 dny
​@Mary-Jane (really not Sarah) It was never Sarah's last dance anyway, it was yours all along...🤭👍✌️
anan 31
anan 31 Před 16 dny
Donald Trummp
Donald Trummp Před 16 dny
avian cypress
avian cypress Před 16 dny
@Dantae Choinah u don’t understand
HallowedLight Před 5 dny
Use chicken stock in a frying pan with a lid like a cm of it, shreads easier tastes better. No extra calories and will take the sauce better
Dragn Před 4 dny
what are you doing to that cucumber bro 💀💀💀
Loading… Před měsícem
Zach is really good at that hand motion with the cucumber
Nariko Hyuga
Nariko Hyuga Před 6 dny
​@RushAYO 🤨
epic Před 14 dny
Grow up
Shazaaa💙 Před 14 dny
Experience…. What can I say 🤣
PucciTheFirst Před 16 dny
FunSized Před dnem
does anyone else love the sound of ppl stabbing chicken or steak or smt with forks? it’s so satisfying… just me? okay
Party! At The Disco House On Memories
that cucumber looking sus as heck ngl-
Monki Před 14 dny
Bro knew what he was doing with that cucumber💀☠️💀☠️💀
KK LYNLYN Před 12 dny
My mom was next to me….
Alexis O
Alexis O Před 12 dny
de-niz76 Před 12 dny
Adi Singh
Adi Singh Před 12 dny
Master bation
Wa$$u:P Před 12 dny
Sus maaaan
jiminsjulia Před 3 dny
the sounds cure everything that needs curing in me
Evie Před 2 dny
Took "just the tip" to a whole new level
ThatOneOdd Gamer 2nd
When you see the cucumber part and head straight to comment section and ain't the only one who thought that guy went all the way with them lol
R. Carter
R. Carter Před 11 dny
glad to see i'm not alone
Sketar animations and games
dirty minded
PETER !!! Před 11 dny
U know me🤓
atlsong byrd
atlsong byrd Před 11 dny
Nook Před 11 dny
how else would he apply the salt? get yo head out the gutter
Rachel Read
Rachel Read Před 4 dny
Yum.... I have to leave out the raw egg though
David Před 9 hodinami
Yeah slime
annie Před 4 dny
Delicious and Halal ✨❤️
Nova Před 12 dny
he knew what he was doing 💀💀💀 edit : bro i'm famous
OfficialJayy Před 8 dny
Nova Před 9 dny
@Power Pole Extend ! 🥢 neverrrrr
Power Pole Extend ! 🥢
it's getting so old now
Springtrap Před 9 dny
Bros getting to Exited 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Hell OTAKU Před 9 dny
444 likes with 4 replies..lemme change it
Marwat SAHMI
Marwat SAHMI Před 3 dny
Omg looks so amazing! I'll try to make it
Gor mic
Gor mic Před 5 dny
aslong as its not buffalo sauce, heck yes!!!
SantiwithMatias Před 8 dny
That cucumber when through 4 stages of happiness 💀
Sugeng Sikrok
Sugeng Sikrok Před 2 dny
​@Channon Mock😮😅😅😅😅😅
suraj s
suraj s Před 2 dny
May I know the process he does with the meat
powerfakerr Před 3 dny
Wow you so funny man 😐
Channon Mock
Channon Mock Před 3 dny
Marcus Vitela
Marcus Vitela Před 13 hodinami
I'm good on the egg yoke at the end lmao
Ezekiel Phillips
Ezekiel Phillips Před 2 dny
Don't do that to the cucumber anymore 😂😂
Joe Goddard
Joe Goddard Před měsícem
His heart is happier than ever
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Před 19 dny
@NotHim To us if a dish is spiceless it's tasteless. We literally eat 3-4 green chilies, onions, garlic & green lemon on daily meals as salads.
NotHim Před 19 dny
@Muhammad Abdullah so u meant it’s ‘spiceless’, not tasteless lmao
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Před 19 dny
@NotHim Bro... I'm from South Asia which contributes to approx. 85% of global spice production. The amount of Spices we consume in 1 month the western folks consume for years. In my medical school, I remember some foreign students who literally cried after eating a beef curry which has average spice 🥵
NotHim Před 19 dny
@Muhammad Abdullah Try drinking the amount of soy sauce he used for this dish and tell me it’s tasteless again
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Před 19 dny
The dish is 💯 tasteless
Skuvllyy Před 2 dny
This looks delicious I would 💯% eat this
Blazing Blackness
Blazing Blackness Před 2 dny
Poking Chicken with a Fork ASMR
Lee Před 9 dny
Used ingredients: soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger paste(you may use garlic too), gochujang which is red chilli paste, boiled chicken breast, sliced zucchini, sesame seeds and a yolk.
coconaru Před 4 dny
Now lemme tell u my homemade recipe. Cucumber, no idea whats sesame so sunflower oil, ginger garlic paste, red chilli paste, chichekn breast, no idea what is zucchini and whole egg cuz I cant separate yolk im not cook so.
coconaru Před 4 dny
Thank u
Sabine Panier
Sabine Panier Před 4 dny
Quand il avait les concombres je suis sûr qu'il y en n'a qui avait l espris mal plasser 🤣🤣🤣
Prasigi Před 4 dny
ハゲガイコツ Před 4 dny
𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮
Mohammed Hannan
Mohammed Hannan Před 2 dny
Send it to my house😂 really wanna eat this
Zena Brooks
Zena Brooks Před 5 dny
Yes I would. It looks great 🎉
Ikjot Billen
Ikjot Billen Před 20 dny
Damn that cucumber was feelin some kind of way after zach's 'massage'
Roblox Před 14 dny
​@OwO ok i won't
cow short
cow short Před 17 dny
@OwO ,
OwO Před 17 dny
ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ 😂
Suki_ded Před dnem
I will shove this delicious food thro my soul ❤
Hoodo Ahmed
Hoodo Ahmed Před dnem
Ofc I would if I wasn't fasting 😂😂
Creative potoki
Creative potoki Před 5 dny
Asmr cooking right there
Chef at home
Chef at home Před 2 dny
Looks delicious but I’m vegetarian so idk how it would taste
Jack Shillabeer
Jack Shillabeer Před 16 dny
Bro when he got that cucumber out i went STRAIGHT to the comments
Nariko Hyuga
Nariko Hyuga Před 6 dny
itsddashrock Před 9 dny
Phacks 😂
Joanna Rees-Jones
Joanna Rees-Jones Před 12 dny
Tamari, sesame oil and miso. Garlic? Ginger?
tinisha means
tinisha means Před 15 dny
Watches the video halfway deeply sighs head straight for comments 🤣🤣
Emilia Leblanc
Emilia Leblanc Před 4 dny
Yes!!! A Hearty Meal of Chicken Breast!!
TheRealSYNK Před 5 dny
Cucumber had the best time of life💀
Michael Alexander Jr
Bro was stroking that cucumber💀💀
Karanveer Kapoor
Karanveer Kapoor Před 14 dny
Bro this comment😂😂😂😂
Love Hemp
Love Hemp Před 16 dny
I was waiting 4 this comment.
​@Agastya Verma What?
Agastya Verma
Agastya Verma Před 16 dny
certified bts member
Reza Před 3 dny
I feel like the chicken needed more time to cook. Sounded very tough
vi ta
vi ta Před 5 dny
I want to wash my eyes after the cucumber part💀
Jerry Yusof
Jerry Yusof Před 8 dny
Bro was wildin with that cucumbers
Dee Brooknyc
Dee Brooknyc Před 2 dny
@Sofija Milic 🤣🤭
Macho Hacho
Macho Hacho Před 2 dny
Thats zucchini
Sofija Milic
Sofija Milic Před 2 dny
​@Dee Brooknyc 😊
Conrad mashazhike
Conrad mashazhike Před 3 dny
Was looking for this comment😂😂😂
inevitable Levity
inevitable Levity Před 5 dny
That's what she said
Peppabot 1000
Peppabot 1000 Před 5 dny
Bruh this would taste fucking delicious, and even better with rice
Jesly Mangahis
Jesly Mangahis Před 4 dny
Bevlone Před 15 dny
Bro knew what he was doing.
itsddashrock Před 9 dny
He did tho.
Thomas Jack Wigglesworth
Straight to the comments
Billy storm
Billy storm Před 2 dny
They way he rubbed those cucumbers 💀
Heather McNamara
Heather McNamara Před 21 dnem
As far as Zach goes, this is one of the healthiest things he's created.
TheRealAlmighty Loaf
@Based Peeps yeah that outer layer is way too thick to be raw bro
mcchaw Před 18 dny
@Based Peeps honestly it looks like if you leave a sous vide an egg at 168-170 I think it is (Not sure though). it's "Fudgy" more than runny
Based Peeps
Based Peeps Před 18 dny
raw egg on top... 🤢
Damian L
Damian L Před 3 dny
Boiling chicken breast feels like a crime, otherwise this looks great!
Bob Ray
Bob Ray Před dnem
Boi got the fire presentation😮
SLL ASMR Před měsícem
*Light, healthy, and delicious! A guilt-free dish is always a winner.*
mf2yu Před 22 dny
​​@Om Tiwari Pandey if you don't overthink and get too emotional with cows & chickens by saying how cute they are blabla, then yes it's guilt free. But you're indian, so maybe you do you. Actually he says guilt free because he doesn't feel guilty eating thing on a diet to cut weight.
Dugtrio Enjoyer
Dugtrio Enjoyer Před měsícem
It’s not really healthy I’m pretty sure the sauce had a bunch of brown sugar
Slytherin dork84
Slytherin dork84 Před měsícem
@Om Tiwari Pandey That’s fun
Slytherin dork84
Slytherin dork84 Před měsícem
@Om Tiwari Pandey Free of guilt of the things they’re putting in their body because it’s more healthy then what he eats lol
DRONIUS Před 2 dny
Randy: it's a no for me dawg
Andrescia Hooten
Andrescia Hooten Před 5 dny
I would definitely like to try it to see how it tastes
TomHollandFan Před měsícem
him: rubbing the cucumber me: time to check the comments
FE Před 21 dnem
​@1000 years ago fr💀
Madi Před 29 dny
Emmanuella Mante
Emmanuella Mante Před měsícem
Me too🤣i literally ran to the comment section
Amber Staples
Amber Staples Před měsícem
Literally me... I need to know why!
Cristiana Nicolae
Cristiana Nicolae Před 3 dny
The first scene (fork stabbing the meat) sounds like a cat purring.
José Antonio Valderrama
No se qué es ese tipo de plato de comida china o japonés pero se ve delicioso 😊
Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany Johnson Před 10 dny
the egg wasn’t necessary .. you put a job on that cucumber 😂
Ida X
Ida X Před 4 dny
@Yastr1p fr
Meei Meei
Meei Meei Před 5 dny
@intermsofreality sure cultural misunderstanding happen but if we can correct it why not ? Anyway I’m leaving
intermsofreality Před 5 dny
@Meei Meei Maybe you're not understanding because English is not your first language. That's understandable. I'm Asian too and I know we don't put eggs in everything, but I'm not going to spend time writing a detailed explanation about why that's not true. Basically, I think this is a "kuuki wo yomu" problem. You're spending a lot of time explaining a topic that nobody is taking very seriously. That is why people say you sound upset. It's not a very important or serious issue. If you wanted to share the correct information, all you have to say is, "No we don't actually put eggs in everything."
Dos Trill
Dos Trill Před 5 dny
TEAser Před 5 dny
@Meei Meei Eats raw egg in America - Dies of salmonalla
Joe Simpson
Joe Simpson Před 4 dny
Pressure cooker your chicken breast with small amount of stock/bouillon, rather than boil it, you're welcome
Anna B.
Anna B. Před 2 dny
I would at least try it with some yolk. Like on the side. But you, it looks yummy!!!
Aidenplayz Před 16 dny
He's finally listened to his heart and stop the deep frying stuff
Mishall Nuha Mohamad Hidir (Esps)
dude im fasting and this comes out
Jakub Heliniak
Jakub Heliniak Před 14 hodinami
I am gonna eat it for my dinner :D
Mr.Baofeng Před 23 dny
His heart is happier than a kid who got a new Xbox on Christmas.
Lokesh Stella
Lokesh Stella Před 20 dny
​@Daud Hood Oo9oo0
Steve Perez
Steve Perez Před 20 dny
PlayStation better
Daud Hood
Daud Hood Před 21 dnem
​​@Baldy Fade ohh u Talkin about ur self and how u don t got a mama wow surprising
Weeping God Trollge
Weeping God Trollge Před 21 dnem
100th like
REE TAYLOR Před 5 dny
Memo Před 15 hodinami
How is it possible for me to know the recipe?? I really wanna try it
Ashley Před 15 dny
Bro had fun with the cucumbers didn’t he? 💀 Edit: thanks for 413 likes!!
ToxicTYT Před 14 dny
You welcome for the 414 likes Where's my money
Ashley Před 14 dny
@Adrian Ghandtchi damn- 💀
LASK Před 15 dny
Adrian Ghandtchi
Adrian Ghandtchi Před 15 dny
Oh yes they are great with mayo
Ramona Neyrinck
Ramona Neyrinck Před 3 dny
I love the fork going fast sound.
Красота в конце, как он кушает
OkFunGifs Před 8 dny
It looks like a Mexican dish called tinga n it’s served with sour cream on a tostada with lettuce 😊
British kashmiri
British kashmiri Před 3 dny
I think I prefer the Mexican version better
Pedro Flores
Pedro Flores Před 3 dny
I absolutely love it when my grandma makes this
Jacaranda Před 4 dny
No, it does not!!!
Tatsumaki Před 5 dny
Replace the ,"T" in tinga with a "N".
soy Iker alias Juan
Mikasa Před 4 dny
I want to show this my mom but the beginning-
Eno One
Eno One Před dnem
I'm a normal guy, see a cucumber and go straight to the comments section...
Rishi Tiwari
Rishi Tiwari Před 13 dny
His way of applying salt got my dirty mind activated 💀
Vaibhavvv Před 5 dny
@Rishi Tiwari nobody is having clean mind in this generation😂
Ferno Před 10 dny
​@Rishi Tiwari Yes that's a good word 😂😂
Thoughts are not clear😂😂
Rishi Tiwari
Rishi Tiwari Před 10 dny
@Zeynep Güven We respect food a lot more than you, the way I was just joking ,so don't take it seriously
V1nce cuh but not popular
Me:goes to the comments to see if anyone said something about the cucumber
waf din
waf din Před 4 dny
heck yeah i would eat it with rice😋
Bryce Valdez
Bryce Valdez Před 18 dny
I think this is his way of telling us that his doctor finally talked to him about health conditions
Bryce Valdez
Bryce Valdez Před 16 dny
@Andres Cruz true but at least he didn’t fry it to hell like always
Andres Cruz
Andres Cruz Před 17 dny
He's still eating plenty of sodium for no reason
Grievous Před 2 dny
No one's gonna talk about the way he washed the cucumber?
Amiyah Perkinson
Amiyah Perkinson Před dnem
hell yeah i would eat that
{Bangtan's Bulletproof Girl}
Finally a dish made by Zach which I can eat without getting an heart attack 😌
Modern Games Suck
Modern Games Suck Před měsícem
Original comment.
RenderHub Před měsícem
ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ ᴄʟɪᴄᴋ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ 😂
Lin Shannon
Lin Shannon Před 4 dny
Yes, I absolutely would.
Надия Стебловська
Очень классное блюдо❤👍
Mjolonir12 Před 17 dny
Glad that was not an eggplant or it might have been demonetized
Teenage Fossil Hunter!
@M. R. nah bro egg plant disgusting
M. R.
M. R. Před 16 dny
But with eggplant it would be eatable. Cucumbers are disgusting! At least for my gusto
Maria Tino
Maria Tino Před 16 dny
°•Aløne•° Před 16 dny
Resurrected Před 2 dny
Those cucumbers were having the time of their lives 💀
Asuna Shiina
Asuna Shiina Před 4 dny
I dont like chicken (the white cause it feels dry so almost all of it) but it looks so gooooood here 🤤🤤🤤
Smoked Salmon Mukbang/Asmr!