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5. 03. 2023





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Komentáře 4 340
Lukas Jürgensen
Lukas Jürgensen Před 21 dnem
Australians are simply bred different haha 😆
Swish__ Před 16 hodinami
As an Australian I can confirm we are bred different. I can also confirm spiders are nothing scary and we aren’t scared of no sea animals 🤙. That little Cobba is quick though
2359Rob Před 17 hodinami
​@ClickyTheBlicky Do you realise the British sent more than 50,000 convicts to America before they even discovered Australia?
William Edwards
William Edwards Před dnem
Bruh! We do this for fun in Nz 🤣🤣🤣
PMetroid Před dnem
Emu war
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Před 2 dny
Prison inmates really at the bottom of them nothing more nothing less
Reece Rawson
Reece Rawson Před 4 dny
That little bugger is quick, as a Australian I approve this video
Shaun Boden
Shaun Boden Před 15 hodinami
As a Australian.
DIVITY Před dnem
dont you mean "an Australian" ?
Animal Icon
Animal Icon Před 2 dny
​@Andrei Chilimenthaha ah yes a true American
Thrupence Barkley
Thrupence Barkley Před 2 dny
​​@LJ WILKO The irony 😅 Learn some punctuation before typing 🤣 Absolute drivel 🙈
LJ WILKO Před 2 dny
@CUDO MONEY what do you think why did be catch the squid to eat him self buddy read and think before type
Tenzin Sherap 72
Tenzin Sherap 72 Před 5 dny
I thought that dude was in trouble, Then he started speaking Australian.
Ashton Larson
Ashton Larson Před dnem
Australian is like a cowboy accent for British people
Fox thing
Fox thing Před dnem
@absencebro calm tf down he was joking
Carlos Spicy-Wiener
Little did we know, the squid was the one in trouble
absence Před dnem
@TwistedSushiTM yes
Person Před 6 dny
I love seeing these majestic creatures so different from us living in the wild, the squid is pretty cool too
Business gamer PRB
😂😂😂 someone should go add fear in Australian dictionary
Caputein bamboos
Caputein bamboos Před 2 dny
Its pretty black yh
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 3 dny
@Nynaeve Janssen cuttle fish are deep sea and he would also be dead from touching it
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 3 dny
@Mr Pearson make a big pot I'm starving
Mr Pearson
Mr Pearson Před 3 dny
​@Arthur Morgan No way
Dan Před 3 dny
this man is simply a different breed
iMMortster Před 2 dny
YT Viewer logic: Sees copied comment Likes it Repeat
Lampookie Před 2 dny
​@Angel look up "squid massacre" aussie homie ain't denting the squid population, either he put the squid back or ate it so no waste here
Angel Před 2 dny
Another fish murder😢😢!!! Get them in jail
Dreaborne Před 4 dny
Aussies, serious question here… why are you bred different like this I’m jealous at this point lmao
lh Před dnem
Because we are Australian
Wagyu beef
Wagyu beef Před 2 dny
@Nic Saunders mate I just found a random snake in my backyard. I threw it over the fence. We just deal with it
Not Erica
Not Erica Před 7 dny
Aussies are really just highly evolved Floridians
Terracar Před dnem
@Beau Eklund My application was already accepted by an Australian, so it must be a clerical error on your end for I have already begun the transformation
Beau Eklund
Beau Eklund Před dnem
@Terracar as an Australian I cannot confirm , sorry to deny your application mate 🤝 I’ll kindly pass you on to the closest thing you’ll evolve to , which you gotta figure that one out, tough luck fella
TheSlimCP Před dnem
As a Floridian, I can partially agree. They aren't evolved from us, they have simply reached the peak of the skill tree. Florida. May be home to adept and experts but Australia is home to masters and grandmasters. We wrestle alligators, they bitch slap crocodiles with cast iron skillets. Floridians aspire to reach their level. The only thing Florida excels at is humidity, and that's not by much. Although we do have hurricane parties...
Death Nights-Bane
Death Nights-Bane Před 2 dny
Nah Floridians are just an off shoot of Australians that devolved over time
Sluch x26
Sluch x26 Před 2 dny
@Raw Meat I was gonna say the same thing
BM HCS2016
BM HCS2016 Před 3 dny
Australians are like the eldians of our world
Bboi Před 14 hodinami
Where else would you find a Haluciginia in 2000 B.C?
BM HCS2016
BM HCS2016 Před dnem
@There’s my Chippy they are already titans, just mineratue. Still mindless, and reckless.
There’s my Chippy
So they can turn into Titans? Lol
Lord Lucius
Lord Lucius Před 4 dny
You can’t tell me that Australia is not the beta map for Florida, aussies are freaking crazy and I love them for it
Ent. Před dnem
Aussies are Floridians without guns and they're still more badass lmfao
πrate Před dnem
As a Floridian I approve this message
Ben That Birdo
Ben That Birdo Před 3 dny
​@Bloloo69 nah they nerfed aussies and put them in florida
nyuu444 Před 7 dny
He runs like a game character in first person view.
Angel Před 2 dny
To jail with all that kill fishes
Quantum Prodigy
Quantum Prodigy Před 3 dny
He sounds like one too. "Ugghhh" "oooggghh" lmaooo
Darin Welch
Darin Welch Před 3 dny
Game developers got it right then.
KOBA1NN Před 4 dny
Far cry ass run
SimpleDude Před 4 dny
Thought it was a Far Cry game on the first look 😂
JoeKingTV Před 3 dny
Jesus man I pray you never step on a stone fish you brave asf 🔥💪🏾
The Official TJK10
The Official TJK10 Před 3 dny
Rare footage of Solid Snake capturing Decoy Octopus.
Corey Před 11 dny
My boy is running barefoot on jagged rocks at full speed… Built different
@Corey 🤪 I believe you know that isn't what I meant since he is a man and not a boy but no wonder your mind goes to that!!
Corey Před 2 dny
@CATS WITH KYLA oh yes! The transition, I forgot. How did yours go?
I don't think he's a boy anymore 😂
cococreator Před 2 dny
​@He has mercy on me! bro that ain't the start that's the end
@WAGunpla Exactly! We all have the potential to, your feet just have to be tougher to withstand the rocks a bit better (thicker skin)
A Dragon Probably
A Dragon Probably Před 2 dny
What i’m impressed about is moving on the rocks so quickly. I’ve cut myself up doing that a couple of times, and never going so fast!
Ms Bones
Ms Bones Před dnem
That's some serious talent
Dustin Před 11 dny
He is what humans were meant to be
Najeem Akakhel
Najeem Akakhel Před 3 dny
Kai cal
Kai cal Před 3 dny
@CarBleach so the minority of animals that kill for sport are somehow representative of some kind of universal truth?
Lauras Disorder
Lauras Disorder Před 4 dny
human intuition is a highly underrated skill In all of the world's species. on par with cat reflexes or a dog's senses. we have a uniquely intelligent pattern recognition system in our brain that only 1-5% of us seem to be aware of
Yeroo Zph
Yeroo Zph Před 2 dny
All we need is some anime monologue and we got a whole ass 10/10 movie
Josiah Paradies
Josiah Paradies Před 8 dny
You're the kind of kid that was serious when he told his friends he would catch his food with his bare hands in the wild.
Jonathan Betenbender
I caught a seagul once during an elementary school field trip... I got the bright idea that I could have a pet seagul, so I asked if I catch a seagul can I bring it back. I was just told repeatedly that I wouldn't catch one. I spent hours out there, I noticed one was moving a bit slower, so I singled him out and kept going after him till finally I was able to dive and catch him. They are incredibly strong; with both hands on his neck he tried to bite me I quickly pinned him between my knees. I got him to calm down and came back to the bus. They said he can't come on the bus, so I was like fine he can go in the cargo they refused... I spent my entire trip getting that bird. If I was simply told no from the beggining I would have just played with the other kids. Yep still hate that teacher.
sillypotato9067 Před 5 dny
I build and clean ponds for a living i can confirm i generally have someone hold a net for me and then just scoop the fish with speed into the net i think it just is a lot of practice lol
Lance Allen
Lance Allen Před 5 dny
I got a homie like that
T H Před 2 dny
As an Aussie I will say that we definitely have good blokes, but we also have people where i immediately question their existence
Sean Proctor
Sean Proctor Před 3 dny
As a Floridian I've nowhere left to hide my pity in
Zach Strinden
Zach Strinden Před 9 dny
This guy is the type that would survive during an apocalypse
schmittizocktgames Před 5 dny
For catching a harmless squid the ink is not accid
skyez blue
skyez blue Před 5 dny
@flava town how old r you just to be so pressed on a joke?or are you jealous?lmao
SubieNinja Před 5 dny
​@Finn throive*
the person with 38 gigs of memes
bro he is the type of person to lick his fingers and put them in the air and get gps directions
Marksmithwas12 Před 3 dny
This guy is playing Splatoon in real life. He's got them eyes for detecting ripples in the ink 👀
Eis_ Před 8 dny
"Australians are just Brits that are far into the tech tree. And we did it through crime."
ix Před 5 dny
Ah yes badger reference
Lena Poolaw
Lena Poolaw Před 6 dny
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez Před 6 dny
A fellow Badjur connoisseur
Sarah15 Před 7 dny
Send them to Australia for these Thirteen Crimes! Lol
Isaac telesco
Isaac telesco Před dnem
Cute Oniichan
Cute Oniichan Před 2 dny
My mans just snatches out a alien right out of the water
CABB Před 10 dny
These creatures are amazing, using their ink as a camo and waiting for chances to escape.
war soldiers
war soldiers Před 5 dny
​@Jo Hn not but an lot of animals can kill us so easily
deathPunch Před 7 dny
@Jo Hnthat’s a lie you should 1v1 a tiger
ye et
ye et Před 7 dny
They actually use it to hide their smell🤓☝️
jaeflakko Před 7 dny
this video reminded me of an article i saw a while back. i do remember reading that the article was not the most reliable but it said scientists hypothesized that octopus DNA is in fact extraterrestrial and originated from a meteor that collided with earth. thinking of this as well as their seemingly otherworldly intelligence and biology, i really think that hypothesis is possible and maybe even correct
Dustin Committed
Dustin Committed Před 7 dny
@Jo Hn CDC entered the chat
Jdj Dhdh
Jdj Dhdh Před 4 dny
This is the type of guy who would grab a zombie by its neck and make it do his dishes
Ari Před 5 dny
if someone asked me to hangout like this. i won't mind.
Denilson Amaya
Denilson Amaya Před 8 dny
My dude grazed the ink as if he was saying, “ these tracks are fresh.. it couldn’t have gone far🧐” and then proceeded to catch it😂
David Claud
David Claud Před 2 dny
Fr,lol. Tastes a little to the tip of his tongue, we've got him, mate
John Lancy
John Lancy Před 4 dny
My addiction to the game and the inspection emoji😂🧐
7 Fathoms To Port
7 Fathoms To Port Před 4 dny
What gave it away
John Lancy
John Lancy Před 5 dny
Only real OGs know that line came from Cabelas Big Hunter😂
Dawson Jackson
Dawson Jackson Před 5 dny
That’s what I was thinking
chileyork Před 4 dny
Man that shit is unreal ,is absolutely effective even at that deep ,wow what a beautiful and incredible animal …
Shaun Boden
Shaun Boden Před 15 hodinami
I spent five wonderful years in Queensland where I was affectionately known as pommy bastard.
Weak shadow
Weak shadow Před 9 dny
My dudes concentration was so good he predicted the future for a sec
Ramadhani Před 2 dny
Pfp goes hard
Abe Faurillo
Abe Faurillo Před 2 dny
Observation haki
Shelton Alexander
Shelton Alexander Před 5 dny
He used time skip(hit dragonball super)
Chris Před 5 dny
Bro decided to use Epitaph before using Kingu Crimson to obliterate that squid back into sushi
​@Weak shadow lmao fax it's like steam became more important than the alien Aussie man
Dakota Garcia
Dakota Garcia Před 4 dny
love that the exact reason prey ink is bc it distracts predators, and we get to see that right here
Johnpaul Sanchez
Johnpaul Sanchez Před 2 dny
What people don’t know is that the final form of Floridaman is Aussieman
ÅPË Před 21 dnem
This is the officially the wildest thing I’ve seen anyone do on video, I’m flabbergasted.
Bryar Benton
Bryar Benton Před 5 dny
​@Lone Wolfe yeh thats called a Texan street fight 😂😂😂😂😂
Davad Miller
Davad Miller Před 7 dny
Never seen the dude toss cobras and pimp slap a few huh
David McKay
David McKay Před 8 dny
@Luis GarciaDoesn’t sound as impressive as catching a squid with your bare hands tbh
Mike Yurchison
Mike Yurchison Před 8 dny
You must not watch many videos
Tanner Robinson
Tanner Robinson Před 2 dny
I would never have guessed it was sitting in its own ink cloud.
ashemgold Před 3 dny
Wow snag, Brodie! Lightning strikes.
Michael Conley
Michael Conley Před 20 dny
Bro out here catching sea monsters like fkn Pokemon
William Vega
William Vega Před 8 dny
Well he ran out of Pokéballs. So he had to hold it till they got to a PokéMart or Poké Stop.
amado gaure
amado gaure Před 8 dny
@Slugr126 you can't read I said that's one way not the way lol
Slugr126 Před 8 dny
​@amado gaure no its not common to catch them like this at all
Tim Dowings
Tim Dowings Před 10 dny
Zel Veraan
Zel Veraan Před dnem
As an American, I can confirm I would still do this.
E.Zaldy_N Před 5 dny
Bro just summoned the great dark lord
Benette Gramen
Benette Gramen Před 3 dny
Σταύρος Δράκος
BBC: Squids have ten time faster reaction time than humans This guy:
Σταύρος Δράκος
@Alintorite we where at the verge of greatness
Alintorite Před 8 dny
The likes are at 420, NO ONE touch the like button
I asked
I asked Před 8 dny
​@Spencer Christie nicely said
clothingconspiracy dot com
Only 10x faster than donut and hot dog conditioned humans!
Air_Freak Před 2 dny
Majestic creatures, I think they are called "Australians".
x3lio Před 3 dny
Bro got that assassin's creed run
Seevan Maroge
Seevan Maroge Před 9 dny
I remember one guy in Australia running to catch something in shallow waters barefoot. He stepped on a stone fish, I will never forget the screams and pain that man went through.
Shadow Aussie
Shadow Aussie Před 4 dny
@SODAPOP guns the west coast king You're probably thinking of the cone fish. Stone fish aren't nearly as bad as cone fish.
Shadow Aussie
Shadow Aussie Před 4 dny
@David Sprott I've known a few people who have stood on stonefish. None died. I think you guys are thinking of the cone fish.
SecondaryGroup Před 6 dny
@Austin Garcia didn't know if he could read it. and just cause it was stated don't mean he understands now. also its a free country i may type to who and how I wish.
Austin Garcia
Austin Garcia Před 7 dny
​@SecondaryGroupother people have already said this, what's the point in copying their replies just to further insult someone?
SecondaryGroup Před 7 dny
@Pain it is an article that came out in 2021 and no deaths up to that point. Reading comprehension is a course you can take.
Broly Před 4 dny
As an Australian. I can confirm we are Ohio's older brother, I've seen like 4 or so people do something like this, and yes it's much cooler in person
Robotic Owl
Robotic Owl Před dnem
Actual footage of the first person to ever eat calamari
Be Maat
Be Maat Před 6 dny
Aussies are so nice, too.
Angel Před 2 dny
Contagious_Noob Před 3 dny
This is actually the opposite of what I've heard from buddies who have been there
Derp_Productions Před 4 dny
@Meh Meh indeed. Its just a word in the average vocabulary. Probably the average Australians first wirds after birth
Sam Mondello
Sam Mondello Před dnem
I'm convinced the florida man is the decedent of the Australian
Mr.Suicidal Před dnem
When you're camouflage tactics work against you.
I M Před 11 dny
I cannot believe that he managed to catch one of the fastest animals in the sea, threatened and bare handed
Huntor Weston
Huntor Weston Před 6 dny
I bet he tickles a lotta trout
I M Před 8 dny
@anthony tadros Ive just spent winter in Croatia catching squid.. theyre super intelligent, and in a cloud of inc, under threat... You aren't even catching an octopus that easy. Let alone a Jet propelled squid ffs
I M Před 8 dny
@Dwayne Jordan I still don't
ronjeffery Před 8 dny
Goes to show y we at the top of the food chain. Not shit destroying us but ourselves 💯
anthony tadros
anthony tadros Před 8 dny
You forgot he was an Aussie
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos Před 3 dny
Here you can see how a alpha predator goes to the hunt
SexyCarrot369 Před dnem
I thought he seriously damaged his foot😅😅😅 you’re a badass bro
Legel-X Před 13 dny
Steve Irwin is smiling down from heaven.. 🦑
Sprite Před 8 dny
@Wet Shart we don’t know what he did in his free time 👹
Lucas Zanon
Lucas Zanon Před 9 dny
​@Wet Shart Damn i was too late. I was about to comment that haha
Algobama Před 9 dny
What this got to do with Steve Irwin, he died from a sting ray not a squid lol
Wet Shart
Wet Shart Před 9 dny
@SpriteSouth Park thinks he went to hell
Blaine Cantrell
Blaine Cantrell Před dnem
This man has a bear skin rug in his home. The bear isn’t dead, just too scared to move.
MJayyS Před 3 dny
Australian: *sees something that can cause chaos* a few seconds later: *Same Australian causes chaos*
Gerardo Suárez
Gerardo Suárez Před 8 dny
These creatures are just mind blowing, such majestic animals, amazing how they can run in rocks and track marine life. Gotta love Australians 😂💀
Ozzies Před 6 dny
@David Vaughn Davvo you are spot on mate! Very well said 👏🏻 And honestly I wouldn't have guessed it with the cuttlefish! Lol, now I'm going to search them up and probably spend my morning watching Cuttlefish Documentaries! 😂 Have a good one mate! 🙌🏻
Xenophin Pitt
Xenophin Pitt Před 6 dny
Arthur Lodar
Arthur Lodar Před 8 dny
​@Wombat the point of your comment?
David Vaughn
David Vaughn Před 8 dny
​@Ozzies people who are miserable always want to bring others down to their level. The best defense is to remain in your superior essence. And they weren't even scientifically correct. Cuttlefish are highly intelligent lol
Adewin Před 3 dny
When he made the gasp I just imagined a cave man abandoning whatever it was doing and thinking "Ooh, free lunch!"
Ivan Martins
Ivan Martins Před 5 dny
That type of Guy you'll need recruit on apocalipse
Greeni Před 21 dnem
Impressive, even the squid wasn't prepared to be lifted out of the water while still spitting ink 🦑
Tikimohn Před 10 dny
Giant cuttlefish, squidwards cousin.
carpe diem
carpe diem Před 11 dny
It's cuttlefish, not a squid
Rino wabadotchie
Rino wabadotchie Před 11 dny
Drowned in the transition 😂😂😂( no homo)
[TLOZ] ヒノカミ神楽
It’s scary how he’s just running across all those rocks. It’s sharp and could have sea urchins
Sam Hinzman
Sam Hinzman Před 2 dny
Australians are wild and this is coming from Florida Man!
Chappie Před 7 dny
When you live in a country where literally any bug could kill you, you just have to be this sharp lmao
Francesco Před 3 dny
Except it’s not literal. It’s the very opposite of literal
Shadow Aussie
Shadow Aussie Před 4 dny
We've got plenty of bugs that won't kill you. A squid won't kill you either!! lol
Bash Před 13 hodinami
I read “Where are my hands” And seeing that this is clearly a different breed of human, I immediately thought he’s gonna lose something rather important.
The Wild Tigre
The Wild Tigre Před 14 hodinami
Normal people: Would stop cuz they think they are in danger Australians : Stop cuz they are THE DANGER
Aizo Před 8 dny
I think its so cool how squids spray ink and then turn themselves black to blend in with the ink. Amazing creatures wow.
Street Skater 66
Street Skater 66 Před 4 dny
@Drago cuddly fish 🤣
KingOverdose 💉💉
@Ubchug 4Life cuddlefish 🤗🐟
st hui
st hui Před 6 dny
why is everyone saying its a cuttlefish it's def some species of reef squid you can tell by the conical body
Nineyoung Momin
Nineyoung Momin Před 6 dny
It's cuttlefish g's
Drago Před 6 dny
It s not a squid, it q a cuddlefish
Falcon 1
Falcon 1 Před 3 dny
Dawg just aggro’d an endgame opponent. What was he doing?
GIOMAMA Před 5 dny
if i were in Australia the battle theme will always be playing in the background.
SNIPEZ Is Good Před 21 dnem
Mans just turned into to bloodhound in the matter of 2 seconds
ugur aeio
ugur aeio Před 9 dny
Tough Giraffe
Tough Giraffe Před 9 dny
😂😂 I feel sorry for people that don't get this
Cleve Land
Cleve Land Před 10 dny
SRN AR8 Před 10 dny
@Bob bro took te name literally 💀
Dogefyed Studios
Dogefyed Studios Před 3 dny
why did my ass think he shat himself😂
Azh Night
Azh Night Před 2 dny
This guy can definitely see those guys hiding in the woods
zain ali
zain ali Před 7 dny
The fact that the octopus hides itself with ink is just so underrated. It's amazing how different animals can be but they always have one thing in common and that's the will to survive
Seth Millan
Seth Millan Před 3 dny
@Juan Silvent Did you really just.. argue with the marine biologist???
SinfulReaping Gaming
It’s an Australian cuttlefish for sure, You’ll see octopi and cuttlefish but not squid in Australia in those tide pools seeing a squid in those kind of tide pools would be a rare find.
Juan Silvent
Juan Silvent Před 4 dny
@M H.G. No. I am a fisherman and these it's not a cuttlefish
M H.G.
M H.G. Před 4 dny
@Juan Silvent it's a cuttlefish
oetic Před 4 dny
As an Aussie I would not fucking hop barefoot across any rockpool like this
PunBrother Před 20 hodinami
Man’s is just casually running in a place where stonefish could be.
zachary branker
zachary branker Před 13 dny
You can imagine how goddamn good early humans got at shit like this when they had to do it everyday to survive.
Tyler Jaime
Tyler Jaime Před 8 dny
@Every topic of topic and things big scary man
Every topic of topic and things
@Tyler Jaime Thats what I thought
Tyler Jaime
Tyler Jaime Před 8 dny
@Every topic of topic and things I’m sorry please forgive me Dad
Every topic of topic and things
@Tyler Jaime If asking a question, the way I had asked it, is offensive, then you'll never be ready for the real world my guy, especially considering you weren't the one being asked that question, so here's a question for you. Am I wrong, and if you honestly think that I am, then why?
•Something •
•Something • Před 2 dny
Australians are just really far into their skill tree
Jeff Mbilishi
Jeff Mbilishi Před 4 dny
Yep!! Lad is definitely Australian.
Sebastian Před 20 dny
Fuck mate that’s incredible speed to catch a squid like that.
Tikimohn Před 10 dny
Giant cuttlefish
Explicit Reverberation
Right ??? Did he even see it ? He was on POINT
Mellosus Před dnem
Dude was channeling those hunting&gathering ancestors
Dylan Piccinini
Dylan Piccinini Před 19 hodinami
Your reflexes are insane dude
Bro's snatching up that squid like it's subnautica
MinecraftMel Před 3 dny
Using those predator instincts 😂
Random Garbage
Random Garbage Před 3 dny
Always thought inking was silly. Now that I, in real time, got spooked by the sudden appearance of a seal or other potentially dangerous creature, i am the silly one
Yankee Scratcher
Yankee Scratcher Před 8 dny
Damn, my guy has to have the grip of a gymnast
Qairol Azeem
Qairol Azeem Před 3 dny
Dude just used Anti Submarine Warfare skill to catch that squid lol
What I feel about
What I feel about Před 3 dny
I want this for next Valorant agent. Harbor x Squidward collab please
Austin Crow
Austin Crow Před 7 dny
Well, that was pretty badass and awesome. The way he sort of picked up or ran his fingers through some of the ink was like something out of a movie.
soopa dupa
soopa dupa Před 5 dny
fr bro said the tracks are fresh, this calamari couldnt have gone far then snatched dude up
Charles A. Neel
Charles A. Neel Před 4 dny
Australians are just Floridians with a higher intelligence stat
TruLucro Před dnem
Dude activated hunter’s vision to catch that thing, he was moving like my cat does when it’s cornered a mouse behind a box and knows it has no way out
VIPER music
VIPER music Před 21 dnem
Australia people have hands and balls of steel
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Před 10 dny
Yeah but lacking in the Brain Department 😢😢😢😢😢
Scammuel Před 10 dny
And feet
Gilvids Před 11 dny
Definetly those squids are ferocious beast
Madoc Jones
Madoc Jones Před 4 dny
Damn that ink works wonders i swear I saw that cuttlefish 3 times in that cloud
NF ExternBlast
NF ExternBlast Před 2 dny
either its real or its a better transition than any others ive seen
Federal Bureau of Prisons
"I built this nigga different" -GOD
Billete de dos pesos
Fine china
Fine china Před 5 dny
FLINT MINS Před 5 dny
GabrielX24 _
GabrielX24 _ Před 6 dny
Imma comment here so I'll get notified when someone starts drama 🍿
Shanman8064 Před 4 dny
The turn, the gasp, the dark in the water. 100% thought he had just sliced his foot wide open
Mateo Baltazar
Mateo Baltazar Před 3 dny
I would never run through the shallow line like that I’ve seen and watched way too much National Geographic
Melchior G
Melchior G Před 8 dny
Now thats some primal caveman energy
bigmanbeans121 Před 4 dny
Primal instinct just kicked in or something man
Jason Killian
Jason Killian Před 5 dny
This guy is badass
Russell Před 13 dny
This is what backyard cricket as a kid growing up in Australia prepares you for.
😎of.the.culture Před 9 dny
Then my Caribbean ass will be very good at this
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