Whoever made this is a genius

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13. 01. 2023





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sine moderamine
sine moderamine Před 10 dny
Einstein was a genius, Feynman was a genius, the guy who stuck some metal rods in concrete that go 'plink plink plink' atonally... also a genius
Hodor_Holdor_Buy and Holdor
vvonpanzerr Před hodinou
100 percent. You need to look up the definition of the word.
its clearly a girl not a guy
Janet Blueney
Janet Blueney Před 3 hodinami
Yes . Pebel fall is cool.
Chad Wedul
Chad Wedul Před 3 hodinami
Genius? Meh.
dajam9035 Před 2 dny
A sound that can be both pleasant and horrifying at the sametime.
Bryan C
Bryan C Před 2 hodinami
This is what anxiety sounds like
J e rr y
J e rr y Před 3 hodinami
@dajam9035 I was thinking the same thing
granny g.
granny g. Před 4 hodinami
alexx?? Před 5 hodinami
lmaoao ur spitting facts fr- pov: you're out on a walk. something just doesn't feel right. - the feeling that something, somewhere, is about to go horribly wrong. - you take another step along the pebbled path. something shifts behind you. another step. more movement on the ground from the corner of your eye. - walking faster along the pathway, hoping to get home as soon as possible, you pause as you see... a sinkhole? in the middle of the path? - leaning down over it to get a closer look, you take another tentative step forward. - a rock shifts under your foot. then another. more and more of the pebbles around where you're standing crumble away, seemingly getting sucked into the ground. - a chiming noise, like a muted windchime, echoes from below your feet. - you start running. - the chimes get louder. - it gets harder to step forward, as if you're running through water. - the chimes get louder. - soon, as you try to take another step closer to the familiar driveway of your house, your foot meets ...nothing. not the steady ground as expected, but the same sensation as missing a step when going down a staircase. - the chimes get louder. - the feeling of falling. - the chimes get louder. - the chimes get louder. - *the chimes get louder.*
8luvbug Před 6 hodinami
Yes sounds like something you would hear in IT. 🤡
Crescent Cabbage
Crescent Cabbage Před 2 dny
Sounds like the sound effect in Mario when either Kamek or the Koopalings put a spell on Bowser every time he gets knocked out the first time fighting Mario
Hᚱᚨᚠᚾᚨᛊᛊ Jᚨᚱᛚᛊᛊᛟᚾ
​@GoldenWolf115 hahaha yeah
GoldenWolf115 Před 17 hodinami
I was thinking more about the baby ghost boss fight in Luigi's Mansion. Pretty sure his name is Chauncey.
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer Před dnem
Bro collecting minecraft xp 💀
luis ochoa
luis ochoa Před 3 dny
the idea is derived from the native american rainsticks, cacti rolled outward in, sealed with pebbles. traditionally used as the name states to entice the gods in order to produce rain. great application of the concept
Edeya Wilson
Edeya Wilson Před dnem
It sounds like gravity elements chance and random activating the ear mechanics in our anatomy. Its looks really sturdy. I bet a lot of people brainstormed together to make it happen
Dana G.
Dana G. Před 2 dny
This is in the children’s garden at the Huntington Library in San Marino California, a very beautiful place.
Polly Graph
Polly Graph Před 5 hodinami
Thanks for the info! Our city's Park & Recreation committee is putting up new playground equipment for the kids, and this looks like it could be really fun!
MooiNenita Před dnem
There is an ancient musical instrument called Rain Stick or Palo de lluvia in Spanish, and it works exactly the same
Ribusu Dragneel
Ribusu Dragneel Před 2 dny
The back-up demon orchestra in my dream be like:
Christmas Snow
Christmas Snow Před 2 dny
I like to see it once again in a few years from now, to see how many pebbles get stuck on the way (if they're too large) and listen to how it affects the sound. I would also play with it for a long time. Great idea!
Azure Main
Azure Main Před 13 dny
imagine suddenly hearing this in the middle of a pitch black night
Idk mane
Idk mane Před 2 hodinami
I’d be gone
AngelicDream708 👑Technoblade never dies👑
And ur still half asleep. Nightmare paink
That one Wookiee
That one Wookiee Před 14 hodinami
Turns out the neighbors were just playing a horror movie full blast when you walked outside.
Jae White
Jae White Před 15 hodinami
I'd sleep better. That's the reason I hang 6 wind chimes outside my bedroom window
J H F Před 17 hodinami
Thanks to this video I'll know exactly what it is.
Trisha Starr
Trisha Starr Před dnem
It might've been genius if it wasn't so heavy. That way one could transport it to a stage easily to use it in a concert as part of the instrumentation. It would sound good as a piece in the music played. 🕊
Evil Panda (KillaBzOnAttk, Occultist Gilt)
Yes, of the greatest minds in history, let us not forget: "Person who created musical Plinko sculpture". It had gotten rave reviews, with critics calling it "a real hit with the little ones who come to the park" and "just some other modern art"....One reviewer stated: "its basically a glorified wind chime, really". Social intellectuals have also commented on it.... (i assume) with comments like 'cool', 'neat' and even 'fine, but please stop bothering me' (in my head. dude, I just said I was assuming. I didn't waste a real intellectual's time on this). "Genius".... to hell with words and their definitions! This is EPIC and is, LITERALLY, the work if a GENIUS! "True Dat, Yo" - Some Horse Guy
David Thomas
David Thomas Před 3 dny
The sound I hear when I wake up with sleep paralysis from a night terror.
женщина в красном
My sleep paralysis is usually accompanied by an audible hallucination that sounds like you're sinking in deep water and a bunch of dark cloaked figures
David Thomas
David Thomas Před 13 hodinami
@Frankie Jenkins with me it's always if I fall asleep on my back, that's when I wake up with the feeling of something pushing down on my chest. I always try to go to sleep on my side/front now.
Frankie Jenkins
Frankie Jenkins Před 14 hodinami
On the real. I'm starting to wake up and can't move a lot more as I get older but it's been going on for 8 years. Started out 1 or 2 times a year. Now like once a month. It scares the shit out of me. I figure out I set it off when I nap with my hat over my face or if I have a pillow under my neck wrong putting press on points in the neck. The only thing is the last time if happen I had neither hat on my face or my neck pressure pointed. So now I don't know. I use to think if made sure not to do these thing if wouldn't happen but now Idk.
HappyQuails Před 3 dny
This was charming but I would have preferred that a stone strike high notes going down to low beside a stripe going the opposite way perhaps with a division between then on a diagonal. I think this would have created the most interesting self/compositions. I’ll have to make one : )
Altamash Basapur
Altamash Basapur Před 4 dny
When you want to be a musician but your parents force you to become a civil engineer
Indian movement
Mia Love all
Mia Love all Před dnem
Best reply 🙃
Tracy Tinnon
Tracy Tinnon Před 2 dny
That's awesome! Sounds beautiful! They were a very creative genius! ❤️
DrHumperdink Před 10 hodinami
Yes, who ever thought of doing something that has been done a million times is a genius.
AussieKnuckles Před 8 hodinami
The sound you hear at 3AM while walking through the dark house refusing to look behind you while increasing your speed till you get to your destination.
KayElle Před dnem
One of the funniest experiences in my life was seeing the reaction on my friend’s face as she tasted the heaped teaspoon of Vegemite she’d just put in her mouth as I’m screaming Noooooo. I’d looked up from my meal and hadn’t realised what she was about to do. Poor woman.
Jay Před 11 dny
The calmest Anxiety-inducing sound ever.
CyberWarrior Před 3 dny
Its basically big rainstick.
Spank Themonkey
Spank Themonkey Před 9 dny
@GottaChangeNameCuzSomeoneElseAlreadyUse"0 0" Hearing the Wind chimes and then tornado warning pops up😃also in the middle of the night🤣
GottaChangeNameCuzSomeoneElseAlreadyUse"0 0"
until you hear it late at night
The real Gboi
The real Gboi Před 10 dny
@peacrabr + 953th like
peacrab Před 10 dny
fr + 800th like
AngelicDream708 👑Technoblade never dies👑
This is my new sound my brain can play when I'm both panicked and calm :D thanks ddoi!
SirPopSticks Před 2 dny
Einstein was a genius, Feynman was a genius, the guy who stuck some metal rods in concrete that go 'plink plink plink' atonally... also a genius!!!
J4x Art
J4x Art Před 14 hodinami
The fact that he refers to Segura as Mr. Tommy 😂 I find it somewhat endearing.
Captain U.S.A.
Captain U.S.A. Před 7 hodinami
Can you imagine? The work it took to build that magical music box...
Bstaz Před 10 dny
The last sounds you hear before the sleep paralysis demon consumes your soul.
pj woo
pj woo Před dnem
​@Pew Pew hahahaha. almost wet my pants !
BlurryBlu Před 9 dny
Paralysis demons are real, we call them Jinns (Look it up)
Pew Pew
Pew Pew Před 10 dny
Don’t say dat
Raghoenath Sean
Raghoenath Sean Před 10 dny
System Void
System Void Před 10 dny
YES! 100x THIS! I couldn't have worded it better. That is EXACTLY what this is.
Cloud Strife
Cloud Strife Před 15 hodinami
Any sound, given the right context, can be terrifying. During playtime, this is amusing. At midnight, this is terrifying. A baby laughing is amusing. A baby laughing in a house with no baby is terrifying.
Just another Person On the Internet
They used to have a thing like this at my Children’s Museum. It was so satisfying and really fun too.
beanman Před 2 dny
This is the sound you don’t wanna hear when working on turbine engines.
Sheikh U
Sheikh U Před dnem
Now watch someone master this as a musical instrument 😂
Stuff Před 14 dny
Sounds like music that would play when a horror movie antagonist is chasing u
Dark 8 Prince
Dark 8 Prince Před 13 hodinami
S.T.A.R.S. Agent.
S.T.A.R.S. Agent. Před 13 hodinami
​@TDTEliteboy That's the first thing I thought.
canis familiaris
canis familiaris Před dnem
NBC Hannibal soundtrack
Mihail Milev
Mihail Milev Před dnem
​@1080GBAScratchCoding lol wut
I'm the guy hiding in the closet watching you sleep. While this music plays. When you're standing outside your window, you will find me staring up right back at you from a distance🤣🤣🤣
J B Před 12 hodinami
Why is this so genius lol, I don't get why a person would be so fascinated by something so simple.
Mark Kalakian
Mark Kalakian Před 30 minutami
I have a buddy who does nighttime security for local contractors, keeping an eye on job sites. Once in a while, he will see some idiots trying to steal stuff. Then they try and hide from him. He shuts off all his truck lights, turns on the nught vision and plays ice cream truck music over his PA while slowly driving around the site. It's friggen funny
Lazy Vipurr
Lazy Vipurr Před 4 hodinami
someone created a metal Rainmaker stick I see. a Rainmaker is a type of cactus that has been cut and dried and there is small little beans or rice placed inside this hollowed-out Cactus tube. when you turn the cylinder tube upside down the rice or beans fall through it and it makes literally rain falling sounds, it is a beautiful sound :]
The Rainbow Veteran
I feel like this is like a tally hall song opening that is about experiencing a nightmare, knowing its a nightmare and not being able to get out of it
Megalin Před 11 dny
This is def the sound that thousands of small spiders make while they chase after you in horror games
ghostdrain Před 17 hodinami
bro tryna be relatable because no horror game has ever done this 💀
Borrego a Yudando
Borrego a Yudando Před 18 hodinami
​@MrCh0o so when they crawl under your skin, there is no way for a doctor to xray and take them out
Bartholomäus Před 3 dny
But it’s also the sound that comes when Chuck Norris chases 1000 spiders
alex_dod Před 5 dny
minecraft xp collecting sounds
Prince Moonbeam
Prince Moonbeam Před 6 dny
​@TheFailus It sounds haunted in a melodic way, like a bunch of glass coins playing a harp at night
r3ptile Před 4 hodinami
Imagine how terrifying it sounds in a hailstorm.
Bryan Robertson
Bryan Robertson Před 4 hodinami
That sounds so sick, man. It's like interlude music to the next boss battle🔥🔥
Hikeeba Před 15 hodinami
Could someone build that near me? Walking by it even once a day would be magical.
PhillTheRealtor TaylorDixonGroup
City: "We want to bring excitement back to the park." Civil Engineer: "Our next contestant has a chance to win up to $50,000 playing... Plinko!"
Nvable Před 8 dny
That is the sound of a moment in a horror movie.
SuperFlyer24 Před 6 dny
​@Lee Noneusually right before the jump scare
VmR Před 6 dny
Don't look behind, there's a guy with a ax.
SWeMX Před 6 dny
It's the moment of terror when you see ''something'' behind that dark corner but you can't really know what it is. You can't move because you are afraid.
Prince Moonbeam
Prince Moonbeam Před 6 dny
*Did it just get colder in here?*
Carnei Před 6 dny
Indeed. Once I heard how it sounds, I immediately imagined how crazy it would be to arrive there at night, not knowing about it, and then suddely hearing that freaky sound out of nowhere.
Virtuoso 10
Virtuoso 10 Před dnem
*Not realising he just unraveled an ancient secret tomb…*
Mark Fernando
Mark Fernando Před 8 hodinami
Whoever made this wasn't a genius, they were inspired by the native Americans and what they made from a piece of cactus called a rain stick. Whoever thought of that idea though.. yeah. Genius.
TheLucidJester Před dnem
If I listen to this while trying to sleep I'ma be out cold but in the middle of the woods hell nah I'm finna to expect a boss bar to appear💀💀💀
Super Kyle
Super Kyle Před 2 hodinami
I hope he spaced the top row of rods slightly closer together than the others so a large rock won't get stuck somewhere in the middle.
ragecs Před 14 dny
The sound you never want to hear when working on turbine engines.
Tim Turk
Tim Turk Před 17 hodinami
​@Seangle An engine runs smooth, like a clock. If your clock/watch or engine makes this sound, the gearing would be falling apart, or operating in a way that's about to have a serious failure.
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson Před dnem
Oh, wait... No. I'm an idiot! It's NOT about making noise on the spinning vanes! You probably wouldn't be working on a spun-up engine! You're talking about dropping something in there and having to take the whole mother lovin' thing apart to find it, so you DON'T blow up the engine! Don't mind me; I'm just the neighborhood moron.🤤😞
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson Před dnem
​@Killbayne Achmed: STOPP KISSING MEEE!!! I KEEL YOU!!
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson Před dnem
​@Omegaset you're about right. Have you ever spun a bicycle wheel, and then used something fairly stiff, like a popsicle stick to kinda pluck the spokes like a guitar pick? I can imagine doing something like that on the vanes of a turbine. In other words, hearing a sound like that means that something could be coming into contact with the turbine vanes while the thing is spinning. And since turbine engines spin at about 15,000 rpm, anything you hear coming into contact with the vanes may be the last thing you hear just before the engine goes to pieces with a LOUD BANG!💥 and sends shrapnel flyin' ALL over the place like jagged bullets!
Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson Před dnem
​@OwO Why would I want to?
NotSoMuchFrankly Před 2 dny
Either the sound of when you calculate the square root of infinity or...when a faceless psychotic chases Dennis Weaver through the California desert in an oil tanker.
Miftah Anhar
Miftah Anhar Před dnem
Just imagine you heard that sounds when you go home walking alone in the middle of night and there is no one in the park
Lodewijk Vrije
Lodewijk Vrije Před dnem
this is the sound you never want to hear when working on turbines.
DeezGhoGh Před 2 dny
I'd make a beat out of that if I was a engineer
Samuel J
Samuel J Před 8 dny
Expectation: angelic chimes Reality: NIGHTMARISH DISCORDANT HORROR
Sally Violet
Sally Violet Před dnem
Katie Crowley
Katie Crowley Před dnem
True tho
Vishwa Rao
Vishwa Rao Před 3 dny
@Acaidia ?
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman Před 4 dny
Discordant 💀
The Lax Soviet
The Lax Soviet Před 6 dny
no it's crazybus
Alter Echo
Alter Echo Před 2 dny
A genius would have found a way to mechanize it so as to transport the stones up and drop them in a continuous cycle.
Kd C
Kd C Před dnem
Well, I guess to anyone with a simple brain, you can understand Child’s toy this is actually quite simple. Just nice.
KezFaz Před 4 hodinami
This actually sounds like me in the middle of the night, going for a wee, after hearing it in my sleep!!!! 😳😳
Seth East
Seth East Před 2 dny
I just hope nobody takes bigger objects and gets them stuck in there. I think the thing is pretty cool
raymondc9513 Před 9 dny
This is the sound you hear when you go check the window you left open at night, and now there's a human-sized spider standing behind you.
Bl4Z3pup Před 7 dny
*returns to dust*
Johnny Wishbone
Johnny Wishbone Před 7 dny
That's exactly the song they sing!
Dale Moss
Dale Moss Před 7 dny
Is it Spiderman? Fuck no, it's Manspider
refueling aircraft, Destroyer of LGBTQ
They actually aren't that scary when they have a large enough hitbox to be attacked.
LairdDeimos Před 8 dny
​@maremagnus He's worried about what's outside too.
NoName Před 42 minutami
Imagine what it sounds like with daddy's car keys.
Logical Dude
Logical Dude Před 11 hodinami
It’s like the sound in a video game when you obtain some mysterious new power or uncover a hidden treasure.
SEEN Před 5 hodinami
The sheer sophistication and ingenuity it would take for someone to hammer 100 nails into two slabs of concrete.
Charles Campbell
Charles Campbell Před 8 hodinami
If anyone is interested this is at the children's garden at the Huntington botanical gardens in California. We went there a few months ago when we were in the area. My son enjoyed this area.
Sized Toaster0
Sized Toaster0 Před 9 dny
It sounds like when you get drugged in a 1970s movie and the villain just stares at you.
strange lee
strange lee Před 8 dny
It turns out it was you all along...(roll credits/synth music)
Anthony Hemmings
Anthony Hemmings Před 8 dny
Not quite. This was what 1970s drugs actually sounded like
Yuko Před 8 dny
oh my god you are dead accurate 💀
Fluffy! Před 8 dny
Why is that so specific, and accurate?-
The Homie Patchez
The Homie Patchez Před 8 dny
Bro stop😂
Boomerino Kripperino
Boomerino Kripperino Před 15 hodinami
Euler was a genius, Fourier was a genius, Newton was a genius… your standard for genius is sad
Pyles Před dnem
You hear this sound at 3 pm: "aw, kids in the park must be having fun, how cute" You hear this sound at 3 am: "HELL NAH, I'M OUTTA HERE"
3d illusions
3d illusions Před 4 hodinami
More genius would have been for the wheel to rotate so the stones fell perpetually
czawls Před dnem
This was actually designed by an aircraft mechanic who got fired for accidentally dropping a bolt into a turbine engine
Tyler Jepson
Tyler Jepson Před 14 dny
I could listen to this for hours 😊
Cop Cuffs
Cop Cuffs Před 8 dny
Anyone else see the spur, left at the start of the video, almost kicked em in the head?
Alex G
Alex G Před 8 dny
Good evening, Satan.
Markus Před 9 dny
Jfc you are more easily entertained than a child 🤦🏼‍♂️
Project Neon Official
Put a statue in it
Před 10 dny
My annoying brother and cousin on discord next to me If you have no sibling you will never understand that there is no piece
jaythehunter7777 Před 20 hodinami
me after witnessing my friend die while building a mob grinder: "So that's where all the xp from the xp farm went"
Josh F
Josh F Před 2 dny
This reminds me of what it sounds like when dropping a bolt into a plane's turbine engne!
Tako Dachi
Tako Dachi Před 16 hodinami
The guy who made it: Hey, what are you doing? That's a climber for grasshoppers!
bob often
bob often Před 3 hodinami
Ancient Bar b Cue
Thomas Hofer
Thomas Hofer Před 7 hodinami
Sounds like a scary part in a movie is about to happen....by the way a lot of cereal murderers are geniuses... 😂
Geoffry Escoto
Geoffry Escoto Před 11 dny
imagine hearing that in the middle of the night with no one around
Diane Greene
Diane Greene Před 7 dny
I have a cat so sounds have to be much scarier than this to get me out of bed.
Digital107 Před 11 dny
Oh someone's around alright, just not someone you want to see
milky shakey
milky shakey Před 11 dny
1k likes no comment?
Jigg North
Jigg North Před 11 dny
Imagine hearing almost anything in the middle of the night whith no one around.
Bozz Skaggs
Bozz Skaggs Před 11 dny
I don't think I want to image that thank you very much.
ctdieselnut Před 17 hodinami
I watched a video of a guy disassembling a jet engine, just for fun he dropped a bolt thru the engine the long way while the engine was standing on end. Made this exact sound as it bounced off the many rows of blades as it passed. (Engine was already scrap, just as a demonstration.) Search 'agentjayz - sound you never want to hear'.
Michael Segal
Michael Segal Před 2 dny
I used to have this Fisher-Price push/pull toy that sounded similar to this
Jamie Moller
Jamie Moller Před 3 dny
thats basically just a rain stick, an idea literally thousands of years old
PeopleLiveAboveMe Před 6 hodinami
whoever thought of this idea is simply creative.
T Jacobs
T Jacobs Před 7 dny
In movies, that sound effect is an indicator that a character is completely insane, and likely to kill someone.
MochiGelato Před 4 dny
or all the buttplugs being pulled out of me 😅
Rafael Garay
Rafael Garay Před 4 dny
LMAO. AND THEN ABRUPTLY STOPS WHEN HE GET SLAIN FROM BEHIND MID CRAZY MODE AND GOES : UUGGHH...HOW...IS THIS POSSIBLE...YOU...THUD ON GROUND** and the hero just says : okay guys let's get a move on. like it was a casual Thursday evening.
Vick Kumaresan
Vick Kumaresan Před hodinou
Imagine walking home after dinner next to that park and you hear that.
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips Před 2 dny
Not gonna lie, if I woke up in the night to that sound, my life is over. I don't wanna know what happens next
Anthony E.
Anthony E. Před 3 dny
I'm confused, what does it do to rise to the level of genius?
Chris Stock
Chris Stock Před 16 hodinami
Is there a way to unclog this thing when it becomes hopelessly clogged with large rocks that won't fall through.
mackyrulez Před 8 dny
When the game counts the total gems you collected
Marc Bourassa
Marc Bourassa Před 6 dny
Timmering Před 6 dny
Lol true
mackyrulez Před 7 dny
@Goldie & Koi no
nolife Před 7 dny
fall guys choosing who gets eliminated
Goldie & Koi
Goldie & Koi Před 7 dny
@mackyrulezmystery box get it right
TheTbet Před 3 dny
Apparently “Genius” has a different meaning in this era of idiots
Ty Wilkins
Ty Wilkins Před 5 hodinami
This reminds me of the sound the slot machines made in Rachet and Clank.
she2real Před 4 hodinami
Sounds like a sound that’ll be played in a horror movie when the killer is chasing you
MicKMuzZ MKMZ Před dnem
The term "genius" is thrown around way too loosely these days!😂
Tekagi Před 3 dny
That's the sound I hear when I realize the call was coming from inside the house.
Roseanna Rios
Roseanna Rios Před 8 hodinami
Best comment hands down! It totally cracked me up! I totally needed it. Thanks!
Donar Thiazi
Donar Thiazi Před 8 hodinami
@Awkward Lynn You're very welcome
thebeatnumber Před 11 hodinami
​@Donar Thiazi _What do you want?_ _Your blood all over me_
Anita Cruz
Anita Cruz Před 12 hodinami
Fred E.
Fred E. Před 12 hodinami
Now I wanna make a movie or skit just so I can use this audio.
iindicaii Před 3 dny
Honestly looks like something my local tweeker rigged up. There genius out this way.
a Před dnem
Hear that sound in the middle of the night while u walk alone in that park and then say that again. I haven't heard something more horror inducing than that sound.
jeff cantley
jeff cantley Před 2 dny
This was thought of long long long ago someone actually made it into a children's toy the caveman made this one
beave200 Před 3 dny
Am I the only one who instantly thought of a sleep paralysis demon crawling towards them with this sound?
daemn42 Před 6 dny
At some aviation museums there are old jet turbine engines mounted vertically and they let people drop BBs down through the compressor blades. It sounds pretty much just like that. I'll bet that's where the idea came from.
Paul Sengupta
Paul Sengupta Před 2 dny
@daemn42 Thanks!
No Body
No Body Před 3 dny
They must be a genius.
Mountaineer Paul Talks Football
​@daemn42 ever been to Wright Patterson?
Link Knight
Link Knight Před 3 dny
Wool carders make a similar noise too.
explorAR Před 4 dny
literally just commented the same thing lol, I agree for surer
Mr. X
Mr. X Před 7 hodinami
I'll make that my ringtone for when my girlfriend phones me.
Habib Mohammed
Habib Mohammed Před 2 dny
it's all fun and games until you are there at 3am and hear this sound.
wll preem
wll preem Před 2 hodinami
Imagine ur school close to this awesome weird instrument 😂😂
THREIN Před 7 hodinami
I guess the term 'Genius' is on its way to be coming the next word to lose all meaning like 'litterally'
Eric Ryan
Eric Ryan Před 5 dny
This is the sound GameCube makes when you hold all the buttons at once
Somebody else
Somebody else Před dnem
Luigis mansion
JerseyDevil Před dnem
@Smiley T there’s also another one where you plug in 4 controllers and hold Z on all of them while powering on the system
JerseyDevil Před dnem
@Smiley T just hold Z on the controller while you start the system up lol
Smiley T
Smiley T Před dnem
​@JerseyDevil wait, so you hold all the buttons at start up and you'll hear this?
Jedidiah Joseph
Jedidiah Joseph Před dnem
ChristOnaCouch Před 8 hodinami
I don’t know if “genius” is the right word. If this is genius what do you call the guy who invented the xylophone?
CubeTheFox Před 2 dny
Funny how you can take someone else’s video, say the person who made a concrete slab with rods in it is a genius (without elaborating), and still get more than half a million likes
Totally Tails
Totally Tails Před 5 hodinami
I am 99% confident that this is the inspiration of the Lego building sounds in Lego video games
LuckyFox Před 2 dny
My fight or flight activates every time I see him cook or bake…
Darov Před 10 dny
Bro got that "XP Farm" typa beat yo
Leonine Před 2 dny
لوف يو
Donovan Mahan
Donovan Mahan Před 9 dny
And a fall damage noise in the middle of it
Lester Egonia
Lester Egonia Před 9 dny
Boutta type it but saw this lol
Jx Před 9 dny
You're a genius for this comment 💀
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