Waterproof clothing spray 

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31. 01. 2024





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@CMuyal Před 28 dny
His closet is the one that always appeared in cartoons when a character changed clothes.
@SheisDajnr Před 28 dny
Like SpongeBob 😅
He is himself a cartoon 🐷
@Tini_TotodileKit Před 28 dny
@Kendagamer69 Před 27 dny
Like Charlie Brown
@user-sv3te7sr9y Před 22 dny
Bro he’s gonna throw up with the word “EEEAAAHHH”💀
@cherimeyer6236 Před 15 dny
@azizahamdi3815 Před 13 dny
👕 ‏كل ثيابك نفس الشيء🧐🤯🤯😱🤭🤭🤭😯🫤🤔🤔😳
@UnoGreenCube793 Před 13 dny
@@azizahamdi3815 english plz?
@user-xi8kj1pn3l Před 13 dny
@feranugroho5899 Před 12 dny
​@@UnoGreenCube793he say "r all ur clothes are same? "
@hopecutkelvin5853 Před 16 dny
A spray for those of us who always manage to spill something on our clothing while eating😂
@Bledbucket246 Před 7 dny
Why my ball is so big😥
@user-mb2mg6eu1t Před 5 dny
330 likes but 1 comment, lemme change that
My gma
@Astralis_ Před 28 dny
Main characters daily closet
@user-ep2tu1xh4m Před 28 dny
@kevtheoggamer6672 Před 28 dny
Or the villain's one
@iwantthebest Před 28 dny
@NoobAtEverythingg Před 28 dny
@hakeri_movie Před 28 dny
That EEYYYAAAHHH got me rolling
@user-zs8dj3dr2e Před 12 dny
In order for your clothes to not get soaked you have to get your clothes soaked! 🤣🤣🤣
@low_battery5596 Před 28 dny
"Then, how are you going to wash it?" "Waterproof water"
@DishuMittal05 Před 28 dny
Why do u want to wash that cloth 🤔
@sunrevolver Před 28 dny
​@@DishuMittal05coz it's not odour repelling?
@user-jz1ir6by1d Před 28 dny
Water proof water bro
@jellyoyerinde2584 Před 28 dny
Hold up…..
@shamanaeem3551 Před 28 dny
Doesnt then it will start to stink
@RandallChase1 Před 20 dny
Vector can we get a follow up? Does it make the clothes less breathable? What about sweat or underarm odor? The world wants to know!
@WhisperingWempe Před 11 dny
Hi world!
Is he an amazing editor or he actually reviews every thing and is honest?
@user-yb3ul1pj3s Před 4 dny
i think he is actually honest with the products
@EL-Steve Před 4 dny
Yeh if it doesnt work then he'll put a gag at the end of the editing trick the original "reviewers" use to sell the product
@SpyJames567 Před 28 dny
Remember, whenever you feel useless, just know Vector is there picking 20 similar shirts and still says ehhhh to pick one
@Z4ch_. Před 28 dny
Kinda like women
@icydragon5845 Před 28 dny
@@Z4ch_.EXACTLY(I’m a girl so that’s why I’m agreeing,cuz it’s true lol)😂😂
@SpyJames567 Před 28 dny
@@Z4ch_. Women ☕
@mblauberg Před 28 dny
That’s the point
@hakeri_movie Před 28 dny
He opened his closet and it reminded of “Bee Movie” when Barry is picking out his fit 😂
@eugensejko9991 Před 19 dny
"Mmmhhmm" "Nahhhhhahh" YAAAAAAA👹👹👹👹 Tysm for So many likes
@user-cl7ks4sq9r Před 5 dny
wah wah
@Monkeytheluffy56 Před 28 dny
His closet is just another proof of why he is the main character.
@LazyLizzy706 Před 26 dny
So true! I always loved watching her solve crimes with the gang and the dog 😊
@giovanimorales774 Před 26 dny
Bro what​@@LazyLizzy706
@SkibidiShrek-ju4fk Před 26 dny
I like cheese
@laurietoney6739 Před 22 dny
And OnLy him ..😂😂😂❤. Check the label & make sure it's not People-Proof😂😂😂😂😂
@Chrobakr21-rv6nl Před 16 dny
The EEHHAA got me
Ben 10s closet:
@EliseDrake-yn6ol Před 27 dny
“Hm” “Nah” *same exact shirt* “euHeHAu👺👹”
@Flameboy-bi4ko Před 25 dny
@TheCoderable Před 25 dny
Which movie have I seen that in omg I can't remember 😢
@user-jm7le6yg8u Před 25 dny
@TheCoderable Před 25 dny
No no. It's not that
@LatvianBall000 Před 25 dny
​@@TheCoderabledespicable me?
@jperryparrish Před 13 dny
It’s the womp womp that gets me every time
@_Johana112_ Před 8 dny
"Euuhhaaa" "naaaaah" "EHYEEEAEAAAaaAaAAaAaa👹👹"
@literalcode Před 24 dny
When he was picking out shirts: 😒… 😑… 👹
@m7mdzuhair9gamer61 Před 16 dny
@jasmineloots6437 Před 12 dny
Lol me thiking the same thing
@Foxyo2.0 Před 12 dny
Yes Hahaha
@M1TAGEM Před 22 dny
"Ammm" MaahH" "EMMHHH" 😂😂😂
@jay_deluxxe Před 12 dny
I like the 3thrd jacket.. thats a new one ❤❤❤
@anitaarasan7460 Před 28 dny
Your closet is damn with so many different choices 😂😳
@Airbusa300 Před 28 dny
Fr like witch one to choose 😮😮😮😮😮
@anitaarasan7460 Před 28 dny
@@Airbusa300 😂
@hakeri_movie Před 28 dny
@anitaarasan7460 Před 27 dny
@@mycatlovestowatchtv5065 😂😂
@fowziyoahmed3975 Před 20 dny
This guy never ends a video without actually doing it
@emmahaselkorn6266 Před 12 dny
“Eh” “mmm”. 💀”EEEEAAAAHHHH”💀 he sounded like a pterodactyl
@Adivahehe Před 28 dny
The "ck ehh nAah eAkHh" got me laughing so hard
@mercurybadtrip666 Před 27 dny
Mr. Bean
@vlad_oops Před 27 dny
I wonder why my videos don't look like vector.
@estefanymazariego Před 26 dny
@Adivahehe Před 22 dny
I wish my like is my subs🥲
@LolLol-yq4mv Před 5 dny
everybody gangsta until they realise you cant wash the clothes anymore
@JustJoshnU Před 22 dny
Dudes like a real life Sims character
@Lumi-OF-Model Před 26 dny
Bro said: Eahhh nahh, eyAHH .
@user-ul6sz2pe5o Před 26 dny
I agree
@yelan9322 Před 26 dny
@Smiling_Sphere Před 25 dny
Bro ran out of ideas of what to say💀💀
@herlindachumil Před 25 dny
@user-wp5hr2bo5j Před 24 dny
@fallenkitten2k8 Před 9 dny
@UR-GIRL-HELLEN_ Před 18 dny
Víctor when he got the shirt : EEÆÆÆAAGHH👹
@metaclopromide Před 28 dny
Amazon should mention Vector verified products
@SatstackerHQ Před 28 dny
that is so simple yet so compelling, i feel like businesses should all link to a vector video of their product if possible
@user-wy7be8sb8b Před 27 dny
@ridwanshaleh1332 Před 20 dny
His premises reminds me of Mr. Bean Less talk, more act, but it's always worth the wait
Ses fo😂😂
@dcseam_ Před 8 dny
Vector got the closet we all dreamed of as kids😂
@IGCH165 Před 28 dny
Bro said: “Eahhh 🫤 nahh, eyAHH 👹👹”
@user-rs8lp8td6n Před 28 dny
@CherriiTheBomb Před 28 dny
@RedDPhoenix Před 27 dny
@wiebelvr8008 Před 27 dny
More like EGHÆ
@email4randy Před 12 dny
Never washing your clothes again 💀🔥👍
"Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black, Yellow, Black, Black and Yellow, let's change it up a little"!
@debjitbiswas6233 Před 26 dny
Bro's dress choice is amazing, truly a fashion star💀💀
@Upcoming_table Před 23 dny
I'm a table
@emmac8450 Před 23 dny
@venom-123 Před 23 dny
Yep vector wears pajamas
@hypezzyy Před 22 dny
​@@Upcoming_tablerelatable 🗿🍷
"Womp Womp" always get me😂
@kadikadak7550 Před dnem
Me too😂😅
@C0C0NUTEY Před 19 dny
Bro rlly in his grinch era😂❤
@johnfranks6980 Před 28 dny
Bro has an entire warehouse full of things he orders daily 😂
@emmiesblessed8800 Před 28 dny
For real!!
@hakeri_movie Před 28 dny
@sadesavage9950 Před 28 dny
No, he just returns and gets a refund! 😂
@user-yy8fx9wy8m Před 8 dny
Bro his clothes are the same😭😭😭
@FriskDrinksBrisk Před 18 dny
Glad you changed your ways when you got back from the moon and became a product reviewer instead of still being a villain!
@Gogocart09 Před 27 dny
The “AAAAUUUGGGGHHHH” had me dead 💀 😂 Edit: thanks for 975 likes, I’ve never got this many likes before thank you.
@MILANVB439 Před 26 dny
Bro has so much variety of dress😂
@CelestialGalaxy.69 Před 25 dny
Second reply
1.2k likes? That's nothing 😂😂 MrBeast literally has a comment with 3.4M likes. Do better.
@Endgame4670 Před 25 dny
​​@@crystalblueshield7253 bro why are you hating on him, its just a random comment bro + mrbeast is more popular then just a random comment, keep yapping bro
@Gogocart09 Před 25 dny
@@Endgame4670 exactly
@editz_by_cam Před 7 dny
"Mmm.." "Ehhh.." "👹👹👹👹👹👹" 💀💀
@ruby_c31 Před 9 dny
The clothing moment was like the moment from the bee movie when Barry is picking out his clothes 😂
@saniyareza4986 Před 28 dny
Vector and his obsession with orange 🧡.. 😂😂😂
@TheNuune143 Před 8 dny
his clothes remind me of the pink shirt one i miss them 😢
@rositabraquil8276 Před 8 dny
@SomeoneSomewhere10 Před 26 dny
His sweatshirt said Villian Con International. I CAN'T 💀
@hrdhry3034 Před 5 dny
The EYAAAAA got me laughing 😂
@Mykkarthik Před 5 dny
Finally someone with out part 2
@ttv_skillissue Před 28 dny
The fact that his clothes are all the same makes him even more like a real life cartoon character!
@Dreambig-999 Před 12 dny
I just realized that he's actually handsome 😮
Picks out his least favorite shirt and it officially becomes his favorite shirt
@jarrettfierro5517 Před 27 dny
Dude to this day still accumulates millions of views has 20 millions subs and brings in 100k + a month off an idea to dress up as vector from a lil kid movie hella long ago, props.
@Jerrydark Před 5 dny
My question is, can it be done with the lava?
U r an amazing CS-vidr keep up the great work
@akumablitz9655 Před 28 dny
This product has been around for years. It was mostly used for shoes as far as I'm aware. Nobody likes soggy toes
@johnanderson4901 Před 12 dny
Bro acted like every cartoon changing their clothes new sub
@WhoKilledLixqs Před 5 dny
Broski has the best clothing options
@user-ox1hy5rz2e Před 28 dny
That Woah Woah always gets me.😂
@BananaBoi50 Před 27 dny
He said womp womp
@user-mr7le9yt3o Před 12 dny
My jaw dropped watching this.
@gabb7682 Před 4 dny
The wamp wamp makes my day 😅😊
@foolishmortal5151 Před 25 dny
I think the reason why his outfit was now waterproof (hydrophobic) is because that thing you sprayed on your clothes, was water mixed with silicone. Water and silicone mixed together makes the water incompatible with regular unhydrophobic water. So basically, you have silicone on your clothes.
@Toxicitynotwithme Před 23 dny
Thanks for the Google information
@foolishmortal5151 Před 22 dny
I didn’t find this from Google.
@NojusTvaskunas Před 20 dny
Ją ididkdkdejdb to thrurnr😊 chirurgas tir❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😢🎉
@kepler-11 Před 20 dny
So basically what's in the bottle is liquid silicone?
@foolishmortal5151 Před 20 dny
@@kepler-11 it is most likely a bottle of a mixture of silica or silicone (whatever it is) and regular water
@sussyamongus2022 Před 4 dny
Finally my goose cosplay is done
@Ali-mq1bq Před 8 dny
2nd guy forgot to turn off his infinity 😭💀
@mikeeferrer Před 27 dny
Your reactions never fail to make my day. They're so satisfying to watch.
@meriembenhamel1403 Před 25 dny
@meriembenhamel1403 Před 25 dny
@sophievinot8641 Před 25 dny
@juninau1138 Před 12 dny
Bro just made some air waterproof 😂
Now if i dont bring a jacket i can hide in my shirt so the rain wont get me wet
@anakelly8956 Před 25 dny
That spray would be great when you're wearing white and have a craving for spaghetti and meatballs. Also for babies' clothes. Especially when they're eating or spit up.
@IND1334 Před 19 dny
I think it's kinda toxic
@lisameyer8289 Před 17 dny
Especially for babys the probably toxic chemicals are sure amazing 👍
@Miitz0 Před 11 dny
I'll get the first one from the closet
@isabelfunez3079 Před 11 dny
They ar the same thing 💀but the one that got me was the "YEAHHZHHHZ"
@Puppiesadventures2 Před 26 dny
This "AAAUUUGGGHHH" " wOmp wOmp" Got me thrown out the house 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 Edit: wow soo many likes thank you soo much guys Edit 2: EVERYBODY IM FAMOUS PEAPLE: ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
@Senor09 Před 24 dny
I decided to not like so the comment can keep 69 likes
@neryrodriguez8345 Před 23 dny
@soufiamaaoui-fp8rb Před 23 dny
@user-ss1dh1nq8n Před 21 dnem
@Hamnahere Před 21 dnem
With that type of ✨ Different ✨ clothes choice I swear Vector will ruin every models career .😂😂😂
@user-vl2jt5rs7i Před 8 dny
The job interview must of went great😅😅
@memestealer3000. Před 28 dny
"neeeenehhhhh" "maaeaaaah" "eeeaeh" 💀
@morenag.7769 Před 23 dny
😳hahaha I have all black in my closet! I could kinda relate!! & yes I have about 3/4 of the same clothing…& all black.🫶🏽🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
@kadikadak7550 Před dnem
I cant wash my clothes again💀💀
@feligd7052 Před 27 dny
Finally a Vector video that dosen't have a " Green Screen Guy " in somewhere 😂
@Kmbappe10-pe5sz Před 14 dny
Man I thought I was gonna fly to the “moon”!
@Shiny_golurk Před 3 dny
"Ehhhh :/" "Nah" "EEEEYEAAAAHH"
@Donkeygod. Před 27 dny
That "EAAAHHHE" got me😂😂
@DANIEL_YT926 Před 11 dny
We getting bbq wings with this one🔥🔥🗣️🗣️
@Killuwa_FAN Před 12 dny
Bro i thought he never showers but he actually had the pair of same shirts💀
@Sushan1 Před 28 dny
Vector is the Mr. Bean if he went unboxing weird products. 😂
@Pablito.RJ11 Před 10 dny
Wow! Necesario para esta epoca de carnavales en Sudamérica
@kingfluffy0939 Před 27 dny
When choosing a shirt: “Ehh…nah…” *”EEAAHH”*
@user-tw2go6mf9f Před 19 dny
انته الي فلكرتون زين ليش الملابس كلهة نفس الشي ❤🎉 كككككلللللشششش احبه الفيديو مالته اتبعه على اللكرتون😊🎉❤
@KatlehoShezi Před 6 dny
I’ve been scrolling through his videos to see his closet 😂
@Ratatatattatatataa Před 28 dny
"whom whom" Never gets old😂
@CosmicHase Před 26 dny
No, womp womp
@FoziaBibiMusic Před 4 dny
He’s like Dexter the cartoon character 😂
@Livenow698 Před 15 dny
Your jacket: drenched Turbo flex:
The eayahhh got me on the ground 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@AaronAJaeger Před 22 dny
I liked for his wardrobe assortment.
@mikeeferrer Před 22 dny
That spray can do wonders. If I sprayed that to a person sitting beside me on the bus, they would automatically disappear.
@PaisIeeNelson Před 28 dny
I need to get me some of that spray 😂
@annamariax1090 Před 8 dny
I think the babies need this
@user-oi6yr1wm5s Před 2 dny
even his shirt still orange bro is something
@FluffyMonke Před 27 dny
"EUH" that got me rolling on the ground
@katelyng9339 Před 7 dny
Hmm 🤔 got me on the floor💀
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