Twenty One Pilots - Heathens//Stranger Things (Live from Romania)

twenty one pilots
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Twenty One Pilots - Heathens//Stranger Things live performance from last week at Electric Castle festival in Romania

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21. 07. 2022





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Komentáře 8 954
Greatest two man band in the world
Reyn Spooner
I can't imagine what it would have been like being a fan of both Stranger Things and Twenty One Pilots and being in this crowd.
Wolf Den
My mind would've absolutely MELTED at that concert when the Stranger Things theme and the Heathens bassline merged.
Mikey Bean
"Music has the power to save everyone" - what a great line to merge ST and TØP together!♡
Narváez Tzab Diego Sebastian
WEEEEEEEEEEEY me pone la piel de gallina y se siente asombroso🙈
Elle’s Closet Problems
When he yells “ROMANIA!” Omg literal chills.
gorkem capanoglu
This has to be uploaded on Spotify INCLUDING Romania's scream
Pri Stefenon.
Isso tem que ser upado no Spotify INCLUINDO o grito de Romeniaaaaa
Miriam Valladares
Miriam Valladares Před 28 dny
Me encanta este remix!! Deberían ponerlo en Spotify!!
Lyrics :
Dhave soto
Lo necesito en Spotify 😻👍 lo escuche y se me puso la piel de gallina
Jorge Corella
I guess everyone will agree that we NEED this version available in music streaming services
Rajeevan KM
Twenty one pilots singing this mashup themselves after multiple people made the same mashup five fricking years ago is the wildest thing... Just🔥🔥🔥🔥
gemias Před 9 hodinami
Amo essa música se fosse para me tirar de mundo invertido essa música iria me salvar kkkk🤭 amooo muito essa música
Aleacim Před 28 dny
La necesito en Spotify
David T
This wasn't written for Stranger Things but is still totally Vecna's song.
Louise Před 21 dnem
Love how the sound mix allows us to hear the crowd singing without shadowing the instruments or Tyler’s voice, the crowd doesn’t sound dead but it’s not taking over the vocals either and I love it
I don't even care if this was a paid collab, this version is THE BEST live collab I've heard, period. The stranger things theme lends itself perfect to this song. And the energy blasting from stage was infectious. I couldn't begin to imagine how it was in person.
Caio 🪐
Essa música TEM QUE SER tema da 5ª temporada de Stranger Things, mano
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