The Stickiest *Non-Sticky* Substance 

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Adhesives based on gecko skin can hold huge weights - without sticking to anything. Head to brilliant.org/Veritasium to start your free trial. The first 200 of you will get 20% off Brilliant’s annual premium subscription.
Thanks to Dr. Mark Cutkosky, Tony Chen, Amar Hajj-Ahmad, and the rest of the Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab at Stanford University for showing us the power of gecko adhesives.
Russell, A. P., Stark, A. Y., & Higham, T. E. (2019). The integrative biology of gecko adhesion: historical review, current understanding, and grand challenges. Integrative and comparative biology, 59(1), 101-116. - ve42.co/Russell2019
Hajj-Ahmad, A., Suresh, S. A., and Cutkosky, M. R. (June 6, 2021). "Cutting to the Point: Directly Machined Metal Molds for Directional Gecko-Inspired Adhesives." ASME. J. Micro Nano-Manuf. - ve42.co/Hajj-Ahmad2021
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Suresh, S.A., Kerst, C.F., Cutkosky, M.R., Hawkes, E.W. "Spatially variant microstructured adhesive with one-way friction." Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 2019. - ve42.co/Suresh2019
Glick, P., Suresh, S.A., Ruffatto III, D., Cutkosky, M.R., Tolley, M.T., and Parness, A. "A soft robotic gripper with gecko-inspired adhesive." Robotics and Automation Letters. 2018. - ve42.co/Glick2018
Christensen, D.L., Hawkes, E.W., Suresh, S.A., Ladenheim, K. and Cutkosky, M.R., "µTugs: Enabling Microrobots to Deliver Macro Forces with Controllable Adhesives," IEEE/ICRA 2015 (preprint). - ve42.co/Christensen2015
Hawkes, E. W., "Applying Dry Adhesives to the Real World," Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, 2015. - ve42.co/Hawkes2015
Special thanks to our Patreon supporters:
Meg Noah, Bernard McGee, James Sanger, Elliot Miller, Brian Busbee, Jerome Barakos M.D., Amadeo Bee, TTST, Balkrishna Heroor, Chris LaClair, John H. Austin Jr., Eric Sexton, John Kiehl, Anton Ragin, Diffbot, Gnare, Dave Kircher, Burt Humburg, Blake Byers, Evgeny Skvortsov, Meekay, Bill Linder, Paul Peijzel, Josh Hibschman, Mac Malkawi, Mike Schneider, John Bauer, Jim Buckmaster, Juan Benet, Sunil Nagaraj, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Stephen Wilcox, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Michael Krugman, Cy 'kkm' K'Nelson, Sam Lutfi
Written by Derek Muller & Petr Lebedev
Edited by Trenton Oliver
Animation by Ivy Tello
Filmed by Derek Muller & Albert Leung
Additional video/photos supplied by Pond5 & Getty Images
Music from Epidemic Sound
Exec. Produced by Derek Muller, Petr Lebedev, and Emily Zhang

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22. 01. 2023





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@Nighthawkinlight Před rokem
Definitely the most impressive gecko tape I've seen. Neat stuff
@dismiggo Před rokem
It's definitely the most impressive gecko tape I've seen too, which is not saying much, since this is the *only* gecko tape I've seen...
@Sigilstone17 Před rokem
Now we just need you to show us how to make it for the price of the change between the couch cushions and an expired Arby's coupon
@Hacktheplanet_ Před rokem
Yeah top 5
@wfemp_4730 Před rokem
That's the second most impressive gecko tape I've ever seen.
@WetDoggo Před rokem
I guess you're going to make some soon? make sure the wax is almost perfectly flat before cutting the grooves... which should definitely be done by a machine 🤔 if you're able to get those ridges longer, it should be able to stick to rougher surfaces, since they can comply a lot better.
@jasondoust4935 Před rokem
I had my equivalent of a Disney moment in my garden a few weeks ago when a gecko landed on the back of my hand. Having the real thing walk across my skin was remarkable. I swear that I could feel the pads of its feet moulding to the profile of my skin and this video kind of confirms that experience. (Beautiful little shimmering speckled beasty!) I let it down gently onto a tussock grass and it went on its way. Biomimetics has much to teach us.
@Hzur Před rokem
A gecko falling on my hand is my worst nightmare since I have Batrachophobia.
@Chris-ks4sw Před rokem
What is a Disney moment
@AloneSitoYTTM Před rokem
@East16 Před 11 měsíci
@@Hzur do you mean Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles) ? Batrachophobia is fear of frogs
@gaminggaming6180 Před 9 měsíci
@@East16They are incredibly afraid that the gecko is friends with a frog.
@georgebaggy Před rokem
I remember watching a seminar on this topic during my UCSB freshman chemical engineering orientation tour in 2009. Crazy to see the early research I learned about coming to fruition 14 years later.
@cjxgraphics Před rokem
I really thought those little ridges would be going the other direction, and gripping into whatever they were holding! But this is even more interesting. Looking forward to where this tech could lead in a few years/decades!
@a.lollipop Před 3 měsíci
I had a school project about biophysics and me and my group chose to talk about the geckos' adhesion, the van der waals forces are only one part of the very complex mechanism these animals use to climb! It's crazy how seemingly simple things in nature can be so complex and how we can learn from these things to build cool stuff. Great video :)
@user-ne9nx4gs9w Před 11 měsíci
I remember years ago as a young teen reading in a science magazine that someone was developing this. It's so cool to actually learn about the progress
@bdmlstanford Před rokem
Thanks so much to Derek and team for visiting our lab! This was a great video on our gecko-inspired adhesives, and the best explanation yet of Van der Waals forces.
@-dash. Před rokem
are there a limit to how much you can use each piece of gecko adhesive? do the small structures degrade overtime so its not as sticky anymore?
@Ruffzn Před rokem
Great work you're doing. Nature is so inspiring and we have so much to learn. Question: did you do tests, how your product works/doesn't work on anti-stick (Lotus inspired) materials? Keep up the good work :)
@Tobi-kp1ie Před rokem
Would it be possible to cover a pipe with the material so that it could be used instead of tire profile. I think it would create way more friction/traction than any slick tire would in good conditions. The pipe would just have to be long enough to have enough contact points… please try and tell me how it went, would be super cool
@romanchavez5408 Před rokem
@White Rabbit when we are asleep we are still conscious. Many people are ignorant on the aspect of what consciousness really is but in the reality we are always awake. It really shows that when we are awake we still don’t know anything given our ego of perception.
@polerin Před rokem
I assume it's not currently available as a commercial product, but I might have a non-robotics use for it.. is there a way to get some to experiment? This is just amazing.
@zacharyohare6029 Před rokem
Amazing. Definitely want to see some climbing- but definitely as equally interested in real commercial uses- there's definitely applications in emergency self rescue type stuff- but what about something like picking up a car or a windshield? I love the idea of conveyers/sprag type deals. This is neat stuff. even just as a tape to stick to itself in a strip- in theory it could be used to wrap things, and then be released by a brief pulsed torsional shock.
@shantsa Před 7 měsíci
I learnt something today, and thank you @ Veritasium. To say the least, your videos are truely unique with simple explaination on complex material, its a combination of academic, pragmatic and fun. so 10/10. Keep it going. (science lover)
@markhutchins3643 Před rokem
Great video! My son has 4 crested geckos and it’s amazing how they stick to and climb on the glass of their enclosure. Their feet feel funny too and it’s always made us wonder how
@MuzikMann96 Před rokem
YES! Thank you for this! I’ve been watching for someone to talk about van der waals force! I saw a study from MIT where students actually held up a dictionary with a 1cm^2 square of carbon nanotubes. Super cool tech. Didn’t realized someone had worked van der waals into a tape.
@user-gp9um2ty7p Před rokem
👆👆👆ʟᴇᴛ's ᴛᴀʟᴋ💬 ɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ📺••°
@jem5636 Před 9 měsíci
So cool to learn how this stuff is actually made! I've been hearing about the gecko tech for years and all it can do, this is truly awesome.
@Kirnotsarg Před 11 měsíci
Amazing! Back in march 2015 I happened to walk into Mark Cutkosky's lab and talked to him. I saw some students playing with a heap of plastic geckos next to a wall panel. Now I know what he was up to then.
@glorioustrump245 Před 7 měsíci
@adsenseroyal6202 Před rokem
Much support for this amazing channel. Thanks for what you reveal
@lancesoto8410 Před rokem
Bro you know your science that's for sure. You're incredibly entertaining to listen to. I love science but I'll be the first one to say I wish I had made it a bigger part of my life.
@electricpaisy6045 Před rokem
We talked about this principle in Nanotechnology class, but it's super cool to see it applied to an actual usecase here.
@NautilusGuitars Před rokem
I feel like this would be relatively easy to make with the right setup. Even a desktop cnc fitted with an incredibly high quality blade should be able to produce this surface directly on the "part". It would require a lot of custom toolpath work, but that shouldn't be too difficult. Or to make a mold, some sort of thermoplastic could be held at a temperature that keeps it soft for cutting, then cooled to have a more durable surface. Wish I had more time to work on this. It would be a fun project.
@fish3977 Před rokem
Idea that a living organism, and somewhat large at that, uses van der waal forces to move is mindblowing
@metalmachine76 Před rokem
Evolution finds a way.
@FuriosoDrummer Před rokem
Evolution may be a slow and highly stochastic process but it'll optimize the hell out of solutions to problems.
@isaack6491 Před rokem
No way it happened without intelligence
@nakedsnake_ Před rokem
@@isaack6491 wdym
@Legendendear Před rokem
@@isaack6491 Agreed. No way random processes can produce what the smartest humans alive cannot replicate.
@nalusafalaya Před rokem
This guy has the coolest content and I love all his videos, you learn so much!!!! Stuff that you prob won't learn about anywhere else, this channel is phenomenal
@wasayhasan2041 Před rokem
I have a question if at the contact point , some atoms are slightly +vely charged because of the placement of electrons at certain timeframes but why are we not considering there will be some slightly -negatively charged atoms aswell because of the same reason. It should cancel out overall attraction. kindly clear my understanding . Thanks.
@MindWorld Před 9 měsíci
Thank you so much for the video! 👍 Really enjoyed the content and footage! Enjoyed it))
@sweetrose2355 Před rokem
Your video has answered my questions. Thank you very much for sharing this method that works for all platforms.
@aaroncoolidge7850 Před rokem
Thank you for sharing this amazing new material!
@TimeBucks Před rokem
I love stuff like this
@ajsweety4077 Před rokem
Very nice
@anamparveen7336 Před rokem
@buiphong7779 Před rokem
i like it
@tehbvxxhv293 Před rokem
Very nice 👍
@gopalshil349 Před rokem
Hey veritasium I love your videos on such topics and I wanted that you should also make video about the concept of 10% rule of energy transfer in trophic levels thank you
@junebug6795 Před rokem
The applications for this in the trad climbing community could be great. In trad climbing, gear is placed in cracks and faults in the rock to catch a potential fall, but this isn't really possible currently on flatter surfaces with less cracks for gear placement. With this it could be possible to place gear on a flat surface, let it sit there while the climber climbs, and catch their fall if they do. It would completely open up a whole world of harder trad climbs that haven't been possible due to lack of gear placements for protection.
@samisaleh3195 Před 9 měsíci
Really wonderful...its so easy, practical and powerful. Thanks for sharing this info.
@andrewgraham821 Před měsícem
Have just come across this site - excellent. As an industrial minerals specialist (geochemistry background) I have worked with a lot of clay minerals. Clays minerals are extremely fine grained and have a huge surface area compared to their thickness and exhibit Van der Waal forces. It is one of the reasons they can have an irreducible water content (can wet them but not fully dry them out) because the water molecules get "locked" onto the clay surface via Van der Waal forces. Aside from intense heat there have been some interesting technologies based on applying a small electrical current / pulse to disrupt the Van der Waal forces and enable water to be driven off the surface. Be interesting to see whether you could flatten out the saw tooth pattern by using an electrical pulse and reverse the same way?
@rkrifat-hx3th Před rokem
Wow. I wish I had had a chance to get into this kind of mechanical research. So fascinating
@King_Gate Před rokem
okay just steal someone's comment
@RikerHaddon Před rokem
@5:01 "we cannot make what the geck has" loved the level of awe he has for the geckos architecture
@Blobbyo25 Před rokem
God's creative ability cannot be replicated by humans! His design will always be better
@uncroppedsoop Před rokem
@@Blobbyo25 inb4 ages like milk after enough time
@uncroppedsoop Před rokem
@@ithecastic I never actually said anything about religion itself, just that humans will eventually be able to create things on the level of nature, and you go to insult me on a whim, but I'm the simple minded one?
@JohnSmith-lc1ml Před rokem
He is to dumb
@uncroppedsoop Před rokem
@@JohnSmith-lc1ml apparently your reply was just way too far for CS-vid, it got automatically deleted lmao
@BlackDragonBE Před 11 měsíci
Incredible. This has been one of the most fascinating videos I've seen in a long time. Imagine all the things we can do with that gecko tape! I wonder when we'll be able to buy it, I'd love to do some experimenting.
@storey662 Před rokem
This is fascinating. I love this channel so much.
@frogisis Před 6 měsíci
That is so cool. I'd imagine eventually you could culture a big sheet of gecko foot skin cells in a life support medium and just separate sheet after sheet of the keratin(?) they deposit to get the real deal, or replicate the same molecular pathways using enzymes in solution inside like a collagen framework without needing real cells at all. Gecko feet make the stuff just fine, I'm sure before too long we can do whatever they're doing to get it.
@derAlphabet Před 4 měsíci
that was awe inspiring. thanks for showing
@CadeVoidlighter Před rokem
I'm blown away by how Vertiasium finds such fascinating topics all the time. I love so much learning fun things like this!
@nocturnomedieval Před rokem
I see what you did, it's Bradtastic.
@KUSHxKiNG Před rokem
He find topics you only think about when your high lmfao. Dude is great and makes everything interesting.
He's basically Vsauce, with less weirdness and more travelling. I am always excited when new video comes out.
@joshmdmd Před rokem
people contact him
@renderererer3572 Před rokem
This tech has been around for some time, perhaps not as matured as it is now. I remember a buzz during the time one of the MI movies came out where Tom Cruise uses an advanced(albeit fictional) version of this to climb the Burj Khalifa.
@softyzz69 Před 7 měsíci
Really enjoyed the explanation of the van der Waal forces cuz I use those everyday in machining
@Falcon-eh8tq Před rokem
I remember seeing this when it was just a theory on popular mechanics! This was 25 years ago.. To see it as a material that can be reproduced and WORKS thats awesome. At the time it was just thel understanding of what kept geckos on walls. Now we're putting it on robots
@ahtishamarshad9497 Před 11 měsíci
You rocks every time at every video... Thanks for person who recommend me a video of yours a few years back.... How an Infinite hotel ran out of room.... Thanks
@JonRichfield Před 7 měsíci
I love this (and geckoes and insects with such surfaces under their feet). Incidentally, as well as under their feet, at least some geckoes have such a patch under the original tail (not the regenerated tail after losing the first one, having regrown the lost tail, they simply have to carry the new tail once it has re-grown).
@scuzyprod.1611 Před 2 měsíci
one of the most mind blowing episodes i've seen on this channel
@virgilashruf718 Před rokem
I _LOVE_ that you've published this. My nine year old has started a new theme at school this month, called biomimicry... I'm going to show this video to her; she'll love it.
@lowrider9935 Před rokem
@apieceoftoast6409 Před rokem
@lowrider 99
@apieceoftoast6409 Před rokem
@6thwilbury2331 Před rokem
Humble brag that it's a nine-year-old who is interested in biomimicry.
@outrye6808 Před rokem
@@apieceoftoast6409 🤬
@vitalikklishin9435 Před 8 měsíci
this is fascinating, great work!
@fermemorta2985 Před rokem
This is why i LOVE science even though im 13 its so hard to grasp but once you get even the tiniest grasp on it, it is AWESOME.
@Joshuahuk Před rokem
Looks appropriate for handling/lifting sheet material too!
@soppingclam Před 20 dny
Super interesting. Can think of soooo many applications. - Like a full gecko suit with different zones such as elboys and knees having opposite directions for release and grab .. gloves to hold onto otherwise slippery or awkward objects. to mounting TVs and use with pulleys. Such as Picking up the most expensive grand piano from street level and proving its use by lifting it up to the top story apartment with what looks like tape, a basic pully and some rope.. or a person ;P
@migmagingenieria Před 9 měsíci
Fascinating!!! Thanks a lot for sharing!!!!
@matthysloedolff Před rokem
I remember in one of my nanotechnology courses at university around 2012 one of the physics lecturers told us about people investigating this sort of technology. Amazing to see it in action.
@uberubermensch Před rokem
Kinda shows how University can have a place, but it ends up being a fraction of our lives in many cases. Uni didn't really say we'd move on and never need them, for reasons.
@joshmdmd Před rokem
I've seen research like this for years. I think there was even a Bill Nye episode iirc. This is probably the furthest it's come since.
@RicoTalerico Před rokem
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@cobalius Před rokem
2012 i was in 7th grade, interested in geckos and found the same news. Glad, that they finally understood geckos more and made gecko tape^^
@@RicoTalerico ☮️☯️
@anshulg14 Před 10 měsíci
Amazing video again!!! Wonder if you can do a video on the information in the vector space around us. Mean - where I'm in space, a camera or a telescope captures so much more then my eyes, meaning the information is present at the point where these measuring objects are placed. Telescope doesn't go to moon and get the image. So obviously in a tiny space there's is almost infinite information
@jonathanbailie Před 10 měsíci
It is incredibly fascinating that nature somehow figures all this out and utilizes it perfectly
@VoltisArt Před 9 měsíci
All those branches in the microscope shot of the gecko pads are very similar to how nature figures things out. In the case of nature, most of the branches don't work, but a few do, resulting in evolution and natural selection. (Multiple sources say about 99% of species go extinct.) A "working" branch doesn't mean the _best_ selection, it just means the one that got to make babies and pass its DNA forward, making at least one more branch. Geckos are a very weird and very cool group of branches.
@wontonschannel Před 9 měsíci
Makes sense to me. Evolution had quite a long time patch the bugs
@dan9521 Před 9 měsíci
A few problems with the theory of evolution. 1. Gaps in the Fossil Record: The fossil record provides valuable evidence for the history of life on Earth. However, there are gaps in the fossil record where transitional forms between different species or major groups are missing. This has led to questions and debates about the completeness of the fossil record and the extent of transitional fossils. 2. Origin of Complex Structures: The origin of complex structures and organs in organisms, such as the eye or the bacterial flagellum, has been a topic of discussion. Critics argue that the step-by-step evolution of such complex structures through natural selection and gradual modifications may pose challenges. 3. Irreducible Complexity: The concept of irreducible complexity, proposed by biochemist Michael Behe, suggests that certain biological systems are so intricately designed that their components are interdependent, making it unlikely for them to have evolved in a stepwise manner. However, this argument has been challenged by evolutionary biologists who argue that complex structures can evolve through incremental changes, with intermediate stages serving different functions. 4. Origin of Life: The theory of evolution focuses on the diversity and adaptation of life forms once life has originated. The question of how life originated from non-living matter, known as abiogenesis, is a separate field of study. While there are various hypotheses and ongoing research in this area, the exact mechanisms of abiogenesis are still not fully understood. 5. Genetic and Epigenetic Factors: Advances in genetics and epigenetics have provided new insights into the complexity of gene regulation and hereditary mechanisms. Some argue that these factors challenge certain aspects of traditional evolutionary theory, raising questions about the role of non-genetic inheritance, epigenetic modifications, and the interplay between genes and the environment in evolution.
@jacobwilson8275 Před 8 měsíci
​@@dan9521not really. Want to email and discuss this further? You've got some misconceptions
@omarafifi9768 Před 8 měsíci
Yeah its nature ofcourse, surely gaslighting yourself into thinking that something this precise is somehow has been created rather than asking yourself that someone with a higher power has to be the creator is mind blowing to me.
@ks_id Před 7 měsíci
does it the same as the temporary stick i feel with a baloon ? or if you do lean your all finger on smooth surface but just pulling the palm and your feel that slight drag of stickiness ?
@Empled Před rokem
if they make a hand that has this kind of grip would it work better for a human to have the grip part be on the finger tips or on the palm? I hypothesize the palm is better grabbing stuff and keeping it in your hand. maybe having it on the feet and toes but only in certain places could make standing underwater much more energy efficient, or something.
@johnoldroyd94 Před rokem
I've finally done it. I just finished watching every single Veritasium video to date. About a year of lunch breaks well spent, I would say.
@MajorMinorGolf Před rokem
My grandfather has a PhD in zoology and biology. I'll never forget the day when he showed me a scientific journal entry with a picture of this and how fascinating they were to him. He is an ichthyologist, so it wasn't his area of expertise; however, there were always some facts he could add to a situation or story, and how he described that truly humbled me at the time and still does. I credit my grandfather for my curiosity and thank creators like you for making me extremely proud of him, highlighting fascinating things in our universe, and invigorating those who are hungry for more knowledge. Thank you.
@serenityderaeball Před rokem
I hope to be a marine biologist and have been going to the aquarium lately and seeing their feet and have been fascinated as well as your grandfather, the detail is beautiful
It's all thanks to God and His design.
@netts2315 Před rokem
@@conservativeriot5939 You just had to go there, huh?
@@netts2315 why not? God is the one that deserves credit for His design.
@mihailmilev9909 Před rokem
That's awesome. And thank you for commenting. What did he study exactly?
@CesarIsaacPerez Před rokem
Totally want to see you try it!!! I bet you already filmed the video!!! That was just a tease!!!
@daanvanderrol5627 Před rokem
Instead of walking up a building, would it be possible to make a continuous track with this material and 'drive' up a wall? Or would the tape not release at the curved end of the track?
@faaustad Před rokem
Hey there Veritasium, how can I get my hands on (read: buy) some of that tape/material and have it shipped to Europe? Is that even possible at the moment?
@ayshamunazza4486 Před 10 měsíci
The video was so informative , the se facts never even occurred in my mind before , how simple things in nature work ..................................👍👏👏 Just had a small doubt , gravity also plays a part in this equation like due to gravity the material gets the initial action . in the case where it was used in the space station i understand with the help of a motor the material gets the initial action , but why would it still work when the motor is turned of , floating around the object could go the opposite way . (Are multiple pieces used in particular directions to keep it firm ? )
@JacobWat Před rokem
Seems super promising for partial hand amputees with partial nerve damage / loss of control and fine motor function like gripping things.
@SamuraiPipotchi Před rokem
The fact that it only took six of those tiny robots to pull a car is kind of insane.
@truffle_pig Před rokem
What are you talking about? It was four pieces of gecko tape that supported the winch that pulled the car
@tigergold5990 Před rokem
@@truffle_pig did you watch the video? There were two car pulling tests…
I will add without prior knowledge!
@MajorMokoto Před rokem
It's less than 100lbs it's exerting. Using a car like this is highly deceptive. It's still very cool stuff. But the demonstration pull is not what it seems. It's like when Toyota shows them pulling a space shuttle with a tundra. It only needed like 500 foot pounds of force to get it moving
@joey8435 Před rokem
@@MajorMokoto Its not meant to be pulling weight , its real use case is in robotic arms to handle delicate items where weight is not an issue and can not use conventional robotic arms because pressure exerted by conventional arms will damage the delicate items
@thetommantom Před rokem
You can just make the floors on an angle so your shoes provid grip and finely graded streets and surfaces to always walk up hill to a tall enough building on a tall enough hill and decline down hill or choose an interactive path to go up and down wherever you choose different size buildings on different size hills so there's railings and floor set backs
@jackieviolet3375 Před rokem
I wonder how it could be used in the Medical Field!!!! This video is BRILLIANT,loved the info, I am wowed!!!!!!!
@valentin_te Před 24 dny
How did they find out that it isn't friction, but van der Waals forces? Because the effect seen in the Video and the explanations would also apply to friction that is increased with shearing forces.
@mistyminnie5922 Před rokem
Wow this is incredible! These people must be super proud of what they have managed.
@ohadish Před 10 měsíci
so if i understand right a few newton of tension can pull an entire car?? tis kinda sounds like making energy from nothing. please explain
@bryanhill1406 Před rokem
I know your rods of God episode was a total bomb, but I too was interested in that premise. So I'm glad you dabbled in it. This was a great episode, very cool gecko skin.
@Mannorsch Před rokem
This exact effect was the reason I studied materials science in my masters. It's just incredible how far we have come, that we are able to use such effects on materials that *.*
@enorazza Před rokem
And how much yet we have still to learn. Look on how far from an actual gecko we still are
@dooplon5083 Před rokem
@@Josh_728 I'd imagine so if the vinyl sheets mentioned use this force, but I have noticed some that are noticeably sticky one one side so perhaps some indeed use a thin adhesive in some fashion
@spkane86 Před rokem
@@enorazza Right? I'm so curious how much better is the gecko than the artificial version, considering we seem to be able to fill the same surface area. Is it something like 80% as good, 95% as good? What if it were like half as good as the gecko? Crazy to think of the possibilities were that the case and we just need to iterate on the processes
@seasong7655 Před rokem
Very cool, what materials are you working on now?
@enorazza Před rokem
@@spkane86 as they say in the video, what they can do is a very raw bad approx of what a gecko can. I would say they do not more than a mere 5-10% (i am being optimistic) and so, the possibilities are HUGE. We need to learn how to build something purely from a DNA.. like a cell does. Crispr is great to modify DNA, but to have a sheet of "gecko foot" made from the Gecko DNA (and then even improving it!) is pure science fiction nowadays. Having this capability will open the "God door" with unimaginable possibilities. We are so so far from that (50 years?)
@dirkgartner9179 Před rokem
@mike77780 Před rokem
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Joining king.arobertson network seems to have been the most reasonable decision to be on right now.
@devonnacasady8344 Před rokem
Amazing i also just started investing with him on IG With an initial investment of € 1,400 i made up to € 6,700 in just a few weeks of with him, his strategies are mind blowing
@hamzaadamu3289 Před rokem
also made 38 k with Mr King after some business days of trading I got my profit directly sent to my wallet. Good man ♥️
@SirOee Před rokem
That's so cool! I love how diverse evolution is!
@Guy16895 Před rokem
Hey, first, thanks for the video! Im an industrial designer student. Where can i get a sample of that tap for prototyping products?
@raymaggelet9880 Před rokem
This is just nuts good stuff and truly amazing
@mac0002 Před 9 měsíci
Greatly appreciated
Hello Derek, I have an idea for a video. In chemistry, I learned that in redox reactions, electrons transfer, but it was never quite explained how or why exactly they do it. I would love a video about this process, which I found out is explained using quantum mechanics. That way, I might finally understand how the electrochemical potential table forms and why different organisms are an-/aerobic on a deeper level. If you (not Derek) read this and also wonder how this works, I would appreciate if you could give this comment a push so that Derek sees it. Thanks, keep up the good work, and greetings from Switzerland. Alejandro
@taldickman2853 Před rokem
@sasquatchpjs7491 Před rokem
@user-cz9ol5kz1t Před rokem
@maxvanmon8322 Před rokem
@JoachimVampire Před rokem
@SadFace201 Před 11 měsíci
This reminds me of the phone book mythbusters episode where it took two tanks to pull two phone books apart that had their pages interwoven with each other. If I recall, the physics behind that is just simple friction, though I guess it would be the same forces applied here? It's not like the phone book pages were electrostatically charged, so I assume the force holding them together were also Van Der Waal.
@unwanted107 Před 10 měsíci
Amazing. We need more videos celebrating such heroes.
@smsaadhussainkmdc Před rokem
When I first read about van DER wall forces, I use to wonder what's the point of reading about it. Today, I stand corrected... So happy to see this!
@Kek5kopF Před rokem
This is extremely interesting!! Thanks a lot
@ShaileshWagh123 Před 7 měsíci
Impressive.. this encourages me to work in research field
@theuglybunny Před rokem
I hope one day this technology is adapted as plasters/medical tape. My newborn requires an NG tube for feeding and we have to tape it to his cheek, but he is allergic to adhesive and we are now in a battle over managing his poor skin degrading. It makes me happy to think how future families in similar situations could benefit from this concept.
@David14A Před rokem
I’m so sorry to hear that my friend, I can’t imagine how it is for you guys. May All the Best be with you.
@hgff69 Před rokem
This technology has lots of applications in manufacturing industry and biomedtech
@dnmurphy48 Před rokem
That is so sad. Is there no hypoallogenic adhesive that could help?
@descai10 Před rokem
I recommend looking for hypoallergenic tape if you haven't already, many people who are sensitive to adhesive find it to be a life saver.
Try Hypoallergenic band aid
@puneetmaheshwari Před rokem
Thankyou for explaining this unique tech
@thetommantom Před rokem
I think the camera angle shows that what I'm seeing is the angle shifts then you actually get like however many number of segments their length almost like taking the length but getting the area so square amount
@thantlinn9047 Před 11 měsíci
If the surface have dust or something does it work??? Can it shear force suck opposite gravity? Please for knowledge
@ursusludens7174 Před 8 měsíci
I remember I watched a documentary on this about 9 years ago, now it's widely known. I love science
@notflanders4967 Před rokem
In 2006 I wrote a paper on an article I read regarding this technology. I've been wondering about this stuff for 17 yrs!
@user-gp9um2ty7p Před rokem
👆👆👆ʟᴇᴛ's ᴛᴀʟᴋ💬 ɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ📺••°
@davidvazquez7927 Před rokem
Wow i remember when i was younger, my family didn't have cable so i was stuck watching local TV. One of my favorite shows was on PBS kids called Wild Kratts. These 2 guys taught you all about animals but one of my favorites was the Gecko. The guys in this show had Gecko-inspired suits which i always wanted to be real. This is really making my childhood dreams come true
@Veritasium001 Před rokem
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@rickythe2nd63 Před rokem
You were blessed to be [stuck] watching elevated, culturally empowering, educational, quality public television. 😊
@tamtran-lx6zr Před rokem
@tritamtran7264 Před rokem
@lycu3093 Před rokem
@atanasivanov5107 Před 5 měsíci
What if you use it for tires will they be more grippy and safe or will the just not be able to move
@DeusExNihilo Před rokem
I'd love some work gloves with this. As a machinist, holding on to metal parts with normal rubber gloves is incredibly tricky if there's any oil on the part or the gloves. I imagine making this stuff is still incredibly expensive though
@vtushar6597 Před rokem
Well that wouldnt work prolly if it had oil on the surface cuz it relies on vander walls force i.e. attraction between the atom of the gecko to the atoms at the surface of the hammer. So oil will basically be sliding and it might as well get stuck in between the ridges destroying the gecko tape
@vishwadewan8546 Před 9 měsíci
If it gets dirty then its holes will gets filled and it won't work? How to clean it if its holes got filled with something like clay?
@sharifsharifzadeh Před 9 měsíci
Amazing! Have you tried it on your skin? I'm curious.
@theZ3r0CooL Před rokem
They need to make the peeks ring shaped then put a small lever in the middle in the back like conventional suction cups use and just have it life slightly so the suction forces all the peaks flat then it could use the same lever to push a bubble into the middle causing a chain reaction to release. Or use a small new attic bit of suction and pressure in place of the center lever.
@h8utubesomuch Před rokem
This is one of the most impressive and incredible things that I’ve seen in a long time.
@mrblank5190 Před rokem
hehe nice
@j.o.kearns9255 Před 9 měsíci
Imagine if we used this concept, then applied it to every day walking shoes/ slip resistant boots or foot wear in general. Cool concept
@tharxis3803 Před rokem
I've seen that kinda phenomenon with a certain type of plant that grows in the wild. It's probably got the same structure as the artificial gecko skin. When you brush your finger against its blade, it's going to stick and sting like it's got little sharp edges all along its area, but if you brush along, you don't feel anything. I think it's pretty similar.
@maevesmith948 Před rokem
Those are cool in their own right! They actually use microscopic barb like structures that grow in one direction, so that when you slide your hand or fingers along it in the same direction they grow, it feels slick and smooth with no resistance, but in the opposite direction every one of those barbs is digging in and causing that pain. No Van Der Waals forces to speak of, but it's a really interesting mechanism all the same!
@user-gp9um2ty7p Před rokem
👆👆👆ʟᴇᴛ's ᴛᴀʟᴋ💬 ɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs ғᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ📺••°
@BrandonLongwell Před 7 měsíci
Would a shoe bottom with this make doing the moonwalk easier? Would it be like flubber for sprints or long jumps? The single direction friction seems like it could make an interesting advantage in sport footwear.
@darwinlim4837 Před rokem
Does this resemble surface tension? Since liquid tries to fill those gap creating full contact to the object. Also liquid doesn't have strong physical formation like solid that's why it doesn't hold that much.
@itaylori Před rokem
I wonder if they could use the Nano 3D printer to make smaller legs on the gecko skin. Supposedly, the printer can create parts around 500 nanometers, though the materials the Karlsruhe Institute are currently printing in may not be viable, it could be worthwhile having both labs work together on the project. Could be a significant improvement on the wax mold method and could be more reliable to 3D print than to use a razor. [edit] If they 3D print the mold, not 3D print with liquid silicone.
@jimmyflores9235 Před rokem
Finally! News about the lab!
@DarkAngelEU Před rokem
I remember people telling me gecko tape would NEVER be possible, even the guy inventing this tape says so, but he still persisted and they developed something that comes pretty close to it. This is amazing! Another dream come true
@fvictor77 Před rokem
Who… who said that to you.
@DarkAngelEU Před rokem
@@fvictor77 My high school biology teacher. She pointed out, like the guy in the video, that their suction ability cannot be recreated in a lab. Only something that mimics it.
@fvictor77 Před rokem
Well that’s a kinda dumb thing to say especially as a science teacher they were also saying we would never go to the moon, fly, or breathe underwater. I guess that’s why he was a high school teacher and not a professor
@DarkAngelEU Před rokem
@@fvictor77 My teacher was a woman and she has a PhD in Biology and Physics. She's definitely smarter than you because, if you read this correctly, you'd understand her point is exactly the same as the professor in the video, and you also would have noticed I referred to her as a woman, not a man. What a way to make a fool of yourself for everyone who can read this.
@fvictor77 Před rokem
@@DarkAngelEU oh she’s a woman. My bad not tryna trigger y’all. But why was she a high school teacher… spend all that on a PHD that obviously means she’s not that great. not claiming to be smarter just that a real scientist would ever call something like that impossible. We’re just not there yet. Did you have a crush on her?
@Tekusake Před 3 měsíci
This is freaking amazing.
@bampdevette Před 3 měsíci
I watched this video for a school exam assignment. I found it very interesting to see what the researchers have achieved after studying geckos and how this can be turned into a kind of tape that can carry a lot of things or even a robot that can pull a car.
@thetommantom Před rokem
Every point on a graph translates and the length of those point in the third dimension add to more than a single length in the single dimension
@psinjo Před rokem
if it's able to climb a wall... how much more contact would be needed to stick to the ceiling? that little 3 pronged gripper was able to hold on even inverted, and with no power.
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