The perfect dotted line challenge

Woody & Kleiny
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9. 11. 2022





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@YouTube Před 21 dnem
how is drawing a dotted line this interesting 😭
@bakedwithrealchez Před 21 dnem
"Why are the neighbors yelling this time?"
@souperpie4253 Před 21 dnem
them clapping for the dude who only drew 2 lines is so good lmaooo
@prachimishra7349 Před 21 dnem
The effort of cleaning and drying the board everytime 💀
@thelifeofmaryd.2494 Před 21 dnem
I love how encouraging they are to one another, even if they didn't do so great. Like theatre folks🤣
@preciousugba337 Před 21 dnem
it's always this guy! has a perfectly dotted circle and now a perfectly straight line❣️❣️
@sammoh6746 Před 28 dny
The guy who's cleaning the board again and again 🥺
@amadeux5471 Před 21 dnem
I cant believe I screamed along with them when someone made perfect dotted line 💀
@user-bp3nr5hc4i Před 14 dny
@theepiccat4941 Před 28 dny
HUGE respect for the guy who cleans the board every time
@paolarusiles3251 Před 21 dnem
This is the “boys will be boys” I live for!
@user-ds5hi4mz3t Před 14 dny
@bananamilke2188 Před 21 dnem
Not me thinking the glasses guy was gonna slay it 💀💀💀💀💀
@caylahtaikoi Před 21 dnem
“Babe I’m just hanging with the boys. We’re drawing lines. Sam’s dad is winning right now.” 😂
@coolestfir6577 Před 21 dnem
“Mom the neighbors are doing lines again-“
@hunterguy0970 Před 21 dnem
The neighbors watching through the fence: 👁️👄👁️
@alexmartenson6386 Před 21 dnem
A-10 Warthog has entered the chat.
@xchrissyx2913 Před 2 dny
The fact that it's always this boy that is making a perfect circle of line
@toastytoast2653 Před 21 dnem
"He's probably out cheating on me."
@robertdiaz1418 Před 21 dnem
Lmao idk how this drawing a dotted line was so entertaining but I loved it “followed” 👍
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