The Mushroom!! 🍄 The last strawberries of the season. 🍓

Amaury Guichon
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2. 10. 2022





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Komentáře 3 085
I love how he makes things realistic but also looks really nice to eat
Rae Elliott
I was supposed to be asleep 3 hours ago, but now I'm stuck wishing I had these skills
I've never seen that much exquisite defined talent on baked goods before
Alishba Khan
This sound track officially belongs to this channel now!
Raisa Kononiuk
Ну прямо фонтазер,Какя красивая ювелирная работа Это талант.👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰🔥🌹❤️👏
Lucy Price
You really kept me engrossed and unknowing right up until the end! This is amazing!
uNkNoWn GuRLy GiRl
I can’t get enough of watching him. He is so amazingly talented 😍😍😍 so much work out in everything he makes😍🍫🍰🧁
YaMare Oka Bey
Everyone else: Wow attention to detail is amazing!!
Jan Hebisen
I have not seen one single repeat of his creations…it’s always something new!!
I love the desserts and art, but I honestly love even more how happy he looks with his creations at the end 😭❤️
Neil Tilstone
You're just so good, I'm in awe of your artistic talent!
Полина Переходенко
Невероятно! Просто здорово! Слова закончились, эмоций куча осталась.....
Chris Houck
I hope you never get tired of making this stuff because I will never get tired of watching them be created. What you have is an amazing gift my guy.
Gunners FC
Ladies and gentlemen, this is called the king of art 👏!
Kpop will not kill you
The fact that he has and Netflix show teaching ppls how to bake is impressive
예술도 예술이지만 너무 맛있어보여 ㅜㅜ
I love the way he does his little nod every time he tries it. So cute ❤
Noreen Delsanno
Utterly magnificent your talent has no words I can't conjure up one single word that could be fit this peace 🇺🇸☮️
He really outdoes himself every single time. It’s not just how beautiful it looks on the outside but how much effort he puts into making it just as beautiful when you cut it open. He’s beyond incredible. And I’m sure what he makes tastes even better than it looks! Amazing.
Emily N
Not only your designs are so pretty, you also take care of the taste!
Chocolate Trident!
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Chocolate Ferris Wheel!
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