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John Oliver discusses one of the largest franchises in the U.S., how their business model doesn’t always serve franchisees, and what it all has to do with Korean dramas.

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21. 05. 2022





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acmeopinion factory
As long as John Oliver has a contract, HBO's lawyers will have jobs.
Victor V
Victor V Před 21 dnem
John Oliver put more effort into finding actors that can speak the language than anyone else in Hollywood ever did.
when I was at subway, the server asked "is that good", I said "yes that's perfect", and he said "that's what you get when you work at subway for 5 years: perfect sandwiches and depression".
danakscully64 Před 21 dnem
Anyone who has worked in food service for more than a day knows that "You're family" translates to we're an abusive family that will gaslight you and abuse you.
Brian Spurrier
I think my favorite recurring joke in this show is “our lawyers say I can’t say
kirbwarrior K
"You enter into a family" and other similar statements are always chilling, even beyond any mob family implications.
midoriya shounen
Major props to the actors in that parody drama. They put way more emotion into those lines than anyone could have expected of them.
Daniel D. S.
Daniel D. S. Před 14 dny
They forgot to tell that in Canada, the public broadcaster produced a show where they basically demonstrated that the chicken was not chicken, but instead it was a mix of flour and chicken.
I was an accountant for a landlord who had tons of Subway tenants. They were always struggling and I was always giving them rent relief because they couldn’t make the rent. They would complain about Subway corporate to me all the time.
Planet Wally
Planet Wally Před 14 dny
the korean drama at end soooo good! although i gotta say this whole piece made me want a subway sandwich...
Midnightkitty Před 21 dnem
I'm sad to learn that these franchise business owners are being treated so poorly.
Nemo Jose
Nemo Jose Před 19 hodinami
The subway themed Korean drama at the end was actually strangely good like wtf why was I so invested in such a short amount of time? It had no business being that good
Jorrit _
I'd love them to do an episode on Nestle, but that'd get a whole season's worth of content probably
Ian Wellinghurst
Ian Wellinghurst Před 21 dnem
Jared was doing a promotion for a local Subway some years back and my friends mom, who was working radio PR for the event, and invited me. After the event officially ended Jared and his agent were talking to us privately. My friends mom, after a bit, got him to admit they he didn't lose wait from only eat Subway, but from a healthy diet, going to the gym, and taking care of himself. The whole "I only ate Subway," bit has always been bs. John Oliver's coverage of Subway only confirms in my mind how scuzzy Subway is and always has been.
Benjamin Filbert
Benjamin Filbert Před 28 dny
Ya know, I get why she went with steak and cheese instead of veggie sandwich.
Duarte Da Silva
Duarte Da Silva Před 21 dnem
How did the researchers of this show miss the “is the chicken, chicken?” report conducted by the CBC?
Lynette Roggenbuck
The fun part of this is Subway crying about this episode afterwards. I love giant corporations acting like theyre the victim we'll all feel bad for
onigiri_girl Před 14 dny
I worked for a franchise owner for 10yrs when I was younger. My friends and family would tell me "you should open your own subway" No way. I see the crap my owner had to put up with. I remember they were worried about a subway going in a hospital across the street from our location. They were struggling to bid for that location so they wouldn't loose profits. They opened another new location for the same reason and it was in the negative for over a year. Thank god they had their first store to cover for the losses of the second. Subway Head office is deplorable.
I imagine HBOs lawyers love Last Week Tonight. Jon provides them a constant stream of job security.
Chris R
John Oliver is one of the few people that can routinely make me snort laugh. The writers for this show are brilliant 👌