Star Wars Jedi: Survivor - Official Reveal Trailer

EA Star Wars
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7. 12. 2022





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Wougany’ Před měsícem
He really grew up, graphics look clean, the combat still looks awesome, and I can’t wait for the story!
Niall Před 7 dny
@Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area I love those games too but I can’t agree that the lightsaber combat is better in them. Being able to switch styles and use other weapons was great though
Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area
@Niall The Jedi Knight games were amazing. Their combat is FAR superior. What is with everyones obsession in playing a weak character that struggles to do the most basic tasks?
Niall Před 7 dny
@Bad Drivers Of The NorCal Area would you prefer it to just one shot everything? Play the Jedi knight games and tell me this combat is worse. More true to the films maybe but definitely not as enjoyable
The Spectacular Web-Warrior
A whole new Story and Legend Begins, for hope to survive
That Random Channel
That Random Channel Před 10 dny
Same Bro
Jaing Skirata
Jaing Skirata Před měsícem
You know I love that they stayed true to the first game, which in itself was an amazing experience, hopefully this will live up to the hype!
Swiper LeFox
Swiper LeFox Před 8 dny
@Rev Anims I just hope that we have more finisher animations than the last game, cause the last game got pretty stale after you’ve seen the same 2 or 3 finishers get done on the same enemies. Plus I hope there’s a variety of outfits, not just re-colors of the same outfits either. Actually let us get Jedi Robes and armor this time. I would love that. I would’ve loved to have Jaro Topal’s armor in the first game. His looked really bad ass and reminded me of Obi-Wan’s clone wars armor.
Rev Anims
Rev Anims Před 10 dny
I do hope more different gears and outfits like they did with Force Unleashed. We seriously need it instead of just darn ponchos.
HylianRo Před 12 dny
@StarLord94 I'm glad someone has an actual issue with the game instead of "waaah bad graphics wahh clunky combat waaah cutscenes waaah no insta kill"
King Earth
King Earth Před 19 dny
@Gushy still awesome
First Last
First Last Před 20 dny
@StarLord94 ok 1 thing lol
YouTube Před měsícem
"i hear you've been busy making yourself the empire's most wanted" is such an incredible line and therefore i cannot wait to play this!!!
WhoAteMahDonut Před 10 hodinami
bring dislikes back
Surmabrander Před 3 dny
kir by gaming
kir by gaming Před 3 dny
do you like this game
Bideney Productions Studios
No love for CS-vid 😔
Gaming Gator
Gaming Gator Před 5 dny
Bring dislikes back
iamWulferin Před měsícem
I admire Cal’s glow up from the time of Fallen Order. Aged appropriately to show the time that has passed and the experience he has gained as a Jedi.
Muhd Zaidani
Muhd Zaidani Před dnem
@Drew_Edts Skill issue
Steel Steez 🎃
Steel Steez 🎃 Před 5 dny
@Daniel Portillo lolololool
Funswae Noir
Funswae Noir Před 8 dny
@Drew_Edts i agree tht puzzles can get rlyy annoying
Drew_Edts Před 12 dny
@HylianRo not every single player game should involve puzzles
HylianRo Před 12 dny
@Drew_Edts you shouldn't play single player story focused video games if youre bad at puzzles lol
The Ders
The Ders Před měsícem
Why can't more studios take note of how much people love this game. It feels like the obi wan game i grew up playing and loving. No extra multiplayer garbage. Just a fantastic story and game
scylk Před 4 dny
I loved the game, but "fantastic story" ehmmm.... Storytelling, dialogues and character writing were definitely the weak points of Fallen Order in my opinion. Not terrible but definitely not good. Hope they improved for this one
scylk Před 4 dny
@nih sa lmao typical example of elitist nerd gatekeeping hard. Play on hardest difficulty and it's definitely a Souls like. Lack of cutscenes and platforming aren't the key features of Souls games idiot
Young Philosopher
Young Philosopher Před 5 dny
Multiplayer is better and adds replay value to games. More fun to play real people vs predictable computer
Young Philosopher
Young Philosopher Před 5 dny
@nih saforce unleashed better
Agac Před 7 dny
@nih sa bro u fought vader it just took u 1 swing to lose lmao.
Indigo Před měsícem
I love how they used more videos from gameplay than the cinematic. Really shows the devs hard work into the game and putting it in the spotlight. Edit: We hit it lads, 10k likes.... 🥲
Ryuk Před 19 dny
@Kakashi 69 that argument makes no sense. You have duel wield (crowd control) and single blade (single focus). That’s the crux of the DS weapon system. By your same logic, would a lightsaber in the shape of an axe suddenly make it a souls like? No of course not. But I may as well be speaking another language to you, because you clearly don’t have the slightest clue what defines a souls like game. Your comment is laughable. Thanks for playing though. Google is your friend
Ryuk Před 19 dny
@StarLord94 that was the first sensical reply I received, so thank you 😂 knowing EA I still think it’s a more of a ripoff than an inspired idea. They have little creativity. but thank you for not making stuff up like so many before you.
StarLord94 Před 23 dny
@Ryuk games have always inspired other games. That’s natural. Not really a rip off.
StarLord94 Před 23 dny
@nTactime_ W no shit they’ll experience challenge. It’s a game. Lol
Kakashi 69
Kakashi 69 Před 24 dny
@Ryuk look at elden ring look at wo long dynasty they’re both souls like games that really don’t story cutscenes or really cutscenes at all unless for certain bosses not to mention the vast majority of weapons you can squire with both games but with fallen order you only have a lightsaber with that logic dishonored would also be a souls like since she/he for both characters only using a knife for the first game and getting a cross bow in the second
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Před měsícem
Looks pretty solid! Really hope we have all the abilities and that from the first game in this one right from the get go but if not it’s still cool! Looking forward to it
aroncart34 Před 27 dny
Looks sick! Can't wait for it to come out!
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge Před měsícem
This game looks incredible the first game was great 🔥🔥
Smacky Před měsícem
Can't wait to see Cal in the main storyline! 😍
Griggs133 Před měsícem
I like how they focused on showing gameplay instead of exposing too much like who the guy in the tank missing an arm is or how they don't show the Sith guy on Coruscant. Makes you excited to play the game without giving away the surprise of experiencing the story for yourself.
Ronin VII
Ronin VII Před 6 dny
@DesertGrownDank I'm doing the same thing lol backlog coming in handy
Brandon Pace
Brandon Pace Před 9 dny
@Andre bro wtf lol ik cal looked familiar
DesertGrownDank Před 9 dny
It looks solid, I'm just now playing through the first game and I'm surprised how good it is considering it's from 2019, the gameplay, customization, and story are just so satisfying without being to easy or to hard
Stupid Penguin Sounds
Would make a change, to play it without it being spoiled... 😅
Chethan Udayashankar
Chethan Udayashankar Před měsícem
He's obviously the Winter Soldier.
Mr impressions
Mr impressions Před měsícem
From what’s it this trailer I can tell the lightsaber customisation is going to be even better than Fallen order, with the cosmetic packs including lightsabers from the movies like Obi-Wan’s lightsaber and Luke’s I can’t wait to see who else’s lightsabers are going to be in the game. I’d love to see the darksaber, Kylo Ren’s, the inquisitor’s, Maul’s and Vader’s lightsabers added to the game
Liam Hamm
Liam Hamm Před měsícem
i cant wait. hes clearly grown physically and in skill which just brings me back to return of the jedi when luke was more masterful of his connection to the force and truly became a jedi. and im not gonna lie i screamed a little when i saw the cross guard. hopefully we can choose where the energy vents kinda like in swtor with peacekeeps lightsabers venting out the bottom or the saber staff having it vent in the middle
This looks so awesome! Love seeing separatist battle droids and assisted combat with other characters. My only question... where's Merrin???
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Trevor B
Trevor B Před měsícem
Yes!!! It's been so long for a 2nd one!!! I will definitely get this!!!
Edward Ness
Edward Ness Před měsícem
the identical likeness of Cal to his voice actor says a lot about mocap and gaming advancements, but, also says, he may indeed be brought into the live action, the transition is basically flawless...
vbkng Před měsícem
@Lance the Decayed Guardian get your eyes checked champ
Lance the Decayed Guardian
@vbkng If you look at any of Cameron's recent video it's pretty similar, only difference is that Cal has a slightly sharper jawline
vbkng Před měsícem
@No Name you need to get your eyes checked
No Name
No Name Před měsícem
@vbkng no they didn’t. Have you seen him? Dude is bulky and bearded. He looks just like his character.
The Saint Laurent Don
The Saint Laurent Don Před měsícem
it also says a lot about how we live in a society
Vahan Alvandyan
Vahan Alvandyan Před měsícem
OMG!!! I've never seen a game that looks so awesome. Very very well done!!!
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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Drippy Před měsícem
Really hope they got in some more combat, sometimes the exploration felt overwelming in parts. Great game none the less
Bearded Priest
Bearded Priest Před měsícem
Already preordered my Deluxe edition copy. So excited for this game.
Gregohan hero
Gregohan hero Před měsícem
So looking forward to play it and I hope he makes a appears in live action star wars anything series or movie
Massive Forehead Productions
What I love the most is that respawn have listened to the fans, there's more customization options, more force abilities, bigger worlds, more ways to traverse, it looks like you can fly the mantis now and the split lightsaber isn't just a move you can do. This looks amazing, can't wait
The Man Who Would Be Brick
The Man Who Would Be Brick Před 34 vteřinami
@David D it’s bs eh
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey Před 5 minutami
All I hope is that the chests aren’t just cosmetics.
Wolf Před 20 dny
@Mr. Sin for real.
Wolf Před 20 dny
@Massive Forehead Productions whag about Cal's outfits and stuff?
The Man Who Would Be Brick
@The Film Watcher lots of people still use ps4s though, seeing as a ps5 is double or even triple the price of what ps4s were. How hard would it be to just port it to ps4 so as not to alienate millions of players?
william martins
william martins Před měsícem
Por favor EA, não estrague esse jogo, Fallen Order foi um dos meus jogos favoritos de 2019
GizmoGamingTTV Před měsícem
Cameron Monaghan needs to play Cal in a live action Role 100%. this game looks like its built on the success of the last installment and may even have improved drastically on gameplay and mechanics. really looking forward to this 1.
ɪɴʙᴏx ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ 👉@Jqguitars_1
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Hippsla Před měsícem
This Looks so dope. Goosebumps
Ayden Payne
Ayden Payne Před měsícem
I hope we do see the relationship between him and merrin explored. The first game felt weird between them she meets him and then five minutes later is specifically asking about the female he's traveling with(I could be looking to far into that but still) and then we see them warp to another planet and we have to assume they didn't rest because they're trying to get the Holocron so maybe there's one night rest between she meets them and they grab the Holocron from the temple. She saves him from drowning and then when he wakes up she gives him a hug like a schoolgirl? Just seemed a little rushed her openness to him and her touchiness with him. All other iterations we've seen of night sister have been cold and callous to everyone but she's super quick to care about cal a lot.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
Love the fact that despite being 5 years later and more skilled, he still gets beaten up from time to time. Proves that he's still human and vulnerable, love that about his character, and Cameron pulls it of flawlessly
Hayden Nash
Hayden Nash Před dnem
@Stoned Deer theres literally bonfires and a skill system where if u die u have to back to the enemy that killed you to get your exp back. Theres dodging and parrying melee combat. Its a souls like, not as hard but is still
Aaron Nantz
Aaron Nantz Před 4 dny
Every character gets a beaten but thats how they get stronger losing can make you stronger sometimes.
Teknical Mage
Teknical Mage Před měsícem
@Stoned Deer Touch grass
comment consumer
comment consumer Před měsícem
@Oceanman44 I could not believe it so i had to see it my own eyes. I made this comment before but witcher 1 is released at 2007 and first souls game is at 2009. So why not witcher-like. What a small but ridiculous analogy. After all, the fact that steam is a big gaming platform does not mean that everything it contains is correct.
Oceanman44 Před měsícem
@Stoned Deersouls like tag on steam lil bro
Bardy Copeland
Bardy Copeland Před měsícem
I’m so freaking excited for this
TheScruffinator Před měsícem
I'm intrigued by this gunslinger working with Cal. He's voiced by Charles from Red Dead 2 and he seems badass. (Also think Cal called him Bode).
Zac Morrison
Zac Morrison Před měsícem
Been waiting for the next, let's go, hopefully it's really story driven as well.
Dm On T.e.l.e.gram@Official_PenguinzO
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Xudi Před měsícem
Very nice! What the first game lacks are some really bad ass secret super bosses. Hope they put them in survivor!
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey Před 5 minutami
@Xudi Think a little smaller, maybe Cad Bane or Barris Offee.
Xudi Před 29 dny
@MovieLover Sure there are optional bosses, but not even that hard if you compare it with trilla, I want some sparring against obi wan, darth vader and so on, heck- even windu, luke or yoda!
MovieLover Před měsícem
Um.... what? there are loads of secret bosses in the first game: Ogdo Bogdo Nydak Alpha Albino Wyyyshlock Bing Droid Hunter Huntsman... All of the Bounty Hunters
Dakota Lane
Dakota Lane Před měsícem
1. Cal's age change perfectly reflects his actor's. 2. Not only mounts but mounted combat? Yes please. 3. Crossguard lightsaber looks like a separate weapon/weapon style and I am all for it.
Nicolas B
Nicolas B Před 4 dny
@Bad Ape lol agreed, shit should be super fast. definitely a fan of the slower, more "greatsword" style of swinging, to counter the fast, "dual shortsword" type combat of the dual blades, but a "real" lightsabre, would be used much more like a laser pointer, or "beatsaber"
Bad Ape
Bad Ape Před 4 dny
@Nicolas B you have a point, although I do not understand how plasma based energy blades would have any mass behind them at all
Nicolas B
Nicolas B Před 4 dny
@Bad Ape claymore, not longsword. much too heavy looking swings for longsword.
Derakos Zrux
Derakos Zrux Před 11 dny
@Bad Ape This has always been one of my sticking points. Regardless of hilt, the standard sabre of space-wizard-knights should be a longer mostly two-handed design. That would allow the sabres we're all familiar with to be used more like how Dooku uses it. Keeping it in front of you to take full advantage of it's reach. And while I ultimately wanted separate move sets it would have been cool if they stuck with the adaptive design concept and make it so you could choose between two shorter sides, double-sided or dual-wielding, or having the longer single-sided blade length. But I'll just have to be grateful for what we get!
HylianRo Před 12 dny
@Commander Shepard then just play Kotor lmao
The Silver Blader
The Silver Blader Před měsícem
I can’t wait for this one!!! It’s gonna be epic!
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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Silver Fox
Silver Fox Před měsícem
I really loved so many aspects of the first one! the only thing that is off is the excessive and utterly unrealistic platforming. It breaks immersion for me and just makes me think... wtf! this is not needed and makes no sense, just walk, through paths, the game is awesome as it is, it doesnt need running on walls and crazy jumps.
レイン【STARWARS】 Před měsícem
カルの攻撃手段とか動きが増えててめっちゃ面白そう!! ストーリーもまじで気になる〜!
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Silent _Sniper
Silent _Sniper Před měsícem
I am so hyped i get pre order this Game now❤️❤️❤️ So much Love for the first Game
egg with 5000 subs
egg with 5000 subs Před měsícem
Cal Kestis has quickly become one of my favorite characters. I cannot wait for this game. He has grown up a lot since his story in Fallen Order and you can tell he has definitely been going through it.
Joey L
Joey L Před měsícem
@NoBody Damn guess we can’t like things
No Name
No Name Před měsícem
@only a comentary nothing special I agree. His interpretation of the Joker and performance of Ian Gallagher just is *chefs kiss* He has something about him, and it’s not just talent.
DarthWgamer Před měsícem
@Xeno Yeah
Precious Otoakhia
Precious Otoakhia Před měsícem
Best Jedi ever his master would be proud
only a comentary nothing special
Same but thats easy when Cameron Monhogan portrays him that dude just has something
Thorninjag Před měsícem
i know it was just announced a few months ago, but it needs a trilogy.
Luukeksi FrozenHillbillyEurotrash
Awesome! I loved the first one
Justin McDermott
Justin McDermott Před měsícem
I'm so excited to play this I love Jedi fallen order.
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell Před měsícem
Ah no way, I hope it has more of those sliding ice sections, they made the game really fun and immersive... Also, is he going to have a Lightsaber this time or does he still have a wifflebat?
johan tölli
johan tölli Před měsícem
I love that there are B1 battle droids, should feel real nice to encounter with this combat system and give an awesome Clone Wars vibe.
Darth Cerebus
Darth Cerebus Před měsícem
​@Loyal Companion There are B1's in this, yes. And IG MagnaGuards, B2 Supers, Commandos, and even Purge Troopers. Basically every droid any Force user has had to face is in this except for droidekas, and they still may appear.
Danny Eisenga
Danny Eisenga Před měsícem
@Loyal Companion What's the one at 0:38 if not a B1?
Nexemis Roguelikes
Nexemis Roguelikes Před měsícem
@Really Dope Gaming The first one is a Magna Guard
Loyal Companion
Loyal Companion Před měsícem
@Jon yes still cant see any
Really Dope Gaming
Really Dope Gaming Před měsícem
@Jon they are trolling you lol, how would they have known to say theres no magnaguards as well unless they had seem them in the trailer
Haryo Wicaksono
Haryo Wicaksono Před měsícem
I like how his fighting style is very different from the conventional jedi fighting styles since he pretty much taught himself how to survive since he was a really young padawan
Rjgamersxbr Před 5 dny
@Spoot I think it was called Trakata, i could be wrong
HylianRo Před 12 dny
@Spoot the static binds or "blade locks" are really stupid in star wars so that part was very satisfying to see
Caleb Stevens
Caleb Stevens Před 13 dny
@Spoot spot on but I love it, it shows the Jedi after the fall we’re willing to do whatever to defeat the empire. That their texts, codes and morals really did fly out the window when all hell broke lose and young padawans like cal had to survive. It’s details like this we were missing in the live action kenobi series
Spoot Před 15 dny
his fighting style is really interesting. i just finished fallen order and i noticed during the fight with trilla at the vault on dagoba he disarms her by deactivating his lightsaber to get out of a blade lock. if i remember correctly it was a very dishonorable move but it was cool to see
Bolivar Cruz
Bolivar Cruz Před měsícem
You could say he's a practitioner of Niman The diplomatic form The way of the Rancor Virtually use everything around you as your weapon
Paul Watchorn
Paul Watchorn Před měsícem
Apprehensive about this... I was really hoping they would open it up, make it more open world with more freedom to choose quests etc but this looks like more of the same just on a slightly larger scale. Given the way the first ended it was set up perfectly for Cal and Merrin to go and find their own adventures. Just as in the first game we already know they don't stop the empire or really even make a mark against them so it would have been nice to give players a chance to explore the galaxy as a former jedi perhaps with Merrin as a dual protagonist and go and find new and different star wars stories far away from storm troopers and the all too familiar rebel tropes. Imagine Witcher 3 with Jedis and that was what I was rooting for. In any case the first was a blast and I'm sure this one will be too but it feels like a missed opportunity to me.
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Matthew Recchia
Matthew Recchia Před měsícem
Wow just like with GOW ragnarok they took the few criticisms and changed them! Dual blade move set plus the cross guard to add on top of the single and double blade will be awesome and it looks like we’re getting a companion for some parts!
Croitoru Dumitru Daniel
Croitoru Dumitru Daniel Před měsícem
First one was amazing. this will be epic.
Wafflelappen Před měsícem
The lightsaber customization is going to be insane.
the mani(a)cs
the mani(a)cs Před měsícem
😂🤣🤣 amo cs-vid.net/video/video-RfVley1iuTc.html
1983Dave1983 Před měsícem
@v8matey probably not. Apparently for video games they get a mature rating & sell less copies if you can dismember limbs.
The man that does not know anything
@Jonathan Young true
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young Před měsícem
@The man that does not know anything well its ea so its not impossible, the first was a new ip so maybe the devs got a pass on mtx to see if we like the game, now the ip has a following it could appear.
Proper Před měsícem
@eqw alle I know what the first game was like
XCV Před měsícem
I can’t wait till there’s a movie on par with these games. With Jedi and GOOD lightsaber fights. Haven’t seen a good lightsaber fight since I was a kid during the prequels.
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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Eli Před měsícem
From how he does the run block move with both lightsabers, that would require him to have both lightsabers separate during the beginning of the run meaning WE FINALLY GET A DUAL WIELD MODE! FOR THE ZAN CLAN!
Glorious Porpoise
Glorious Porpoise Před měsícem
Does this mean we may get the mythic SIX point saber combo?
channel sold
channel sold Před měsícem
Sorry super late but EA Beyond stunning graphics 🎮 🔥
AidenBlaze07 Před měsícem
This trailer surpassed my expectations by a mile
Dm On T.e.l.e.gram@Official_PenguinzO
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Kevin Před měsícem
He’s definitely aged at least five years everything looks amazing! I hope they include more to do when you beat the story, and an incredibly longer story! And no more confusing maps to traverse!
pov your mad
pov your mad Před měsícem
@Darin yea I thought the same till I went to zeffo for the first time
Darin Před měsícem
I don't think the map was confusing at all. It provided all the info i needed.
Caprise - Music
Caprise - Music Před měsícem
@Splash'n'Skillz #37 word. It was an adventure every time
Lord Undependable
Lord Undependable Před měsícem
@Jack Smith they’re not confusing to the point where you can’t get out, but using the map feature is definitely a good idea
pov your mad
pov your mad Před měsícem
yea I just hope there is no zeffo
ThatScrubWolf Před měsícem
FUCK YES!!! Been waiting for a sequel since I beat the first game. Respawn Entertainment have been one of my favorite devs ever since the senior devs worked for Infinity Ward/Activision then left to work for EA and making Titanfall. Apex was a disappointment since I don't care for the BR genre but both Titanfalls, and Fallen Order are some of my favorite games. I never expected Respawn to try the souls formula for a game but I was happy when they did and I am hyped for this. Respawn Entertainment is by far the best team EA has imo. It's a shame EA has a history of screwing them over though.
hakanaks Před měsícem
Would be nice if he would struggle a little bit with the dark side, so he would have some dark force powers too
Dipflop Před měsícem
Omg can't we have directional swinging back like the good old days of jedi knight jedi academy? Those games were truly the jedi sith experience not dark souls.
Tyler Fordyce
Tyler Fordyce Před měsícem
Never been more hype for a video game in my life
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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alyssa smith
alyssa smith Před měsícem
The game looks insane, wow! Sad the Mantis crew have gone their separate ways but the story looks so interesting and it already raises so many question
† oмnι †
† oмnι † Před měsícem
Man these bots are getting more and more tempting.
Leon Před měsícem
@Kodoku Tenshi These bots often just copy comments with a high amount of likes so they have a good chance at being featured in the comment section. There's no person behind the comment. You should still report them and move on
MegaHam Před měsícem
@rican I'm sure they'd make an appearance anyway
rican Před měsícem
@MegaHam nope but we do get a graphic novel that releases a week before game to explain the past events
Kevin Davidson
Kevin Davidson Před měsícem
Hope it stays that clean. The last one looked like play dough at times lol
DimDim123 Před 17 dny
I'm currently playing Fallen Order right now and I gotta say, this actually looks exciting. Graphics look good, Gameplay looks good, and I like how you can use duel wielded lightsabers. Villain also looks promising. Can't wait for this to come out
The White Leopard
The White Leopard Před 3 dny
@Nonetheless First Just started my second playthrough after finishing my first in 2020. Fell in love again with the game and I'm only 3 hours in. Can't wait for the new game to come out
Akmal Rusydi
Akmal Rusydi Před 3 dny
the only problem with the game is when it hitches while generating the world for the first time you enter it and during cutscene somtimes, that's all i can say. Maybe the graphics is a little bit unpolished (in terms of details around you) when you compared it to something like the witcher 3
Nonetheless First
Nonetheless First Před 6 dny
Just finished my first playthrough and holy shit was that a good game. Totally refreshing to enjoy something all the way through.
DesertGrownDank Před 9 dny
Same here couldn't be more impressed with the game considering it came out in 2019 and the story, customization and gameplay is just so satisfying and the combat for me is perfect where it dosnt baby you but it's not like trying to survive through hell, couldn't be more excited for the game and show that's coming out
Josh T
Josh T Před měsícem
I want cal to become so powerful
Kristy White
Kristy White Před měsícem
I need early access i love star wars jedi fallen order that one was good can't wait for the sequel to jedi
A.J. White
A.J. White Před měsícem
If Disney had made one movie as good as Fallen Order they would have been fine. Hope the sequel lives up to the first.
Come Fast To Get Into My Body
I’m so glad that they did a gameplay reveal before telling the story. Makes it much easier to go into it blind.
Vhylis Před měsícem
@Christian King are people that dumb to fall for these scams?
Christian King
Christian King Před měsícem
report the bot fellows
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MikaKami Před měsícem
He looks handsome and got lot of moves and actions now definitely pre order this game
WolfKing Před měsícem
I really hope that the nightsister will be part of the game, also I hope we get some romance options aswell
Barokai Rein
Barokai Rein Před měsícem
Man it's cool to see the greatsword variant of lightsaber finally make it's way into basically anything. No idea why it took this long for them to see any actual screentime outside of the really old comics.
scylk Před 4 dny
Do you mean the ones with the light crossguard? I hate it lol
Tanush Vanan
Tanush Vanan Před měsícem
I just hope I could choose the dark side in this.
Gabriel Rocha
Gabriel Rocha Před měsícem
Looking forward to seeing more of the Cal Kestis story
jonn Před měsícem
I hope we get like actual robes for him in game
BestDonuts25 Před měsícem
It's only a matter of time before he makes it to Live-Action, when he does, he better gets justice!! Also that, he's becoming one of Star Wars' only hopes for the franchise's success
Mono Před měsícem
Fr probably one of if not my favorite character in new canon
Jonathan Před měsícem
I like what I see but I still think its a missed opportunity to not go for Sekiro's combat system. Fast, parry based, one hit, one kill style combat fits better with lightsabers imo. The crossguard lightsaber looks cool and all but that doesnt suddenly turn your lightsaber into a massive, heavy two handed sword.
MovieLover Před měsícem
Wtf do you mean? You swing your Lightsaber fast, you rely on parrying, and most stormtroopers are one hit kills.
MrLego_Brick Před měsícem
That lightsaber at the end with the cross guard looked so dark souls zweihander, super long blade. Excited!
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Isaac Gary
Isaac Gary Před měsícem
God please let it be longer than 20 hours of gameplay!!!
DryChicken Před měsícem
Mediation mode with droids I can't wait for that
Sir Garchomp
Sir Garchomp Před měsícem
It'll be great lol
Eric Northrop
Eric Northrop Před měsícem
ok Cal just stopping ALL those blaster bolts in mid-air is pretty insane, I also like how he made the Stormtrooper with the gun shoot all his friends, that's really sweet.
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson Před měsícem
@ToadOfWar ohhhh I thought I was tripping there for a minute lol
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson Před měsícem
@ToadOfWar ohhhh
ToadOfWar Před měsícem
@Chris Atkinson ohhh, I just realized that I read it wrong, I thought they meant when he stopped they're bullets and then pulled them in to where they get shot by them. Yea no u couldn't use people to shoot other people in the first one
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson Před měsícem
@ToadOfWar if so I haven't unlocked it yet
Chris Atkinson
Chris Atkinson Před měsícem
@ToadOfWar since when is this a skill cal can learn
TheBeardedMan Před měsícem
This will be on my birthday when it comes out. It will come out March 17th of 2023 when I turn 24. This is by far the hype I been waiting for.
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Battlefield Chaos
Battlefield Chaos Před měsícem
1:12 Trust Only In The Force
Deanna Thompson
Deanna Thompson Před měsícem
Arsen Hemiy
Arsen Hemiy Před měsícem
amazing trailer
OP NightWing
OP NightWing Před měsícem
As a non starwars fan, I loved the first game, combat was great and a blast to master, story was good, gameplay never got tidious and the unlock skill tree system was simple and fair. I hope this game lives up to the first.
OP NightWing
OP NightWing Před měsícem
@Chris Stucker great example
Chris Stucker
Chris Stucker Před měsícem
@OP NightWing Yeah you wouldn’t play God of War Ragnarok without playing God of War 2018 first. Jedi Survivor is a similar situation to that.
Chris Stucker
Chris Stucker Před měsícem
@Mechquipped Angineer You honestly should play the first one. The first one was very story-driven but also has solid gameplay therefore you wont really have any idea about what’s going on. This game is still months away so if you have time on your hands then definitely play the first one
OP NightWing
OP NightWing Před měsícem
@Mechquipped Angineer I think maybe some story plots wont make sense but I'm sure you could. BUT just go play the first one its awesome
TPJP Před měsícem
@Mechquipped Angineer why would you not play the first one? such a strange question
spectreshadow Před měsícem
Sooo happy this is finally current gen only.
Toasteeyy Před měsícem
i was expecting this game in 2024 but its already gonna be out in a few months
Pickle Před 6 dny
Played the first game on ps plus and was really surprised at how good it was, never watched anything star wars related but I'm pretty excited for this game Also the dual wield lightsaber possibly being a new form of combat is sick it's the coolest of the 3 ways cal uses his sabers in the original and was sad I couldn't use it by itself Sequel seems really good I'll definitely have to pick it up eventually
Jared Alonge
Jared Alonge Před měsícem
I saw a tweet about entering a sweepstakes for a special edition, it told me to watch the trailer to find out how. I watched the trailer but I don’t feel like I’m going to win anything :/ looks like a great game tho
Henrie Bryce
Henrie Bryce Před měsícem
One of the few AAA game trailers at the Game Awards that actually showed gameplay, and it's obvious why, because the gameplay looks incredible, and super polished. Respawn are one of the only developers I like at EA. Keep up the great work!
Charles Před měsícem
@Dazzeryeah bro I got battlefield 2042 3 weeks ago and it’s actually fun now just like battlefront 2
Enderfire Před měsícem
What about Arkane?
Beta Ray Bill Fan
Beta Ray Bill Fan Před měsícem
@Redeye elaborate
Redeye Před měsícem
It looked super clunky though just like the first one.
Kaan Seyhun
Kaan Seyhun Před měsícem
@Dazzer true that
Echno Films
Echno Films Před měsícem
i feel like this dude went through more than skywalker lmao!
CaptainSeech Před měsícem
This reminds me so much of Star Wars the Force Unleashed
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦
Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦 Před měsícem
The fact that the epic final show of the trailer appears to be in-game footage of a combo into a smooth animation tells me everything I need to know about how awesome this game is gonna be
Dm On T.e.l.e.gram@Official_PenguinzO
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Nathaniel Thomson
Nathaniel Thomson Před měsícem
I never had a problem with the combat or graphics for fallen order. For me it was that it never felt like their was any incentive to explore as 90% of the rewards for doing so we're just those ugly cosmetics. I really hope they overhauled that for this game.
SmwisH Před měsícem
First game was a masterpiece, probably one of the best ea games in a long while, I can’t WAIT to play this one
Tor Asbjørn
Tor Asbjørn Před měsícem
@Jo Cole I'm saying it's a good game, but it's not a masterpiece. Earning the rank of a masterpiece takes more than what they put into Jedi Outcast. Maybe Academy? Also let me state this: Fallen Order for sure has the best lightsaber combat system till this day of any of the games. I hope what we've seen so far from Respawn Entertainment's most recent trailer shows us even more improved and advanced combat system. Hack & slash is a no-no.
Herbert Meier
Herbert Meier Před měsícem
@Roy Chan how is Jedi outcast a masterpiece? It’s combat is non responsive and feels random, the lvl design is confusing and has no flow and the first lvl without a lightsaber is just awful.
Emperor God Doom
Emperor God Doom Před měsícem
@Poe Lemic I agree, it was a good game.
Tor Asbjørn
Tor Asbjørn Před měsícem
@Roy Chan I've beaten that too, and I think it's really good, but masterpiece?
Roy Chan
Roy Chan Před měsícem
Masterpiece? You need more exposure man! Jedi Outcast, that's a masterpiece!
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows Před 27 dny
Everything in this trailer looks badass. I just hope this one is longer than the first fallen order. Felt like the first one relied on you going back to old planets with new abilities just to look for secrets and shit like that. Just how I saw it tho. Felt like the story wasn't very long. Could have done more with the resistance storyline-maybe made a planet or two where you went to help the fight.
R8bb1t Před 9 dny
FR I never play video games tbh my brother got it and I was instantly addicted but was shocked and sad at how fast it seemed to finish 😭
Broke boi
Broke boi Před měsícem
Looks cool, am hyped. Hope it comes out on time and doesn't run like shit
David Ignatius Anyaeche
David Ignatius Anyaeche Před měsícem
Cal Kestis went from Brad to Chad
Derek Lucht
Derek Lucht Před měsícem
It would be cool to see Cal team up with the bad batch
Sam P
Sam P Před měsícem
The game looks insane, wow! Sad the Mantis crew have gone their separate ways but the story looks so interesting and it already raises so many questions
Richie Mesar
Richie Mesar Před měsícem
@Sam P The novel releases a week before the game does.
Squall0506 Před měsícem
Best guess that the upcoming novel will explain it
Sam P
Sam P Před měsícem
@Richie Mesar maybe I think it’s brought out after the games for spoiler reasons or maybe something big happens to a character from the crew or multiple members to drive the sales
Lord Reiman
Lord Reiman Před měsícem
I hope Merrin is okay, fallen order kinda made me love her a lot
Richie Mesar
Richie Mesar Před měsícem
Theres also a book that takes place between games. Could possibly find out more in that as well.
Carter J
Carter J Před měsícem
I just found out about this. 2023 might be a really good year for games.
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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Kid Named Finger
Kid Named Finger Před měsícem
Greez better be in this game, he was my favorite side character.
TEᗰE Oᑎ TEᒪEGᖇᗩᗰ 👉@The_Julia_Nilon
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carlosfer2201 Před měsícem
The music had a bit of The Force Awakens in there. Nice.
Filip Šindelář
Filip Šindelář Před měsícem
Releasing on my birthday, 17th of March. Thank You, EA:)
Dm On T.e.l.e.gram@Official_PenguinzO
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Firi3n Před měsícem
I noticed that Cal was flying the Mantis. Where is Greer? WHERE IS HE!? Literally the best character arc in the game.
Brad Prath
Brad Prath Před měsícem
They show there's been quite a passage of time, and the ending of the 1st game they destroy the holocron, so they have no reason to travel together anymore
piplupcola Před měsícem
You'll see all 3 of them in the game no worries 😉
Brad Prath
Brad Prath Před měsícem
I mean they did show cere junda in the archives so I'd assume he's still around
Hei Darkfire
Hei Darkfire Před měsícem
Yeah. I am also curious where they all are. He had an entire group of friends that are just nowhere to be seen now.
The Dave Cave
The Dave Cave Před měsícem
I assume you mean Greez
Doctor Kidemónas
Doctor Kidemónas Před 26 dny
I'm excited for what looks like so many new combat and traversal options; specifically what looks like split saber being its own weapon.
Jonathan Beswick
Jonathan Beswick Před měsícem
I thought the last scene was with magna guards which are bad enough fighting with no head. But no they're commando droids. Oh fuck
Eric Speed
Eric Speed Před měsícem
The music is everything in this trailer. Remove it.. your remove epicness !
Jedi Bateman 94
Jedi Bateman 94 Před měsícem
Looks good gunna play 1st again month before this one
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