Slipknot - Yen [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Slipknot's official video for "Yen" off the album 'The End, So Far', available worldwide September 30: slipknot1.lnk.to/store

Stream "Yen" here: slipknot1.lnk.to/TheEndSoFar

Site: slipknot1.com
Instagram: instagram.com/slipknot
TikTok: tiktok.com/slipknot
Twitter: twitter.com/slipknot
Facebook: facebook.com/slipknot
iTunes: itunes.com/slipknot

Directed by M. Shawn Crahan
Executive Producers: Olivia Hines, Andy Hines, Nic Neary
Producer: Nic Neary
Director of Photography: Jeff Powers
Editor: Dustin Dooley
1st AD: Mike Hart
Production Manager: Joey Fitzsimmons
Production Coordinator: Autumn Swope
Executive Assistant Jessica Knight
Script Supervisor: Anna Asher
Key Grip: Randy Garcia
Casting Director: Becky Wu
Production Coordinator: Autumn Swope
Office PA: Susie Chong
Truck Pas: Matt Jarnagin, Roly Garcia
Runner: Elise Schatz
PA/Stakebed: Donovan Wilson
Set PSs: Jaime Connors, Flora Tennant, Matisse Pasillas, Moses Okunoren, Josh Prezgay, Ernesto Luna, Chozan Behn, Cole Ewing
Pass Van PA: Adam Pinless, Sebastian Romero, Maria Nunez
2nd AD: Robert Torres
1st Cam AC - A Cam: Jared Wennberg
1st Cam AC - B Cam: Bryant Marcontel
2nd Cam AC - A Cam: Jeanna Kim
2nd Cam AC - A Cam: Alex Myers
DIT: Tim Gaer, Shiblom Wixom
Steadicam - A Cam - Anthony Foster
Steadicam - B Cam - Brian Sergott
Drone Op: Mike Yutkin
Additional Photography - Anthony Scanga
VTR: Micah Lashbrook, Sabi Tulock
Playback: Justin Johnson
CLT: Michael Creasy
ACLT: Joel Reaves
SLT/Fixtures: Kurtis Myers
SLT: Neelix Ramirez, Abby Menzel, Randy Nguyen, Nick Schulte, Kamran Khezri
Board Op: Chris Smith
Key Grip: Randy Garcia
BBG: Armando Colunga
Grips: Tommy Villa, Michael Madrid, Oswald Colunga, Marty Lange, Michael Moore, Jesse Hernandez, Jake Santa Cruz, Connor Loock, Daniel Holguin
Grip Driver: Roger Santos
Slipknot Wardrobe/Make-Up: Alexandra Hodges
Slipknot Seamstress: Brenton Coon
Additional Stylist: Dawn Ritz
Make-Up: Lola Ramirez
Make Up Assistants: Monica Rojas, Erin Sebestyen
Wardrobe Stylist: Leah Smith
Wardrobe Assistants: Abi Arcinas, Hanna Aaronson
Tailor: Jessica Louise
Witness Mask Maker: Paul J Vick
Production Designner: Pele Kudren
Illustrator/Graphic Arts: Linn Gellert
Art Director: Ciara Flynn
Set Decorator: Marlene Guidara
Shopper: Ryan Goodman
Prop Master: Philip Steiger
Leadman: Lyle McPherson
On Set Dresser: Cory McPherson
Set Dressers: Mikey Cuellar, Darren Cantone
Hyphenate Driver: Berni Herrera
Art PA: Rachel Colonna
Stunt Coordinator: Tim Soergel
Cinematographer: Ryan Page
Shadow Women: Maija Knapp, Tess Hewlett, Jamie Donovan
Testing Coordinator: Alex Gordin
Medic/H&SS/Testing Tech: Cody Vlach
H&S Assist: Megan Ruiz
Sani Tech: Zack Harris
Stunt Performers: Anthony Molinari, Sarah Molasky
Stunt Riggers: Bryce Branagan, Constant Schell, Thomas Vu, Thomas Vu
Pyrotechnic: Chris Bailey
SFX: Tom Spera
SFX Asst: Youstina Sadek
Lead Craft Services: Mora Walker
Craft Services Assistants: Camila Castiglione, Sofia Castiglioni
Layout Techs: Mike Morales, River Mata, Santana Castro
Fire Safety Officer: Rudy Ortega
Police: John Washington
Security: Jack Gomez
Catering: Full Moon Pickles
BG - Drew Constantine
Head Witness: Dallas Jay Hunter
Witnesses: Mariana Maldonado, Biz Betzing, Jamie Taylor Ballesta, Ezenwa Ilabor, Cindy Maurine, Chloe Howcroft, Devynee Smith, Rebecca Lynne Morley
Window Women: Ezenwa IIabor, Cindy Maurine, Biz Betzing
Background Talent: Merrill Witham, Sidney Pierre Robert, David Drinkwater, "George Delano aka (George Nakar)", Bennie Arthur, Stephaun Pender, Brian Park, Cesar Davila, Gregory Mykael Dixon, Brayan Murguia, Patrick Koocheradis, Albert Kuo, Carlos Mulia, Fabian Jaime, Alfredo Castillo(Angelo), "Saidtha Suwanavisootr (Chok)", Paul Fiumano, Justin Valle, Armando Hart, Jay Parikh, "Mohammad Hassan (AlMoslim)", Jin Choi, Colby Smith, Jared Muros, Aaron Feder, Ramon Cantarero, Gerardo Vitale, Coda Li Marcus, Charlamagne Latimer, Jason Rivera, Cartrell Daniels, Alfred Shriver, Patrick Breen, Jeremiah Choo, Baptista Kawa, James Garcia, Ryan Ali D. Romanes, Jayson Wright, Claudio Scandella, Jason Flowers, Nathaniel Shipley, Ben Watts, Ed Gage, "Kendrick “Kenny Ferragamo” Griffin", Jean-Pierre Giagnoli, Angel Rivera, Mark McGaha, Mathew Tan, Phinehas Yoon, Samuel Scott Peterman, Michael Majors, Justin Fassett, Justin Zarodkiewicz, Kashyap Mori

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21. 08. 2022





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'The End, So Far' // Get the new album here:
AOV 2004
AOV 2004 Před 2 hodinami
Does anyone feel like you didn't think much of this song at first but it slowly grew on you over time? Cuz now I love this one.
Carla Irarrazabal Mohr
Carla Irarrazabal Mohr Před 2 hodinami
Buenísimo!! 🤘😈🤘
Li Siu
Li Siu Před 9 hodinami
как же я их люблю
Aileen Reinstadler
Aileen Reinstadler Před 9 hodinami
I would give my right tittie to have my very own creepy piano player like that!! Why isn't that on the album version?? It ties it up so perfectly.... 🖤Slipknot so much!!
D347H Před 6 hodinami
So, my honest opinion about the whole album now... i honestly like the new album. took a bit of getting used to. But this song is one of the best on the whole album. Damn good album, Slipknot!
Febrij Pradann
Febrij Pradann Před 16 hodinami
Full of horror Slipknot, metal 🎸👍
These boys have been in my life since I was 9 years old. I'm now sat here at 31 still blasting their songs. Two decades of growing up with a band that has never ceased to deliver. I'm not sure they will ever know how much their music has impacted people in so many different ways. Subliminal Verses saw me through some really tough times, so did All Hope is Gone.
shane whealton
shane whealton Před 16 hodinami
the slipknot orchestra backing the vocals with beauty and timing turn this into a symphony
Captain Dorsett
Captain Dorsett Před 2 hodinami
Honestly amazing song. Tortilla playing the Piano at the end was really powerful
WAJANA OFFICIAL Před 7 hodinami
Amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Nanis Rodriiguez
Nanis Rodriiguez Před 7 hodinami
Cristina Pintus
Cristina Pintus Před 2 hodinami
Bellissima 👍🤟
Ash Ketchum
It's not just 9 masked men, it's a whole amazing musical experience over the years
M A Y K E L F A N Před 21 hodinou
That's was amazing 🔥
Big Cow Productions
Big Cow Productions Před 9 hodinami
Very interesting. Will take more listens for it to hit properly though, I think. Hasn't clicked yet.
Bambina bambola
Bambina bambola Před 16 hodinami
Waooooo meravigliosa
sanzu kitty
sanzu kitty Před 2 hodinami
Pasquale Treviso
Pasquale Treviso Před 10 hodinami
True legends
Corey is easily one of greatest musicians of our time. Props to him and Slipknot for amazing music. Rip Paul Gray and Joey Jordison.
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