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30. 08. 2021





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Unnat Palan
Unnat Palan Před rokem
When Simon said Camouflage, Ethan didn't see it coming.
Aashutosh Prabhu
Aashutosh Prabhu Před rokem
The single best comment I saw 😂😂
Aarish Syed
Aarish Syed Před rokem
Mash Před rokem
JackBranwood Před rokem
They were on about his dad
Pari Khunt
Pari Khunt Před rokem
Tbh, I thought the game was played fairly. It’s not Simon’s fault that no one paid attention to him because they were busy thinking 'bout the next word. Simon just paid attention to others' words/answers, hence he was the one who noticed the most mistakes in answers. “The game is the game”- Harry
konan Před rokem
Yeah at the end of the day he just desperately wanted to win while the others didnt really care that much. Fair play to him.
Conor Před rokem
@konan I mean they care, atleast some of them did. They wouldn't have cried about it, especially Harry who was whinning like a child in the end, if they didn't care about winning.
IcyTheShifter Před rokem
@konan Of course people want to win games bro, that's what games are for + fun, and i think just being with your friend sums up the fun part, so yeah of course he's gonna aim to win, every sidemen challenge is them trying to win in anyway
Vyrelz Před rokem
All it was was Simon being super passionate and ppl getting annoyed in the comments
Ibraahiim Před rokem
@konan This is the most childish answer
Anna Před rokem
the fact that no one told harry that his forehead was bleeding the whole time until the very end lmao
Unknown user
Unknown user Před 10 měsíci
Why was it bleeding all of a sudden?
MISTYY Před 5 měsíci
@Unknown user maybe popped a pimple or something.
FRIGUS Před rokem
POV: you're seeing everyone defend Simon but you don't see any hate comments on Simon
RazvanNSSK Před rokem
He had a screenshot on his insta-story, idk if it s still up since I think it was over 24 hours but yeah
Rory O'Neill
Rory O'Neill Před rokem
he posted on his instagram story
The Scp Foundation
The Scp Foundation Před rokem
@Rory O'Neill what was so bad about the post
MBA Shawn
MBA Shawn Před rokem
Just like in F1 when that clown hit Max and then when he got hate for it he said its because of his skin color, what a great way to deflect criticism! He shares a trait with a country that does the same thing if you know who I'm talking about
willyt Před rokem
i love how vik is so chill when he loses a round
skexal Před rokem
I’m dying at Simons get owned nod to JJ when he knew the meaning of onomatopoeia 5:50 too good 🤣
Dreadful Před rokem
I like how Simon calls out everyone, but no one calls out Simon. Well played sir
Abshar Před rokem
He's always been like this
Aidan Herman
Aidan Herman Před rokem
he a snitch
Edvin Sebastian
Edvin Sebastian Před rokem
That's how you play to win. Bit underhanded, but it's true.
Martial Před rokem
@Aidan Herman how is it his fault that no ones calling him out and then complaining after he won. If you want to win, pay attention
Aks Khurana
Aks Khurana Před rokem
These new lot of fans are ruining the Sidemen experience for everyone tbh, Simon you're a legend bro if you're seeing this big up, let the haters speak it's just a game and we love your quirkiness since day 1, real ones know you since those gta days
Isaac Před rokem
exactly, I always enjoy the videos then I go to the comments and people just complain. They don't know how to enjoy a video.
Saif Saqib
Saif Saqib Před rokem
Ahmad Faraz
Ahmad Faraz Před rokem
Agreed 100%
Djoenaid Hasnoe
Djoenaid Hasnoe Před rokem
That's true... They are new fans... Simon put the negative comments on his ig... But hopes he sees this
Normani Před rokem
@Djoenaid Hasnoe my comment was on there but I was quoting Harry at 13:22 .”what a sad little life Simon . I wasn’t bashing Simon😭
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Před rokem
‘What a sad little life Simon’ - Harry
Normani Před rokem
I quoted this and got put on simons story and now it looks like I’m “hating”🤣
jj Před rokem
@Normani and you are proud of yourself?
X Před rokem
@jj what? How? He just quoted what Harry said at 13:20
jj Před rokem
@X yea but it still a negative comment, and simon probably not knew that he was quoting harry so that just made things even worse as they already are
Sm0iks Před rokem
Simons word play is unmatched , you can tell if simon took music seriously he would go far
BJproductionHD Před měsícem
No it’s not you melt😂😂
Josh Seb
Josh Seb Před rokem
Bruh people complaining that Simon’s calling out people but also doesn’t say anything when he messes up when that’s literally the game
konan Před rokem
Its not that deep😂😂😂😂. Why are simon fans so sensitive lol.
BakingPowder Před rokem
@konan nah theyre not just simon fans, theyre sidemen fans with brains and common sense. and you should tell those who are shitting on simon that its not that deep, why theyre so sensitive
M Před rokem
@konan The ones that are crying about Simons plays are the sensitive ones dkm
Reece Caddy
Reece Caddy Před rokem
Yeah but Tobi noticed it and was chill. Simon was on the lookout the whole game like a try hard
BANGTAN 7 Před rokem
@konan Quite ironic coming from you lol u shouldn't be the one talking about who's sensitive or not when you're literally always crying everytime someone says anything about JJ in the comments. I've also seen you hate on Vik many times
Sebastián Santana Flores
I just realized that this was recorded the same day as "women rate the sidemen" videos, just because of JJ's whole white outfit except for the socks 🤣
Might use this channel someday who knows
I was just thinking that 😂
SCI Před rokem
It may have not been though
Luke Před rokem
yes thats how i recognized
Luke Před rokem
@SCI ethan= dad shorts, vik= basic clothing, jj=socks, simon= too plain, tobi= clouds. its the same day
FireJokaFN Před rokem
I love how Harry and Josh were just looking from left to right repeatedly, when it was Tobi vs Simon
Chelsea Shore
Chelsea Shore Před rokem
hahaha yes so cute
Mrtamps Před rokem
What else would they do
FireJokaFN Před rokem
@Mrtamps look at Simon to see if he messes up, bc he gets away cause noone noticed him messing up?
BANGTAN 7 Před rokem
People really getting sensitive over Simon successfully finessing his way to win like a king, smh this generation man 😂😂🤦
Kaneki Před rokem
yeah right and I think its the fault of others why weren't they paying attention to what word simon said....and simon just played it smartly no need to hate someone for being smart...these haters are absurd
useless degenerate
useless degenerate Před rokem
@Kaneki exactly lmao. Simon just knew how to play the game.
M Před rokem
its just these sensitive new fans
Jeremy Soto
Jeremy Soto Před rokem
Vik and Simon are both smart enough to change the word to keep it similar to the previous word but sound so different
Amanda Před rokem
i’ve been a fan for years now and i didn’t notice anything bad about the video or anyone in it, just funny af as usual
Joseph Hurle
Joseph Hurle Před rokem
Simon is the reason this video wasn’t 2 hours long. I respect the competitive grind
duncan_d0ugh Před 10 měsíci
I swear this happens everytime lol. Simon's confidence or something makes people dont question it
Luis Rodrigo Delgado Rodriguez
Tobi: you can Harry someone Harry: Can you? Josh: Harry up
Jay With An i
Jay With An i Před rokem
Fault Před rokem
Yes, that is what happened in the video.
Luis Rodrigo Delgado Rodriguez
@Fault ikr it was the best part
Pragnya Vempati
Pragnya Vempati Před rokem
Simon played really good. Unlike some others he didnt falter when he broke or "broke" a rule and so got away without them calling him out. Well played Simon. Well played.
konan Před rokem
Nah its because simon would start getting salty lol. No hate but thats what would happen.
KiLLJoY Před rokem
I personally think he doesn't say when he breaks a rule because he doesn't like being wrong, but it's whatever it's just a stupid youtube game lol
Pragnya Vempati
Pragnya Vempati Před rokem
@KiLLJoY who does tho
BANGTAN 7 Před rokem
@konan You probably wouldn't say anything if it was JJ, am i wrong?
konan Před rokem
@BANGTAN 7 thats the reason everyone likes jj though, because he doesnt get salty and become a tryhard. If jj was to act like simon then he would definitely get way more abuse than simon for it. So yes you're wrong.
ShroomCraft Před rokem
Simon seeing how many times he can say "smart" before the others realise 🤣
Tia Turnbull Champions Coaching Turnbull
This is fun to watch. I have played the word association game with my family for years especially when we got bored on road trips. We had a rule that you cannot say the same word twice. Thank you for sharing this fun video. 😊
Joel Biju
Joel Biju Před rokem
Been a sidemen fan for a month. Binge watched so many GTA videos from 2014 -2017. From watching them, they do so much banter and Its so Enjoyable to watch. This generation’s sensitivity levels have gone above the roof where people get triggered at someone for being who they are. Honestly, I love all of them and the fact they constantly provide us good content.
KaptenAus Před rokem
They should do this again. I really like"they're the judges" concept .
Alfie Keedy
Alfie Keedy Před rokem
“Woah, 2 words.” Right after JJ says “CHRIS BROWN”
Epic Legion
Epic Legion Před rokem
Was just seeing if someone said this.
Suiko Před rokem
Reddit destroy JJ Bullying Vik again
boii Před rokem
Jaden Lustre
Jaden Lustre Před rokem
Deadass was about to comment this
LOWE Před rokem
Its cause simon didn’t want to call out his girl
LilMissIrish Před rokem
Simon is so funny man the words he got away with 😂😂 my boys were slackin
Sapphire Před rokem
The whole concept of the sidemen is just these seven lovely boys having fun together, pls stop ruining it with the hate comments . Also Jj, Miniminter, Ethan, Harry, Zerkaa, Tobi and Vik, we love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭
Mbappe Kylian
Mbappe Kylian Před rokem
Simon being more competitive is a good thing and idk y people hating for it, it’s nice to see competition even in small games or arguments.
Ryan Posadas
Ryan Posadas Před rokem
I want to see lyricists play this game just to see how their brains work with word association
Mr_McMani Před rokem
Please more of these they are amazing!
Flying Banana
Flying Banana Před rokem
Rare seeing that JJ isn't causing earthquakes with his voice in the studio
BEANISH Před rokem
I know I'm late but the person JJ said was two words. LMAO
James Lin
James Lin Před rokem
10:10 vikk leg
Kenneth Gavin Dcosta
Kenneth Gavin Dcosta Před 2 měsíci
Simon with the most jammy win in human history😂🤣
mikel kane
mikel kane Před rokem
😂😂😂 Lmaooo some of you gotta chill and leave Simon alone, though Simon sh*thoused his way ...im glad that these guys were able to make a simple video idea like this still entertaining, and that only happens when you have different personalities
SirSpectacular Před rokem
Honestly, the sidemen uploading multiple times a week just made my year. I was perfectly fine with just the sidemen sundays for one upload a week but 2 and sometimes 3 just proves that you guys care about the fans!
Falk Heck
Falk Heck Před rokem
I like how everyone points out mistakes where someone should've lost a point, I honestly didn't noticed, just enjoyed the video😂
JDB Před rokem
I hope my man Vik is all good in this video just noticed he looking a little stressed maybe love ya big guy!!
Deepanshu RaO
Deepanshu RaO Před rokem
JJ caught vik saying two words but he said Chris Brown first 😂😂
ThunderStrike Před rokem
And Vik also said Logan Paul
Mysogyny Stories
Mysogyny Stories Před rokem
Yeah but vik made the mistake twice.
James Před rokem
Simon is a joker. Always keeps the entertainment coming!
Amoni DeRoche'
Amoni DeRoche' Před rokem
This was fun. Part 2 needed
NeNaD Před rokem
Harry sometimes suprises me how clueless he can be😂
Bulb Před 8 dny
Simons just been brought up in the typical “ boarding school way “ he can’t lose and he’s never wrong
riri Před rokem
All the comments: “stop hating on Simon” Me: *trying to find a Simon hate comment 🙃
Lewis Před rokem
BAMBA Před rokem
It was on his insta story
Nene Muy
Nene Muy Před rokem
fr I ain’t see a single hate comment
Hoshizora Před rokem
Moya O'Donnell
Moya O'Donnell Před rokem
@BAMBA what happened
Niraj Patel
Niraj Patel Před rokem
Everyone seems to be calling themselves out on a wrong word, then there's Simon just hoping no one says anything
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Před rokem
Man's dishonest, lmao, I respect the wish to win
hareish Před rokem
Yh he’s very competitive but he’s been like this since the gta days😂
David Dowling
David Dowling Před rokem
@Deepa Parakkal he’s not dishonest he just isn’t baiting himself out when he gets baited out he accepts it😂
Stimps101 Před rokem
I swear if JJ or Harry did what Simon did it would be considered funny meanwhile Simon gets hate. Bruh these new fans have double standards 😂
Drill Man
Drill Man Před rokem
It’s just a moresidemen funny game vid . These mfs so pressed and angry lmaoo
Holly just kidding
Holly just kidding Před rokem
Would agree that a lot of people dont understand simons humour and stuff being new to the sidemen and everything, but how can you hate on someone and still be a fan of them? Im genuinely curious, no hate towards you
Supaa Před rokem
This happened all the time in GTA and old gaming videos lol
Nisrene Dannaoui
Nisrene Dannaoui Před rokem
They ruin the fun for everyone
[Liam] 2
[Liam] 2 Před rokem
1:26 bro Harry saying calm again for the bit was the best part 💀😂
[Liam] Před 6 měsíci
Fr 😂😂
Gryzl Před rokem
i appreciate harry going for the second "calm", i respect that alot
lili Před rokem
are we really just gonna pass over when josh said “harry up” when they were saying harry wasn’t in the dictionary, like come on that was hilarious
Luka Před 10 měsíci
Simon shithoused his way to victory😂😂 Gotta love the Sidemen
Glumy Před rokem
Big up the Sidemen and the whole behind the scenes team, it's honestly incredible how much content they've provided us with throughout this pandemic. You guys have helped me through a lot🙏
Haraldur Hjartarson
adrian ramirez
adrian ramirez Před rokem
i agree. they provide a good chuckle for me weekly.
ayesha Před rokem
@adrian ramirez I can say daily tbh. They’re more consistent on this channel, then they have sidemenreacts and sidemenshorts channel where they upload daily, not to mention their own individual channels. We’re basically flooded with content and I’m so grateful for it
r_ALi Před rokem
@ayesha frr i get so gassed when i’ve seen they uploaded and it’s become so consistent
Bob Mathers
Bob Mathers Před rokem
I love Simon bro, idk maybe I’m just competitive but he’s not annoying like y’all make him seem
Amritesh Hiras
Amritesh Hiras Před rokem
You should also do a questions only video where you have to ask questions only and continue a conversation that would be funny.
Aaliah Xxx
Aaliah Xxx Před rokem
I love how they called Simon out after the round was over😂
Ryan Atchison
Ryan Atchison Před rokem
Simon played this well tbf, I caught him look at JJ a couple times cause he didn’t get caught 😂
Tokkie Před rokem
Sidemen is honestly the best CS-vid friend group.
happylol_k Před rokem
It killed me when Simon said bump and Josh said 9 so confidently with the silence after 😂
Only Fair
Only Fair Před rokem
I would actually give him that for baby bump
Jack Před rokem
nine to bump was a much better link than pregnancy to head
Haridas Palleeri
Haridas Palleeri Před rokem
@Jack exactly but it's moresidemen so no one cares including them
Blah Clown
Blah Clown Před rokem
I’ve missed Tobi being in videos…glad he’s back 🥺
Satellite Louis 🛰
I love how Harry emphasises his word whenever it’s his go😅
KRUNK14 Před rokem
i dont get what simon did wrong in this vid. if anything, he was the most energetic one and we love that XD
Lurozzz Před rokem
This just shows how honest Tobi is…
this game is so hard and they make it look so easy...shows how good they are on their feet
NaTsBuRg Před rokem
Only on Moresidemen, rules are made as the rounds go on 😂
Alex Fielding
Alex Fielding Před rokem
And then broken the round after.
Davosh Před rokem
yeah, its shithousery
ML Highlights
ML Highlights Před rokem
great to see it seems like tobi is done with covid i really hope hes all good and he will stay healthy
Acacia Sureschandra
Simon is actually so hilarious!!!
johan Před rokem
Everyone: Saying that Simon doesnt deserve the hate Me: haven't seen a single hate comment yet
MiniShrek Před rokem
Dheeraj Narahari
Dheeraj Narahari Před rokem
true man
r8 Před rokem
Exactly 😂😂😂😂
anna Před rokem
@r8 ye like wtf 😂
1234 5678
1234 5678 Před rokem
I think they're here from his insta story
Stephanie Před rokem
Everyone else was calling others out as much as Simon did. Shame to see the comments dogpiling him like this as always. If it's not him being hated, it's Ethan. Dunno why people can't enjoy the videos without getting pissed off at the smallest things
Shazami Před rokem
Nope, just him
Lightning Před rokem
@날아라치킨 Nah Vik and Harry are the protected ones.
jj Před rokem
@Lightning these cringe harry and vik stans need to get tf outta the fandom asap, theyre ruining the vibe and take every single things seriously
Eshan Mohammed Basheer
@jj you just ruined the vibe tbf
Adam Před rokem
Nope Ethan is sound no ones had a problem with him. People are just getting mad at Simon due to the way he acts. It is kinda annoying then u just gotta remember it’s a game and nothing personal.
Tanji Před rokem
0:54 why is vikk sitting like an optical illusion ffs 😂😂
Claire Farrell
Claire Farrell Před rokem
Simon: *exists* prepubescent boys with to much time: "And I took that personally😠😠😠😠😠"
Wakil Khan
Wakil Khan Před rokem
@Drill Man ikr These new so called fans more like twitter haters just here to dislike the video ruin the experience and limits what the sidemen can do and cant be themselves in the videos
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Před rokem
I made one joke about Simon's smartness, and now a bunch of people are hating me for it, like @Drill Man, lmao
Oscar Kitchen
Oscar Kitchen Před rokem
Too *
Jamie Před rokem
Props to the editor, editing those words on their heads would take so long
benjathemin Před rokem
Harry saying "calm" again is too funny 😂😂😂
Blake Breezy
Blake Breezy Před rokem
I love how Harry risked a life for that joke and they still took it from him 😩😩🥺
PistolPet Před rokem
These videos are so goated, please do more
Pentenai Před rokem
Vik got called put for 2 words, but JJ did it first 🤣 Poor Vik
Rishon_262 Před rokem
Simon sh*thoused that win and I’m here for it 😂😂😂
AllRightMoe Před rokem
Simon if you’re reading this, anytime u win a stupid game some people will just try to trash u and say stupid things just to get your attention. You are a king bro and keep doing yourself. WE LOVE YOU.
Juicy Pears
Juicy Pears Před rokem
Rishitiran Anandeswaran bro gtfo
Juicy Pears
Juicy Pears Před rokem
Rishitiran Anandeswaran good
jj Před rokem
Rishitiran Anandeswaran how old are u?
Janik K.
Janik K. Před rokem
100% appreciate Simon. Sneaky win. Wp. XD
ZEROPANDA Před 5 dny
I was thinking the same thing about Ethan relating to JJ instead of Simon, I’m so happy Simon noticed.😂
kakashi Před rokem
Simon...you are the best...let them haters come at you...they are less in number but are just too loud probably cuz they have no one to talk to so they come and talk rubbish on the internet. Your fans are always with you and will keep supporting you❤️
Jasmin Cunningham
Jasmin Cunningham Před rokem
The reason the sidemen are so entertaining is bc they are all a little different and react in doff ways. Big up simon haters are smelly
Headlessboyfriend Před rokem
Simon finessed his way through this whole game 😂
ZLRS 01 Před rokem
He played it smartly. It’s sad that people are calling him a cheater and a snitch, but when jj snaked 100,000 of someone it’s all fun and games. People are hypocritical man.
Peters Před rokem
@ZLRS 01 it’s a video mate, stop crying. Watch and enjoy.
ZLRS 01 Před rokem
@Peters what are you on about?
Michelle Anaya Ramirez
It’s bc if someone did that to Simon Simon would be whining he’s just annoying and jj is just jokes
jj Před rokem
Just came back from Simons story, all you guys hating on him for a vid should not even call yourself real sidemen fans its literally banter between friends but because of sensitive people getting triggered over a game we can't have nice things anymore. Simon if ur seeing this i hope u know that u are the best sidemen literally the only reason why i watch sidemen is because of u king ur the GOAT 🐐👑
Jacob Cooper
Jacob Cooper Před rokem
Josh Jones
Josh Jones Před rokem
It’s cause most fans are kids and don’t get it
Tno Před rokem
yea they should know better
Fergus T
Fergus T Před rokem
What happened
A.M Před rokem
Where did he post the story? IG?
Hot dog stroganoff
Hot dog stroganoff Před rokem
Simon played the game fair play he’s a winner no doubt about that
Yacine Boudella
Yacine Boudella Před rokem
Tbf the others did call themselves out when they said wrong word , unlike him . so i dont know about playing fair but still he doesnt deserve hate its stupid to hate someone coz of a game
A.M Před rokem
Yeah Simon should’ve called himself out more, it’s the right thing to do. He’s v competitive on these mini games lol
Shivraj Sawant
Shivraj Sawant Před rokem
@A.M what's wrong in that it's his personality. Atleast he is being real on camera. Instead of showing fake personalities like other youtubers
Baggies Fan
Baggies Fan Před rokem
He cheated tho
JJ and Simon grinning at each other is so wholesome lool 4:16
leah Před rokem
Simon don't let the hate get to you, love you
Jennie Mathers
Jennie Mathers Před rokem
Simon is my favourite. Absolute legend.
Vishviscount Před rokem
Big up Phineas and Ferb for educating everyone about 'aglet' XD
pluto Před rokem
That’s actually true lol
Rishikesh Negi
Rishikesh Negi Před rokem
JJ and Ethan are the last ones to lose the first life. What a change of pace.
Idk123 Před rokem
Simon outplayed everyone lmao what a legend
Yaseen Ahmad
Yaseen Ahmad Před rokem
Simon finessed the whole thing at least twice 😂😂 and everyone rolled with it
Yaseen Ahmad
Yaseen Ahmad Před rokem
Minter will always be a legend though
Lefay7 Před rokem
Honestly in the later game I would be focusing on just generating words. I wouldn't even think about hearing others words and calling them out on it. Simon did well calling out and naming words.
Dylan Hickman
Dylan Hickman Před rokem
Simon made this video so much better 😂 so jokes
Arman Mehta
Arman Mehta Před rokem
Tobi and his use of words and knowledge on them is insane
Logan Lister
Logan Lister Před rokem
Everyone going at Simon over word association😂
Lonesome Wanderer
Lonesome Wanderer Před rokem
I enjoyed this video. Nice, simple, fun.
Fts Montage
Fts Montage Před 11 měsíci
Harry: the games the game Simon wins Also Harry: crying and being salty
RickyZege Před rokem
Simon played the game. Enough said 💯🔥
TFT_Gaming Před 5 měsíci
how does Vik sit like that comfortably? lmaoo😂
m.r popo
m.r popo Před rokem
it's amazing that how consistent the sidemen are
haraldsson Před rokem
Yeah man never missed a sidemen Sunday throughout a pandemic we are blessed truly
Ronin Correia
Ronin Correia Před rokem
Simon finessed that, can’t believe Tobi let that slide
O K Před rokem
Tobi thinks he's smarter than he is but he's slow to catch onto things. Simon ain't the smartest but he's sharp as hell
Ryan Brigham
Ryan Brigham Před rokem
Y does it matter it is just a fun game and the winner doesn’t matter for anything
MZ Před rokem
@Ryan Brigham It's discussion relevant to the video...
useless degenerate
useless degenerate Před rokem
@O K it's not that deep lmao
Kyle_X12 Před rokem
Great vid. Sick game. Well done simon for the win. And also Simon fuck the haters its literally a game
dan doko
dan doko Před rokem
such a good video please do a 2nd one