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7. 12. 2021





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Waleed Ahmad
Waleed Ahmad Před rokem
Putting Vikk and josh together in an IQ game is Illegal.
BEN 21
BEN 21 Před rokem
i think harry got more than josh in this video
Adeel M
Adeel M Před rokem
Harry Deffo underrated this time lol
Timothy Fanning
Timothy Fanning Před rokem
They lost though haha
Deepa Parakkal
Deepa Parakkal Před rokem
Danny phantom 15
Danny phantom 15 Před rokem
You can't put vik and Josh on the same team it's just an automatic win😭😂😂😂
Emil (curry)
Emil (curry) Před rokem
Tbf, they didnt win 😂
Dr Dre
Dr Dre Před rokem
Harry also goated in this video tbf
Addison Marriott
Addison Marriott Před rokem
@Emil (curry) lmao they did, the answer was tribe they just took the piss out of it
Fattipotato79 Před rokem
Didn't harry score most of there points?
R Graham
R Graham Před rokem
Colin H
Colin H Před rokem
At 3:04 when Tobi’s laugh just turned to a straight face has me dead ☠️
Az Před rokem
Hes fake & in it for the money 💤
Hisham Před rokem
@Az someone’s poor
BT :
BT : Před rokem
@Az how can he when he’s been there before they even had money😂
reddie Před rokem
@Az az if
MrFrosty Vlogs
MrFrosty Vlogs Před rokem
someone should make meme on it
Disco Před rokem
Harry actually used his hands like a normal person to hold a bottle wowza
Kieran Před rokem
Vikks brain went omega sized to get Demonstration, that's class
V bucks Roblox
V bucks Roblox Před rokem
@Mm Bb yessir 🔥
Deathmare Před rokem
Maybe it’s just me but demonstration seemed so obvious I was lowkey disappointed especially since they were gassing it
Kieran Před rokem
@Deathmare it's obvious as fuck once you hear it but I think it's actually pretty tough otherwise, fair play getting it so easy
Hager Meghrawi
Hager Meghrawi Před rokem
I love how Simon understands JJ so well. Instantly gets it before any of the others as soon as JJ smirks 19:01 Also Vik is so serious and didn't get it at all until Harry told him.
Ben Crawford
Ben Crawford Před rokem
He’s very switched on
Mike Před rokem
I still don't get it
Only Fair
Only Fair Před rokem
@Mike I think the point was that it didn't matter what Simon said, JJ was going to give them the points anyway. The answer was tribe though, so Josh actually won 17-0
Desiree Doodles
Desiree Doodles Před rokem
Demonstration ... Harry's excitement.. Snatch .. only vik clapping when Harry goes snatch !! Harry and Vik are friendship goals
Savage Sid
Savage Sid Před rokem
True true true...
Morgue1998 Před rokem
JJ is a legit millionaire with holes in his socks. That lord definitely is humble.
Nikolas Fox
Nikolas Fox Před rokem
Humble or lazy?
Subaru Natsuki
Subaru Natsuki Před rokem
So we’re just ignoring the beerus chain
Devesh Singh
Devesh Singh Před rokem
10 sec into the vid i saw that wnd already knew what was going to be the top comment
Morgan Před rokem
He ain't 'umble
reddie Před rokem
You know when you're so rich you don't care? Yeah can't relate either
TheBaguetteHimself Před rokem
The fact Ethan still has his ironman plushy from back in the arcade video, is bloody amazing. He brings it with him to almost every video.
Mm Bb
Mm Bb Před rokem
@V bucks Roblox yessir
Avijeet Před rokem
Probably just keeps it in his car or in JJ and Simon's apartment!
Eat Your Creal
Eat Your Creal Před rokem
@Raged kombatroll is a hermitcraft cult. Oldschool
Jack360b Před rokem
When Harry was talking about abortion and says "When they hook it out" I actually lost my sh*t LMAO
xash.lynx Před rokem
i can’t even be mad at him cuz i was thinking the same exact thing hahaha
Nayan99 Před rokem
The Behz waffle whenever he's losing in a moresidemen video always creases me 🤣🤣🤣
Daft Studios
Daft Studios Před rokem
I cannot stand Behz all he does is hate on everything JJ says
Nayan99 Před rokem
@Daft Studios gonna be honest then don’t watch 😂
Daft Studios
Daft Studios Před rokem
@Nayan99 Behz ain't the only sideman He just wants to be the main character too bad 😂
Jack D'Agostina-Hatton
@Daft Studios no he doesn't lol, if you don't like don't watch
Dee Top
Dee Top Před rokem
JJ be like “I don’t have to put any effort into this game, I only have to show up….😂😂😂😂😂😂
Su;kojo Před rokem
Wouldn’t be a classic MoreSidemen video if it didn’t have JJ dozing off
Mm Bb
Mm Bb Před rokem
@V bucks Roblox yessir
Eat Your Creal
Eat Your Creal Před rokem
@V bucks Roblox yessir 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sadippers☆ Před rokem
the editors are legends for letting us join in
Judson 92
Judson 92 Před 10 měsíci
Do you know the context of that last word? How is "picnic" related to the clues "zulu", "gang", and "quest"?
Poto Před 10 měsíci
@Judson 92 Yes, the word was not actually "picnic," JJ was just trolling so they would win, the word was actually "tribe."
Judson 92
Judson 92 Před 10 měsíci
@Poto Ah, that makes sense. Thanks so much!
lll Před rokem
You can't put Vikk and Josh on the same team for these games 😂
ProMo Před rokem
I mean Harry did a lot of the work too, he guessed most of them
Queenie Greengrass
Queenie Greengrass Před rokem
Great combo though. I do like seeing sensible every now and then from the sidemen...
Eat Your Creal
Eat Your Creal Před rokem
@Mm Bb yessir 🔥😎
shifty Před rokem
@kai lunt bruh harry did better than vik
BicMacAndChips1 Před rokem
Poor Vik, Harry legit said summit so many times before Vik looked. Simon was complaining for no reason.
MAXIM The InternetBreaker
We all know how Simon is. He hates to lose and he definitely hates when someone else is better at something.. He always complains lol
useless degenerate
useless degenerate Před rokem
@MAXIM The InternetBreaker true lol
FLCKVANSE Před rokem
Lmao the nfts of them both at the top corner after the sidemen reacts reacting to the nfts just came out is perfect
RJPRO Před rokem
Was looking for this comment 😂
Vee Kay
Vee Kay Před rokem
the collection is called CS-vidPunks
R Graham
R Graham Před rokem
CK Před rokem
Facts bro
izan n
izan n Před rokem
8:27 "He's saying they fish the kid out!" Harry's brain is different ahahaahha
Loek Před rokem
How quickly Tobi switched from laughing to a dead serious face was so funny 3:04
Haapsalu Před rokem
Manuel Fragapane
Manuel Fragapane Před rokem
These videos would be so good if JJ actually tried in these type of games
Colt Před rokem
But that's what makes them way funnier, he just takes the piss and doesn't try
Alexander Kastrup
Alexander Kastrup Před rokem
@Cruze stop bro, don’t go that deep.
Aastik Sharma
Aastik Sharma Před rokem
@Alexander Kastrup it is true though...
Cruze Před rokem
@Alexander Kastrup tf u on ab bruh
Ziyi Wang
Ziyi Wang Před 9 měsíci
8:12 is and will always be my fav moment LMAO
Tosin McDonald’sFood
Tosin McDonald’sFood Před měsícem
I cannot stop laughing because of JJ when he just said Hoes 😂🤣😅😆😃☺️
Daan Před rokem
20:02 Josh in full dad-mode "beer is going over, guarenteed"
Robert Armstrong
Robert Armstrong Před rokem
13:59 Simon acting as if it was a close game😂😂
reuben Před rokem
JJ literally being fully asleep while Bez tried to work out killed me 😂💀
Osprey Před rokem
If you put vikk and Josh on the same team I guarantee it's an automatic dub for them 🔥
Eduardo Florian Antohe
I would like for JJ's brain to be donated to science, because for the love of God I have no idea how it works
Mm Bb
Mm Bb Před rokem
Okk cs-vid.net/video/video-a1j9owBuwdQ.html
QueenofKiwis Před rokem
I would love to know how the hell it works. This is the most unique man in the world
WiZaRd !
WiZaRd ! Před rokem
jj is smart but he doesn’t try or he just acts dumb to make it more entertaining
AerN Před rokem
@WiZaRd ! That doesn't make it more entertaining
WiZaRd !
WiZaRd ! Před rokem
@AerN so in among us videos jj acts dumb so it becomes more entertaining if he acts smart it wouldn’t be as much entertaining
Johnny Před rokem
Big up the editors for letting us be apart 👊 + respect + loyalty
Kartik Verma
Kartik Verma Před rokem
At 10:18 , Josh asking Tobi to let them keep guessing the word because it's funny shows us how much they actually care about delivering good and funny content. Big Up!
Judson 92
Judson 92 Před 10 měsíci
Do you know the context of that last word? How is "picnic" related to the clues "zulu", "gang", and "quest"?
NJR Před 2 měsíci
​@Judson 92it wasn't the answer, JJ was going to give point anyway and Simon understood it, that's what he was saying to ethan, and harry clocked it after
Dylan Fane
Dylan Fane Před rokem
You are all boys! And genuine and it comes across in all your vids, no matter the channel. Keep being you, because it’s so enjoyable to watch and relate to! You boys do more than you know, so thanks 🍺 hope to see you one night in London and get you all a drink!
Chelsea K
Chelsea K Před rokem
Harry saying “the vagina” at 8:11 im in hysterics & love everyone’s reactions
Levity Před rokem
I like that this edit doesn’t show us the word so we can play along. More of that please!
Judson 92
Judson 92 Před 10 měsíci
Do you know the context of that last word? How is "picnic" related to the clues "zulu", "gang", and "quest"?
Nooneuknow Před 10 měsíci
@Judson 92 I don't understand that either
Leon Kjellman
Leon Kjellman Před rokem
I can’t stop laughing at Tobi’s laugh 03:04
R Graham
R Graham Před rokem
Johnathan Galvas
Johnathan Galvas Před rokem
Am I the only one who likes the fact that they all look so comfortable and relaxed with each other? Soon enough they're gonna start cuddling XD
TGK_Mystic Před rokem
The consistency that they upload we all should respect.
Mohamed Hussein
Mohamed Hussein Před rokem
Except jj
Jack Hay
Jack Hay Před rokem
KelvinBB shush bot
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Před rokem
@E Aa yessir 🔥🔥
SofW Před rokem
yh... ethans sock
shane bhanot
shane bhanot Před rokem
When Vikk and Josh combine no one can beat them
R Graham
R Graham Před rokem
its crazy how much content they put out for us to make us happy
Ethan Bradberry
Ethan Bradberry Před rokem
Moresidemen has been putting out bangers lately. Feels like back in the day
General Kenobi's Art
JJs laugh is infectious 🤣
Alex Parsons
Alex Parsons Před rokem
I thought JJ was faking being asleep but I’ve actually met him and I was telling him all about my life and my mums cancer and he slept the whole time so I believe this was legit
Rony H
Rony H Před rokem
This comment is amazing XD
Yan Laroche
Yan Laroche Před rokem
JJ: LITERALLY a millionaire Also JJ: wont be bothered by new socks
Carlton678 Před rokem
If I was there trying to guess snatch I would've raged hearing jj's and josh's clues, they were terrible
Judson 92
Judson 92 Před 10 měsíci
Do you know the context of that last word? How is "picnic" related to the clues "zulu", "gang", and "quest"?
Ashad Ali
Ashad Ali Před rokem
At this point we're all just subscribed to watch JJ sleep 😂😂😂😂
Mutaa Aladhami
Mutaa Aladhami Před rokem
JJ makes it even better everytime
forklift1 Před rokem
I like how active jj was during this video he put so much effort 😍
SyT Před rokem
Oh no you’re one of those
PixelStacker Před rokem
Vikks brain went omega sized to get Demonstration, that's class absolutely
Judson 92
Judson 92 Před 10 měsíci
Do you know the context of that last word? How is "picnic" related to the clues "zulu", "gang", and "quest"?
Yusuf Před rokem
15:19 the brudda is a whole mood tbh, lights and cameras up in his face and he still sleeping, the dedication
DJ_BEANZz Před rokem
He’s obviously faking it.
Mm Bb
Mm Bb Před rokem
@V bucks Roblox yessir
Eat Your Creal
Eat Your Creal Před rokem
@V bucks Roblox yessir 🔥
Austin Buhrman
Austin Buhrman Před 7 měsíci
The way you see Harry's mind work is amazing 😂😂
Scarlett Holmes
Scarlett Holmes Před rokem
can we appreciate tobi looks so good recently and more uploads as well love it!!
Starbeast Před rokem
Harry always screws his lines even in serious moments 😂
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Před rokem
@E Aa yessir 🔥🔥🔥🔥
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Před rokem
@Gamer 2349 its hermitcraft cult
Mertin Před rokem
no when going up his nose
Zach Altenbaugh
Zach Altenbaugh Před rokem
just some respect to the sidemen for releasing content so often
Rashed El
Rashed El Před rokem
3:38 Kickstarts by Example is a TUNNNEEEEE 5:00 Vik casual with it ya know 8:27 fucking imagine 12:19 LMFAO 19:10 JJ WITH THE MINDGAMES FOR THE WIN
hungry_eyes101 Před rokem
Its tradition now for JJ to fall asleep in nearly every video lmao
Josh Ustaran-Anderegg
I’d be pretty pissed if I was trying to film a video and he kept falling asleep
Kesh Před rokem
You can tell JJ did nothing at school, meanwhile Vikk is so smart
Yasuke Před rokem
Watching these type of SDMN vids always got me trying to process the fact that my favorite member of the sidemen who I've been watching for 8 years and I knew about before any of the Sidemen or any other CS-vidr for that matter, is dumb af...😂😂😂 Love you JJ
Maddox Dickie
Maddox Dickie Před rokem
I love how Harry’s the only one with a beer
Ryan Cheung
Ryan Cheung Před rokem
We’ve all experienced what JJ went through at 17:33
NBD Před rokem
Back to back bangers on this channel! That's what I'm talking about! Password is one of my favorite games they do on this channel hope we see more down the road
TikTok Girls
TikTok Girls Před rokem
The consistency that they Upload we all should respect 💙💙💙
Lèflame_Cano Před rokem
Vik is too OP. Man's do smart he can guess a correct answer
God's Gamer
God's Gamer Před rokem
11:23 That pause was so funny 😂
Ben Před rokem
JJ is so effortlessly funny haha
SlayzGhee Před rokem
where was the funny in this vid?
Hamish.C Před rokem
Tobi was staring into my soul this whole video. 😂🤣😂
DoubleA Před rokem
We love to see it, a fair and square comeback
DKBoombox Před rokem
Tobi's dead stare at 2:43 is hilarious
Melody Grace
Melody Grace Před rokem
Please don't ever change or split up I love you guys. You have all got me through dark stages in my life xx
Priyansh Před rokem
Here's the one of the greatest series of sidemen and Always loving the madness and entertainment they do ❤❤❤❤❤❤
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Před rokem
@E Aa yessir 🔥🔥🔥
Josh Golston
Josh Golston Před rokem
Funny vid loved jj just destroying Josh with the rock paper scizors
AK3456 Před rokem
The way Simon keeps blinking repeatedly at the camera 😂 15:16
LANCEL0T Před rokem
Is it morse code?
Celestial Před rokem
@LANCEL0T yup, he said help me
Don Před 2 měsíci
1:06 top 10 coldest KSI moments 😂😂😂
Rishab Před rokem
I like this format a lot more. I get to play the game with them :D
Addiis Před rokem
Simon is such a baby 😂😂 I swear he loves Tobi
Urmi Bhushan
Urmi Bhushan Před rokem
im so glad harry is vocal with his thoughts, man is stupid funny
NLizzy💯💯 Před rokem
Josh n Vikk together on a game based on IQ isn’t fair at all it’s like having the brains of the professor from money heist n Scofield from prison break together loooooool😂😂😂😂
The_Aztronaut Před rokem
This video was jokes because of JJ falling asleep and the sidemen playing around it 😂
Lucifer Savitar
Lucifer Savitar Před rokem
JJ pulled through for his team at the end , despite being asleep 🤣🤣 that's what I call a trooper
Simon Roswall
Simon Roswall Před rokem
How did he even clutch it? I don’t understand how he got picnic to them?
Lucifer Savitar
Lucifer Savitar Před rokem
He chose a relatively simple word ,and he knew tobz would think of a good way to hint the word
@Lucifer Savitar how the hell do you get picnic from Zulu and quest 😂
Haggyburn2k Před rokem
W2s is either drinking or eating in every video 😂😂 my favorite
Connor Matheney
Connor Matheney Před rokem
This was an incredible glimpse into how Harry's brain works lol
YouTube Memes
YouTube Memes Před rokem
Tobi’s face droppes real quick at 3:05 lol
Jason Gaffy
Jason Gaffy Před rokem
the content at the moment is elite, keep it up boys ❤
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Před rokem
@E Aa yessir 🔥
Tiger K
Tiger K Před rokem
Milla Kunis 💋👇 exactly what I was thinking
Queenie Greengrass
Queenie Greengrass Před rokem
We need more of this!
Wiktor Blachowicz
Wiktor Blachowicz Před rokem
Joshes team just giving away everything with their eye contact lol
CLIP KING Před rokem
You have the surname of the ufc light heavyweight champion 🤔
NoLifeMitch Před rokem
@CLIP KING former light heavyweight champion
Cameron Stickley
Cameron Stickley Před rokem
@CLIP KING ex champ
SLQ Před rokem
Yeah you have the surname of the Legendary Polish Power man
EksCorels Před rokem
These guys are consistent. We thank you, Sidemen❤
I’m Sonny
I’m Sonny Před rokem
How does JJ still make videos funny when he’s literally sleeping😂😂
R2 Debo
R2 Debo Před rokem
LITERALLY you posted this just as my pizza arrived THANK YOU
Konrad Kossa
Konrad Kossa Před rokem
Is it good?
bandz Před rokem
Nathan Pardy
Nathan Pardy Před rokem
Literally same
Baka bean
Baka bean Před rokem
Literally just grabbed some mcdonalds
Obiwankaanobi Před rokem
Ur my guy
Negeya Před rokem
Tobi truly the MVP for the JJ team
Islem Hamiani
Islem Hamiani Před rokem
Sidemen playing Password is legit one of my favourite things to see on this channel its so entertaining
LazyRebel Před rokem
I'm actually quite surprised with Vik's F1 knowledge
Jelena Ivanovic
Jelena Ivanovic Před rokem
I belive JJ could wear every single day a new pair of socks, but he apsolutly don't give a shit even though you almost can see his foot. Respect
Bodas R
Bodas R Před rokem
the fact that jj fake falls asleep is a mood cutter imo
Unknown Player
Unknown Player Před rokem
3:00 look at Tobi’s face 😂😂😂
Shudhit Sahni
Shudhit Sahni Před rokem
Yet another more sdmn vid! They’re killing it right now!🎉🎉🎉
İyki Gugu
İyki Gugu Před rokem
@E Aa yessir
Luke Williams
Luke Williams Před rokem
Whoever created the team icons deserves a raise
SLQ Před rokem
8:31 the look Josh gave to Tobi and Tobi finally realises the inside joke, OG fans, if you know, you know.
#YoungValakabon Před rokem
Tobi at 3:03 is on something😂😂😂
Vil l
Vil l Před rokem
Simon giving sum mad morse code by blinking 15:23
Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter Před rokem
Nice to see Harry holds a bottle normally, unlike a glass
Samuel Stebbins
Samuel Stebbins Před rokem
The team graphics are so cool! Big up to the editors
Domenic Avellino
Domenic Avellino Před rokem
JJ was off it in this one hahaha! licking the pillow and shit mans looked knackered LOL
Fine Living with Tee
Ethans face when JJ was sleeping😂😂Man was fuming