S L I P K N O T Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of S L I P K N O T Playlist 2021

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S L I P K N O T Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of S L I P K N O T Playlist 2021
S L I P K N O T Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of S L I P K N O T Playlist 2021
S L I P K N O T Greatest Hits Full Album - Best Songs Of S L I P K N O T Playlist 2021

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12. 08. 2021





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Madame Haze
I was 14 years old when I discovered this band because they just released their third album. There was something to their music I could relate to emotionally so Slipknot became my gateway to metal. My parents just divorced at that time and it was the last day of school for me before my mother and I moved. This one guy in my class gave me his IOWA LP which I listened to all summer. Its been 20 years, life hasnt been easy but all that mattered to me was staying alive so I wouldnt miss all that good metal in the world. Shoutout to my fellow metalheads and to everybody thats trying to stay alive and doing it successfully.
Sergey Chupronov
Sergey Chupronov Před 9 hodinami
Slipknot-ЛУЧШИЕ!!!..Слушаю их еще с 90ых и реально тогда и в 00ые это была лучшая группа!!!..сейчас скатились в мейнстрим и лютую эксперементальщину на последнем альбоме и "уже не те" ,но нельзя не признать что это великая группа!!!
1. Psychosocial
Aex Frea
I was 10 when I discovered this band. They've been special to me every since. They're part of my daily music, part of my life, and part of my mental stability------- lol. I don't know how my life would be without this band. The emotional way I relate to their songs. The way this band helps me get through my anger and sadness. They were my trail to discovering many different metal bands. And now I'm 14, almost 15. Still obsessed with and in love with Slipknot along, with others. This band is my mom's favorite, and now mine as well.
Pyro the flamethrower
You know it’s bad when you’re fresh into middle school and you’re listening to this absolutely badass music! The first 8 songs have got to be my favorite.
Freddie Obando
Freddie Obando Před rokem
hacen falta muchas canciones geniales de SlipKnot... la lista está muy corta relacionada con toda las geniales canciones de esta grandiosa banda...
Antonio Santos
Antonio Santos Před rokem
Muito louca essa banda ,vocal maravilhoso parabéns Slipknot...
Anthony Merchant
My personal introduction to this band came from one of my battle buddies while in AIT for the Army at Ft. Lee, Virginia in 2001. I was listening to them while deployed in Iraq in Operation Iraq Freedom III 2004-2005 and I'm still headbanging to this band today at 42 years old now. I now listening to this band to keep my own demons at bay as I have PTSD and TBI from my experience in the Army. Still love this band!
Angel_GD Před rokem
Muy buenas las canciones de slipknot
Ioana Lavinia Sofianu
Slipknot it's something that you need when you feel sick, happy, down, sad, depressed, calm and chill! it's that something that embraces your brain, heart and soul! Slipknot it's not jus a band, is a lifestyle, a beautiful persona and also one healthy imaginare friend!
davi Lucca Minitruck's
Slipknot é muiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiito bom
I introduced Slipknot to my dad and now he won't stop listening, but I don't regret it at all lmao
Justin Williams
i got the actual demo tape of their self titled album before they were famous so SLIPKNOT will always hold a special place in my heart ... when i was smoking mad weed my freshmen year in high school my buddy passed out this demo of this badass band so i took it home and after the first time i heard wait and bleed it was over ...
George Base
A full album recorded with joey jordison!!! Just a piece of art and history🤘🤙
Jamie Hill
I recently started listening to slipnot. I am 44 years old and i love there music
el_tio_ Elton
el_tio_ Elton Před rokem
1. Psychosocial
efucksjara Před 4 hodinami
I´from Chile, and discover Slipknot like 20 years ago, in the times in wich they only have the first album "SlipknoT". I remember that with my friends we love it!; even we make masks with different objects and things of our family, and then we went to scare people in the streets and things like that for fun, what beautiful times. Then IOWA appears and Slipknot start to increase their quality for make metal, and the number of people that they touch, what a huge band!!. Now, today I´m 34 years old, and live with my girlfriend that likes a lot the metal, and we´re going to see they on sunday for first time in life!!! I´m so exciting and this, thanks to the life, thanks to Slipknot !
multa tuli
multa tuli Před 14 dny
Joey the best drummer at the time, the rush the energy 🔥
Jeanpaul Michell
Jeanpaul Michell Před rokem
Pretty well-rounded list on here, for anyone being introduced to Slipknot.
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