Prey - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Prey, starring Amber Midthunder, Dakota Beavers, Dane DiLiegro. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg.

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6. 08. 2022





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The Predator running at them at full speed in the grass was genuinely terrifying
My only gripe is the modern dialogue, like the brother saying “I got this” and other instances. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but he could have simply said “I will go alone, I’m the eldest.” Or something like that.
Ted Fisher
Just when you think a franchise is dead, wow, I absolutely loved this. Keep it simple stupid holds true, this had a 'thriller/horror' vibe to it and whomever designed the look of the predator in this one did amazing, absolutely horrific looking, couldn't tell at times if it was practical or CGI, just know it was grotesque in a good way. Give the makers of this a shot at terminator, Robocop, maybe they can raise those franchises from the dead as well, cheers.
Scott McAuliffe
This deserved a theatrical release for sure. Soundtrack was awesome and the visuals are perfect for a dark room. Bravo to the director and lead actress, and great review Chris!
I feel like the biggest missed opportunity to build tension and suspense was the lacknof side effects of that body heat suppression plant/mushroom or what was it. I can buy that there is such a thing, but lowering the core body temperature should cone with some kind of nausea, tremmors, weakness or something. If the protagonist were to gain 'invisibility' at the cost of feeling like shit, that could really ramp up the stakes in the third act. Her fighting like a power ranger seemed a bit too much. Just to be frank, that goes for her brother as well.
The part where the fur trappers shoot at the Predator and then take 10 mins to reload their pistols was hilarious 😂
Robert Phillips
The cinematography in the movie was brilliant. Perfect for theatrical release. Bizarre they didn’t release on the big screen.
Sean Monetathchi
Being Nʉmʉnʉʉ (Comanche) myself I did get the opportunity to see it in a local movie theater. The production company had a screening of it for Nʉmʉnʉʉ near our tribal headquarters in Lawton, Oklahoma and it was amazing. Being 52 years old I grew up watching the Predator franchise too and I have to agree that this is just a notch below the original and ahead of all the other sequels. One fun fact about the movie is that it is the first movie ever to be originally shot entirely in the Nʉmʉnʉʉ language along with the English language version. In fact, fluent speakers could choose to see the Nʉmʉnʉʉ spoken version (with English subtitles) at the theater screening also. When I was asked what it was liked before it came out on Hulu (what a shame!), I described it as what if Predator and Last of the Mohicans had a movie "baby"; To me, that what Prey reminded me of on a surface level.
You can't tell me you didn't feel like Taabe was going to take out the predator in their fight scene, dude absolutely tore it to pieces. It could have so easily ended there but I enjoyed the more indulging trap scene reminiscent to the original film.
Thomas Leaf
i loved this movie. it deserved a theatrical release. i love how Naru has to use her wits like Arnold did in the first film. I also love that you can watch the film in Commanche as well, where all the First Nation actors are speaking in Commanche with subtitles. Really cool option
As a stand alone film like the first one it is excellent and wow it is so well directed top to bottom. Look away moments in places on its own gave it a superiority over other movies. A great surprise. Dan Trachtenberg is definitely a name to look out for.
bowen voowy
I absolutely loved this, was never huge into the other movies but this was intense, to the point and amazing
First Last
A Trippy WW1 Predator movie
This has a bit of a "Revenant" feel to the cinematography and it did wonders for the immersion. I loved the movie soooo fkn much I was so locked in and immersed and there were also many times where I was yelling out loud during tense or amazingly gory fight scenes. This was the best movie I have watched again and my only conpmajn is I couldn't wipe my mind and watch it over again
Jason Murray
Jason Murray Před hodinou
I really love this movie so much, PREY was such a really good & fabulous film & the good thing about it was a whole lot different than the previous Predator movies, This to me is possibly one of the best Predator films they've done so far, I only saw it once so I'm going to watch it again on Disney + sometime this week
It was alright. I just find the ending kinda goofy, I already knew they was going to kill the brother off, but I feel like they could of did it in a less goofy way. He was doing his thing, but then out of nowhere he said a motivational line and then just stand there and got stabbed, it was just kinda goofy. Also the way the predator died was just also off putting to me as well. He died by his own weapon, I felt like as a advanced alien you should know how your weapon work especially if hunting is it’s life. He should already knew that his own mask tracks on where it’s set too, that’s just my opinion. I like the dynamic tho of this movie for sure, but idk I give it a 5/10
Love it. I also watched in Comanche. Raphael spoke at least French, English and Comanche. I liked the use of bits of The Last of The Mohicans sound track at the end. I thought that the axe with string was ingenious. Then she finds out that he cannot see cold bodies when she uses orange totsia on Raphael. Worthy of theatrical release.
D Mackaveli
Loved the movie, would love to see them continue this style and make another one in Africa or Japan. There’s a lot of possibilities
Bat America 2003
This is the first Predator movie since the original, which felt like a pure survival flick, especially considering that the original Predator isn't meant to be a world-ending threat.
Dyll Pyckle
Just finished the movie this morning and wow I really enjoyed it! I’ve never seen any other Predator movie, but I know of the series. This made me want to watch the others! I liked the set, costumes and performances especially. I’d be down to watch the others! It seems like they’re setting up for a sequel, which I am so down for if they do it well. Now, I don’t know if this would fit in canon, but I had this idea of different Predators coming to Earth in different time periods and how the people would react. Derivative? Yes. But it could be a lot of fun!
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