Pretending I Can't Sing In Public And Then Surprising Everyone😱 "give me a kiss" OUT NOW🌎🎵

Crash Adams
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Pretended I Couldn't Sing In Public and Then Surprised Everyone - We performed in the middle of the street!

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Hey, we're Crash Adams, two musicians who are best friends from Toronto who love to make pop/alternative music. You may have seen us doing viral stunts in the middle of the street with our red couch, to help spread our music! We produce, write, sing, mix and master all of our songs, and we love showcasing this music in a fun and humorous way through public pranks and performances in the middle of the street. We love to see how people react!

If you like musicians like Maroon 5, Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, Stellar, Imagine Dragons, Glass Animals, Benson Boone you'll love our content and music!

If you like our music, or enjoy our singing content, feel free to hit that sub button for daily CS-vid shorts and new music coming soon!✅

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30. 08. 2022





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Crash Adams
Listen to the full song (Give Me A Kiss by Crash Adams) below👇🏼🔥
ミミズサリー / Earthworm Sally
At the beginning, all of the bystanders looked personally offended.
kalimari Před 21 hodinou
"Sorry, my autotune wasn't on"
bubbagray88 Před 4 hodinami
This clip has made its way to my playlist at work…. Amazing song great vocals and catchy rift… love everything about this song
Sorry my guitar player sucks got me cracking 😂
Stella Fatag
Stella Fatag Před 7 hodinami
Lola & Finley!
Lola & Finley! Před 21 hodinou
“Sorry my guitar player sucks”
Vincent Circharo
Vincent Circharo Před 14 dny
the way he sang that first "except for that first night" made me think it was some kind of pop punk song and i was totally on board
うえおあい Před 4 hodinami
Im Japanese
Keen Abayon
Keen Abayon Před 21 hodinou
Even in the beginning u already knew that there's something awesome in his voice. 😭✨❤️
Bob Keps
Bob Keps Před 14 dny
"Sorry, forgot to turn my laptop on. Has some killer voice effects."
I Am Funny
I Am Funny Před 14 hodinami
Any video I watch I always go to the comments section...and it's great 💓 positive vibes only💯
Ta aiga829
Ta aiga829 Před 2 hodinami
The Chamelaleone
The Chamelaleone Před 14 dny
The weird tone at the beginning combined with "Sorry, my guitar player sucks." Got me. I cried laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
Solo yt
Solo yt Před 19 hodinami
It’s so funny at the beginning of all these songs he acts like he is bad. The editor makes it funny 😆 😆
eigow ou
eigow ou Před 4 hodinami
“sorry my guitar player sucks” got me. laughing so loud and the guitar player was like “do i actually suck ” wait does he actually suck? i think it’s really good ngl
Jinju Před 21 dnem
This two Gives off that Maroon 5 Vibe❤️
NotAna_Playz Před 4 hodinami
“Sorry My Guitar Player Sucks”
splinter pelado
splinter pelado Před 19 hodinami
i love the fact that his "pretending i dont know how to sing" is my "oh hey that came out pretty good"
XlemonsX Před 14 dny
“Sorry my guitar player sucks”
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