Poppy Playtime: Chapter 3 - Teaser Trailer has Dropped! (Reaction & Analysis)

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 released its first trailer today and in this video we take a look through it to see what new information we can learn and what surprises await as we enter the new Playcare zone. This is a trailer reaction and analysis for Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 teaser trailer.

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5. 08. 2022





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0GNIS the Hell King and also Blake and Evelyn
Has anyone ever noticed, in the trailer, when Elliot mentions a “monster in the closet”, the gas mask fully comes into view? Could this be hinting at a mechanic?
Samurex Atlas
So, a few details I found:
Gala Afton
The only thing that freaked me out throughout this entire thing is the mask and the screams of the children, which means something bad must have happened in that area where we crashed landed in chapter 2 it was very creepy at least, but hopefully we could find out what happened to the said employees and children.
"The adult toys killed all the scientists and researchers"
Corey Fogarty
The gas mask could possibly be an key gameplay element and the area were entering might have poisonous gas and maybe we might get an full encounter with the prototype
Theory: he said he wanted to make children smile...so he became a toy...but....it didn't end out like he wanted....and he became the prototype
Pika the Mimikyu
I loved this, it was so creepy. The way the excitement turns to screaming children.... Playcare must have been a truly horrible place. Also that gas mask thing looks terrifying. What kind if toy is it supposed to be? It doesn't look like a toy to me, except for the colours.
I believe that in the next chapter we'll discover more, not only about the children they experiment on, but also about the workers. Obviously, we will definitely see Kissy Missy again, but I have the feeling that we may find a couple of tapes with, either Mommy Long Legs when she was human, or with "footage" of one of the experiments 🤔 That would be a creepy touch.
Isalis Calispal
I think the gas mask is going to be a key item in progression, like there will be areas you can’t access because of gas, and you’ll have to return to them once you do have the gas mask. I don’t know how further the gas mask mechanic will go, but it sure would be enough to affect gameplay significantly
Phoenix Master
From what it sounds like, I agree with the statement that Ludwig had good intentions at the beginning, but I listened to the trailer myself and it didn't just sound like kids screaming cause you know it would be a bunch of high pitched screams if it would be kids. What if half of your predictions where correct but instead of gassing the play place, they accidentally gassed the employees and too cover it they made the toys that are scattered in the ground with blood around them. But all will tell in due time
Ariana C
When I saw this, a few things popped into my head. According to google, Playtime Co. was founded in 1930, about 9 years before WW2. I believe in this chapter we will see toys maybe from that period of time, hinted by the gas mask, which was used in WW2.
shane Denny
I don't care what you post Mike, you kill it everytime. Thank you for dropping this reaction.
Силвио Станков
This game seems to be getting darker with every chapter I love it and also love your analysis
Smith Smith
I personally would love to see more of kissy Missy and maybe other friendly toys like cat being candy cat and Boogie bot.
Sweet Histortea
A eerie detail in the trailer is that the joy turned into screaming. I wonder if playcare was where the children were experimented on.
It's surprising how fast the developers are making a new chapter after the last one and makes it looks even more terrifying then before as we heard the childrens screams
Did anyone notice how Mommy long legs has her wait detatched? If there is a pattern (Even though huggy has no missing limbs we never see him die or anything hinting he's alive) Bron has only his head. What did we do to the rest of his body?
Candace Watson
It's possible that when elliot opened the playcare the children walked in they see Daisy which made them scream this explains why daisy was rejected which expains the rejection note. Edit: cant wait for gameplay trailer!!!
Krampus The Killjoy
I love that each chapter this game gets darker and scarier the moments
Copious Amounts of Gaming
Feel like the gas mask is going to be a mechanic. Like some areas have gas in them and you of course have to use the mask. Maybe you will need to change filters after they run out🤔. Maybe there is a limited time you can spend in the areas. Or maybe its infinite. Either way I'm hyped for chapter 3 and Mike's playthrough
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I'm in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2
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hi, I'm Dream.
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