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21. 11. 2022





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@TimeBucks Před rokem
Love how grateful you are Les
@manueldasilva4395 Před rokem
very good comment
@wasifali5175 Před rokem
@sanjaymahawar3216 Před rokem
@sanjaymahawar3216 Před rokem
Very nice
@madaibenitez9181 Před rokem
Manifesting that one day I’ll be able to throw beautiful gatherings for my family & friends in a beautiful home one day! ❤️ Loved the video Les, so proud of all your accomplishments 💞🫶🏻
@Rosalia040509 Před rokem
Best feeling being able to bring your friends and family under one roof and host making memories ❤️🫶🏼
@___000O Před rokem
@cristinaordonz Před rokem
Leslie always so grounded she doesn’t ever forget where she came from her original friends and her friends from content creating how awesome!! Love this
@GoonVibez Před rokem
I agree, I also think cuz her original friends didn't change on her either. sometimes people have envy and it ruins everything but her circle is tight and all here for it, for sure
@___000O Před rokem
@LMLopez589 Před rokem
the way baby g just loves Crystal & Sarah❤ Happy Thanksgiving! Love that you have these beautiful friendships.
@aprilandrade2416 Před rokem
Goals 🥹 you’re surrounded by so many people that love you. Love the vibes
@valeriejames5189 Před rokem
Love how humble and down to earth you are. Continue making memories with your favorite people 🤍
@evelyncano3247 Před rokem
Just having a friend like u and Alex is a blessing in itself to be able to just go sit in a beautiful home that was built with your hardwoek and dedication and to just have them not worry about cooking taking bringing this and that and being late y'all took care of everything and everyone now that's a vibe and you are truly so humble for sharing this with your loved ones 😭❤️
@felishathemom7393 Před rokem
it always makes me wonder what people go through in their past life to be so blessed in the present life. les deserves every single blessing 🎉❤❤❤
@esmeraldaluna9452 Před rokem
Love how grateful you are Les, we are grateful for you! ❤️
@rosa123436ify Před rokem
The decor is so pretty ❤ so nice to be able to have all your friends over
@sonnnyxo6780 Před rokem
I love how happy and positive you always are !! Love your vibe les ! God bless you ❤❤❤❤✨🙏🏼
I love this I wish I had friends lol but we all grew apart when we started having kids and I mean I get it it’s hard to balance it all out but I’m glad to see everyone vibing ❤ happy thanksgiving 🦃
@aracely4106 Před rokem
I would love to do this but I only have 1 friend 😂 so fun to watch all your friends come together! ❤
@ros_gold Před rokem
Only 3 mins in and you can tell Laura and Les have been spending a lot of time together they both talk with their hands and move them exactly the same way! 😄
What I needed after this couple days of my surgery that were the worst so glad baby girl uploaded this new video ❤
@veronicaneri4338 Před rokem
Life goals to have a home and be able to host gatherings ❤ thank you for sharing these beautiful moments with us
@caroll1842 Před rokem
I love that you guys took the time to say Grace and be thankful!!! Very down to earth people and that’s why I support u guys!! Love u all
@jazzyespitia9399 Před rokem
Too cute! I wish I had friends that I could do this with. But I hate to host and I don’t like too many people lol. Loved through you all! I love you Les! My favorite family for sure ❤
@marshallnicole82 Před rokem
The holidays with baby g this year is goin to be so exciting and fun. Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE 🦃
@nena9184 Před rokem
Les not being able to say Charcuterie Board had me dying 😂😂I love Les and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.
@amilmenchu3569 Před rokem
@vanesacastro7288 Před rokem
i was looking for this comment 😂
@Cilla501 Před rokem
Loved how everyone strikes a pose as soon as baby g was ready, soo cute.♥️
I love how real you are and how you’re always looking out for the people around you ❤
@samanthat578 Před rokem
This was such a beautiful gathering. Les is so humble eventhough she has the platform that she does. God bless you Les and you family. Happy Thanksgiving ❤️
It’s like we’re real life besties lol you always post right when i need good vibes!
@boujeeannaa Před rokem
Les looks so pretty with and without makeup 🤍
@kimberlychapa3430 Před rokem
You are so beautiful Les! ❤️ also HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING 💕🦃 love you girl!
@helensoto5928 Před rokem
Awww so Beautiful♥️💕 you and Alex sure know how to throw a Friendsgiving dinner for you friends! Love watching you Babygirl💖
@conniediaz7105 Před rokem
Baby G knows wassup with the sweet and salty combo. An Oreo in one hand and a galleta salada en la otra mano 😂. Loved the vibes
@reneehoward7729 Před rokem
Awww I wanted to see soo much more Les,,I love watching your videos,I can't get enough of them,,love you girly...
Girl why is that every time you order from SHEIN your clothes looks so cute and nice quality and when I order the things i order be so cheap 😭😭 hate it here but girl I loveee how humble you are 🫶🏼🫶🏼
@valeriasoto415 Před rokem
Love all of y’all’s videos!!! Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family. 🦃🎄
@xoxamxo Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving Les and Alex!! The set up was so cute and simple 😍🥰
@brianajimenez5284 Před rokem
Happy Thanksgiving babes!!! Been up waiting for this. Love the vibes always❤
@lunaestrella619 Před rokem
Happy Thanksgiving Les!! I Always Get Excited To Watch Your Videos!! When I'm At Work, I Have To Set An Alarm To Watch Your Video When I Get Home! 🥰❣️❤🦃
@jovannaabrego141 Před rokem
Love the PJ’s , such a beautiful family , happy holidays Les 😊
Currently w my frosted coffee comfy in my pregnancy pillow ready to watch 🥲🥲🥲♥️
@kimberlysosa7401 Před rokem
Love your pjs 😍😍 Happy early thanksgiving to you and your family! 💞💞
@monicajimenez3307 Před rokem
I love Les’s videos! ❤ I always like and comment before I watch, because who’s not gonna love a video of hers😊
@soniamendoza2802 Před rokem
I love how this turned out!❤️ always making going all out. The pj themed thanksgiving is a good idea😌
@vanessaolivas3 Před rokem
Not Les with the chrrrrzzz🪰🪰🪰 lmao! Love this!! I hope to one day have a genuine crew like this to do these special things with🤍
Such a huge blessing to be surrounded by great friends!!!
Les your such an amazing person.God bless you and your family and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving
@jessicamercado490 Před rokem
Love y’all Lessss! Happy holidays! You have a beautiful family! Love watching you guys! God bless you guys always! 🤍
Every thing is absolutely beautiful and the food looks delicious. Thanks be to God 🙏
Loving the vibes in your videos!!! 💕😌
@brendaruiz4184 Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving baby girls! Love the vibes Les🎉💗
Baby G is already talking 🥹 why did I get sentimental 😭 it so bittersweet 💕
@wendymares450 Před rokem
Les always has the most beautiful aesthetic ❤ I can’t .
@drizzzyyg2671 Před rokem
Omg I was literally on your channel like 4 mins ago to check is you’ve uploaded missed you ❤ Happy thanksgiving 🤎
@sammyg927 Před rokem
loved, loved, loved it!💞💞 i can't wait to be able to do something like this!🙌🏽♥️ sooner than later, God willing!🙌🏽
Yes girl! Been waiting for this vlog all day 😊
@vanessamtz1845 Před rokem
Such a beautiful gathering! Stay blessed love ❤️
@judy2654 Před rokem
Lol, not Alex reciting the frame we have in our kitchen . But that was nice to first thank God before enjoying your meal. The food looked SO delicious! Happy Thanksgiving! 💕🙏🏼
@tanyasalgado7408 Před rokem
Everything looks amazing hope you all have a wonderful time Beautiful blessings
@lexytapia9810 Před rokem
Love you guys did Christmas pajamas theme love you it ❤les you throw the best Parties 🎉ever loving the vibes
@milcajoanagh9465 Před rokem
Beautiful Friendsgiving ❤🎉 God bless everyone and your beautiful family ❤
@elenaramos8986 Před rokem
Your amazing! I love the person you are , I admire you
Happy thanksgiving les and family !!!❤🍁🦃
Omg that’s my moms birthday 🥳 and mine is the seventh…girlllllll now i know why i m intrigued in watching you grow and become in this technical world 🙊 and seeing what a great mamma jamma 😂. You’ve become…💫 wishing you many blessings to you and your fam bam 💥 thankful for your vibes 🎉😅😊
@ChulaaXoxo Před rokem
Oh girl!!! You look stunning in everything ❤
@anagiron8151 Před rokem
Girl same my sister's birthday is on the 2nd and we never do anything cuz we are so tired of all the holiday celebrations. Awww I love your decor its so beautiful.
baby g is hilarious interrupting you every time you want to say something 🤣🤣💘 he’s so cute!
@celiacendejas5182 Před rokem
Yay love watching you videos loved all the details to your friends giving love you baby girl blessings
@ashleycardoza8750 Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving mama to you and your beautiful family may god keep blessing you guys and shower with love and joy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️big fan 🥺🫶🏼
@cvclfamily2018 Před rokem
i love your videos , happy early thanksgiving enjoys yalls self! love you les 🫶🏼💕💕💕💕
@dayz_89 Před rokem
I can’t with les 🤣🤣 the ending “wappenning“ 🤣 she’s so funny I love her ❤️❤️❤️
@amberconde4813 Před rokem
Happy Thanksgiving to your beautiful family !! 🦃❤
Thank you for this exquisite stream, I will never forget this experience
I love you and been following for so long but dura más tiempo el anuncio de SheIn que el blog 😭 i wish they could last moreee
Thank you for uploading! I really enjoyed this video🎉
Birthday Twins!!! Growing up my birthday was always the day we would go back to school from winter break I hated it now we celebrate it either the day of or over New Years Eve weekend
@denisegarcia708 Před rokem
Yay!!!! I needed this!!!! Relax time to watch this!🍷
You and my mom have the same birthday thats awesome & happy thanksgiving hope you and your family 🤎🤎
@remquotes Před rokem
The decor is AMAZING!!!
@angiemelgar17 Před rokem
I love it ❤les you always cheer me up I love to see your videos 🥰😍
@virginiagarza8001 Před rokem
I just love your vibe ❤️❤️!! Much love
@claudiabarocio20 Před rokem
Loved it ! Happy thanksgiving Ms LesDoMakeup 🤪❤️
@amayranic9408 Před rokem
Idk why the zoom in of you and Alex talking had me dying ☠️ so happy you have great friends to create this tradition with les ❤️ May god bless you and them
@gabriellar87 Před rokem
Love the pjs les 🥰🥰 so cuteee!! Happy holidays 🫶🏼
I do nothing more but look forward to your videos 😫❤️
@gabriellar87 Před rokem
I love baby gs and Sara’s relationship 🥰🥰
@nancyruffin8516 Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving’s! Amazing friends making amazing memories 💓
@samloya0821 Před rokem
Yassss I agree it’s so cold I’m from Houston Texas!!🤍🥶
@vanessazarazua915 Před rokem
Watching this made me so emotional🥹 They deserve this!!!!✨🫶🏻 I Hope to one day be this Happy💓
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours. Blessings
Cant wait to see your xmas decorations in your new home❤
@misssheena84 Před rokem
Looks like y’all had a blast so awesome 🤩 🎉
@gemiibabyy Před rokem
@noemitorres7895 Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving 🦃 beautiful to you’re and you beautiful little family 💕
@jackiesalazar5704 Před rokem
Happy Early Thanksgiving to you and your family 🦃🧡 hope you all have a great and blessed thanksgiving. LOVE YALL ❤️❤️❤️
@jackiesalazar5704 Před rokem
Bought another pair of your glasses today 🖤🖤 can’t wait to receive them. And add them to my dimexlesdomakeup collection 😎😎😎😎😎😎
@evelynalvarez5713 Před rokem
Excited to see you babe!
@janelle972 Před rokem
I JUST saw your story about the whole hassle and then got the notification, I clicked soooo fast 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
@nelysanchez4848 Před rokem
The decorations always come out gorgeous bbg 😮👍
@merissaaragon7168 Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving Les and family and friends 🤍🫶🏼
@jennieramirez8033 Před rokem
Ahhhh finallly!!!! Lol just in time for when i put my kiddos to sleep jiji ❤️❤️🫶🏻 love you guyss!! Happy Thanksgiving. GOD Bless you and your famoly always Queen❤️❤️
My favorite CS-vid!! Happy thanksgiving 🍁🦃
Happy early thanksgiving baby girl! 🎉🧡
@mariagallardo2959 Před rokem
I love the vibes 😍 you all have.. Dándole gracias a Dios.. saludos Les from Guadalajara Jalisco
@lillybejarano4473 Před rokem
Happy thanksgiving 🦃 to you baby girl and to your family and friends ❤