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26. 12. 2022





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@akkad7514 Před rokem
"do not open the closets or drawers unless we say so" the 30 missing people in my closet: 😭
@davorinlelemud Před rokem
I'm in ur closet with 29 men 😩😩😩 they can't handle my force 😩
@Bomba69420 Před rokem
@ketchupmacaroni Před rokem
@Kredillion Před rokem
@@ketchupmacaronitf you barking for
​@@ketchupmacaroni bro switched animals😭😭
@Mr_NiceBot Před měsícem
His gaming room has more rules than North Korea💀
@not_clxdy Před 17 hodinami
@Malaysianball2 Před 10 hodinami
Not bro not as much as mine
@Echo17344 Před měsícem
"You might get a second invite" Nah I ain't coming back if you gonna act like this
@Actualman Před 20 dny
So do i
like a random gamer but if it's a friend u don't have to listen to this at least listen to some tho.
@victoryancy3011 Před 7 dny
@Clutchnaldosiu Před 6 dny
Fr bruh. What's the point of hanging out and gaming if u gon act like this 😂
"Do not touch the fake grass in my room, its only for me to touch."
@sanderm8955 Před rokem
It’s name is Desmond and it is my child
@Goofyahhlilboy Před rokem
"Do not water the fake grass, it's only for me to water..."
@RAVANA7 Před rokem
@mega76543 Před rokem
Nooooooooooo 😭
@nexokami Před rokem
@@Goofyahhlilboy i read this with an indian accent somehow 💀
@shreyanshtiwari8406 Před měsícem
"Do not breathe oxygen in my gaming room u might toxic it" "Do not walk in my room u might make the floor lava"
@dblegends1911 Před 17 dny
@jordanlcm81 Před 16 dny
@user-ob3sz1dd7w Před 12 dny
Right bro
@ZainszX Před 9 dny
toxic it? Are you in fifth grade or what😅
@ThatA340Guy_Edit Před 26 dny
Gamers: "Who know why we have no friends" Also gamers:
@wesleynichols1873 Před rokem
"Do not touch the shower, it is in mint condition and is never to be used"
@SkyGodCheesey Před rokem
"If you touch it it's PSA grade will go from 10 to 8.5, so hands off"
@RedMaster366 Před rokem
I was expecting an offended comment from this lmao
@carsonball8 Před rokem
As a gamer, I am offended that you would imply that we even have a shower
@mr.iiconic Před rokem
​@@RedMaster366 offended?
@craig205 Před rokem
​@@mr.iiconic 93. Remember. 39
@YALdaMohammadi-jh2ly Před měsícem
@greatgaming2009 Před 12 dny
@TotallyNotAnthony Před 6 dny
Yeah its not like he is the president, Its like a president making a law about not existing unless they say so
@GamingReaperX_ Před 3 hodinami
Bro do people not get a joke nowadays
@farmezankurd Před 22 dny
"This is not blockbuster" explote my brain
@cyaned9795 Před rokem
Basically if we ever get invited to a gaming room, we just gotta stand in the corner and stare at them until they ask us to play💀
@Cookingtrade Před rokem
@darkshadow2314 Před rokem
yea what's the point right?
@silentcrow6602 Před rokem
**Becomes a statue**
@silentcrow6602 Před rokem
Also I don't really agree with the "Your opinion does not count we choose the games." Like, I'm a gamer too and I wouldn't care if someone wanted to choose a game they enjoy playing.
@greenwall1120 Před rokem
*if they ask
@Potatoes137 Před 25 dny
"do not look in the peanut butter, its ours."☠️
@kinensanglemdur1232 Před měsícem
"You might get a second invite". Only if I accept it🗿
@brick_head99 Před 14 dny
@26_swords Před rokem
‘’Your opinion does not count’’ What a great friend.
@zhanucong4614 Před rokem
I mean its true,we carefully chose game that fits our taste and if you must say why its bad then tell something that holds water
@kdiin. Před rokem
@@zhanucong4614 visiter should always pick the game regardless. they were invited over to have fun, they should choose
@zhanucong4614 Před rokem
@@kdiin. i was talking about when someone trashes our purchases decision and i know that not all games are for everyone but guests should know that not every game if for them
@seangallagher9435 Před rokem
@@zhanucong4614 the least elitist gamer
@@kdiin. That’s not how it works. Edit: Hey, kind reminder to go and actually read the replies, I know some of you slow, unaware people don't have the sense to, and I just wanted to remind you. I'm getting really tired of replying to you guys explaining how my opinion changed shortly after this argument. I'm not deleting me replies, because that's a pretty pussy-cat thing to do. So again, read the rest before you comment. It's just better that way.
@widihandari8723 Před měsícem
gamers: "and remember, do not touch grass".
@Smiler123HAHAHA Před 24 dny
‘’This is not your opinion it’s areas’’ got me dead 💀 how rude
“Do not open the front door, grass is our greatest foe”
@grass_6679 Před rokem
"if I am your foe, then I shall infest your home." -Grass H e h e h e h a
@Goggle424 Před rokem
@flerx Před rokem
@@grass_6679 💀
@grass_6679 Před rokem
@@flerx lmao
@aayushbhatt449 Před rokem
@@grass_6679 every gamers nightmare 💀
@micah__. Před 6 dny
How to be single Step 1: Be this guy
I dont want a second invite, I can smell it from here😭
@Jonathan331 Před rokem
"if you follow the rules, you might get a second invite." Sir, I'm already regretting the 1st.
@Motishay Před rokem
My thoughts exactly XP
@jimcanterak7349 Před rokem
So you want to mess with other people's shit and be allowed to do so?
@@jimcanterak7349 nah, people just want to have a good time with friends. If a "friend" behaves like they have a narcissistic disorder, no one with an ounce of self respect is going to enjoy themselves being around them
@fakename5308 Před rokem
@@orangeisthenewstrawberry6603 there are only two stupid rules, and coming up with them doesn’t necessarily make him narcissistic. Saying no to borrowing games is only a problem if he gets mad at people just for asking, but I’m sure he doesn’t get mad irl and is just venting his annoyance for the video. Politely declining to lend out your expensive belongings which have sentimental value to you is not selfish whatsoever. Feeling entitled to pick the game at your house when playing with your friends is indeed pretty selfish; but not nearly as selfish as feeling entitled to pick the game at someone else’s house. Aside from those two, literally every other rule he mentioned is just basic human decency that your parents should’ve taught you when you were 3. Anyone who doesn’t already follow them is an objectively horrible person with no respect for others
@CappyAnimations1 Před měsícem
“Never EVER bring ur stuff here, cuz if you do, it’s ours now”
@Annaorann Před měsícem
“Do not put your feet on the floor if a single spec gets on the floor it will break”💀
@dudemannors8894 Před rokem
There’s only one rule when I invite people to my room: “Please no shitting on the floor.”
@rekar5768 Před rokem
Fuck... Even when I really want to?
@adamallie8859 Před rokem
But I wanna get shwifty
@JohnMkrv Před rokem
Such a horrible rule
@parthkhatri6591 Před rokem
What if its an emergency
@OATTTT Před rokem
50£ fine
@mrmihawkguy727 Před měsícem
"Do NOT look our search history, you might get traumatized"
@user-xh4tx3li3e Před 24 dny
Lol here’s one Nice here’s one “Do not open any windows the light hurts me“ “Do not sit on my chair I sit there“ “Do not use the keyboard use the controller cuz it’s my“ “Do not play on the bed ur gonna ruin my 5 seconds work on making it and stink“ “Do not play on the floor..u can think of what reasons“ “So u only can spectate but u will destroy anything easily in my room spectate don’t do it there“ “Also not in the hall u could do something Sus and I don’t mean this 🥵😳 Sus” “So u better never play with me“
@avergeveshremyfan Před 12 dny
"if you are a grass toucher, we dont let you in our room unless we say so" 💀💀💀💀💀💀
@themortylord1895 Před rokem
"Rule 52: Do not complain about the smell. We have grinded for weeks to get that stench"
@JacktheFireEater Před rokem
Funny that the rule number is equal to the same number of weeks in the year that this guy doesnt date.
@@JacktheFireEater Of course he doesn't date he has to make it to 60 solo for the achievement.
@cjyo9123 Před rokem
Bruh my gaming room smells delicious. I have an obsession with wax warmers for some reason. Get one, they are cool looking lights that make the place smell good, it’s a win win.
@dragondude6984 Před rokem
@bluwu1586 Před rokem
I as a gamer girl don't apply to this rule.. I'm a clean freak-
As a gamer, I can say all these things are true😅
@VioL3tGD Před 4 dny
Bros acting like his gaming room is Area 51 💀🙏
@Gus-me6bz Před rokem
Relax, if you're this person you'll never have to worry about people going into your room
@RSFaber-nk6lh Před rokem
@victorysworldtv Před rokem
Man I'll be worried you have no idea the people who are in my life
@nakirix2910 Před rokem
literally have people in and out of this room. It actually is annoying when ppl fiddle with your stuff. you wouldnt like it either if i borrowed your laptop and changed all the settings
@capcom7794 Před rokem
@@nakirix2910 only 5 year olds do that
@RSFaber-nk6lh Před rokem
@@capcom7794 honestly the entire room screams 5 years old
@King011Productions Před 25 dny
1. I let people adjust my equipment for there need and I don’t be lazy and move it back afterwards 2. I let people touch my toys as long as there careful 3. I allow people to borrow games because I know they will return it 4. I let them throw away trash (this is the stupidest instruction) because I have my important stuff separated( your just lazy) 5. I let the guest choose the game 6. I let them open doors to see stuff 7. Idc if I’m player 1 or 2 You can do whatever you want, and you’ll get a second invite
@ShawnPlayz_247 Před 24 dny
@tntmaster7869 Před 2 dny
This is how every gamer should act
@skro0019 Před dnem
@patrikhidi5078 Před dnem
Stfu and idc i bet you dont have any friends as well
@mr.sploon1411 Před 24 dny
Do not breathe in our room unless we say so 💀💀
@sosantos5893 Před 23 hodinami
If you do not inhale more than 10 mins you will die
@ryandepp7640 Před rokem
Don’t worry, a person like this doesn’t have to worry about inviting friends over
@zest4493 Před rokem
Seeing comments like these make me know how difficult it is for grown ass adults to follow rules
@zest4493 Před rokem
Because he doesn't want people touching his stuff without permission? Alright, I'll come into your room and rub my hands all over your stuff.
@@zest4493 Me trying to find the point of your punchline :
@thedarklightskin Před rokem
@@zest4493 you’re definitely one of these people
@markpat1849 Před rokem
@ruiabst Of course I fucking was, I really wanted to touch that charizard toy. Now stop reposting the same commeng acting all smart and stoic ffs
@praweeboonpen5417 Před 23 dny
“Do not breathe unless we say so”
@ewolfplayz5122 Před 10 dny
For real
@JudeMegga61UTB Před 25 dny
'Do not breathe'😅 'Do not sit down'😮 'Do not leave'😢 'Do suffer'💀
@chowbros3910 Před 14 dny
@snarled_ Před rokem
“do not touch us, we haven’t seen the sun for months and will turn to dust in contact”
@shapchonka Před rokem
"Don't bring any grass, we never touch it"
@AJ-vr9hf Před rokem
“Do not bring any girls, we’re allergic.”
Yes we will
​@@shapchonka yes we never touch it
@trezabebita2979 Před 9 dny
"Do not breath air unless we say so 👹👹"
@CappyAnimations1 Před měsícem
“Do not worry about the Noise, we keep flying insects as pets, including bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets”
@dustincrum8017 Před rokem
This is the type of guy to wear a shirt that says "I paused my game to be here"
@FirstLast-cc6cv Před rokem
Unironically one of my favorite shirts, my nephew bought it for me for Christmas this year
@gnulectures Před rokem
@dustincrum8017 Před rokem
@@FirstLast-cc6cv W nephew W uncle
@zzz0fia Před rokem
@Mochaman__ Před rokem
ya my mom bought be that shirt and I hate it but I'm not gonna tell her that 😅
@PamelSandhu Před 4 dny
"Do not even breath"
@cluer95 Před 26 dny
Do not breathe in gaming room, oxygen level optimized only for us.
@ShawnPlayz_247 Před 24 dny
Lmao 😂 best comment
@Joslatt Před rokem
“If you go outside, you must be wearing shoes at all times to ensure you avoid making contact with any grass”
@swattikkarma7217 Před rokem
@anayjain5882 Před rokem
Underrated comment
@g7wins Před rokem
Im deeaaadd😭💀
@dmolegend1699 Před rokem
🥂w comment
@kannabis4575 Před rokem
@LittleSupTeam Před měsícem
This is literally like ea games where I have to pay to step foward into ur room
@avasgachalife1002 Před měsícem
“Do not touch anything not even the floor or walls the gaming room will explode and crumble in to pieces”
@quinnv.3499 Před rokem
"do not breath in through your nose, we havent showered in weeks"
@jayeh77 Před rokem
if u breath through ur mouth you’ll taste it
@@jayeh77 just don’t breathe period.
@Kayriel Před rokem
He said 'we', this man ain't seen a shower in god knows.
@itz_kamika Před rokem
@RooDogGaming1234 Před 20 dny
“Do not sneeze or cough in the room, you might break something”
Pov: the gamer was kind
@ValtaKash Před rokem
This guy 100% has the “I paused my game to be here” shirt
@P1X3L...543 Před rokem
Bro my bully in school has that logo oh his backpack
@CatWith-AHat Před rokem
@Tw.vibxin Před rokem
Nah he's the type of guy that don't want people messing up his stuff.
@ValtaKash Před rokem
@@Tw.vibxin 🤓
@Tw.vibxin Před rokem
@@ValtaKash if I spent that much money I don't want people touching my stuff etheir. Neither do you.
@Elizabeth-lo7hz Před měsícem
This reminds me of a time (2.6 mil y ago I’m very old )👵 Each time my brother wanted to play with me btw he’s a gamer He was always player one it’s got on my nerves so much that I once (multiple times 😈) switched the controllers he only realised when he saw that his streak was completely ruined and mine was great
@N1ghtMemes Před měsícem
Bro that's just you, I'm WAY more merciful on the guys who come over. I even let them do anything with the equipment as long as they can be easily undone
@etamuami5656 Před rokem
“Do not talk to women…We don’t have that here”
@crossbo5345 Před rokem
*Real women
@The_official_egg Před rokem
Discord kittens are better than real women Edit: lol this blew up, just so y'all know, this is a joke💀
@shivlol1387 Před rokem
@@The_official_egg 🤓
@ryleebrannon3881 Před rokem
@@The_official_egg 😭💀
@ContestRate Před rokem
@@The_official_egg The words of a true virgin
@RandomDude.1500 Před 18 dny
Now i need to explain this to my little cousin who play on my PC while I'm not there
@julesedits105 Před 16 dny
No that’s literally me in my room- I always say when people enter my house “when you enter my room don’t open any doors or drawers there will be consequences”
@holypotato173 Před rokem
Alternate title: do not socialize or attempt to make contact with gamers
@Gecko1115 Před rokem
yeah, the "your opinion does not count" part was the nail in the coffin
@Coraloner Před rokem
@@Gecko1115 I found it rude too but then I remembered that this is the exact same as going to someone elses home and asking for chicken wings instead of steak, it's still rude of them to say it but it's still THEIR home so they get to set these kinds of rules.
@Coraloner Před rokem
@I know I'm gay If I say this but Yeah I agree, it's gonna be very fucking weird to have multiple things ready and deny access to all but one thing, but then again, when eating you can at least eat multiple things at the same time while in gaming you can only really play one game at a time unless you're extra rich and have multiple gaming setups in a single room. At the end of the day the owner of the room would have the final say but it's literally the first rule of socializing 101 to allow guests and other people around you to voice their opinion and to have it matter on the final decision. So that's something that I think the original video should take back even though I understand where they come from.
@RedKnightOfficial Před rokem
​@@Coraloner Of course when you're in someone else's house, they have rules, but as a friend, guest, or family member, it's always possible to come to a general consensus. Everyone's opinions matter, so you all can enjoy whatever it is. Like chicken and steak, have some more chicken, have some more pie, it doesn't matter if it's boiled or fried.
@Coraloner Před rokem
@@RedKnightOfficial Yeah that's what I already said. I said that the owner of the house/room gets to put the rules like "don't touch the closet" or "don't eat in this room" but it should be VERY obvious that when you invite someone you should prepare for them to want other games and foods, usually when I get invited or I invite someone we tell each other what we planned to do/have and ask what we should add/change before the actual invitation
The "b , a start" is so relatable 😭
@SlinkyDawgy125 Před 11 dny
“This is not Blockbuster” 😂 Dinocornel
@CertifiedFresh7 Před rokem
The one friend who invites you over just to watch them play a single player game
@zerowolf9491 Před rokem
usually im the one who invites to play games bring people in buy snacks to play stuff like smash bros mario kart and stuff and this one time yeaaars ago i got invited by a friend (good friend btw) and deadass the whole time was him talking about how he could beat super metroid fast, and literally the whole time was us seeing him attempting to speed run super metroid lol
@berserkisdead357 Před rokem
this has legit happened to me 💀
@Giyu_Tomioka_Him Před rokem
Ong this us true
@a-lie-n Před rokem
I have the one friend who invites me over to watch me play a single player game lmao. I just wanted to chill and catch up 😭
@haydenclark3177 Před rokem
fr, thats all my old friends were in elementary. sad but my own fault for not moving on 😂
@Breezeismee Před 17 dny
Turn off the light then it will look better Who agrees
@artswithAd Před 2 dny
`If a gamer invites you to a gaming room' dont accept it👍
@elkoraki779 Před rokem
This is the type of guy to do this and then come over to your house and trash the place
@Synthesyn342 Před rokem
And then tell you it’s better
@tpalmer4757 Před rokem
@rapaelis2823 Před rokem
I only agreed with the keyboard one until I realized that u can just change it back in like 10 sec
@mortarion9813 Před rokem
@@rapaelis2823 I only agree with the keyboard one and the one involving the trash (though only slightly). Keyboards just feel off when they're moved, and the slightest adjustment can sometimes just mess up your reflexes, especially when you're one to have a preset spot for the keyboard. Doesn't even need to be for gaming, just chatting, accounting, or making spreadsheets are all activities affected by the slightest adjustment and while aren't affected negatively, you get that irritating notion that it feels off. As for the trash thing, trash _definitely_ needs to go. I mostly take that as 'This is an organised mess. Yes, it isn't a perfectly symmetrical paper stack, yes those scissors and that paperweight aren't in a spot that would be visually appealing for a newcomer, _no_ I don't want you to 'organise' it, the corners of those papers are poking out in a fashion that allows me to more quickly figure out which paper is which due to order and layout.'
@borablerta9090 Před rokem
​​@@mortarion9813 dude if the slightly of position keyboard disturb your mood,you need therapy....i mean its an equipment that weight nothing,if its a vice clamp than i understand the rage
@gudetama953 Před 7 dny
"Don't breathe, you might take up all the air"
"do not try to get player 1 we are always player number 1" thats the same thing
If a gamer let's you inside their gaming room, humbly refuse the offer.
@ruiner_gamer_ Před rokem
smart move
@monkeyl- Před rokem
This guy's exaggerating a bit but he does make somewhat of a point tho Going to other people's houses and touching their shit without permission does seem a bit rude
@God-T Před rokem
Rule zero we own rhe gamecave!
@javianbrown8627 Před rokem
I didn't even know people let others into their bedrooms
@holdingpattern245 Před rokem
waaaaaaaaaaaay ahead of you
@asocialwoman Před 21 dnem
"Do not breathe,you're not allowed to breathe the same air as us"
@nano34677 Před 6 dny
"Do not look at my basement, it's a secret."
@lllWicked Před rokem
"Do not look into the bucket under our chair" Damn that hits 💀
Ancestors that used that bucket to carry drinking water from a well 3 kilometers away every day: 🌚
@gotoverit3337 Před rokem
What?? When does he say that
@Crestkmu Před rokem
@@gotoverit3337 ikr! Even tho I've watched 3 times already, I have to watch again after reading this comment to confirm it🤣😂
"Do not ask why the the whole room smell like bleach"
@kookie_krissy6728 Před rokem
@@gotoverit3337 you don’t want to know. It has something to do with the lack of use of the bathroom…
@Hello-Cat-87 Před 18 dny
“Do not ask us anything you might kill us”😂
@JustMemeGod1 Před 3 dny
Bro is a proffesional,certified gamer addict💀
@derekg5006 Před rokem
"Rule 40: dont tell me to take a bath, it could wash away my gamer gunk"
@aledwyn576 Před rokem
Not the gamer gunk 💀
@hokkai- Před rokem
Noooooo 💀💀💀
@johnhallow Před rokem
@LeHorribel Před rokem
Lol 😂😂😂😂
@nell711 Před rokem
its in the veins now
@Itz_meR3S3 Před 20 dny
If someone really told me this, I wouldn’t even go 💀
@USAball.401 Před 28 dny
“ do not breathe, blank or talk, unless we say so”
If a gamer lets you inside the room, don’t enter and ignore them.
@burntbuddha44 Před rokem
Sit on the couch awkwardly with a cup of water and wait for them to come back out. Also greet all their family passing by with "afternoon ma'am/sir"
As a gamer with a room like this, I love people visiting and sharing my passions. Don’t listen to this prick in the video.
@reddetur Před rokem
Not all of us are like this. This person is just stupid and he doesn't know anything about 'rules'
@anakhanair_ Před rokem
okk 👍
@jg2722 Před rokem
I hated bringing my friends over my house to play video games because we start playing and then 30 minutes later they already get on their phones as if they prefer being somewhere else but here with me.
@finnbuhVR Před 15 dny
“do not wear new clothes, you will make the air smell fresh”
@user-jw7qt6ux9u Před 9 dny
Step 1: Get an invite to a gamer's room💀
@TheDarkendemion Před rokem
And most importantly, do not open any curtain, the sunlight will reduce us to dust
@thegachaeditors Před rokem
Apparently, arizonas relate to this 👍🏻
@ov3rkill Před rokem
This is so true.
@bigburd875 Před rokem
And remember that my coffin must contain dirt from my homeland
@Inuka57006 Před rokem
yes so please dont open the curtain
@ibullykidsforfun Před rokem
i can confirm this i opened my brother’s curtains once and then had to hide his ashes later
@Brick-person Před 25 dny
The guest: “so what can I do?”
The Gamer: Feed me chips
@Business-mannequin Před 17 dny
Bro controls our lives
@JayBeeLucas Před rokem
“Don’t use the shower…. We never use it”
@bugi7257 Před rokem
@jhovjhov Před rokem
okay dude 💀 💀
@jesusfernandez931 Před rokem
Wait what is shower thing that your talking about
@totemking8157 Před rokem
@PriivYT Před rokem
that’s so true I have a brother and he plays 247 and never uses the shower either 🤷‍♂️
“Do not report the thousand dead body’s we will get in trouble” 💀
@Kat-um3vh Před 9 dny
"Never ever step foot on my carpet your feet are contagious"
@vergil-__ Před rokem
"do not open the window, the light hurts me"
@jasonnguyen9994 Před rokem
discord mods:
@Iaserz Před rokem
lmaoo ong
@dltechnic6525 Před rokem
@faadi_ Před rokem
My weakness.
@BallStar4D2 Před rokem
Bros a vampire 💀
@TheRealCookie2 Před 5 dny
This is why most quiet kids are gamers
@Mr.Invincible-ri4ht Před 4 hodinami
"You will break it" bro wasn't hoping he was demanding
@omerklc3035 Před rokem
Do not try to communicate or behave in a way that indicates social interaction, it is optimised that way.
@LittleRoobin Před rokem
That's me
@buggySlMP Před rokem
@@LittleRoobin that’s bad
@knight2792 Před rokem
It terribly sucks
@stonks6284 Před rokem
Hm gamers love inertia
@andreacousins6979 Před rokem
@toxic_edits Před dnem
"Do not breath our room air unless we say so"💀💀💀
"do not breathe unless we say so"💀
@jedbasil5095 Před rokem
Bros acting like he’s got friends 💀
@jodsandygamer1337 Před rokem
He don't need them ,they need him 💀
@itsjordy2180 Před rokem
​@@jodsandygamer1337 most L take
@proxsin3748 Před rokem
​@@jodsandygamer1337 nope he needs to touch some grass
@user-cn7oj3ws8q Před rokem
Bet half of y’all just like ‘em what’s with the friendly fire 💀
@biz117 Před rokem
@@jodsandygamer1337 quite the opposite
@AlexandertheXV-40 Před 11 dny
"Do not touch our toys you will break it" Proceeds to break it💀💀💀💀💀
@Profilemaker.X Před 6 dny
As a gamer i agree this guy is right
@shameonyou1877 Před rokem
"Don't exist until we say so. Your mere presence bothers us."
@sugerkilledkenny Před rokem
@nimetulaps Před rokem
@nimetulaps Před rokem
@@sugerkilledkenny thats bcz u dont need to touch our stuff
@RandoPassingBy Před rokem
I mean that’s basic manner for visiting as a guest
@sugerkilledkenny Před rokem
@@nimetulaps yea but like thats a bit much that is like saying to someone ''sit on the floor and dont use the couch'' like thats wrong if you invited someone over you should make them feel at home not make them feel like an outcast
I wish I had a gaming room 😭🇵🇭
@Blu31914 Před měsícem
"Do not try to go outside, it is deadly."
"Do not touch the waifu pillows. As crusty as they may be, they are the closest thing we have to a girlfriend."
@crisiscringe3710 Před rokem
Does the "Waifu pilllows" are in the room with us right now???
@@crisiscringe3710 Your grammar was so terrible I think u just gave me conniptions. Thanks.
@lukav3509 Před rokem
@rimquelsiret Před rokem
That crusty one got me
​@@crisiscringe3710 bro what is that grammar💀💀💀
@chrlzislime Před 18 dny
"Do not touch any atoms, you will ruin the structure."
@jacobs5546 Před 26 dny
As a gamer, I approve.
@tyronetalam8488 Před rokem
Tldr: For any room in general whether you're a gamer or smth else, just don't touch/mess around with other people's stuff without asking
SAME DUDE😡😡😡😡😡it’s annoying
@bangojetty Před rokem
This should be common sense. It's much easier to avoid inviting anyone that would do this into your room.
@Xxxtentacionfan298 Před 2 měsíci
Imagine this was my gaming room (also I love the gameing set)
"do not move a single muscle, you will break our 11927371718382 hour preparation gaming room."
@Sly_Money Před 28 dny
This is how you don’t get friends 💀 (Gamers are crybabies)
@willw2780 Před rokem
“Do not bring any women around because I am completely terrified of them”
Bro is disrespectful just because he is a boy💀
Imagine being scared.
@YourMom-wi5to Před rokem
He has a wife tho😂
@gordovlite5320 Před rokem
Bro is married more than anyone can say for you
@gordovlite5320 Před rokem
@TINMANSAMUEL what? The guy has a video where he shows he is married and your analogy made no sense.
@MarlonPlays808 Před dnem
"Do not breath their air, you're poisoning our room" ☠️☠️☠️
@user-yt3rv2wt6s Před 7 dny
Step 100000: Don’t win we only win
@moosaalraisi5775 Před 15 dny
Bro your pc looks sick
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