New York Jets vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | Week 4 2022 Game Highlights

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1. 10. 2022





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Being a Jets fan and being 500 feels like a winning season.
What a big game for Corey Davis! He made play after play, especially on that fourth down. Zach looked good for the most part, gotta keep that ball lower but love the fire and poise he brought today. I truly see growth and him getting more comfortable. Can’t wait to see him and our boys next week! Let’s Go Jets! ✈️✈️✈️
Joel Carrizales
This was a pretty neat game. Gonna be interesting watching Kenny going forward, and congrats to the Jets for making a comeback. Great qb play for both their first times.
Jr Zaike
Jr Zaike Před 14 hodinami
Shout out to my pops at
The Steelers defense being average without TJ is a testament to how much of a generational talent he is. It also reflects poorly on the defensive coordinator. They can’t even hold up without TJ there getting pressure.
SB 1960
Wilson is coming along, finally. And the Steelers found their QB of the future.
George Pickens is a gem dude has great body control and makes insane catches
Nigel Lawrence
To see the game in person was priceless…. JETS💚💚💚💚💚💚
Dark Machine
The Jets FINALLY appear to have a coach and staff who know vaguely what they're doing. It's still a long way back, and lots of good recruitment is needed from here on in, but we're actually moving in the right direction!
Love watching new records set in terms of field goals. Congrats on 59 yards
Eric Hickman
Wilson is a beast. I’m a Bengals fan but Wilson is going to be crazy special.
Kevin Geeting
There’s a reason TJ Watt was the defensive player of the year last season! This defense is truly not the same without him.
Wilson was awesome.spread the ball around. He has arrived. Great game😍Go Jets
El Villano De La Pelicula
Applause for Jets!!
I’m so happy that twice this team didn’t give in and believed until the last seconds. Zach will improve too with minutes. 2/2 feels great. Need to make home advantage count though moving forward. All the best from Ireland 🇮🇪
Zacks passes come out so quick and are on a rope. He also has great mobility. He is very impressive. Looks 30% better than last year. Jets may have something here if they can protect him. Also, distributes the ball very well, not to mention the ultra clucht plays. We will see.
Public Broadcasting 1
Wouldn’t mind seeing Pittsburghs kicker kicking a longer field goal in Denver. That was a insane kick
jets don’t give up until the whistle blows and that’s such a good trait for the team
michael mixon
Regardless of the winner, this was a great game by both teams!
Bro, George Pickens is gonna be a straight up baller…assuming he stays healthy, but damn. What a G.
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