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20. 09. 2022





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Timothy Bruno
Timothy Bruno Před dnem
If the first game is a turn based farming sim, this will be Dunkey’s greatest joke yet.
Andy Versus
Andy Versus Před 21 hodinou
In all seriousness, don't let the psychos on Twitter get you down. There's a lot of us who are rooting for you!
Average-Joe Před 19 hodinami
This is god damned fantastic. I love the idea of a real fan running a publishing company.
YEW Před dnem
I'm so happy that Dunkley has decieded to throw his hat into the ring of publishing! Dunkey has always been one of the most genuine and honest creators on YT and you can tell how passionate he is about this project. Here's to the future Dunkley! I have high hopes for you and Lia!
Tom Bombadill
Tom Bombadill Před 21 hodinou
I've been watching Dunkey for 10 years and never once liked or commented on a video. But this... this is truly deserved, this is Dunkey's destiny, his true calling to bringing something better to the world. Let Dunkey infect you with his brilliance, let him join the next era of gaming!
Andres Holguin
Andres Holguin Před 9 hodinami
I love to see Dunkey use his influence to make an impact on the world he loves rather than complain about its direction. I hope to be involved, but regardless I'll be rooting for BIGMODE every step of the way. Keep it real!
Ivan Roman
Ivan Roman Před dnem
It is heart-warming to see the inspiring stories of people that walk out of League of Legends. Thank you, Dunkey
Liam m
Liam m Před 19 hodinami
It feels as though everything touched by Dunkey gets enriched, and/ or enjoyable to some extent, and I am so happy to see this announcement. The man is clearly Midas's descendant churning out gold standard quality. I very much look forward to an era of "BIGMODE PUBLISHED GAMES" and all the positivity it shall bring starting from the both of you.
Clay Pot
Clay Pot Před 14 hodinami
Sent in my portfolio. Hearing about your creative journey inspired me to make shit, and as a result, I see myself getting better all the time, honing more and more into my creative voice. Whether this is my time or this is my rejection letter phase, a bigmode thank you goes out to you, mista dunk.
NomadProphet Před 16 hodinami
So hype for the Kill Butt series! Paul Creenis is such a talented dev
BigGoose Před 12 hodinami
If Dunkey really likes a game there is usually a 90% chance I'm going to buy it. He really has a good eye for great games that are indie.
Legion of Harmony
Legion of Harmony Před 19 hodinami
Been following you since your Cho Graph video. I'm usually pretty cynical when it comes to anything business related, but if you say you're gonna do something I believe it. Best of luck to you and Leah. Show em what a real donkey can do.
Iron Pineapple
Iron Pineapple Před dnem
“I understand what kind of ideas always work”
Roboto Před 19 hodinami
Amount of sheer awesome positivity oozing from this announcement made me smile all over.
Sterling Foster
Sterling Foster Před 19 hodinami
You're going to be the best thing that happened to the publishing industry in years. Whatever happens, that will always be true, even if the people in the industry don't realise it.
Halfrican Jones
Halfrican Jones Před 21 hodinou
This is the best W I’ve seen on the internet for a while now, congrats Dunkey, and I hope this means more developers will be able to outshine the industry’s greed.
ConsultingHumor Před 14 hodinami
Dunkey, as long as you stay authentic to your own brand, you’re going to do great. Best of luck to you.
Niels van Hemert
Niels van Hemert Před 4 hodinami
Don't let social media get to you. I hope you guys do great.
loqi Před dnem
I can't believe the guy who has the world record on Bowser's Big Bean Burrito is making his own games company!!! Will any of us even be able to beat them?
HeroicBottle Před 12 hodinami
There are few people that I can think of who are as passionate, and as qualified to evaluate, support, and guide indie titles to success as videogamedunkey.
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