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3. 11. 2023





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@Lance210 Před 21 dnem
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@The-Full-180 Před 18 dny
@Lance210 these are beautiful mate
@Eduardo_Espinoza Před 17 dny
This was nuts 💀
@qhidononzima5412 Před 16 dny
Yoh girlfriend is so hooot
@Ryan-pb1vv Před 15 dny
More staged videos? Your grandma slid the cup off the table. Nobody slides a cup like that when they pick it up.
@salmahassan625 Před 16 dny
"You fuckin balls are out"💀 got me💀
@scrubclub7138 Před 13 dny
Had me dead too can't believe he pulled that prank 😂
@gabrieljuli672 Před 13 dny
"Nice balls bro **Falling metal pipe.Mp3** "
@ZayerHussain-bn2pu Před 12 dny
Same and the pie
@bowlosoup4638 Před 12 dny
Oh! My bad (yanks it off)
@KikiKiki-mt5qd Před 12 dny
@neeravverma802 Před 6 dny
Where did bro even got those balls from?💀💀💀
@user-wu8pi9re6s Před 5 dny
What u wanna know Edit: I want to know to
@Botoburst Před 4 dny
I think it's a gimmick you can buy, seen them hanging from the hitches on trucks, lol.
@skillzsoul5822 Před 4 dny
Spencer's, *WHEEZE*
@manofculture4938 Před 4 dny
I see them on temu from time to time
@missjinkles Před 6 dny
''YOUR FUCKIN BALLS ARE OUT'' got me dying 💀💀
@user-cz2yc6fi8w Před 16 dny
The first one was an evil genius😂😂😂
@krv1232008 Před 11 dny
The way he hit his face with that plate🍽️ that was personal😂
@King_drew Před 11 dny
@user-hh8mt8te7x Před 7 dny
Bro was doing them push-up’s
@user-wi2kj8di9m Před 6 dny
@Ender-Boy223 Před 6 dny
No that first one is illegal
@Lily...gab...8 Před 7 dny
"AAA THIS MOTHA FU-" got me wheezing 💀😭
@vxy1qz Před 2 dny
imagine how mad the guy in the chair was
@SillyGoose-wo6gw Před 21 dnem
The balls💀
Bruh got big balls 😂
@josiahperez8623 Před 16 dny
​@@v.joeljeremiahjeffersonAyo u sus bro
@@josiahperez8623 😆😆😆
@randomgaming4802 Před 16 dny
Ikr 💀😭
​@@josiahperez8623its sus because he was talking about the clip of it- He isnt the sus the clip is
@james69695 Před 4 dny
"Your fukin balls are out" seriously bro 😂😂😂
@haydenmontoya3510 Před 20 dny
Broski moved at the speed of light to cover her up
@lokoblox5110 Před 19 dny
Actually the speed of light is 761 million mph
@ronnymcdonny2 Před 5 dny
These will never stop being funny 😂
@commandcat2695 Před 3 dny
That dad with the mask was personal Nah bro, the girl with the towel had us in the first half ngl 💀
@tatianabonds Před 15 dny
"You pervert mf..your fuxkin balls are hanging"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@JustASideAccount Před 11 dny
@nothing-man123 Před 11 dny
@miguel5432 Před 11 dny
@toesuckah Před 11 dny
@mostAdeo Před 5 dny
The jumpscare dad is crazy, i love how your dad scream😂😂😂 (edit: ty 2 likes🤠💪)
Even after vine, his reign of terror over his grandma remains to be undefeated 😂😂
@bob_thebuilder Před 13 dny
The chair prank was genius
@Fran-wk1wj Před 11 dny
I just had to get the stick out buddy, why does it stand up?
@FaeTheMf Před 11 dny
@@Fran-wk1wjhave you ever taken a biology class? Adrenaline -> frontal lobe slows down -> decision making and logically thinking goes down -> man tries to stand up with the stick in the chair
@mattw8350 Před 10 dny
@@FaeTheMfyea no, I’m not a dumbass so I’m moving the stick
@red_rouge7356 Před 10 dny
​@@mattw8350maybe when you're thinking straight😅
The last one tho 💀
@De_Lunaa Před 4 dny
bro had BALLS to prank his mom like that😏
@soft_ball_fan Před 3 dny
Most genuine “fucker” I’ve ever heard
@manmohanduhan4134 Před 16 dny
"u pervert mother f**ker" Got me😂😂
@uzubaru Před 13 dny
how does it make em a pervert tho
@abstraktfilms Před 12 dny
@@uzubaruit doesn’t
@8888zada Před 11 dny
They just removed that section.
@xwildcardx4214 Před 11 dny
The female martyrs
The "fucking balls are hanging" part takes the cake💯😂😂😂😂😂
@user-eo6yg3rp2s Před 4 dny
The joke with the jumping jacks & exposure was the absolute funniest thing I've EVER seen, i couldn't catch my breath
@user-wl8it5qf7q Před 18 dny
“You fucking balls are out” God damn the was funny
@gokufan26 Před 14 dny
Buys off of Amazon Amazon be like: why tf does he need that
@Daddy_AltoClef Před 14 dny
​@@gokufan26meanwhile Jackass 2.5 (I think. If not 3.0)
@Armyboy99-wd2wh Před 13 dny
Hilarious…and not Wrong.
@clarissagiles734 Před 3 dny
Love the towel prank 😂 gave him a taste of his own medicine
The blond lady with the cane is so funny I love when she says your pleasure is hanging out. She is so funny to prank!!
@x_maria_x8530 Před 18 dny
"Ahh....this mother fvcker..." Got me dying 😂😂😂
@alexdietrich7975 Před 14 dny
Its the fact that every time she screams its literally the same tone and length almost every time
@dishantchauhan1121 Před 14 dny
1 of my friend has same pfp on Instagram
@axotrotl296 Před 14 dny
No it didnt get you dying
@Swvorn Před 12 dny
@@axotrotl296well obviously not its called a joke
@LoveMeKnot_ Před 12 hodinami
Bro the third prank was wild 💀
"AHHHHHHHH THIS MOTHERFUCKER!" got me laughing hard 💀
@avothfis Před 8 dny
The chair attack was evil.
@NateMcCoy1194 Před 4 dny
That first one you’re gonna have to kill me. 😂😂😂💀💀
@Iammari2ki Před 4 dny
the granny's scream got me dead 💀
Grandma has the great south jersey accent ever. I die laughing every time. I hear my family.
@scrubclub7138 Před 13 dny
Yea I love it lol and she sounds like he trolls her on a daily basis 😂
@@scrubclub7138 Yah but you can tell she loves him to keep playing along. God i miss my parents. This reminds me of home. Funny stuff.
@pixtlewint5095 Před 12 dny
Honestly, the towel one was by far the most evil. The other ones can be explained, or where at the most mildly annoying, but the extreme heart attack felt in that moment when you think that she is committing the cardinal sun of streaming, and your career might just be over. It’s essentially convincing your friend that their phone was on the bus you just stepped off, and then showing them that you took it x10.
@hridaysinghal3503 Před 6 dny
The worst jumping jacks I hv ever seen 😅😂
@ProMace Před 13 dny
It's his shriek after meemaw shouts "ya f~~kin balls are hangin out!" that gets me every time. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
@ikimono7382 Před 11 dny
@Lexcyyy Před 7 dny
wut is a meemaw
@dfernandez3482 Před 6 dny
The mug prank got me 😂
@Studda_Andretti Před 3 dny
He going to hell for that balls joke 😂😂😂
@user-cd1qv6ln3c Před 11 dny
the grandma screaming always got me laughing so hard 😭 its sounds like the scream we usually heard from cartoons
@DarkWhite-en6is Před 8 dny
Como Muriel de coraje el perro cobarde
@y_ugirohanma6709 Před 8 dny
The scream is just like the meme plugin in the socket spark sound
@atsuukorin8036 Před 7 dny
She reminds me of tht one grandma from mr bean😭😭😭
Great comment 😂
@brweeks881 Před 5 dny
Grandma screaming with an immediate segway to droopy balls
@bellekwx Před 7 dny
Literally the worst types of pranks on family BUT I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING 🤣😭😂
@JINSTERPEACE Před 20 hodinami
That mom’s reactions made me lose. I’m glad this wasn’t a no laugh challenge lol.
@Pierce_Daemos Před 16 dny
"ÆÆÆÆÆGH THIS MF!" Damn 1k likes is crazy.
@lx051225 Před 12 dny
why you calling Musk's son
@abeyroy007 Před 12 dny
​​@@lx051225Dang I laughed way more than I should on this 😂😂😂 Also I'm stealing your line, coz I need it in future 😂😂😂
@pyxlated2767 Před 5 dny
bro the first guy got absolutely destroyed with that combo
@Thetraveler-ms5wc Před 5 dny
He was literally glued to his chair 🤣
@TheCasualGamer13 Před 21 dnem
When she did the towel, that is so me sprinting in like HELL NO 😂
@ryanwoodcock310 Před 17 dny
1k likes and no comments can't let that slide
@YourDadsBoyfriend Před 17 dny
Why. Do you like bois??
@TheCasualGamer13 Před 17 dny
@@YourDadsBoyfriend if you spell boys like that, I don’t have faith in you…
@@ryanwoodcock310😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Lsiekso 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@Lia-bg3fl Před 12 hodinami
ladies don’t be scaring yo man like dat- 😂😂
@shahin_playz4096 Před 15 hodinami
That balls prank was devious💀💀
@Kylie_Adams Před 11 dny
He really said “I will protect thou from unworthy eyes” without saying it 😂
@phantomdragon988 Před 5 dny
Erm ackshually the proper pronoun here if we use archaic English is "thee." This is because the noun we're talking about is the OBJECT of the sentence, as opposed to the SUBJECT (which are the unworthy eyes.) If you want to use "thou" you should say something like "Thou art in need of protection from iniquitous eyes." Also, you used the wrong kind of archaic form of the word "will" which would make more sense in a modern context, but when speaking archaically, you should use the word "shalt," so the proper sentence is "I SHALT protect THEE from unworthy eyes." You can also say "iniquitous eyes" to sound even fancier. Yes I read Shakespeare can you tell? 🤓
@TheJaglep Před 3 dny
The chair one is something i could see my siblings do lmao😂
That first one was personal 💀
Swinging 🥜 was hilarious 🤣 grandma almost threw a tantrum
@wishywashy1153 Před 18 dny
Please don't actually tell me you think this is real right? Like, you know these are all skits and they're all in on it..., right?? Please...
@Pianovibes12 Před 16 dny
@@wishywashy1153no shit, still funny is what he’s saying
@heatherbiscamp7248 Před 16 dny
​@@wishywashy1153you're such a grinch I hope something eventually makes you laugh 🫶🏻🫶🏻
@Canofbeans572 Před 6 dny
That chair did what comes in adulthood💀
@loganreim6303 Před 6 dny
Bro’s reaction time 😂
@queendarling3626 Před 12 dny
That grab was so intense😂😂i mean the second to the last video. That man almost got a heart attack
@abigailsuiter4791 Před 9 dny
Yeah 😂😂😂
@markh1603 Před 8 dny
Apparently it was a livestream or something
@HE_granet Před 8 dny
Он побоялся за зрения себя и всей мужской аудитории
@shereenseyam Před 3 dny
Oh my God. The grab of his wife 😂😂😂😂😂True basic Instinct.
@dogboos8306 Před 6 dny
@montanamontana4188 Před 11 dny
That first one was evil😂😂am sure bro didn't figure out how to get himself free till date😂😂
@vertex_chillz9464 Před 4 dny
he had it coming with that alienware setup smh
@user-lb8kb7fr5c Před 4 dny
Nevermind I’m just stupid 🤑
the "YOUR FUCKING BALLS ARE HANGING" had me on the floor
@Gameralliance592 Před 4 dny
The firecracker is just perfect
@kerriehew8664 Před 7 dny
His protective instinct to cover her was so precious❤
@dannyboy3401 Před 5 dny
They cud just not post it
@user-rq3yk8px3r Před 4 dny
he was bout to throw her into the tub look closely he pulls her back and she almost falls into the tub
@CC-fg4jr Před 3 dny
​@@dannyboy3401- if it's live someone can capture it just that quick.
@Jarrett1994 Před 2 dny
​@dannyboy3401 they posted cuz she was covered... lol
He became the flash and she also almost became the flash
@zacharydavis5887 Před 5 dny
Omg from so long Lance is back with the funny videos 😂😂😂
@user-fx4fk5be3s Před 3 dny
Nah bro was ready [REDACTED] that girl fr.☠️
@wyatt9144 Před 17 dny
The accent on “YOUR FUCKIN BALLS ARE HANGING OUT” is what gets me
@seanoconnell7027 Před 4 dny
The moms reaction: "Yaw fawkin bawls, arrr hanging out!"
The internet is full of pranks but yours are the best.
@mariahlehman9777 Před 18 dny
She grabbed that cane like she was gonna smack those things right off but then remembered she still wanted grandchildren 🤣
@stickshiftman8433 Před 14 dny
that is here grand child
@roseaesthetic7969 Před 14 dny
That is the grandchild 💀
She wanted great grandchildren
@stars_wrlds Před 5 dny
"this mudda fu**" dying rn
@JokerJoestar Před 3 dny
Man just called me lonely in 17 different ways
@thephillygamer6959 Před 12 dny
lmfaooooo, she got him back for every prank he ever did to her with that towel prank 😂 His reaction is priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
He wasnt even live so why did he care 😂
@Pinetree1232 Před 6 dny
​@@FerhanErdogan-oy7crhow did he know she didn't just go live?
that slap was personal 😂
@DarkCoconut Před 2 dny
that scream from his dad was perfectly cut off lol
@user-vp1bu4id8b Před 18 dny
“ahhh you pervert mf” “what” “your f-ing balls are hanging out”💀😂
@baguettegurl Před 7 dny
The last one had me wheezing 😭
@seanoconnell7027 Před 4 dny
Dude, that's a happy family...love it.
@weegee_time Před 20 dny
"Your fuckin balls are out" got me 💀 Edit: Didn't wanna be that person but Thanks for the likes
@ArrownoseWCUE Před 20 dny
That sentence should not exist..
@weegee_time Před 19 dny
@@ArrownoseWCUE I didn't create the sentence, it's just it caught me off guard
@thomaswiman4572 Před 19 dny
@ArrownoseWCUE Před 19 dny
@@weegee_time Ik, still though..
@manoferreiro5956 Před 4 dny
It must be very fun to live with this guy
@marc-tj6tp Před 6 dny
@icewing3512 Před 16 dny
The amount of near heart attacks in this household 😂
@user-kp6po1eo4j Před 12 dny
So true 😂
@user-po5iu9nj5g Před 6 dny
Still looks like my childhood prankster CS-vidr on it 😂 the candle one Was fucking hilarious
@user-xi5vu4ef4m Před 6 dny
“You fucking balls are out!” Got me to heaven 💀💀
Granny almost got her third heart attack😂
@user-do7js8rl8k Před 17 dny
😂🤣😅🤩😁😄😃😀 cet très drôle 🎉
@generaldonut8166 Před 11 dny
@keeknee Před 3 dny
The guy trying to cover his girl, so sweet lol
@Thesteeldragon Před 6 dny
Bro be a menace to his family💀
@NathanielZayn Před 8 dny
The last one got me dying💀💀💀
@timetech7403 Před 2 dny
822 likes and no comment. Let me be the first
@ale.wooyoungiee Před 5 dny
Bro is a life saver to her girl 😂😂the first guy is a evil 😂😂
@KingCreeper562 Před 9 dny
Bro saved his girl. Props to him! Edit: Holy frick MOM I’M FAMOUS 👇
@Scoop-Handle Před 6 dny
Those are always dumb bc they can just delete the vid 💀
@beepboop202lol Před 5 dny
Fr like how tf did he save her
@powertouncleben Před 5 dny
I thought that was his sister 💀
@cavinedward Před 4 dny
that's staged
@bigboozle Před 4 dny
It’s 2023 we can now edit our videos :)
@EliKellen-jc8gl Před 4 dny
I haven’t seen this guy since the Vine days. Still funny af
@jei7190 Před 6 dny
Her grandma screams like Mrs Wicket of Mr Bean 🤣
@Kingzman_808 Před 11 dny
I love how lance is still the oldest prankster on CS-vid and hes still doing pranks
even if the other pranks he did is scripted her grandma does break character which makes it more funnier
@keithwittman4741 Před 4 dny
Loved these . Seen them 1000 times,and still 😂😅 lmao!
@IsaacIsCool57 Před 6 dny
Bro was ready😂 The last one
@spikyboi9578 Před 17 dny
The locked chair and pie to the face is brilliant 😂 imma save that for the future 👏
Also the way his dad screamed was pretty funny
@karentolentino8322 Před 11 hodinami
Is it just me but the mother sounds exactly the same with Mr. Bean's Grandma.
@siya773 Před 7 dny
I felt the “no” on that chair prank😂😂
@JewelAlo-dj8wb Před 7 dny
He is saving his wife got me😂
@vik2ryva Před 6 dny
Putting dynamite in a candle that is PURE EVILL 😂
@jonathanmol4489 Před 20 dny
I love 😍 the broomstick in the chair bit 😂
@edwardlafferty8796 Před 17 dny
Would have been even better if he'd actually been playing
@jamesYValley Před 17 dny
​@@edwardlafferty8796he was, he had a ps5 controller
@brumtownmiller6130 Před 17 dny
Would of been better if there wasn’t a big gap that the stock could of popped out of!
@edwardlafferty8796 Před 16 dny
@@jamesYValley And the game continued playing when he dropped it.
@anthonyvargas8587 Před 2 dny
“You’re FUCKING BALLS ARE OUT YOU” I cannot stop laughing💀💀💀💀
@CXSH-_- Před 5 dny
His Onion Glitched
zhlédnutí 13M
Reacher season 2 |REACHER|
last night 🌃
zhlédnutí 2,5M