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11. 01. 2023





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@MileyCyrus Před rokem
I can love me better than you can…. FLOWERS SINGLE + VIDEO OUT NOW. mileycyrus.lnk.to/Flowers
@mariconblanco8639 Před rokem
still! love u! 💛
@edwinflick1130 Před rokem
You are absolutely amazing!
te amo
@rinayoung8787 Před rokem
Love you always ❤
@jacobbonilla3813 Před rokem
I'm addicted to this song, the new era gonna be huge
@jakesalad2209 Před 26 dny
“Started to cry but then remembered I…I just won my first grammy” YES GO MILEY SING IT!!!!
@ernestguarde4741 Před 25 dny
@rafsun9365 Před 25 dny
Queen indeed
She really deserves it
@ct6852 Před 24 dny
That was perfect. Curious if she still would've said something clever there if she lost, though.
@labro2014 Před 24 dny
Η ενδυνάμωση των γυναικών προβάλλεται με κάθε τρόπο μέσα από το τραγούδι αυτό, για αυτό και μου αρέσει τόσο πολύ!❤👍👌 3:22
@chicken Před 12 hodinami
Its March 2024, let's see how many legends are listening to this incredible song
@Jackiespamzzzzzz Před 12 hodinami
41 sec ago also I see you eveywherw
@Emz118 Před 11 hodinami
@chicken Před 6 dny
💜2024 And this gem continues to shine 💖💎🔥
tf chicken
@LakinduPabasara Před 6 dny
I kept seeing u everywhere
@@TaylorSwift_Vaults 10 people have this account, 5 frpm US and 5 from Europe so they can comment non stop even when others sleep
@shroomshady27 Před 3 dny
This song is like, audible Heroin. That bassline, with those vocals... It's a fvcking perfect pop song. I'm a 35 year old man, and I fvcking love Miley. She genuinely makes great music. This is one of the catchiest songs EVER. Well done Miley & Co. -
@user-xr7ip8nm7x Před 16 hodinami
This song doesn’t really mean that it’s cool or desirable to be alone. It means that it’s BETTER than being with someone who doesn’t really love you.
@ailo8625 Před 4 dny
once a wise man said: "when you're happy you enjoy the melody but, when you're broken you understand the lyrics"
@Killua-bn7bf Před 3 dny
Very well
@dawndaly160 Před 2 dny
Absolutely true
@ROOKIE-bt7zm Před 26 dny
IT'S OFFICIAL: This has become the Best Pop Solo Performance (66th Grammy's)
@marhidalgo1411 Před 26 dny
Lo más iconico de esta noche ❤
and the grandest Record of the Year!
@Rafabenitez01 Před 26 dny
It’s completely unremarkable, what was the competition like ?
@kingofpopbts2080 Před 25 dny
Copying Kylie Minogue's Can't Get You Out Of My Head 😏😏😏
@honestopinionspill Před 25 dny
And it won record of the year! So deserved! The biggest song of the century and broke so many records last year
@Rdgformentera2094 Před 6 dny
This song really deserves the Grammys. I thank "Flowers" because it came exactly on the time I needed it. It comforts me and cheers me up every time i listen to it. This song is one of the things that helped me to heal. It's amazing!
@cathymartin6085 Před 5 dny
It’s so true and so heart felt! I feel bad she went fhrough this 😢
@sido7733 Před 4 dny
Stay single or buy a dog😅😅
@JimBarrett Před 3 dny
Kind of prophetic at this point? ;-)
@caylacorrigan4160 Před 3 dny
When this came out I was homeless, on drugs, and then jail. Now I have a house, job, and husband. This song and “Clover Cage - Heart Of A City Boy” are the two songs that helped get rid of my depression. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you 💕
@williamsstephens Před 2 dny
I'm so happy for you! And thank you for offering us such encouragement and wisdom. All the best and all the love, now and always.
@FernandoMartins-sl3zx Před 14 hodinami
​@@williamsstephens Is a boat not real
@transistic Před dnem
Her Grammy Performance is Outstanding!!! Better than the song’s official version!!!
@vaibhavsharma61 Před 2 dny
This song give u courage that u dont need anyone, enjoy your company, dont beg for others time, or relation, because in todays world all relation are interest based, interest ends relation ends, then u will feel depressed, mental issues, suicidal thoughts, instead pass on these temporary interest based lies, and enjoy your own company, i realised this after my long term relationship ended, and left me good as dead from inside.
@lolagonzalez6979 Před 4 dny
I am a senior citizen and this song reminds me of a happier time. Lots of energy!!!
@shortfattoad7317 Před 3 dny
Me too, alas we will not see that again for sometime to come. I hope our young generation gets to visit happier times once in their lifetime.
44 here and It had been a long time since I got to know such an amazing new song.
@glossykisses Před rokem
Miley never fails to read the room. Too many heartbroken folks out there not realizing they can just spoil themselves instead of waiting for somebody else to do it.
404 likes and 0 replies, let me change that.
@NeoniTV Před rokem
Thats true.
@juliacovers Před rokem
well saied 👏
I'm sorry, did she sing anything? I was focused on something else. ;D 👙
@bm5_5_5 Před rokem
YES to this 🎉
@JP-zg7qw Před 12 hodinami
This is a beautiful and deeply personal song about the emancipation of one woman. I don’t understand why anybody would dislike it.
@slyricsofficial Před 13 dny
It's Official: This has become the best Pop Solo Performance (66th Grammy's) ❤
@smilesmile6831 Před 3 dny
And ..... She just won her first grammyyyyy ❤❤❤
@user-fk3ox5gi3g Před 14 dny
I am a grown man and this song made me a Miley fan.
@ennychavez1711 Před 11 dny
Me paso igual 😊
@DrDrift-rl6cc Před 5 dny
same here bro, same here
@smm896 Před 2 dny
This is such a good song.
@js8303 Před 23 dny
I can’t believe this song was her first ever Grammy, but she deserves after 18 years of hard work🫶🏻
@marcneef795 Před 23 dny
Midnight sky should have won before. 😊 But you win some, you loose some, I guess 😅
@DenielOhanz801 Před 22 dny
Ur Pfp 😂
@user-tg1mk6fe2v Před 22 dny
Midnight Sky should have won 😢
@svetakulesh493 Před 22 dny
Yes! I felt it after first listening a year ago - She will be the best in Grammy!!!!
@Crank-ju1sv Před 22 dny
John Paul love the car
If she's singing about a break up 4 years ago means she's still not over it.
@heddagabler390 Před 12 dny
I am 46 and just love this song. I wish I'd bought myself flowers in my 20's! ❤🎉
@user-nw1gj2el7x Před 10 dny
It's the 20's
@jout738 Před 9 dny
For what thing would you buy flowers for in your 20s?
@a88889 Před 7 dny
​@@jout738just because
I’ve never had flowers. My ex sleeping on my couch & draining me & waiting for my house to get condemned, forcing me to sell so he can try go half
@marloninquirer Před 4 dny
it aint too late
Only a seriously messed up person would cheat on Miley. Glad she got out!!
@neighbours21 Před 6 dny
She is a seriously messed up person unfortunately
@Markooo54 Před 5 dny
@@neighbours21 how so 😭
​@@neighbours21then breakup is the best thing.. Why cheat??
Well you would think it’s all roses but I’m not sure about that. Talented and beautiful she has in spades.
A shame is her first Grammy. She has an amazing voice, talent and personality 👏 👏👏🎉🎉
@user-cj5jo6ic3u Před 11 dny
really she deserves more grammys
@user-rd5jx9el8r Před 11 dny
​@@user-cj5jo6ic3uBut we know that she don't need the mid grammys to prove that she is a queen
@Savage_Queennn Před 2 dny
omg this give me the vibe to be independent and rely on myself not others!!! U go Miley ILYYYY!
After listening to this song yesterday, I got motivated, I took myself out today, bought things I liked, then went alone to dance at night, had fun...when celebrities make such songs and present such beautiful ideas of treating yourself beautifully and needing no one, that's powerful. Impacted me beautifully! Thank you Miley..
@JurassicPaw Před rokem
Wow good on you!!! ❤ Keep going!
@hpd5702 Před rokem
This reminds me of the book Buy Yourself The F*cking Lilies. I love this song!
@Armstrong9891 Před rokem
you 100 percent never done any of those things
@@Armstrong9891 why u r so bothered? mind ur own business! This comment was a thank you comment for Miley, who asked u to get involved? How people can be so unhappy and miserable to speak bullshit so bluntly?! What u have to do with my comment? Clearly u have nothing else to do, and no one has to prove anything to u child! Live ur life and stop interfering, even if u feel others are lying, that's your problem, keep it to yourself, so insane, negative and nosy people do exist, hehe!
@Toastroony Před 11 měsíci
U lonely?
@tiagopontes119 Před 14 dny
She deserved it so much. After years of being snubbed by big hits. You deserve all the flowers.
@user-lb7lv3mm4g Před 14 dny
Bangerz, Plastic hearts, ESV ❤❤❤❤
@LimaSilva-sl6of Před 8 dny
@franklinmonte6018 Před 4 dny
Congratulations Miley becoming the best-selling single by a lead female artist in a calendar year all time in history ❤ #flowers 💐
@memestress4627 Před 12 dny
her dancing by herself to this song is exactly how i feel when i listen to this song. I just dance by myself and feel myself and love that i can love me better than he can.
@rudolphnash7471 Před 11 dny
I love her country voice mixed with pop music
@TheRenekruse Před 8 dny
You should hear Flowers for Myself by Olivia Frances
@ramoncarter3121 Před dnem
agree she has a great mix of both styles
@Samira27 Před rokem
A masterpiece. This screams self love and happiness. I can’t imagine what the album will be like if the song is this good. I’m obsessed. Miley, you did it again, another banger. I f*cking love you.
@rosanaartuza5817 Před rokem
@ValdoAlfiere Před dnem
This song is litterally saving my life. I'm going through one of the hardest break-ups I've ever lived and each time I'm listening to Flowers, that gives me hope that I can overcome it. I WILL overcome it 🥲💪💜
@marcosrj3160 Před 3 hodinami
É só uma questão de tempo! Então dê TEMPO ao TEMPO! 😘🙏
@_1bk Před 3 dny
Happy to see Selena being so Happy and in love. You deserve it girl❤
@robertpagen2770 Před dnem
Can’t believe this song is over a year old already! It is still charting and it is my favorite Miley forever!
@timdevotion Před 20 hodinami
From a wrecking ball, to a bouquet of flowers… You are doing perfect ! 💐❤️❤️
@jessintare4682 Před dnem
Wow just wow. So deserving of Emmy and much more. Amazing person. talent and artist.
@leahleiker9857 Před rokem
I have never been a Miley fan, BUT this song is like a new anthem. She has made me realize she is a smart cookie. She must be smiling at all the people who were thinking she was the problem in her marriage. Grow Miley, grow, which you already obviously have ;)
Same here!
@necigem Před rokem
Same!! This song and the lyrics I’m here for it!
Facts this one hit different this a women anthem forreal cause we sure can buy our own flowers lol...
@Metromania2022 Před rokem
She was the problem. Just because you make a good song don’t you right.
@jodysunflower Před rokem
Right?!?!?! I agree!!!!
@silessus Před dnem
This is the best song I heard lately!! Beautiful!!! Go Miley go! More Grammys coming up for you!! You deserve it! 👏👏
@whomwilliams5091 Před 17 hodinami
Love Miley no matter what she does. She is so talented!! You can tell she loves herself.
@Takivr Před 3 dny
Hanna Montana needs to come back!
@yunaprince Před dnem
Has anyone ever conveyed how sick the BASS is in this song?
@martynraynes8114 Před 19 hodinami
Not my normal type of music I listen to I normally listen to rock but this song is so catchy and am loving the song.
@afonso7931 Před rokem
When plastic hearts was released, everyone (including myself) said that she “found her sound”. Flowers is completely different than the plastic hearts songs and at this point I just think that she is good at every style and can do anything. That’s her style. She just does everything she wants and I love it. Miley you’re an amazing artist. Definitely the best of your generation in my opinion
@ailsagillies Před rokem
I completely agree! She's so versatile and she shouldn't be pigeon-holed to one genre. This woman can do it all.
❤️🎵🙏🔥👇 cs-vid.net/video/video--NAds-lPwGo.html
@kbaker9753 Před rokem
Shes is very versatile... similar to xtina.
@nola7921 Před rokem
I agree ❤
@LooktheOceanSD Před rokem
100 percent musician and dope energy
@user-rp1pc2wb7d Před 15 dny
When this came out I was an orphan homeless, on drugs, and then jail. I now have a house, job, and husband. This song and “Clover Cage - In The Sky” are the two songs that helped get rid of my depression. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you 💕🎉
@jellyrcw12 Před 8 dny
Why is this comment on every song? It doesn't make sense.
@terriconnelly931 Před 3 dny
@roxaneauer360 Před 15 dny
You go Miley you deserve that goddamn grammy, but you are so much more. Can't wait to see what comes next.
@angieconley5957 Před dnem
100% Tina Turner and it doesn’t get better than that! Miley I’m 48 and you finally won’t me over! You handle business lady!
@davidesperanza5413 Před 17 hodinami
The bassline is superb! With the slapping ❤
@Shruti-qc6xj Před 4 dny
Whenever I see her I only remember Hanna Montena only 90s kids can relate!....
@arturdealcantara Před rokem
Miley's message in this song is so important... it tells us that we don't need anyone to be happy. Loneliness is sometimes something so good but people soon take it as something horrible. Miley is legendary. "I can buy myself flowers"
@en5374 Před rokem
so why don't you go in some desert island? 🤣🤣🤣
@joelwallace9221 Před rokem
That is the biggest load of shit I've ever heard.. it makes sense for Miley since she's rich and has men and women after her.. she can afford to be lonely.. You on the other hand, you ain't rich, I have no idea who you are and I guarantee you don't get tail.. so how's being lonely feel ?
@mihai_chindris Před rokem
@@en5374 lol
@arturdealcantara Před rokem
@@en5374 And your text interpretation is gone, right?
@en5374 Před rokem
​@@arturdealcantara sorry friend, but this song is just pure miley filth, just go in some desert island and try to be happy with yourself, not gonna work
Miley will forever be a legend
@FiAdele Před 12 dny
Wow. This really was one of the best songs of the year 🤩🤩
@martinquinoa-ht6lq Před 12 dny
This is My jam !!!
Miley is here to Stay!
@style9635 Před hodinou
Mileys been through it all. Look at her now! Love this song so much!
@Angelinadavina8 Před 3 dny
how to fall and then get up stronger than.....keep on fire miley❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉
@ervinaadams Před rokem
Going though a divorce with someone I met at the age of 20… I’m now 36. This song is literally helping me out of a depression! Thank you Miley!
@The.Real_LuLu Před rokem
@ZackMorris1 Před rokem
Ooof that's your prime wasted, you'll never get it back. I'm so sorry.
@mariam.3612 Před rokem
You can do it babe! We need relationships for pleasure, to bring joy and positive emotions in our life.✊🏼
@Mila-Nova Před rokem
@@ZackMorris1 no need to put a woman down
You got this!!!! ❤❤
Vulnerability at its finest and using it in such a classy way, you go girl!!! 🎉
@cathymartin6085 Před dnem
This song and video is pure GOLD! Love it!
@Quatermain98526 Před 3 dny
She dances like the Joker. There's a certain energy and carefree attitude there. I wonder if her and Heath Ledger could have been a couple?
@DineshManjrekar-jy1rk Před 7 hodinami
Yes Miley has the potential to convert break-up into won Grammy 🏆
@shafrika504 Před 16 hodinami
Yaaassss Miley❤
@Pilagatto Před rokem
This song is a powerful anthem for self-love and self-acceptance. The lyrics speak to the idea that feeling alone is one thing, but being alone is another. The singer acknowledges the pain of a past relationship, but instead of dwelling on the negative emotions, she chooses to focus on the positive and takes control of her own happiness from her. The lyrics encourage listeners to take care of themselves, both physically and emotionally. The repetition of "I can love me better" reinforces the idea that self-love is important and attainable. The melody and rhythm are catchy and upbeat, making this song a perfect anthem for anyone who needs a boost of confidence and inspiration.
@tparker1984 Před rokem
Wow perfectly said 😊
@KamikazekaitoKoki Před rokem
@SweetMk28 Před rokem
Well said 👏👏👏
@tammystewart10 Před rokem
Why I've been unmarried for 18 years.
@brinicle9018 Před rokem
I personally think I can love myself better means why wasting your tears and time on the relationship where you can do better without that partner rather than together.
@thoughtful_nush Před 14 hodinami
This video *HEALS* me.❤
@Itzyhani Před 12 dny
Crying and hiding in the bathroom and this song comes on…… Chorus hits and literally just danced my way out. A few more plays and I’m back baby! No remorse no regret. 🫶🏽 love you Miley
@esterka1770 Před 2 dny
Miley, you're super in every way! 🤩❤
@jwats9184 Před 13 dny
This has been my anthem for the past month or so. I'm waiting patiently for the day that I have enough money put away to move out. I was singing this to myself yesterday as I was grocery shopping, and I did indeed get myself some flowers.
@zoilavictoria119 Před 7 hodinami
My favorite song of all times!!!! Love yourselves. I love me!!!!! 💕💕❤️
@sabiyakhatun5068 Před 4 hodinami
@eileenstacy3551 Před rokem
This is the best version of Miley. such empowerment and strength. This is excellent.
@MrJohn0fficial Před rokem
Read my name ❤
Always was she
@hiq4509 Před rokem
Myn God miley!!! Youre awesome. Yes you deserve better than all those men
@monikas.1456 Před rokem
@vinesiuliana7774 Před rokem
Beautiful and talented Miley! I love this song!
@sharonwarren4479 Před 12 dny
So good and empowering, Miley. Congrats on your Grammy. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ #MileyCyrus #1stGrammy
@user-rr7qs9bn2p Před 14 dny
매일매일 듣고있어요 노래 너무 좋아요
@slubrad Před 9 dny
This song is so empowering to women of all ages. Miley Cyrus definitely deserved the Grammy for this song.❤
@fantastich5122 Před 14 dny
일년 만이네. 작년에도 이맘때 힘을 얻었는데. 올해도 정말 내게 큰 힘이 되는 노래다. 고마워 마일리
@taniamara4577 Před 12 dny
Maravilhosa para todas as mulheres guefa muitas rosas flores
@urcutejeans- Před rokem
i wanna cry, this is so so good. i’m so happy she’s in her HER era. this is miley, grown up & i think finally she’s found who she truly is & who she’s become & genuinely loves herself now. seriously beautiful & powerful. i have so much respect for this woman. i’m proud of her, wishing her continued happiness and peace :’)
@aliciamorales5865 Před 12 dny
Best song to say goodbye to a looser. Well deserved the Grammy.
Trueee, posted the song on his birthday. Miley is sassy and I'm here for it . She's Iconic 😂❤
@sasapetroski981 Před 10 dny
True, and to loser girls also. Happy man, 10 years single, do things only for me, to feel happy😊😊😊
@paulcartledge1814 Před 10 dny
Looser ? Learn to spell . It's loser !!!
@sarveshkatkar Před 3 dny
@LalaniJay Před 14 dny
Beautiful lyrics, wonderfully performed. A well-deserved Grammy, Miley!
This songs has healed sooo many women ! ❤
@roxaneauer360 Před 15 dny
What an anthem for our time. Miley is singing what a lot of us are feeling right now. Wherever you are, love yourself first. Even if you cant get out, love yourself first, always the first step.
@LOLMAN9538 Před 9 dny
And that "anthem for our time" just nabbed Miley her first ever Grammy.
@alrightyru Před 16 hodinami
I'm going to a group tonight & we've been asked to bring a song. There's only one song in my head = Miley!! I can bring myself flowers 💐
@0min Před rokem
The ultimate anthem for everyone who went through a shitty relationship and then started priorisieren self-love and self-worth. Thanks, Miley 🔥🔥🔥
@smileistheworld Před rokem
Hahaha german „Autokorrektur“ 😂😂😂
She didnt go through a "shitty relationship." She WAS the toxic element in her relationships. She is a massive narcissist and an entitled trust fund baby and her entire princess existence was GIVEN to her through daddy's NEPOTISM.
@user-mj6qr2ky9d Před rokem
@aurora6920 Před rokem
for sure, apparently she dropped this song on on Liam Hemsworth's birthday (her ex husband) definitely a self-love song anthem!
@aurora6920 so many karens on here. Self love from the Karen that ruined her own marriage AND derailed her own music career so that she is now nothing but a B-lister?
We all loved Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana... The love for her songs n music started in my life... We all love that and we still loving her over a Decade now... Keep rocking Miley.. You can win 20 more Grammy awards in next 30 years. Love from India. Mwuahh.. 💞💕💓😍😍❤️❤️🔥🔥🇮🇳🇮🇳
@MishaBADR Před 3 dny
Please make a 1h loop of this gorgeous golden dress it's magnetic
@playpool4550 Před dnem
This song never gets old❤
@TheDrakenZ Před 15 dny
seriously, she does make fantastic music.
@EnglishSongs-6868 Před 4 dny
This playlist is absolutely amazing. The songs sound ear-catching and your image is so beautiful.
@ElizabethSwan120 Před rokem
As someone who was in an 8 year relationship with a narcissist who made me feel crazy and never did the bare minimum, this song makes me cry happy tears. This song gives me empowerment 🤍🤍 thank you Miley
@appledesierto5002 Před rokem
Me too..i'm still figuring how to escape where i have been😪😪
@julesalaura Před rokem
My 7 year marriage is ending because he just doesn’t feel like being married anymore. This song came out at the perfect time, her message is so true! This song is helping me get through the pain and anger. Miley is the best 💙 Best of luck to you and all the others out there going through this kind of thing, we can love ourselves better than anyone else can 💙
Same!!! This song hits 100% my soul right now... The dancing at the house got me! after 7 years of being married to a narcissist (divorce and free now) not details but you know exactly the horror of those 7 years is enough to say he took my everything... 1 year of therapy and self care and I finally can dance the way she dances at the house .. purely happiness and freedom ❤️ your comment catched myattention because I understand you completely without many details...person behind this comment keep enjoying the song 😊....
@petercho8910 Před rokem
Sorry you ladies met the wrong men and some men are selfish and jerks
@lamiosho Před rokem
Sorry for your experience.
@rancoraddict Před 14 dny
I was never Miley Cyrus fan, and she had done some things on stage that were way out there. Having said that, this is such a great song! I'm glad she won a Grammy for it. It's a great message for teenagers, young adults or even adults! To top it off, it's such a great tune.
@lendrury2771 Před 15 dny
The gorgeous Miley finally wins a well deserved grammy Congratulations to the queen
@Maus.b Před 3 dny
Best voice ever🎵
@adanilsoncapel Před dnem
I respect this woman ❤❤
@user-bg4hp9rf6k Před 14 hodinami
Досконала красуня, талановита,успіху тобі,💐💃🎊💐💐💐🙏😘
@song16lyrics Před rokem
I'm addicted to this song, the lyrics, the beat, Miley's voice, everything is so wonderful, this single has everything to hit, Miley back to her pop roots🔥👸
X2... This song is amazing ❤️
@jesemillan4159 Před rokem
Me too
@iceman340h Před 9 měsíci
Its bad for me I am a fully Grownen man singing this song "paint my nails cherry red" buy myself flowers haha
@deang5214 Před 9 měsíci
I'm gay
@JefersonMonteiro-ei3pd Před 9 měsíci
​@@deang5214 meu banco disse que isso não é da minha conta 😂😂😂
@bbskunk Před 13 dny
You got me. I hear you and am so proud of you. I'm gonna claim my voice. LOVE YOU!!
@NewMileyCyrus Před 2 dny
She's strong women ❤❤❤❤
Miley is CRUSHING it!
@sharmanr.hankins8372 Před 4 hodinami
Miley, I can so totally relate and thank you for expressing how I feel ❤
@danilocartes5738 Před 3 dny
miley music is pure energy and love❤
@MultiC12 Před rokem
Im proud of this woman,she got 14M views in just 1 day and she really deserve it❤ Thanks for 500 likes
@nt6253 Před rokem
She deserve much more!
@mr.kamel01 Před rokem
Deserve more 👌🏻🌸
@linjeperim8173 Před rokem
@@mr.kamel01 yeah
@Smilene_wreck Před rokem
@mariaedstrand9565 Před rokem
@@linjeperim8173 wait, it's 16M now so far in one day. She's so talented as an artist. Love her so much! ❤️ 😍
@andreatapia3841 Před 12 dny
Miley she never disappoints 😊 Thanks for you art
@andreatapia3841 Před 11 dny
She her hannah montana era, wrecking ball era, malibu era and flowers she was amazing❤
@mirayozturk5639 Před dnem
It must have been written for a narcissistic ex and it's AWESOME !
@RyanMiskokczi Před 2 hodinami
I love you milley. Keep up your amazing work. Always waiting for more music please please . God bless you and your always amazing and beautiful. From my heart to yours. Ryan
@arhhansingh Před 12 dny
Was never a Miley fan before this song.... but this song helped me a lot through my breakup.... I'm a convert...
Redneck + Stanley Cup = 🤯
LP - Lost On You (Live)
How Dreadlocks Form 😯
Půjčíš mi koně?🐎
Enough proof??
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