Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Backyard Sessions)

Miley Cyrus
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Official Backyard Sessions Performance of “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

Listen to & Download “Endless Summer Vacation” out now: mileycyrus.lnk.to/EndlessSumm...

Purchase Limited Vinyl: mileycyrus.lnk.to/EndlessSumm...

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Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions), now available on #DisneyPlus. Miley Cyrus takes the stage performing songs from her new album and reflecting on who she is today. DisneyPlusOriginals.Disney.com

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14. 03. 2023





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Komentáře 6 094
Miley Nation 13
Miley Nation 13 Před 12 dny
her backyard sessions are now basically better than the grammys
Ala Kotwad
Ala Kotwad Před 6 hodinami
Polish Man AM i
stardust Před 8 hodinami
Better than Grammys is not something hard to achieve tough 😅 But yeah, this is great
Luisa Fernanda Rodriguez Reyes
@dnmurphy48 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 not 😊
newme Před 14 hodinami
Yes, better than the Grammys. She gives herself the Award by self Rewarding because she realizes her value and now knows she deserves it thus speaking/singing it into full existence. Throw away that biased deward tv show. She shows its outdated.
Jakub Kubisztal
Jakub Kubisztal Před 4 dny
Nowa płyta jest naprawdę dobra. Miley zaśpiewała z serca, i aż chce się odtwarzać ponownie. ❤
Emerson Ferreira Santos
Voz diferenciada..canta com naturalidade..escuto todos os dias a caminho do trabalho.
David Edson da Silva Sales
Scout Dee Draws
Scout Dee Draws Před 4 dny
I have no words how amazing it's been seeing Miley grow like this. She has an iconic voice.
Giovaldo Rocha
Giovaldo Rocha Před 4 dny
Música contagiante ❤
Chardonnay27 Před 3 dny
Miley is rising to new heights in her career! She seems happy and healthy, especially since becoming clean and sober. Love watching her grow and mature into a beautiful young woman. It reflects in her style and music. She's thriving! Keep it going, Miley! I love your music more and more every day!
Nicky B
Nicky B Před 11 hodinami
Anonymous Před dnem
me too i find that growth and maturity in her music career and herself overall
Dolly Khouri
Dolly Khouri Před 2 dny
Me too!
alyssa smith
alyssa smith Před 11 dny
The way she has evolved as an artist over the years is amazing. Her raspy voice is invigorating to listen; it’s has that cool rocker chic vibe and reminds me of singers from the 80s. I love listening to her newer songs.
Nica Reguera
Nica Reguera Před 22 hodinami
Here’s the karaoke version I found of this very backyard session- cs-vid.net/video/video-RWVYhkOSueU.html Thank me later 😘
S17 Před 4 dny
Aj ty si sa za tie roky poriadne vyvinula keď sa tak na teba pozerám. 🤣
Enn Vee
Enn Vee Před 5 dny
@Hilly Billy uh?
AJ Meleleu
AJ Meleleu Před 6 dny
It always reminded me of Stevie Nicks a little
El Papu Misterioso
El Papu Misterioso Před 5 dny
Seen her Hannah Montana era, wrecking ball era, malibu era, and then this flower era. Grown up with her and she has my total respect for being such a strong, admirable woman. Love you Miley Cyrus ♥️✨
lockwoodandco._.fan2007 Před 6 hodinami
I used to like miley cyrus I love this song ❤💫
Secil Kuyu
Secil Kuyu Před 8 hodinami
Wasn't into her until flowers
mark anthony oray
mark anthony oray Před 2 dny
definitely agree with you!!!
Nev M
Nev M Před 3 dny
same… didn’t really like her til the bangerz wild child era then became completely obsessed lol
Polo Pixel
Polo Pixel Před dnem
I can't believe how grown and self confident she is. She's a complete woman now. Amazing.
Annie Chao
Annie Chao Před 21 hodinou
This song has really helped alot of people going thru some hard times because of some bastards. The lyrics is healing, the melody is awesome! This will forever be one of my fav songs of all time!!
Linda Aycoth
Linda Aycoth Před 3 hodinami
Love this song, really helps me get over Alex, Paul, chris,robert,William, tom
Eduardo Crespin
Eduardo Crespin Před dnem
Es maravillosa esa mujer su voz es única.
newme Před 5 dny
Why stress over broken relationships? You get another opportunity to refresh, self love and then choose wisely. LOVE this one, Miley.
thibault Před 12 dny
Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us. She knows how to reivent herself every time. Her vocals and performance are always amazing
Ashif Před 4 hodinami
@tayliana♡ lol ariana grande has nothing on the legend miley cyrus. go back to bed child
Dolly Khouri
Dolly Khouri Před 2 dny
daunte channel
daunte channel Před 2 dny
@tayliana♡ why being Ariana into this people like you always want to bring down another female artist to build up another like why it so ridiculous and dumb
Tomáš Telíšek
Tomáš Telíšek Před 4 dny
​@tayliana♡lol Miley beats Ariana in everything and outsold, she will never be on Miley's level, Miley is already a legend.
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco Před 6 dny
@tayliana♡ 👆☝☝
Manuel Raposo
Manuel Raposo Před dnem
I absolutely love this song! This woman will go down in music history ❤️
Alexander Leal
Alexander Leal Před 14 hodinami
Miley es atrevida, expectacular y sin miedo, felicitaciones
Richard Rivero
Richard Rivero Před dnem
La Voz De Miley😻, I Love You Miley💕.
Torkel Witsø
Torkel Witsø Před 4 dny
Ever since Wrecking Ball was released in 2013, I' ve been following this esteemed lady watching her rise and fall, and rise and fall again. How she always comes down on her feet, blaming no one but her self for what ever situation she ended up in, tells me that she' s tougher than most artists rising to fame and falling from grace. Stand tall always, Miley Cyrus, you are truly one of a kind.
Sky ☆
Sky ☆ Před 3 dny
That’s what I love about Miley. She’s so openly human and relatable in some ways.
no n
no n Před 3 dny
Adriana Maldonado
Adriana Maldonado Před 6 dny
PersolSims Před 12 dny
she always manages to make her live performances sound way better than the studio versions
Peter Morris
Peter Morris Před 3 dny
So does everyone who isn't crap
lf Před 9 dny
​@Stephanie Boggs she doesn't use auto tune in her mic
Hilly Billy
Hilly Billy Před 9 dny
flowers are a code word ADRENOCHROME
Candy Před dnem
This song is for all the women in the world. Thank you Miley. I hope you see this just so you know what you have done for so many women 💐
ORENDA Před dnem
She deserves all the music awards
Mohammed Balghar
Mohammed Balghar Před 23 hodinami
انا اما بحب حد بحبه بضمير ومن كل قلبي.. بحس اني عايزة اديله عين من عيوني والله.. بزعل لزعله وافرح لفرحه.. بكره اللي هو بيكره وبحب اللي بيحبه.. بشوف اي حاجة ممكن تسعده واعملها مهما كانت بدي بكل طاقتي ومش بستني مقابل لدي خااالص.. مش عارفه دي حاجة حلوة ولا وحشة بس اللي اعرفه ان يابخت اي حد انا بحبه.. ❤
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco Před 7 dny
She is a vocal and lyrical beast! I love her pure spirit. I hope she stays true to herself. She has tremendous talent and she's happy! We only get one life to live. Live your life Miley! I love this backyard session and the outfits! ❤
Loraine Valverde
Loraine Valverde Před dnem
Never been a fan but just changed my mind. ❤ This is music 🎶 🌸
funnybusiness9012 Před 10 hodinami
I like the live sessions, a million times more than the official MVs. The sound, the style, the live band, and vocals. Everything far exceeds the official MV imo.
7 stars
7 stars Před 12 dny
She was born to be the star she is. Her evolution and growth are incredible. She’s a true icon. Thanks, Miley, for this amazing masterpiece.💛
Nica Reguera
Nica Reguera Před 22 hodinami
Here’s the karaoke version I found of this very backyard session- cs-vid.net/video/video-RWVYhkOSueU.html Thank me later 😘
J4ke. Před 7 dny
is my music okay?
Jonny Plays VR
Jonny Plays VR Před 12 dny
what you talking about go and read the lyrics this is absoutley not okay
Nika Snszajn
Nika Snszajn Před 5 dny
I'm 40 years old, I had her too young from a series that I didn't care about... and today I really consider her an artist, a beautiful and smart woman
Everson Cavalheiro
Sempre surpreendente, linda, maravilhosa! ❤❤❤
André LopeC
André LopeC Před 4 dny
I LOVE MILEY 😎She is a vocal and lyrical beast! I love her pure spirit. I hope she stays true to herself. She has tremendous talent and she's happy! We only get one life to live. Live your life Miley! I love this backyard session and the outfits!
Priscilla Queiroz
Priscilla Queiroz Před 2 dny
Não dá pra acreditar que essa era a menininha da Disney que agora é esse fenômeno de talento e beleza Miley Love Y
Gomez Selena
Gomez Selena Před 7 hodinami
Thank you for the upvoting my only best friend ❤
Daniele Di Giovanni
This morning on Facebook I heard this Music, this Voice (without video), I Googled some of the words and thereafter continuously kept listening and watching... I do not know why, it simply creates Emotions... 🙏🙏🙏
Hz m
Hz m Před 12 dny
This is how you make live versions better than studios. Take notes people. 🔥
Loving Myself
Loving Myself Před 5 hodinami
@Jvalentino Sorry🤭🤗
Jvalentino Před 13 hodinami
@Loving Myself miley is my fav did u reply to the wrong person
Loving Myself
Loving Myself Před 11 dny
@Daniel Zertuche I believe it's live.
Daniel Zertuche
Daniel Zertuche Před 11 dny
@Loving Myself it could have been a live session but the audio was edited and mastered to sound perfect. So its not really live
Julie Před 3 dny
Miley's team is doing a great job too,we sometimes forget to underline it 👍.
May Před 4 dny
i suspected this was playback for the first minute. but i recognised right away that that mic was OOOOOON. she's amazing. she's able to sing just like or even better than the studio version. mind-blowing.
Learn in Shorts
Learn in Shorts Před 5 dny
This is called masterpiece ❣️🙌🙌
MKE Před 4 dny
I cant get over her with this song. She always rocks. Keep singing your heart out Miley. ❤
anime lover
anime lover Před 4 dny
The way she dances in between the sings is so cute I love her music I grew up with Hannah Montana and when she was trying to disconnect from the channel I was mad at her because I was young but now I'm so proud of her❤
Legend Music - Música Electrónica
Her voice has always been too powerful for pop, glad she's doing songs that perfectly fit her voice now
Richard Bolwell
Richard Bolwell Před 10 dny
@Ethan's Tarot "her last album was rock"?. hmmm, I must have missed that release
Josias Lourenço
Josias Lourenço Před 10 dny
Seguid la paz con todos, y la santidad, sin la cual nadie verá al Señor. Hebreos 12:14 Así que, arrepentíos y convertíos, para que sean borrados vuestros pecados; para que vengan de la presencia del Señor tiempos de refrigerio, Hechos 3:19 Vosotros veis, pues, que el hombre es justificado por las obras, y no solamente por la fe. Porque como el cuerpo sin espíritu está muerto, así también la fe sin obras está muerta. Santiago 2:24,26 Porque de tal manera amó Dios al mundo, que ha dado a su Hijo unigénito, para que todo aquel que en él cree, no se pierda, mas tenga vida eterna. Porque no envió Dios a su Hijo al mundo para condenar al mundo, sino para que el mundo sea salvo por él. Y esta es la condenación: que la luz vino al mundo, y los hombres amaron más las tinieblas que la luz, porque sus obras eran malas. El que cree en el Hijo tiene vida eterna; pero el que rehúsa creer en el Hijo no verá la vida, sino que la ira de Dios está sobre él. Juan 3:16-17,19,36
Jared Crites
Jared Crites Před 10 dny
@Igor Kłosek did not said was wrong but too powerful, not the same
Samson Zubarev
Samson Zubarev Před dnem
Eu amo essa музыка, essa batida!! Falar com o Sr. António é como viajar VK.SV/Blow_Jobb69 no tempo, é sonhar acordado, é uma lição de vida.... um poço de resiliència e um sorriso genuino que nos "abraça" sem nos conhecergoodvibes
Queen Daenerys
Queen Daenerys Před 3 dny
She deserves all the music awards
Cedric of Paris
Cedric of Paris Před 8 hodinami
What a song and what an artist! With her deep voicen she sings her truth and seems to stay true to her heart. Lyrics are so meaningful and perfect... with only simple words. By the way, that Villa is the one of my dream! Thanks for this song.
Danila Lopes
Danila Lopes Před 5 dny
Miley nunca nos decepciona. Sempre arrasa!❤❤❤
The Blind Symphoney
ShaPotty Potty Bang! -Lopsoh Qwicks
Annie Dos Santos
Annie Dos Santos Před 4 dny
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu Před 12 dny
She sounds better Live than majority of the artists! So much genuine talent!! 👏🏻👏🏻
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu Před 11 dny
@Sanchayan Sarkar it is. There's 0 lip syncing. It's raw
Aisha Upmanyu
Aisha Upmanyu Před 11 dny
@Aman kumar Agrawal Absolutely. Just heard their live recently. Was brilliant
omar ali
omar ali Před 11 dny
All” Except shakira & sia
COZZYVIBEZ Před 12 dny
@Sanchayan Sarkar yes it is, Miley never lip sings…
Robert Allen
Robert Allen Před 7 dny
Please release all these backyard sessions on one album. Terrific stuff.
Roxie Cariere
Roxie Cariere Před 7 dny
Best song in a long time and you knock it outta the park…exceptional voice! No one deserves to be cheated on…especially when the world is watching‼️🙏💕🌟🥂🍾 Here’s to you, Miley!
Divine M
Divine M Před 5 dny
@PNGIslanderVIBES No she wasn’t, she’s the one who left him because he was cheating on her with multiple women.
PNGIslanderVIBES Před 5 dny
Holdup, Miley was the one cheating on and playing with Liam H's emotions and life.
Beatriz Ferraz
Beatriz Ferraz Před 5 dny
entregando tudo. miley como sempre ❤
Leonel Alvarez Escobar
Se me eriza la piel...!!! Es un himno realmente. Me ayudó también a seguir adelante después de la estafa emocional.. descubrir que PUEDO AMARME MEJOR es la clave del AMOR PROPIO que siento HOY, SINCERAMENTE, POR MI. ❤ HERMOSA INTERPRETACION.
Lion Před 21 hodinou
She just gives me an early 2000's vibe that I really love.
alisson selene zamudio espinoza
I think she has a special place in our hearts because a lot of us got to watch her grow up. It’s so cool to see her evolution as an artist and as a person. 🥰
alisson selene zamudio espinoza
Her daddy watched her grow up...I mean...
V L Před dnem
Q voz más hermosa!!!!+❤
Gilza Soares Baião
In love with her voice ❤
Marcela Robles Rey
Lovely lady, great singer, great beautifull song!!!!! She is at her prime...
Lee Italo Tolentini
Linda mujer , beautiful woman , Sigue así 👍🏻 linda melodía y con sentimiento ..
heyyfirefly Před 6 dny
I just got dumped after 4years and the other day he already had his new gf.. thank you Miley for this song, you speak from the bottom of a lot of our hearts ❤
Libby Lacy
Libby Lacy Před 12 dny
Her live performances are stellar! Always hits the right notes. Love her.
_____ Před 3 dny
This was obviously recorded live by how her voice doesn’t have that smooth feel and high notes compared to the music video.
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco Před 6 dny
@Ken Dec 👆☝☝
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson Před 12 dny
@Ken Dec I had the same thought lol
Aaron T
Aaron T Před 12 dny
Auto tune
Jorge Lemes
Jorge Lemes Před 2 dny
Felicidades por lo profunda y contagiosa música
Merry Berry
Merry Berry Před 2 dny
She s just perfect...there s no one like her
Jackie Wynter
Jackie Wynter Před dnem
I’ve never listened to any of her songs before. However, this one captures my ears. Wedding vibes❤️🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐🌸🌷🌸🌷🌺🌺💃🏽🕺🏽🎼🎼🎼🎼❤️❤️🍷🍷
Antonio Salort Pons
Hay una fuerza inconmesurable en Miley y a la vez, en su mirada, hay algo que se pierde. Miley es como el imán, atrae y repele. Esto la hace súper interesante. La canción es muy buena. Es una muy buena canción POP. Me gustan las canciones que narran el despecho y la poesía. Es genial. Grande M Cyrus. Brillas Alto.
Kyle Fraser
Kyle Fraser Před 2 dny
Big boutique of flowers because why the hell not!? you definitely deserve it. such a freakin' gem, I'm not just talking about the song too 😊😊😊
Safiiruu Před 12 dny
Miley has been genuine throughout the years. Showing us who she is in each phase of her growth and healing. A reminder that healing is not linear-and has its up and downs. Beautiful Miley! 🫶🏻
Don't Read Profile Photo
James Před 5 dny
Love this cover, your backyard sessions, and heart of glass, freaken amazing voice! Hope you're having a good day and thanks for all of the amazing music, has definitely helped on the good and bad days ^_^
Lilyjean Obi
Lilyjean Obi Před dnem
She's so dope....I love this backyard version
Alaura Před dnem
Go Miley!!! 🎉😂❤ She rocks, and that's all there is to it. Ain't nobody gonna break her stride. Byyyyeeeeee 👋 😂
Brooklyn 99
Brooklyn 99 Před 5 dny
I’m between country music and pop but I loved watching the backyard sessions and hearing the meaning behind the songs
Hien Nguyen
Hien Nguyen Před 4 dny
Her real voice is beautiful. From that i can feel her soul.
Alex Wood
Alex Wood Před 12 dny
I’m usually strictly into metal but I’m absolutely in love with Miley’s voice, it’s matured as she has and is so damn powerful! I cannot get enough of this song.
Animal Love Fest
Animal Love Fest Před 11 dny
​@Noneya Biz Her voice is totally different now... the surgery really changed the deepness. I have always liked her, but this song kicks ass!!
No, I'm not a nice person
Plastic Hearts is basically a rock album
omar ali
omar ali Před 11 dny
Go for zombie and nothing else matters yup cranberries and matallica
Noneya Biz
Noneya Biz Před 11 dny
You'd love her rock pop with hints of disco album before this one then. The one with Midnight Sky
Leno Brontas Oficial
isso é muito música, desde a melodia, ritmo e harmonia está lá, bem no ponto.
Emm Yo
Emm Yo Před 4 dny
Agreed. She is in sync with the other musicians like no other. She's been Performing since she was a toddler. My favourite performer currently. I am 73 in June. She appeals to all age groups in some way.
Sim, muito bem produzido, muito bem arranjado.
Herzam Luc
Herzam Luc Před 5 dny
Unas de las mejores canciones …grammy asegurado ❤🙏🏼
tania Diogo
tania Diogo Před 6 dny
Linda música. Boa para ouvir alta e dançar logo pela manhã. Assim vamos animados para o office. Parabéns Miley.
James Hanley
James Hanley Před 5 dny
Flowers still number one eight weeks now on all world charts
Latisia Syariva
Latisia Syariva Před 11 dny
I love how she's feeling herself to the music. It's so carefree. Like how we sing when we're alone in the house, nobody's watching so we can really let loose. That's how she sings here and I love it
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco Před 6 dny
@Darien Battice 👆☝☝
Floriana Crisan
Floriana Crisan Před 9 dny
@Trey M Jumătate melodia cânta fetele din baching????....melodia este frumoasă și atât !!!!
Trey M
Trey M Před 10 dny
Yeah she owned that shit. Good vibes.
vagurl84 Před 2 hodinami
Every album is amazing but they just keep getting better somehow!
Nikolina Vorkapic
Nikolina Vorkapic Před 4 dny
I love Miley..she has her own style..she is unique❤
Love this version 🌹🌹
Monse_gelista Před 6 dny
She is perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rosario Larion
Rosario Larion Před dnem
Miley Cyrus❤-- REALLY ROCKS. So funky. Thank you for sharing.
Kevin B
Kevin B Před 12 dny
So glad Miley is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Absolutely phenomenal 💜💜💜
Valerie Crawford
Valerie Crawford Před 6 dny
This song works, not just because of Miley's killer VOCALS, but because She sells the lyrics perfectly. She Lives them 💖
Patrícia Saraiva
Patrícia Saraiva Před 5 dny
A harmonia dessa música é surreal...
Suzanne Quinn
Suzanne Quinn Před 5 dny
She's one of the best artists in the world. You can really relate to this song. She really delivers every word perfectly ❤
Alejandra Beron
Alejandra Beron Před 3 dny
Si cierro mis ojos pensaría que la voz tan aterciopelada que escucho es de una morena realmente Miley que artista monumental eres y esta letra nos identifica mujeres , hombres y cualquier otro genero relacionado con el amor no hay rótulos aquí se trata de darnos cuenta que no debemos depender ni sentirnos mal porque no hacemos o queremos lo que el otro quiere o dice somos nosotros quienes tenemos el poder suficiente para amarnos,respetarnos y ser felices.
Julieta López
Julieta López Před 4 dny
Elegancia total!!!
Worldwide Wyatt
Worldwide Wyatt Před 12 dny
She’s always been very talented, but she’s grown into being one of the best right before our eyes. She’s one of the few who escaped from Disney and the destructiveness of child stardom.
Muzyka Disco
Muzyka Disco Před 6 dny
@Ethan's Tarot 👆☝☝
Hilly Billy
Hilly Billy Před 9 dny
flowers are a code word ADRENOCHROME
This song is so simple but it’s so artistic. I like the song like that. And I like the live version.
crazydude550 Před 7 dny
She has such a beautiful voice! ❤️❤️❤️
Livier Perez
Livier Perez Před 5 dny
Rita Voorbraeck
Rita Voorbraeck Před 5 dny
love her voice, her being her!!! ❤️ 😍 ❤
Crash123454321 Před 9 hodinami
This song will put her in the Hall of Fame, I'm sure of it!
Elaine Guerreiro
Elaine Guerreiro Před 3 dny
Essa música me representa 😊
Valerie Chemistry
Valerie Chemistry Před 12 dny
This proves that if you are really talented, singing in your own backyard can look/feel like a grand stage. Great job Miley
Robin Skull
Robin Skull Před 10 dny
AdoptmeDayz Před 10 dny
Its not her backyard
yammmit Před 10 dny
it helps to have lighting and legit camera work lol
JPH Gaming
JPH Gaming Před 11 dny
Sure, she is a very talented singer, but I think what makes this look and feel like a performance on a grand stage is the production around her. The band, the mixing, the lighting, the camera work... The budget for this performance must've been pretty large just to make it seem close, intimate and small scale.
William Emond
William Emond Před 11 hodinami
Listening Miley live is a pure bliss, getting older, getting better and let`s say it ; gracefully nice-looking. Super fan ¨The Joe¨
Erl Stone
Erl Stone Před 6 dny
the best artist to hit popular music in 10 years at least... and I'm sure she will endure for many, many years to come... she has great backing and her mother is super smart... I predict she will also the last great "star" of music before Ai completely consumes the music biz... MC is special for sure.
MSLadyT (MSLADYT) Před 2 dny
I love this song ❤
Vitt cv
Vitt cv Před 7 dny
Her voice... Her talent... She is Everything ❤
Pleasurecube Před 3 dny
She's one of the best artists in the world. Love you Miley ;-)
Jonno Bloggs
Jonno Bloggs Před 12 dny
Arguably the best pop single released this decade .Brilliantly constructed in the way it builds and pulls back from the glorious chorus throughout the entire song .This is a superb live performance by Miley ,the band and backing singers and having listened to the album several times I would argue strongly that at this precise moment she is imperious in the pop world .
Matty B
Matty B Před 12 dny
Imperious? Maybe look up the word before using it!
Jonno Bloggs
Jonno Bloggs Před 12 dny
Oh look .Ken M lite has entered the building 😃
missmayflower Před 12 dny
Maybe look up the definition of imperious.
Sophisticated Beaver
Every time I hear that song I 😢. It's a Beautiful song. The words in the song, oh my God. Miley voice is I can't describe it. It touches your soul.
María López
María López Před dnem
Hermosa canción
clara frontela
clara frontela Před 6 dny
A song to always remember 🎉❤
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Dana Winner - One Moment In Time live
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now
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Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Official Video)
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VERONA - ANDĚL (Official video)
Přijdu sám
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Já Posrar (Official Music Video)