Microsoft Sucks 

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Microsoft hit the big time when Bill Gates stole all the good ideas that Steve Jobs stole from actual talented people.
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5. 10. 2015





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CreepsMcPasta Před 8 lety
Maaan you hit a real nostalgia spot for me there when talking about making friends on Xbox. My best and longest known friends IRL I met on Xbox Live. I'm surprised you never mentioned the Xbox Live Party system, which essentially killed the trash talking part of Live, but also the social part. NO ONE spoke since they'd be in their own parties. :/
Ezekiel Esqivel
Ezekiel Esqivel Před 8 lety
hey creeps love ya
Shiro2809 Před 8 lety
+CreepsMcPasta Holy crap, someone else that thinks Party chats ruined XBL! I never thought I'd meet another!
Michael Před 8 lety
+CreepsMcPasta I always loved parties, what me and my friends would do was just try to get a party of whoever 8 people we could find to join, and it was a mess but god damn it was a fun time
Sasaki Před 3 lety
This video has aged extremely well.
Lil Tree
Lil Tree Před 3 lety
TheMasterofGames 💯Facts
Lil Tree
Lil Tree Před 3 lety
j 😡🤬PlayStation rhymes with Gaystation
Alfredo Lozano Jr
Alfredo Lozano Jr Před 3 lety
that part around 2:20 when he said "thank you for inspiring your competitors to sink to your level". That was some deep shit right there. I felt that
eveningrice Před 2 lety
What does your comment even mean
sweetmelon Před 2 lety
Kind of think Apple does. Remove basic accessories and make customers pay for them all
Alfredo Lozano Jr
Alfredo Lozano Jr Před 2 lety
@eveningrice my comment was expressing the agreeableness of dunkeys statement
Zo Jirushi
Zo Jirushi Před 2 lety
Also applies with Nintendo switch online ugh
GraveRobbertt Před 2 lety
Lmao faux deep commentary.
Johnny Baxter
Johnny Baxter Před rokem
It’s amazing how almost every issue you mentioned is still prevalent 6 years later... everything this shit company touch turns to dust
- TWEEoMOZ - Před rokem
Just like EA, the shittier versions of King Midas
JJ Před rokem
Matthew Mellott
Matthew Mellott Před rokem
I swear I watch this video once a year for a laugh and you’re not wrong buddy
Stepladder Před rokem
That’s why I laugh at the New Vegas fanboys that say they will make Obsidian make NV 2
Trickyy Před 3 lety
Microsoft: just do your thing Dunkey: *does his thing* Microsoft: you weren’t supposed to do that
Some Guy
Some Guy Před 3 lety
*supposed, just saying :)
undeadsoldier25 Před 3 lety
@Some Guy cool name :)
cat l
cat l Před 3 lety
I'm you're 666th like
TribuneAquila Před 3 lety
TBF, if a company is paying you money to advertise their game, it’s probably good practice to not shit on it, despite whatever the company told you. Dunkey has made plenty of hilarious videos on terrible games in the past without shitting on them, it’s likely it wouldn’t have been too hard for him to do it when MS was literally paying him to do so. The rest of the arguments in this video are completely valid, and Microsoft deserves getting shit for lots of reasons, but in this case i think dunkey just made a mistake.
Trickyy Před 3 lety
TribuneAquila They should’ve known how he acts in his videos, he’s completely honest in his reviews and he’ll completely shit on a game if he wants to no matter if there is money in it or not, he’s not like IGN where they get a couple thousand dollars and give the game a 9/10
poperat Před rokem
these old dunkey videos never fail to get a laugh out of me even after seeing them so many times
Reed Před 5 měsíci
Deltari Před 5 lety
Now Nintendo is charging money to play Online. Thank You Microsoft.
Migot Před 5 lety
so if Nintendo want money for multip[layer so for me Nintendo is that same company what MS.
suavepilled Před 5 lety
atleast it isn't fucking 50 months a nanosecond and their servers actually work
George Leavitt
George Leavitt Před 5 lety
It's only $20 a year, includes cloud saves, and a wide, growing selection of NES games with online multiplayer. Beats XBox's $20 a month that was in place last I checked.
Green Před 5 lety
@George Leavitt oh and also snes games, and probably more console titles as well.
Germandragon Před 5 lety
My Problem with Nintendo is that how they try to kill all traces of the Wii U with the "Switch". First of all: the ports from the wii u to the switch. Kid: Dad, why does every game has "deluxe edition" written all over it? Dad: Do you want the game now which is the same game of an console nobody wants talk about none reason, just with new content which could have been practical as an 10 Dollars DLC? Second: Why the hell are the newest Title so frking boring, still so overhyped? Odyssey and BotW were like so empty (dispite being open world level) and not really benefictial at all for the main story, Fifa? Underflail(got to admit, the music is cool)? FARTNITE?!!?!?! Third: minor things. Look at the Wii U, in the menu you are getting greeted by a frking Mii you have created, many other miis from other players rush in to fill the empty Menu, then the Options, Icons, Games, ETC pops in.(When you have your birthday set, the wii U even gratulates you with a rebate coupon) And the Switch? I felt like they copy/pasted the nintendo DS menu just enlarged HD texture.
OneTwoMark Před 3 lety
Best part about this is that someone at Microsoft will have had to officially watch this as it says Microsoft sucks and its viral, which means they need to know why.
HeyImLate Před 3 lety
They probably will. But will they take any criticism from this? No.
Nern Guan
Nern Guan Před 3 lety
dunkey is a legend, i would go homeless if he asked me to
Acolytes of Horror
Acolytes of Horror Před 3 lety
this assumes that they're interested in improving themselves
Mootwo Před 3 lety
@Acolytes of Horror they want to know why so they can make it worse duh
Mike Před 3 lety
@HeyImLate And why should they? There have been no consequences from their actions.
Scroti Před 3 lety
To add on to exhibit Z: The Final Fuckening (5:24) When Castle Crashers was released, Playable characters such as the King, Open Faced Gray Knight, Evil Cultist, and the Necromancer were all unlocked by completing certain levels on the Insane Difficulty (For Example, you got the Necromancer once you finish the industrial castle) However, Microsoft decided that for the Xbox 360 version of the game, you had to purchase a Character Pack using the Microsoft Points (remember the 400 for 5$ bullshit?) The reason why this was stupid was because that meant all profits were going directly to Microsoft rather than the Behemoth; who had publicly stated that all their DLC revenue made from the Pink Knight and Blacksmith packs would have gone to a charity to stop Breast Cancer. So yeah, fuck Microsoft.
Riko Vladimir
Riko Vladimir Před 3 lety
Word Croutons
Word Croutons Před 3 lety
Similar fuckery happened with Bastion's extra challenge "Stranger's Dream." They were forced to charge a dollar for DLC that was free for PC users.
Floater Před 3 lety
WTF???? When me and my brothers got our xbox(which was used by another guy) we didn't have to pay for character packs. Damn didn't know that people had to pay because I love that game :/
Scroti Před 3 lety
Naval They did make pink knight free but that was about it, everyone else, including the blacksmith (which was an actual dlc character for all platforms), weren’t though, thankfully the remastered edition doesn’t pull this shit but it’s still unfortunate that the 360 did
Indigo Silhouette
Indigo Silhouette Před 3 lety
Jesus christ. That's like blatently evil.
Goose King
Goose King Před rokem
Dunky: "Microsoft has the worst live service." Nintendo: Hold my beer.
Wompa Stompa
Wompa Stompa Před rokem
At least Nintendo lets you play your offline single player games if their servers shit the bed. It ain't much, but it's something.
basil plushie🥞
basil plushie🥞 Před rokem
@Ezana Wright temporary or permanent?
Will Wunsche
Will Wunsche Před rokem
@Ezana Wright Fun fact way back in the day when internet was more expensive the Nintendo DS had voice chat natively in the console on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl when you met up with friends in game and it was free. Nintendo has regressed
Luminosity Před rokem
@Ezana Wright That's a different arguments, also xbox offers gamepass which blows nso system out of the water again
Wubbers Před 8 měsíci
@Luminosity Didn't they just raise Gamepass' price for some reason (or are planning on it)? Not saying its bad, but it is starting to reach a point where they've put all they've could put on Gamepass, and we are starting to get filler. If the FTC doesn't block the deal, then it might be fine.
Vaibhav Před 3 lety
That's why i trust Soulja boy Console
Tristan Mapusaga
Tristan Mapusaga Před 3 lety
Xeno Best X
Xeno Best X Před 3 lety
I am the Yume, Yakuza 5
Neobro 234
Neobro 234 Před 3 lety
_Saturn_ Před 3 lety
Awesomo7777 Před rokem
This is one of Dunkey's realest and most cutting videos. He calls out the corporate scam bullshit that Microsoft does on a daily basis. The soft people at Micro(dick)soft continue these practices in broad daylight without shame. Of course Dunko still includes his signature humor to lighten the mood, but his language gives away the fact that he really feels strongly about these subjects, and he doesn't pull any punches. Big respect for big Donk.
vansdan Před 3 lety
ever notice how you never see ants and microsoft in the same room?
Ki Ki
Ki Ki Před 3 lety
Except on the credits for antz
Kake Před 2 lety
The amazing guy
The amazing guy Před 2 lety
Also noticed how ants sometimes go inside your Xbox.
Andy McClurg
Andy McClurg Před 2 lety
Simple. Microsoft is run by a DVD copy of Antz, just sitting in a chair.
Shrekt Před 2 lety
You do. Just look at the execs.
MadShenans Před 2 lety
5 years and 14M views later...I wonder if it was worth taking 2 months of donkley’s rent?!
A Lazy Man
A Lazy Man Před 2 lety
u think michaelsoft cares?
Chosenlawman Před 2 lety
@A Lazy Man I mean that’s not much money relatively speaking and this video has been seen by millions so they did this to themselves
A Lazy Man
A Lazy Man Před 2 lety
3rd Way does this video make less people to buy xbox?No!U still buy xbox because ur friends have them
A Lazy Man
A Lazy Man Před 2 lety
3rd Way this amount of damage means nothing to michalesoft
Matthieu Před 2 lety
3rd Way You don't have to be crazy to think this video didn't hurt them. In absolute terms, maybe it hurt them. In relative terms, it really didn't. But even in absolute terms, people watch Dunkey's videos for a laugh. If you seriously think a significant amount of people watched this video and thought "Oh yeah, that's it, a company did something terrible to Dunkey, I'm going to boycott them on his behalf" then you have some interesting notions about human behaviour. Most people are familiar with the idea that big companies are simply shady. It doesn't mean they do anything about it. They watch, laugh, and move on. Especially if the video isn't a call to action, and it's not. Even if you wanted to do anything, what would it be? Unless you're a mac user, you're not going to boycott their OS (admittedly if you're a mac user, you were already boycotting their OS). Unless your friends don't have a Xbox, you're not going to boytcott that, either. So what are you going to boycott, really? Nothing, as I see it. Microsoft has stakes in so many things that even if you did want to boycott them, you'd probably be supporting them without realizing it. So no, really, you'd have to be crazy to think this hurt them, buddy.
Nick D
Nick D Před 4 lety
We need to start a petition to make playing online free again without charging 80$ a year!
jsownbnj Před 4 lety
Like petitions work
Nick D
Nick D Před 4 lety
Jsownbnj we gotta do something!
Nick D
Nick D Před 3 lety
Tucker Johnson tru
The Whiz Kid
The Whiz Kid Před 3 lety
I thought it was $60
Casanuda Před 3 lety
The only reason companies charge is idiots pay for the non-existent service of online. And they pay by the millions. If you had the option of doing nothing and being paid billions of dollars per month and the only downside is people whined about you on the internet (which will happen anyway) what would you do? Would you refuse billions of dollars coming in monthly?
vidgamarr Před 2 lety
Gabe Newell: “We want to continue growing the community by releasing free updates” Microsoft: wait, that’s *illegal*
Iskolya Před 3 měsíci
thats the reason why tf2 dont have updates
CobourgRailfan Před 3 lety
And do you know what is really funny? People nowadays are actually thinking that Microsoft is a consumer friendly company 🤣🤣
The amazing guy
The amazing guy Před 2 lety
Atleast they put their exclusives on PC instead of forcing people to buy their console for one or two good games.
CobourgRailfan Před 2 lety
@The amazing guy But Microsoft owns Windows as well. So this isn't a plus point for them at all. I don't know what that has to do with being consumer friendly.
The amazing guy
The amazing guy Před 2 lety
@CobourgRailfan PC players don't have to buy an Xbox to play Xbox games. However, in order to play PS and Nintendo exclusives you have to buy their consoles (as of now Sony released some but not all exclusives to steam) It doesn't benefit Xbox players, it benefits PC players.
CobourgRailfan Před 2 lety
@The amazing guy But that has nothing to do with being consumer friendly. Consumer friendly means being friendly towards the user of your product, not making it more available. It is perfectly fine to not release games on PC if that company does not know how to optimize a PC port well enough. One problem could be that the game might use features that only the unique console has (For instance with the Wii U it was the touchpad; with the PS5 the SSD) making it fit for PC could mean that some features can't be adapted well enough and the time and cost it goes through, isn't really worth it. This is therefore usually understandable and not an issue about consumer friendliness. Consumer unfriendliness would be connected to the actual use of the product as a consumer or connected to the treatment of the consumer in general. For instance always online DRM, Pay to win features i.e. having to pay to play a game properly that you already paid for, aggressive copyright protection such as taking down let's plays, refusing refunds for canceling pre orders, planned obsolescence and voiding warranty in cases where the consumer attempts to repair the product itself or has it repaired for them and denying manufacturing defects to the extent that companies would rather defend themselves in court rather than actually address and service the issue.
The amazing guy
The amazing guy Před 2 lety
@CobourgRailfan What about game pass, it is very cheap, and it packs a lot of value (also gives you live if you opt for ultimate). It has a lot of value and will have more since Microsoft bought Bethesda. My only gripe with it is that the Gamepass offered on PC doesn't have as many games as the Xbox (Hopefully they fix that soon). Another thing is that all games released on Xbox series x for the next 2 years can be played on Xbox 1. Their support for PC and the old Xbox might actually kill the sales of the series X, but at the end of the day the consumer gets benefits from it.
Ryan C
Ryan C Před 2 lety
5 years later and I still applaud you for being honest in your review about their game. Almost none of these influences now would dare.
kavonhazo Před 8 lety
if anyone wants some of the music 0:00 Kirby: Triple Deluxe - File Select 0:23 Twisted Metal (PS3) Theme 0:33 Blinx - Time Square 1:32 Animal Crossing - Resetti 2:28 Chibi Robo - Midday Majesty 3:47 Face Raiders - Options 3:53 Tomba 2 - Time Stopped 4:05 Grow Home - Bud's Theme 4:39 Donkey Kong 64 - Mad Maze Maul 5:23 Final Fantasy 6 - Dancing Mad 5:35 Final Fantasy 6 - Dark World 6:15 Resistance 2 - Main Menu 6:46 Blinx - Shop
YobaHere Před 8 lety
+Hazo803 thank you
Dopamine Cloud
Dopamine Cloud Před 8 lety
+Hazo803 the Resistance 2 Main menu theme is in there too around 6:15
kavonhazo Před 8 lety
+Dopamine Cloud Thank you!
Bajlum13 Před 8 lety
+Hazo803 0:24 is the Twisted Metal (PS3) theme.
kavonhazo Před 8 lety
+Bajlum13 Thank you!
bigus funnies
bigus funnies Před 2 měsíci
After Microsoft winning the lawsuit, this video aged really well
Ed O’Neill
Ed O’Neill Před 2 měsíci
“I get to pay 390 a year and actually get good games now!!!” Like PlayStation hadn’t had that forever and for cheaper
W Před 4 měsíci
To be honest, I feel really bad for xbox owners and gamepass subscribers at this point. If Microsoft couldn't offend millions of xbox users now with Redfall, then I honestly don't know how they are going to put this together. And I don't admire that a lot of people are scared about what they should except from Starfield after this. From that Todd Howard who haven't put out any bugfree game yet in his entire life.
The Mexican Dude
The Mexican Dude Před 3 měsíci
“Day one exclusives!” *The exclusives:*
Mi2-C0 Před 3 měsíci
@The Mexican Dude They pay SEGA Atlus for the exclusivity on their games for only 48 hours since the first reveal, that's so funny.
Eliassthepro Před 5 dny
At least we have SOME games now. I still don’t understand what Sony fanboys want from us tbh.
Skyace13 Před rokem
This is for all the people who are excited about Microsoft buying Activision/Blizzard
Jaguarp80 Před rokem
Thanks, I was trying to remember throughout the whole video what I had heard Microsoft was acquiring recently. Blizzard has been so insanely corruptly corporate already for the past 10 or 15 years maybe it’ll cancel out somehow
Brown-eyed Cheese
Brown-eyed Cheese Před rokem
Jaguarp80 No no no, this is capitalism, the problem will only compound
JN RF Před rokem
Yes, they changed CEO and got better than Sony.
Ivan Ayala
Ivan Ayala Před rokem
@JN RF nah we still got better exclusive’s
JN RF Před rokem
@Ivan Ayala 70 dollars for a story mode vs 500 games with only 10 dollars
Sheperino Gaming
Sheperino Gaming Před 2 lety
This is like dunkey telling us his war stories.
Ted Před 2 lety
This dunkey war story really makes you feel like Dunkey
Nicolas Estrem
Nicolas Estrem Před 4 měsíci
This video aged extremely well
doomjuan Před 4 lety
5 years later..... everybody is doing paid online multiplayer, including Nintendo :( this is why Steam is better
John Bread
John Bread Před 4 lety
heh not PC lol hybrid masterrace
doomjuan Před 4 lety
John Bread hehe
Marilia Bruno
Marilia Bruno Před 4 lety
i came here because I found ants living on my desktop lmao
ry Před 3 lety
I am surprised nobody has mentioned how dunkey has met some of the most toxic people he would never meet in a 100 years but actually he has found some of the most funniest and best people ever
Hayhayluxray Před 4 lety
Meanwhile in September 2019, I sent my joycon that had a terrible drift problem to Nintendo and they sent me a BRAND NEW joycon that works perfectly. And it was free of charge, even though my joycon was well out of its warranty. And the whole process (from me sending mine to getting the new one) took less than 2 weeks. Nintendo isn’t perfect, but they got this one right :)
Josh H
Josh H Před 4 lety
Yes! They did the same thing to me with a wii that was like 5 years old. They sent back a refurbished system, and I'm still using it to this day! You can tell Nintendo really takes quality assurance seriously. UNLIKE MICROSOFT.
bas Před 4 lety
@Josh H lmao say that to nso
David C.
David C. Před 4 lety
A 80 dollar remote shouldn't have that issue anyways
chillmanmax Před 3 lety
@bas at least the pro controller wasnt broken in box unlike the elite controller
BingityBong Před 3 lety
Bruh i just put Isophoryl Alchohol on Q Tips and cleaned it and it worked
Ibrahim Mteirek
Ibrahim Mteirek Před měsícem
After 7 years, this video is still perfectly timed.
mahmood mohammed
mahmood mohammed Před 3 lety
"ohh no, these people must've beaten this whole boring ass game" i died..... just like the people he was talking about.
Carl Sagan
Carl Sagan Před 11 měsíci
Buddy had no chill
cali Před 3 lety
microsoft: yeah, just do what you normally do! microsoft after criticism: *D E A T H*
Nern Guan
Nern Guan Před 3 lety
yeah he did the right thing, if it was me, i rather be a homeless than getting 1 million dolar from microsoft
ajem Před 3 lety
@Syed Muhammad Izaan Ali boi we use brains
Richard O
Richard O Před 3 lety
I am your 1000th like you are welcome
Jose Před 2 lety
@Syed Muhammad Izaan Ali Microsoft didn’t even do that it was Mojang and 4J Microsoft doesn’t do shit with Minecraft they just own Mojang which owns Minecraft
Blue Před 3 lety
It’s sad that this aged like fine wine
Fibois 12
Fibois 12 Před 3 lety
Benicio Duenas what happened?
SuperDrinkingPepsi Před 3 lety
@Fibois 12 microsoft still sucks that's what happened
BOB The Builder
BOB The Builder Před 3 lety
@Fibois 12 the XSX event happened.
Mai Moawia
Mai Moawia Před 3 lety
Link so?
AT-Bazelgeuse Před 2 lety
i mean game pass is great with 200+ games for $15 a month with so many huge games i can't even list them all i have never experienced any problems with xbox live over the 10 years ive been playing on xbox toxic teamates? just mute them also psplus? aint that a thing? and we can all agree that nintendos servers are way worse but its like halve the price my point is, is that i don't see why everyone hates xbox live
Strawhateli Před 3 měsíci
Still love that Dunky didn’t fake his content with the Microsoft contract videos. Stayed true to himself
Cobalt Před měsícem
This video aged like fine wine .
Khud0 - Indie Game Dev
Holy cow, I spent so much time trying to find that racing game from my childhood and all the efforts were futile. And here, I've found it. God damn ANTZ Extreme Racing! Thank you dunkey, you're a legend.
poprdog s
poprdog s Před rokem
You can tell this is dunkeys greatest video since he has zero dislikes. What a master piece
Umgezogen Před 6 lety
I literally had the XBOX 360 for a week and didn't even have any games yet, and I got the fucking ring of death. I was so fucking pissed.
Koyö Oko
Koyö Oko Před 6 lety
Europe Channel I had my first xbox360 for 6 years (Since 2010). Wtf is going on.
Justin Zhu
Justin Zhu Před 6 lety
You were part of the 46% of people who didn't get the ring.
Umgezogen Před 6 lety
Some guy named Paul lol if it had only been that easy for all of us
Member Berry
Member Berry Před 6 lety
it had a 54% failure rate. It's no surprise. hands down one of the worst console to be released
Patrick Ramsay
Patrick Ramsay Před 6 lety
You are aware they switched out those with red rings for free if you still had the receipt?
Masquegoria Před 2 lety
Ah, the beauty of competitive markets. Expectation: Companies will screw customers over less and less as they compete for business. Reality: Companies will screw customers over more and more as they see their competition getting away with it.
Dimains Před rokem
Yeah, unfortunately we consumers are weak willed and fall for the garbage practices of gaming industry companies time and time again
Yurichtube Před rokem
@Dimains not we. Xbox fans.
Kolsky Traveller
Kolsky Traveller Před rokem
@Yurichtube yeah say that again in the face of all nintendo fans out there buying several pairs of joycons and then rotating their repair cycles, it's ridiculous
l Před rokem
@Kolsky Traveller Drift never happened to me.
Commanderfox945 Před 3 lety
That red ring thing was awful. I remember my uncle was so invested with this. He bought the Xbox 360 elite to avoid this and we ended up replacing it 3 times. Then he made us look for certain assembly numbers or something to get a good one. Which finally worked and the console lasted from 2011-August 2015. Fun times lol
zeitxgeist Před 2 lety
I remember my first RROD call with support: "dont stand it vertically, it's not made for that" "it's literally like that in every commercial in use!" "yes" I shit you not
Cowicial Před rokem
wtffff 😂😂😂😂
̊ Před 3 lety
He’s right. “It’s 2015 now: things change.” Timeless words.
Mazapine Před 6 měsíci
More proof that Dunkey is a time traveler
Jimmy Elkordy
Jimmy Elkordy Před 6 lety
I don't know how anyone can support machinima in this day and age when every CS-vidr who ever worked with them talk shit about them
Kryse Před 6 lety
unless those "anyone" you refer to as the ones who support them arent people, but are actually, you guessed it... Antz
2KPotato Před 6 lety
Gamal Elkordy I think NerdCubed is the only one who hasn't talked shit about them.
Mercury Před 3 lety
2:56 Sony did the same thing with my PSP. I kept sending it in and getting it back still broken, until I was told my warranty expired. Still one of my most bitter memories to date. I loved that thing and they let me down.
Rationalist Před 3 lety
Jeez bro. That sucks. When mine broke I sent it in and they fixed it about a week later
Charlie Kelly
Charlie Kelly Před 3 lety
@Manas Choudhary it's ok, you can swear
Family Gaming Officiel
still, Nintendo has a lot to improve concerning Online. Switch is hardly arguable as a fine hardware, but it shows a lot of mistakes and limits that are no longer acceptable or bearable for this generation of consoles.
BurzaRec Před 3 lety
Lenovo did the same with my broken PC
Raquesis?! It's Lachesis!
i would have been "dude, do you understand i have money? can you just *Fix* the damn thing already?
Reg Matshiya
Reg Matshiya Před rokem
They offer this man 2 months of rent to play their game and he proceeds to shit on the game.Legend💀🔥
Nickel Butt
Nickel Butt Před rokem
A comedian, a critic, and a consumer advocate.
Stevie Obie
Stevie Obie Před rokem
Microsoft have seriously corrupted the entire gaming industry through their shady business of extorting large amounts of cash from the players. And it's absolutely disgraceful! That really sickens me! 😤
Paul Před 3 lety
I always forget that this was made in 2015 until he says “ but it’s 2015 now”
Random People
Random People Před 2 lety
Same bruh
Hyderomastgroningem Před 2 lety
Fuck me... Stephen Colbert was right...
Akunai Před 2 lety
AT Amir
AT Amir Před rokem
I didn’t notice this and still went yea this is 2015 🤣
Da sea pickle of justice
Dam it's been 6 years, I don't like time
Poop Před 2 lety
I feel bad for all the soldiers overseas who were getting red rings. At the time it was pretty common I heard. You just wanted a moment to kick back and play Xbox and you got shat on by MS
samter Před 2 lety
This is one of the most honest, enlightening and phenomenal things I've ever seen.
Zach J
Zach J Před 2 lety
That short clip of him playing the game they paid him for is actually hilarious
Kyuretso Před 3 lety
Microsoft: "You can do whatever you want bro lol" Dunkey: "Whole ass boring game" Microsoft: *So you've chosen death*
Octane Street
Octane Street Před 2 lety
Microsoft is living proof that you really don't have to give a single F to be successful lol. Make something the world relies on (windows OS, etc) and you can afford to make all the mistakes you want afterwards with 0 repercussions. I'll never forget buying a XBox 360 Elite edition from a person on a local classified and turned out it was broken with RRoD. As a 14 or so year old kid that shit suuuucked lol, saved up for quite some time to buy it. RRoD was something they should have never been allowed to get away with!
gavin ens
gavin ens Před 3 lety
And now Nintendo has started charging money for online, great.
Connor The Duke
Connor The Duke Před 3 lety
@kaanwyd when you let people play a bunch of great exclusive games online for free, and then all the sudden make them pay, they get mad. That's just how it works
Glctc Thnkr
Glctc Thnkr Před 3 lety
Kqaan it isn’t bad but it’s a million times worse when you consider that the Wii U had free online that worked way better for the most part
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Před 3 lety
Kqaan most people don’t want multiple subscription services on top of one that ultimately just gives publishers free money for restricting a feature everyone should have
drabin Před 3 lety
@kaanwyd it is worse from others, because 1. Nintendo online doesn't get you any good games unlike other subscribtions, all it gets you is bunch of old ROMS you can play at any time on anything for free 2. Nintendo doesn't have dedicated servers, which means you are paying for using your own internet. 3. Online gaming is a joke itself. If one person on team has shitty internet, entire match will have lags.
Axe Knight
Axe Knight Před rokem
And this video is what made me gain a huge chunk of respect for videogamedunkey.
MiiMonkii Před 11 měsíci
7 years later, it still holds up.
ParkNPlay Před 11 měsíci
I still get shocked every time I rewatch it and he says "it's 2015 now"
AussieBleuu Před rokem
Xbox 360 really made you feel like you wish you had a PS3
tonitotx Před 3 lety
I’ve watched this about 15 times now. Deadass. Dunkey is the most entertaining person ever
Smashy Bamswell
Smashy Bamswell Před 2 lety
I had 3 360's red ring on me but I never sent them in for repair. Got a replacement plan where I bought it so when one went bad they'd veryfy the red ring and I'd just grab a brand new one. Good god I can't imagine waiting two months minimum to get your console back. Must have been absolutely maddening.
Dovah Před 5 lety
Their worst decision was buying Rare in 2002, and buying Ensemble earlier in 2001. They ended up not ruining Ensemble at first, but then Ensemble had a big idea for a Halo MMO because they were tired with RTS’s, then Microsoft turned it down and made Ensemble work on another RTS. That RTS was a Halo game which later ended up being Ensemble’s final game, that game was Halo Wars in 2009. They ruined Ensemble, but it’s far from what they did with Rare. Everybody from the N64 era left Rare, and after that they made subpar games that were just placeholders so Microsoft could at least have some exclusives to release that year before the big boys could release. I know Sea of Thieves was ok, but if they keep going and Rare is not showing any success, I honestly think Rare’s end is in sight.
Kyle Hubbard
Kyle Hubbard Před 5 lety
I guess that's why Sea of Thieves is highly anticipated. Why it topped number one on Twitches most viewed for multiple days and come launch will likely be a huge success and will likely top Twitch again when tournaments for CS and League aren't on.
Killing Stars
Killing Stars Před 5 lety
MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй ugh people are still talking about sea of thieves? Lol that game will be irrelevant come 4/20 ayyyyy God of war baby!!!
Kyle Hubbard
Kyle Hubbard Před 5 lety
Killing Stars, You have no power here.
Killing Stars
Killing Stars Před 5 lety
MїĈhÃЭĹ ĴoЯđÃй I don't just bc sea of thieves got a little fame on twitch? Lol
Kyle Hubbard
Kyle Hubbard Před 5 lety
CyberNinjaNJ Před 5 měsíci
As a former Windows Phone user, this is unbelievably true
DrasticBread Před 8 měsíci
I actually ordered a kit to fix my Xbox 360 myself back in the day. I still have the tool that you use to open the back of the system. Another time the dvd drive went bad and I ordered a replacement part that I installed myself. This might have been a hassle, but actually getting that white box to work and play games again when I had though it was dead, were moments of elation that I still remember fondly 15 years after the fact.
Christian Smith
Christian Smith Před 2 měsíci
Unfortunately... This video may never age....
Joshua Oke
Joshua Oke Před 3 lety
The "they must have beat this boring ass game" joke is the best joke of all time
B Před rokem
Imagine asking a company “what do you want me to do?” And they respond with “just do your thing bro lol.” then you do it and they refuse to pay. It’s like I asked you what you wanted. Unreal
Abelsm Před 3 lety
Microsoft can't be ran by ants Ants are too smart to own Microsoft
Scam One 2474
Scam One 2474 Před 3 lety
sony made the greatest movie of all time, the smurfs 2
LaughingStar Před 3 lety
Scam One emoji movie
FerroTron Před 2 lety
Plot twist: xbox fans are the ants and Microsoft is the queen
medeste Před 3 lety
To be honest, a good online experience do have costs, but nothing near what they charge, it could well be covered in the simple price of the games and new consoles sold. BUT if you know a good percentage of the consoles you sold will continue to pay you each year (for nothing) maybe you can sell the console with a loss (be more aggressive on the price). They should charge 120 usd a year and send you the console at home everytime they update it.
Carcarthecar Před rokem
Bro thank you! I still can't believe after buying the console, buying the game, and paying for wifi you still have to pay to play the game you already bought online 🙄
Abdulaziz AlAbdulkareem
I actually still can't believe microsoft really stopped valve from giving free dlc, and didn't want other companies to follow their example.
Hawk Cyber Gear
Hawk Cyber Gear Před 3 lety
Can't believe Microsoft did that to Valve, I didn't even know that. Edit:2.1k likes, my god
Michał Dmochowski
Michał Dmochowski Před 2 lety
They didn't hurt Valve, they hurt their consumers and forced Valve to do that so they can rip of gamers from 6$ every purchase.
Arbiter Před 2 lety
It's hard to believe but CoD4 and World at War both released their map packs for free on Steam. Xbox however, nah you had to pay. Just look at the franchise now. I can't say it's all Microsoft's fault but that doesn't look too good when you consider just how much that franchise milks the fuck out of their playerbase over the years.
Hawk Cyber Gear
Hawk Cyber Gear Před 2 lety
@Arbiter, The milking is only bad if they're producing powder which then yes you are correct by your statement.
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Před 2 lety
This is also why Team Fortress 2’s Xbox version hasn’t been updated since 2009. Microsoft wanted to charge the developers for each update
Mr. Clem
Mr. Clem Před 2 lety
It was the same shit with the Horse Armor DLC for Oblivion, it was supposed to be a free addon, but Microsoft said "Nah, you can't do that" as well
Davenzoid Před rokem
Looking back at this video, suddenly, valve's decision to try and do away with Windows altogether makes perfect sense. Everything is crystal clear now.
Abrupt Fury
Abrupt Fury Před 3 lety
But ants are more productive than Microsoft. This is an insult to ants.
Melodolic Před 3 lety
Scam One 2474
Scam One 2474 Před 3 lety
ur right, sony managed to make the stellar emoji and smurf films
Boldizsár Fekete
Boldizsár Fekete Před 2 lety
Ants are fascinating. Despite their size, the more you look at them, the more amazed you'll get by them, because they are such a well functioning society, despite them being a group of bugs that aren't really evolutionarily advanced. Microsoft is the opposite of that. The more you look at them, the less you want to see
KazzyCovid Před 2 lety
@Scam One 2474 indeed they did they also managed to make into the spider-verse
Go F*ck Yourself
Go F*ck Yourself Před rokem
Red ring of death was like a nightmare for me as a kid. Honestly nothing scared me more than that
RoachDoggJR Před 2 lety
I had the shitty white 360 and I’m so proud it didn’t break. I lost it 2 years ago in a fire but I still used it pretty regularly it’s truly a miracle that it survived as long as it did
th3r3alest Před 10 měsíci
Sony having free online play was thee best time of my childhood
chiken Před 3 lety
After six years, one of my friends finally managed to recover his main xbox account, which is a very frustrating process because Microsoft support is horrible, and automatic support, which is the entire account recovery process, is unspeakably worse (sometimes instead of recovering your account and resetting your password with email it just makes a new account just to name one example). When he got if back, he checked his xbox and everything is fine. Checked online and other places, every single thing on his account was gone. Wiped. They basically made a new account with the old one's information. Gotta love Microsoft
Luciano Liberati
Luciano Liberati Před rokem
Microsoft buying Activision/Blizzard proving Dunkey right
D4nk B0t
D4nk B0t Před rokem
@Patrick Kelly hopefully we get a NEW call of duty game and peggle 3 Edit: Ik that ea owns peggle
CloakofAuron Před rokem
@Patrick Kelly All I have to say is this: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly Před rokem
@CloakofAuron ooof, on a second thought, they did royally screwed up their acquire of Mixer... I'm hoping they do something soon, but atm its looking a bit bleak.
The3rdID Před 5 lety
It's makes me so happy to think that Dunkey made way more off this video than Microsoft initially fucked him out of. The irony.
Christoffer Jonsson
Christoffer Jonsson Před 4 lety
Bobcat This was back in 2015 when youtube didn't demonetize everything.
Bima Setyaputra
Bima Setyaputra Před 4 lety
Can someone gave me the context about dunkey and Microsoft?
VenomSilver Is Awesome
@Bima Setyaputra I'm going to assume you're joking.
Fractic Před 4 lety
Bima Setyaputra Watch the video dude
PUNANI_SLAYER420 Před 4 lety
@Christoffer Jonsson the video still isn't 10 mins long so he wouldn't be making that much
Calamity Ganon
Calamity Ganon Před 2 lety
There was this bug on one of the older windows systems that got really annoying so Microsoft promised to fix it within that year. Next year comes around, all they did was rename the error so technically the previous one was gone.
Andy Durrant
Andy Durrant Před 2 lety
Well done Dunkey, you worked against the tide, and came out on top. Nicely done.
picodrop Před 2 lety
The Xbox 360 red ring warranty customer service was, inch by inch, exactly my experience. What a throwback
The amazing guy
The amazing guy Před 2 lety
After buying and playing on the Xbox one for 7 years, I can confirm that the Xbox one makes you FEEL like a scammed person.
Fianchetto Před 2 lety
You cant even look at captures anymore without getting an error message every 10 seconds. And whats this? They DELETE THEMSELVES!!! Unless you connect to the internet and go through this 3.6 Gigabyte update. With my internet that takes days
Creeper React
Creeper React Před 2 lety
@Fianchetto That’s kinda on you for not updating your console, but it sucks that the issue exists in the first place.
Fianchetto Před 2 lety
@Creeper React Forgot to mention that you need to connect to the internet sign in with all 57 passwords and scan your QPI code to save your captures for a bonus 14 and a half days. But you get a bonus 15 and a half days if you sign in with all 58 passwords.
Giuseppe Responte
Giuseppe Responte Před 2 lety
The first 1:20 of this video depressed me. The way he described it was exactly the way it was and I miss it so much. The online experience was just so great back then, it may sound toxic but it really wasn’t, it was fun. It made the stakes high, everybody was talking mad shit to each other constantly and it made it so you were invested in winning. Every time you would kill someone in search and destroy on call of duty, you would hear them rage their ass off for a split second and then their mic would cut out 😂 then after the round you tell them they’re trash and they call you a headglitcher or a camper or something and there would be other people talking the exact same shit at the same time so it was just chaos in the game chat. Everyone had a group they played with, usually a mix of real life friends and people met online, and the camaraderie between you and that group was just so great, the main reason was because the community was so chaotic and always talking shit and you only had your group to rely on, if there was 4 people talking shit against you, you can’t even get a word in, so you need that group. The best moments were when your group was in a heated game with another group and someone sends a private game invite, then you get to play against each other with no time limit, and you can talk shit to each other while playing, which you can’t do in a normal game, this just made the stakes even higher. You would just keep playing until one group admitted they lost, or they would just leave the game and appear offline, and we loved that 😂 When you won, that was the best feeling. The whole experience was just so fun that I can’t begin to capture even a small portion of what made it so great. If you never experienced Xbox live during the Xbox and Xbox 360 days, playing games like halo, call of duty, battlefield, etc. then I truly feel bad for you. You missed what I’d say was the best gaming experience ever, nothing compares to me, it was just perfect. Man I cherish those times. I’m sure I won’t ever has as much fun on a game again as I did back then. Edit: one thing I forget, and the main reason the Xbox 360 had a better online experience was simple, PARTY CHAT. This one feature created so much value that I had no problem paying 5 dollars a month for Xbox live. I remember buying a ps3 after I’d had an Xbox 360 for a couple years, when I found out it didn’t have party chat, I took it back 5 days later. I feel bad for the PlayStation 3 players who didn’t have party chat, online is just bland and terrible without it. With party chat, we could always talk to our group, even if someone was taking a break from online and was playing a single player game, this made us become a lot closer with each other. What sounds better, playing a single player game alone, just you and the TV, or playing it while talking to a group of your closest friends? This question is rhetorical because the answer is obvious. Some of the best times in our group were playing single player games like Fallout and Skyrim and discussing builds, glitches, exploits, etc. This simply just isn’t possible without party chat. Some of the best game memories I have, they never would’ve happened without parties. On ps3 there was no parties and the only way you could talk to each other was through game chat, so if you weren’t playing an online game with voice chat, you can’t talk to each other. This is just absolutely awful, and frankly I would’ve payed double the price for Xbox live to have parties. It’s the difference between a boring, sterile, lonely gaming experience and an exiting, vibrant, social gaming experience. It’s not possible to overstate the value of party chat. Oh and also, that’s why they had to charge for Xbox live, the cost of providing parties. They had to provide reliable voice chat servers for the millions of Xbox live users. Takes a lot of money, why do you think teamspeak was a paid service? Servers don’t come from nowhere, especially when you need enough to host millions of people talking to each other all at once. How the hell discord does it in the modern day is a mystery, but back then, free voice chat services weren’t a thing. It’s also the reason why ps4 charges for online, ps4 has parties, ps3 didn’t. You don’t need a PlayStation subscription though to use parties on ps4, but they make enough from the people who do have the service that they can provide parties to everyone, even if those people don’t have the service. Obviously they could provide the service without charging but what do you expect? This is how companies operate, they have to appease shareholders by meeting certain profit quotas and satisfying their return on their investment. They could probably even provide the service for free and still make profit, but they wouldn’t be profiting enough to satisfy their shareholders. They invested because they expect a certain return on investment, and most of them will divest if they don’t get it, period. Obviously this would be disastrous for them.
yowo123 Před 6 lety
Every 360 I've ever had has died.. "naturally", but my Nintendo 64 still goes hard as fuck.
J Před 5 lety
SamanthaPanther Před 5 lety
My ps1 and ps2 are still doing great as well. And my Gameboy Colour :)
Rayla Kame
Rayla Kame Před 5 lety
Aside from the PSP, every console I have is okay.
L C Před 5 lety
If it weren't for their 3rd party, no way I would spend so much money on that piece of shit. In hindsight Sony screwed up big time with their expensive big fat black cube.
azart61 Před 5 lety
Same here.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Před 3 lety
every single one of his vids never fails to make me laugh XD. you are truly hilarious bro
Aqib Před 3 lety
We need to start a petition to make playing online free again without charging 80$ a year
scarlips1995 Před rokem
I had the non-existent ring of death. My first Xbox 360 would power on but not allow controllers to connect. It also refused to connect to wifi... they actually sent me a new one that worked like a charm for years. Thank you Microsoft.
chuckchuk Před 4 lety
Man, I can’t believe he predicted that Microsoft was run by ants 5 years before the reveal. This video aged well
CBG HitMang
CBG HitMang Před 9 měsíci
The video game industry is like every other industry. If dishonest/downright dogshit business policy can extract a single red cent out of you, they'll do it, and once they do it, they will *never* stop digging for more.
arercon Před 6 lety
back then i was a full heart ps3-gamer, it was a great time. but when sony started that ps plus bullshit i switched to pc. no regrets, one of the best decision i made
Harley cow
Harley cow Před 6 lety
arercon just wait. places like steam will follow suit one day
Joe Před 6 lety
Harley Co Steam will never be a paid for service.
Dourkan Před 6 lety
Technically it is, as 20% of every game you buy, every purchase in the market and every transaction you make goes to Valve. Still tho, i prefer this. Also, welcome to the club, I hope you enjoy your stay!
Cock And Ball Torture
Harley Co Lord Gaben understands the cancers nor is he desperate for money. Lord Gaben will save us
A K Před 2 lety
You didn't have to insult the ants, ants actually fix things that are broken.
Steve D
Steve D Před 2 lety
I've watched this video maybe 30 times and it still hits the exact right spot. Microsoft does suck.
Carl Smith
Carl Smith Před 2 lety
I'm so glad this has 15 million views. I really hope some Microsoft executives got to watch this.
Duraeus Entenu
Duraeus Entenu Před 3 lety
Oh wow. Finally, someone who was able to justify my disdain for Microsoft.
KanYeet Před 5 měsíci
This video aged like fine wine. Microsoft doesn't belong in gaming
The Mexican Dude
The Mexican Dude Před 3 měsíci
bought a series x because I was too impatient to wait for ps5s to be back in stock biggest mistake of my life edit: bought a PS5, best console I’ve ever used. Series X has just been collecting dust ever since
HomoHarry Před 2 měsíci
Gamepass is top notch tho
The Mexican Dude
The Mexican Dude Před 2 měsíci
@HomoHarry >$200 for a year of Game Pass Ultimate compared to $120 for a year of PS Plus Premium; (both the highest tiers). Game Pass has 300+ games, while PS Plus has 700+ games. PS Plus is generally more consistent with the quality of its monthly and “extra” catalog selection, while most of Game Pass’ new releases just feel like filler. I’m not even sure if it’s a competition at this point. The only thing Game Pass potentially has going for it is Call of Duty, if that even ends up happening.
wu1zz Před 13 dny
Microsoft has always been a money-making machine, without worrying about severely attacking its competitors and consumers. Why would this change in the gaming industry?
Eliassthepro Před 5 dny
@The Mexican Dudewhy tho? I have an XSX and I’m kind of enjoying it (starfeild, payday 3, forza, lies of p, and banjo nuts and bolts are all in gamepass lol)
Meat Man
Meat Man Před 4 lety
Microsoft really makes you feel like ants
Hoku Před 4 lety
Someone had to start the trends of horror,bayBEE
Umu !
Umu ! Před 4 lety
Microsoft makes you *feel* antman
Munin Před 4 lety
ants are a force to be reckoned with
Big Yoshi
Big Yoshi Před 3 lety
Story time , my cousin actually worked as one of bill gates many assistants for a couple years until the anthrax scare. At that time she was pregnant and her job was to open his mail for him. she quit because she did not want to open anthrax filled letters because the person was sending it to the rich and powerful. I probably would have done the same tbh
BungeeGum Před 11 měsíci
Fable time*
Big Yoshi
Big Yoshi Před 11 měsíci
@BungeeGum how did you even find this comment? Just to call it untrue? I posted it 2 years ago and it got 10 likes
BungeeGum Před 11 měsíci
@Big Yoshi i looked in the comment section of the video that i watched two years later and there it was
Jahkku Před 4 lety
It’s basically pay to socialize, unbelievable how money hungry modern companies are.
Drew Carrier
Drew Carrier Před rokem
I made money in highschool fixing RROD consoles because it was extremely easy for someone with any technical knowledge to solve. I was like 15. Yet the company that made them was still shipping back broken consoles sent in for service.
Ultimate Před 3 lety
Whoever did the captions did a phenomenal job at getting the timing right.
Lelsewhere Lelsewhere
An Xbox revision also had a loose power jack, which would spark and actually burned a few people's houses down. Their solution was to not warn consumers of the danger (they gave some vague reason), and just send them a spark-sensing power adapter, which would shut the console down every time it sensed those big sparks. Fixed right?...
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