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Manchester Orchestra
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Directed by Ted Roach
Produced by Lagan Sebert
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Music video by Manchester Orchestra performing The Silence. © 2018 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


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11. 12. 2018





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Manchester Orchestra
Your reactions to this song and video have blown our minds. There is no better feeling than when music connects to strangers and we can share it together. We love you all. Stay tuned - MO
Veritas GMV
Veritas GMV Před 3 lety
Amazing music makes feels!
DenaInWyo Před 3 lety
So interesting/funny you posted this so recently. I have to mentally prepare myself to listen to this song. I love it deeply, but at times I literally have to avoid it. Today, for some reason, I landed on it.
Vick Vick
Vick Vick Před 3 lety
I know this is lame as fuck but in 08 when I played shake it out for people I knew it was like they weren't hearing the same song I was. I connected to the music though it was a real f uped time for me. If it were possible to be more fucked up in life I dont know how let's just say. But I think what I'm trying to say is your music hits you like a sledge hammer at certain times and that's the power of it. Once it hits you that's it your a lifer. Please keep it up guys cause you help alot of people. Whether you know it or not. Its therapy for many of us. This is coming from a person that lost everything and now 10 years later still love you guys and kicken ass in life.
Joel Mooneyham
Joel Mooneyham Před 3 lety
I listen to this song every single day. My wife died five years ago and music has been the glue that has held me together. Yours more than most.
stefania leuzzi
stefania leuzzi Před 3 lety
Manchester Orchestra ♥️thank you guys
Nyxie Killjoy
Nyxie Killjoy Před rokem
My daughter became so very ill, and we discovered this song... throughout her last 8 months we listened to this often. I then played it for her one last time as she was leaving this world...there will always be a special place in my heart for this one. Thank you. ❤
majestic0110 Před rokem
That is so sad! I'm sorry for your loss!
LuigiGuy14 Před rokem
I lost My Daughter to sp I feel your pain and yes this song is so beautiful it touches Me deeply evrutime I hear it
Fadel K.
Fadel K. Před rokem
May she rest in peace as an Angel
Deceneu Před rokem
Oh man. I can hardly write this but your comment brought tears into my eyes and a boulder on my chest. I had my 3 years old son really ill for the past weeks because of covid. I don't know what I would have done if he lost the fight. It's all I have in this world. I know a few words on youtube from a stranger don't mean anything to you but I'm terrible sorry for your loss. May you find peace some day.
LuigiGuy14 Před rokem
Listen to a song By Imagine Dragons Wrecked it's another beautiful song xx
Cecy Turner
Cecy Turner Před dnem
This song is truly an emotional masterpiece as well as a sensory masterpiece. Those 2 characteristics are so rare and yet seem totally and effortlessly combined in this true work of art. It’s the music, instruments, rhythm, chords, words, etc… that makes tired neurons start firing again and awakens places in my mind that have been dormant for a while. Thank you ❤
Bonnie-J's tarot
Bonnie-J's tarot Před 18 dny
I stumbles acrossnthis song today. Its hauntingly beautiful ❤
Chhabilal Sharma
Chhabilal Sharma Před 2 dny
Such a beautiful song we're blessed with. Beautiful written, sang and the music is just heartily made. Only love❤
Sandra.S Před 17 hodinami
Music that hits you on a higher/deeper level on the right time...a couple a day's ago i heard this for the first time I needed it...this isnt just music...this is soulfood...thank you🙏❤💯
jpurvis Před 19 dny
"The Silence" by Manchester Orchestra is a song about feelings of isolation, fear, and the search for meaning in life. The lyrics narrate the struggles of the protagonist as they grapple with their own existence and the overwhelming pressure of society. The song delves into the themes of mortality, hopelessness, and the constant battle to break free from the silence and find genuine connection with others. Overall, it is a poignant reflection on the human condition and the yearning for authenticity in a world that often feels cold and detached.
Chris Pulham
Chris Pulham Před 18 dny
What a glorious analysis of this song. I loved this song before I understood the lyrics, which I definitely relate to my own existence. Thank you!
jpurvis Před 18 dny
@Chris Pulham thx!❤️
Scott Losey
Scott Losey Před 10 dny
I hear the dichotomy between the protagonist as you say and the antagonist.....an identity crises that teeters on the precipice of insanity....times tide is mothering and smothering.
Daniel dpv
Daniel dpv Před 5 dny
I don’t really know the authors official meaning of the song but I interpret it like a conversation between a mourning father and god. He is trying to grasp the pain and void he feels after loosing his daughter. I would love to read more interpretations of this beautiful and amazing song.
La Louve Pourpre
La Louve Pourpre Před dnem
Susan T
Susan T Před rokem
My daughter was 28 yrs old when she passed. This song (CD) was in her radio. You have no idea how much this song connects me to her. Much love 🥰
H White
H White Před rokem
So sorry for your loss ❤
Melanie Reeve new edges
Daniel Chavarria
Daniel Chavarria Před rokem
Stéphane Caron
Stéphane Caron Před rokem
My son is up there, holding hand with your daughter, laughing his head off. They are doing ok. Sending love, Susan.
Dun Dun
Dun Dun Před 2 měsíci
When an 8 minute song feels like it's too short, you know you did something right. Wow.
Claire Visser
Claire Visser Před měsícem
I read your comment and had to check if this was really 8min long....felt much shorter...really ....wow❤️
ArcherKN24 Před měsícem
Well, more like 7 minutes from the "Are we good to go?" (1:07) to "Goodnight yall" (8:22). But still, the effects linger on. I've played this, and then found myself humming or whistling the tune many hours later!
Tired of it
Tired of it Před 5 dny
I never realized how long this song was until I read your comment!! I love Tool but their 8 minute + songs seem to last forever. Maybe because this song is from the heart and has a deeper meaning than angst.
C F Před 17 dny
After all these years, I still feel the need to point out how wonderful this song is.
Chandiloyd Silva
Chandiloyd Silva Před 17 dny
We are here almost the same time. Like to listen to grate songs with others Company. People with gOod taste Thanks for nothing and for everything😊
Léo Lefeuvre
Léo Lefeuvre Před 19 dny
Faced with such a song, one can't help wondering whether the artists, in writing and performing it, were aware that they were creating such a masterpiece. In the end, it doesn't really matter - a work of art always eludes its author. Thank you for letting this one elude you
Chandiloyd Silva
Chandiloyd Silva Před 17 dny
Kinda thinking the same. The artits cant imagine how its songs makes us trip. Very differents situations but we're living same life with unique Experience. Albert Einstein was a Genius for the relativity teorema. Thanks Jah 🙏🏽
Pulse Antarctica
Pulse Antarctica Před 12 dny
​​@Chandiloyd Silvahu, yes of course they do. it's not made by some AI, it's made by sentient beings. the whole meaning of art is to be meaningful, for the artist himself or for others, it depends. it's often a mix of both. do you think they just throw words on paper in a hazardous way and hope it means something or sounds good? putting yourself in another's shoes is part of the process.
Rebecca Kath
Rebecca Kath Před 7 dny
Beautiful words
Lady Jane Unknown
Lady Jane Unknown Před měsícem
Why do I deserve the science To feel better about you? At a loss I lost my cool I denied that I found you I tried to be a basket case I did not surprise you I'm trying to find a signal fire Let me know when I should move But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the science Anatomically proved that you don't need me Why do I desire the space? I was mourning after you I was lost and lost my shape There was nothing I could do I don't want to waste away It was all I gave to you Take me back and take my place I will rise right up for you But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the science Anatomically proved that you don't need me All the while you waste away, you're asking "Did I really need another one to take me down?" Everybody knows it's something that you had to live with darling Nobody's gonna tear you down now There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection There was nothing but quiet retractions And families pleading, "Don't look in that cabinet There's far more bad than there's good, I don't know how it got there" That was something your father had burned in me 20 hours out of Homestake eternity You can go anywhere but you are where you came from Little girl, you are cursed by my ancestry There is nothing but darkness and agony I can not only see, but you stopped me from blinking Let me watch you as close as a memory Let me hold you above all the misery Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here
Charlie Před 14 dny
Thank you💙
alex leo
alex leo Před 13 dny
Raymond Webster
Raymond Webster Před 4 měsíci
I've lost my entire family through natural death and irreconcilable differences and felt so terribly along and it's with these kind of songs that I hang on and find connections again. Keep writing songs like this and saving lost souls like mine. Love you guys!!
Mocha Latte
Mocha Latte Před 2 měsíci
I'm sorry for your loss. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this must be for you right now. I hope your days get better and you are able to move forward in your life. I hope you are okay. Many blessings your way and a hug! 🌼
Ben slima Amira
Ben slima Amira Před 2 měsíci
stay strong ! all my support for you
Kacie Charles
Kacie Charles Před měsícem
I can so relate to you I'll be 40 in Oct and by the age of 30 I had lost my mother my sister my dad and my little brother plus my grandparents each death unexpected ranging from house fire from smoking in bed to a brain aneurysm to liver cancer and a freak automobile accident as they labeled it in the local newspaper so trust me when I say I can relate. with you
Nora Horvathova
Nora Horvathova Před 16 dny
Stay strong❤
Victimof Love
Victimof Love Před 14 dny
I was lost,I lost my shape,there was nothing I could do.I don't want to waste away,it was all I gave 2U
Tesha Ellul
Tesha Ellul Před 2 lety
I lost my 24yr old youngest son 10 weeks ago, and my passion for life died with him I'm now simply exsisting. This song found me at my worst darkest, saddest day of my life. I listen to it everyday and weep and his voice and its beat, resonates in a messed up way. Somehow It console and comforts me. It makes me wanna scream and and at the sane tme curl up in bed and sleep with the hope of being waken up by him and realising it was just a bad dream. Haven't had a decent nite of sleep since woken up to the news of this tragedy. Missing him so much, Zakk was such a humble amazing loving son. I was his legend, and he was mine. FLY HIGH BOY! THank you MO for such a masterpiece. Can't stop listening to it. xoxo
Auli-Maria Werdermann
Dr Music
Dr Music Před 2 lety
Stay strong my friend and never give up!
Instrumental Music
Instrumental Music Před 2 lety
Never give up girl.. We all here for you always..This music is redemption. ❤❤
Donna Dor
Donna Dor Před 2 lety
My heart aches for you!!! 💔😭 My worse nightmare came true 6 years 3 mos ago ! When my only son Thomas passed away. I believe I was in the bathtub 🛀 when I first Heard this song 🎵 and I Bawled my eyes out!!!! This guy is amazing! I have never been moved like that by a song. I am so very sorry for your son's passing I truly feel your pain 💔 Thomas died 4 days after his 31st birthday. I found this song this year. God bless you ❣ 🙏 ❤ 💙✌
ChillHouseChick Před 2 lety
Stay strong. Everything will be okay. God is watching over him♥️
Paul Weytjens
Paul Weytjens Před měsícem
I've listened to this song a hundred times. And I still get goosebumps. Thank you for this fantastic song.
Chantell Key
Chantell Key Před 11 dny
This song hits on so many levels .. musically it wraps you in a blanket and then the lyrics just hit you right in the soul. Fantastic song and forever will be part of my top 100 songs of all time ❤️ thank you for this gift. 🙏🏻
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Před měsícem
one of the greatest pieces of modern music. The emotion it brings, no mater what your point of view. Simply a master piece.
robert jackson
robert jackson Před 3 měsíci
I can't thank you enough for this song ....I just found it the other day....and I have so much inside my head and my heart ....this is pain .it is misery...it is comfort ...it is understanding...it fills the gaps where I can't express how I feel... thank you.....I'll listen another thousand times..and cry while I smile and grimmes and I actually be ok with letting myself feel
hippyable Před měsícem
Nathalia Knupp Berbert
Nathalia Knupp Berbert Před 4 měsíci
Voltando aqui depois de 4 anos pra dizer que essa música continua sendo uma das minhas favoritas
iraci scalzer
iraci scalzer Před 4 měsíci
É realmente lindíssima
Manchester Orchestra
We wanted to create a really special live performance for our fans, seeing as we haven’t been able to be together in quite awhile. So we returned to the place where we recorded A Black Mile To The Surface and played the album in its entirety. We are so excited to share this film, for free, to everybody. This album and your reception to it has exceeded our expectations, and we felt this the best way to thank you all for supporting our music. This feels like the perfect way to close the Black Mile chapter, and I’m excited to say that this is more than just a concert. It’s also the beginning. Manchester Orchestra CS-vid. 2/12/21. 8pm est.
thegreezel Před 2 lety
I just discovered you guys a few months ago and I must say you absolutely rock! Keep it up, the world needs awesome music, especially during these times! Thank you Manchester Orchestra
Charlie Palpatine
Charlie Palpatine Před 2 lety
Didnt know you guys before, this vid randomly come up in a playlist. Love it, defo gonna check more of your stuff 😊👍🏽☕️
Cambo Jambo
Cambo Jambo Před 2 lety
aschrock07 Před 2 lety
I'm so often coming back to this song that I can say it is now a classic for me. I love the energy and the feel you make into your music. I hope to see you one day in France guys. Keep up your amazing work. And it goes perfectly with the snow that it is coming down today. Take care of you guys
Bopa d
Bopa d Před 2 lety
I swear when I say this... it is the BEST song ever heard in my opinion. It opens a fucking gateway to my soul, and can easily send a man off the rails into.a beautiful depression (if there is such a thing). It resurfaces dormant memories for me and I had to have a week off work as I went fucking bonkers and couldnt put the bottle down and had this on repeat. This is a magical song that can break a man down but build him up into a stronger person. I just have to say this from my experiences, ex military, PTSD from war... this song is the BEST SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD! end of story!
Brent Milner
Brent Milner Před 7 dny
After dozens and dozens of listens, I still get that emotional lump in my throat every time I hear this.
sanskriti karki
sanskriti karki Před 3 měsíci
This song found me, i never asked for it, but damn I needed it. Its weird, how different silences can have the same tune. Thank you for being the voice to mine, No better words could explain them.
Malcolm Před 4 měsíci
This song will break you all the way down and make you feel all your raw human emotions in pure form. I've listened to this song over the last year and it always made me pause and reflect on being a parent, child, human. Now as my wife enters treatment for a stage 4 cancer diagnosis it hits in a whole new way. You do everything you can to help your kids grow and become great people and yet in the end you can't protect them from everything. Thank you so much for this song.
Just my 2 Abe Lincolns
Just my 2 Abe Lincolns Před 4 měsíci
you will be okay Malcom,.. kiss your wife and feel her warmth while she is still here. I miss the warmth the most about my best friend.
Juan carlos Navarro Hernández
Be strong,never back up..*, ..
E P Před 7 dny
Goosebumps every time. You are wonderful Manchester Orchestra. Just wonderful.
Steffen Ille
Steffen Ille Před 3 dny
a song I'm getting never out of my head again. so slow but so full of energy, amazing
Rich John
Rich John Před 4 lety
I watched my wife take her last breath as the life left her on January 1 of this year. It was a 21 day battle with cancer she couldn't win. I've listened to this song at least a hundred times since that moment. I've found my own meaning and comfort in it. Thank you.
Eliane Fernandes
Eliane Fernandes Před 4 lety
Big hug ❤
Randallsixx13 Před 4 lety
I pray that you find Peace and even more, that you see her again. Shalom, Mr. Johnstun.
thena marie
thena marie Před 4 lety
luckashi Před 4 lety
@thena marie watched many...and more will came to see...death...damn.
aloneinacrowd1 Před 4 lety
that must have been a nightmare.
Adriano Pereira Lima
Adriano Pereira Lima Před 3 měsíci
Esse som me leva a outra Dimensão,Algumas Musicas conseguem transcender e essa uma delas em mina Humilde opinião...Linda Demais...
Edoardo Rodolfi
Edoardo Rodolfi Před 4 měsíci
I’m crying at the amount of humanity in these comments. This is the real power of music, I can’t express how much I love this song.
Lunchbox McCarty
Lunchbox McCarty Před měsícem
I been coming back and reading the comments off and on for 2+ years. Some of them get me so in my feels I have to take a break or I would just be crying and snotting all over the place. These comments def restore my faith in us.
CaneBreak Před 29 dny
Omg these comments humbled me to the core a year or so ago. Literally changed my life and I come back here and read them when I need a reminder of how fragile and special life is.
jose luis luis ramis
jose luis luis ramis Před 8 hodinami
Vaya pasada de canción, no la conocía. Suscrito de por vida. Me encantan estas canciones.
Joseph Hynes
Joseph Hynes Před měsícem
My son passed 2:28 away from an overdose at my house. After they removed his body for the last time, I went to put a favorite song that we shared and this song for no reason was on CS-vid when I put CS-vid on. It's become a tribute to my son. I play this song several times a day. I absolutely love it and I love and miss my son
Ignacio Pringles
Ignacio Pringles Před měsícem
I am so sorry for your loss. I hope he rests in peace, and I wish you much strength.
bearose Před měsícem
Joseph Hynes
Joseph Hynes Před 19 dny
@Tired of it I am tremendously sadden by your life at this time. I will pray for you and your son
Anna Węgrzyn
Anna Węgrzyn Před 17 dny
Nora Horvathova
Nora Horvathova Před 16 dny
I am so so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of love❤
Leandro Borba
Leandro Borba Před 2 měsíci
Só por voltarem a tocar no brasil quero muito ir no show de vocês,o som de vocês é muito bom ,aquele som q arrepia q te conforta te leva a uma viagem top top nunca tinha escutado nada parecido,parabéns sucesso gurizada.
Mike Mattys
Mike Mattys Před 21 dnem
God works in mysterious ways, didn't think he did it thru CS-vid! I discovered this song a few days ago and I can't stop crying. I'm 73 and am having a hard time coping with things I have no control over. This song is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I'm learning the guitar and as a beginner it can be difficult at times. This song has taught me to continue to work thru my obstacles and never, ever quit. God bless you, your family, the band, and the wonderful music you all make together. Early in the clip you show the keyboard player with his hands on the book of chords. Most of them are clear enough to copy down. Did you do this purposely? If so, thankyou so much for doing that. If not, then I guess God was being extra mysterious on that day. Thank you from Canada and I hope that some day you will be in the Toronto area. Seeing you live is on the top of my bucket list
Martina Hop
Martina Hop Před 14 dny
Hugs ❤
Tired of it
Tired of it Před 12 dny
May your days get brighter. I love this song as well. It’s been a blessing to me in a very hard time. ❤ Love and peace! Spread it!
AJ Před 10 dny
Hugs to you 🤗
Luis Guardia
Luis Guardia Před 9 dny
Much Love to you, God bless
CosmicJourney Před 4 dny
May God bless you. If you haven’t listened to Manchester Orchestra’s The Valley Of Vision EP yet, I have a feeling it may resonate with you. Sending you love and light on your journey. 🤍
Pracheta Roy
Pracheta Roy Před 28 dny
Beautiful. Just before 7days of the first anniversary of my breakup, I found it. 💜❤️🦋🔱
I b squad
I b squad Před 4 dny
Necrobutcher Před 5 měsíci
Восхитительный вокал и не только, вот какой музыки не хватает сейчас в нашем мире, даём слушать всем молодым, пускай услышат музыку, да именно настоящую музыку, это и есть та музыка, которую уже давно мы не слышим😢
Mitch 74
Mitch 74 Před 2 měsíci
Atmosphere, melody, mood, feeling, ... everything fits - just incredibly intense and beautiful!
Jessica Terry
Jessica Terry Před 4 měsíci
This song, resonates with me on a level I just really can't explain. I'm grateful I came across this gem. "Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here"
Tris Corrosive
Tris Corrosive Před 19 dny
Why do I deserve the silence to feel better about you? At a loss I lost my cool I denied that I found you I tried to be a basket case I did not surprise you I'm trying to find a signal fire Let me know when I should move But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the silence Anatomically proved that you don't need me Why do I desire the space? I was mourning after you I was lost and lost my shape There was nothing I could do I don't want to waste away It was all I gave to you Take me back and take my place I will rise right up for you But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the silence Anatomically proved that you don't need me All the while you waste away, you're asking "Did I really need another one to take me down?" Everybody knows it's something that you had to live with darling Nobody's gonna tear you down now There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection There was nothing but quiet retractions And families pleading, "Don't look in that cabinet, there's far more bad than there's good, I don't know how it got there" That was something your father had burned in me Twenty hours out of Homestake eternity You can go anywhere but you are where you came from Little girl you are cursed by my ancestry There is nothing but darkness and agony I can not only see, but you stopped me from blinking Let me watch you as close as a memory Let me hold you above all the misery Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here
Catherine Geisler
Catherine Geisler Před 3 měsíci
One unique song, unlike any other in my opinion, major props to the Manchester Orchestra
michael p
michael p Před 16 dny
JOSEPH BIANCO Před měsícem
I'm 65 and this tune just blown my mind what an amazing band of young people wish I hear more of your amazing music. Thank you for sharing.
Ron Sippel / Artist
Ron Sippel / Artist Před 10 dny
The best musical art that Ive heard in a very long time. Like "Mazzy Star" meets "Roger Waters" , "REM" and"Placebo". I'm hooked...Thank You. Rock on fellas...rock on .,...
Ekaterina Marinova
Ekaterina Marinova Před rokem
Here I am, fighting terminal cancer. This song IS life. I do not remember how I came across it, but from moment one is became a special one for me. Not a day goes by without me listening to it, at times "on repeat". Thank you, Manchester Orchestra. You created a masterpiece....a heartbeat. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ekaterina Marinova
Ekaterina Marinova Před rokem
@Eléah & Valéry | Animist I am here to appreciate the sincere, raw and emotional masterpiece that Manchester Orchestra created. A timeless song that brings us together and takes us through hard times. To me your entry about the Medical Medium is out of context and yes, a 100% scam. If I were you, I would have delete it.
Eléah & Valéry | Animist
@Ekaterina Marinova blessings
Chantal Souaid
Chantal Souaid Před rokem
I hope this song is giving you the hope you need! Sending prayers your way! ❤️
Bananas Před rokem
Same situation and this has gifted me with emotion and understanding beyond, I hope that you are well (as well as possible) namaste
Allie Chambers
Allie Chambers Před rokem
Stephen Chambers
Stephen Chambers Před 8 dny
Seeing these guys live was the best show I've been to. Can never get enough of MO.
Tired of it
Tired of it Před 5 dny
I am hoping Im able to see them live!
Erik Blicher Stasiak
This song always gives me goosebumps when i hear it and it is one of my all-time favorit songs, one of those songs you wish would never stop playing and that just touches your heart in a certain way❤
Niaz Morshed
Niaz Morshed Před měsícem
This song touches my deepest emotions. It shakes me to the core every time I listen to it! love you!
Marisa Fay
Marisa Fay Před 3 měsíci
Faz pouco que conheço esta banda e já acho maravilhosa não para de escutar estas músicas maravilhosas
Carmen Avery
Carmen Avery Před 2 měsíci
You guys put on an amazing concert last night at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I didn't want it to end! I was a huge fan before but now even more so. Please come back and headline so I can get more of you.
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Před 3 lety
I have terminal metastatic breast cancer, I'm fighting like a demon though. This song really resonates with me. I see the 'Silence' as the cancer. But I'm not accepting my prognosis. I've already lived 3 years past what my oncologist expected, I plan to stay here a lot longer! The silence can be broken. 💗💗💗💗🤞 Thank you for the strength and complexity of this song. You guys rock!!! Love and light. Xxxxx Edit: Since writing my thanks to Manchester Orchestra for this incredible song, I've received the most beautiful messages of support from truly beautiful people. Thank you so much for taking the time to lift my spirits and making me smile on a daily basis. There are truly beautiful people in the world, thank you for helping this Phoenix rise. 🔥🙏💕 Love and light to you all. X 27/1/2022….5 1/2 years on and still fighting. 🙏🏻
Yago Cavalcanti
Yago Cavalcanti Před 3 lety
I'm rooting for you. I believe God will help you win this battle. Stay strong.
Basit_x Před 3 lety
You have to Stay Strong. May GOD be with you and those around you.
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Před 3 lety
Thank you everyone. 💗 Your messages are deeply appreciated. X My heart and soul goes out to others that are fighting too. Stay positive, beat the silence. 🙏💫💫💫 For some reason I'm not able to reply to the messages on here anymore but its now August 2020 and I've just passed the 4 years since my diagnosis. 🥰👍 Thank you to everyone for the recent messages, you all rock! Still my favourite song and always will be. 🌈❤
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Před 3 lety
@Marcus Stromberger. Thank you. You're doing so well, I'm sending you so much positivity and healing vibes. Sometimes we just beat the odds! I truly believe it's positivity and faith in ourselves that helps us. Thinking of you my friend. 😊💗
Mad Mags
Mad Mags Před 3 lety
Stay strong! You can do this! I bealive in you and I love you😉❤💪🎀😊
Gothic metal
Gothic metal Před 22 dny
Muito top essa música.. Desde melodia até a voz Tudo casou direito..
Teri Fontenot
Teri Fontenot Před 4 měsíci
What a pure voice. Not enough space to say what this does for my 65 year OLD self so will only say thank you for sharing your talents with me.
eric carpentier
eric carpentier Před 3 měsíci
Une chanson magnifique
Cambo Jambo
Cambo Jambo Před 24 dny
I’ve seen some epic live bands (Muse, Journey, Foo Fighters, etc.) but I walked away from the last Manchester Orchestra show completely convinced it’s the best show I’ve ever seen. Their mix of powerful volume with penetrating clarity is something I’ve never experienced live before. It was kind of surreal.
DenaOnline Před 2 lety
Listening to this song is either an intense epiphany, a spiritual awakening or a mental breakdown, maybe all three at once. I'm so thankful that I can experience something so beautiful ❤️
Ali Jo
Ali Jo Před 2 lety
Jeanne Cruchon
Jeanne Cruchon Před 2 lety
I have the same reaction(s) every single time I listen to this song.
eddie dean
eddie dean Před 2 lety
Yup, you can listen to this song over and over and each time you do, you feel something different every time. Powerful song.
Vanessa Před 2 lety
Leanne Horning
Leanne Horning Před 2 lety
Oh...my...God ❤ so beautiful, straight to my heart. Love this 🙏 Thank you.
The coherence of instruments after he sings that first "reflection" is so powerful that I feel a magical adrenaline rush through my body, and I experience that every time again hearing this song❤
Kathleen Reynolds
Kathleen Reynolds Před 3 dny
This song is everything ❤🖤❤
Biliana Kararaeva
Biliana Kararaeva Před 4 měsíci
I'm in a real dark place, but this song makes me excited about the future! I'm not as anxious about it now! Bless you, guys! ❤ This is pure therapy! ❤
Alexandru Sofian
Alexandru Sofian Před 4 měsíci
Just remember brother that u are not alone. Be strong and fight the darkness and the light will come back to you!
Biliana Kararaeva
Biliana Kararaeva Před 4 měsíci
​@Alexandru SofianThanks. I appreciate it! (a sister) ❤
J R Před 4 měsíci
Hopefully, Theres somthing I can do.
TIMEFORFUN Před 2 měsíci
You are not alone . Keep pushing and you will get through it ! Have faith in him . He is real and will show guy the way . He is showing me . 🙏
Nora Horvathova
Nora Horvathova Před 16 dny
I hope you are doing better❤
Silent Tiger
Silent Tiger Před 21 dnem
You make great men. I can only imagine amazing fathers. I’ve loved this on many levels over time. ❤
Billy Hughes
Billy Hughes Před 4 měsíci
What an amazing voice. Goosebumps all the time i hear this incredible tune.
derrick c
derrick c Před 3 lety
This song digs into your soul and doesn't let up, great vocals and haunting lyrics, this is now one of my favorites.
Lisa O'halloran
Lisa O'halloran Před 25 dny
This song gives me goosebumps love this song so much
Poonam Chhetri
Poonam Chhetri Před 14 dny
Goosebumps ❤
10Ammar Před měsícem
This song, whether the ones playing it or listening to it, know or or not, is prayer. What is art, but ultimate prayer?
Nancy Natera
Nancy Natera Před měsícem
Una canción muy hermosa 😭❤
Maralardo Mussolini
Maralardo Mussolini Před 6 měsíci
At the ripe age of 65, I'm still impressed with how these young bands have kept music worthy of a listen. Thank you for helping me reminisce about the past.
Target Analyst Services
Target Analyst Services Před 4 měsíci
Well put
tallyrc Před 3 měsíci
It's just a number.
Mo1996Hd1 Před 3 měsíci
What a wholesome comment, may you have a long, healthy and happy life!
KohalaLover Před 2 měsíci
I’m with you, Frank.
Rebecca Bryant
Rebecca Bryant Před 2 měsíci
Me too I love this kind of music
Csigene Feher Magdolna
My husband is terminally ill with Alzheimer's. He hardly communicates with us anymore, and doesn't react to any stimuli. Once, I was listening to this song - and on a whim - I put the headphones on his head. Suddenly his expression changed and soon, tears were streaming down his face
Pinche Bruha
Pinche Bruha Před 2 lety
Omg tears are streaming down my face for him for you and all those lost in like ghosts in a body no longer working, I hear you I see you, I feel you and I am so sorry for the despair that you’re experiencing 🙌❤️🙏
Csigene Feher Magdolna
@Pinche Bruha Thanks for your kind words and empathy
christina burns
christina burns Před 2 lety
Does listening to a 40 Hz tone clean up the brain in Alzheimer's patients? They found that exposure to one hour of 40-hertz tones per day, for seven days, dramatically reduced the amount of beta amyloid in the auditory cortex (which processes sound) as well as the hippocampus, a key memory site that is located near the auditory cortex.
Hoka Hey Amita
Hoka Hey Amita Před 2 lety
It touches the inner most cords of my vulnerability. I am on cancer treatment and this song/ his voice brings me to the hear and now of my being 😊
Q&M Forever
Q&M Forever Před 2 lety
Music is the best therapy. I bet if you played music he grew up on, you would see him smile and maybe sing along.
Kushal Oswal
Kushal Oswal Před 15 dny
All thanks to my cousin who introduced me to your band and this song specifically. WOW!! ever since i have been listening to this every day. this performance even though video gives me the goosies, i envy the live audience there who got to witness it. Kudos!
bzowaable Před měsícem
Bardzo dobra kapela ! Jak to się stało, że nie znam ??
Jan Dady
Jan Dady Před 19 dny
I've had a lot if trauma in my life, most of the time I feel alone in this world, I have no one to turn to this song I play over and over maybe 5 or 6 times a day it's like a drug it just hits me differently I think
Kit Gohre
Kit Gohre Před dnem
Don't give up. There are many of us with great hearts who will create in spite of and become more than. I promise.
jim glenn
jim glenn Před 3 měsíci
Band. Don’t take this lightly. Your making a difference in your music. Your changing life’s. We play this for a fellow soldier. Lost in combat. You don’t even know how far this stretches in our world. Thank you. 7th S. F. GROUP.
Paul Rizvi
Paul Rizvi Před měsícem
No justice in this world. Three years since i commented here. From 5:54 to 7:20 - epic - this is one of the most beautifully crafted and orchestrated tracks ever. You need to get this into a film soundtrack. Stay Blessed.
Kelsey Morelock
Kelsey Morelock Před 10 měsíci
I'm Robert God made me schizophrenic. My dad died when I was 19 n I started drugs n done a lot I died three different times. I lived destruction lost everything. I finally quit at 35 and I lost my mind seeing n hearing the voice's was so much I would cry out to God. I spent 2 yrs in a mental hospital where I found God I prayed not for myself but for him I said to him I cant imagine what you go through n now the voices stopped. I had to love myself before he'd help me. This song helps it slows everything down. Thank you for this song
Dorinel33 Před 10 měsíci
We are here with you man. Can't imagine what you're going through. Take care.
Kelsey Morelock
Kelsey Morelock Před 10 měsíci
@Dorinel33 thank you so much
UPofLove YAH
UPofLove YAH Před 10 měsíci
When it comes the YAH/"God", the Holy Scriptures is All we have. He came as a Hebrew. This is the first key: 🗝 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts. Second Key: 🗝 Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteranomy. In Power & Shalom/Peace I boldly approach 20 years.
Kelsey Morelock
Kelsey Morelock Před 10 měsíci
@UPofLove YAH thank you
Kelsey Morelock
Kelsey Morelock Před 10 měsíci
@UPofLove YAH can I tell you bout my spiritual journey
Cleverson Aquino
Cleverson Aquino Před 2 měsíci
CS-vid obrigado por me levar a esse som ,essa banda... sem palavras pfto
Juan Carlos Ballesteros
Juan Carlos Ballesteros Před měsícem
Volviéndola a escuchar hoy en día,me la descubrió una persona muy especial en mi vida.
Małgorzata Sadawa
Małgorzata Sadawa Před 3 měsíci
Kocham ten utwór ❤
Deetex Seraphine
Deetex Seraphine Před 14 dny
Takes a hot minute to get started, but well worth the wait, That's some good sound you guys got going there.
Christo Hattingh
Christo Hattingh Před 3 měsíci
This is the most beautiful song in the whole world. I’ve listened to it for the last 2 years and cannot get enough
Nguyen Khang
Nguyen Khang Před 2 lety
Lyrics Why do I deserve the science To feel better about you? At a loss I lost my cool I denied that I found you I tried to be a basket case I did not surprise you I'm trying to find a signal fire Let me know when I should move But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the science Anatomically proved that you don't need me Why do I desire the space? I was mourning after you I was lost and lost my shape There was nothing I could do I don't want to waste away It was all I gave to you Take me back and take my place I will rise right up for you But you, amplified in the silence Justified in the way you make me bruise Magnified in the science Anatomically proved that you don't need me All the while you waste away, you're asking "Did I really need another one to take me down?" Everybody knows it's something that you had to live with darling Nobody's gonna tear you down now There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection There was nothing but quiet retractions And families pleading, "Don't look in that cabinet There's far more bad than there's good, I don't know how it got there" That was something your father had burned in me Twenty hours out of Homestake eternity You can go anywhere but you are where you came from Little girl you are cursed by my ancestry There is nothing but darkness and agony I can not only see, but you stopped me from blinking Let me watch you as close as a memory Let me hold you above all the misery Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here
Pink Flamingo
Pink Flamingo Před 2 lety
Thank you so much
Slayre Před 2 lety
Appreciate it
Valerie Před 2 lety
Thank you, English is not my first language so it is highly appreciated.
Rejane Gaio
Rejane Gaio Před 2 lety
Linnnnnnnnda ♥️♥️
Wow. Makes me think of my mother who just passed away.
Jodi Furnish
Jodi Furnish Před 14 dny
It might sound a little strange but that song feels like it was meant to be a message to me from my lost tribe in a different dimension or something. My soul remembers what you are talking about on a deeper level than most can understand! I know it sounds weird huh?😢❤❤
I feel a deep calling with this song, the melody almost feels like they've put magic into it. It makes me feel strongly connected with those who also get 'called' by this song, I feel more empathy and my daily struggle gets less heavy. I think that sometimes in life there is a special talent who knew how to put the magic happen and it will serve us all in a positive way.
Harland Hirst
Harland Hirst Před 12 dny
I don't mean to sound trite, but spiritual longing is a universal human condition. This song is beautiful art.
Fer Nery
Fer Nery Před 16 dny
simplesmente perfeito
Jaco Visagie
Jaco Visagie Před 2 měsíci
Damn. Still hits me in the feels after all the time.
snow1snow1 Před měsícem
This song should be a #1 hit on the billboard charts. Sad state of music now a days. I know how you feel.
JACKstandJIMMY Před 9 dny
Bad ass sound !!!!!! Definitely going on my play list ! Love the vocals
Xeno Zombie
Xeno Zombie Před 3 lety
One of the most amazing songs I've ever heard, and I didn't know this band existed until about nine minutes ago.
Lex Před 3 lety
omg you’re missing out!!
Xeno Zombie
Xeno Zombie Před 3 lety
@Lex Not anymore, at least. ;)
tak 95
tak 95 Před 3 lety
Listen to 'I can feel a hot one'. That was their only song i listened to before this.
german sestopal
german sestopal Před 3 lety
The same
Heidi Edginton
Heidi Edginton Před 2 měsíci
I listened to this song the other night and bawled my eyes out. It articulates so well the relationship I'm currently having with GOD and the fear I experience in having children (to be cursed by my ancestry). Can't fucking wait to see y'all live on the 28th!
Ric .L
Ric .L Před 2 měsíci
You seeing signs from God?
HEYDENBLUT Před měsícem
Masterpiece.nothing more to say.This voice is epic
Soro GuÊ
Soro GuÊ Před měsícem
Listening to Manchester Orchestra's beautiful songs while reading these comments just makes me cry... So strong!
snow1snow1 Před 29 dny
My son didn't make it past the first verse before he was overcome with sorrow. What a strange effect this song has on people in my life.?!
Islam Aboelfotoh
Islam Aboelfotoh Před 3 měsíci
Legendary…!!!!!! This song is an emotional state of mind …. It pauses everything except your own story ….you automatically start to reflect what you go through once you play this piece of art….❤ Wrecked with this song…..thank you guys 👏👏
Melissa Harville
Melissa Harville Před 4 lety
I cannot begin to tell you what this album (and this song in particular) means to me. I’m a grown woman with children... when I first heard this song, it reminded me of our own journey into parenthood. The tiny moments of seeing the baby on the ultrasound, the big moments of anxiety, the constant questioning, especially by my husband, like did they get the best parts of us or the worst? Are we doing everything right? I was heavy into listening to this album on repeat when one of my best friends, whom I was in a crib with when we were newborn babies 37 years ago, was losing her life to cancer this past summer. This song turned from reminding me of my emotions associated with my own children to experiencing immense empathy for her mother as she lost her only daughter, and I cried for entirely different reasons as I experienced it in a whole new way. I actually listened to it on the way to say goodbye to her while she was still lucid and knew she had only days left. I also think about my own dad, whom I lost 20 years ago, and how he must have felt leaving this world with his wife and children behind. One of the last things he said to me was, “Who is going to take care of you?” before he went to the hospital and never came home again. I’m sure none of the band members will ever read this, but if you do, I want you to know how much your music means to me. It hits so many raw nerves at the same time for different reasons and I am grateful it takes me to all those different spaces of reflection every time I listen to it. Thank you. ❤️
cobblerama Před 4 lety
I do hope they read it, thank you for sharing.
Joe Alamia
Joe Alamia Před 4 lety
They won’t
Melissa Harville
Melissa Harville Před 4 lety
Steve Traschetti thanks. What a nice thing to say!
Tracy Bradley
Tracy Bradley Před 4 lety
Big brother's watching - & I'm in awe
Loving Avatar of Inevitability
@Melissa Harville He's a miserable shit, pay him no mind. Here's hoping they see it. If nothing else, hot damn, that's a reason to love this song. Sorry for all your loss.
dora rosato
dora rosato Před 19 dny
❤❤❤❤bella melodia!
MrBookman87 Před 28 dny
What an amazing song and music video, thousands of people all breathing and feeling as one, sharing what we have in common which is a love for this band. Human connection is what makes life worth living, and this is the oppitamy of that. Thank you MO, love you guys
TheRealestgangsterteddybearu.nvrmetbutwil soon🇨🇭
YESSS!!!!@MrBookman87 💯well said Sir
Kevin Reinke
Kevin Reinke Před 2 měsíci
This song kills me I have gone threw so much depression since I was 14 I'm 36 now and still struggling. Have a mind I can't stop thinking in ways I cannot explain in words. This song got me to my knees physically and mentally quite alot. I've always said music can change you in ways I don't think alot of people have that feeling, if you feel what i mean deep down you know what I'm talking about. Not all battles are with scars on your body. If you've seen death you seen struggle you've seen remorse you've seen people turn into a monster then you know where I'm coming from. Sorry for the rant
Sjors Kruidenberg
Sjors Kruidenberg Před 2 měsíci
Take care, music can always help you!
SweetAngelPanda💋 Před 2 měsíci
I can relate! ❤
SweetAngelPanda💋 Před 2 měsíci
It kills me too 😢. I’m just a lost girl in this big angry world.
Kevin Reinke
Kevin Reinke Před 2 měsíci
@SweetAngelPanda💋 I hear ya keep going down the road. Ya can't predict the future of anything anyone. Ya gotta go threw the punches.
just3cats Před 11 dny
depression never leaves us, it's sticky. death makes it mortal, like some oncoming thing. Always waiting. Never give into those "it doesn't matter" thoughts, if you know you know.
Alaa Saleh
Alaa Saleh Před 2 měsíci
Been a long time since I've heard such a powerful music ❤️
Christopher Nicholson
Christopher Nicholson Před měsícem
That's powerful. The beat and the cintrast to the vocal is extraordinary
Everything and More
Everything and More Před 2 lety
The moment when you hear the first tones of a song and you exactly know you like it.
graciela perez leal
graciela perez leal Před 2 lety
Tatiana Rehbein
Tatiana Rehbein Před 2 lety
I feel the same
Sonny LaHaie
Sonny LaHaie Před 2 lety
peter Carey
peter Carey Před 2 lety
Mosh Packer
Mosh Packer Před 2 lety
Yeah, sure. No doubt
Sarah Clayton
Sarah Clayton Před 6 dny
Im in tears...that was EXACTLY what i needed. Our Mother has dementia and is not exactly the best mother. But now im glad that i got here.
Diana Ruiz
Diana Ruiz Před měsícem
WOOOOW sin palabra, acabo de desdcrubrir esta banda y me he enamorado, su voz es genial, hermosa!!! esta canción la amé!!! que talento! Gracias por brindarnos musica para nuestra vida!!
Jennifer Lee Raven
Jennifer Lee Raven Před 8 dny
Absolutely beautiful. I've listened to this over and over again. My husband will say, "don't think I've ever heard this song before." When it's been 100 times a day. 😂
Tired of it
Tired of it Před 5 dny
Sadly you sound like me and my husband.
Stephan André Nielsen
This is by far the best song i have been so fortunate to experience in my life. Thank you.
MIke Weaver
MIke Weaver Před 11 dny
Love this song, great video!