Manchester Orchestra - The Silence (Official Music Video)

Manchester Orchestra
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The Million Masks Of God out now: found.ee/MO_TMMOG


Directed by Ted Roach
Produced by Lagan Sebert

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Music video by Manchester Orchestra performing The Silence. © 2018 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


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11. 12. 2018





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Manchester Orchestra
Your reactions to this song and video have blown our minds. There is no better feeling than when music connects to strangers and we can share it together. We love you all. Stay tuned - MO
Nyxie Killjoy
Nyxie Killjoy Před rokem
My daughter became so very ill, and we discovered this song... throughout her last 8 months we listened to this often. I then played it for her one last time as she was leaving this world...there will always be a special place in my heart for this one. Thank you. ❤
Artur Makaryan
The Silence Lyrics
I lost my dad 2 years ago and this song was the emotional release I needed. It was incredibly painful to listen to this most of the time, but I kept coming back, somehow it was important to feel through the pain and this song helped me connect to that pain. It still hurts to listen to this, but there's lightness mixed into the heaviness now, a lightness of joy in having known my dad and everything he meant to me. To those going through loss and grief, just know that you're not alone. You are loved, and while the pain never fully goes away, it transforms eventually into strength, love and appreciation xx
This song was there when I tried to overcome my addiction and it helped me to heal. I'm glad I am still alive.
Just discovered this. My heart was not prepared for this song today. I’m a bit caught off guard. This is a hauntingly beautiful masterpiece
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Před 4 hodinami
This song is an absolute gem. I have loved it for years but have now become a father myself and it has taken on a new meaning for me. Having had no father myself your song drives me to be a better man and father for my son everyday. Thank you so much for creating this. X
Tesha Ellul
Tesha Ellul Před rokem
I lost my 24yr old youngest son 10 weeks ago, and my passion for life died with him I'm now simply exsisting. This song found me at my worst darkest, saddest day of my life. I listen to it everyday and weep and his voice and its beat, resonates in a messed up way. Somehow It console and comforts me. It makes me wanna scream and and at the sane tme curl up in bed and sleep with the hope of being waken up by him and realising it was just a bad dream. Haven't had a decent nite of sleep since woken up to the news of this tragedy. Missing him so much, Zakk was such a humble amazing loving son. I was his legend, and he was mine. FLY HIGH BOY! THank you MO for such a masterpiece. Can't stop listening to it. xoxo
Rhiannon C.
Rhiannon C. Před dnem
Once in a while, I will listen to a song for the first time andI break out in goosebumps. I feel everyword, everything. My heart and soul sings from deep within, and I know this isn't just a great song but a special one too.
Brad Dunlay
I've been listening to this song almost daily; read the comments too. Provides me daily strength and perspective in the low moments. This song is a masterpiece. Thank you Manchester Orchestra.
Levi Efrauim
lori Před dnem
I love the emotions and memories this song evokes for me. Ive had problems hearing lyrics for yrs, so I make up my own. My hearing has degraded to the point where the singer is just another instrument in the band.
I wrote a good friend's eulogy listening to this song a few years back after he took his own life. 15 years of active duty weighted to heavily upon his mind and he is still missed to this day. RIP Tani
Nguyen Khang
Nguyen Khang Před rokem
Denise M Algee
Denise M Algee Před dnem
I can't stop listening to this song. It's so beautiful and can have so many meanings to different people. I have a physical reaction to this song- I feel melancholy but like I'm falling in love at the same time; my body aches and my heart races. You guys are so talented. Thank you for this.
Word Unheard
"Check one, check two!"
Jiuvaronca Iuliana
This song is like a good therapy session. Every time I listen to it, I cry my eyes out and feel at peace after. ❤️
Jay Stevenson
I've just heard this song a few days ago and have already heard it about 100. Times....the vocals...the drums... the melody....all fantastic
Sagar Chakraborty
Sagar Chakraborty Před 28 dny
I am grateful to be born in the earth as a human who can listen and can feel this masterpiece.
Rich John
Rich John Před 3 lety
I watched my wife take her last breath as the life left her on January 1 of this year. It was a 21 day battle with cancer she couldn't win. I've listened to this song at least a hundred times since that moment. I've found my own meaning and comfort in it. Thank you.
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