M2 Max MacBook Pro Review: Back to Bumps!

Marques Brownlee
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22. 01. 2023





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Komentáře 5 672
NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip
Marques production quality is on point, mad respect for 14 years of hard work
Sue D Lamb
Sue D Lamb Před 19 hodinami
the opening shot looks amazing! you can tell they’re getting so much better at using that robot lol
June Chevalier
June Chevalier Před 19 hodinami
Sleek video editing quality, but also the review feels more grounded unlike those usual company-style reviews. Great vid, Marques and the team!
Meme FPV
Meme FPV Před 16 hodinami
The production quality has gone up and up and up and doesn't stop. Great work Marques and team!
dominique Boudreault
dominique Boudreault Před 12 hodinami
You and your team makes such great videos. Full of info while still be very entertaining. Thank you.
Auto Focus
Auto Focus Před 21 hodinou
That intro felt like an apple event. Great job MKBHD team!
Rich Aesthetic
Rich Aesthetic Před 19 hodinami
I loved the real world example shown of screenflow. that's the stuff that actually matters
Vibe Music
Vibe Music Před 19 hodinami
Looks Amazing! you can tell they’re getting so much better❤️
Danelle Smith
Danelle Smith Před 19 hodinami
Thank you for giving such a detailed review. I’m in the market for a laptop and this helps!
BBROPHOTO Před 16 hodinami
I've been waiting soooo eagerly for this machine. I'm on a 2015 15" Macbook Pro, almost maxed out in spec. I have constantly maxed that machine out since new, but with the saga of the butterfly keyboards, removal of magsafe, etc etc... I had to wait so damn long for a replacement. Apple Silicon was an amazing swap, but I've also had to wait for the devs of the specific applications to support them. Now that is the case, I can look at finally get a workstation level machine in a laptop that can run Final Cut and astrophotography software.
A Před 19 hodinami
Hey! Everyone,
Dixit Manani
Dixit Manani Před 21 hodinou
Man these intros are super crazy! Kudos to the team for hours if not days of planning and execution to render out the finest of intros!!
YAMMY MOO Před 16 hodinami
Great review(as usual)...I have the first gen 16" and I could use a bump ...considering it..
Fenwia Před 19 hodinami
Really excited for the Mac Mini review! In my opinion it is affordable and powerful, and it is the product which will push the Apple Silicon series up the market.
Danillo L.
Danillo L. Před 14 hodinami
Im still rocking my M1 16GB MBA, so I won't upgrade anytime soon, but man this M2 MBP is a monster!
Vishal Kanwar
Vishal Kanwar Před 12 hodinami
Loved the intro, the transition was so smooth. Amazing work!
Warlock Před 16 hodinami
I really want one of these, but I have no real need to upgrade my 13" M1 (besides wanting a slightly larger screen). A 14/16" is very tempting though!
Joel Conolly
Joel Conolly Před 21 hodinou
Those intros are getting more and more fun each video. Like literally every intros and title screens are unique to the product it showcases. As if it was having fun and yet still feels professional. Kinda somewhat reminds me of the classic intros of you used to have.
Declor damage
Declor damage Před 19 hodinami
Man the intros never disappoint 🙌
UH Studio Design Academy
UH Studio Design Academy Před 19 hodinami
It would be great to start including the Blender benchmark when comparing benchmark results
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