M2 Max MacBook Pro Review: Back to Bumps! 

Marques Brownlee
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It's an (impressive) bump instead of a quantum leap.
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Laptop provided by Apple for review.
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22. 01. 2023





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@BoomTharis Před rokem
That robot intro ❤
You mean PO-28 or are we talking different things?
@rodrigoMirazo Před rokem
what’s the name of that song???!??!
@rodrigoMirazo Před rokem
song is crazy 😝
@sgj2424 Před rokem
What is the name of the song
@@rodrigoMirazo how i feel 20syl remix
@TimeBucks Před rokem
Still one of my favorite tech channels!
@mddipuislam8352 Před rokem
Nice apps
@jokerkingty5123 Před rokem
@Riaz977 Před rokem
best 👍
@santoshdangi4935 Před rokem
@ajsweety4077 Před rokem
Very nice
@Quazlyy Před rokem
Looks like your production quality is also increasing incrementally by 20% every year, it's awesome to see you and your team expressing your passion!
@mohsinuddin7049 Před 11 měsíci
No, it's more like 37%.
@RegisteredLate123 Před 9 měsíci
@@mohsinuddin7049 bruh
@mohsinuddin7049 Před 9 měsíci
@@RegisteredLate123 They hated Jesus because he told them the truth.
@beforedrrdpr Před 9 měsíci
​@@mohsinuddin7049 they hated me because i sold a pack of wolf for free in chickens coop of old pention less grandma
@xDannyboo Před 6 měsíci
Audio was better in the m1 max/pro review but this is fine
I just love how much production went into you showing us the same gray box we've been getting for quite some time now.
@canada1966 Před 11 měsíci
It’s his job?
@khonglienquanlam259 Před 10 měsíci
Yeah when I buy a Pro laptop the color would be the first thing I care about
@junechevalier Před rokem
Sleek video editing quality, but also the review feels more grounded unlike those usual company-style reviews. Great vid, Marques and the team!
@memefpv Před rokem
The production quality has gone up and up and up and doesn't stop. Great work Marques and team!
@harrison00xXx Před rokem
Bad joke, your comment as well as the "review" with basically barely any points.
@memefpv Před rokem
@@harrison00xXx and you took the time out of your day to be negative, also without any points. I hope something brings you joy today, a**hole.
@ko-Daegu Před 11 měsíci
@@harrison00xXx holy someone is mad looking for attention all your comments are hate leave YT and go outside smoke some trees eat some grass and talk to some sheep’s bro
@gtx1650max-q Před 5 měsíci
​@@harrison00xXxuga buga bunga
@MrHovis-ri2ze Před rokem
That intro was smooth af, those transitions were absolutely beautiful
@harishkr1676 Před rokem
Af means
@xnutzii Před rokem
@@harishkr1676 as f*ck
@freshchoice5177 Před rokem
He’s putting that robot to use 👌🏼
@vh2l Před rokem
@@harishkr1676 as fuck
@connormaher5221 Před rokem
I purchased the M2 Pro without knowing it had just come out and I am blown away. I've had two MBPs prior to this, a 2010 MBP that lasted 7ish years (still runs) and a 2017 MBP that was plagued with issues (many many keyboard replacements) until the SSD died. I almost switched to a Linux build but Apple's OS and the tools I've come to appreciate are just too practical for daily non-nerd stuff. (shoutout Raycast for a beautiful spotlight alternative). Anyways, this addressed all the hardware shortcomings and complaints I had, and with it being second-generation silicon that has had time to mature the ecosystem is excellent. Couldn't recommend it enough, this thing rips.
@htko89 Před 10 měsíci
I love raycast. So good. Zero alternatives on linux, windows for this software. There are tools like it but they are so far behind it's not even a comparison.
@fitfirst4468 Před 9 měsíci
rip dees nuts
@danifrim Před 7 měsíci
Raycast is king! Literally the first thing I Install (and recommend to install) on a new Mac
@unusuario5173 Před 5 měsíci
Similar experience here. I was a Linux user for years until I got the MBP 2017 15". The keyboard is trash (not very comfortable to use,) and it failed pretty quicly. The battery needs replacement. But still, with those details, I love it. I didn't take it to service, since it's my only computer. But I cannot go back to using Linux. The usability is a dream.There are so many litthe things that I could do in Linux by hand, but that here they just work as they should. I'll get an M2 MBP now that they fixed the damage that Johnny Ive did with his obsession with thin hardware.
@therealtrabo Před rokem
Man, the visual effects and videography are so freaking good. I love this channel.
@user-qk8dj7bg2n Před 7 měsíci
I am impressed by this man's ability to present tech products.. That intro felt like an apple event. Great job MKBHD team!.
You and your team makes such great videos. Full of info while still be very entertaining. Thank you.
@OccupiedMuffins Před rokem
still can't get over how clean that intro was, probably the best they've had
@racker5108 Před rokem
pretty easy to pull off with a programmable robot arm that holds the camera lol
@mohilkhare2571 Před rokem
@@racker5108 dude if it was that easy anyone could've pulled that off.
@racker5108 Před rokem
@@mohilkhare2571 sure, there’s still some challenge with getting the coordinates just right but my point is the robotic arm is the essential tool, almost impossible without it
@honguyenkhanhduy Před 11 měsíci
@@racker5108 do it then lol
@citystarproductions6703 Před 11 měsíci
The song is called Darude sandstorm
@dixitmanani9925 Před rokem
Man these intros are super crazy! Kudos to the team for hours if not days of planning and execution to render out the finest of intros!!
@hl236 Před rokem
One of the extremely few times that I have rewind an intro three times.
@junrosamura645 Před rokem
Ugh, I swear yall just come here to watch the intros...and even this one was nothing special.
@@junrosamura645 it’s sad to see these things being appreciated rather than the information itself. The world is driven by the pretty intros, transitions, effects, rather than the quality of the content. Might as well give a new meaning to the word quality in the Oxford dictionary
@sheetboeh Před rokem
@@theencryptedpartition4633 The Production value of intros transitions and effects is literally part of the content. You're watching a Video. What the fuck?
@IMP3TIGO Před rokem
It was pretty sick.
@LiquidAudio Před rokem
I really want to say just how much I respect what you do and your approach man. You deserve all the success and more for raising the bar and showing just how good CS-vid can be.
@solomonayuba6179 Před 10 měsíci
I'm new here, welcome me to the Mac family guys 😅! Your review was concise yet more informative than others I've watched. I'll be following for more tips and tricks. great content
@WYSbyAdamLash Před rokem
Man, congratulations on your superb production quality. You set the standard so high for the rest of tech CS-vidrs!
@MasterStix Před rokem
Many thanks for making this video! Been reading and watching video reviews on the new Mac. I'm one of the ones who has an older mac (2012 here lol) but watching your video and Andres Vidoza's review have helped tremendously on my decision
Loved the intro, the transition was so smooth. Amazing work!
@joelconolly5574 Před rokem
Those intros are getting more and more fun each video. Like literally every intros and title screens are unique to the product it showcases. As if it was having fun and yet still feels professional. Kinda somewhat reminds me of the classic intros of you used to have.
@chigo000_2 Před rokem
They used the robot to get the shot for the intro right?
@simulify8726 Před rokem
@tendomichael Před rokem
No more 'Hey what's up guys MKBHD here'.😢
@salmanhaider3876 Před rokem
Quit riding the intros so much and trying to fish for likes, smh. Theres a comment like this on every video.
@@salmanhaider3876 wow you feel very useful don't you?
@aloharay Před rokem
3:30 2 questions... a) where are the more recent cpus from Intel on the cinebench charts as comparison? I did not see 12 or 13th gen represented. b) I know thermal throttling can make a difference in overall performance. Any idea how the cooling solution on these laptops are doing in keeping the cpu working full speed for more than a minute?
@FastSloth87 Před rokem
As a comparison the Core i9-13900K scores 2,243 in single-core and 39,689 multi-core.
@afrominded Před rokem
The quality is so good that you wonder why other tech channels even try 😂 I've been watching for over 8 years so it's crazy to see the growth. Great review, I am hesitating between the M1 and M2 and this helped a lot.
@hamzaahmad3504 Před rokem
If you find the M1 laptops on a good deal, id recommend them. 90ish% of people probably wont notice the difference between m1 and m2. I have the m1 pro and i havent been able to push it to the limits yet lol. Depends on your workflow tho obviously
@afrominded Před rokem
@@hamzaahmad3504 Thank you for your input! I have 2 youtube channels and a blog that I run. So a lot of editing and writing. Plus some designing that needs to be done every day and a lot of freelance work haha The M1 should be good for that right?
@koolkataustin2961 Před rokem
@@hamzaahmad3504 definitely m1 is enough
@hamzaahmad3504 Před rokem
@@afrominded M1 pro should be more than good enough for that so yes if you get a good deal on it, go for it over the M2
@vicbirth1649 Před rokem
practically the same price to be honest.
@mmsharif007 Před 11 měsíci
Bro, you knock every video out of the ball park. Making tech specs fun to watch. Always happy for your success.
@VillisDileim Před 4 měsíci
Love the drums after closing MacBook at the intro.
@joelbc1 Před rokem
Thank you MKBHD, 20syl, and Shazam How I Feel (20syl Remix) - PLPS 10/10 Intro..
@autofocusphotos Před rokem
That intro felt like an apple event. Great job MKBHD team!
@seprex5695 Před rokem
@qwertzuiop875 Před rokem
Seems Apple is also influencing creators with their presentations and advertisements.
@FatherManus Před rokem
Better than anything Apple has done you mean.
@martinlee852 Před rokem
Crazy intro immediately hooked
@danceyrselfkleen Před rokem
Another marques ball gargler
@Loopsguy2 Před rokem
shoutout to your sound designer, he did a good job and that audio tag for the logo at the intro sounds *mwah* on my speakers
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@CaneDoesStuff Před rokem
the level of editing is insane, deserves more like
@johnhurlbut Před rokem
My 16” M2 Max MBP arrives today! Can’t wait!
@tiokiwa Před rokem
Literally went for my phone to shout out the intro. Mkbhd’s intros are master classes in themselves. Props sir!
Editing is 🔥i like how the apple lights up. I like the purple. Nice review very technical comparing the 2 processors
@DanCreaMundos Před rokem
The production quality of this videos is the reason why I watch every single video from MKBHD, even the ones about stuff I don't care that much. It's amazing to watch the awesome work they all do with every single aspect of the video from start to finish.
@adamj2683 Před rokem
Huh? He just sat in one spot and talked to the camera the whole video. While pasting in a couple clips.
@Moedow Před 9 měsíci
That’s kinda dumb, but ok. Dumb people do dumb things I guess.
@japlunkett6789 Před rokem
I had a 2012 MBP that cost me $2,900 fully spec’d out in 2012… I just upgraded to a $1,099 M2 Air… insane how much faster it is, and how far it’s come.
@krazykhajiit9110 Před rokem
Do you think the M2 Air does everything you need without issue, that’s why you went with that one over MBP M2 Pro/Max? Or is it simply bad timing and you bought your Air before the new MBPs were announced?
@japlunkett6789 Před rokem
@@krazykhajiit9110 it does everything I need it to do (and more), and I LOVE the thinness of the body. I didn't like the last gen Air (and that was the reason I waited). Regarding the processing power: I have a VERY resource-heavy virtual organ program (Hauptwerk), and it runs it flawlessly. When I ran it on a Windows XP, it required 64GB of RAM & a hyper-threading 16-core overclocked processor to run some of the largest sample sets. This thing does it without breaking a sweat. I also have a friend who does audio/video production, and he purchased an M2 Mac Mini to replace his $5,500 Windows rig for doing production. Unless you are a POWER user, I'd stick with the air. I'm fairly certain 99% of "average" to "heavy" users will love this.
@krazykhajiit9110 Před rokem
@@japlunkett6789 thanks for the feedback. Really appreciated. I myself have the Air from like 2015 or so and it doesn’t get the latest macOS updates. It still runs great though. I’ve been wanting an upgrade for some time though (probably just spoiled LOL). And I’m debating between the M2 Air or the M2 Pro MBP, or even the rumored M2 Pro Air that might drop this year. Tbh, the M2 Air, like you said, will probably be enough for me, but at the same time I think the MBP is a great investment for the future. Guess it depends how badly I want to spend the extra 1k versus the usability of the features. Oh and the thinness…. 🤔
@Quantti Před rokem
​@@japlunkett6789 Umm, maybe the Windows XP was your bottleneck as Hauptwerk requires a 64-bit Windows (7+) to operate smoothly 😄
@THATS1CK Před 11 měsíci
@@japlunkett6789 How does a Windows XP computer do all of that and have 64GB of RAM support is SP2 really that stable what I'm more confused is about the 16 cores.
@denisstpierre7140 Před rokem
Really nicely done review. No flush just relevant info. Thx
@ganeshma Před rokem
Great video, love the intricated zoom in for looking for clues when it was done!!!
@izzdrums Před rokem
i can’t stop watching this intro over and over. it’s so smooth. i love it
@ntlegrmarquesbrown Před 11 měsíci
Congratulations you are the winner🎉🎉🥂🥂. Dm username above to claim the gift.
@morganBH Před 8 měsíci
I JUST ordered my M2 Pro 16” 32gb 1TB and I am so excited. I am coming from a 2018 Intel i5 13” 4thunderbolt model and it’s a great little computer but my hobbies and jobs have changed since. I am really excited. More money than I’ve ever spent on a computer before but never the less I am stoked.
@JaluAndura Před rokem
The team at MKBHD is killing it again. The quality of the reviews keep going up and up.
@David-nd4to Před 8 měsíci
Does it…?
@retracproductions Před rokem
that’s one one of the sickest intros i’ve ever seen! quality of y’all’s videos are still so good
@Proteus846 Před rokem
8:34 The new Mac mini interested me too. I won’t be getting one (I have the M1 Max Mac Studio and LOVE IT) but it’s interesting to see the M2 Pro in a Mac mini. That being said… they should’ve made the M2 Pro variety in Space Gray. That’s a way better look for the mini, and I’m disappointed the Mac Studio didn’t also get that darker color.
@secretscarlet8249 Před rokem
Great eye for the 2022 url! It's a small thing but it makes me appreciate your meticulousness in tech stuff more.
@boira_dani Před rokem
Im still rocking my M1 16GB MBA, so I won't upgrade anytime soon, but man this M2 MBP is a monster! Nice work as always Marques!
@Sebwick430 Před rokem
I have been using M1 16GB MBP, but I feel like I am gonna use this until there is a MBP that is mind-blowing monstrous.
@shankhing Před rokem
It is definitely not worth the jump, not at least for 2 more years, but if youre a casual user, Apple supports their machines for a while and you could probably get away with 7 years
@ramydobia Před 10 měsíci
I just made my purchase of the Power M2 Max which will be an upgrade from my current 20216 machines. Super excited to see the difference as honestly and this is truly saying, my current 6yr old MacBook pro 15.4 is still running well and without any issues other than the obvious ones such as being a little slow. But overall, 6yrs and still amazing is a statement that speaks with facts.
@sankarsondas1999 Před rokem
Man these intros feels from a different universe altogether. What production guys!
@thepeddle Před rokem
From this day hence forth you will be called "Captain Hyperbole"
@yasastn Před rokem
After watching that short on the making of the intro, I have a new found appreciation for this intro. So dope 🔥
@Mel-95 Před rokem
You kill it with the only product reviews that I actually believe. Thanks, Marques.
@Maphics. Před rokem
I ordered the baseline 2023 14" MacBook Pro coming up from the 2015 13" MacBook Pro which now gets very hot just watching CS-vid. Definitely my time to catch up to y'all rich lot who like to upgrade every 1 or 2 years (!!!).
@lucascarniel87 Před rokem
You’re my idol dude, I’ve been following you for a long time and you’re the absolute best out there
@imakethesites3048 Před rokem
Great points, I'm sticking with my M1 16. BTW, I love when you and Max Tech fight
@deepakshetty005 Před rokem
There's absolutely no one does this level of production on tech videos on CS-vid, mad props!!🙌🏼
@adamj2683 Před rokem
Huh? There’s countless CS-vidrs with great production. He just sat in one spot and talked to the camera the whole video. While pasting in a couple clips.
@malaydubey4613 Před rokem
@@adamj2683 got a point tho
@RiceCubeTech Před rokem
@@Java_2022LTT is visually less impressive but they actually push boundaries with trying new and crazy things. And Linus knows more about tech than Marques.
@megami215 Před rokem
No one else can afford to lmao
@javrri7212 Před rokem
Am I the only one hearing constant background noise during his talking head shots?
@justdummy6829 Před 4 měsíci
I stopped the video to praise the intro first, I'm.... Woww, it's amazing.
Bro your videos are amazing, always informative yet entertaining and you’re the best speaker on CS-vid 🙌 Also the production quality is incredible - really on par with Netflix and Hollywood productions! Your team is doing some God’s work, keep it coming
@jonathanajith9863 Před 3 měsíci
got mine on release going to keep this for years to come
@BBROPHOTO Před rokem
I've been waiting soooo eagerly for this machine. I'm on a 2015 15" Macbook Pro, almost maxed out in spec. I have constantly maxed that machine out since new, but with the saga of the butterfly keyboards, removal of magsafe, etc etc... I had to wait so damn long for a replacement. Apple Silicon was an amazing swap, but I've also had to wait for the devs of the specific applications to support them. Now that is the case, I can look at finally get a workstation level machine in a laptop that can run Final Cut and astrophotography software.
@roco9504 Před rokem
Same! Maxed out 2015 MacBook Pro! I love it but thinking to finally upgrade & had to wait since I hated the 2016-2021 model, and thinking on going down the the 14” size🤔 if only the track pad on the 16” was the same size
@BBROPHOTO Před 7 měsíci
Really excited to reply to this comment 5 months later to say I’ve just ordered my 16” M2 Max MacBook Pro! Should be coming tomorrow
@Iqaverage Před 5 měsíci
​@@BBROPHOTOcan you please help me buy mine? I'm a student but I'm a few 100$s short. I know it's not your concern, but it would positively impact my life so much.❤
@Aeronaughtica Před 10 měsíci
This is exactly the review I've been looking for!
@jacobeelias Před rokem
It's an honor to have grown up together following tech and watching your videos. They just keep getting better and better
@feelgoodmusic8722 Před rokem
Feel exactly the same! :D
@fabolousjada5070 Před rokem
Na they don’t he was very unbiased in the htc 7 8 9 days
ya but he is doing all this cool shit. and you are not! how does that make you feel @Jacob Elias?
@sebfleebee Před rokem
An honour? You need more honourable things to do pal
@a.a.8515 Před rokem
@@sebfleebee like telling other people they need more honourable things in their life?
Yoooo that intro was mad cool ....keep uping the production my guy been here since the begining
@TaknikiZone Před rokem
The intro is so amazing its give goosebumps.
@CubeRind Před 11 měsíci
@elliem1 Před rokem
What non-apple monitor would work well with the M2 mac mini pro? I am a graphic and UI/UX designer. Colour calibrated is very important.
@Joseph_Fisher Před rokem
If you asked what song the intro is, the name of the song is PLPS - How I Feel (20Syl Remix)
@JRJ2000 Před rokem
I love the way you explain this. Jumps and bumps. Also, the production quality you have is insane. Love it.
@adamj2683 Před rokem
Huh? There’s countless CS-vidrs with great production. He just sat in one spot and talked to the camera the whole video. While pasting in a couple clips.
@abidhasan3673 Před rokem
@@adamj2683 if It's that easy, why don't u do it?
@JRJ2000 Před rokem
@@adamj2683 Were you paying attention at all? He’s got sweet opening shots and a sweet intro. He’s also very creative about his opening shots as well as his review. I doubt you could do better. 😂
@rahsaanhill5781 Před rokem
I been watching this brother for a long time. He’s information is on point. Thanks bro.
You always make intrinsic points, truly genuine and transparent🎉
@playgemji Před rokem
I love your review style and uplifting tone. Cool review.
@djio_0 Před rokem
Intro was sick! Great job. I love it.
@Aerxes- Před rokem
i just got my m1 pro in august last year and i absolutely love it but now i am wondering if a switch is needed or not please tell
@Jamie_JS Před rokem
That was a sick intro. This is literally why I watch these, for the sheer production quality.
@MrArteez Před rokem
@@DontReadMyProfilePicture.3 ok I won't
@eskeda03 Před rokem
@deivytrajan Před rokem
Check OptimumTech, arguably even better production value while still being much smaller channel
@litazo6574 Před rokem
nobody cares about intro . what are u a 5yr old kid ?
@necondaa Před rokem
9th comment about the intro
@JimmyNguyenP Před rokem
I LOVE THE EDITING. Great job!!!
@merciless41582 Před rokem
How does this dude get 3 million views within two days? This dude is the best tech reviewer on CS-vid. I wish we would review TVs more often though. As far as the new MacBook goes, it looks dope; but I wish they didn't get rid of the Touch Bar. I have 2020 16 inch MacBook Pro and I love the Touch Bar. Also, adding the notch on top was unnecessary.
@majooglytango Před rokem
The most impressive part of his videos is him not saying “Umm” once. For as much information as he’s giving, he doesn’t use filler words. That in itself is impressive. He’s one heck of a speaker. Edit: I typed this comment before he finished the video and said it like 35 seconds after. lol. Either way, still a dope, articulate, and engaging speaker.
@theplug4981 Před 11 měsíci
He's reading from a script. It's rehearsed smh
@majooglytango Před 11 měsíci
@@theplug4981 So, he casually added the word "umm" 3 times into his script? Also, why be a hater?
@theplug4981 Před 11 měsíci
@@majooglytango mate yes he did casually add those words. He isn't a robot. And he doesn't cut his videos. He's the goat.
@danellesmith18 Před rokem
Thank you for giving such a detailed review. I’m in the market for a laptop and this helps!
@Latbirget Před 7 měsíci
Thanks for the review. I have a 2015 mac which I love but the screen no longer works without a monitor. I'm hopefully going to upgrade to this year. It's good to know that the new one looks like the 2015 one with the magsafe 2 lead and the SD card slot and other ports. Also good to know that M1 or M2 will be good for me and perhaps I can get a deal for an M1.
@Rasheed17 Před 5 měsíci
I'm also upgrading from the 2015 macbook pro to the new m2 pro 14inch!
@RichAesthetic Před rokem
I loved the real world example shown of screenflow. that's the stuff that actually matters
@Warlock_UK Před rokem
I really want one of these, but I have no real need to upgrade my 13" M1 (besides wanting a slightly larger screen). A 14/16" is very tempting though!
@themantamara5979 Před 8 měsíci
Your reviews always gear me up for my new Apple purchases. I’ll be going into the M1 series soon. Thank you MKBHD.
@mprajescu Před rokem
That intro segement looked and felt amazing! Any chance of doing a video about how your intro segements evolved among the years?
@pkoppula Před rokem
Oh my god! The intro is legendary 😯💯👏🏽👍🏽
@goofyahhdorito Před 10 měsíci
I just got the m2 pro 16 inch from my college and it's insanely good. It's also my first Mac that I've owned and I'm in love with it!
@starlankan Před rokem
It's crazy, Marques' videos are the only videos I watch full without skipping a bit. And when a video is out, I cannot wait to sit down and watch it ! Props to your hard work Marques! 🙏
@thatguyFS6961 Před rokem
why would you download before watching
@tareraww Před rokem
There isn't a single boring moment. The guy is good.
@necondaa Před rokem
The same single comment seen everywhere
@ragedkid5664 Před rokem
Litterally rewatched the intro more than 100th time now🙌
@clivematthews95 Před rokem
I love you Marques, great analysis really Pro-sumer youtuber ❤
@rohansharma581 Před rokem
Dude! Your transitions area an art!!!
@simonmurray3992 Před rokem
Love the honest and unbiased review from Marques!
@toriarmstrong31 Před rokem
I have been waiting for your review most of all 🎉🎉
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@thejaideeparora Před rokem
You know a video is so good that people are commenting about the quality of the video instead of the product the video is about. Kudos to the whole team. Nailing it every single time.
@cctv9886 Před 3 měsíci
Hi Marques, what is the best way to keep my macbook battery healthy always??. should i keep it plugged into power always.?
@kodyduncan Před rokem
The QUALITY though!!! Best production on CS-vid
@ismailfaaris1966 Před rokem
woow what a start, who ever make the entrance of this video deserve a rise man
@tmos8 Před 11 měsíci
Awesome!! Thanks for the information, I was looking at these for a while
@icejeff548 Před rokem
nice content, i like the way you breaking it down to the viewers understanding
@quinnlee9759 Před rokem
the film proccess behind your videos is amazing. Im just getting started in videography and photography, and seeing how clean the scenes flow from one to the next, and seemingly flawless transtions are truly something I aspire to be able to do in my own way. thats for being an Insportation :)
@harshvpandey101x Před rokem
Bro the sheer quality of the video production... Like dayuuuum!!!
@TheChrome2YourDome Před 6 měsíci
Big help fam. M2 Max it is! Dropping a lot of money on it but since my computer is my source of income I figure it’s worth having something powerful and reliable. Earned a like and sub bud!
@sword682 Před rokem
man that intro, and sound design is very good
@FelipeMascarenhas Před rokem
This intro though. Amazing 😍
@DeathA19 Před 9 měsíci
just a question, how can you say its a top chart performance when you comparing it with 5 year old intel chips ? what are you trying to accomplish by that ?
@ShutInCuber Před rokem
I really like the honesty of: You don't really need to wait. If you need/want to upgrade, just get something when it's cheap and on sale in the next 6 months
@yammymoo1152 Před rokem
Great review(as usual)...I have the first gen 16" and I could use a bump ...considering it..
@cmdeeqtee7057 Před rokem
My i7 late 2013 pro 15" still works flawlessly and I have a late 2019 i9 pro as a back up. I'm good for at least 7more years.
@73X8 Před 7 měsíci
Great content. Informative buy. I am really looking forward to the M3!
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M2 Max MacBook Pro Review!