Ladder Escape 🧟‍♂️🧮 | Fear The Walking Dead

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29. 11. 2022





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Daddy's home
Daddy's home Před měsícem
Everyone is gangsta till variant walker starts climbing ladder.
Xoyle ID
Xoyle ID Před 10 hodinami
POV ; Ayyeee Yoo Yoo Yoo WTf. Bann This one 🤣
علاء علي
علاء علي Před 4 dny
bgmi player
bgmi player Před 5 dny
Its movie name
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 11 dny
@Sparkymist we're two different people the reason why I said I didn't want to see him here again is because I was here on this channel first but he's always in the comments section when there can only be one Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 11 dny
@Ankit Singh because Everytime I see a vid on this channel the other Arthur Morgan was on all the videos comment section but I was on this channel first and there can only be one Arthur Morgan
Bluefiremark II
Bluefiremark II Před měsícem
Things like this make you question how so many people can get infected when they can't even reach atop a car or push a ladder.
Green screen movie guy
The season 1 walkers were a lot smarter and actually jogged instead of walked and can pick up stuff I wish they kept it that way….you can feel the tension way more if that was the case
Tran Tuan Anh
Tran Tuan Anh Před 15 dny
Well, they are american
Giorgio leonel Regalado Temoche
Eoo ckfbcjfu uy
Гулжайна Бирканова
Isabella miranda ruiz
lklkoo Před měsícem
When you realise them just running to the safe zone would have accually been safer, quicker and smarter
the savior
the savior Před 4 dny
Film name
худойор Před 5 dny
​@Celerino Silva 😱👮👎👎👎🖕✍️🥰
Susana Ceballos
Susana Ceballos Před 9 dny
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar Před 17 dny
​@Kayden Walker ppppp
angelsandfaes Před 18 dny
My thoughts exactly
eric murtha
eric murtha Před měsícem
I miss John, and his dad. They were both such good and unique characters and their deaths were very unexpected
Kami Před měsícem
the doomslayer rn: this is just great.
Theo Noble
Theo Noble Před měsícem
Doom Slayer: “Where’s the rest of them? No Tyrants? No Revenants?”
김종영 Před měsícem
Gabriel Páez
Gabriel Páez Před měsícem
Remember everyone, it doesnt matter if a zombie grabs you, you only need to worry for bites, or if they get to make a wound with their fingers on your body
Greeninja Před měsícem
this show would be over so quickly if the zombies actually tried
Fateme Talati
Fateme Talati Před měsícem
God forbid there will be more slow zombies like this in the future
Darth Vaden
Darth Vaden Před měsícem
You can easily jump over these walkers and run to the woods
CharCar92 Před měsícem
‘They can’t climb the cars’ Rick from season 1: 😦
Freddy Asanza
Freddy Asanza Před dnem
Zombies copetti de zombies y no va a venir nunca más se va a morir rapetti de zombi
Azamat Termechikov
Azamat Termechikov Před 6 dny
رشيد رشيد
رشيد رشيد Před 7 dny
​@Deathcon ccc333ج000ط
حسين البهادلي
اسم هاذ الفيلم
Anamaria Marín Marín
Elis Mina ジ
Elis Mina ジ Před měsícem
Let me tell you something, are these zombies real or are you doing it for fun?
F gang
F gang Před měsícem
Kratos:hey you God? Zombie:yes Kratos:starts killing*
Tanti apriani
Tanti apriani Před měsícem
the cameraman is always safe
Tyler Goodyer
Tyler Goodyer Před měsícem
Marty Robbins costume on point
I'm sorry,but this scene looks so goof. The damn Walkers aren't even trying to scratch them,grab them,yank them,or anything at all! They're at a low level where they could easily rip them apart in seconds.
a s
a s Před měsícem
Yeah the walker literally brushed it’s arms AROUND her legs in order to not touch her
TotallySTK Před měsícem
They could have seen an open space and jump and run😑
♥ hansohui ♥
♥ hansohui ♥ Před měsícem
when they walk over the ladder it gave me anxiety
Liklailemba Wahengbam
Liklailemba Wahengbam Před měsícem
Why r the zombies too weak 😂
Jack Haines
Jack Haines Před měsícem
RIP John Dorie
Danilon But you can Call me Dan🗿⚡
man i'm sad about john's death in fear imagine him and morgan invading CRM would be a cowboy meeting a sheriff/ police 😅😅😅
Анара Мамбетова
KILL MACE Před měsícem
​@cassie yeah cuz he obviously talking about WWE on a FTWD video
Anime_trash Před měsícem
Now personally I’m more of a twd fan so pls fill me in lol. Btw I know who Morgan is
cassie Před měsícem
i read that as john cena and i was Very confused 💀
Mustafa Před měsícem
Imagine it was world war Z zombies 🥶
Alphamax115 Před měsícem
The zombies watching them climb the ladder:Are you serious right neyw bro?
Şəlalə Əliyeva
Şəlalə Əliyeva Před 9 dny
criminal Před 22 dny
neow its like saying meow but N
Chandler Stiles
Chandler Stiles Před měsícem
@Clashed PR bro do you ever wonder why they don’t just jump off and run to another or go wherever they are going
Andre Turner
Andre Turner Před měsícem
tgburn Před měsícem
If they were Korean zombies then they would have been dead long before
Mirelle Ryan
Mirelle Ryan Před měsícem
Who are those people watching them on the roof creepy af 👀
Gia Desire
Gia Desire Před měsícem
My anxiety during this video: We are going high! No, higher! Ok now lowww….NOW HIGH OMG
Meral Kumcu
Meral Kumcu Před měsícem
Benim bile bu kadar hayranım yok aw
NoGender Lauren
NoGender Lauren Před měsícem
Not me giving the largest jump I can do and running
SillyMan Před měsícem
I can't even go in the streets in Ohio 😭😭
Jessica Tingle
Jessica Tingle Před měsícem
How are they so calm
TheNordicJarl25 Před měsícem
I honestly bet Rick, daryl, and Michonne could of cleared these walkers during the amount of time it took them to do that
Anime_trash Před měsícem
Yes most definitely I feel like out of all of TWD shows the. One with Daryl in it is the best
Guts Před měsícem
Lucifer and Detective just chilling in the background
KHANH HQ R&D Před měsícem
Idk why my heart is so hurt..
Seksie Před měsícem
*Every players while playing tower of hell*
CR7GOAT Před 28 dny
Piggy infection mode be like:
E_Cabrera_04 Před měsícem
At multiple points they literally had openings to just hop off and run away 💀
낚시왕비글동생 Před měsícem
​@Cristian Cei
Jimenaa Diaz
Jimenaa Diaz Před měsícem
Cristian Cei
Cristian Cei Před měsícem
​@bobby wasabii23 opportunity for
bobby wasabii23
bobby wasabii23 Před měsícem
I’m sayin😂
cesar-e-legal• há 75 anos                        .
is this a scene from the walking dead?if it is what season
Evie Před 29 dny
Omg the, fact he literally saved her from falling, into a pile of zombies is just so, so wholesome❤
ruv_zavodila7u7 Před měsícem
His name reminds me of john from red dead
the writer
the writer Před měsícem
A normal day in ohio:
Malamutex Před měsícem
This is what East Cleveland is like at night 🤣🤣
Alex_8558 Před měsícem
Ohio lmao
Ryaniko94br Glowing Kitty
I want a relationship as strong as that plot armor
mussimbi grace
mussimbi grace Před 2 dny
They died 😂😂
Ryaniko94br Glowing Kitty
@Keith Fields How cute, doesn't even need to pay the circus to get you here :3
MoltenGears Před měsícem
Casually calmy standing there
Keith Fields
Keith Fields Před měsícem
Get rid of that pfp, that'll get you started
Mike Před měsícem
So do I bro
Roberto Piriz
Roberto Piriz Před měsícem
COMO sabes que estamos mirando the walking dead
Reni Efendi
Reni Efendi Před měsícem
Iam wait for TWD season 2 . Hai darryl iam waiting u
Советский танкист
They can just jump
Trans Gaty
Trans Gaty Před 16 dny
I like how some of the actors that are the walkers get ready to catch the people on the ladder if they fall but the fact that they're walkers they can play it off easily
Michael Silundika
Michael Silundika Před měsícem
I find it strange how the walkers aren’t actually trying to grab them Holy smokes 5k likes!
Sui Před měsícem
@Micheal Silundika You try grabbing something off the center of the roof of a car with your 5'7" lookin ass
Easy E .223
Easy E .223 Před měsícem
Why are the walkers trying to grab them? It looks like it. ( I don’t know much about Twd)
carpet Teev
carpet Teev Před měsícem
They aint zombies so they aint grabbin
Noir Před měsícem
Plot armor😏😏
nodevoutt Před měsícem
Lol ikr it's so fake
Caitlin Schembri
Caitlin Schembri Před měsícem
This is teamwork
Darina Baby Kids
Darina Baby Kids Před měsícem
Это просто покрашены льудьи🧟‍♂️
Chukwuemeka Uche
Chukwuemeka Uche Před měsícem
i watched waking dead for ten yrs plus till the movie finally ended and I never regretted it .. I don't know y I don't have interest watching fear the walking dead .. I just feel I will be disappointed that they won't give the same suspense and love like the walking dead .
Wave3161 Před měsícem
Holy shit it's Arthur Morgan and Sadie Adler
RetardedNoblemen 1
RetardedNoblemen 1 Před měsícem
Definition of "Why make it easier if you can Make it Harder"
DeceptiveBlank Před 26 dny
​@Cass1dyVods did you see any crawlers in the scene?
Lyazid Aibeche
Lyazid Aibeche Před měsícem
normified Před měsícem
They could have leaped over the crowd lol
Daniel Ricardo
Daniel Ricardo Před měsícem
​@Commander Shepard cmon shep
Нозим Нозим
Нозим Нозим Před měsícem
tell me, please, what is the name of this movie?
Veronique Marty
Veronique Marty Před 15 dny
G regarder toute les saisons. Je me rappelle de ce passage. J'ai adorer cette série.
callofduty0890 Před měsícem
What episode is this!
anônimo 32
anônimo 32 Před měsícem
Vantagem absurda: São lentos! Agradeça todos os dias por não estar na realidade de guerra mundial z
bernardb Před 11 hodinami
All I want to know is why no one brings a spear for situation like these where you can just take em out one by one
CrimsonDopamine Před hodinou
Completely agree!
Darth Uchiha47
Darth Uchiha47 Před 10 dny
Zombies can rip down a reinforced chain link fence at the prison but can’t shove this ladder over when they’re in the middle of it.
umarbek turgunov
umarbek turgunov Před 19 minutami
Оксана Загорулько
WEEMusic VEEVOOO Před měsícem
Зомби тормознутые,можно их перепрыгнуть с машины и убегать )
За Маской Безумия
А всего-то найти арматуру, встать на машину и мелодично ломать бошки 👍
паучек Před měsícem
​@Жылдыз Ильясова ходячие мертвецы. Сериал. Только не помню какой сезон...
Жылдыз Ильясова
Название фильма напишите
AScrubGorilla Před měsícem
I love how the zombies conveniently turn into limp noodles when the plot needs them only to switch back into vicious aggressive monsters the next episode. Just a common trend in TWD franchise that never ceases to annoy me.
Elif Todorova
Elif Todorova Před měsícem
F. P.
F. P. Před měsícem
@AScrubGorilla Have to strongly agree on this one. We can clearly see that zombies would be able to grab them and never let go.
AScrubGorilla Před měsícem
@Xx_ShadowGaming_xX I'm not talking realism I'm talking consistency. TWD does this constantly when they want to give a character plot armor the zombies turn into limp noodles but then a couple episodes even a couple scenes later the zombies are extremely aggressive with the strength of body builders gnawing and clawing constantly trying to grab them. If your going to introduce a concept into a story whether it be zombies,FTL travel or whatever then you need to be consistent with how those concepts work in said story. Im not talking about S1 smart zombies either. Nobody thinks a bunch of rotten corpses coming back to life is realistic pretty sure Daryl using a rotten corpse to block rifle fire a couple meters away no less wasnt realistic either. Its really not as deep as your trying to make it.
Xx_ShadowGaming_xX Před měsícem
​​​@AScrubGorilla Um, isn't that the point though? If we want to talk realism, the zombies at this point shouldn't even be around, let alone move at the speeds and strength that they do. That's not to say that there aren't a handful of abhorrently bad moments with them. But in general if you thought anything about TWD or any zombie scenario like this is at all realistic, you're already too far into the realm of impossibility, why complain about the small things. 1- Walkers shouldn't even bleed based on how the virus is portrayed, yet they are always blood red even if they are a billion years old 2- They shouldn't even be able to walk given nothing is sustaining or mending those broken brittle malnourished bones as we know they don't even sleep sleep. 3- They are a husk, the fact that they are even capable of grabbing is ridiculous, moving joints like that in a practical brain dead baby state takes SERIOUS focus, yet they execute it without fail everytime over fully functional and healthy humans. 4- The military at the very least would NEVER be overrun by TWD standard, a country's military is designed to fight wars, and you're telling me EVERY MILITARY around the globe just lost? 5- Based on all the previous decay I've mentioned, the amount of walkers in the show shouldn't even exist by this point, ESPECIALLY considering 80-90% of them are just starving hordes, and even if they don't starve to death by some magical superpower, they have been known to eat each other, so divide 7 billion in half, accounting for regions, and their shouldn't even be that much regardless. And yet TWD only ever continuously shows more and more larger amounts of zombies.
Ruslan Tymoshuk
Ruslan Tymoshuk Před měsícem
laxmi shrestha
laxmi shrestha Před měsícem
Zombie virus is coming soon in real😖
HIP HOP 999 Před měsícem
Se fosse eu ja tinha atirado não minha propria cabeça melhor do que ser devorado vivo
Kade Turner
Kade Turner Před měsícem
Yo at the end got me like yoooooo she dead were they gonna go next
Ahmq Před měsícem
What is the name of the series? 🙏
Melnuke creator
Melnuke creator Před měsícem
I love how no one is talking about the people on the roof just looking at them
Minara Aliahmad
Minara Aliahmad Před měsícem
​@f didn't do anything wrong
Weljhon Taglocop
Weljhon Taglocop Před měsícem
​@f didn't do anything wrong how can that be a statue I saw it move
f didn't do anything wrong
That's the statue
Anti-Void Před měsícem
Why do I feel like these would be one of those moments where you conquer your fears
Dhiraj Před měsícem
Damn, if i had a gun with me, i would just shoot myself. At least that's better than zombies feeding on me. It would take weeks for help to arrive. How am I gonna survive until that?
Ivydubs Před 23 dny
TWD looks like a great show but also would be terrifying to be In it!
Feyzo Ahmadi
Feyzo Ahmadi Před měsícem
Kaisinel Music
Kaisinel Music Před měsícem
FTWD feels like a fever dream every time I watch it.
Марина Склярова
Zi Xuan Liew
Zi Xuan Liew Před měsícem
just kick the zombie hand or take a big gun ezz 🙄🙄😎😎
maionnasse Před 17 hodinami
It's too easy, just jump to the side where there are literally 2 zombies and run, they are super slow and stupid, if you walk a little fast they won't catch you.
Mason Lalanne
Mason Lalanne Před měsícem
Id still take em all out
Alyx G
Alyx G Před měsícem
I like that they didn’t just walk on the ground after they got off the first car
Allison Lopez
Allison Lopez Před měsícem
I feel like i am there
Singha derana සිංහ දෙරණ
Hạnh Huỳnh
Hạnh Huỳnh Před měsícem
I miss you more than peanut butter misses jelly.😘
HakaishinDRIP Před měsícem
The walking dead or hear the walking dead What serial is the best?
BufABuffalo Před měsícem
I love how there called walkers and no one thinks to just run after your get past them
Anime_trash Před měsícem
No you did not 😂 like in every TWD franchise it’s like that
Tito Paez
Tito Paez Před měsícem
Lol zombies all slow and shit, just run….
King Edric Lucas
King Edric Lucas Před měsícem
Omg thats scary
🎄Rexon games🎄
🎄Rexon games🎄 Před měsícem
Where i can watch this?
Ражабов Жахонгир
актеры: может просто пойдем по земле, режиссер: нет вам нужно пройтись над машинами со стремянкой чтобы не поймали зомбари, зрители: нихрена себе
YouTube's Finest Videos
YouTube's Finest Videos Před měsícem
Walkers: Can't we just grab them by their legs? Plot Armor: No
RUBY Před měsícem
Undead Před 25 dny
There makin this so much harder then it has to be it looks like u can speed walk past all of them 😂
Wituś D 2
Wituś D 2 Před měsícem
This is on netflix?
SimplymaddieXx Před měsícem
My anxiety: 📉📈📊📈📉📈📊📊📈📉📈📊📈📉📈📊📈📉📈📊📈📉📈📊📈📉📈📊📈📉📈📊📈📉📊📈📊📉📉📊📉📊📉📊📈📊📉📉📈📊📈📈📉📊📊📈📉📈📊📊📊📈📉📉📈📊📊
Poisonous_Snake Před měsícem
At this point they could just just over them and run
Ботагоз Иманжановиматсьапа
Вомтшмн 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟👣жтл и исм
Wolfle Witten
Wolfle Witten Před měsícem
Us: *has the ability to brake cod zombies ankles* The walking dead character:
tyronejay2 Před měsícem
@BrainDead he wasnt correcting him he just said he types just twice
BrainDead Před měsícem
@tyronejay2 I was joking. No shit you can’t stutter while typing. I thought it was funny some guy corrected him so I said “he has a stutter” as a joke.
tyronejay2 Před měsícem
​@BrainDead have done that before its not stutter he was thinking of something to speak and he forgot that he just said what he said twice
ลัดดา บุญล้อม
Hayami Rin
Hayami Rin Před měsícem
Why didn't we just start swinging the ladder back and forth to clear the way 😃
Snowi Před 26 dny
Imagine how much money it took to pay these actors
•Slushy_Zushi• Před měsícem
Oh my god my anxiety really said:allow me to introduce myself
Mike Oxsmal
Mike Oxsmal Před 20 dny
Boi what the💀💀
J Torres-Lewis
J Torres-Lewis Před měsícem
“Ok zombies I want y’all to hover your arms at some dude at head height and not do anything to grab him okay?”
Burul Seiitpekova
Burul Seiitpekova Před 10 dny
Brokey Před měsícem
@Me too 🤓 the joke aint for you bud
GhostlyGameplayz Před měsícem
The one walker just patted his leg and said have a good day
NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger Před měsícem
​@Benjamin C Exactly, one of the deaths was zombies literally clawing a guy's belly open, and the man with the hat in this short gets grabbed in his leg and nothing happens
X3TR3 YO Před měsícem
​@Me too 🤓 Yeah, it is, but a big difference such as this makes it look stupid and unrealistic
Nabiha Faizal
Nabiha Faizal Před měsícem
I saw two people on the celling
Paisley Lee
Paisley Lee Před 26 dny
When you realize you can just shoot the zombies cause you have a gun
Terance Weeman
Terance Weeman Před měsícem
Wouldn't it been way easier after getting past first batch of them just running up and over the fence
:o Před 28 dny
Couldnt they have smashed the zombies with the ladder instead?
Endie de Freitas
Endie de Freitas Před měsícem
this video makes me miss john even more now 😭 he was the best one 🥰💔😭
Defneee Před měsícem
宮村佳季 Před měsícem
Ирина Торбеева
Ой, то они на танк залезли в первой серии, а щас на машину забраться не могут.... Чудо сценарное
СейФуллахl Амиров
Название скажите *
Borz FF
Borz FF Před 10 dny
в последних сериях на заборы могли залезть
Twinkle Hunar
Twinkle Hunar Před 27 dny
Did anybody notice the two people standing on the roof/top of the building (in the background)?or is it only me??
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