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8. 01. 2024





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@medhatrecord Před měsícem
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@fatmayasin2389 Před měsícem
@nonamohamed1004 Před měsícem
@fatmaalameldin9655 Před měsícem
@laythbaghdad2734 Před měsícem
يا رجلللل صار عندي ادمان ع ابداعاتك خصوصا عهالمقطع😂😂😂
@user-hw7zh4he1q Před 28 dny
Raufwkiwtq ki tw
@katlegopadi1 Před 15 dny
The layers of skill are insane
@Scotty08 Před 8 dny
Look at flutebox Lee. The og
@azzuleo Před 12 dny
What we all wish we learned at school in music class.
@user-vo7yz9sj4j Před 6 dny
You could learn the instrument, but u won’t play as good
@zionempire2780 Před 5 dny
OMG EXACTLy I fricking hate my music teacher she's young and doesn't know shit.
@30joie Před 3 dny
​@@user-vo7yz9sj4jhow will you know?
@user-kz1ox1sw1j Před 2 dny
​@@zionempire2780 всё настолько плохо
@rajputviren679 Před 12 dny
I Didn't expect that bro was ready for DJ night ....😂🎉
@randomjoker2275 Před měsícem
Bro just max level his starter weapon😂.......(edit) Yo , 26k likes 😮😮😵‍💫 tyvm. Hey mom i did a funny! ✌️😅
@xvenom89 Před 29 dny
I’m dead lmaooo 💀
@CuzIamEnte Před 28 dny
When you meet the first Boss but you are already lvl 100 😂❤
@setsuhimatori8010 Před 28 dny
Recorder +100
@mattfitness9267 Před 28 dny
@Dibox7 Před 28 dny
Mans beatboxing with a flute is FIRE🔥🙌💥
@Beezlie727 Před 10 dny
At first I thought the beatbox was a recording! That all came out of his mouth WHILE PLAYING THE RECORDER! WOW!
@maeyer Před 8 dny
@BIGLOVE201130 Před 4 dny
Beat box flute there is alot of videos out there , 2011 I heard my first song in this style
@Thunder-00 Před 2 dny
That’s a recorder not a flute what😀
@mouhameduzi667 Před 2 dny
@@maeyeryes flute
@evilrider2376 Před 9 dny
He have Ultra-Pro-Max level talent no doubt
@kianaone2610 Před 25 dny
Now thats talent. To be able to actually beatbox and play the recorder at the same time like that.
​@@MR_G92it has become a common talent in a way but it still blows my mind
@fkhan Před 23 dny
​@@MR_G92 Daddy chill
@diamondbeast3660 Před 11 dny
We need him to meet up with the beat boxing flute player
@129mizu8 Před 12 dny
@hakihad3752 Před 6 dny
@user-jq7th7lz9d Před 11 dny
Территория Земля ) , сколько таланта и всё это может исчезнуть 😢!!! Печально.Люди давайте объединяться!! Мир ,дружба народов ❤
@user-qx1fi8dy3x Před 10 dny
вот в чем надо соревноваться к чему стремиться и тд. а не воевать и воровать..
@user-nb3jw1dv2v Před 7 dny
Так не будь войн, не было бы современного мира, не существовало продвинутой технологии. Это с какой стороны смотреть на войну, если на геноцид-да, это плохо, даже УЖАСНО, НО, у каждой вещи есть 2 стороны.
@itrymore Před 5 dny
​​@@user-nb3jw1dv2v Какой технологии? Ты о чём?
@nonamohamed1004 Před měsícem
What a performance! ❤
@ManosD33GR Před měsícem
What tits ❤
@Vulkanwanderer Před 29 dny
What a sh!t* performance
@erroriser Před 28 dny
a performance is when someone performances sometwo
@LuKas-xi3pf Před 27 dny
@clino137 Před 26 dny
@mmu396 Před 10 dny
مصر فيها مواهب جميلة بجد 🇪🇬✨️ بحييك يا ابن بلدي و بشجعك 🫶
@user-qp1ke7nx3b Před 6 dny
هذا اصله من الامارات
@user-lt3dj5uo9y Před dnem
وش اسم العزفه الي سواها او الآله الي عزف فيها عشان في عزفه قريبه منها يسوون فيها تصاميم بلاك بينك
@yaramohamed7046 Před 12 hodinami
​@@user-qp1ke7nx3b مصري
Wonder if a man can play this well then imagine how God Shri Krishna played 😍😍 Jai shree krishna 🙏🏻🙏🏻
@tanjus85 Před 27 dny
I lost my mind at the exact moment Terry did! Mind blowing!!!!
@niyazalam6972 Před 25 dny
C'mon bruh.. Time to edit that shit.. Mom im famouuuussss!!!
@ritzcrampz-bs627 Před 24 dny
Ronnie mcnutt 🤯🌺
@SanilJadhav711 Před 24 dny
​@@niyazalam6972Hell naw
@lastmanstanding371 Před 24 dny
Terry plays flute too 😂
@saiautaatu5725 Před 12 dny
Respect to this performer. Reminds me of those old youtube clips of beardyman and flutebox
I can watch, feel and listen to this.... Over and over again. ❤
Been listening to him for a few years, absolutely brilliant
You mean like constantly? This one performance all the time?
@@JonathanTheTrombonist there's plenty more moron
@@mathewmcbryde7974 well aren't u a bell end
@LuKas-xi3pf Před 27 dny
Lo curioso es el tipo de flauta que usa, las que yo vi en esos videos eran otras, el hace que suene completamente diferente
@ZzZzzzZZzzzZ. Před 12 dny
Eres fenomenal!🫶🏼 🇲🇽
This needs to be my wake up call in the mornings!!! Love it!!!❤️❤️❤️
@NilChavan-lr6tg Před 22 dny
Bro can play flute & beatbox at anywhere 🥴🔥💀
@omensoffate Před 21 dnem
@justleo1954 Před 21 dnem
Flutebox :)
@kevinalexander2590 Před 20 dny
Thanks. We could not see or hear
@NilChavan-lr6tg Před 20 dny
@@kevinalexander2590 i mean bro can play beatbox at anywhere 😉
@td389 Před 8 dny
If someone could do this with the Flute, Simon might one day like the Flute. 😆
@user-ch2gs6cq6g Před 5 dny
오~ 리코더로 대단한 연주를 해내네...
@adioso23 Před 5 dny
Bro the Google translate makes sound so zesty wth
@NoteBlockEmpire Před 16 dny
Now thats real talent
@user-jz5xc7vq6f Před 2 dny
Wow!! It's wonderful combination. I like that..
@2CentsMediaInc Před 11 dny
i felt that caption tho 😂😂and that’s true for most creators, Reposts get more views than actual content creator.
@WonDYt Před 24 dny
I can tame a cobra ❌ I can tame a fu*ing godzilla ✅🗿
@2good2Bbad Před 24 dny
@average3730 Před 23 dny
Underrated Comment...than those 1 k likes ones
@WonDYt Před 23 dny
@@average3730 ty
@Artefic Před 23 dny
@ghettobears Před 23 dny
Not Terry 😂😂
@RandomThoughts90 Před 6 dny
I wasn't expecting that! So good! Love it
@mohammedislam8610 Před 3 dny
Now that’s a great flute player I’ve ever heard
@kylieswei8005 Před 26 dny
Never have I ever thought a recorder could sound like THAT Edit:this is the most likes I’ve ever gotten in my life🥹
I'm gonna move back in just to play recorder for my parents until I get to this level lol
@XiELEd4377 Před 25 dny
You can't just blow into a recorder... it requires technique. For example, you can't just blow into a recorder. This guy did something called triple tonguing.
@kevinsears7300 Před 25 dny
Its been a high end instrument for around 2200 years.... few can use it correctly but you see how hes blowing into it, thats proper. What you learned in 2nd grade from a clueless teacher was 98% wrong. The beatboxing with it is crazy tho.. cant do that with a flute or clarinet
@siy8230 Před 25 dny
Check out Nathan Flutebox Smith (I think thats his full name) , he does the same but with a flute!!
@maxtanner1322 Před 24 dny
@@kevinsears7300Well actually you can beatbox into a flute. A man named Greg pattillo has done it on plenty of occasions, he does concerts too sometimes. Cool dude!
@user-yn3pg7fp5y Před 3 dny
That was AMAZING!!! Seriously...!
@maxthomas2312 Před 3 dny
@sebastienc.6596 Před 29 dny
That is what I call TALENT.
@KingDZeth Před 27 dny
correcting: TRAINING.
@KrakowRullez Před 26 dny
Not talent is Hard Work!
@antoniovivaldi6053 Před 26 dny
​@@KingDZethhe is holding the recorder like a flute for god sake
@niceone1871 Před 26 dny
@@KrakowRullezхрень это бесполезная
@ZeroSilicium Před 25 dny
​@@KrakowRullez it's still talent, not everybody can beat box while playing a godamn flute banger.
Dudes breath control is max level and the fact that he can play that recorder while beat boxing is incredible
@danieldaniel8241 Před 3 dny
High level of beat boxer ... Wow 👍💪
@oscarardon6197 Před 19 dny
Someone that can actually make a recorder sound decent, impressive.
@danielrobinson7872 Před 16 dny
Recorders are in more music than you realise. They aren't all made of garbage plastic. They were used before the current day flutes.
@oscarardon6197 Před 16 dny
@@danielrobinson7872 I think they all sound terrible regardless of the material. If they're being used in music, I'd imagine it goes through a ton of mixing and effects before sounding decent.
@saldana7395 Před 14 dny
​@@oscarardon6197 bro who doesn't know anything about Renaissance and Baroque Music
@MiloMcCarthyMusic Před 13 dny
⁠​⁠​⁠@@oscarardon6197 he literally just said they were used before modern day flutes were invented. Do you really think mixing and effects have been around since then
@oscarardon6197 Před 13 dny
@@MiloMcCarthyMusic aren't we talking about modern music? The context of what I'm saying clearly went over your head. Compared to other instruments, they sound horrible.
@marcusstill8090 Před 8 dny
I remember Greg Patillo doing this some years ago, seriously impressive stuff.
@varunkvvarunkv2297 Před 10 dny
You killed the stage bro ❤
@user-di7qc5wg9w Před 19 dny
@ssd3355 Před 12 dny
@bunapi4111 Před 12 dny
@erdinckyga6079 Před 11 dny
TÜRKEY de de öğrenci ler çalıyor hepsi biliyor
@erintoepfer3157 Před 11 dny
Does everywhere teach the recorder to kids? We learn it in the USA too. Ours are so squeaky.
@IndonesiaManPower Před 11 dny
It's an Egyptian Flute
@redeyestones3738 Před 5 dny
Sick bro! I don't watch mainstream TV garbage. Its poison for the mind. But I'm glad you posted this so I could witness this awesomeness
@johnny4055 Před 11 dny
That goes hard! Excellent!
@Kinx_family Před měsícem
The real talent Edit:oh mommy I'm famous 😂❤️
@martysonn Před 28 dny
More like hours and hours of neverending practice.
@nickace9079 Před 27 dny
Lol no, its very bad, minimal skill
@KrakowRullez Před 26 dny
Is hard Work not talent
@Luneraurt Před 26 dny
@@nickace9079are you slow? He was beat boxing whilst playing the recorder. You probably can’t do either at the level he can. Also Kinx it’s not talent it’s hours of hard work and effort being poured into mastering his craft
@XiELEd4377 Před 25 dny
@@nickace9079 lmao? Triple tonguing?? Minimal skill??? Go learn play Vivaldi on recorder then we can talk
@Kemetictasnima Před 11 dny
My egyptian fellow 🇪🇬🇪🇬 Great talent 👏🏻
@rayewest7888 Před 10 dny
Gor one thing I want Terry Cruise's hyped up attitude at all times! Love his energy. And I love how Simon in the background just quietly says, "I like that"
@kalleousvoncheez Před 23 dny
This is just as impressive as those beatboxers who sing while beatboxing bc he still has to use his fingers to make the right notes using the flute🤯
@Facelessgtag Před 21 dnem
No where as impressive as the beatboxers. Anyone who has actual beatbox training, aswell as vocal training knows this.
@abraham45624 Před 20 dny
​@@Facelessgtag you talk like you can do It, would love to see it
@Facelessgtag Před 20 dny
@@abraham45624 This guy made a guess, just because of his opinion. Yes, it takes skill to beatbox and play the recorder, but it would take no more than 2months to learn the routine in this video. The guy did basic lip and throst sounds. Singing takes years of practice, aswell as actual beatboxing. Anyone who isn't blind will see that Singing beatboxers are way more impressive.
@abraham45624 Před 20 dny
@@Facelessgtag i'm already waiting, you have 2 months (Also you should have noticed that i never said the 2 things were equally impressive, you just went all defensive with a simple taunt lol)
@Facelessgtag Před 20 dny
@@abraham45624 How so? When was I defensive? You presume such measures, for the simple reason in which there's no context of tone in texts. Said it would take no more than two months to learn the routine, not to beatbox and play recorder. You can't learn the routine without any prior experience of recorder nor beatboxing. Never the less the whole argument was over this being "more impressive", I made a comment saying it wasn't. You tried to pin it on me. Get lost.
@dekohussein Před 4 dny
Yo i had a goosebumps that was 🔥
Floutists around the world, or any skill level, collectively had their minds blown and felt vindicated towards all the people who ever questioned how cool flutes are. Every time i watch one of his vids I'm just like, "man, stop, just stop, i can't process how that's possible...ok, seriously though, funny ever stop because that's about the coolest thing ever on any flute type instrument."
Now that shi is what you call talent🔥🔥🔥
It is indeed good shi
@hamidreza5110 Před 8 dny
Hello. Great talent, my dear friend, well done. I am Iranian, Iran is the source of art.
@user-nu9ii3km6q Před 9 dny
Killed it! That was really cool.!
@nabidsarwar2805 Před 12 dny
Bro, u r undoubtedly a genius.
@user-sb1ce2wh8l Před 8 hodinami
Talent ki koi kami nhi he iss duniya me
@icantspellskwerl Před 23 dny
One of the best performances of all time.
@CREEZ_sinner Před 22 dny
I know how ignorant this may sound, but this is really not that hard to do if you have basic beatbox skills. The hardest part is actually playing the flute lol.
You haven’t seen all of the greatest performances
@b0nefide Před 19 dny
​@CREEZ_sinner I hate to admit it but you're right
@kandykush4204 Před 9 dny
WOW... actual talent on a talent show 🤯
@mouhameduzi667 Před 2 dny
Now this is real talent 👍🏾
@ChrisSche Před 24 dny
This man singlehandedly made the recorder cool. Billions have tried, only one has succeeded. Seriously want to hear him collab with some top artists and cut some sick tracks
@stephenchirila5056 Před 22 dny
You think billions of people have played a recorder ? 😂😂 I doubt it's even millions
Someone has never heard a recorder player outside of high school 😂
@idfk223 Před 22 dny
​@@unbasedcontrarian6461Grade school
@tanamly Před 21 dnem
He's Egyptian. We invented this instrument thousands of years ago. We do sooooo much with it 😃
@ninjaslayer9248 Před 21 dnem
@@stephenchirila5056over the years? Since the 1900’s? Yeah I’d say around a billion or more. 29 million elementary students just in the k-5 in America multiplied over the years not to mention the Egyptians who made it. You’d be dumb not to think it’s over a billion
Music is a pure gift!!! Just listen??? Michael...
@jc199159 Před 8 dny
This is when you not only hit the max level but the max xp as well.
@mikka.m3609 Před 13 dny
Egypt man land of greatness 🔥🇪🇬
@chiromoreno957 Před 8 dny
Нашел чем гордиться, если она даже была то сейчас она и гроша ломанного не стоит, помогите Газе тогда это будет величие
@wafaa2317 Před 7 dny
ليش تتكلم بالإنجليزية 😡🤬
خضنا حروباً من أجل فلسطين و غزه أكثر من ثلاثه حروب.. و أكثر دوله أستشهد و مات لها جنود من اجل​ فلسطين هي مصر 🇪🇬🇪🇬🇵🇸🇵🇸 ماذا فعلت انت و جيشك عليك أن تصمت و لا تتحدث إلا عندما تقدم ما قدمناه نحن@@chiromoreno957
@mostafagad6397 Před 7 dny
​@@wafaa2317ايش دخل أمك انت😊
@Uchiha_sasuke. Před 6 dny
​@@wafaa2317 بكل بساطه لان الي بالتعليقات كلهم اجانب
@kevenlee6862 Před 7 dny
Was not expecting that that is crazy!
@truckt.o.g.6368 Před 9 dny
No one ever told me in school, that the recorder could be "THIS" cool. 😂
Was absolutely digging the recorder alone, i did not expect the beatbox, you Sir are awesome.
@oftheHowl Před 22 dny
That's a recorder my dude, flute is a different instrument
@Luvilli Před 20 dny
​@oftheHowl so many people have called it a flute that I've just not bothered to try and correct anyone because theres so many people that are wrong lol
@@oftheHowl oh i see, thank you
@Momomalai Před 9 dny
Now, that's call a talent yo! ❤🎉
@revathis1460 Před 5 dny
Mind blowing
@reggea4ever Před 25 dny
This is so hard since you need both control breathing for the flute and beat
@pxc8813 Před 23 dny
Yo it's a recorder
@LoLEntensindtoll Před 23 dny
Also you have to stand on two feet while doing it! And you really have to aim for the microphon. And don't forget to dress yourself before walking to the stage! :D
@MOE13576 Před 22 dny
@Otilia-oz4bb Před 11 dny
Man, he's gooood
@vinsentdavid1400 Před 7 dny
I still remember seeing this live and when he started beat boxing I started vibing hard
@OSAMA_A294 Před 22 dny
@user-pw2vv2hk8p Před 16 dny
@user-pw2vv2hk8p Před 16 dny
@SAUDI-BALL.503 Před 15 dny
دايماً ترفعون راس العرب تحية من السعوديه 🇪🇬❤️‍🔥🇸🇦
@memo_GLITCH Před 15 dny
​@@SAUDI-BALL.503 شكرا يا اخي 🔥🔥🔥
@saturo_sukuno Před 13 dny
Flute have three origins India, Egypt and Germany. Is this musician from Egypt 😅.
@Meetzii-ex9ot Před 8 dny
What a Talent!!! ❤️
@hridoy7475 Před 9 dny
He is a flute man 😊 no😮 he is a moving DJ 👌👌👌
@user-kc4wf5sl9g Před měsícem
Egyptian! 🔥🇪🇬❤
@bodamax9406 Před měsícem
Yes he is Egyptian
@arjoai Před měsícem
The ancient Egyptian culture is so unique. ❤
@mapkrk1316 Před měsícem
What a crap !
@GrozerYT Před měsícem
No he is really Egyptian ​@@mapkrk1316
@Mahmoud_mostafa340 Před měsícem
Yes my country❤
@craigarussell7176 Před 4 dny
What a serious CLASS act to Follow..not this time ladies,,the flute and that break beat goes together BEAUTIFULLY..
@mounerrefat7863 Před 10 dny
You're really talented I loved it ❤
@AAvfx Před 28 dny
*Keep on surprising us, great talent!*
@eumeliocoronel1979 Před 25 dny
@sacohg5458 Před 3 dny
This is pure talent
@adimedan2085 Před 11 dny
Awesome talent😊
@StevenSenjaya Před 21 dnem
Didn't know a recorder could sound THAT great!!!
@anthonyromick3369 Před 5 dny
It takes a lot to impress Simon. Congrats to that guy
@prakaashmeenaa Před 10 dny
Now that is called pure talent
@AmanGupta-786 Před 26 dny
Bro gots a super power when he wakes up on 4 am in the morning.
@gunnardblack9463 Před 11 dny
There is NO WAY he made all those noses ALONE!!! My dudes a beast
@kz.7995 Před 4 dny
Красавелла ,совместил флейту и битбокс,впервые такое слышу👍👍👍
@sangpemusnah5711 Před 26 dny
You must get millions of like, you have special talent not all human can do. I like u
@swebi.s Před 25 dny
Bro 😂
@ceoofbrookline4253 Před 25 dny
​@@swebi.s ikr 😂😂😂
@Blitzkers99 Před 24 dny
@555_Hiya_Kai Před 10 dny
This is proper talent!!
@lakeishaclark3308 Před 11 dny
He did that he shocked me job well done sir 👍👍❤️
@user-ed3wl8fk9i Před 26 dny
WHAT W TALENT✴️ The first time he droped the beat w/ his recorder i got goosebumps 2second time he droped the beat w/ his beatboxing skills i also got gooosebumps
@ayushbhandary1701 Před 24 dny
It's a recorder not a flute 🤓
@user-ed3wl8fk9i Před 24 dny
​@@ayushbhandary1701umm whats the difference bro😅
@uml1ls Před 24 dny
​@@user-ed3wl8fk9iFlutes are typically metal and produce different timbres of tone to a recorder, which is usually wooden. also flutes are played differently in the way you blow into them compared to a recorder
@user-gq3ji9do5m Před dnem
Bro is able to have some cooperation with Eminem😂👌🏻
@user-vh9py2qd8i Před 11 dny
When he started to beatbox it really got me
@LohaniS2 Před 21 dnem
me 7 years ago wondering why I don't know how to do this but I remembered that I gave up flute lessons to play the drum
@TamamTamam-hr7gg Před 12 dny
@user-pt1ic9jd6e Před 7 hodinami
مقطع ملهم و محفز و أعتبره مثل حضور دورة تدريبية في التحفيز . انت بإمكانك أن تكون ممل و شخص عادي و كئيب و بإمكانك أن تصبح شخص عظيم يقف الجميع إجلالاً و إكبارا لك .
@maesesama4688 Před 4 dny
No matter what you do, if you do It with passion AND put your shoul in It, people would love your act
@nofear9299 Před měsícem
Surprise !!! Je ne m'y attendait pas !!! Chapeau l'artiste !!!
@eddyturel7959 Před 29 dny
C'est encore étonnant que des gens découvrent ceci à cette époque alors qu'elle a des années cette vidéo. Je reconnais que c'est une belle performance
@eddyturel7959 Před 29 dny
@eddyturel7959 Před 29 dny
Il y a aussi celle ci 👍
@Wazkaty Před 29 dny
La flûte à bec, un des premiers instruments de l'humanité, si souvent sous-estimé malheureusement. Ravi de voir que ça plaît (encore) à nouveau ! Ps: les profs de musique en collège ne savent pas jouer de la flûte donc c'est compliqué d'apprendre à qqun d'autre ce que l'on ignore
@Wazkaty Před 29 dny
​@@eddyturel7959C'est pas faux, mais j'ai envie de dire : quelle chance! C'est nouveau pour eux
THIS guy is soooooo insane man and hes beatbox
@ENOKEN.7 Před 9 dny
He's a genius!
@guilima9910 Před měsícem
Realmente um talento!
@gundayyt413 Před 12 dny
I subs u after ur beat box starts bro 😮
@cakana34 Před 6 dny
Really great talent 👏🏻
@user-gg4mi3ek5x Před 20 dny
It can't be expressed in words, this is truly a god level skill 🤗🥰❤❤
@user-it9hz4nn6n Před 18 dny
God Almighty is far above all attributes of inferiority, and it is not permissible to compare or even think to any of His servants. Oh God, do not punish us for what the foolish among us have done..
@ps7ykLiTT Před 11 dny
Dude I remember a flute beatboxer on CS-vid from YEATS ago. This just brought back a flood of childhood memories phew
@Korihiji-icefire Před 11 dny
Bruh, I really started the same beat just before he started beatboxing. Yessir, kill it!
@BESTOFY0UTUBE Před 26 dny
me after school at 4pm while nobodys home