I waterproofed myself with aerogel! 

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Experiencing the extraordinary properties of aerogel first hand

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31. 01. 2024





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@ReviewsAndHowTos Před 25 dny
"I don't really feel wet, at all." Not the first time I've heard that.
@elbolainas4174 Před 25 dny
Bruh 💀
@RickReasonnz Před 25 dny
Laughed too hard at that
@roxyhawk4876 Před 25 dny
Bro only 34 likes let me change that
@ASH-vz4ue Před 25 dny
@Jesstarlinx Před 25 dny
Boom!!! Hahaha!!! 😂😂😂
"Im about to step into this pool without getting wet" Me: *Steps into an empty pool*
@randzz4 Před 4 dny
@Wertsir Před 3 dny
“I’m about to step into this pool without getting wet” Me: *Steps into a pool of magma*. “THIS WAS A MISTAKE”
@terramarc Před 3 dny
@@Wertsirexactly it was a mistake. You got magma-wet, where your skin is covered in molten rock, and that burns a bit
@chrispham6599 Před 2 dny
same effect 🙃
@Nathaniel-mq4ke Před dnem
​@@Wertsirbruh 💀
@jscott893 Před 11 dny
"If you tried swimming covered in areogel, and now have melanoma, you may be entitled to compensation"
@boyce5994 Před 3 dny
@-Epiphany Před 3 dny
Call this # now..1-800...😂😂😂
@dylanhohn3713 Před dnem
Thaaaaaank you. All I could think was, what does this do to the moisture in him and his skin lmao
@Solidsnaik Před 8 hodinami
@@dylanhohn3713All I can think of is how ignorant you’d have to be to think *this* would cause skin cancer lmao
@ThatSocialKid Před 12 dny
“Okay, time to wash this off-“
I’m genuinely shocked this doesn’t have more likes.
@Rino9476 Před 7 dny
​@@charlotteedwards2452 It does have 10k likes on the original comment-
@doggo25onPS Před 7 dny
crazy situation 😂
@okashi10 Před 7 dny
I was wondering about that, too.
@StRanGerManY Před 7 dny
Oh, wait.. how is he going to do that 😐
@COELACANTHonYT Před 10 dny
The moment he stepped in the water, I thought I could see his skeletal structure 💀.
@ajum6338 Před 3 dny
That’s what I’m sayin
@YAYYAYAYAY1 Před 3 dny
same here
@callofbooty7717 Před 3 dny
He would be hella big boned then
@final3119 Před 23 hodinami
I saw somethin boney for sure
@angelicamichelle1646 Před 17 hodinami
Me too
@niksandhu6035 Před 5 dny
bro made himself ultrahydrophobic
The bigot! lmao
@12jswilson Před dnem
@srivatsadamaraju1473 Před 4 hodinami
Ha, I can do that from a dog bite lol
@Chris-ve5qp Před 2 hodinami
bro made himself homophobic
@nickevers9263 Před 21 dnem
“Ok, fun video guys, gonna go rinse this stuff off now.” *panic sets in*
@JarodM Před 21 dnem
@Thiqqums22 Před 21 dnem
Using something semi abrasive like a Loofa might help
@fsociety6983 Před 21 dnem
@@Thiqqums22 Yes, well done.
@thebeesknees2762 Před 21 dnem
Oil :)
@proViolence Před 21 dnem
I just had the 666th like on this comment!!! Yikes?
@MichaelTapel Před 6 dny
"How do you take it off?" "-With water"
@firstbuy4343 Před 2 dny
With scrubs 8)
With oil
@letsgetweirdtv1 Před 7 dny
Olympic swim coachs saving this video lol
@Placebo966 Před 23 dny
This would’ve solved like every single issue for the mermaids in H2O.
@Xrioo9 Před 23 dny
@mortareon10301 Před 23 dny
hay sirenas en la saga Hallowen?
@Placebo966 Před 23 dny
@@mortareon10301 que?
@moiseslgaristo6785 Před 23 dny
@godzillasoto Před 23 dny
No la saga 😂😂 la serie es otra cosa
@hockeyboys61 Před 6 dny
The submarine industry been real quiet since this dropped
@johnreese7973 Před 2 dny
The submarine industry is always quiet lol
@whitediamondcube Před 10 dny
Now this is what Ricky, Cleo and Emma would have needed for emergencies
@teodorkirchev1637 Před 5 dny
First time in my life I read a comment like this, I used to like that tv show.
@Aku_110 Před 5 dny
“Aur nauurrr”
@ghoxty1675 Před 22 dny
“Im hydrophobic” “What? Your afraid of water?!” “No it’s afraid of me”
@ssjtruong13 Před 22 dny
Underrated comment😂
@BL_Q Před 22 dny
@ferken3 Před 22 dny
Hahaha personification
@jonslg240 Před 22 dny
"Chest hair is afraid of me too" 😂
@user-ge8up3dz6c Před 11 dny
Is this how people in movies stay dry😂😂
@AvoidTheCadaver Před dnem
nah. nothing keeps you drier than plot armour
@bookwormwonder Před 11 dny
I'm just thinking of how this can help those who are allergic to water, have open wounds, casts, etc
@parknplay8328 Před 6 dny
ah yes people who are allergic to water
@RandoBagginz Před 6 dny
I’ve heard water allergies are quite common
@parknplay8328 Před 6 dny
@@RandoBagginz It's not even uncommon, it's incredibly rare. You can technically be allergic to anything as it's just a histamine reaction from your body responding to stimuli it believes is toxic, but being allergic to water is extremely rare
@gabibibi2008 Před 6 dny
I think applying the product on an open wound would be even more painful and damaging than water, but I agree about the allergy
@hrjfjrhchad9687 Před 5 dny
@@parknplay8328 ⁠no because then ur allergic to 80% of urself
@irishelen9077 Před 21 dnem
That one unemployed friend on a tuesday
@shadow1x20 Před 20 dny
Not the first time I've seen this comment
@heart5929 Před 20 dny
@@shadow1x20 not at all
@hennyharket Před 20 dny
I am that friend✨🤌
@xkarasu9705 Před 20 dny
You sound jealous 😂
@ayasha89games66 Před 20 dny
jealous....he's got money you don't.
As a citizen of a tropical country, which rains most of the time, I really need this in my wholr body system.
@SheepyMcSheep Před 5 dny
I swear this is how video game characters be when they come out of water they literally just aren't wet
@drunken_patriot Před 20 dny
Towel manufacturers hate this one simple trick.
Underrated comment 😂
@antigonus_flegrea Před 20 dny
@Iluvoldmen Před 20 dny
@AntiMason Před 20 dny
Man I HATE those commercials
Black sun nerd
@44hd59 Před 6 dny
That would be a really cool product for commercial sale. Aerogel that protects you and the others from germs in the water.
@vandenbert Před 11 dny
Bros got that Flint Lockwood Spray on Shoes, testing it out just like the legend himself
@wombo6397 Před 11 dny
my first thought
@The_Legend47 Před dnem
@locnesszoster Před 28 dny
Silver surfer❌ Silver diver. ✅
@blu6646 Před 28 dny
Silver Swimmer
@kuntamdc Před 28 dny
@xh0rsex Před 27 dny
Holy Diver
Silver Diver You've been down too long in the midnight sea Oh, what's becoming of me?
@LithiumBC Před 27 dny
Holy swimmer
@prakash7733 Před 11 dny
Bro got the waterproof water
@platty7047 Před 9 dny
the pool for people who have forgotten their towels again😂
@George-4 Před 19 dny
1924: in 2024 we’ll have flying cars 2024: im water proof
@966Mako Před 19 dny
We’ve always been waterproof. We get wet & still work afterwards.
@x710n Před 19 dny
do you really want drunk driver to hit you while you finish your job washing the windows on the Empire State Building 😂😂
@aaronace4754 Před 19 dny
@@x710nEXACTLY we can’t even handle normal car insurance. I ain’t paying for 3D insurance cause some knuckleheads drove into my roof
@01020304050607ful Před 19 dny
Flying cars no, but we will be using tubes to travel really fast though. See the point is making a car that flies can be achieved but think about the traffic and sometimes breaches it is bound to create. I mean there is a reason why Governments don't allow drones .
⁠it’s certainly not the most disappointing thing we got this year
@user-mo7db9vb7h Před 9 dny
If veritasium said hi to me....I swear I will start my study ....💯
@26nightss Před 8 dny
1900s: “by 2024 i bet we’ll have flying cars” 2024: “waterproof skin take it or leave it
@resiplayerz Před 3 dny
We actually have flying cars in 2024
@MrCat_Off Před 8 dny
Subnautica fans when they make aerogel :
@zeo4481 Před 17 hodinami
One of the coolest videos on the platform! Absolutely want to try this out!!❤❤
@Zrxc. Před 19 dny
"Aight, let's wash off the aerogel" Famous last words before going insane
@ashleypenick6819 Před 18 dny
This 😂
@bluesque9687 Před 18 dny
Yea! How would he take it off? Turpentine or sandpaper?!
@nimomemre6550 Před 18 dny
Gasoline might work 😂
@petarperisic9578 Před 18 dny
​@nimomemre6550 there's a new idea to see if he'd get fireproof 😂😂😂😂😂😂
@_JustJoe Před 18 dny
@mauganra2589 Před 3 dny
This idea literally popped into my head a few days back, and now it’s randomly in my feed.
@Frybanshe139 Před 12 hodinami
The sound and camera filter makes this look like backrooms footage.
@Combo7z Před 23 dny
Later tryin to wash it off but realises he's waterproof 💀
@thecrazyfarmboy Před 22 dny
@simplyarthus776 Před 22 dny
Underrated comment 😂
@Em-jc7ct Před 22 dny
I wonder if you have to scrape it off or use oil
@leonlangrock8522 Před 22 dny
How did He do IT?
@_Egg_ Před 22 dny
@@Em-jc7ctsoap has a hydrophobic and hydrophilic side in its molecules, meaning the oil part sticks to the oil/ most if not all hydrophobic molecules, and the hydrophilic side sticks to the water, washing it away That’s why your skin is dry after washing
Yo I’ve been hella researching aerogel, so awesome to see someone finally did this.
I'm really interested in this, looking forward!
@alexanders860 Před 25 dny
1. Wear aerogel 2. Go to the beach, swim and come out of the water dry 3. Tell them you are the chosen one.
@starburster613 Před 25 dny
Mission accepted
@NotKaito Před 25 dny
​@@starburster613fresh comment
@ahsan.v8 Před 25 dny
Or just pretend to be from a certain group of people then you don't have to do anything to claim you're the chosen one.
@nabibunbillah1839 Před 25 dny
​@@starburster613 tell us what the result ?
@TenkoLSSH Před 25 dny
​@@nabibunbillah1839Mission accomplished
Heard its just fantastic for the skin!
@robollama8612 Před 13 hodinami
This feels like Flint Lockwood making a raincoat
@Belsnikel Před 24 dny
10 years from now: 'of course we had no idea aerogel was wildly carcinogenic'
@aaggg1454 Před 24 dny
PFAS anyone?!
@lokiva8540 Před 24 dny
Silica aerogel isn't chemically very hazardous, but easily reduces to irritant dust, or on water just goes from floating to disintegrating as the pores saturate. This isn't that, unless in small fragments to puff up some dominant sealant or binder. But, what is being demonstrated here? (See the other thread with discussion of possible molecules for active and carrier/inert components.)
@Belsnikel Před 24 dny
@@lokiva8540 people used to say the same thing about asbestos. also, before Madame Sklodowska-Curie discovered radioactivity people have been using radioactive paint to draw fluorescent numbers on the faces of watches. I guess we have to give it some time
@drewvenegas Před 24 dny
Haha; either way, I was looking for this in the comments; 10000% my first thought as well. It’s X-rays and radium all over again.
@chrisfogedlee7059 Před 24 dny
no 10 years from now he really stinks because he can't have baths or showers😂😂😂
@BlazeRBXonYT Před 9 dny
Those dreams where you’re stuck in a pool but can’t figure out why you don’t feel the water:
@KillBillCapri Před 4 dny
Then you piss on yourself😮‍💨😮‍💨
@giovanidiamonds Před 10 dny
my mans coated himself in automotive ceramic.
@projectwreckwolf Před 19 dny
On the surface he's a normal guy In the water he is the silver surfer
@tander101 Před 19 dny
*Enter Dr. Doom*
@user-cd3kd5ik5o Před 18 dny
I was thinking of Silver Surfer too
@Domarius64 Před 18 dny
On his surface, he has aero gel.
@BiggsLife Před 18 dny
On the surface he looks calm and ready.
@ddpkable Před dnem
I had a hart time commenting. That tub looks warm!
@hammerbarca6 Před 4 dny
Flint Lockwood initially had the same kind of enthusiasm with his spray on shoes
@Jackie-wn5hx Před 20 dny
"Really weird" is the best description of this topic and video.
@vishalnpal Před 20 dny
This guy looks like daniel from southern survival
@princemoonbeam9882 Před 19 dny
Simply shows what aerogel does. Some research in a way. It might not mean much to you but I prefer this over a gazillion dumb trends and dances that get millions of views nowaday
@atomic3968 Před 19 dny
Unoriginal comments loserssssssssss boring people nowadays i hate u
@Jackie-wn5hx Před 19 dny
@@princemoonbeam9882 Derek described the sensation as "really weird." I took it further because I'm used to him teaching science while fully clothed.
@Fapaljack Před 4 dny
That would make for an insane practical effect for a movie NGL.
@larset9 Před 6 dny
Very cool. I want to try that! Where can I buy aerogel?
@ParanormalC0w Před 24 dny
Camera below water: 14k Camera above water: 188p
@meetquasar Před 24 dny
The number of likes too
@tobydawkins1995 Před 23 dny
It’s the condensation forming on the lens above water that makes it blurry
@CLARA.HONKAI Před 23 dny
969th like
@m0thyp00 Před 23 dny
@aaliyahbuggg Před 23 dny
Dont know what that means
@johnott4921 Před 7 dny
That is trippy lol. water just rolls over him.
@lordnul1708 Před dnem
Bruh just became a videogame character for a little while.
@oweashino Před 21 dnem
“Now how do I get this off?” My tired ass not thinking straight: “use water”
@Bog-jd4bp Před 21 dnem
Reminds me of the spray-on shoes from cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
​@@Bog-jd4bpsame 😂 that would've been awesome
@lizasarkar584 Před 20 dny
@Controversal Před 20 dny
​@@Bog-jd4bpsame lmao
@saffronsmelly Před 20 dny
I instantly thought about peeling it off like a layer of healed sunburn
The use cases for this are endless! *Wins every water balloon fight!
@WilBgames Před 5 dny
My dude is enchanted
@call_me_iori Před 23 dny
Its all fun and games till you realize you can’t sweat
@Anthony_Desponds Před 22 dny
Its all fun and games till you realize you can't clean yourself
@danielgriffin8750 Před 22 dny
Would you not sweat or would it just bead an roll like rain x? I can't sweat on 52% of my skins total surface area and it's a real bummer as that it feels like I get hot and just can't disapate the heat if I don't take corrective actions quickly. I sweat extra on the places I can sweat but it's ineffective.
@CCMASS Před 22 dny
​@@Anthony_Desponds weirdly soecific number how'd you find that out
@samwatson7230 Před 22 dny
On me thooo 😂😂😂
@Anthony_Desponds Před 22 dny
@@CCMASS wrong quote :p
@jcmanzano2134 Před 7 dny
That water is fr from heaven😮
Thank you for your contribution to science*
@amitjadhav4747 Před 22 dny
Bro doesn’t take a shower, he dry cleans himself
@GAMEDESKY Před 21 dnem
@TangoThis Před 21 dnem
873 likes and only one comment? Lemme fix that
@djw_tekken8490 Před 21 dnem
​@@TangoThis mad cap
@Music.Is.Love.. Před 21 dnem
@Gyrfalcon312 Před 5 dny
Aerogel... May the wonders of chemistry never cease.
@durdened Před 3 dny
He was looking like Silver Surfer there for a second
@AfroMan187 Před 13 dny
The moment he stepped into the water, I thought the camera revealed he was a cyborg
@theunderpaidworker Před 12 dny
The first clip had me think he was coated in mercury and had my a little concerned
@narrativeless8095 Před 11 dny
I thought i saw his bones lol
@bjornsnoeck9863 Před 11 dny
Lol 😂😂😂
@sorodorosos2846 Před 11 dny
​@@theunderpaidworker the ballad of mercury man
@svenjakaup Před 11 dny
@Some_Guy987 Před 5 dny
*jumps into a deep pool* *starts falling through the water*
@JoseSilva-df1lb Před 11 dny
“I can dance in the water and not get wet.” Real G.
@kathrynleaman121 Před 24 dny
"Shower time!" "Oh wait."
@ManishSirmour Před 24 dny
Haha thought the same thing
@slmlawncare7077 Před 24 dny
Cloudy with a chance of meat balls 😂spray on shoes😅😅
@anthonygibbo1881 Před 24 dny
@bigbeefscorcho Před 24 dny
That’s a good point actually- How does someone get aerogel off?
@marethyu31 Před 24 dny
This didn't cross my mind ... How the hell will he get it off
@ratemal7748 Před dnem
So that's how all the videogame characters do it
@madrakeyeo891 Před 12 dny
sprays it onto seal's diver suit!
@fluffymuffin4910 Před 23 dny
"Looks like Moto Moto likes you" Derek coming out of the water:
@nightfall1249 Před 23 dny
@I-chugged-a-child Před 23 dny
@@nightfall1249it’s a Madagascar refrence
@jasonvargas7564 Před 23 dny
@@I-chugged-a-childmojo jojo from power puff girls? Or jojo from jojo seaweed’s magical adventures?
@NerdyMaiden Před 23 dny
Omg 😂
@wirdfeels Před 23 dny
Don't make me remember that pls, enough with everyone on school calling me that HAHAHA
This is like video games with “your character is wet from swimming” effects, and when you look wet while underwater too 😂
@bluewrx7 Před 8 dny
Bro is the real life silver surfer
@OPDEREL Před 18 dny
Doors underwater in Minecraft be like:
@OGPvPMC Před 16 dny
I always coat my minecraft doors in aerogel not sure what you coat yours with
@Phoenixda_man Před 15 dny
What about in Bedrock Edition?
@juicyboy775 Před 14 dny
@@Phoenixda_man if you play bedrock idk what’s wrong with you
@Daniy-oz9rj Před 14 dny
​@@juicyboy775Mobile users: 😐
@user-nw5xm5br4w Před 14 dny
@@juicyboy775 because it's on a dozen different platforms probably instead of just computers
@Lukazoidforever Před 10 dny
Sonic rn: “tails should have given me these shoes”
@denispol79 Před 2 dny
Thanks, just revealed myself the inner reflection principal.
@anuvardhank.n3337 Před 22 dny
Coming out of the water like this is gonna make some good cinematic moments
@MmmmmmmmTaters Před 21 dnem
You have to go slow when you come out . That’s why they do the shots in reverse if they need someone coming out the water dry
@fruityisfruity9608 Před 21 dnem
Yea thats what I thought
@ms0824 Před 21 dnem
Same thought
@idkwhybut... Před 21 dnem
Or just make it look like bad CGI
@jr.n686 Před 5 dny
I need this on my face so i can go swimming with a full face of makeup 😅🤣
@someguy2417 Před 9 dny
Just imagine a dark blue wetsuit, with a layer like that. Invisible wetsuits!!
@FRISHR Před 25 dny
Bro activated a Skyrim Alteration Spell
@porkynik7345 Před 24 dny
@red0mbrella829 Před 24 dny
It's called altercation
@porkynik7345 Před 24 dny
@@notcosteffective9920 no no that's alteration
@jackcolson4745 Před 24 dny
@strawbsy7731 Před 4 dny
“The skin of a killer” 😂
@liammiller8112 Před 12 hodinami
brooo is trippppin! i... WHAAAAAAAT!
@hiitsme_413 Před 18 dny
this would be a fire album cover
@Unknown-cz4rl Před 17 dny
Is no one talking how about he looks like Elon musk the first time you see him
@user-mr8lf6ul7u Před 17 dny
​@@Unknown-cz4rlhe foes actually ong
@rockitup Před 17 dny
​@Unknown-cz4rl haha I thought so
@4our31 Před 17 dny
no it would be a water album cover
@OctowaveOfficial Před 17 dny
​@@Unknown-cz4rl lmao, yeah 😂
@howiefeltersnatch2596 Před 8 hodinami
"Now time for a shower...wait"
@lappelduvide2370 Před 4 dny
that’s what the 90s movies use for beach scenes 😭😂
@Crypticlazr Před 19 dny
These are the random types of experiments that I feel lead to headlines like, "man dies from coating his body with aerogel"
@MrEyelovephoto Před 18 dny
that is what i was thinking so it traps the water in your body and the gasses?
@GrullaMustang16 Před 18 dny
Exactly like what happens when he sweats? Pees?
@olapyza Před 18 dny
i dont think it stayed on him for longer than a few hours lmao he'll live@@GrullaMustang16
@olapyza Před 18 dny
oh this video is 4 years old so he deffo survived
@alexwasthere1 Před 18 dny
As long as he stays out of the rain he’ll remain on the ground and be fine
@Colvin.crochet Před 4 dny
Thanks for this one 😮‍💨😮‍💨
@crashazoid Před 11 dny
Need to make a hair gel with this stuff
@Tempo_cat Před 16 dny
“Look, I never wanted to be a halfblood”
@Frosty429 Před 15 dny
@BrassPlayr Před 14 dny
But do you get 2 working Poseidon dongs?
@alhy97 Před 14 dny
I was searching for a pjo comment
@asdfgh123456978 Před 14 dny
@elwingsmith7352 Před 14 dny
Let's goo
Did the gel provide any insulation? Also does it alter your ability to swim at all? There’s a bunch of other practical questions, but those are the main two. Another one is would depth change the characteristics of the gel at all, compressing the air molecules could be interesting.
@adamwest3637 Před 7 dny
Professional swimmers cheat code
@TheNewb187 Před 23 dny
i think your getting closer to figuring out how to make the best diving suit ever
@LolIguess-jx8lo Před 22 dny
The brand new perv dive suit lettem see you balls
@cinemaatrium3863 Před 22 dny
Diving suits are mostly to prevent getting cold and not to prevent getting wet. I dont see how this saves him from the cold when he is surrounded by cold water.
@TheAngelofnv Před 22 dny
​@@cinemaatrium3863When you are wet, you get colder.
@juanfernando4686 Před 22 dny
​@@cinemaatrium3863 I mean aerogel is one of the best insulation materials so... Who knows
If it creates an air cushion around him, air can act as an insulator. Sub zero temps, probably not, uncomfortable temps, probably would work.
the little water coming out of the belly button lmao
Thats insane. I'd never put those chemicals on my bare skin. Also how will you wash it off?
@EchanteDante Před 20 dny
This could be a really cool special effect in a movie or tv show for some sci fi, fantasy, horror, etc scene involving an other worldly body of water
@KevinSigman Před 19 dny
I had the exact same thought. Or film someone like this then transpose it to a different location so they look semi tranlucent or something.
@cevatkokbudak6414 Před 19 dny
@lukedavies4002 Před 19 dny
yeah cus when i first saw his foot go underwater i thought i could see his bones
@alexb5548 Před 19 dny
I feel like it would be more expensive than conventional tricks or cgi. The coating in its current state is very fragile, which is why he's trying not to move too much. Depending on how long the shoot is and how awkward the movement is they might need to reapply it multiple times. And who knows what the health-effects would be since it means water is also locked into your skin ie: you can't sweat
@masturone8257 Před 19 dny
They did something cool like that in the abyss but was that they were breathing water. Not the same but similar cool effect still find it such a great part to a movie and it based on real science.
@tom.mcf. Před dnem
“ I bought some powdered water, but I don’t know what to add.” Steven Wright
@ethanbeukes5213 Před 7 dny
First thought that came to my mind:"Flint Lockwood?"
@sandycheeks7021 Před 22 dny
This seems like a great idea for people who had to give up swimming, baths, or other water activities due to certain skin conditions developed later in life. 😊
@ErazonX Před 22 dny
Right!? I was just thinking of a documentary I saw about a woman who was in agonizing pain every time she even washed her hands and how this would probably change her life!
@hahathatisfunnybro Před 22 dny
@@ErazonXbut then how you gonna wash your hands if the water cant touch u? How you gonna rinse the soap? How you gonna make the soap sudsy
@ErazonX Před 22 dny
@@hahathatisfunnybro That's a valid question my dude. And sadly I've got no answer for that.
@TheGr8SageSama Před 22 dny
@@ErazonXI’m pretty sure she still wouldn’t be clean with this because cleaning yourself would require is scrubbing/ removing dead skin and dirt while protecting the new skin cells the best you can. (Basic, not to the T of getting clean)
@senoritaneha Před 22 dny
But she could swim!
@Ritopher Před 7 dny
Not sure how safe that is! 😳
@mimica1314 Před 9 dny
These atlantians sharing their secrets
@EnzoDraws Před 28 dny
When the devs forget to add water physics on the character
@ironeagle4274 Před 27 dny
Some people stand in the darkness Afraid to step into the light Some people need to help somebody When the edge of surrender's in sight
@evanhanosh4323 Před 26 dny
bro is onto nothing@@enriquegarciacota3914
@Shrooblord Před 26 dny
That was the first thing I thought too xD
Don't lie ​@@Shrooblord
@ZkBublitz Před 10 dny
This really makes you ask the question “is water wet “
Does this also prevent sharks from “getting into your air bubble”? 😂
@teddybare536 Před 13 dny
This brings the argument of “Are u wet if you’re underwater” to a whole new meaning
@SomeDude.1117 Před 11 dny
Rather, it allows that to be an argument in the first place.
@2gunz122 Před 10 dny
I wasn't aware of this argument
@cokaneds Před 9 dny
Who have you been arguing with about being wet underwater? 🫧 O.o
@JimmyFantage Před 9 dny
If you're in a submarine you're not wet.
​@@2gunz122 ya I think OP confused the phrase "is water wet?" or just purposely changed it to make their comment lol
@somebodylol9339 Před 11 dny
Man turned into the silver surfer 💀😂