I Watched Spider-Man: No Way Home in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

The Canadian Lad
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Here goes my best breakdown on the channel so far in 0.25x Speed (Part 2) - written on 20th January.
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19. 01. 2022





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The Canadian Lad
Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to
I’m so glad they were able to pull of having all three Spider-Mans together!
With the electro bit, the reason Andrews peter didn't seem as hurt is coz his suit is more resistant to electricity, which is why he was able to fight electro jn 2014 or whenever TASM2 was out
When Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man saved MJ it legitimately made me cry, even seeing it again in this video made me tear up. It was such a short but infinitely important scene, I’m so happy they included it in the movie.
I noticed another one that a lot of people seemed to miss. When may was telling peter that he needed to help Norman, peter said "it's not my problem." That phrase is used before ben's death in almost every piece of spider man media.
Until you pointed it out, I never thought of how Tom’s pose is literally a combination of both Andrew’s and Toby’s poses, with the half crouch and half open. That’s such a neat detail! (And -while going with the theme of open and closed-) I feel like it’s both showing his desire to not have his identity out there, while it already being out there.
heartears angel
Personally, the reason I believe Andrew was mostly wearing his spidersuit while Tobey wasn't is because of how their story in their universe is going.
Fardin Tamim
The only guy you know you can count on when it comes to MCU easter eggs.
Yael Martinez
I can't imagine how many times Andrew's spiderman was up in that clock tower imagining the thousand different ways he was able to save Gwen :(
Ricardo Monteiro
I think andrew did Peter really well this movie too besides spiderman. he kinda nerds out sometimes, both scenes of the webshooters, when talking about wanting tio fight aliens, talking about the avengers. he always has an expression of "holy shit, that's so cool, how does that work, I want that too". that scientist demeanor of wanting to find out about everything u don't know
Edo Meowdo
I feel like Tobey holding his chest was more of him getting caught by doc ock rather than the damage by electro. He was jumping probably full strength trying to reach electro and then doc ock catches him stopping all his momentum and he ragdolls a bit. And he's holding the spot where he got caught. While Andrew was stationary so doc ock didn't really damage him the same way
Chris P
I also like how Tom raised the goblin glider over his head, similar to how John Walker raised the shield over his head before killing one of the flag smashers. The scene also takes place on top of what's supposed to be Cap's shield for statue of liberty. Not a coincidence imo
Cougar Mountain
I am so glad that they let Doc Ock turn to good. I think his redemption ark was very good in the original movie. I always thought there was good there. Having him help out Spidies was amazing. I only saw this movie last night for the first time. I loved it.
Tanush Kulai
Canadian Lad’s breakdowns are always the best. Haven’t even finished yet and I can tell it was worth the wait
one thing u forgot is when Toby was pep talking or encouraging Andrew he called him AMAZING.He called the Amazing spider man Amazing.That shows that Andrew really is the amazing spider man.
Anthony Salvino
I always thought the reputation Garfield's Spider-Man got for Gwen's death was undeserved. Fans always complain that they want movies to recreate the comics they grew up reading. So the writers at Sony decided they'd borrow from one of Spider-Man's most iconic stories, the death of gwen stacy, and suddenly everyone says Garfield's Spider-Man was the worst because he couldn't save his gf. Tobey will always be my first spiderman, but Andrew was my favorite
Digital Wraith
The scene with Andrew's Spider-Man saving MJ just made me think that he relives that moment in his head over and over again which is why he was more prepared for it. That was painful even before the "are you okay" part of the scene.
I have always said Andrew was not the reason The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 was so bad, it was the script. He got some broken tools to work with, and still he tried his best to make the best possible result
FABIAN villena
I think what actually makes me cry, is that Stan Lee couldn’t see this movie. Rest in piece to the greatest hero ever.
Ryan Gangadin
You missed one: doc ock was the only one who could grab electro because back in spiderman 2: he said the arms were designed to touch pure energy for his experiment. No one could get close enough except for otto.
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