I dry-aged STEAKS in 3 yrs. PEPPERS and eat it!

Guga Foods
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6. 12. 2022





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Guga Foods
Guga Foods Před měsícem
What should we dry age next?
BassGSnewtype Full Spec
Maybe Dry Age with lemon Pepper?
Krishan Morris
Krishan Morris Před 8 dny
@Andres Rodriguez bit expensive jesus
Zoeboy Skully
Zoeboy Skully Před 9 dny
Or try using the Bahamian conch fritters sauce
Zoeboy Skully
Zoeboy Skully Před 9 dny
Try dry aging with cannabis hash oil 'm not sure if you would try it tho
Paul Schafer
Paul Schafer Před 12 dny
I'd love to see an episode starting with a fresh cut side of beef and seeing the differences between traditionally hung and aged beef as a farmer or hunter would do with deer vs what a grocer or mass production facility may do.
Kevin Ortiz
Kevin Ortiz Před měsícem
Angel can't taste spice but he can taste a pinch of cilantro in a pot of rice 🤣
Jake Rohde
Jake Rohde Před 5 hodinami
Anne de Marie
Anne de Marie Před 5 dny
Cilantro has a very strong soap taste for a lot of people
Sam Loki
Sam Loki Před 9 dny
Idk yall are weird. Cilantro is awesome, like in tacos or pho
Beefy_ Před 10 dny
@The Wise Mystical Tree for me it depends on what kind of food it is
Alaya Harden
Alaya Harden Před 13 dny
Rhyme intended?
Sylian Před měsícem
Hey Guga, a suggestion to get air to circulate on the bottom side of the meat, maybe cut a piece of the UMAI dry age bags and use it under the steak instead of the baking paper, and then place that on a wire rack on top of the tray, and into the dry ager. This way, all surfaces of the steak will be dried. Hope this helps!
Blak Faber
Blak Faber Před 10 dny
Led me to think
Bruce W
Bruce W Před měsícem
Love the UMAI bags! I wonder why he doesn't hang it.
Broadacres / YungBUDDHA
Broadacres / YungBUDDHA Před měsícem
He could just get a meat hook for his dry ager
FAST EDDIE Před měsícem
Damn you got me good brother!! I literally thought it was dry aged for 3 years haha 😂😂
S Mac
S Mac Před měsícem
Goga just looks like such a nice person. Every time I see him I just want to give him a hug
Scott Lake
Scott Lake Před měsícem
He seems like someone you’d have a drink with at a cookout, or bar, or whenever really.
eroi bior
eroi bior Před měsícem
Leo is MVP of test tasting. The way he is able to discribe how it taste is of the scale.
Matt Davis
Matt Davis Před měsícem
I make my own hot sauce, and Tobasco isn’t really my favorite, but dang, do I respect the heck out of those guys. They put so much care into their sauce, even with the insane amount that they produce.
evil1by1 Před 2 dny
@Totally not an internet troll what if I told you peppers can be eaten for flavor not just heat?
Philovidya Před 26 dny
@Noah are you growing your own peppers or buying them from a supplier? If you’re growing your own you can keep them in a freezer for a long time and use them as needed. Also, when handling your peppers, especially when they are super hots, use gloves. When cooking the sauce itself you should probably wear eye protection and do it when your family isn’t going to be around because it will fumigate the house with pepper fumes. As for the hot sauces, you can ferment them or not ferment them. I don’t have much experience with fermenting but if you get to a low enough pH they will be shelf stable for a long time anyways. Garlic and vinegar are great for that. I generally like to use 6 peppers, 2 medium tomatoes, and clove of garlic, and one onion when making my sauces. You can use that as a base and change or add anything else that you might like, like increasing the peppers or adding fruit. Some people strain the solids out of their hot sauce after cooking it but I like to blend it in the blender so it has a nice thick consistency rather than a vinegar like tobasco consistency. If you’re looking for specific recipes youtube is great, Reddit has a lot of pepper and hot sauce related subreddits too. I like to find recipes on random cooking websites and modify them to my tastes. I hope that helped, good luck with your hot sauce endeavors.
Noah Před 27 dny
I'm trying to get into making hot sauce. Any tips? I'm not even a beginner yet. Lmk where I can go for information
Leeek Lyoko
Leeek Lyoko Před měsícem
Are y’all not hip to louisiana?
Philovidya Před měsícem
I make my own too. I’m planning on growing 170 pepper plants once February hits. I got a fridge exclusively dedicated to hot sauce sitting in the shed I’m waiting to bust out
Eli Fellows
Eli Fellows Před měsícem
I love how while Leo is giving his descriptions Angel is just taking more steak. I like his style
Roger McCaslin
Roger McCaslin Před měsícem
Looks like it's Angel's lucky day - two steaks for him and one for Guga and Leo.
Tyler Stone
Tyler Stone Před měsícem
If your interested in making your own fermented pepper rub, just make a lacto fermented batch of peppers. 2.5-3% salt ratio to total weight of peppers. You can add garlic / onion / carrots for an even better flavor profile just make sure to weigh all your "produce" and add that 2.5-3% of salt and let it sit until you like the smell/flavor profile. Peppers are super easy to ferment
ZSTRODE. Před měsícem
Guga I wanna say thank you for everything! Been watching your channel for awhile and last night. I finally got that guga crust on my charcoal grill. Remember I'm learning to cook with charcoal. I've always been a propane guy but dam it was too good. I was so happy but thanks for all the tips and stuff!
The Millennial Gardener
The Millennial Gardener Před měsícem
Just a friendly reminder that you still *must* dry age a ribeye for 30-35 days in miso paste! Not a marinade on an individual steak, but a real dry age, which hasn't been done yet! It's gotta be good with all that umami and fermentation!
DiggOlive Před 7 dny
Hey, this is just a friendly reminder that you *must* dry age a whole roast in miso paste and post it on your channel.
SelevanRsC Před měsícem
@Yah Boi, Drip Dont worry, theres always someone jumping with "BUT HE DID THAT!!!1", not seeing a difference between marinade and real dry age. At least youre not one of them!
Yah Boi, Drip
Yah Boi, Drip Před měsícem
I misread, and did not see "miso paste". I apologize for overstepping.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez Před měsícem
This one ​ @Guga Foods
Madison R
Madison R Před měsícem
No he doesnt
thunderbolt Před měsícem
Guys I have a weird suggestion and I don’t know if you had done it yet but it would be cool if you covered a wagyu in wasabi (real one made with wasabi root or just store bough horseradish kind) and let it coat like you did with Nutella. It’ll be very cool to see what it is like!
Eevium Z
Eevium Z Před 15 dny
He did a wasabi dry-age a year ago! it was a collab
YouTube Před měsícem
now i'm just curious to know what that tabasco paste smelled like 🌶
mh rifat
mh rifat Před 2 dny
yo youtooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob
Idontlikeair Před měsícem
Fabi Před měsícem
something tells me that it probably smelled like tabasco paste
David Lima
David Lima Před měsícem
i love how EVERYTIME guga tries food he puts both elbows on the table and locks his fingers. i always think its so funny hahahaha
cs_ stuLLe
cs_ stuLLe Před měsícem
Hi Guga, would also like to try the steak :P Have a suggestion for tryage : salted caramel, marzipan or coconut paste? I'm looking forward to the next videos! Greetings to the team ;)
Josiah Araki
Josiah Araki Před měsícem
Here's an idea. Either wrapping or meat gluing a really cheap cut completely around the Ribeye before Dry aging to see if you can sacrifice cheaper meat for better Dry-aged Ribeye yields.
soccerstuddage Před měsícem
Hi, I’ve been watching for years now and love your channel. I was wondering if you have ever tried chocolate fed wagyu? I haven’t seen a video of it and would love to see your take. Mayura and other companies feed their wagyu chocolates and say it is second to none. Would love to see a video on it!
Adrien HB
Adrien HB Před měsícem
Hey Guga, thanks for your great videos. After watching your videos, I have three requests for future videos: - Please try some other cattle breeds than wagyu and American beef. - How do you clean all your pans and other cooking ustensils so they continue to be so shiny ? - Please cook a foie gras in a terrine using sous vide. And yes I'll repeat those requests often. ;)
AndyJapandy Před měsícem
I'd love to see you try aging beef in snow (yukimoro). It's a very high-end technique in Japan.
Mahmoud Salah
Mahmoud Salah Před měsícem
one thing i noticed Guga , you mostly rest the dry age on parchment paper or a tray , i would suggest you hang it by a hook so the moisture doesnt spoil or produce an extra funky smell on the bottom. Edit: i mean the dry aging with some paste or some sauce (experiment)
Superintendent Chalmers
Superintendent Chalmers Před měsícem
@Eagle Strike That actually is the way you'd do it. When they make parma hams etc that's how they keep the stuff on the pig leg while it hangs until it solidifies.
Eagle Strike
Eagle Strike Před měsícem
@lass kinn I'd suggest wrapping it in cheese cloth to hold the paste on.
lass kinn
lass kinn Před měsícem
@Donnie could hang the parchement paper to keep it on the bottom, without the weight being on the parchement paper. Or put the meat on spikes. Point being not to have the weight of the meat on the paste on the bottom.
Donnie Před měsícem
I'm guessing the problem with that is the paste doesn't want to stick to the steak & it would end up falling off.
Erica Stein
Erica Stein Před měsícem
I still would like to see a miso dry age experiment and you could do a few of the different varieties, tofu, or a corn meal dry age experiment.
Daryl Riobuya
Daryl Riobuya Před měsícem
Hi Mr. Guga, I love watching your videos. I would like to ask please what thing you are using for dry-aging the meat cause I want to try it. Thank you.
Gnomelord Před měsícem
Would be cool to see a steak dry aged for 3 years in the 3 year old peppers, pretty over the top but would be interesting I reckon.
Raiden Jack
Raiden Jack Před měsícem
So I'd love to try the spicy steaks you guys end up eating
虚空 ユウトVoidborne Warden Ch. [HKVtuber]
Hey Guga, I heard there's a Japanese Dish "tofu hamburger steak", mixing tofu and the ground meat makes it soft and juicy. Maybe try do an experiement mixing Tofu with patties?
David Cosley
David Cosley Před měsícem
Hi Guga, Another great episode. Hope you have a great holiday season!
Joe Tant
Joe Tant Před měsícem
Video title is a bit misleading but another great, enjoyable video as always guys! 🙌🏻💯
TheUiiui Před měsícem
Vid 9 suggesting this experiment. Guga, I've got an experiment for you. Three steaks; one control, two compound butters. Walmart sells a herb and garlic compound butter in the baking section called Italian Rose Garlic Spread in these 4 oz containers that are usually around $3 a container. I really like them, but I'd love to see how well they stand up to your take on a real, homemade herb & garlic compound butter.
MyNamesJosiah Před měsícem
I like how the professional term for the weird added taste steak gets after being dry aged is "funkiness."
Robbie Sawyer
Robbie Sawyer Před měsícem
From reading the title, I thought the steak was dry aged for 3 years. Kept thinking "Please don't do it Guga!" Really glad to see it was only 35 days.
Ronnie D - Diesel Reactions
Hey Guga, have you dry-aged beef and then made it into a burger? If you haven’t, try doing that and also do the wagyu beef as well…
Kat5Gaming Před měsícem
So I've been watching your videos for a while now, pretty much going through the entire archine, and I LOVE your experiments! Even when they're really weird (like Nutella) and especially when they're surprisingly good (like Sprite brining). On that note, I have a suggestion! My favorite drink is Orange Fanta/Crush, and I actually like pairing steak with citrus flavors. I once grilled a steak with orange slices (basically caramelizing them with the steak), and the flavor was very bright and it added a mild zest to the steak. My question is, what would it be like if you did the Sprite experiment, but with orange soda? Anyways, keep doing what you do! Your videos are so much fun to watch and I've learned a lot of about flavor experiments from you. 🧡
ensomniiac Před měsícem
Angel needs his own channel. Love you bro!!
Renheim Calalo
Renheim Calalo Před měsícem
Lesson: in 3-year Tabasco mash for dry aging, to simmer the spiciness, you need a very good gravy with peppermint leaves.
Zachary Geyer
Zachary Geyer Před měsícem
the moist pepper paste definitely fermented, which will bring some weird yeast flavors that could vary a lot. probs better to just rub down with some liquid Tabasco then age.
Edgars Kozinda
Edgars Kozinda Před měsícem
First time I saw your videos, and 1) great pace, to the point 2) interesting experiments 3) very good commentary. Subscribed
warpigsheals Před 26 dny
"Steaks are beefy".....Words of madeas biggest fan.
Remington Před měsícem
@GugaFoods there is one thing that I need in my life guga! dry-age "Chicken fried steak!" or "experiments" 😂... might as well add a great side dish too. maybe some pep's will like this comment. let's make it happen!
Scott Wood
Scott Wood Před měsícem
Beautiful cook Guga! Those steaks were mouth watering. Thanks for the videos.
text via telegram @guga_foods
Thanks for the feedback and expect more videos soon. Send me a text above🔝🔝🔝 I have something for you.
cooper cooper
cooper cooper Před měsícem
i already ate ,just by looking and yeah i m hungry now . what i really like about this video , 3 of you dont really stuff your face with food you try . it really kind of classy way to taste test . awesome .
J Před měsícem
You need a spreadsheet of all the experiments and whether it was worth a try, better than control etc.
Hops And Lead
Hops And Lead Před měsícem
I read the title that you aged the steaks in peppers for 3 years. Either way, great video and ideas as always. Keep up the great work!
So much BS
So much BS Před 25 dny
Sydney Před měsícem
It's BBQ season all year long at Guga's!! 😍
Alluvium inc
Alluvium inc Před měsícem
Hey Guga, I think i have a good video idea for you. What if you took a picanha or some other big cut of beef and made it into a bone-in by taking a bone from another cut and inserting it into the big cut of meat before you cook it.... Could be cool. Would be interesting to see if it adds any flavor.
LongNameIncoming Před měsícem
those might be the best looking steaks I have ever seen wow.
Linka B
Linka B Před měsícem
Good video, but I had a moment of utter horror reading the title thinking you dry-aged a steak for three full years.
SwoleBoyo Před měsícem
Guga, I know you are not a huge fan of spicy. Thanks for doing this video and showing us inside the tobasco factory. Fermenting hot sauce is a very interesting process. Consider me jealous!
John Tabor
John Tabor Před měsícem
hey guga just curious I know your from Brazil so I got to ask if I asked for a philly cheese steak in Brazil what would I get obviously it's not gonna be a philly but what bread and cut of steak what kind of cheese would it have veggies how would it be seasoned so many questions I hope you can make one I'd love to see how recipes would alter and honestly just real traditional Brazilian food not elevated to wagyu heights but what the real people of Brazil eat on a daily basis and if the was gonna make recipes from other countries using there own traditional ingredients would be honestly I think a Brazilian cheese steak would be a winner and i dont have a clue what it would even be
Jacques Gauthier
Jacques Gauthier Před měsícem
I'd like to see the beer in the butt cooking method tried with Chicken and Duck using white, pale ale, red ale and darker ale such as Kilkenny or Guinness to see the best beer type to use for chicken or duck. Perhaps even try with pheasant.
LushiPlushi Před měsícem
I misunderstood the title and thought he dry aged for 3 years lmao I dare you to do it Guga
Peter TBD
Peter TBD Před měsícem
Guga, you should dry aging meat with Asean most favorite fruit, king of fruit ~ Durian. I know it sound disgusting (for Durian haters 😆), but for Durian lovers, it something that we dream about 😆 Love from 🇲🇾 Guga 😃😃😃😃😃
limba44 Před měsícem
“Oops i left the steak in the grill for too long” imagine that 😂
Phil C
Phil C Před měsícem
Hi Guga and team - can you please do a video cooking steaks with binchotan charcoal. It's expensive and would like to see if it tastes better. The coal is so carbon dense that any fat drippings instantly vapourize and flavour the meat more so than any other charcoal. Some chefs even through extra rendered fat on the coals to increase the smoke/vapour for a flavour enhancer.
T Jam
T Jam Před měsícem
From the REAL Jersey (CI), have you ever done a steak marinated in 'Marmite'? You might also want to try doing an steak in 'Nandos Peri-Peri Galic Medium' ;-)
Fern Zepeda
Fern Zepeda Před měsícem
Sign me up to try the Chile mash all day! I love vinegar and I love spice.
vakeno Před měsícem
Guga faz um dry age com extrato de tomate! Acho que viraria puro umami
Pyro Mania
Pyro Mania Před měsícem
I bet some of the 3yrs. pepper mash would have been to die for on the control. I'm a chili head so that would be mild for how hot I normally go but hey I love anything pepper doesn't matter if it's got no heat or 9 million SHU extract. Nothing is better then eating peppers and cow together
Easy cooking
Easy cooking Před měsícem
Delicious! Thank you very much for sharing! 👍👍👍
varikhi Před měsícem
guga, can u make dry aged steaks in "bumbu rendang"? bet that'd be amazing
Hyrule Champion
Hyrule Champion Před měsícem
Try getting Angel to eat a homemade Impossible (Veggie) Burger by having it in the line up of Experiments example: adding butter to patties Bonus Points if he likes it
dick richardson
dick richardson Před měsícem
Which dry age method has the biggest steaks (least amount of oxidation)?
Laneto Před měsícem
This spicy ribeye reminds me of righteous felon voodoo chile jerky. So spicy and yummy
jj the jet plane
jj the jet plane Před měsícem
This video made me very HUNGRY i want that steak so bad now 😂😭
Orestis Star
Orestis Star Před měsícem
You always make me hungry with this videos
Lanz Před měsícem
Can you dry age a rib roast using garlic paste or garlic confit?
Xeno Bardock
Xeno Bardock Před měsícem
What if you dry-aged steaks in a cold vacuum chamber?
vasily kalugin
vasily kalugin Před měsícem
I feel like guga now needs to dry age a steak for 3 years lol
Bryn KC
Bryn KC Před 16 dny
@Walter gaming you don’t like good good then 😂
Isai Esparza
Isai Esparza Před 20 dny
@İnflames4747 like the stuff you Watch right?
İnflames4747 Před 20 dny
@Isai Esparza not funny
Michael Chronicles
Michael Chronicles Před 24 dny
@Isai Esparza😂😂😂
Zyxify Před 28 dny
@Walter gaming like your face
Colin Mackay
Colin Mackay Před měsícem
I truly believed that the steak was dry aged for 3 years in the peppers lol. The title confused he hell out of me lol
Ifaz Ahmed
Ifaz Ahmed Před měsícem
"So these peppers were safe for 2020 😲" These peppers has a better life than me
Caleb Doerksen
Caleb Doerksen Před měsícem
Speaking of fermented, can you dry age in Kimchi?
Egar Sugimo
Egar Sugimo Před měsícem
I need to add guga to a isekai that has a side character that loves steak and experiments with all types of ingredients for the main character :)
-RAM- M Před měsícem
Love all Guga dry age videos.!.! Here are suggestions for others: - Heinz Mayomust - White Castle's Dusseldorf Mustard - Hooters jarred wing sauce - Chicago-style giardiniera - Filipino bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) - some kind of surf-style 'Turf' using cajun/crab-boil/seafood seasonings - and a pizzeria steak using all of those shaker condiments (red pepper flakes, granulated garlic, oregano, parmesan cheese)
-RAM- M Před měsícem
@Islayman I have not gone "Tropical" in years. Sounds like I have to revisit.
Islayman Před měsícem
Or some of the sauces from Pollo Tropical ....?
Mr. Pizza Marlon
Mr. Pizza Marlon Před měsícem
I know where I am going when I get paid. I want me a juicy steak like this mmmmmm 😍
Sajin Sebastian
Sajin Sebastian Před měsícem
Guga you should have done a comparison with the tabasco concentrate also to know if there is any difference.
Cody Bianchini
Cody Bianchini Před měsícem
Hey Goga you should try doing a sear test seeing if it makes a difference to have it in the freezer in the fridge or rested to room temperature maybe the colder the internal meat is the better sear you will get
TheLateNightChef Před měsícem
If I remember correctly he has done this before
Simple Life Portugal
Simple Life Portugal Před měsícem
Hi Guga! How about dry aging a steak in Harissa and doing an experiment with green harissa and red harissa and see which one is best?
Jaywed Před měsícem
How have you not done dry-aged with blue cheese!?
Ñuts from Berserk
Ñuts from Berserk Před měsícem
Holy moly 3 YEARS DRY-AGE, are you sure it's not rotten Guga 🤣
Invisi Před měsícem
could you dry age a steak in citrus acid?
KeithederGaming Před měsícem
I know you have to remove the pellicle when you fry age but is it inedible or does it just taste funny? Are there any uses for it or is it just trash?
boxingdonk Před měsícem
First thought, "dang, guga forgot about another steak in the dry ager" 🤣
Tuna Steve
Tuna Steve Před měsícem
Have you guys ever made a real time cooking video?
pouu ktin
pouu ktin Před měsícem
First thought, "dang, guga forgot about another steak in the dry ager"
Gnuni Production
Gnuni Production Před měsícem
please do dry aging in liquid smoke. thanks ha quality content.
Memorymode Před měsícem
For a second I thought they let you soak a steak in their barrel for 3years!
Wolfblade Před měsícem
You always mention using your trimmings or juice from soux vid. Would love to see a video on how you use these.
text via telegram @guga_foods
Thanks for the feedback and expect more videos soon. Send me a text above🔝🔝 I have something for you...
Jake Huffman
Jake Huffman Před měsícem
Yo guga you ever think about dry aging in fermented garlic?
Paul Delay
Paul Delay Před měsícem
Have you thought about a 35 day dry aged beef wellington?
Mathew Hoffmaster
Mathew Hoffmaster Před měsícem
Idk if you can dry age a steak with it but maybe do some experiment with The Last Dab! It taste so good kind of mustard-ish but it will definitely be hot Guga XD
John25 Před měsícem
What if you cold smoked a steak or roast and then dry-aged it? (Maybe you spray it with a little water so the smoke sticks to it more?)
John25 Před měsícem
@Haidar Ardell thx just watched it, interesting, it's a shame he ruined his own experiment by adding coffe to one of them, i'd still like to see Guga try it.
Haidar Ardell
Haidar Ardell Před měsícem
max already did it if you want to watch it
Farticles of Conflatulation
It would have to be a really cold smoke. Probably has to smoke a frozen steak so it doesn’t go bad.
Marcus Bevz
Marcus Bevz Před měsícem
Guga now needs to dry age a pepper covered steak for 3 years because that's what I thought the title ment
NRJ NRJ Před měsícem
GUGAAA, give me a side dish video. Ur so good at those side dishes u should make some videos of that!! Like this all so he sees this!
Call Me Bam
Call Me Bam Před měsícem
You should try a steak with a dr pepper glaze of some sort. When i was growing up we couldnt afford nice steaks, and to be honest my parents didnt know how to cook a steak so a nice steak wouldnt have been better off, but my dad would sometimes cook steak and throw in dr pepper until the water evaporated and it turned into a glaze and we would eat it over rice, it was a nice sweet taste and i imagine you could do some awesome stuff with that idea.
Call Me Bam
Call Me Bam Před měsícem
@Arthur Morgan yeah, i can only imagine a really nice cut of steak, cooked mid-rare, with a dr pepper glaze sauce. It was good the way my dad made it but it was more akin to beef jerky over rice rather than steak, but i think it would be better with a higher grade steak and different cooking methods.
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před měsícem
Not going to lie, that sounds really delicious!
Bjones Před měsícem
I too thought this meat was dry aged for 3 years lol
OnePunchToCelebrate Před měsícem
Guga and crew "let's change up the direction" *Me internally* "I DONT LIKE CHANGE!"
Jacqueline Peloso
Jacqueline Peloso Před měsícem
Dry age in carrabbas Italian grill. I work at one in Orlando and can provide herbs.. on the low. Also try and mimic there grill base because I think it’s a perfect steak!
jboy856 Před měsícem
am i the only one who thought Guga was dry aging a steak for 3 years at first??
Coldfiresun Před měsícem
you know you dont need to wait 3 years for? Dry age in fermented shrimp paste !
zbone52 Před měsícem
Guga looks like he’s been working Tf out good for you bro
Lucas Laws
Lucas Laws Před měsícem
He works out and is a martial artist! I think he talked about it on an older video
physicsfan314 Před měsícem
Haha, when I saw the title I thought that he dry aged the steak for 3 years, not aged the peppers for 3 years. Haha!
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