I COOKED ARMON A REAL DINNER 🥘🥰… I Thinks He Loves My Cooking 💋.. 

Reginae Carter
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6. 08. 2022





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Nasha May
Nasha May Před rokem
They can’t even look each other in the eyes for more than 5 seconds without blushinggg .. ugh I love it here lol 😩
Tookie Robinson
Tookie Robinson Před rokem
Yea I love it here to!! 🫶🏽🫶🏽
The Fruge Family
The Fruge Family Před rokem
Nishia Keshay
Nishia Keshay Před rokem
Me too🥰🥰
Melissa Litus
Melissa Litus Před rokem
Me too 🥰
Tasha Před rokem
Girl me too! I’m so here for it 🥰
Kenn's Wrld.
Kenn's Wrld. Před rokem
I love how he takes lead in the beginning.. Politely showing her the way into being a CS-vidr. Example: Him getting her to tell what seasonings she was using or even when she almost forgot about the brownies and he quickly mentioned them. He wants to see her do well and it shows! Ladies, it’s the simple things ☺️ I wish them nothing but the best. They compliment one another so well.
Diane Dior
Diane Dior Před rokem
Yes !!!
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
سلام چی نوشته شده فارس بلدی
thi tran
thi tran Před rokem
Cathryn Nicholson
Cathryn Nicholson Před rokem
You guys ares ssgood together without even trynike effortless 🤗💙
YoursTrulyMeka.P Před rokem
I love this comment. I love the way guides her with this CS-vid thing. She’s going to be great at it.
Via Styles
Via Styles Před rokem
I think y’all was exactly what we needed and we just didn’t know it lol.Because the way I be smiling from ear to ear on every video is so crazy. The vibe is so genuine and I love to see it.
fiercedivaty Před rokem
Girlll you definitely are righttttt frfr. We did..
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones Před rokem
shirahbabyyy Před rokem
Neisha Boo
Neisha Boo Před rokem
Big facts💯🎯 no 🧢
Zhane Graves
Zhane Graves Před rokem
Definitely a fact
CitizenCOY Před rokem
I have been loving this series! My cheeks hurt from smiling at the darn screen! I’m lmao at all these boxed foods! Reginae is so down to earth and normal to be the big deal that she is! I was expecting to see some brands and stuff we’ve never heard of but she really is the girl next door!
Milly Badze
Milly Badze Před rokem
That’s one thing that draws me to her she’s so relatable and down to earth! I love your comment!💯
Ashleigh Marshall
Ashleigh Marshall Před rokem
I’ve ALWAYS loved Reginae’s personality. Despite who her father is, she is just her own person. Most people with famous parents are just so stuck up & ewww but I love them together 🥰🥰
Lisa Ràmirez
Lisa Ràmirez Před rokem
Well raised beautiful lady here.
danh tran quoc
danh tran quoc Před rokem
Anjela424 Před rokem
They really compliment each other
Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny Před rokem
For example ti cough cough daughter cough cough the older one cough cough
Mariah J.
Mariah J. Před 11 měsíci
@Jenny Jenny who deyjah?
Ja’kyn Yarrell
Ja’kyn Yarrell Před rokem
This is the most relaxed and happy I have seen Armon. Reginae brings something out of him and it’s really nice to see. As a man it’s always amazing to have a great woman that brings the best out of us
Christy Love
Christy Love Před rokem
Yes he feels so himself with Nae and happy. He very depressed and unhappy in his last relationship. She just wasn’t his vibe and didn’t appreciate him. She was always lazy and didn’t have no goals. Wanted Armon to just take care of her. Nae is the total opposite. When he said in the other video how he not use to gifts, I said how you be with a woman for years and she never bought you anything. It was about him buying her stuff all the time. Crazy.
Natalie Před rokem
I hope this shit last forever cause if not, I feel like I’ll cry for real. The way I’m invested cannot be healthy 🥹😩 sending positive energy to these two and i hope things continue to flourish for them.
timeless.. Před rokem
no FR they like the perfect match
RN P Před rokem
Kristal Wallace
Kristal Wallace Před rokem
I swear my hurt gon be shattered I'm way too invested
Destiny Gregory
Destiny Gregory Před rokem
Not invested enough to cry but I feeeeel you fr
amoney💰 Před rokem
Literally 😅
Erin Butterfield
Erin Butterfield Před rokem
i've never been invested in a couple before but i'm definitely rooting for y'all. love watching y'all energy and chemistry...ps this video definitely made up for that cookie lol
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
به فارس بنویس
GivingSWAG! Před rokem
lol.....oh yeah the (wet) cookies
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
سلام خوب بود@GivingSWAG!
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
@GivingSWAG! سلام
tymakaeli1 Před rokem
Just started watching and I'm glad she's just in her natural state not too much make up just chilling, vibes for sure 💪🏽😊 this is genuine and cute
gdk ffk
gdk ffk Před rokem
Don't bring her father into this she's her own person.
k Před rokem
why’re you glad about her not wearing makeup?? y’all r weird
Kayedence Denise
Kayedence Denise Před rokem
@k How is weird to like to see someone in all their glory. She's naturally beautiful. Its nice to see it.
Butterfli with an 👀
@Kayedence Denise I get you. It’s also rare to see this. Everyone is done up all the time for social media. It’s refreshing to see a natural woman.
Lois Williams
Lois Williams Před rokem
First time here watching and I’m enjoying the vibes. She’s one of those people where it send like you’ve known her her entire life and never even met her. I think she’s like her mom with that and she deserves nothing but happiness. I’m looking forward to all she’s going to do in the future. I’m a southern lady for real and the way she cleans as she’s preparing the food and makes a point to say she’s washing her hands because she touched the trash can, that’s what I’m talking about! Nothing like cleanliness, especially in these COVID days. I’ll have to go back and watch the videos leading up to this one to know their story. I’m going to be watching from now on. Wishing them continued blessings and success in their future endeavors.
Charnessa Smith
Charnessa Smith Před rokem
The two of them can't hide the chemistry I love it .. they are cute together and compliment each other im here for it 🙏💜
Shari Před 11 měsíci
Love you guys. I pray nothing but the best. Y’all chemistry is sick. ❤
A Prosperity
A Prosperity Před rokem
Reginae and Armon are definitely a vibe and they make each other blush. I'm wishing yall many..many blessings coming yall way 🙏🏾 🙌🏾
The Fruge Family
The Fruge Family Před rokem
prettynicole Před rokem
Delsie McBryde
Delsie McBryde Před rokem
Love how they keep each other smiling & laughing 🥰 here for it
LLoother Před rokem
Never seen her sound so positive and happy. Happy for her; hope they work out. Such positivity 💯💯💯💯
Motivation101 Před rokem
Toya raised Reginae right , Reginae can see the same lost and pain she felt in him and their finding themselves 🥰 I love it!! 💕💕
Venita Butler
Venita Butler Před rokem
The chemistry between you guys is amazing.
Chefspicy Před 11 měsíci
Giving you a pointer. I’m a professional chef. Going forward dry the Shrimp off with a paper towel by doing that it helps the seasonings Stick to the protein and also protein should be room temperature not very cold before cooking.. but the meal looked absolutely delicious. You seem like have a passion for cooking and that’s wonderful
Lorre Boutwell
Lorre Boutwell Před rokem
The consistency is what keeps us coming back, we love y’all energy!!!!
prettynicole Před rokem
OMIAQT Před rokem
Dani B.
Dani B. Před rokem
Love to see it Nae! You’ve grown so much lady and seem much happier! I hope whatever y’all got going on works out. I can tell y’all really enjoy each other’s company and it’s a beautiful sight to see. 💜💜💜
Sassy_Muffin Před rokem
Lmao Reginae got a lot of patience because I would've thrown Armon outta my kitchen with all that talking and hollering 🙄😂😂😂😂
Lois Williams
Lois Williams Před rokem
OMG! Me too! I can’t have that much distraction in my kitchen. I like the entire kitchen to myself when I’m cooking. But I do understand he’s supporting her channel and that’s great too! They’re do adorable together!
Views from Colorado
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright Před rokem
I'm the same way I don't want and can't have anyone in the kitchen with me. I please don't ask me any questions 😃
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
@Views from Colorado چی نوشتی
Jalisha Babies
Jalisha Babies Před rokem
That damn hollering yes
Sabre S.
Sabre S. Před rokem
Let’s get Toya on and each of you cook something simple for her to taste to see whose the better cook!!
Life Of Alexis Lynea
I Love This Idea! 💕
Kiki Williamson
Kiki Williamson Před rokem
Nah Get Wayne.
ABBY🏳️‍🌈 Před rokem
@Kiki Williamson Wayne not eating that practice food he’s used to professional chiefs 🤣🤣🤣
Tia Shinez
Tia Shinez Před rokem
Y’all are gonna make me start watching CS-vid again 💜 love this chemistry
Butterfli with an 👀
This my only reason for watchinh
LifewithNAB Před rokem
Here yall go again making me all happy & smiling all hard again😆
Bridget Před rokem
I feel the same way! I love it!!!
The Fruge Family
The Fruge Family Před rokem
Sonia Před rokem
Yes 😊
Re Re
Re Re Před rokem
Yesss me too I’m like hunny why am I smiling like this😂😂😂
Libra Kween
Libra Kween Před rokem
@life with NAB You and me both 😍
ShaiShenera Před rokem
Armon got me weak in the background 😂😂 they literally compliment each other and I love that he doesn’t take over her videos
BamBamGlam Před rokem
I love this type of content I feel it’s for us people who are mature and not the childish stuff like pranks all day ..not to offend anyone that does but this is called INTERACTIONNNNN…I really feel that they are interested in learning from eachother
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Před rokem
Milly Badze
Milly Badze Před rokem
I so agree!💯💯💯❤️
Allison Briscoe
Allison Briscoe Před rokem
Totally, period!!!!!!!
Amber Alert
Amber Alert Před rokem
Me waiting the whole video to see the pasta itself get on the stove 😂😂 Love these two together! I’ve been stuck on their videos
Sydnee Cottrell
Sydnee Cottrell Před rokem
I'm over here like did she boil it or cook it in the sauce lol
chelsea whitehurst
chelsea whitehurst Před rokem
she’s so down to earth, armon needs someone like that too
t paris
t paris Před rokem
such a beautiful couple, I couldn't be happier for you two. I've been cracking up watching BOTH of your cute interactions and facial expressions the whole video. Can't wait for the one year anniversary vlog.
Lutreasec Před rokem
I love y’all, Period. I’ve been waiting on y’all’s positive vibes all weekend. You guys are the best thing popping right now and I am so here for it. So naturally cute and funny together. Y’all seem good for each other in whatever capacity you decide. Looking forward to this journey.
prettynicole Před rokem
Me as well
coco Před rokem
I think so too omg 😍😍
Daniel Shiesty
Daniel Shiesty Před rokem
Add ragaue parmasan next time buss you did good tho
Luhh niah
Luhh niah Před rokem
Am I trippin or is he calling her bae 😩
Ja’Khi Před rokem
@Luhh niah I couldn’t tell if he said NAE or bae Lmao
Siren Creates For Real
Y’all doing it wrong again, but it’s still entertaining 😂❤ y’all chemistry is everything, I don’t even care what y’all do at this point 💀
Tiffany Wiggins
Tiffany Wiggins Před rokem
I love the chemistry between the two of them! Definitely a vibe…they’re are so cute together 😍🥰
YVY’S POV Před rokem
I’m learning confidence and letting people be themselves around you from Nae
Swerve Into The Lane Podcast
Yall energy is contagious I smiled the whole time watching. Yall really blushing every time yall look at each other it’s so cute
TimeBucks Před rokem
They way they look at each other is so cute
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
توچه زمینه ای فعالیت می‌کند آشپزی یاغیره
kishun_gaming_07 Před rokem
mL iSLam
mL iSLam Před rokem
جواد زارع
جواد زارع Před rokem
@mL iSLam فارسی بلدی
Somnath Pal
Somnath Pal Před rokem
Aisha Iesha
Aisha Iesha Před rokem
It’s the vibes for me . I can’t stop smiling while watching . This is going to be a friendship/love story to remember
prettynicole Před rokem
Milly Badze
Milly Badze Před rokem
You can say that again!!
Deezy2188 Před rokem
I’m so here for y’all vibe I love the way y’all are with each other 🥰🥰
Tamika Brown
Tamika Brown Před rokem
I love watching you guys , definitely gonna take over CS-vid with the vibes and energy keep the videos coming
that girl
that girl Před rokem
it’s cute how comfortable armon is around her. he always yelling LMFAOOOO and hyping her up. she don’t never tell him to be quiet or make him feel weird for being him loud or talking to much or nun. she jus vibe w him when he get loud she get loud type stuff.
Lovejoy Před rokem
You guys are adorable, the chemistry is definitely on hundred.
T. O.
T. O. Před rokem
Reginae's personality is so engaging especially for youtube. She's so comfortable on camera and confident. Her videos by herself will do well also. Armon is gone LOL, you can literally see the hearts in his eyes when he looks at her.
prettynicole Před rokem
Kita Samuel
Kita Samuel Před rokem
She's used to being on camera and her being an actress helps.
Joyce Moore
Joyce Moore Před rokem
She get it from her mama Toya they act just alike in so many ways! I love Toya too!
Monique Romano
Monique Romano Před rokem
Yes! She's born for this 💞
Kiki Williamson
Kiki Williamson Před rokem
She been on Camera since she was a Kid
Takara Johnson
Takara Johnson Před rokem
Omg y’all are definitely my favs individually and together 😂😂❤️❤️ loving the energy 👏🏽
V DIXON Před rokem
I never leave comments but I must say I overly love y’all together the chemistry is amazing and the way y’all vibe is everything!!God bless♥️♥️♥️
Atkins Yolanda
Atkins Yolanda Před rokem
Loving the vibes💓💪🏾 the meal looks so amazing 👏🏾 😍 😋 ✨
Anise Westbrook
Anise Westbrook Před rokem
Meshaa Marshay
Meshaa Marshay Před rokem
Omg I love their chemistry! You can tell they actually really feeling each other !🥺 my fav couple already lol
Elizabellachase Před rokem
😂😂😂 When she was seasoning the shrimps I couldn’t stop laughing at Armon facial expressions… These two are a great pair. 🫶🏽
Dreame Před rokem
Had me hollering lol that light skin face expression lol 🤣
prettynicole Před rokem
Yessssssss they are
Live Life
Live Life Před rokem
The vibe 2022 been missing. We need to see more of this refreshing energy.
A'bre Sanders
A'bre Sanders Před rokem
I love their bond and their enthusiasm ,whole relationship ❤️
Demetres Blakley
Demetres Blakley Před 9 měsíci
IT amazes me to see Young Blk couples, being happy and supportive of each other may "God" bless y'all enternity.. break the generational curses 🙏🏾
Hugh Mad Bro
Hugh Mad Bro Před 9 měsíci
If he stays with her she will build him like he ain't been built! I'm glad he is moving on & happy. They're gonna be one hell of a power couple 💯!
Rosemarie Johnson
Rosemarie Johnson Před rokem
You go Chef. I love you two together. I can’t stop smiling 🥰♥️
Miss Gloria
Miss Gloria Před rokem
Aww I’m loving this chemistry you guys have 🥰🥰
KasharaPerry Před rokem
Everyone smiles whenever we are watching y’all do anything 😩….we love it here 😭
Sweet Cherry
Sweet Cherry Před rokem
Girl say it again
Queen Atlantis Tarot
Y'all are soooo cute together!! The chemistry is so natural and off the chain!!! I love it ❣️❣️❣️
Nikky’z Kickz
Nikky’z Kickz Před rokem
I absolutely love y'all vibe together 🥰💯 please keep the cooking videos coming with chef boy armoney 🤣👍🏽💕🥩
Nichole Dunkley
Nichole Dunkley Před rokem
The energy between you two is fire
Dextonetta Watts
Dextonetta Watts Před rokem
Omg I just love these two they just make my day with just being around each other I feel like the vibes been there for awhile they just did not realize it at the time but I'm so hear for it love you guys and I can see this continue in the future I just can't stop smiling everytime I watch them alone or together my face hurts from laughing so hard I love so hard that my whole body hurt it cuz they're just so funny together and they're not even getting paid for what they do they just make each other laugh without even trying and make us laugh without even trying they're just so cute together I love it and I'm so happy for them they so deserve this 💙💙💙💜💜💜💙💙
Brenda Greenidge
Brenda Greenidge Před rokem
I think we black people had stopped using that seasoning. Check. Love you both. Ya'll have me smiling till my face hurts.
Alaysia Johnson
Alaysia Johnson Před rokem
I love this for you two ❤️ vibes ,chemistry, affection, looks so pure and healthy ❤️🙌🏽
prettynicole Před rokem
Shaunna Před rokem
I love how you both are around each other. You both look so happy! Keep making bangers! 🔥
ashleyyy😝! Před rokem
LaToya Sturges-May
LaToya Sturges-May Před rokem
this is the Armon I know the fun guy who is attentive and loud lol. I love how balanced the two of them are
TheLifeOfJanae Před rokem
I love y’all together such a vibe ❤️‍🔥I’m here for it Jazz done did something what a blessing 🤍🦋🧿
Marcia Collins
Marcia Collins Před rokem
I love the energy between the two of you ✨️
Malijah Serenity
Malijah Serenity Před rokem
I love how she let him be him, yell, scream do whatever he want Lmao. She don’t be paying him no attention, like “child that’s how he always act” 😭😂💗
prettynicole Před rokem
Lakeisha Jackson
Lakeisha Jackson Před rokem
Random vids
Random vids Před rokem
I love being that comfortable with people
Aisha Iesha
Aisha Iesha Před rokem
Literally!!! I said the same thing. ❤️
Fantasia Edwards
Fantasia Edwards Před rokem
Yes I agree she wasn’t bother at all
ThatDamnDontae Před rokem
I love there energy and I’m here for it all 💙
Sweet life of Steph Cali
Awww Reginae is mad adorable, this vibe is really vibing I love this for them .
Denise James
Denise James Před rokem
These 2 are something else too funny they act like they married such a joy to see them cooking together so happy full of fun they are too perfect together just love love love to see them on my job iam watching them cannot get enough of them wish them nothing but good luck God bless them both keep them safe always 🙏🙏❤❤
legen always
legen always Před rokem
Everything looks delicious. Can we have a plate! You go Reginae!👍😁💖✌
Mirr Baby
Mirr Baby Před rokem
They seem so genuine and happy. I love this for the both of them. It’s the Black love for meeee! 🥺🥺💕
YoungQueen Annaira
YoungQueen Annaira Před rokem
I love that the vibe is growing. I’m too grown to be this happy for both of y’all like this
ST H Před rokem
Me Too
Malaka Stringer
Malaka Stringer Před rokem
Ah Seriously 😂😂 I’m 29 And I Love These Two Fr. I’m Rooting For Them So Hard I Don’t Want Them To End 🥰
prettynicole Před rokem
tymakaeli1 Před rokem
Me too, too grown but I love love and good vibes so I'm here for it. Plus they are both cute young ppl just love to see good vibes but we all know how the honey moon stage is hopefully they can keep up the happiness and good vibes while getting to know eachother more & more 🥰
Jas The Gemini ♊️
KEYTALKS Před rokem
Yall look good together and look so happy. Amazing couple goals for the youth. Keep up the positive vibes.
Rosalyn Jones
Rosalyn Jones Před rokem
I literally love yall together.. The VIBE is a pure natural..❤
T. Monique M.
T. Monique M. Před rokem
She’s has a beautiful personality.. they have great chemistry love to see her just relaxed at home .. She was raised correctly.. love it ❤️
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Před rokem
The two of them can't hide the chemistry I love it .. they are cute together and compliment each other im here for it
Aaliyah Mcdermoth
Aaliyah Mcdermoth Před rokem
Loolll I love how focused she is and how noisy Armon is while trying to stay out her way and hyping her up too 😂😂 I love their energy together .. they really do compliment each other
BeautyWithin Před rokem
They a whole vibe and when that cream hit her chin 🤣 I already knew the freak side was coming right after.i enjoyed and laughed I love this.i watched from the beginning to the end because the energy was definitely there.
Latisha Smythe
Latisha Smythe Před rokem
I'm all the way here for yall. I love it yall put a smile on my face. Yall are too freaking cute. Get it yall. 😍
Jonishua Smith
Jonishua Smith Před 4 měsíci
Y’all are so cute 🥰 together 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I smiled the whole time watching y’all
Skye Mcvoy
Skye Mcvoy Před rokem
I love your energy’s together ❤️ and yes we need more of these videos💯
Jelly & Jully Pet Lover
It’s the vibes for me . I can’t stop smiling while watching 😍😍😍😍😍
Daisylove83 Před rokem
Now that's how someone *adds* to your life☺️. Love the consistency Nae and love that you definitely took control of the kitchen. Great video! Love you guys 💝
Yah'ne Miere
Yah'ne Miere Před rokem
I love y’all individually and together..it’s just so adorable 🥰 🫶🏾🥰🫶🏾
Itsss Fiyyahhh
Itsss Fiyyahhh Před rokem
Their energies are amazing together 😍😍😍 and they call each other baby/babe. I love it here , keep it up y’all !
Allyssa Jones
Allyssa Jones Před rokem
I love watching you guys so genuine y'all vibe is everything she is an amazing young woman and you compliment her very well ❤️‍🩹
Healing -N- Musiq
Healing -N- Musiq Před rokem
I just really feel like this y’all been waiting on each other. Y’all give me that bestie vibe which make the best relationships. Y’all got this. 💪🏾
SunKissed Diaries: Bria Shonell
Swear this vibe this chemistry is the truth!!!! I can’t stop smiling!! My face hurt watching y’all 🥰🥰🥰🥰 yes Nae!! Yes Armon!!!
Sharonda Holmes
Sharonda Holmes Před rokem
The vibe has been there from the beginning (the blind date). Buuut now that the brand new shy/nerves are wearing off a little and y'all are more comfortable around each other... The vibe is really organic!! It makes my heart smile to see ppl being genuinely happy. It's really giving Dope AF! May yalls journey together continue to be blessed with this level of energy and desire to continue make eachother this kinda Happy!! 💚🤞🏾
prettynicole Před rokem
Lovelovelove Před rokem
They making each other blush making us blush and smile the whole time love y’all 😭😭💕💕💕💕
RA RA Před rokem
This is cuteness I'm rooting for you guys ❤️❤️❤️
SallyBeauty25 Před rokem
It’s so cute how he follows her everywhere 😍😍.
Q_dadoll Před rokem
awww they so cute ❤️😩 nothing but vibes n smiling ughh they couldn’t een stop looking at each other !! more cooking videos from y’all please >>>
Sandra McKnight
Sandra McKnight Před rokem
Looks delicious! Great job😋💕🍽🍤🍜🥗🥖
Glamx23 Před rokem
Would love to watch y’all cook something new weekly. Also a cooking class video with a private chef teaching y’all something could be cool
OrganizedTanglz Před rokem
The silent chase in the kitchen after the milk splashed up 😂😭
Lynn Black
Lynn Black Před rokem
You all are so cute together, and a great vibe going. I can see you all as a couple !
Blackies 🐾 life
Blackies 🐾 life Před rokem
You guys are just a whole vibe. ❤️..honestly this really is couple goals and I’ve been watching armoneyyyyyyy since the trey and jazz days in the old crib how you grown into such a respectful man and are so caring. Much love to you both 💕 I also am a HUGE HUGE fan of your father as well even tho I’m sure you get that a lot but your personality is on fireeeeeee 🔥. Love ya both ❤️
Trina F
Trina F Před rokem
I love the chemistry! I love the vibe and you 2 together. Cute video 👍🏽