I COOKED ARMON A REAL DINNER 🥘🥰… I Thinks He Loves My Cooking 💋..

Reginae Carter
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6. 08. 2022





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Nasha May
They can’t even look each other in the eyes for more than 5 seconds without blushinggg .. ugh I love it here lol 😩
I love how he takes lead in the beginning.. Politely showing her the way into being a CS-vidr. Example: Him getting her to tell what seasonings she was using or even when she almost forgot about the brownies and he quickly mentioned them. He wants to see her do well and it shows! Ladies, it’s the simple things ☺️ I wish them nothing but the best. They compliment one another so well.
Ashleigh Marshall
I’ve ALWAYS loved Reginae’s personality. Despite who her father is, she is just her own person. Most people with famous parents are just so stuck up & ewww but I love them together 🥰🥰
Via Styles
I think y’all was exactly what we needed and we just didn’t know it lol.Because the way I be smiling from ear to ear on every video is so crazy. The vibe is so genuine and I love to see it.
Erin Butterfield
i've never been invested in a couple before but i'm definitely rooting for y'all. love watching y'all energy and chemistry...ps this video definitely made up for that cookie lol
They way they look at each other is so cute
I hope this shit last forever cause if not, I feel like I’ll cry for real. The way I’m invested cannot be healthy 🥹😩 sending positive energy to these two and i hope things continue to flourish for them.
Lmao Reginae got a lot of patience because I would've thrown Armon outta my kitchen with all that talking and hollering 🙄😂😂😂😂
Just started watching and I'm glad she's just in her natural state not too much make up just chilling, vibes for sure 💪🏽😊 this is genuine and cute
Ja’kyn Yarrell
This is the most relaxed and happy I have seen Armon. Reginae brings something out of him and it’s really nice to see. As a man it’s always amazing to have a great woman that brings the best out of us
Aaliyah Mcdermoth
Loolll I love how focused she is and how noisy Armon is while trying to stay out her way and hyping her up too 😂😂 I love their energy together .. they really do compliment each other
LaSabre S.
Let’s get Toya on and each of you cook something simple for her to taste to see whose the better cook!!
Life with NAB
Here yall go again making me all happy & smiling all hard again😆
Now that's how someone
I love this type of content I feel it’s for us people who are mature and not the childish stuff like pranks all day ..not to offend anyone that does but this is called INTERACTIONNNNN…I really feel that they are interested in learning from eachother
that girl
it’s cute how comfortable armon is around her. he always yelling LMFAOOOO and hyping her up. she don’t never tell him to be quiet or make him feel weird for being him loud or talking to much or nun. she jus vibe w him when he get loud she get loud type stuff.
I have been loving this series! My cheeks hurt from smiling at the darn screen! I’m lmao at all these boxed foods! Reginae is so down to earth and normal to be the big deal that she is! I was expecting to see some brands and stuff we’ve never heard of but she really is the girl next door!
Tia Shinez
Y’all are gonna make me start watching CS-vid again 💜 love this chemistry
A Prosperity
Reginae and Armon are definitely a vibe and they make each other blush. I'm wishing yall many..many blessings coming yall way 🙏🏾 🙌🏾
Briannah Monee
Toya raised Reginae right , Reginae can see the same lost and pain she felt in him and their finding themselves 🥰 I love it!! 💕💕
I recreated the WORLD in LEGO...
I recreated the WORLD in LEGO...