How to cook SPAGHETTI

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10. 01. 2023





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Mariyah Sheikh
Mariyah Sheikh Před 17 dny
These guys really take “upsetti without spaghetti” to another level.
ميار ايمن
ميار ايمن Před 2 hodinami
مج ز ظ ظ ددددد جط
Trang Nguyễn T
Trang Nguyễn T Před 15 hodinami
Michaela Ujváryová
Michaela Ujváryová Před 18 hodinami
Chci taky jsi taky trapas jako tam ta holka něco říct že přijdeš ke mně pytle bydlím v měsíci
Ruslan Sariyev
Ruslan Sariyev Před 18 hodinami
Данияр Суеркулов
​@Check My About Page Linkсесчат
Pandora (𝐂𝐇𝐄𝐂𝐊 𝐌𝐘 𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄𝐎 🔞)
💜Falar com o Sr. António é como viajar no tempo, é sonhar acordado, é uma lição de vida.... um poço de resiliència e um sorriso genuino que nos "abraça" sem nos conhecer. 🥰
Kalila Davis
Kalila Davis Před 6 dny
Being an Italian myself seeing him break the pasta sent chills down my spine.
Italy ball 🇮🇹
Random Algerian guy
@Clement Piergiovanni Good, i don’t want a dumbass in my house complaining about someone breaking pasta.
monkeyman5 Před dnem
Clement Piergiovanni
Yep exactly I cringed. I will leave someone’s house if they break the pasta.
Gus Bunger
Gus Bunger Před 2 dny
I'm not italian and it enraged me
Pamela Borges
Pamela Borges Před 3 dny
Não sou italiana de nascença, mas sou na alma. Sempre dói no meu coração quando vejo alguém quebrando o espaguete! Dou um troço quando minha avózinha faz kkkk🤯🥺
WORLD GAMES Před 2 dny
I'm not Italian, but this is how I cook spaghetti 🤤
🥀Vampiregirl🥀 Před 16 dny
Lautaro XD
Lautaro XD Před 3 dny
@Serbia ball im argentinian I breack the pasta
Serbia ball
Serbia ball Před 4 dny
​@Lautaro XD NO
SMG7 The Bozo
SMG7 The Bozo Před 10 dny
He was forced to and was crying inside
Kiarah Před 10 dny
He was fighting back the tears
Bem Te Vi Oficial 🍷🐤
​@Caramel Dream 💀💀
Andre Infante
Andre Infante Před 7 dny
I love how even in this video, you can *see* that it's obviously way worse than breaking it in half. Requires much more active attention to slowly, awkwardly scoot the half-cooked pasta into the water... and half your pasta cooks longer than the other half! Don't be a sheep! Follow the evidence of your own eyes! Break your pasta into a shape that fit in the cooking pan!
tennistor •\\т.о.м\\
Matteo was clearly holding back tears 😂
yuujin. Před hodinou
Crimson Comet
Crimson Comet Před 6 dny
@Pie Squared don't click my profile
tennistor •\\т.о.м\\
@Pie Squared okay
Pie Squared
Pie Squared Před 7 dny
Don’t click my profile🤐
marcelo almeida
marcelo almeida Před 9 dny
Sou brasileiro e descendente de italiano e sei que é um pecado quebrar o espaguete 😤😂
L|F (yumypegasustaisy)
Na realidade aqui no Brasil é comum quebrar soaghetti por questões históricas de quando muitos imigrantes italianos que vieram para cá não conseguiam alimentar seus filhos por conta das dificuldades da época então eles quebravam por esse motivo. Assim rendia mais e tinha mais macarrão para mais dias.
ILikeBooksALot Před 17 dny
I don’t get how Matteo was able to smile after breaking the spaghetti. I’d be in tears
Fire5064Gamer Před 13 dny
@Pan#6737You have disrespected Italy, you have just angered every living Italian
𝓁𝓊𝓃𝒶 (𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓎,𝓂𝒾𝒹𝓏𝓎)
​@Pan#6737 invitation Please get out with yo 'pasta making skills'
Sharone Bouldin
Sharone Bouldin Před 14 dny
@don't look at my avatar ok.
don't look at my avatar
don't look at my nickname 😄
Pan#6737 Před 16 dny
@shiyyon the cool you probably cant even make spaghetti
cristianuwu Před 4 dny
Gracias a ustedes ahora hago bien la pasta :)
SamoSjena Před 5 dny
3d one was also wrong! You twist them in the middle and drop vertically in the middle of the pan. they spread out evenly around and sink down with minimal help and are perfectly oriented in water
darkpoliceplayz dump
you guys just got onto Italy’s hit list for breaking spaghetti
Zantique CHM
Zantique CHM Před 7 hodinami
@darkpoliceplayz dump Oh Thank god, I was little scared.
darkpoliceplayz dump
darkpoliceplayz dump Před 8 hodinami
@Zantique CHM im not italein
Zantique CHM
Zantique CHM Před 9 hodinami
I'm still Gonna break them. Fight Me.
Franco Před 15 hodinami
they sell short pasta if you can't handle the length....
deivid minato
deivid minato Před 11 dny
Eu sou do Brasil mas amo Itália eu sou descendente da Itália 🍷🗿
Mae & Mal
Mae & Mal Před 12 dny
Lol. Went to cooking school where the criteria is mainly based on French cuisine. I approve this short. 👏🏽 🤣
hw-criptic yt
hw-criptic yt Před 2 dny
As a non Italian I can also confirm the last one is the way to do it
Alex Briskievicz
Alex Briskievicz Před 14 hodinami
as a person who can cook, you need a bigger pan for spagetthi lol
crazy artist
crazy artist Před 9 dny
Thank you now I can cook spaghetti in the correct way.🙏
Nabeel Alsalahi
Nabeel Alsalahi Před 6 dny
Even me, a non Italian person seeing spaghetti breaking makes my heart break
Pedro Lucas Real
Pedro Lucas Real Před 4 dny
StarWars_Knowledge Před 17 dny
Wait… did Matteo just…. Break spaghetti? Oh no, the apocalypse has begun!
Gladis Beltran
Gladis Beltran Před dnem
​@Angelo Manzo bfhfhrjf
Vicky Singh
Vicky Singh Před 8 dny
@Angelo Manzo . . . . . . . . . ,. . . . . .. , . .
StarWars_Knowledge Před 10 dny
@Caramel Dream I’m Dutch so I’m not even Italian, but I want to throw you out of the window right now.
Caramel Dream
Caramel Dream Před 11 dny
I always break pasta while cooking it lol
sumbreebro Před 4 dny
I cant imagine the pain he must have felt when he broke the spaghetti
Italian Country Ball
Zoren Paras
Zoren Paras Před 4 dny
italians dont like it
Emerald Před 5 dny
I break it every time I eat it 😊
hamnidads Před 6 dny
@Eks calybur 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Eks calybur
Eks calybur Před 6 dny
I break other people's spaghetti
hamnidads Před 6 dny
what abouit that really long spaghetti
Muhammad Syahmi
Muhammad Syahmi Před 2 dny
My mother, a master: moisturise the spaghetti in bigger container using warm water first before cooking
Allah Dad Seheshmend-Fuzhan
You should hold the pasta with one hand and use the other to twist the top of the bundle. This will cause the bottom of the bundle that is in the water to spiral outwards and as it softens you can push the pasta down into the water
ianthia Před 17 dny
My half Italian stepdad taught us the right way to both cook and eat pasta 😂 good times
Billotron Před 6 dny
That's what I try to tell my mom, but when I use a small pot, she makes me break it anyway :(
watermelon Před 12 dny
I went camping for boy scouts and me and my patrol (not the full troop) decided to make spaghetti, now obviously I knew to NEVER break it, due to my Italian blood. Anyway during the time I was cooking it more and more people were coming over saying "why didnt you break it" "should have broken it" and " your wasting your time by not breaking it." I completely ignored them and served the best meal in that troop in years
Snow Před 2 dny
Eu já fiz do primeiro jeito, ficou ótimo
SamiBoi Před 4 dny
Having an Italian person break the spaghetti is worse than watching an American doing it
JimJamer Před 4 dny
Me, a Nigerian, breaking spaghetti for a living 😂
mastercrack Před 9 dny
algo que nos enseñaron bien a los argentinos los italianos es a saber cómo poner bien la pasta no va ni rota ni así nomás va bien puesta
ThatKingAlex Před 11 dny
My mother taught me to split the spaghetti, so it will cook faster, instead of waiting it to soften and fall into the pot.
ThatKingAlex Před 10 dny
@Saji TheBloody Idk, my mom taught me. Either way, it still feels like spaghetti, broken or not.
Saji TheBloody
Saji TheBloody Před 10 dny
Why are u so hurry? Take ur time, no need to rush. Don't break them.
Eddsworld_Fan Před 8 dny
As my mom's a greek, she does it THE ITALIAN WAY. EVEN IF SHES NOT ITALIAN.
Bluebird19 Před 17 dny
Honestly I'm surprised more people never thought of doing this with spaghetti. Like you're not gonna mess it up if the top doesn't go into the water at the same time as the bottom.
Annalisa Tarozzo
Annalisa Tarozzo Před 9 dny
I'm Italian and I break spaghetti in two! Everytime I do that I feel like Ivan Drago! 🤣 🤣 🤣
xXmlgamingXx Před 21 hodinou
I’m definitely the last one, I would never break my spaghetti!
Aradhana Sathishkumar
Imagine having an Italian mom and breaking spaghetti in front of her
A Feral Cat
A Feral Cat Před 12 dny
I have always done the last method here, like out of instinct. It just makes the most amount of sense to me. Must be my Italian blood pfft
Mr Ampio
Mr Ampio Před 17 dny
for us Italians knowing how to make pasta is an art
>:D Před 14 dny
Satnam Singh
Satnam Singh Před 14 dny
I thought it was complaing about everything not being authentic.
don't look at my avatar
don't look at my nickname 😄
Topann Před 17 dny
@Keiran Marley yeah nobody said that, please go let pasta offend you somewhere else lmao
Keiran Marley
Keiran Marley Před 17 dny
@Topann it's cringe when you act like making Italian food is like sending a rocket to space.
Ah Choo
Ah Choo Před 11 dny
I always thought the second one was a joke like people doing it for fun until that day i saw my American roommate broke spaghetti in half when he was cooking. I was shocked
Tony Pepporoni
Tony Pepporoni Před 6 dny
Wait a minute, wouldn't one part of the spaghetti be softer than the other if it has to get soft to be fully submerged in the water?
Rikko_2008 Před 10 dny
Im dutch and my mom always breaks it, but i cook it like this🤌
Ripinchaos Před dnem
Can someone explain to me why it's such a sin to break the spaghetti? I'm not Italian so I don't really understand why all the comments are in an uproar over it.
VaX MeRsTaPpEn
VaX MeRsTaPpEn Před 17 dny
Thank you so much for this video . I always thought that I had to put the spaghetti next to the pan
Dżdżownica Kowadło
​@Check My About Page Link My ass.
Check My About Page Link
My name.
Spanish with Pao Gp
Spanish with Pao Gp Před 12 dny
¡Creo que toda mi vida lo he hecho mal! Siempre las corto por la mitad 😄
Kilpickle Před 5 dny
I sadly live in a reality where neither of my parents want to keep their spaghetti whole and neither does my brother.....so im always sad when i eat spaghetto
daves Macalacad
daves Macalacad Před 10 dny
a true Italian would NEVER OR EVER break the Italian spaghetti rule don't even break OR put something that's no capable in a spaghetti 👿
daves Macalacad
daves Macalacad Před 2 dny
@Killer Cyborg
daves Macalacad
daves Macalacad Před 2 dny
@Killer Cyborg you.. WHAT?
Luke Před 5 dny
I will choke on it otherwise
rajitha parthiban
rajitha parthiban Před 5 dny
​ @Bojan Ostojiciikkididllllllu7uiikkyjkkyuyklzs3tit
Killer Cyborg
Killer Cyborg Před 6 dny
Oh pineapple and spaghetti is great
Guus De Jong
Guus De Jong Před 9 dny
Even I’m not from Italy I still do it the right way
Adyasree Banerjee
Adyasree Banerjee Před 17 dny
"Don't forget the pasta gods are always watching" 🙂
Daniela Damianova
Daniela Damianova Před 17 dny
F4 Před 9 dny
This is how you make pasta. Whenever someone cuts it in half, they are not a real Italian. Good job 👌
Mr Dean
Mr Dean Před 11 dny
Thank you for being willing to disrespect pasta to show people how to make pasta. Your mothers are proud.
stron doge
stron doge Před 5 dny
dont remember the ketchup bottle, it makes it so that the spaghetti is a lot smoother and cooks better. Happy eating!
BadBoysForLife Před 12 dny
SplitxHeart Před 9 dny
I do the twist technique and only stear once the pasta slowly starts to sink in.
Señor Comediante
Señor Comediante Před 3 dny
"le gane a Alemania vigente campeón del mundo" Argentina le ganó a Brasil (vigente campeón de América) a Italia (vigente campeón de Europa)y a Francia (vigente campeón del mundo) además ganó uno de los mejores mundiales de la historia JAJAJA
Angelica Carausu
Angelica Carausu Před 10 dny
Wow, i m italian and the mode with Cook your spaghetti Is perfect. VIVA ITALIAAAAAAA
United Steaks of America
I must convince my dad to no longer break spaghetti (we’re American)
Amor Kujovic
Amor Kujovic Před dnem
My dad does it always and that's why i never eat his spaghetti pasta when I'm not in the kitchen
United Steaks of America
@BearManPiggy thanks
BearManPiggy Před 2 dny
(We're American*)
P9oopppgigvv ve ekspertiz bilgileri verdi perde 🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠💵💵🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🍒🎠🎠🎠🎠🍒🍒🎠🍒🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠
That’s what my mother and I do don’t worry, we care about food 😁
Даджаль, как жаль
Насмотрелся итальянцев и научился варить макароны. Теперь я тоже так делаю
Almond Před 3 dny
I'm Italian and I use the second method or I boil them in the microwave lol
Brandishlover Před 8 dny
me seeing everyone say ''dont break your apaghetti'' yet my family is over here breaking it in half for more portion
BugZapperBob Před 17 dny
Just staring deadpan into the camera like; "It's really not that hard."
Mr Banana
Mr Banana Před dnem
@Sono_Chi_No_Sodium_Chloride One in three Americans eat fast food everyday
Blue Thunderbolt 1003 siren
Not gonna lie, I was expecting a slap when Matteo broke the spaghetti.
PowerGel699 Před 11 dny
I cook it the right way , respecting the Italians xD
Profex Před 9 dny
Bro honestly I'm Italian and i break the spaghetti a lot, like when I have a small pot like yours i don't have time to wait for the spaghetti to go down. Moreover, it's useless, it doesn't change the taste. The only thing that changes is that you won't be able to "arrotolare con la forchetta" the spaghetti. If i cook for like 4 people then yes, i use a big pot then yes i don't break them, but if I'm alone and only have like 80 to 100g of pasta it's totally fine to brake them. A lot of people I know this and we are all Italians living in Italy. Stop spreading stereotypes please
Vincent Před 2 dny
Never let them know your next move, takes the tallest pot I can find
The Fantastic One
The Fantastic One Před 17 dny
"Matteo smiling after he broke the spaghetti" Me: He actually smiled after breaking his favourite food 😂😂😂😂
Monkey D. Vegito
Monkey D. Vegito Před 11 dny
Only reason my parents Crack spaghetti is because having the noodles too long is an issue, especially if there is tomato sauce
Fort Nite
Fort Nite Před 12 dny
Wait till the italiens see that you broke the spaghetti like that 💀
qab Před 5 dny
I'm not Italian so I can break spaghetti two pices and it's really convinient
Andrea Gecalao Capati
Good thing my parents never breaks the pasta in half
Sara Před 9 dny
I'm not Italian but i get when people break the spaghetti noodles 😭
BlackToothGrin Před 2 dny
also twist the bunch of spaghetti in opposite directions from the top and the bottom and drop in the pot for more even dispersion.
ちっく Před 6 dny
I'm not italian, but i have never broke spaghetti, oh wait, i'm argentinian, it makes sense
latoyiab79 Před 7 dny
I'm breaking those noodles! The end results will be the same Lol
diyan tahir
diyan tahir Před 10 dny
The first guy: a idiot The second guy: the devil The third guy: perfection at its finest
🗿hello Před 8 dny
This is how I do it but my brother always breaks it🥲
Kino Geno
Kino Geno Před 3 dny
They make spaghetti that's dried in a U shape rather than straight so it's easier to get in to the pot.
PR0X Před 2 dny
Omg i always done it like that :0 Im german but the italian name actually work-ke… d-d *transforms into Pizza*
SRB321 Před 12 dny
No real Italian would cook pasta in a pan that small are you trolling? 😂
Fortniteboi Před 10 dny
No matter how big for small your pot is never break your spaghetti-mom
that one random guy
that one random guy Před 11 dny
I honestly don't care as long as all of it gets in and it's cooked to my liking
zahra asadi
zahra asadi Před 6 dny
Wow thanks now I know how too cook noodles lmao
Blood Rose
Blood Rose Před 9 dny
The funny thing is my mom literally thought me to put it in that way don't break the pasta and im from Philippines🇵🇭
Zach Před 10 dny
I had some today and this is exactly what I did
Bruh Life
Bruh Life Před 7 dny
Matteo feeling when break the spaghetti 🥲🥲🥲
Budi Arto
Budi Arto Před 8 dny
Ha ha ha! In Indonesia, how to cook spaghetti is like the second cooking method
शिवाय Před 17 dny
Matteo breaking the Spaghetti. His Mom be like: You will never leave your mischief, am coming to whoop your ass. 😑😑😑
don't look at my avatar
don't look at my nickname 😄
Yuan Yuan
Yuan Yuan Před 17 dny
Yeah! Count me in. 🤣
OwO Před 17 dny
Don’t click my profile😮
Ulises Wyngaert Abrate
I L E Před 10 dny
🤣 so without knowing i have been a Italiano for all my life 🤣 yeah i remember the first home computer people was getting 🤣🤣
М. L.
М. L. Před 8 dny
В смысле.... Вы там реально верите, что люди не знают как варить спагетти? 😂😂😂
Jennifer her shorts
Matteo in his head: i break spaghetti now i regretti 🤣🤣
Ми Сми
Ми Сми Před 10 dny
Сломать спагетти на 2 части, чтобы они равномерно сварились - ✖ Опустить часть спагетти в воду, стоять над кастрюлей и все время пропихивать их в воду, при этом одна часть спагетти будет сварена, а вторая хрустеть - ✅
Qazz Před 8 dny
Vyrtil Anyrwen
Vyrtil Anyrwen Před 11 dny
Or, you know, make fresh pasta. That’s what I do.
Zu Před 6 dny
The second guy sacrificed his whole dignity so he could teach the people what not to do, he will be remembered.
💫🍓Strawberry Před 10 dny
My Turkish mom used to break spaghetti but i always hate it and when i started cooking (i was like 6) i never break the spaghetti 😌
Fliss Před 7 dny
Breaking the spaghetti is easier because it all cooks at the same time
Максим Оніщенко
When he do THIS i'm cry... Although i'm Ukrainian.
Alyssa Před 4 dny
Scarlet Gaming
Scarlet Gaming Před 4 dny
I was expecting a flying hand when he broke it in two
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