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6. 11. 2023





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@zacw2768 Před 17 dny
Policeman gave himself the right to remain silent 😂
@LegacyTV901 Před 16 dny
Fr lmao 😂😂
@MelodyIV Před 16 dny
old bastard lost his whole family to time and decided to ruin other peoples' lives too
@mpls6124 Před 16 dny
@@MelodyIV caught someone going 100mph....cop did his job!
@mpls6124 Před 16 dny
@averyfox410 how do you know? Biker said 96 🤣 either way speed limit on any road in Florida with traffic lights is max 60. So that's over enough to be reckless and a felony in Florida
Not only did he taunt the cop, he pulled over and he snitched on himself in less than 60 seconds. What a guy
@leafly7917 Před dnem
That's what I was trying to figure out, why did he do that? That's disrespectful and I feel that in some places you could get a ticket for taunting cops. I don't know the law well though soo
@delta9554 Před dnem
@@leafly7917wait what taunting did he do?
He didn’t taunt the cop that’s how you let other riders know there’s a cop when your riding in a group
@@brendenallen3196 he was telling the cop that there's a cop. Thats taunting
@delta9554 Před dnem
@@brendenallen3196 exactly, same as flashing high beams in a car
Lmfao “ I wasn’t going over 100 I was only going 96” yeah straight to jail
@xalovaid3693 Před dnem
May you the the reason why?
@2star84 Před 21 hodinou
the limit on the road is 100. He's not exceeding it so they can't throw him in jail. Learn your laws kid
@masteryoda4583 Před 20 hodinami
​@@2star84there's no road in the us with a speed limit as high as 100mph. so that rider definitely was in the wrong. how about YOU learn your laws, kid.
@OfficialNightic Před 11 dny
that isn't a cop, that's the terminator
@JenDiienno Před 11 dny
Lol this comment deserves so many more likes. Just saying… 😂
@PizzaCuber Před 11 dny
Say, that’s a nice bike!
@halouniverse7334 Před 11 dny
@FireAlarmFriday Před 11 dny
@Random_Idiot8 Před 11 dny
That’s what I was thinking lol
@RAMit422 Před 14 hodinami
Dude admits to doing 96mph and has the nerve to ask “uhhh what did I doooo”
@thewhisp5379 Před dnem
Officer ain't even in full uniform with them shoes on 😂😂
@timlangdon5923 Před 15 hodinami
Idk about you..... but if he ain't in full uniform he ain't really doin his job. Case dismissed 🤣🤣🤣
@In2RC-1 Před 6 dny
“You went 100.” “No I didn’t. I only went 96.” Brilliant defense.
@erichahnel4271 Před 6 dny
Its in Florida, overspeed 30mp/h is a criminal offense, 30-49 is misdemeanor, all over 50mp/h is a Felony up to 5 Years Prison, 10 years license suspension and 5,000$ Fees. So 96 is actually a good idea since in most of the cases its 50mp/h on the Road so 96 would still be a misdemeanor while 100+ would be a Felony
@jcricochet Před 6 dny
How about he doesn’t act like an idiot and then while doing so egg on a cop.
@J86_918 Před 6 dny
There’s a separation of speed violations for a reason. Doesn’t matter if he was going 99mph it’s not in excess of 100mph…
@Mmm-dm1hp Před 6 dny
There’s a big difference
@mrrob5851 Před 10 hodinami
Cop went hands on without saying what he being charged with. Can’t do that.
@sunkissedhistory Před 2 hodinami
don’t worry, this is definitely scripted. no way bro admits to 96 and makes it home to post the video
@Jomskylark Před 23 minutami
Yea because cops always follow the rules and never break them?
@SirTimidFlash Před 13 hodinami
Saw him committing reckless driving, then got a confession out of him. Right to jail.
@kadehoney4894 Před 4 hodinami
He wasn't read his rights which means it can't be used in court
@xarolino Před hodinou
​@@kadehoney4894actually they got to read the rights before questionung him. Wich the cop never did so. Still can be charged aslong as got read his stuff later on
@kadehoney4894 Před 30 minutami
@xarolino but it wasn't read during questioning and no rights were read
@slomotion1028 Před 9 dny
Bro had the right to remain silent, but not the ability.
@garrykennedy5484 Před 9 dny
Ron White!! LOL
@chinesefood2222 Před 8 dny
“DONKEY! You HAVE the right to remain silent. What you LACK, is the Capacity” -Shrek 😂🤣
@ricksher1320 Před 8 dny
Biggest mistake he made was state "I was only going 96", dude your done, I don't feel sorry for you.
@PvtByrne Před 8 dny
I mean he wasn't read his rights during the arrest so doesn't that make anything he says inadmissible anyway? Or is that not how it works? Honest question.
@ricksher1320 Před 8 dny
@@PvtByrne You don't need to have your rights read to you until you are a suspect and being asked questions about the crime. If you voluntarily say something that is on you.
@toddgaines6600 Před dnem
Camera man is stealthy as hell.
@GordonSanders Před dnem
360 camera
@user-ot2wu7zc5e Před 12 hodinami
bro its a joke@@GordonSanders
@dogkidgx7300 Před dnem
That's an easy way to win a court case
@johnmclain250 Před 18 hodinami
Yup, he basically handed the cop all the evidence and a signed confession.
@ahr1230 Před 9 hodinami
He sued the cop and won btw )))
@aceroselily Před 3 hodinami
Not if he didn’t get his rights cited to him
@dctv2940 Před 16 dny
“The lawyer gone love this” 😂😂😂
@BleachAmmo Před 16 dny
More like the Lawyers gonna laugh in his clients face when he finds out he was doing 96 mph and openly admitted to it
@Issamenock Před 16 dny
@@BleachAmmoit’s highway
@GH0ST_D3V Před 16 dny
@@BleachAmmothe limit was 100 he said that in the video
@hugh.mungus Před 16 dny
@@GH0ST_D3V some type of hearing you got on you kid
@richiepayne7226 Před 16 dny
​@@BleachAmmocop never read him his rights or told him he was under arrest therefore digging in his pockets is considered an illegal search. He could have found 3 needles in there and it wouldn't matter. Secondly pulling in front of him without giving him a chance to pull over is considered reckless endangerment. And since the cop pulling him over where he did not being legal it's also considered reckless driving to park in the middle of an intersection on top of impeding traffic. The cop could have handled that better. He chose to do every single step of the process as wrong as he possibly could have. The guy on the bike has no right to be riding at that speed and should have his license taken but the cop handled that completely wrong. Oh and unless you can prove the excess of 100 mph its also a wrongful arrest.
@josemoran9314 Před dnem
"Your not gunna say anything?" Lmao 😂
People need to realize that florida sheriff's DO NOT PLAY AROUND 😂
@johnmcconnell7052 Před 16 hodinami
Oh some do it's called them being incompetent and corrupt but that's in Miami so I guess it's the city that's just a pos place to live in since the law is rarely actually trying to uphold itself.
“I was only going 96” Ladies and Gentlemen, we got ‘em.
@danielmiles3649 Před 11 dny
Such a specific number.
@RadRedAnimator Před 11 dny
It was 76 in his mph screen
@AtinDalkoness Před 11 dny
I think if you're going a certain number over the speed limit, it's no longer just a violation and it becomes felony endangerment
@randomgamer8248 Před 11 dny
But he was going below 100 mph
@khylepaige213 Před 8 hodinami
This officer violated his rights.
@NeptuneBleuBeatz Před 5 hodinami
Finally...this shit was clearly personal 🙄🫤
@KLMBabul Před dnem
Bro that sign , not to tell police 🚓🚨😂😂
@tonygonzales8344 Před 10 dny
It went from a lawsuit to self incrimination
@somethingrandom617 Před 10 dny
nah no lawsuit man was being detained for speeding so he couldnt run off which anyone could figure out and he wasnt asked questions so his rights didnt need to be read... in fact probably better cop stayed quiet instead of cursing at him as that could be used by defense to show bias etc etc
@emnotokay3158 Před 9 dny
@@somethingrandom617there are a lot of things that must happened before he is arrested such as Miranda rights, be told why they are being arrested, run if, etc. can’t just arrest them like that goofy
@@emnotokay3158 miranda rights are only if hes being asked questions and this was more then likely a felony reckless driving as hes was at a stop light and near a store so speed limit is probably 55mph. This looks like Florida based off the county meaning the highest possible legal speed is 70mph and they start felony charges 25-30+ and when you get felony stopped you 100% going in cuffs before ANYTHING ELSE
​@@emnotokay3158 🤣 They can absolutely cuff you on the grounds of being detained before reading your Rights Goofy.. I'm sure he was read his Rights before being taken to Jail though..
@user-nl1tm2jd8n Před 9 dny
But that cop can't use what the biker said as evidence because that cop failed to tell the biker his Miranda Rights
@Kanamit. Před 12 hodinami
The kid should've never stopped.
@Unholycodm1 Před 20 hodinami
Cop got the silent rizz🤣
@shanesilva4257 Před 6 dny
Admitting to 96 is the difference between a ticket and a felony
@theimage1144 Před 5 dny
A violation vs a criminal act
@mr.nilraps Před 5 dny
⁠@@theimage1144that would depend entirely on the speed limit in that area. Its hard to tell from just that video but that doesn’t look like a 70mph highway to me. All that said, he admitted to excessive speeding which can be used as evidence against him even if he’s charged for 100mph so either way it was a moronic thing for him to say.
@otto_stromberg28 Před 5 dny
No because the police officer dint read his Miranda rights so what he said cannot be used in court
​@@otto_stromberg28he wasn't being interrogated. That's irrelevant.
@theamazingvince58 Před 5 dny
@@mr.nilrapsI don’t know much about law but I think he can’t get charged if the cop didn’t tell him his rights like the right to remain silent. Correct me if I’m wrong.
@citoortiz2495 Před dnem
😂 bro got outta jail and flexed about it for a whole year
If “STRAIGHT TO JAIL” was a person
@stony_sixer6640 Před 2 dny
Lmao how is there no comments on this lol
@AnAmericanCitzen Před 2 dny
@bw-ey4gp Před dnem
😂...turn right straight to jail....no hand kickstand....STRAIGHT to yail....😂😂
@jackoates6418 Před dnem
Bro got Venezuela'd
@bobbyhenderson5741 Před 10 minutami
*speeds 30 miles over the speed limit* Driver: “what bro what did I even do”
@harate Před 12 dny
Admitting you were doing 96 as an argument against 100+ is crazy 💀
On a illegal arrest it's just trolling
@JonDough-ux9ju Před 12 dny
@@THEKINGRAYKATS? How is it illegal.. he just admitted it like an idiot. He would have gotten out of that ticket if he kept his mouth shut the cop obviously didn’t have him on radar.
@@JonDough-ux9ju Silent arrestation, search on body without consent, just 2 things, he can say what he want, he'll never get any charges
@psycoklown8461 Před 12 dny
​@THEKINGRAYKATS Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. He just did what one would call the Admittion of guilt.
@charlielupin8618 Před 12 dny
@@psycoklown8461yeah but he was never read those rights by the cop, even to he would have been required to so it’s still illegal and they can’t use infos obtained illegally
That is some of the cleanest open air, on the highway audio shared between two people, ever!👍
@Kalda3 Před 16 dny
The way he opened his car door on you was insane 😂
@wade5285 Před 16 dny
man was fast, they do that to try and snatch your keys right away
@garydewberry Před 16 dny
And he would've seen that a bike can indeed go off road
@ashtonk4h19 Před 16 dny
His name will be in the deposition for court - public documents. Public record is also in the realm of property records. Get him back.
@Hugie-rz2kl Před 16 dny
yeah felt almost like a felony by itself
@cambion6048 Před 15 dny
Yhea that was lowkey reckless as fuck
@user-lc1jm7vr6f Před 14 hodinami
Your videos are a work of art.
@user-hp7py1wo3p Před 13 hodinami
Other peoples running in the street: im gonna pretend i didint see that
Dude didn’t even ask “do you have anything that will stick me, stab me, or poke me” just immediately started running man’s pockets.
@lukeslayer Před 13 dny
Didn't state he was detained either, no Miranda rights, nothing. Deadbeat cop.
@matthewedwards6454 Před 13 dny
​@@lukeslayerMiranda rights are for questioning at the station. No questions asked, no Miranda rights read. Driver volunteered information so his statement will be inadmissible but the dash cam and radar reading will Trump that. Also. Even if a police officer doesn't read you Miranda rights, so long as they have other evidence of the crime besides your statement, you'll still be found guilty of the crime. Also, a police officer doesn't need to tell you why you are being detained, only that you are. And until 2020 because of the patriot act, anyone can be held for 48 hours without reason or cause.
@RealTexasPlaya Před 13 dny
@theoneandonly4577 Před 13 dny
Doesn’t make a difference if they say that or not.
@acetown2263 Před 13 dny
@@lukeslayer Miranda rights aren't required to be detained.
@TylerTheSwimDude4387 Před 4 hodinami
"I was only going 96" Confession: ✅️
@Hectso23 Před dnem
Bro did not let that slide 😂😂
@frankconrad8561 Před 4 dny
I was on your side at first until you said “I was only going 96” 😂
@ColinoDeani Před 4 dny
lmaooo ditto
@jaure_jay3796 Před 4 dny
C'mon he was only 96, give the lad a break
@mddunlap03 Před 4 dny
Even if he was under the speed limit he admitted guilt
@nickt5680 Před 4 dny
Listen to the voice. The one saying "you were going over 100mph" was the one saying they was going 96mph
@lbreezy4423 Před 4 dny
Why were you on his side before he admitted to doing 96?
@andrewpatin3632 Před 6 hodinami
Bro is getting such a check. Blud didn’t read him his rights.
@manekimata8595 Před 5 dny
“You were speeding” “True but not like SPEEDING speeding”
@derekmcnulty2559 Před 4 dny
@curtislevey7639 Před 4 dny
​@@SadiqXFifaif it's 100+ then why the hell would he get pulled over for doing 100+ 😂
@bucket8849 Před dnem
​@@SadiqXFifathats not a thing
@TylerTheSwimDude4387 Před 4 hodinami
Underrated comment 😂
@juggss Před 2 dny
bro got the QUIET sticker on his helmet lmao ik you a menace
@GemmiWoo Před 3 hodinami
It’s illegal to arrest someone without saying anything
@ZombieNek0 Před 12 dny
"My lawyer will fix you really nicely"
@warlordnipple Před 12 dny
Lol? Biker was going to jail. The police don't have to say shit to you once they have probable cause to arrest you
@Malva597 Před 12 dny
@@warlordnipple Never read him his rights, illegal search. If that's not payday to a lawyer I don't know what is
@fewminutestudio959 Před 12 dny
@@Malva597cop clocked him going over a 100 and the guy admitted to doing 96. He doesn’t have to read him his rights yet because technically he was just “detained” and as far as the search, if they are arresting you they now have every right to search and don’t need permission.
@g.sanders6916 Před 12 dny
​@@Malva597the only time cops have to read you your Miranda rights are if they are questioning you after you have been detained. As for the search that is simply search incident to arrest.
@Rasheed1494 Před 12 dny
@@Malva597 just because you know this one thing dosnt make you smart
@user-up5mh7bf3w Před 2 hodinami
Police office said okay i need to be silent for court lol
@kalvindick14 Před 13 hodinami
That's 30000% a power trip
@isaiahbishop8999 Před 16 dny
“I was only going 96” good job bud 😂
@harsheo Před 16 dny
Not mphs
@lobinhouiui9523 Před 16 dny
@@harsheothat’s on Florida, so yeah, it was mph
@Thawhid Před 16 dny
@dreycon9143 Před 16 dny
Still doesn’t make the biker guilty
@MikePlaysPinedo Před 22 hodinami
he ain’t even read him his rights. instant case drop
@danr4316 Před 12 hodinami
Nope, that's not how that works. Miranda rights are only required to be read PRIOR to questioning the person who is in custody. In this video, the deputy doesn't question him, so it follows that he didn't read them at that time.
@j0hnjz257 Před 12 hodinami
@@danr4316 you can’t just walk up and detain someone without speaking a word. It was a lawful stop which he did stop for immediately so there was no cause to immediately handcuff and do a body search without consent.
@danr4316 Před 12 hodinami
@j0hnjz257 You clearly missed an important aspect in the video and don't know the law. The law states you can be arrested/detained without IMMEDIATELY being told why, within milliseconds of it occurring. Even more so, if the officer believes they are a flight risk. In this case, it was about 45 seconds from cuffs to explanation, which is legal. You definitely need to learn the 4th Amendment. The deputy states he got him in excess of 100 mph, followed by the biker admitting he was going 96. At that speed, it is considered reckless driving, which is criminal and arrestetable. Thus, probable cause is established to do a legal search without consent. The 4th Amendment protects against UNREASONABLE searches. Once probable cause has been established, it is no longer considered unreasonable, thus a legal search can occur.
@davidvbobb7785 Před 10 dny
He told the cop he was going 96. Brilliant.
@lemur3433 Před 10 dny
I’m guessing it was a 100 road that’s why he said it
@gracieg7601 Před 10 dny
The cop still had no right to grab him handcuff him and search him. A traffhc violation doesn’t give him all those rights to violate the motorcycle guy.
@spiderymantis4226 Před 10 dny
There’s probably a bigger charge for 100mph than just 96
@randsimpson5326 Před 10 dny
You- 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
@colinsmith2399 Před 10 dny
@@gracieg7601reckless driving is a misdemeanor.
@justind9233 Před 19 hodinami
lmao gives new meaning to fuck around and find out
@jamesstarks1873 Před dnem
He got you for telling others he was on the hunt !
@oolexplayz Před 13 dny
BRO HAD THE CASE UNTIL HE SAID “I was only going 96”
@JakeDaMistake Před 13 dny
No, he just took the lesser of two different charges and tickets.
@bluebarry3 Před 13 dny
cop clearly didn't have his speed. good chance he won until he admitted guilt
@matthewcohen9582 Před 13 dny
This appears to be Canada, where 100 km/h is 62 mph. Possibly the limit on the road. He stated he was only going 96 (km/h), which is about 60 mph.
@user-ik9xg7qi1o Před 2 hodinami
If my son was going that fast I would thank that officer. God was on the bikers side even though he didn't see it.
@user-dr9ih5vl4r Před dnem
Your confidence is inspiring.
You NEVER say the speed you were going. Law by Mike says you gotta say “I thought I was going the speed limit.”
@GregJoshuaW Před 15 dny
Never. Ever. Ever. Say how fast you were going. At all. That's the definition of self incrimination.
@josiahfuller2094 Před 15 dny
You should say a lower number or say you were going the speed limit And take a ticket to court officer likely won't show and if they do ask if the speed tracking device is calibrated
@brah7985 Před 15 dny
and never ever stop when u see a pig
@Tricomado Před 15 dny
En España justamente ayer, un conductor se libró de la multa, porque el policía le pregunto si sabía a qué velocidad iba, al responderle la velocidad antes de que el policía le leyera sus derechos, la multa quedó nula. Es un pequeño vacío que tenemos en la ley aquí.
@duanethomas7067 Před 15 dny
Unless he's in Canada and it's a 100kph zone. But yeah NEVER say anything.
@ellabella9335 Před 15 dny
@@josiahfuller2094my dad took a serious speeding ticket to court cop showed up and lied his way through the trial
@user-hp7py1wo3p Před 13 hodinami
That peoples in street: ooooh free bike 😮😏
@noobmaster1392 Před 2 dny
“I was only going 96” 😂
@khaho1756 Před 11 dny
The cop was doing some dumb shit but saying “I only went 96” is even dumber
@jj_franklin2345 Před 10 dny
Well as long as cops have a reason to arrest you they can. Furthermore in most states, they don’t have to tell you why you’re being arrested/detained right away. Now if it’s a court matter they have to tell you eventually.
@jj_franklin2345 Před 10 dny
But I agree with the biker part, plus he should have known he was most likely going to get arrested.
@BigRheno Před 10 dny
@@jj_franklin2345Most do require disclosure of the broken law actually.
@Axel-zc6xj Před 10 dny
From what I understand, this was in Canada, so the speed limit is in KPH, so 96 is actually more reasonable than it sounds.
@orbitthederg Před 6 hodinami
Straight up illegal for him to cuff you and start searching without giving a reason
@Myrppl Před 13 dny
"I was only going 96." "In that case, you're free to go", said no cop ever.
At that point just don’t say anything 💀
@goldencinder7650 Před 13 dny
true BUT if the speed limit is 30 and you are over 100 that's a multitude of felonies vs a misdemeanor if you are doing 99 , not sure if that is true for all 50 states but it is true in MOST
@awsumaustin7650 Před 13 dny
100 mpk is the same as 60 mph. S9 he was going 58 in a 60 mile an hour zone. Do math and figure out he probably wasn't even braking the law
Going 20 mph over the speed limit is felony speeding
@sydneyps Před 13 dny
​@@goldencinder7650 I think it's anywhere from 90 to 100 depending on the state. Also, if you go over 20 to 30 the posted speed depending on state.
@jccraftmage2313 Před 15 dny
No officer. I won't confess to speeding, I'll just confess to speeding
@gaming_rules6977 Před 15 dny
The speed limit was probably 100 so 96 would be fine
@noudhuyben5712 Před 15 dny
The confession cant even be used, he didnt read any rights beforehand
@kitty-gf2wd Před 15 dny
@@gaming_rules6977What kind of highways do you go on that the speed limit is that high…?
@LordDrackonel Před 14 dny
​@@kitty-gf2wdsouth Florida highways have their limits stated in kph, where 100 is the limit, that's around 60 mph, so he was still under the speed limit..
@thelastgryphon1719 Před 14 dny
​@@kitty-gf2wdCanada, they use KPH not MPH
@str8swish538 Před 5 hodinami
Definitely send him to jail. He got caught by a cop in sketchers. Get em ouuttta here!
@kimmy1st527 Před 8 hodinami
The cop isn’t wearing cop shoes ! 😂
@dillonr2610 Před 14 dny
That cop was fucking up until you confessed right way 😂
@russianbot2630 Před 14 dny
He wasn’t fucking up you can be arrested for going that speed.
@nathanharrison2 Před 14 dny
@@russianbot2630 he was in cuffs and off the bike before a reason for being stopped was given. by law if you ask what are they pulling you over for they have to answer. if you are put in cuffs they have to say you are detained for x reason. if you are arrested they have to say so or its a false arrest. this guy couldve been paid real good if he kept his mouth shut about going 96
@logithurman2433 Před 14 dny
​@nathanharrison2 they only have to if they're gonna say shit. A cop wouldn't need to talk to you about anything if he saw you punch someone. This is the same.
@josiah3043 Před 14 dny
​@@nathanharrison2That's not the law at all 😂. Literally do a tiny bit of research and learn you're wrong. Although they're typically policies* to that effect for individual departments. Not the law..
@user-fp8vi3pz4b Před 14 dny
@@nathanharrison2different states have different laws some states you do not have to identify an arrest nor a ticket as it will be printed on the citation and arrest report as some states dont want suspects taking off after they know their being arrested but mostly all cops will tell you out of common courtesy and polite with u
@cosmopolizia7420 Před 15 hodinami
Father be like : I was getting arrested for hitting my own helmet
@chrisupshaw3943 Před dnem
That's why we don't stop for them right now. Their attitudes about bikers.
@theyinninja8859 Před 12 dny
Dumbledore arrests Harry Potter, calmly.
@Antoni_Lenart Před 12 dny
@welhynole4082 Před 12 dny
Call your what?
@jollyquinn430 Před 12 dny
@theyinninja8859 But the cop was calm? Your comment doesn't really make sense.
@theyinninja8859 Před 12 dny
@@jollyquinn430My good friend you belong in. R/Wooosh
@fivepandas1 Před 12 dny
@@theyinninja8859The whole Dumbledore joke is that it is said to be calm, but pretty much the exact opposite. Here, they just said he was calm and he was calm. It's not really funny.
@breannakay3884 Před dnem
Honestly police gotta be able to deal with people mocking them
I dont think he got pulled over for mocking the police man. I think he got pulled over for going almost 100mph.... Just a guess tho
@TylerTheSwimDude4387 Před 4 hodinami
Bro, he got arrested for going nearly 100mph in what I can only guess is anywhere from a 60-70 mph zone
@Mumen_Rider Před 22 hodinami
Literally the cop from the live action twisted metal series
@baggyspaggy Před 14 dny
‘I was only going 96’ Anything bro says or does can be used against him in a court of law 💀💀💀
@whatshisfaced2488 Před 13 dny
The cop hadn’t read him his Miranda rights yet 🤷‍♂️
@acoustic9373 Před 13 dny
96 KMH
@blj824621 Před 13 dny
He doesn’t have to read him his Miranda rights right away when talking to him, he could be just be detain and not arrested and even so he never ask him a question he answered the bikers question on what he done to be pull over. The biker disclosed information without even being question.
He has a way better case going for him against the cop though. Everything about this is illegal in america
@boringtalking6332 Před 8 hodinami
When the police tells u off it fine but when the other people tell them off you get arrested like bro
@kierstinwest2661 Před 7 hodinami
This is what they mean when they say *Criminal Speeds* 😂
@The8Don Před 8 dny
Played right into the cop's hands. "I didn't go over 100 I was going 96".
@tbirds5313 Před 7 dny
Beat me to it. Instant loss of any court case right there.
@chikne3018 Před 7 dny
​@tbirds5313 the point is under 100 isn't wreckless. Can't be arrested for it.
@The8Don Před 7 dny
@@chikne3018 you can be arrested for any unlawful act bruh. Most cops just don't waste time arresting people for minor offenses. And reckless isn't capped at 100mph bruh, reckless is defined by all contributing factors. Driving 70mph in a 25mph zone is justified reckless driving. 100mph has it's own stipulation like loss of license and impounding the bike or something.
@moonshot8589 Před 7 dny
Plua banging hand on helmet might me shown as reckless
@jesusgarza7942 Před dnem
Good job for the police .take him to jail.
@ACR999 Před 6 hodinami
tha fact u stopped while u knew u was still goin over 96 in what looks like no more than a 50😭
@cruciform592 Před 10 hodinami
The cop completely violated the 14th amendment.
@dutchrovell3662 Před 14 dny
Dude said "I didn't go over 100, I was doing 96" 😂
@leviharris7267 Před 14 dny
Km/h, so 60mph
@Questofthenight Před 14 dny
Because in Florida going over 100 is reckless driving or a felony. I can’t remember but that’s why he made sure to say he wasn’t over 100
@Questofthenight Před 14 dny
@@leviharris7267 No he was saying 96 mph so 154 km
​@@leviharris7267this is obviously not in kmh. Cop wouldn't react that way over 60mph
@DefCantGame Před 14 dny
Pretty sure its considered reckless in most states just some areas wont arrest unless its mid 100, around here they will just ticket you for speeding and reckless@@Questofthenight
Those are some bold tennis shoes officer!👍
@Volkswagenplanet Před 23 hodinami
Pulling out of the road allows you to merge with the speed of traffic. The radar woudnt get the cycle that fast on a merge. " doppler " radar takes 3 consecutive seconds to get a reading.
@fernandoanaya1903 Před 7 dny
He said I wasn't going 100. I was going 96 😂
@Anxiety_The_Band Před 7 dny
That's indeed what he said
@philipjnz9923 Před 7 dny
“My bad buddy, youre free to go”
@stephaniex_x7275 Před 7 dny
96 it's not 100 tho lmao
@thisguy9919 Před 7 dny
100 in certain states is immediate removal of license.
@twinmonkeys542 Před 6 dny
Ik idk why this guy is so mad the cop is kinda right
@bluebeard6189 Před 2 dny
Man was taken into custody before being notified of why. That is illegal.
@traceyharrison5380 Před 39 minutami
You can’t do that! You can’t arrest someone without reading them their rights! I don’t understand why the biker was tapping his helmet though
@shelby_button Před 12 dny
That cop’s sneakers are the real crime.
@dominictoretto4783 Před 12 dny
He got on them "one day I was born, at the age of four"ahh shoes on.
@thegear1214 Před 12 dny
Those are salomon shoes! Wth are you taking about. They're the best for tactical or standing in your feet
@braxtonpaetz9535 Před 12 dny
Didn't even have duty boots man
@maisiesmydog5194 Před 12 dny
They're just salamons
@georgiep6971 Před 12 dny
Lmao, didnt notice till i read your comment 🤣 thank you
@playonkorg Před dnem
The politician saved someone's life...a bouncy teenager with a T-shirt on a motorcycle
@PLGolf Před 2 dny
This is why you don’t resist arrest. Bet dude had a nice payout from the lawsuit
@TSjFoolishW Před 4 dny
He cracked a smile when you said “only 96” 😂😂
@amazingaces4389 Před 2 dny
He didn't he said he wasn't going over 100 the cop said 96😊
@almuradyh Před 5 hodinami
The biker made the international hand gesture indicating the presence of a speed camera or police ahead.
@JM-ol1cm Před 5 hodinami
That is not illegal.
@eladio5.061 Před hodinou
How you going to have a quiet sticker on your helmet and you did this 😂😂😂😂
@a.s.h.5774 Před 16 dny
“I didn’t go a hundred…. I was only going 96”. Lmfao
@froggybee1924 Před 16 dny
That is admissible in court! If the cop is giving you a ticket and they overcharge you, the whole case can be thrown out.
@jadonhargrove6351 Před 16 dny
​@froggybee1924 it's still probably a felony if over a certain speed. 96 is high
@SuperiorIronMan1 Před 16 dny
Doesn’t matter how fast he was going (in the context of their conversation. Obviously going 96 is reckless and stupid) what matters is the cop was lying and would file a false report which is admissible in court. The whole case would get thrown out because the cop had lied. That is, if the judge is worth their salt. Also not to mention the cop performed a dangerous maneuver by pulling in front of the biker when he was already pulling over and he immediately arrested him without reciting him his Miranda rights or stating why he is being placed under arrest, which is illegal. That alone would let the biker off scot free.
@reileo93 Před 16 dny
​@@SuperiorIronMan1a couple things I've learned recently. Cops don't have to tell you why you're under arrest, only that you are. Also Miranda rights(depending on state law) doesn't need to be read unless you're being interrogated or questioned. You can correct me on this cause I may well be wrong since there is a bunch of information arguing these points but that's what I got from my searches and some stuff from having viewed other lawyer youtube channels.
@elijahliestman7911 Před 16 dny
@@reileo93I believe the Miranda rights part is correct, unless you’re being questioned they don’t have to read them to you. The Miranda rights are initially solely to protect you from self incrimination. Until he asks you a question he doesn’t have to read them to you. You can make it all the way to county before they read to you.
@therealtrill9345 Před 2 dny
As soon as I notice he pulled out the cuffs im gon just because ge didn’t answer 😂
@Alguien994 Před dnem
"police with tennis shoes" USA: 😐👍 Mexico: ya nos cargo la chingada 💀
@mrpuffindabz4494 Před 12 dny
"I wasn't going over 100, I was doing 96" 💀
@ibo1137 Před 12 dny
@Rewwrs Před 11 dny
This is in Canada they use kph not mph. In our measurements of speed he was going like 59mph
@RingoEffects Před 11 dny
​@@RewwrsSt johns county is in Florida US this is not Canada
@treyhertsch5232 Před 11 dny
If you listen the limit was 100 and the cop said he exceeded it
@JhoelPixs Před 2 dny
Policeman: I have the right to remain silent😂
@ramsesvega8478 Před 13 dny
"I was only doing 96" Bro your lawyer is gonna strangle you Edit: Bro 8.8k likes and 100+ comments is crazy
@MrAsh-hr9mm Před 13 dny
If I was his lawyer I would tell him to say 96 kph in court. Which is under 60 mph.
@jaypolas4136 Před 13 dny
​@@MrAsh-hr9mm😐 Won't work. [The US verbally uses Miles and mph.]
@40kanon Před 13 dny
Even if he admitted it. Case would be thrown out, cop just arrests him and says nothing, no rights read or anything.
@Jack-mb4jx Před 13 dny
​@@jaypolas4136 It could be argued...now how effective it would be is the question. Also it seems that the cop took some time to get to him which would make me think he wasn't pulling him over for speeding otherwise it might have went differently. And tbh the Cop getting beside him then in front of him like that could be seen as reckless..especially given that the Cop wasn't saying anything until after he had put the Biker in Cuffs. And given this video was posted Online I would like to think the Biker isn't posting his own "L" and thus got out of the situation in one way or another.
@acoolturtle Před 21 hodinou
"I swear it was only 96"
@Bingchilling44528 Před 19 hodinami
Never announce yourself is police code 🤣 lawsuit
“I was only doing 96” probably isn’t the best response 😂
@MrKlapz Před 14 dny
He never said that he had the right to remain silent right? So then I guess you could fight that in court as well Also I don’t know much about law, so my point could be completely wrong
@John-tx1wk Před 14 dny
@@MrKlapz Look up the term "spontaneous confession". This situation would be a text book case.
@chon9746 Před 14 dny
​@@MrKlapzyeah that's not how that works bud...
@MrKlapz Před 14 dny
@@chon9746 okay
@chon9746 Před 14 dny
@@MrKlapz if you're from the US, I encourage you to learn more about laws and policing so that you know your rights and so that others can't take them away or take advantage of you
@jaylin3321 Před dnem
This whole encounter was illegal as hell 💀
@danr4316 Před dnem
Nope. How did you ascertain that? Give specific details.
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