Woody & Kleiny
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Fllipers Před 24 dny
Would not both be in pain cause they have to take it off? Still entertaining keep up the good work
Jonathan Edge
Jonathan Edge Před 9 hodinami
Baby oil takes it right off in a couple seconds with no prob at all. Slips right off. Can't believe almost 9,000 people didn't know this.
UltraEgo Před 20 hodinami
He can use oil to loosen it or water
Sarah life
Sarah life Před 2 dny
@victoryforvicton couldn’t say it any better
twinbros13 gaming
twinbros13 gaming Před 3 dny
❌Funtime❌ Před 4 dny
Distinguished Angel
Distinguished Angel Před 24 dny
“So what did you do today? ”Me and my friend ripped each others leg hair off..”
sarah hamnett
sarah hamnett Před dnem
3.6k likes and 13 comments lemme change that
numawitei Před 5 dny
3.2k likes and only 12 comment lemme fix that
Garipelly Vijaya
Garipelly Vijaya Před 9 dny
​@Dough user 😊
Rose Před 12 dny
2.4 likes and 9 comments lemme fix that
Ven Camari
Ven Camari Před 13 dny
Yeeeeeeah, I don’t think those were wax strips…
No one expected the glass until woody leaned on it 🤣
Dries-Peder Janse
Dries-Peder Janse Před 6 hodinami
Me too
Nezuko Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Před dnem
@sisi_ieie look closely u can see the line in the middle.
sisi_ieie Před dnem
​@Nezuko Kamado that's what
sisi_ieie Před dnem
No they there it up and there is a glass fence there
Anthony Huichan
Anthony Huichan Před 2 dny
Me to
The Sugar Eater
The Sugar Eater Před 21 dnem
For a sec, I thought the brick was fastened to their legs, so if they throw the wrong brick, it'd yank them out the window
Valcori 955
Valcori 955 Před 15 hodinami
Same 😊
theus Před dnem
yeah bro kkkkk
Melody Nguyen
Melody Nguyen Před 2 dny
Same 😂
Fish Bois
Fish Bois Před 3 dny
me too lol
Hi it’s me
Hi it’s me Před 4 dny
Same lol
Jodie de Wit
Jodie de Wit Před 18 dny
They do realize regardless they’re gonna have to rip it off anyway since it’s already on them😂
Corn Kid
Corn Kid Před 13 dny
That’s what I thought the entire time
Planet Saturnn
Planet Saturnn Před 14 dny
Yep, this is "content" now-a-days :/
IrsyadAkmal Před 15 dny
Damn, I just realised that 😂
Степ Před 16 dny
Если нагреть, то отвалится
RaydanZ Před 19 dny
"Lemme tell you something." Proceeds to rip the wax from his legs. xD
Goku Vibes
Goku Vibes Před 22 dny
It’s not gonna talk about how they threw the bricks through the window, and then ended up leaning against the window and not falling through
SB Fishing
SB Fishing Před 15 dny
Not only that you can see the reflection
Neckebb Před 16 dny
yeah i was so confused and then i watched it again and immediately saw the window
Jessica Rose
Jessica Rose Před 17 dny
Yo I thought it was a giant open window and clothes line through the yard until he leaned against it
Fluff Scripts
Fluff Scripts Před 19 dny
Bros blind
dteezle Před 20 dny
The glass is halfway up you can see it
Intro_Shorts Před 20 dny
The “let me tell you something” call-back to the meme of dude getting pushed off a cliff backwards is HILARIOUS!
Mason Fishel
Mason Fishel Před 17 dny
seems like as soon as they pick up the brick they know whether or not it’s their string
Gaming highlight hub
Ye it’s probably better to get it ripped off fast honestly
Tristan Charbonneau
Tristan Charbonneau Před 24 dny
Let Woody tell ya something he just got waxed lmao!
John Perkey
John Perkey Před 15 dny
For anyone who's curious, there was a 1 in 76 chance of this happening. I was curious and decided to find out if this video was fake. There's 20 bricks at the beginning and allegedly two of the bricks have a string to a leg and the 15th brick was the one to rip. Meaning there is was a 2/20 chance the first brick ripped. Take it away and there's a 17/19 chance. Continue this process and you get (18!/4!)/(20!/6!) Times the 2/6 chance of getting a ripping brick at the end. This simplifies to (18!*6!*2)/(20!*4!*6) =1/38 chance, but this is the chance for ANY leg to be ripped so divide it by two to get the chance of the first guy getting ripped at the 15th brick, getting us a 1/76. This is definitely in the realms of possibility. Check my math.
UserName_123 Před 20 dny
Gotta wonder what the neighbours thought. . . . Flying bricks! 😂😂
Smiling Girl
Smiling Girl Před 24 dny
Kleiny looks good in this hairstyle 😍
Joshua Faulks
Joshua Faulks Před 4 dny
May we have a moment of silence to the folk who don’t realise that the other wax strip on Kleiny still has to come off one way or another
Lacie Meadors
Lacie Meadors Před dnem
"Let me tell you something!" *Instant regret* 🤣
Tt Ttt
Tt Ttt Před 24 dny
Always encouraged
Qwerty Wirt
Qwerty Wirt Před 11 dny
“Mom? Why do girls live longer than boys?” Boys:
Drips Of Eden
Drips Of Eden Před 2 dny
“Let me tell you something!” Proceeds to throw brick and scream in pain lmao.
GoDSE Před 24 dny
Entertainment is the only thing which I get here all the time❤ ARE YOU GUYS AGREE..!!!?
Sam Khubchandani
Sam Khubchandani Před 15 dny
My heartbeat everytime they throw a brick 📈📈💀
Garter Snake the ForestWing™
"Dang it Janet our neighbors are throwing bricks out the windows now!"
pizza Před 18 dny
neighbours in ohio be like…
Sam Bishop
Sam Bishop Před 11 dny
"Why do women live longer than men" Men:
Icebreexe3 Před 6 dny
He will be happy until he has to take his off 😂
baboon Před 20 dny
Since people seem confused about the window at the end, it's half open if you look closely. That's how he leaned against it :]
Cbreez36 Před 19 dny
It’s a balcony
Jacob kesti
Jacob kesti Před 14 dny
We we ain’t gonna talk about how he just leaned on an open window 😭😭😭
uzzie88 Před 12 dny
Didn't notice the piece of glass there, until he gets up and rests against it. Thought he was going to fall out lol
Evie Frith
Evie Frith Před 24 dny
How did he lean on the glass if they were throwing the bricks through 😏
Ashlyn 💕
Ashlyn 💕 Před 24 dny
It’s half way open
Pruthuvi Bandara
Pruthuvi Bandara Před 3 dny
Why did I think they were gonna fall if they picked the right brick 💀
Estebbes funny clips hub (safe for the family)
Meanwhile the wife goes in the backyard to let out the dog!!
Andre Gutierrez
Andre Gutierrez Před 20 dny
Bro is the first man to become a woman in 1 sec without pronouns or surgery 💀💀
Live Gameplay Livestream & Uploads
These guys never fail to impress with their new games love it, Another day another game💯💪
Patricia Před 15 dny
Not me holding my breath the whole time 😅
Connect 4 & CJ Productions
for some reason this feels like it could become a jigsaw trap
sipete Před 15 dny
Me and my friend at the chemistry test :
mobiuszero Před 15 dny
Neighbours: " Their at it again "
Sss Před 13 dny
My patience almost ran out 😶
Austinzzz Před 13 dny
“They’re at it again honey”
Talk About It with Cameron
Anyone else more nervous for them hitting the glass railing? 😂
ACWAidan Před 11 dny
“what you doing it won’t turn you git!!” 😂😂😂😂😂
Marcus Hanna
Marcus Hanna Před 15 dny
My mans should play the lottery
Jayden Araiza
Jayden Araiza Před 15 dny
Never let them know your next move:* pics up the line that his legs are attached to
Angelo313 Před 11 dny
Bro that glass just appeared for woody to lean on it
wild card
wild card Před 15 dny
Let me tell you something.[rips own leg hair off.]
Fabrício Veloso
Fabrício Veloso Před 14 dny
I imagine the neighbor seeing several bricks flying from his neighbor's window and wondering what is going on
Elite_Cookie Před 15 dny
I thought one of them was gonna get launched with the brick😂
-somebody? Před 16 dny
After the video him realizing he still has to do it💀
ro1andag Před 15 dny
imagine being smacked by a brick then it gets followed by a strip of leg hair landing on your face
Edith Před 15 dny
Brought to you from a local AirBnB 😂
Magnolia Mo
Magnolia Mo Před 14 dny
Wouldn’t they bkth essentially be able to track the string back and know what brick they are connected to ?? You’d be able to feel it too.
Fizzle_YT Před 17 dny
Did my mans leaned on air?
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Před 14 dny
Even the winner gotta take it of 🤣
FreeZan_z Před 18 dny
Pretty sure only 1 string goes to their legs, obvious to know which string is connected to their leg
GamerdudePro Před 14 dny
Why do they do this? This is where the phrase high risk no reward comes from
Midnite Silhouette
Midnite Silhouette Před 24 dny
You guys are crazy, keep it up 🤣🤣🤣
Aria Před 2 dny
The neighbors be like:They're doing it again for a vid :/
91 ASSASSIN Před 17 dny
Other guy still has to take his off I don’t think he realized that😂😂😂😂😂
Trisha Guma
Trisha Guma Před 24 dny
They do crazy things 😂❤
No Name
No Name Před 2 dny
at any moment one of them is gonna realize they still have to rip it off
random guy
random guy Před 13 dny
I wanna see the part he realizes he still loses...
Abby Před dnem
We better keep Jason away from there
Chip ChipYT
Chip ChipYT Před 22 hodinami
My anxiety levels while watching this video 📈📈📈
Ravindra gaming
Ravindra gaming Před 16 dny
"Honey the neighbours are throwing bricks again"
The Fall Guy 808
The Fall Guy 808 Před 14 dny
for i second i thought something else was gonna get thrown out the window 💀💀💀
Coldheartz Před 16 dny
A new meaning to it’s raining bricks 🧱
Alec balec
Alec balec Před 10 dny
I honestly thought the aim was to throw the other person out of the window with the brick 😂
Mala Mala
Mala Mala Před 13 dny
He's probably out there cheating on me... Him:
Brittany Jackson
Brittany Jackson Před 10 dny
Did you ever think about how the wax strip might not come off and you just get dragged out the window?
Texas Před 24 dny
Thank you so much for making a fun video.
O mais engraçado q pra tirar o outro, vai ter q puxar tmb ksksksksk
Ben Connelly
Ben Connelly Před 19 dny
Hasbro needs to employ these two they make the best games
me personally
me personally Před 13 dny
I legitimately thought that when they got it one of em would go flying after it
Olea Customs Brokers Corp.
The last part really hit me 😂😂😂
XxMangle0xX Před 24 dny
That would hurt like hell! Bro are you ok?
Mehe suusy
Mehe suusy Před 21 dnem
What if your friend was a girl and didn't have any hair 💀💀
Rainbowloom Před 7 dny
A random person walking by: WHAT THE F- *gets hit by brick*
Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower Před 15 dny
Brian Doolittle
Brian Doolittle Před 23 dny
Kleiny first looked shocked that he won and then so happy that he did
Andrew Wild
Andrew Wild Před 17 dny
The funny thing is that they both have to remove it at some point
Tim Wiseman
Tim Wiseman Před 18 dny
Just casually throwing bricks in a backyard nothing wrong with that
Lucy Perkins
Lucy Perkins Před 15 dny
The neighbors: oh their throwing bricks out the window again!
MiniwheatSmithio Před 23 dny
When your wife tells you "you have too much hair on your legs"
Raspy Bob
Raspy Bob Před 19 dny
Was so hoping for them to hit the glass and have a break
Naina Sanganee
Naina Sanganee Před 22 dny
this is soo funny 😂😂😂 Love their content
kayjay390 Před 20 dny
How do all of your videos make it down to the last shot it seems like?
Countrygirl1 Před 16 dny
Tyler Gear
Tyler Gear Před 21 dnem
Bro leaned on window at the end. How?
CChapo Před 17 dny
Yh drffo green screen or something
i thought only me saw that
Aditi Poddar
Aditi Poddar Před 20 dny
Omg that sound 🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
Spot Coolio_F17
Spot Coolio_F17 Před 10 dny
My buttcheeks were clenched the whole time
Prekshya Thapa
Prekshya Thapa Před 18 dny
"Save bricks"💀
Plot twist: A bunny runs in the middle of the yard and gets sniped by a brick
Yarden Fridman
Yarden Fridman Před 21 dnem
And then he realised he would have to get the wax off one way or another
Erica Kostarides
Erica Kostarides Před 18 dny
The other guy after: “Wait, How do I get thi-“ 😯
brenden johnson
brenden johnson Před 13 dny
I thought he was about to fall off of the balcony 😭😭😭
Abhishek Mishra
Abhishek Mishra Před 18 dny
They never fail to entertain us 😆🤣
Fr3dL310 Před 19 dny
They're throwing the bricks out the window, but at the end, he gets up and holds onto the window. How is that possible?
Jerome Brun
Jerome Brun Před 17 dny
Never stronger than…Jackass !!!!!!!!!
Real bricks don’t bounce 🤷‍♀️
Nicholas Xavier
Nicholas Xavier Před 10 dny
Plot Twist : ... a brick hit the half glass wall
Timofei Před 13 dny
A cockroach running past cleanly from below☠️
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