Giving Pretty Girls My Credit Card…

Jack Doherty
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Giving Pretty Girls My Credit Card…
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4. 03. 2023





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Jack Doherty
Jack Doherty Před 13 dny
Follow my lG for more… jackdoherty
sYd Před 2 hodinami
Bruh I don’t follow simps 😒
Test Před 3 hodinami
Daddy's credit card, I assume
Alistair Gavin Rivera
Alistair Gavin Rivera Před 20 hodinami
Bro has no rizz
yan yanyan
yan yanyan Před dnem
Name of this girl
Shinynotbob Před 22 dny
Nah bro she just stole your card💀
Soham Před 13 minutami
That's what girls do
humdan bin ghanim
humdan bin ghanim Před 50 minutami
​@a youtubee do you where she put it💀💀💀💀
1 milion subs with no videos challange
​@a youtubee literealy
yayak fiantara
yayak fiantara Před 3 dny
" you dont have to buy it " what a passionate salesperson
MrSuperaptor Před 3 hodinami
That’s actually a sales tactic in high end places
CarlosPlays Před 10 hodinami
@Johnny Bravo and when some youtuber comes in to spend alot they lose alot
Lux Vita
Lux Vita Před 13 hodinami
@WestBS III they are actually trained to be a bit rude
Hue Nhuan
Hue Nhuan Před 16 hodinami
@Balkan Joker You make no sense. Try again.
Maria Trinity Mya
Maria Trinity Mya Před 4 dny
That girl really knows what she's doing.
RoyalMobb Před dnem
Please come to Brazil 💀
GenZ Před dnem
But she puts it in there. NOT HALAL MODR
Raidon Negash
Raidon Negash Před 12 dny
“You guys ARE the opps.” 💀
creepsosteady187 SIX66IX
krihs Před dnem
Bro passed the vibe check without passing the vibe check
Dominic Carey
Dominic Carey Před 2 dny
I died😂
Tae Swizzle
Tae Swizzle Před 2 dny
Why don’t know why shit be funnier when someone repeats in the comments 😂
Poopfart Před dnem
Bro.. you’re so kind and generous. I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’D EVEN ASK THAT.
leah Před 4 hodinami
I think she was just joking lmao💀💀
TheNobody Před dnem
“Can I keep this?” *puts in bra* Ah yes…how to torment your guy friends 🥶
Nathan K
Nathan K Před 9 dny
bro didn’t wanna get canceled so he just let her keep the card 😂
GetDownShawty Před 4 hodinami
@coltonslimedout omm
lawrence hinojosa
lawrence hinojosa Před 6 hodinami
I would of took my card back
Nathan K
Nathan K Před 17 hodinami
@Logan Oliver in this day and age it aint worth the risk
Orion Acres
Orion Acres Před 18 hodinami
His friend anyway...
If you reply, I win
​@Mikhailov Jae Does it make it okay for her to steal it tho?😹
ZeeeuuusO7 Před dnem
At the end he said “I’m not gonna get cancelled I’ll just cancel the card” 😂😂😂
Adriano Před 11 hodinami
She looks like the type of girl to say she’s 22 but is actually 32
Universal Patriots
Universal Patriots Před 11 dny
Bro just turned her into a gold digger.
ʆυsα'i ʂωυRσ
ʆυsα'i ʂωυRσ Před 22 hodinami
​​@lovedsophia well.. The difference is humble people get emotional and would refused... To spend a stranger money...
Aria Před 2 dny
@sayingamerYT nothing I said was sexist
lovedsophia Před 2 dny
@xd_RYZZY how is she a gold digger when he came up to her and offered to buy her something
sayingamerYT Před 2 dny
​@Aria common sexist response
Love your self
Love your self Před 2 dny
@qyict some cartoons fan mad !!
Offer to buy the security guard anything he wants and problem solved.
cynchyn08 Před dnem
230 likes and no reply, let me change that
Cyclone Před 5 hodinami
That salesperson literally got mad at someone for buying something really expensive in their store
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Před hodinou
they clearly got mad for filming. and it looks like it's not the first time they asked this person to fucking stop.
costco gaming 88
costco gaming 88 Před 13 dny
the cameraman knew exactly what he was doing
Starrimoss Před 4 dny
SAVE DEKU Před 5 dny
Itz JohnnyBoi
Itz JohnnyBoi Před 8 dny
@Darvin 50k vlogs Thank You, I hope that with you too!❤
Andy West
Andy West Před 2 dny
Spends 5k in their shop but still gets kicked out America...
JackR TV
JackR TV Před 10 hodinami
Eh, it's 5k to that corporation. That's pennies to them. I garuntee a small business would be beyond grateful for a huge purchase like that.
Priscila Torres
Priscila Torres Před 6 hodinami
"please step back" "you came up to me" 🤣🤣🤣
T8FF5 Zooba
T8FF5 Zooba Před 9 dny
ain’t no way the security called them the opps 💀💀
AlfieBear27 Před 4 dny
@Brad Stark another name*
Kovacevic Josip
Kovacevic Josip Před 5 dny
​@Brad Starkwhat Ur lost💀
Kovacevic Josip
Kovacevic Josip Před 5 dny
​@Brad Starkno it's not it means the opposition's, like the other gang
Landon Abraham
Landon Abraham Před 6 dny
@bone man fr 😂
derricko Před 6 dny
naw the mall cops
Playtunes Před 12 hodinami
The fact that she actually bought something over $100 speaks for itself
Lord David
Lord David Před dnem
The fact that people get upset about others filming while they are constantly on camera is wild
Extra_ tikz
Extra_ tikz Před 12 dny
"Please step back" "You came up to me" 💀💀 he ain't wrong
The_Shogun_18 Před 3 dny
It’s his job… and he was asked multiple times to stop
D'Artagnan Před 7 dny
​@J0lieo RBX Thank you
Viewer Před 9 dny
@J0lieo RBX My.. disappointment is.. unmeasurable, and my day is ruined.
KoreaMania Před 9 dny
@J0lieo RBX I was Abt to carry it on and then saw u broke it The disappointment I felt was colossal.
Nanocat250 Před 4 dny
I see this man imma say my balance is a million💀
Lucky Před 2 dny
I'm having an existential crisis because he won't give me his credit card because I'm ugly
flyused edits
flyused edits Před 22 dny
Bro he got caught by the sheriff 💀
AlfieBear27 Před 4 dny
That's security not the damn sheriff.
Darvin 50k vlogs
Darvin 50k vlogs Před 10 dny
Whoever reading this, I pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine I wish you the best of what life has to offer.❤️👏👏
mushroom Před 12 dny
The boss mall cop 😱
Jefrryy Před 13 dny
Bro got 12k likes💀
JellyBellyYt Před 13 dny
Bro got the likes of the girls budget💀
Jose Ariel
Jose Ariel Před hodinou
That salesperson was beyond unprofessional
Dude really tried to steal the card below her neck place 💀
Edit Před 7 dny
I would’ve cancelled that card the second I walked away 💀
TrajicTempr Před 3 dny
Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez Před 3 dny
He probably did do thay
Plansh03 Před 3 dny
​@John Davenport genius
Sicily’s scenarios
@John Davenport LMFAO it’s not like he would be lying 😂
Dre Parker
Dre Parker Před 4 dny
@John Davenport lol fuck yeah my card was stolen
Rampage Před 3 dny
This guy got girls all over his Snapchat💀💀
The Business men
The Business men Před dnem
You have the right to film!!! The mall is a public place meaning the people going there have “no expectation of privacy” meaning you can film :)
Zach Moore
Zach Moore Před 12 hodinami
Private businesses including the mall itself can impose no video recording in their business because it is privately owned not owned by the general public or tax payers, If it was a library or city hall then you can record because it is publicly owned and you have a right to be there as a tax payer but privat property is more of a privilege for someone to allow you to be on there property
Ava Britton-Heitz
Ava Britton-Heitz Před 9 dny
the lady in the store was being nice, not everyone likes having a camera shoved in their face
JackR TV
JackR TV Před 10 hodinami
​@Arianna PearsonThey aren't public.
Zebras Gonna Zeb
Zebras Gonna Zeb Před dnem
​SwordLuvsU she's a fucking worker in that store. it's he, who records the video and she does her job
Donte Brisbon
Donte Brisbon Před 2 dny
The mall is private property. It's not owned by the city or government its an individual that owns it.its a privilege to shop at the mall not a right. So the constitutional rights does stop on that property.
Donte Brisbon
Donte Brisbon Před 2 dny
@Arianna Pearson it private property meaning that a sole proprietary owns it not the government or city, a store accommodates the public. The best way to look at it is we have a privilege to shop here, not a right to shop here
Bro rly gave his whole money away wothout no hesitation💀
Chrispy Před dnem
I'd definitely be embarrassed to take that card tbh 😅
Killa Před 6 dny
this is the most blood boiling video I have ever seen 💀💀💀💀
Bear Witty
Bear Witty Před 2 dny
​@Dragon Ball Spaghetti in contrary to "erectful".
ChigidyChad Před 2 dny
@1k trey Fr
Rae Sanders
Rae Sanders Před 2 dny
Bro fr, why didn’t his ass just turn off the camera and show what they bought when they got outta the store
Ifeanyi Melvis
Ifeanyi Melvis Před 2 dny
Easy man, deep breaths😂
Eisenhower Před 2 dny
What the fuck?! 😂😭
You MeanMe
You MeanMe Před dnem
hes gonna sniff the credit card everyday
Shootttr Před 4 dny
She definitely took a picture of your card lmfao 💀
David Munir
David Munir Před 2 dny
elia sujashvili
elia sujashvili Před 9 dny
She just made the card drop into the bra to keep it 💀☠️💀
Ron-tbh Před 5 dny
​@K4 Y3L next thing you know your behind bars 😂
Joyfactors Před 6 dny
@Zxra I think it was funny it made me laugh out loud
Laluis Frew
Laluis Frew Před 6 dny
@Zxra why did you delete your comment looks bad on us now.
zoom Před 2 dny
Bro really just told them to follow him
Defaulty mag
Defaulty mag Před dnem
she MADE SURE she was keepin that card
Blaze Před 12 dny
Bro didn't stop filming to the point where literally the Rick Grimes of the Mall pulled up on him brother I'm dead 💀💀💀
Mr.T Official
Mr.T Official Před 9 dny
XxHeavyMetal_FanxX Před 9 dny
What the hell, so I'm not the only one who thinks that guy looked like Ricky 🤣💀
UnMol Před 9 dny
You don't get it, he's lawhsttt
Billybizzare Před 9 dny
Ain’t no way 💀🤣
ifYOUsaySO Před 9 dny
Bro said Rick grimes💀
Shi I’m digging just to get my card back😭
Banana Před dnem
Imagine he just went up to a millionaire 💀
♡Monika♡ Před 12 dny
This man is an official.. ✨SIMP✨
No name
No name Před 7 dny
You don’t say
BillyIzHeer Před 9 dny
Neeeh it’s a one time thing for like each girl
shayxn Před 9 dny
i agree
♡Monika♡ Před 9 dny
@FaZe Syphon says the one thats 7
Aljay Louie Gallardo
Yup simp
XxJJGray18xX Před 14 hodinami
It’s literally illegal for them to tell you you’re not allowed to film in public…
Amazing Aubree
Amazing Aubree Před 2 dny
Bro knew what he was about to fall for at the end 😂
Fat Penguin
Fat Penguin Před 10 dny
A normal day in Ohio... Dude doesn't care about anything and a random person stole his card. 💀💀💀
Fat Penguin
Fat Penguin Před 2 dny
@Rafan yea that makes more sense but It's really funny :D
Rafan Před 2 dny
im pretty sure he knows the girl and this was all planned
Rolfan Před 6 dny
@Fat Penguin it did end months ago
Dodo Před 7 dny
This video doesnt seem real
Logically Thinking
Logically Thinking Před 8 dny
Julia Durham
Julia Durham Před 3 dny
bro was just chill like that
lavreche Před 3 dny
My fav part is that he’s technically allowed to record even without their consent cus it’s a public place
Technically no.
Mumblezz__ Před dnem
Private stores
Reen M
Reen M Před dnem
Stores are private and have their own policies but he should be able to record in common areas. In this case he kept going against the store’s policies after multiple warnings therefore the security had every right to kick him out for that disturbance.
CodNation Před dnem
@SpringtrapHotSeggs I’m agreeing with you fyi they can kick him out and that he can’t record without permission
Edrei Alaban
Edrei Alaban Před 13 dny
The reason why the lady in Chanel didn’t want you to bring a camera there is because there are people who film/picture Chanel products and copy them to make profit. There are currently no laws to protect fashion brands from this form of plagiarism so people who work there are very wary about it. Just so you know 😊
AlfieBear27 Před 4 dny
FIIIENZ Před 5 dny
It’s not even their money😒
Golden Laneee
Golden Laneee Před 8 dny
The reason why the lady in Chanel didn’t wait you to bring a camera in there is bc there are people who like take a picture of the Chanel products/items and copy them to get money.There aren’t any laws to protect fashion brands from this type of plagiarism so people work there at the Chanel are very known to it. Just letting yk ❤😊😊
Anak Sayang disini
Anak Sayang disini Před 8 dny
Why would there be a law to protect fashion brand when they literally copy and even steal designs themselves
-Arigato_Honey_Pie- !!
can’t you just look at pictures of them online?
J-Daw477 Před 3 dny
They tried throwing him out, but he got the real prize in the end 😎
Maddog Před 2 hodinami
Just reach in there my boi and take it back like a boss 😎
HorseNerd🤍🌺 Před 13 dny
He reminds me of that annoying kid in the back of the classroom that won’t stop arguing with the teacher because he wants to make everyone laugh 😑 Thank all of you so so much for 3k!! ❤️❤️
I like Rocks
I like Rocks Před 9 dny
Except he's actually buying people things which is basically mr beast but more annoying
Alyssa Wilson
Alyssa Wilson Před 10 dny
Ron Nas
Ron Nas Před 10 dny
Fr and half the time it’s funny but the other half it’s annoying
Shela E.
Shela E. Před 10 dny
The ones that TRY to make people "laugh" but failed
ExoticMayonnaise Před dnem
My fist would’ve been saying hi to her face had she taken my card like that 🙏
danielsame Před 9 hodinami
bro probably cancelled the card 🤣
Nate Watson
Nate Watson Před 16 dny
he gave her a 12 thousand dollar budget and she bought lipstick
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Před 9 dny
She never really got that budget from him, that was just for the camera
Mohammad Ullah
Mohammad Ullah Před 10 dny
​@Nate Watson o
Valtteri Väljä
Valtteri Väljä Před 10 dny
@Rinmori Uzumaki I think she wanted those sunglasses but i dunno what happend then💀💀
Abhinay Kollu
Abhinay Kollu Před 10 dny
Blocky_Happy Před 3 dny
"How much money is in your bank account" "well, 10 mil" "Oh shit, skip"
Bros gotta go digging for that card
Zoid Před 21 dnem
Bro really asked them to tell them to follow him 😂💀💀 Edit: Jack can we get a heart if we reach 10K likes???
Pey pey
Pey pey Před 11 dny
​@Sh3rlock he is a security guard
Skiippys Před 13 dny
@Sh3rlockmall cop aren’t cops
Sh3rlock Před 14 dny
That’s not even funny. He is trying to prank a real cop. And he is very annoyed.
Heckler Před 14 dny
No comments lol
Mauras Issac
Mauras Issac Před hodinou
I feel that she didn’t even deserve it honestly.
Franio Před 20 hodinami
You can buy everything to 12k Glasses for 1,6k Dude : Oh hell nah buy this lipstick
Yodeli Před 4 dny
That security guard is actually chill as hell
in love with curry
in love with curry Před 9 hodinami
@FxMatt📈 plus I literally said idc about the content of first amendment bro 😅
in love with curry
in love with curry Před 9 hodinami
@FxMatt📈 what's your point then? Recording is allowed in the mall even if the owner does not allow?
FxMatt📈 Před 9 hodinami
@in love with curry that's explain why you're also slow to realize that the first amendment has nothing to do with recording inside a mall
in love with curry
in love with curry Před 9 hodinami
​@FxMatt📈 Bro I'm not American but that's the most simple logic to say mall is a private property and it does not follow whatever first amendment that previously discussed in the replies, idc. But if mall owner decide to shut down, does the owner has the right to shut down? Yes. If the mall owner decide to implement a 'no recording policy he can do that too. Sorry that I assumed the owner a he, AMERICAN 😂. If your working place has the P&C documents whatever ,and your boss ask you to not record in the work place, you gonna throw your first amendment at your boss and call the police bro? I'm not trying to educate other bro but from my pov,scrolling through your bs, makes me sick 😂
Anthony Hernandez
Anthony Hernandez Před 11 hodinami
​@FxMatt📈 Mall is technically private property...
Clutch Pumpkin127
Don’t y’all worry, he deactivated his card not even 5 minutes later
Extraterrestrial Being
She's definitely got the Yams.😮
Mr. Maxya
Mr. Maxya Před 8 dny
“You think putting it there makes me not wanna grab it?” “Yeah??” “Well you thought wrong” *reaches in*
Mr. Maxya
Mr. Maxya Před 22 hodinami
@Dj Tom same ngl 💀💀💀
Dj Tom
Dj Tom Před 22 hodinami
@Mr. Maxya yeah im lost at this point
Mr. Maxya
Mr. Maxya Před dnem
@Dj Tom “You still whining??? I thought I told u were family”
Dj Tom
Dj Tom Před dnem
@Mr. Maxya ahh what I been out for a Day someone please help meeee
Dj Tom
Dj Tom Před 3 dny
@Mr. Maxya ahhh.....
SoberEdits ツ
SoberEdits ツ Před 2 dny
Bros gonna sniff that credit card later 😩
Jakob Meyer
Jakob Meyer Před 23 hodinami
When trust fund babies run reckless on TikTok.
GHBrickWall4 Před 13 dny
She rly slipped that card into her mid section knowing he wouldn’t reach in there lol
Najeem Noushad
Najeem Noushad Před 9 dny
​@Jacob Watson 😊😅
Oscar Gee
Oscar Gee Před 9 dny
I’ll just report the card stolen lol and get a new one
@Thor F. idk bout all that but hy😂😂
Unhumble Humilty
Unhumble Humilty Před 10 dny
Isn’t that illegal
Reflex OP
Reflex OP Před dnem
Letting girls buy whatever they want then take them on your bed 💀| Man you dropped this 👑
Ghost Před dnem
This has to be the most infuriating yt short I’ve ever seen
Duck Před 10 dny
This is one of the most chaotic shorts I’ve ever stumbled upon
SuNnY_aLLinOne Před dnem
Imma Block tf outta that card on my way back.
Guilherme Castro
Guilherme Castro Před dnem
So that's how she has 12k in her bank account
IB gaming
IB gaming Před 7 dny
We all know jack was happy to get that card back 💀
If she stole my credit card I would dig my hand in any day as far I could just to get it❤❤ am being honest I would rage quit and just dig my hand in for it take the risk as I let use 12k on my credit card she must give me something back.🍑
Bro he is going to be licking and smelling it forever 😂😂😂❤❤
Normie Před 2 dny
Goku_Drip Před 3 dny
@SquatterNutBash yessiirr
Nekogirl Před 22 hodinami
If I owned that place that would be instant fired you don’t tell people they don’t have to buy it you try to sell it. A real sales person would’ve asked her budget and tried to get max budget
JayX24 Před dnem
“I don’t now what I’m doing wrong!” Bro they literally told you to stop filming and you didn’t listen🤦‍♂️
miniature Před 13 dny
Literally the definition of pretty privilege 💀
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez Před 11 dny
@Bpearr Great! Now u will know you will never get pretty privilege
Bpearr Před 11 dny
@Ana Sanchez nah I’m glad the world doesn’t build my ego
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez Před 11 dny
@Kisan Bro they wouldn't of added emojis if they didn't wanted ppl to use it bsfr
Hayley Pidek
Hayley Pidek Před 3 dny
Mans had a rough day Told u can’t film like 5 times Gets kicked outta store Continues to film Gets kicked outta mall “Idk what I’m doing wrong” I-
Christina Lalsawmzuali
My budget ain't even gonna hit one dollar huh 😭
Lucia Před 14 dny
Just be respectful of the mall workers, their job is annoying enough and they don't want to have to deal with that. EDIT: TYSM FOR THE LIKES!!!!!
Lucia Před 9 dny
okay you go do that but just know that its stupid :)
tahaak Před 10 dny
Sorry, but when I go to Chanel and pay $1500 for some glasses, they have to treat me like an absolute king or they can kiss my ass.
Rory Před 10 dny
@Little_Diesel300 The disturbance isn't the fact that he is buying her something. Its because he is filming. Just because you don't give a shit doesn't mean that everyone is comfortable being filmed for a video. It becomes illegal when the person has SPECIFICALLY said that the *do* *not* consent to being filmed, which is what the worker did. He continued filming, and was being a little prissy jackass about it when asked to stop. That is his own fault he got kicked out.
Little_Diesel300 Před 10 dny
@Rory it’s legal people just cry about it and once they’re asked to leave by a manager or owner or security they legally have to. It’s not causing a disturbance to but a girl something at a mall. The disturbance is caused by the crybabies who complain
Rory Před 10 dny
​@Little_Diesel300 Clearly its not if these guys get kicked out all the time. And even if it is, they're causing a disturbance which is why they aren't supposed to film there. If they wanted to do this in a park and ask for the persons consent to film them, thats a completely different situation to going into a mall, randomly walking up to someone, and having them participate in videos you're not even supposed to be making.
Jjil Lalalac
Jjil Lalalac Před dnem
people be treating malls like military bases lmao no filming 😂😂😂
Loudplug Před dnem
She definitely took a picture of the card😭
Brittany Brown
Brittany Brown Před 11 dny
Plot twist: *she was lying about how much is in her account*
Albus Před 9 dny
​@Cape Films how do you know🤨
No name
No name Před 9 dny
Why is having 12k she probs have it in savings account...
Cape Films
Cape Films Před 9 dny
She does only fans she for sure has 12k
Hello Bye
Hello Bye Před 9 dny
Like it’s too much of too little
Nathan Bowdrey
Nathan Bowdrey Před 3 dny
She really stole his card😂
Samyak H P
Samyak H P Před dnem
Shows how entitled and promiscuous women have become. Like a spoiled child, who haven't been held accountable ever.
Olatunde Popoola
Olatunde Popoola Před 10 dny
ain’t no way the security called them opps 💀
The Stranger
The Stranger Před dnem
Girls really do live life on easy mode lol
Jesus The Wise
Jesus The Wise Před 2 dny
Lmao she doesn’t know that while he’s walking to the car he can easily cancel the card and order a new one lol
Brandon Velez
Brandon Velez Před 19 dny
“ Can I keep this?” “Yea I guess so” casually walks away and locks his card
Scammer  🏳️‍🌈⃠
Women ☕️ And this man ☕️
0xJuice Před 12 dny
​@Not a bot actually its Men💪
Not a bot
Not a bot Před 12 dny
Men ☕️
Calin Sau
Calin Sau Před 13 dny
Lol he locked she can't buy anything now lol
Kris Rodgers
Kris Rodgers Před 13 dny
Women. ☕️
Christian Newton
Christian Newton Před 9 hodinami
When the ops call you the ops shit gets weird 😂
Cibi bono
Cibi bono Před 2 dny
If that was my mom's card I would definitely take it from there 💀
mitcheal and aaiden
mitcheal and aaiden Před 22 dny
She just yanked his credit card
Death. Před 8 dny
​@Plty omh ye funny hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🗿😐😐😐
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin Před 13 dny
@Plty oh wow I’m dying so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😐
DaHotsock Před 13 dny
​@Plty ahahaahahah very funny joke 100% laughing rn 😐
Plty Před 14 dny
@Rosely Peachy cares
DJM@you Před dnem
His Dad is gonna be pissed when the credit card bill arrives 😂
DomaLonkeyRBLX Před 2 dny
Bro just asked if she could keep it and rubbed it on her **** 💀💀💀
Estrella Před 15 dny
“you dont have to buy it” & just like that i would’ve walked out. she might work on commission & she wasn’t abt to get that sale after being rude like that.
Mari C
Mari C Před 10 dny
Same. & that’s crazy!! I wouldn’t buy sunglasses for that much! Crazy!
richer Před 12 dny
@xK1 nq_ uh no. what an astronomical reach
richer Před 12 dny
that’s not rude
Eighth Horcrux
Eighth Horcrux Před 12 dny
There is something called comfort zone and sometimes money isn't the the thing for which you have to come outa your comfort zone Clearly, she works there, she has been given orders to not let someone film inside the store and maybe she doesn't like to being fimed to.. i for myself wouldn't like if someone just shoves a cam and mike to my face randomly. He could've just paused the video, Go inside, ask the manager permission and then buy the "humble lady" her likings. In no than go somewhere where people are comfortable with filming content.
Nico _
Nico _ Před dnem
Imagine she has like under 500k in her bank accout💀
persie Před 4 dny
12k bank account for the sh*ttiest bag that she owned bruh
♡︎ ℕ𝚘𝚟𝚊 ت︎
“Uhm, we’re getting kicked out because we’re not allowed to film here.” *”you can’t film here”* “Dude we’re not- I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.” 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Smokey C
Smokey C Před 3 dny
DarkSoul_ Před dnem
Tell him i identify myself as a camera 😂🤣
Daku ッ
Daku ッ Před 2 dny
Just reach in there and get your card back 💀
Fabian Před 4 dny
"Now i ain't sayin' she a gold digger" "But she ain't messin' with no broke ni**s"💀
fotis3v Před 6 hodinami
She'll be tasting the broke ' 'as while buying stuff with the rich ' 'as card my man lol.
tekuwheeler35 Před 3 dny
I want a wife like her IDC if she a gold digger
Journull Music
Journull Music Před 2 dny
That's sad
Nico Cass
Nico Cass Před 3 dny
U know he liked getting it back 💀
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