Game Theory: You Are Being LIED To! (Bendy and The Dark Revival)

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Zyon Před měsícem
Love how Mat usually has to dig through mountains of content to get to the lore, but immediately rejects it when it's served to him on a silver platter
Ramon Andrajo
Ramon Andrajo Před 8 dny
@Yza Renice David ?
Yza Renice David
Yza Renice David Před 9 dny
hes like dora like matpat the lore is right there right there in front of you cant you see it
Ramon Andrajo
Ramon Andrajo Před 13 dny
@MG7_creeper ?
MG7_creeper Před 14 dny
@Ramon Andrajo so when were there ghost in bendy????
Ramon Andrajo
Ramon Andrajo Před měsícem
@Emilee ?
Asage Před měsícem
“Clearly evil janitor” Mark: “..nah I trust him”
LKatwaroo70 Před 22 dny
@@More_Alia on Tele-grambot
BtheRockGMan Před 28 dny
He was too obvious of a villain, I would’ve trusted him too 💀
Magnacrushers art
Magnacrushers art Před měsícem
@RWilson yeah i just thought that he had a weird voice cause I thought it *WOULDN'T BE THAT OBVIOUS*
RWilson Před měsícem
I gave him the benefit of the doubt until he started talking like gman
@More_Alia on Tele-gram
@More_Alia on Tele-gram Před měsícem
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Tw1stedcut Před měsícem
If I’m being honest, this game kinda was a “sorry for previously being a game with a vague story line just so Matpat has theories to make about it, here’s a game with a clear story that even casual players can pick up” and I liked that.
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hoe Před měsícem
Just to note: Archgate bought the rights AFTER joey died That was made clear in Nathan's note It's also noted that the ink machine actually used souls
shivaferreiro Před měsícem
Joey could have killed Tessa and used her soul to make Audrey after Nathan didn't lent him the money and the studio went broke. And if Nathan didn't know Joey was his wife's murderer, he could have bought the rights of the characters after Joey's death to honor someone he thought was his friend.
Shachar Lem
Shachar Lem Před měsícem
Matpat: "yeah... Nathan lied too."
Yassine Farah
Yassine Farah Před měsícem
The thing about Joey and Allison's friendship also not making sense is the fact her arrival in the studio leads to Susie Campbell no longer being the voice actress for Alice Angel, leading to her eventual demise at Joey hands.
tornike antia
tornike antia Před měsícem
Seeing MatPat doing a theory on Bendy feels like 2017 all over again.
sepz gamin'
sepz gamin' Před 13 dny
meanwhile a place on earth (o forgot what country, bruhhhh): it is?
Sora Před 19 dny
toby Před 21 dnem
Ad0lfH1tler420 Před 26 dny
Here's the full vid: that explains cs-vid.net/video/video-XWbldR9GxwU.html after so long, it's here
cinnamoroll Před měsícem
2017 was 6 years ago…
EZRATO Před měsícem
This really checks out when you consider that Wilson created the house maid in the image of his mother (the maid reveals this in the last chapter) - this makes a lot of sense for him to do if his mother had been killed by Joey and he was missing her.
Innertuber40 Před 8 hodinami
Also, in the end credits, we see Betta with her mask on the piano. She has a face that we haven't seen before. What does that face look like? Well...
Itz_Cinnabon Před 14 hodinami
This!! I was expecting this to be brought up in some way
EZRATO Před měsícem
@Nutty Nuts Nutstache Yeah, she died, and now Wilson misses her because she's dead. The cause of death has no relation to why Wilson misses her, it's purely just an explanation as to why she died in the first place.
Nutty Nuts Nutstache
Nutty Nuts Nutstache Před měsícem
@EZRATO I have a plausible reason. The fact that she died. You don't think the fact the she died would be a reason wilson misses her mother, and maybe NOT the cause of her death? Hmmmmmmm?
EZRATO Před měsícem
@Nutty Nuts Nutstache Maybe not, but the only other plausible reason I could think of as to why he'd be missing her is that she died of old age, which is possible, but would be odd, given that her husband is still alive and hasn't even retired yet. You might say it's simply cause she's not around much but eh, there's nothing in the game that hints at that to my knowledge, whereas there is possibly something that hints towards her death by Joey as discussed in the video
hyucks_andkisses Před měsícem
Matt: “The OBVIOUSLY evil janitor” Mark: “I am fully convinced this man’s evil appearance is just a red herring and he’s actually a normal, innocent man”
Alien Orca
Alien Orca Před měsícem
I have a couple of problems with this theory. First off Tessa Arch can't be Audrey, because in the Nathan Arch audio log that we find in Wilsons lab he mentions both visiting the animation department and bring a hotdog home for Tessa. This means that Tessa would still be alive while Audrey was working at Arch Gate Films, so they couldn't be the same person. Second off I think Joey is actually telling the truth for once. I believe him because he told Audrey she was never really human and at the end of the game the Ink Demon tells Audrey that she is like him. This would make sense if Joey was telling the truth because it would mean that the Ink Demon and Audrey were both created solely from the ink. Also, I know this doesn't change the fact that Joey has still done horrible things in the past, but just because a person can't fully redeem themselves doesn't mean they can't realize what they did was wrong and at least try to set some of the things they did right. One more thing, if you wondering why Audrey didn't turn out like the Ink Demon, I am not really certain myself, but I have a theory of my own. My theory is that after Audrey was created Joey showed her love and kindness which were things that the Ink Demon was never exposed to. Because of this Audrey grew up being able to feel compassion and empathy while the Ink Demon ended up becoming the soulless monster we all know and fear. P.S. Sorry for any grammar or punctuation errors.
Broken Code
Broken Code Před měsícem
This has got to be Matpat’s Villain arc because he keeps questioning the lore and saying the games are lying to us 😂😂😂
Leaf Před měsícem
Amethyst Skeels
Amethyst Skeels Před měsícem
@MEMES FROM DEEP SPACE or midlife crisis
Vilain arc or enlightment arc
A B Před měsícem
Glad I'm not the only one who thought joey being nice was strange after doing all of that horrific stuff.
MrNickPresley Před měsícem
@‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ no
M Tucker
M Tucker Před měsícem
After the closing of the studio when he tried to bring allison back to sacrifice her in BATIM/bendy 1 she wrote back saying, no im not going to come back, thanks but no thanks. MatPat forgot this since the first game, but he made it a BIG DEAL in his videos for BATIM.
BIG IMP Před měsícem
Because its not the real joey he even says it himself
fiona goldwater
fiona goldwater Před měsícem
So true, ones an evil creep all ways an evil creep
Eric Kamakeeaina
Eric Kamakeeaina Před měsícem
@Anonymous Enigma How though?
FireCatGaming Před měsícem
A theory a day keeps MatPat away!
Connor Schultz
Connor Schultz Před měsícem
I feel like most information about the studio came from the cycle, it could all be joey's version of it in the cycle, alicesen retroactivly being worked into that timeline to explain why she's in the studio (drew being a story teller, and caring about such things)
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Larva Heroes
Larva Heroes Před měsícem
Glad I'm not the only one who thought joey being nice was strange after doing all of that horrific stuff.
Cyntrix Před měsícem
Kinda wish you would expand on it but this theory actually makes sense. Just think as to why or how Wilson was an undercover “janitor” and had the knowledge of the ink machines importance. And of all the workers why Audrey.
Anthawn Nichols
Anthawn Nichols Před měsícem
I love it when game developers (and those alike) are aware of MatPat and his theory crafting because game lore is important.. finding a deeper story and hidden meanings to events is added fun for the brain..
zzichenn Před 21 dnem
@Nat please doooo ill be here to support and buy
Nat Před měsícem
Matpat is one of the reasons why I want to make games in the first place bc of his obsession with lore, and has actually helped me put enough into them
ScarletRevon522 Riptechnothelegend
Right! Sometimes it make a game worse but other times like this one they do a amazing job doing the lore. Before matpat games definitely didn’t have as much lore.
BDbendenderman Před měsícem
i love that the story is complex in this series.
Rachel Amber
Rachel Amber Před měsícem
Wow. I’ve been a fan of bendy since it came out 4 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years!! I also cant believe they published books…may have to check them out now that I know they exist
Theor Před měsícem
So yeah, Joey is now 100% evil.. a complete 180 from Matpat's theory about Joey changing to a nice man and reaching out to his former employees and ask them for forgiveness
Dave Norton's epic prank channel
Definitely a theory worth looking at, but can you explain the ending? Why would Joey still be a bad guy if he was willing enough to face off against the demon to get himself killed for Audrey?
J “Jada” C
J “Jada” C Před 26 dny
To keep his best creation alive, after all Audrey is perfect to him.
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It's B
It's B Před měsícem
Honestly the dark revival attempting to wash away the consistent narrative of Joey being an awful person (especially in the books) never sat right with me, so I would prefer this theory to be true.
Lxttlecomfey Před měsícem
Few little observations 1) So Henry from the first game is meant to be an inky recreation of Henry, presumably without a soul. If that’s the case, how come he can touch the ink? Allison in the first game even said “we’re not like you Henry” and proceeds to describe how her and Tom couldn’t cross the ink because they didn’t have a soul and were made purely of ink, but Henry could since he, presumably, did have a soul. If he was just an inky recreation of Henry, he would be soulless, and therefore couldn’t touch the ink. Perhaps Joey is lying about that Henry being a recreation? (Or a continuity error) 2) While Matpat says that Joey is also torturing Allison, I don’t think he is, at least not the real one. Again, pointing out that scene from chapter 5 where Allison said they couldn’t cross the ink river because they weren’t like Henry. That would imply that both Allison and Tom are soulless, so there isn’t any way that Allison in the ink world is the real Allison
Static Man
Static Man Před měsícem
Listen, the whole melding into the Ink doesn't mean anything honestly. I mean- we see like multiple butchered Clones of Boris and the Butcher Gang, still... there! But the Boris and the Butcher Gang Members we meet all melt. Now, why would they do that? Well, they most likely didn't wish to have multiple ragdoll Corpses to be rendered for the Game.
big dee
big dee Před měsícem
Jackson Davies
Jackson Davies Před měsícem
@Глеб Биляк Oh yeah.
Holy Roman
Holy Roman Před měsícem
@Lxttlecomfey I mean, ink creates *with* a soul can't touch it either, or atleast some. Alice in Chapter 3 in the first game mentions that IIRC. On that note, I think that Henry and Audrey are just special in that sense, compared to basically almost all other ink creatures.
Lxttlecomfey Před měsícem
@Holy Roman kinda hard to say- after all, while the story has established a clear difference between ink creatures with and without a soul, they’ve never really explicitly showed us ink creatures without a soul being able to touch ink. After all, the main trait of soulless ink creatures is that they can’t touch the ink,,,, it’d be a little weird to just have ONE soulless ink creature who can touch it
Syed Imaad Hussain
Syed Imaad Hussain Před měsícem
Nothing like another video of Matpat screaming at us, explaining digital fictional propaganda.
Slëëpŷ Båbŷ
Slëëpŷ Båbŷ Před měsícem
"It's been 5 Years since the first game" But I still remember almost every important detail... I really love Bendy 😭
Lonely Cup
Lonely Cup Před měsícem
I don't think I've ever felt more intimidated when MatPat said that the hotdog was an important clue.
Kid Pixel
Kid Pixel Před 22 dny
I don’t know about intimidating but it’s funny that out of everything given to us in the game THAT’S what ties everything together.😆
Mi∀ Před měsícem
Sofia Wilde
Sofia Wilde Před měsícem
Here’s the full vid: that explains cs-vid.net/video/video-5z0qjBxw2gE.html after so long, it’s here.
I garfed on the carpet
I garfed on the carpet Před měsícem
Falm Před měsícem
Next thing you know, a single atom accidentally misplaced in Audrey's room would be the biggest clue to solving the Bendy franchise
Arig16 Před měsícem
My favorite line from mat, truly opens your eyes to how much of a theorist mat pat is " a SIMPLE hot dog, seems like nothing much right? WRONG"
SnowWolf Roukan
SnowWolf Roukan Před měsícem
I'd love to see a theory about the 4 ruinous pokemon of paldea. I honest'y think they are tied into the regions history somehow at least based on their pokedex entry's.
Morgan Před měsícem
Just want to point out the very first cutscene of the entire DLC perfectly parallels this entire theory of Joey Drew’s past coming back to haunt him.
Edward Harriss
Edward Harriss Před měsícem
Matt I really hope you got another one coming after this, cos I see a few holes in this theory
al believe everything you say so long as you have evidence to back it up.
Liz Hart
Liz Hart Před měsícem
Just ordered the coffee mug. I'm so excited! I love this channel
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Kompy 36
Kompy 36 Před měsícem
Just a little small detail I thought I would mention, You say Audrey has a soul like all the other ink characters but she is different at one aspect from all of them.If I recall correctly they all have pupils only her eyes are blank, and you know what they say about eyes being windows to a persons soul. What if there is no window because there is no soul?
CDW Před měsícem
Can you do a theory on the VR games Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator? I’d really like to know how you’d think humans went extinct in this universe. Love your videos!
Jumpyman_thegamer Před měsícem
I'd like to point out that Audrey is part of a long line of experiments. There's a secret note that you can find in the Keepers Lair that says something along the lines of "Nearly all of them have called me 'Uncle'. But this one called me 'Dad'. For this, I am proud, as she is practically my daughter in every way". If y'all remember at the end of BATIM, a young girl's voice says "Tell me another one Uncle Joey". Now, knowing what we know in BATDR, we can work out that this young girl is one of the early prototypes for Audrey.
Даниил Смирнов
Cat brother
Ad0lfH1tler420 Před 26 dny
Here's the full vid: that explains cs-vid.net/video/video-XWbldR9GxwU.html after so long, it's here
Xeorboom Před měsícem
I assumed that The Searchers, The Lost Ones, The Projectionist, Jack Fain and Sammy are all prototypes of the perfect ink life form aswell
Shachar Lem
Shachar Lem Před měsícem
Alice said she remembered how she physically became herself after her first in the dark puddles as a slug, so joey could still Do the same with Tessa.
Shachar Lem
Shachar Lem Před měsícem
But then again, Alice was first born as a slug, and at attempt number 2 she became an angel.
Katy Stang
Katy Stang Před měsícem
I think you got it wrong.. if you read the book “bendy: the lost ones” you can learn that THOMAS CONNOR was working on the ink machine and also claims that he built it. That means Joey probably helped building it or he built it. Idk but if you read that book, you’ll understand some stuff.
CelticGuardian1020 Před měsícem
Another thing this theory blatantly ignores is that the Ink Demon calls Audrey the "Daughter of Drew" and he didn't here Joey's speech earlier in the game or he would've been hunting Audrey. He also has no motive to lie about this. So Audrey being Joey's daughter has to sources now. Also claiming that her soul must have been Wilson's mother is completely outlandish because for one thing I highly doubt he could get her to visit a friend of her husband's workplace and secondly it falls into fan theory "this offscreen character is the same gender as this character so they must be the same" energy.
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Dark Před měsícem
Matpat is so famous the devs mentioned his name.
Aditya More
Aditya More Před měsícem
I would like to point at that in one of the messages in game we find out that Joey made multiple versions of his daughter, those that called him "uncle Joey" instead of dad, we also hear a little girl saying "tell me another one, uncle Joey" at the end of chapter five in BATIM so can someone explain that how did he manage to create to make so many versions if all of them required a human soul?
Jay Před měsícem
Glad you are covering this game. Love your content Matpat
Tagffy 101
Tagffy 101 Před měsícem
Wanted to like the comment but can't ruin the 969, and same
Among Us
Among Us Před měsícem
this a throwback to 2017 he used to do tons of these
Śeid Před měsícem
He probably wanted to give us new content until the gtlive lp of this is done
guizin the insect
guizin the insect Před měsícem
@DuckGoesViral yeah,it's complicated to enjoy the comments section when there are bots everywhere
Pancake Enjoyer
Pancake Enjoyer Před měsícem
It was inevitable
Seth Cleveland
Seth Cleveland Před měsícem
I would really enjoy making a game and then watching MatPat get it completely wrong because he looked into random tidbits too much
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XGEARGAMESX Před měsícem
I’m saddened that dadpat didn’t say “save yourself the trouble, order on the double” truly a sad day
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Rittwolf 14
Rittwolf 14 Před měsícem
The theory of there being a part of a soul in Audrey would make sense with the mirror Easter egg. At the beginning of the game there's a mirror you can interact with in Audrey's office but interact with it too much and there's a ghost face jumpscare. It's very random but def fits with the soul theory!!
Mike Dubo
Mike Dubo Před měsícem
I would be hard pressed to use that Easter Egg for evidence, as Audrey doesn't seem to have any reaction for that jumpscare, like she's not aware of it, or nots actually happening. It may just be a fun quirk the devs put in.
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0 friend 0
0 friend 0 Před měsícem
I want to see matpat do a theory on how much Luke the notables land and how much he and his builds would cost
Razgriz85 Před měsícem
Considering the game is supposed to take place in the 1970s, it's comes off as strange that Audrey has a hair and clothing style that you'd see in the late 30s through the 40s.
J “Jada” C
J “Jada” C Před 26 dny
I wonder if she was "born" in the late 30s, early 40s?
Sofia Wilde
Sofia Wilde Před měsícem
Here’s the full vid: that explains cs-vid.net/video/video-5z0qjBxw2gE.html after so long, it’s here.
Leechee Před měsícem
HOLD UP Před měsícem
hey maybe she just likes the look of it, besides she looks ✨fabulous✨
W_H_Y Před měsícem
DUDE I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY Like, especially the hair caught me off guard
idkLOL Před měsícem
Even the name, “The Dark Revivial” has connections to the game as this is his moms “dark revivial”.
Ando Před měsícem
There's game series called "The room" which I liked to play with my cousin as a child. It is very mysterious and it looks to have a lot of lore so would you maybe consider making a video about it? Ps I love your FNaF videos, and I can't wait for the next one
Who cares about my name
Who cares about my name Před měsícem
It's just a hot dog right? WRONG! it's actually the key to solve the whole lore for some reason
Redtail Arts
Redtail Arts Před měsícem
I'd like to mention that Bendy was a failure because he had no soul. Considering Allison is the more perfect version of Alice than even Susie became, there is no way she doesn't have any soul
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Annica Edula
Annica Edula Před měsícem
Bro you could literally become a detective with this skill
NeoGoNeon Před měsícem
hey Matpat, could you make a theory on the crow man from hello neighbor 2 and who it is that knocks you out at the end? your theories are awesome and i think it would be so cool
Sami Blume
Sami Blume Před měsícem
Am I crazy, or did Gtlive not finish the game yet? I watched this and was so confused
Troxler Před měsícem
I will defend the Bendy Books with all of my power. I hated reading but ‘Dreams Come to Life’ was the first book I WANTED to read myself
Neon Před měsícem
Fr that book made me cry
Hemmet2 Před měsícem
Correct me if I'm wrong, but based on Nathan Arch's audio logs, Joey was dead before Arch purchased the Bendy and Co IP. I believe as Joey didn't have an heir to his estate, Arch would have had to have purchased the rights from Gent. Unless I'm missing something
Static Man
Static Man Před měsícem
And hell, the final Act where you play as the Ink Demon (because Audrey fused with him) is symbolic. Both Audrey and the Ink Demon are one and the same, both souless and from the Ink, but have gone on different Paths and Choices.
Keenan Kozak
Keenan Kozak Před měsícem
Your are right
Santa 🎅
Santa 🎅 Před měsícem
Link to the Clip : They finally released this cs-vid.net/video/video-2EXjRrTzTgQ.html
Static Man
Static Man Před měsícem
Yes, this is an incredible weakspot of the Theory because Joey died cannonically in 1971, before Mr. Arch bought Bendy in 1972. And hell, wouldn't Nathan/Wilson Arch atleast notice and mention his Wife/Mother missing? Wouldn't he atleast do something about it?
Omega Před měsícem
Can I just say that I started laughing when Mat put in the Bendy books and said that no one would enjoy them, it just reminded me of his pain on the FNAF books.
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Omega Před měsícem
@Tele.gram👉Theofficialgametheorist what kind of prize?
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Zero'd Out
Zero'd Out Před měsícem
"Speaking of things you can wash! PLASMA BALL!" Yes matpat, because I totally wash my plasma ball
Burn-Zboo Před měsícem
Four years ago you said: “This is the end of bendy and the ink machine” and here you are
PenguinDev Před měsícem
7:27 me who is too broke to afford theorywear 30% discount: i got you fam.
mas8705 Před měsícem
Matpat sure has been going on this streak of “the game was lying!” theories quite a bit lately, hasn’t he? First Golden Freddy wasn’t real and now Bendy lies.
súper Sonicfan
súper Sonicfan Před měsícem
This is the problem with Matpat he thinks too much about everything to the point that when they give him the story of something he says this is not the story It's not fun watching that It's annoying
Zora Catone
Zora Catone Před měsícem
He really has run out of ideas.
AxelTheGhost Před měsícem
@Ricky glenn I know lol
Ricky glenn
Ricky glenn Před měsícem
@AxelTheGhost I’m just talking about in general
AxelTheGhost Před měsícem
To be fair, it’s Joey Drew when has he NOT lied
Nerdboss3000 Před měsícem
I've know Mat long enough to notice that his "**cough cough** Pokémon Violet" was really savage
siwel Před měsícem
and thats just a theory a game theory!!!! i love your content mattpat
you're average mf
you're average mf Před měsícem
It is possible the memories Audrey has are given to when she goes to the ink because she's connected to it
Brigitte John
Brigitte John Před měsícem
Well, Nathan brought Bendy only after Joey died. It doesn't make sense for Joey how he would take revenge on him.
king of games and anime
king of games and anime Před měsícem
But Nathan Arch didn’t “pick the company’s bones dry” (which seems like a harsh way to frame him trying to preserve his friend’s legacy) until *after* Joey had died.
Ysta Calden
Ysta Calden Před měsícem
He probably bought them from the bank or whoever Joey owed money to - essentially paying Joey's debts to get the character rights
Ready Pickles
Ready Pickles Před měsícem
@Jinx Weird that they seem to imply that Nathan bought them from Joey, but if Joey wasn’t alive, then he just kinda… bought them I guess..
Jinx Před měsícem
@Ready Pickles At that point I think he’d be paying the government?
Ready Pickles
Ready Pickles Před měsícem
@Soldier [TF2] Who did Nathan even buy them from at that point then? I’m unfamiliar with what rules apply there, but if Joey was dead, who does he pay to get the characters?
Soldier [TF2]
Soldier [TF2] Před měsícem
@Ready Pickles No, Nathan came up with the Idea *after* Joey died, he basically bought the Rights of the Cartoon since Joey was allready dead. And also don't forgot about the fact that Nathan bought Bendy in 1972, which was after Joey's Death in 1971. Honestly... how did he forget about that?
Mr.Frostmanperson Před měsícem
Bendy and the Dark Revival: This is our lore. Matpat: No, no it isn't.
Slender Dragon
Slender Dragon Před měsícem
What about the secret end where you collect all the “Illusion of Living” books?
Coin Collector
Coin Collector Před měsícem
Thank you I’ve been waiting for this
Tannoy Před měsícem
Hey Matpat, still also waiting on Petscop finale. Great video btw!
Afish8me2china Před měsícem
One small thing you missed: Joey wasn’t salty when he sold over the rights to bendy, Nathan bought the rights from Joey’s estate when he died
KluEvo Před měsícem
@Electric Yeah, this theory was filled with holes that rendered it null. Audrey isn't Joey Drew's first attempt at a daughter, and I don't remember any confirmation that Tessa was dead when Bendy 1 takes places (the little girl at the end of that game who called Joey "uncle Joey" was one of his previous attempts). Also, Mat's previous theory on Bendy 1 literally notes that, as of when that game was happening, Allison Pendle was doing well with her husband (shown by the same letter that actually gets referenced in this theory, lol), so she couldn't have been killed to turn into Alice angel.
Alien Soldier
Alien Soldier Před měsícem
@R 2 H Potato Matpat
The4Tier Bridge
The4Tier Bridge Před měsícem
@Hades Kratos Nathan had no idea how the ink machine worked, and had it put on display at the Joey Drew Museum at the beginning of the game. No one at Archgate did, except for Wilson.
The4Tier Bridge
The4Tier Bridge Před měsícem
@Electric yeah, it is.
Electric Před měsícem
Doesn't this mean this theory is void? The timeline would be broken then.
TXTornado Před měsícem
just woke up and heard, "WELCOME TO GAME THEORY" and I know now I'm gonna have a great day
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Exceptionally Quiet
Exceptionally Quiet Před měsícem
I actually had a theory that Wilson's mom went into Betty, the failed-not-as-failed Shipahoy Dudley attempt
Anthony Delgado
Anthony Delgado Před měsícem
Love the lore👍
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The fact that the bad guy looks like Walt Disney kind of scares me
Amethyst Před měsícem
Unless I missed something, I don’t think that the memory items actually correlate to who Audrey is. It’s more like scraps of others’ memories in this ink world for Audrey to find, especially since she says nothing about the objects herself. Basically, if the memory of Joey Drew is here and alive, how do we know those objects aren’t pieces of others’ memories instead?
Amethyst Před měsícem
@Anovatic True, but the name could be about her heritage in self discovery rather than her own memory. Like when Harry Potter looks at all of his parents’ memories, or sees his father being a bully. It relates to him, his role in things, and his attitude about stuff, even though those memories aren’t about himself. But, they help shape and guide his journey about who he is and who he wants to be. Also, my point about the other games is that true, different games with different studios handle things differently. My only point was that there is a precedent in videogames that your character picking up an object that relates to lore doesn’t have to be directly related to your character, but was just a method for the player to find lore items or collectibles.
Anovatic Před měsícem
@Amethyst But the actual achievement for collecting all 10 memories is called Self Discovery. That points to them being related to her in some way. Also, those other games aren’t Bendy and have a different team working on them that went in a different approach in their game than Bendy and can’t really be used to prove a point in this game.
Aarushi Kishore
Aarushi Kishore Před měsícem
idr properly for other objects but audrey did say about the duck
Madame Talos
Madame Talos Před měsícem
I think maybe it's a bit of both. I think Joey used fond memories of his and others to help create Audrey. Shortly after you find the hotdog, you can find an audio recording from Nathan Arch talking about buying a hotdog and enjoying life.
Chorus Před měsícem
One thing to consider: the achievement for collecting all 10 memories is called "Self Discovery." That seems to be a suggestion from the developers that these are, indeed, memories from Audrey's soul, or at least related to her.
FrosteyetheSeal Před měsícem
you should do My SInging Monsters next. there's actually quite interesting lore
DIDO Před měsícem
you now I think it would be funney if the game theorists started to recommend a game of film that has not lore or complicated lore to matpat and gust watch him strudel in a 20 min video trying to find something to talk about.
NullPoint Před měsícem
The *CRAWMCH* when Joey got crushed made me wheeze laugh OMG
Brais Mallo Garcia
Brais Mallo Garcia Před měsícem
Finished the game, it's a great one and i'm waiting for the next one, hopefully it doesn't take 5 years to make but i expect a new one, since there was a cliffhanger so i'm waiting meatly, i'm waiting
Veronica kelly
Veronica kelly Před měsícem
I would just like to say that this theory couldn't be right because joey made audrey before he died but nathon arch bought the rights to the bendy characters after joey dies, so joey would have no reason to use tessa to make audry. Other than that i liked the theory.
Rogelio A. Loya
Rogelio A. Loya Před měsícem
@Template006 exactly, so not only does it not make sense from a perspective of basic logic, but also the in game story
Eric Kamakeeaina
Eric Kamakeeaina Před měsícem
Its debunked because Nathan mentions his animation studio in the hotdog audiotape. Meaning that this took place after Nathan became owner of the Bendy IP. So Joey couldn't have taken Tessa because she was still alive after he passed.
Template006 Před měsícem
@Rogelio A. Loya Nathan bought the franchise AFTER Joey died.
rainbowolfe Před měsícem
@R1chards0n In that scene, Wilson's expressing how he doubted the stories about the studio, but he now believes them. I'm paraphrasing, but he goes on to say "Despite how much that sounds like nonsense, here we are." and pulls out the proof that convinced him in the first place: a little living bendy trapped in a glass.
Rogelio A. Loya
Rogelio A. Loya Před měsícem
@liliespetals19 but the buy out happens before the tape where Nathan mentions Tessa, so if the theory was correct that means that he was giving a hot dog to his dead wife who would complain about him not following his diet after she died?
ImRe Před měsícem
If Allison had a soul, She would’ve been able to pass the ink lake in BATIM Chapter 5 before the Bendy Boss Fight.
Philip von Guy
Philip von Guy Před měsícem
Hi, could I ask you to start adding Czech subtitles as well? I would be grateful for that. Ps.: Video bylo vážně úžasné. Pss.: This was in Czech. Psss.: Because I am Czech.
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Doozy Woozy
Doozy Woozy Před měsícem
If Joey lied about the lore, I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that he lied about “making a Henry to torture” I remember seeing a headline in the games canon stating “animator found dead at his desk” maybe Joey came over to Henry’s place, somehow took his life and extracted his soul to put in the machine.
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Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis Před měsícem
I guarantee MatPats room is actually a padded cell
Ramon Andrajo
Ramon Andrajo Před měsícem
@Noblesse Oblige Someone is salty. XD
Ramon Andrajo
Ramon Andrajo Před měsícem
Someone is salty. XD
Totally not a super villain
@R 2 H you are a bot i saw you putting a link in another comment
R 2 H
R 2 H Před měsícem
Here is the full clip explaining why Dad left you: (Making fun of bots) *cs-vid.net/video/video-vn8WdvkmTGs.html*
Santa 🎅
Santa 🎅 Před měsícem
Link to the Clip : They finally released this cs-vid.net/video/video-2EXjRrTzTgQ.html
Antwon Před měsícem
"Bendy and the dark revival can be game of the year!" *Sonic Frontiers left the chat*
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Finally a Video of bendy of the dark revival!😁
Sriram Jambunathan
Sriram Jambunathan Před měsícem
Steven Schramm
Steven Schramm Před měsícem
Okay, the problem with this theory is that Tessa didn't die and get thrown into the machine since there is an audio log before the last boss fight where Nathan Arch is talking about the new animation team and him going out to pick up a hot dog which Tessa told him to watch his diet so how could she have died?
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Mel Renee
Mel Renee Před měsícem
Joey Drew's VA sounds like the old man on Atlantis
Cinnamoth Před měsícem
I honestly assumed that Audrey was Henry's biological daughter and Joey used her in the experiment. Joey tricks Henry into the endless cycle of the machine and he takes his place in life. At the end of the first game we hear a young girl refer to him as "uncle Joey"
4lither Před měsícem
Sounds like fnaf haha
Sammy Jaohnson
Sammy Jaohnson Před měsícem
It was explained that joey created audrey thats it
Cinnamoth Před měsícem
@Collector ah, i must have missed that part!
Collector Před měsícem
ya but its stated in a note that joey made multiple Audreys attempting to get the “perfect daughter” aka to refer to him as “dad” , all of the other attempts referred him as “Uncle”
Levels Of Brendan
Levels Of Brendan Před měsícem
0:21 I thought that was leading into a bad theory joke.
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TrawwKilla Před měsícem
0:12 here’s a little story…. about how I became the fresh prince of bel air.
Mikhaar Nalumango
Mikhaar Nalumango Před měsícem
Hey mat could you do a theory on a game called rain world? It is a great game and is super underappreciated so It would be cool to check It out.
Sky ♡
Sky ♡ Před měsícem
Theory idea: if the infinite ikea was real, i mean it was in real life, how long could you survive there with food,shelter and overall from the faceless employes. :)
Ashton Slater
Ashton Slater Před měsícem
i really like how matpat gets straight to the point but i wished he did a joke at the beginning
CosmicGeek Před měsícem
"It's always mine to solve"
Static Man
Static Man Před měsícem
@Hamsterman Yeah, but he instantly went for his own Plot, flying in an Abyss with no Evidence to support it other than 'what if...', instead of something that atleast can hold some Ground.
char Před měsícem
@Marty McDonalds Collapsed relevance? In the last 6 months only 3 videos (including this one) have not hit over 1 million views, and most of them have over 3 million.
Team Awesome
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This is a bot swarm ૭~૭
Marty McDonalds
Marty McDonalds Před měsícem
The joke is that he's still making videos despite a collapsed relevance and no real content that isn't FNAF-related anymore.
Scribnami Code
Scribnami Code Před měsícem
“You have to have…heart” *CRAWMCH* Matt: It’s a nice story.
Pancakes 110
Pancakes 110 Před měsícem
Does this mean your not gonna make an episode 3 and so on and finish the game? Aw man.
Stilyan Kiryakov
Stilyan Kiryakov Před měsícem
matpat translating blurs in video games to explain an argument💀
Dylan Britt
Dylan Britt Před měsícem
hay mat more lore on the back rooms lol i love the back rooms
Wrigz Reanimates
Wrigz Reanimates Před měsícem
No lie I was waiting for days for MatPat to cover this game. I could almost hear him in my ear: “The dark puddles whisper me secrets. They whisper me LOOOOOOOORRRE!!!”
Solidonse Raindog the Tenth
THE LOOOOOOOOooooooore! (fading echoes.)
Ender 001
Ender 001 Před měsícem
Don't you think its strange, that when Joey was mad at someone he turned that person into an ink version, but he abducted Tessa that didn't do anything wrong?
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VentiEspresso Před měsícem
finally, mat makes a video about this game.
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