Game Theory: The Monster In The Shadows (Poppy Playtime Chapter 2)

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Today we return to the terrifying world of Poppy Playtime. Now that I've had the chance to play through all of Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, it's time to see what secrets we can uncover from the gameplay as well as the game files. We are talking DEEP LORE, Theorists! From The Prototype, 1006, to Poppy herself - we have our work cut out for us!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, AbsolutePixel, and Jerika (NekoOnigiri)
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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21. 05. 2022





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Komentáře 10 562
Lonely Sandwich
Lonely Sandwich Před měsícem
I love these lore videos on horror games. They are just so interesting
AishahTheCat Před 12 dny
Ayden Moody
Ayden Moody Před 25 dny
You are everywhere Mr Sandwich
E Před měsícem
cs-vid.net/video/video-GTHlCk7fEOY.html Finally it's here
I am a meme
I am a meme Před měsícem
@Toonasa G• its weird that games like motal kombat, fnaf, gow, cod and ghost of tsushima but i sort of do not like poppy playtime
James West
James West Před měsícem
Personal theory on my part: Poppy didn't send the letter. She was locked up until we came along, so not sure how she could have done it. The Prototype is, what I think, the most likely suspect. Why still remains to be seen though
Anangelina Alatorre
Anangelina Alatorre Před 29 dny
i was gonna say what about the grammar but idk
maria White
maria White Před měsícem
TheSixth_Gamer Před měsícem
Maybe Kissy Missy send it to us but exp. 1006 is makes sense too
Aivann Gabriel Dela Pena
Aivann Gabriel Dela Pena Před měsícem
That makes sense considering Exp 1006 is smart according to the VHS tapes.
Estarile Před měsícem
Personally I think Poppy is still a heroic character. Maybe an anti-hero? She seems determined to stop the horrors at the factory, but she's also willing to lie to you to ensure your help. I'm pretty sure something attack her which caused the train to go screwy - hence why she can't finish her explanation.
Goldenkitten1 Před měsícem
Yeah, though her speech was ominous given her tone and the music playing while she says it, it does seem she wants to stop what's going on inside the factory. Of course tricking you and pulling you in deeper isn't what one would call heroic traits but her goal seems to be heroic. Plus, who the hell would have said "Yeah, take me deeper" if she had asked politely for a choice?
SexySaxMan79 Před měsícem
Or at least that's what I would think the alarm noise was for because why bring up the alarm clock in the log and then also have the alarm there? Maybe it could have also been an alarm to pull the brake, but I'm not sure I'd rather hope it's the first thing I said lol
SexySaxMan79 Před měsícem
We're you able to hear the alarm clock? Right before Poppy gets grabbed, you can hear an alarm clock right before the train crashes. It's hard tk hear over someone talking, but it's there. Also in the logs in Ch2 it talks about Exp. 1006 dismantling an alarm clock. So it's possible it still has the alarm part of the clock on its body still. So Exp. 1006 probably snatched away Poppy and also crashed the train
20Storm04 Před měsícem
The prototype is giving me a death row inmate vibe. He's smart and resourceful, knows how to escape, and is extremely willing to kill. Is it possible that Elliot used someone who was already meant to die before moving on to testing "less intelligent", more obedient orphans? That would explain why the prototype has an abnormal design. He was never assigned a toy because he isn't a kid.
PJ Dianalan
PJ Dianalan Před měsícem
Honestly, with all these FNAF parallels happening in Poppy Playtime, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest that the Protagonist is actually Elliot Ludwig's child, like Michael Afton in the OG Saga.
Nicki Chambers
Nicki Chambers Před 10 dny
at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if the protag escapes after 5 days/nights at 6:00 AM (assuming the protag escapes)
Anti-HyperLink Před 24 dny
@Alexia Kay Because art is dead.
Alexia Kay
Alexia Kay Před měsícem
That’s very interesting! I also found this chapter very similar to Bendy and the Ink Machine for some reason
JohnnyBoyRSA Před měsícem
I think that Huggy Wuggy having "Maximum obedience" implies that he wouldnt have tried to kill you on his own accord and that someone sent him after you.
Johnaid Před dnem
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Hughes Před 2 dny
I was thinking the same thing
Magpie_JELLY Před 5 dny
similar to kissy missy
Hayden Savard
Hayden Savard Před 26 dny
@Caesar yea but he doesn't need the right circumstances he just needs to catch you
Caesar Před 27 dny
@Hayden Savard Surprisingly under the right circumstances all dogs can kill
huggy wuggy
huggy wuggy Před měsícem
now this is dark. even by my standards. this lore is definitely getting better
L Před 6 dny
Hello bro!I miss you!
Bailey whitton
Bailey whitton Před měsícem
here's my take on this whole thing with the other toys and the prototype its been shown a handful of times so far that the prototype has a rather high intelligence factor even to the point where it was able to make a laser pointer out of the remains of an electric clock and most likely other junk components in its room/containment cell and then use said created item to disable the security camera that was watching it and then hide in one of the camera's blind spots to ambush whoever is sent down to fix or check on 1006 this nearly resulted in the successful escape of 1006 so it makes sense to me that the prototype may be capable of writing and reading in which case it is not out of the question that it wrote the letter at the beginning of the game to bring us the player back and now that we are back its more or less using us as its puppet to do its bidding in destroying the other toys likely waiting not to far away from us to take whatever's left of them and make itself stronger as seen when we destroyed mommy long legs and almost immediately the prototype appeared to take what was left of mommy's torso meaning it was probably just waiting there under that shutter for us to finish the job and then well you know the rest but that's just my take on things and yes I just watched the full video but I'm still strongly leaning towards the player acting as a puppet for this things will after all why dirty your hands when you already have someone so willing to do it for you
RenTheWolf Před měsícem
9:30 While a lot of your theories on Poppy being someone else makes sense, the fact that the same VA for Poppy is the same for Stella seems too much for coincidence. Why is Nola Klop the only VA with 2 characters, unless they are the same? Also, if Poppy was the first alive toy, created on accident, she'd know of the Exp1006. Her being trapped in a case doesn't make an alibi, as according to the cut, she was aware of all the wrongdoings in the factory.
RenTheWolf Před měsícem
But hey, that's just a theory. *A Game Theory*
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger Před měsícem
Even though the company that made Poppy Playtime is very shitty I can’t deny the lore of the game is very interesting and intriguing
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
I loved it when her head started spinning and just started saying “but hey! that’s just a theory right? A theory. A theory. A theory.” That’s a god tier intro if you ask me.
Hank Před 15 dny
FIUSON MASTER Před měsícem
Klaid Yzka
Klaid Yzka Před měsícem
she sounds like spinel from steven universe
Woombath Před měsícem
I didn't ask. And boy, you don't need much to be satisfied.
sagi alex
sagi alex Před měsícem
The note that "poppy" sent wasnt sent by her though... how could she send it behind the case? But that begs the question, who did? And why? Who could benefit from releasing poppy and a previous employee into the factory? The only one smart enough for this is the prototype, but couldnt the prototype just go into the poppy room and release poppy by themselves?
Lily Siuta
Lily Siuta Před 3 dny
quick question: the tragic death of Ludwig's family member is from the 1960s, but Poppy was created circa 1950, doesn't this mean that the doll cannot be the family member? Maybe the one who died is the one who created Poppy, and after they died, Elliot started the experiments to figure out how to repeat their success (maybe to bring them back), and thus expanded Playtime co with the results of those experiments. The second toy, Bron, is from 1961, which cuts it close but would match the timeline better.
Rock girl
Rock girl Před měsícem
Really love Mommy Long Leg's voice acting and just her character in general.
alex lee
alex lee Před dnem
4:37 // I don't really know if I'm overthinking the background noises or they are genuinely what they think I are, but if you listen closely to the background noises while the male scientist is talking, you can hear banging on what I would assume to be a metal door and screams from all of the other Playtime Co. employees. Based on the situation, the background context of how the Prototype has a history of escaping confinement, it's a possible theory that the audio log during // 4:37 // happened in a confined room with all of the Playtime Co. employees within, while someone (or something, most likely the Prototype) is trying to break in.
Femke V.
Femke V. Před měsícem
In the game itself, it is VERY strongly implied that the other toys were created from the orphan children. If you read the test sheets, you’ll see that each orphan child participating in the game station has been assigned a toy. It’s likely that after they completed the tests to the company’s satisfaction, they were fused with their assigned toy.
Trollus Před 24 dny
The monsters would likely posses the pros and cons of the children
Jor Jor
Jor Jor Před 24 dny
Lovely_2783 Před 26 dny
Yes sirrrr/ma’am/100%
DjC1iff19 Před měsícem
I just love how much matt uses the fnaf stuff its honestly highlarious
Can we just appreciate how much effort he puts into all of this
MexicanWolf Před měsícem
I love the commitment, energy, and uniqueness of intro Matt makes ❤👍😃
Mary Zaher
Mary Zaher Před měsícem
When I heard Huggy Wuggy had maximum obedience, I thought the same thing. It’s nice to know that someone else theorized this as well.
Racquel Illustrates
Racquel Illustrates Před měsícem
I’ve been watching other theorists, and some of them believe that Stella still got her wish to become a toy. Not as Poppy, but as Kissy Missy. Think about it, even though we only saw her once, she didn’t attack us and instead helped us. Plus, with the way she looked back at the Player, she might’ve recognized them as a former employee or at least isn’t feral and still retained some of Stella’s kindness.
Ruth Richardson
Ruth Richardson Před 9 dny
It’s not the cutout, it’s the speaker system her voice is coming out of. If you press Kissy’s board, her voice sounds much different
Jared Před měsícem
@mega meme yeah plus her nick name could have been Maria Payne or maybe that’s who is in poppy and they purposely mislead us meaning Stella was mommy and Maria was poppy
Darkheart Před měsícem
Completely agree, was looking for a comment like this, nearly made my own theory here in the comments on kissy missy but all the statements here covered everything I would have said
JustJxcxbRBLX Před měsícem
this helps with my theory alot but i believe it is not the former employee but the owner is who you are.......
Demon23 Před měsícem
It would explain so much things
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Před měsícem
Really love Mommy Long Leg's voice acting and just her character in general.
☺︎︎• ginger snap •☺︎︎
I also wanted to point out that when you go through the vents you can here each character we beat scream possibly because they failed to kill us and mommy long legs must have been really disappointed or hungry
Creamy Před měsícem
FNaF Referrence: 3:47 Burntrap/Springtrap 8:58 Toy Chica was the first 10:50 I will put you back together 12:10 Remnant
♡{ŤÂŘÂ Channel}♡
You mean Withered Chica?
Mummy_M1lk3rs Před měsícem
MatPat always finds away to compare things to fnaf lol 😭 Still the videos are amazing, and I'm always happy to see them! 🤗
Jay Gamer
Jay Gamer Před měsícem
The death messages “The prototype saved us” and “ isn’t he wonderful?”, gives me the assumption that The prototype perhaps saved the other possessed toys by murdering the humans experiment on them. I believe the toys were at first grateful to the prototype until the prototype started killing the them. I also think the orphanage the company advertised was really to have more test subjects
Merumeru Před měsícem
@Remo 50 Cal カカキセシソスカ
cosmicskyxx Před měsícem
@Vampira Wherewolf .
cosmicskyxx Před měsícem
@Vampira Wherewolf .. .
E Před měsícem
cs-vid.net/video/video-GTHlCk7fEOY.html Finally it's here
Stacie Hawes
Stacie Hawes Před 12 hodinami
The fact that mob games probably does not know who Poppy is,litterally is just a so funny how he’s trying to figure out who she is when she is unknown
Renty Kringly
Renty Kringly Před měsícem
I love to think that you just write the lore whenever the creators (MOB) just watch your videos and go “hm he’s right do that”
K K Před měsícem
Poppy, saying we are “perfect” and keeps us trapped in the factory The Prototype, recycling organic parts and being incredibly smart Huggy Wuggy, supposedly very obedient and also herding us in Poppy’s direction I feel like these three are working together, and that’s why Huggy, nor Poppy have been killed yet. The prototype could totally have broken through Poppy’s glass if he wanted to reach her, and Huggy was literally out in the open when we met him. I feel like Poppy might double-cross them at some point, but I don’t have much of a clue.
LMads Před 22 dny
Although mommy was only taken by the prototype when she died. So maybe its not that strong yet
Donut power
Donut power Před měsícem
I have a little theory about huggy wuggy: It is entirely possible that huggy wuggy is still alive and that he picked himself up and went in the vent, but it could also be experiment 1006 (the prototype) who dragged huggy’s body in the vent just how she dragged away mommy long legs at the end. Now it would make more sense that he is still alive because he is, like you said, basically the mascot of the franchise. However, what if we will see him, but he is part of the prototype? We might see parts of huggy wuggy in the prototype if huggy actually died and like i said got dragged up the vents by experiment 1006. I personally think both are solid theories. I guess we’ll have to wait and see :)
Don't mind me
Don't mind me Před měsícem
A suggestion: If we go along with the theory of "orphans being turned into monsters" and the poster encouraging adoption, what if the kids that weren't adopted were turned into toys, so they could still be "adopted into a household" in a sick way. I know this is most likely untrue but it's a weird thought I got.
Sarina Alom
Sarina Alom Před 12 dny
I like that theory, it could fit in with the story well. I mean, adopted into a household as freaking toys. Dark but interesting concept.
sundae Před 16 dny
that makes an outrageous amount of sense, that’s def something they would do
That sounds pretty interesting. I think it's a cool concept
not so far away
not so far away Před 23 dny
oh god
P-man_XD Před 26 dny
Literally everybody thought that. XD Even Matt after a bit more research.
Colin Ledbetter
Colin Ledbetter Před měsícem
I’m glad they changed the ending speech… with how it was it almost seemed like “Oh my god protagonist your so cool I can’t let you leave, let me just over explain and give way too much information.”
Sapphire Před měsícem
The fact that everything is similar to FNaF makes it so hard to make a horror game.
dexify iwnl
dexify iwnl Před měsícem
I love watching theory videos for games I’ll never play, it’s weird but these games are super interesting
Hi Lol
Hi Lol Před měsícem
this man is so obsessed with fnaf that he relates it to something thats not at all fnaf and i love it
Cole Kiesler
Cole Kiesler Před měsícem
MatPat: “The Poppy Playtime lore could even be as more complicating as FNAF but it looks like it won’t be too complicating.” FNAF: “So I have finally met an opponent.”
Pinkman Před měsícem
@Olsongc William 👉 👈 Elliot
Little Ylvis
Little Ylvis Před měsícem
Kingdom Hearts: "Hold my beer."
ass fucker the joint pounder
HuntinGorgon44 Před měsícem
Dr Lloyd De Souza
Dr Lloyd De Souza Před měsícem
is it just me or is Poppys evil speech in the cut version really fun to cat out?
Keane Před 24 dny
I like these kinds of horror games, cuz not only are they doing a great job at scaring you, but the lore of the game is excellent as well! Unlike some other games that are just tryin to scare you.
Arturo Ayala
Arturo Ayala Před měsícem
3:38 as well, for a question of myself: Why is the factory TOO DEEP?! why take a lot of basements for the factory instead of creating more factories around it?
2011fan pap
2011fan pap Před 24 dny
So far, this game seems like it would make for a great multiplayer survival game where you play as one of the toys
Idir Před měsícem
Like everytime, MatPat is here to create the lore of a game
OPWOLEZ Před 8 dny
@Don't Read Profile Photo ok bo problem mate i'll never read my name
Anti-HyperLink Před 24 dny
Or he uses his brain to figure it out. Maybe you should try it, or would that be too much work for you?
Kace Crimson
Kace Crimson Před 27 dny
@Don't Read Profile Photo I am so glad I have bad eyes, I would have fallen for than in literally less than a second
Ev_ring Před měsícem
@Bea Shemma D. Sayson read the comments
Bea Shemma D. Sayson
Bea Shemma D. Sayson Před měsícem
@Ev_ring what’s the current sitch with the game?
Professor Chickon's lab
Professor Chickon's lab Před měsícem
Please do calamity mod lore! I think you will have a lot of fun talking about and it would be awesome to see
•Not_Ali• Před měsícem
Very nice theory, I love the fnaf references 😂
TeamEclair Před měsícem
Poppy’s betrayal reminds me heavily of Alice Angel’s betrayal from Chapter 3
Yuki Yasuki
Yuki Yasuki Před měsícem
Him knowing he brought his daughter to life in a doll can also makes sense because before we enter the poppy flower on the wall we see the tape and he says "one more break through and I'll be back." Do with that what you will
Blue Moon Music
Blue Moon Music Před měsícem
Question is: who's giving Huggy the orders if he's so obedient? Obedience doesn't simply mean obeying anyone and everyone you see but loyalty to your superior (at least that's what the context is seeming to say).
Axolotl Dude
Axolotl Dude Před měsícem
You copied someone
Agata Bhimavarapu
Agata Bhimavarapu Před měsícem
​@Drew McCoy i agree with you
Blu Ramon
Blu Ramon Před měsícem
I feel like from pass workers forcing him to be obedient. And so when the factory was closed he remembers the abuse from the workers so I feel like that's why he's attacking us. Same with the rest of the huggy things
Absolute42 Před měsícem
This also applies to Kissy Missy, do we have someone helping us ?
Jose Marichan
Jose Marichan Před měsícem
@DeathWalker420 L+ ratio moment Btw huggy started to move in the first puzzle section where after you fix the power. Huggy then suddenly disappeared. Also in the tape, worker or not you're still a trespasser. To add up, there's only one proper way for huggy to get you. So he then waited for you to open the metal gate and chase you
WarriorKing555 Před 17 dny
wy do i love these poppy playtime episodes so much? the intros? the awesome lore? how bout all the above
aarav toor
aarav toor Před měsícem
when he said "the fan community did what the fan community gonna do" my mind went to places it never should have gone and I panicked
Eon Rune
Eon Rune Před měsícem
Perhaps since Elliot couldn't figure out how he made Poppy in 1950, that might be why the tragic family loss in the 1960s took a tol on him, because he couldn't resurrect whoever died.
RoseWater 22
RoseWater 22 Před měsícem
So, I started watching these explanations videos because of a client at my job had seen some tik toks with very unsettling uses of these characters. I can use these to help explain what they actually are and put some parents at ease. If anyone has any other sources I can use to dispell these tik tok videos, please share! Thanks so much!
Robbie King
Robbie King Před měsícem
You didn’t mention how Poppy said “We’ll set things right.” And before the train crashed she was suddenly cut off by something. I believe the Protptype or maybe Huggy crashed the train and attacked Poppy. We don’t know what her plan exactly is, but I don’t think it’s malicious. She wants to put a stop to the evil her existence has lead to the creation of.
T-Army Před měsícem
@Kingslayer Hmm. Surprised Matpat didn't point that out
Winnie the Pooh겨울 T
Winnie the Pooh겨울 T Před měsícem
@J it's a spam, don't click on it
J Před měsícem
@Dont go to my page what is finally. Here?
Kingslayer Před měsícem
theres a scrapped part of chapter 2 where we discover mommy's web, and we can see huggy in a web also implying that huggy might still be alive
SUS X MADSUS Před měsícem
Cool lore, great vid as usual. And thanks for the shoutout at 7:08
Skylander 1234
Skylander 1234 Před měsícem
This game is giving lots of bendy and the ink machine vibes. - workers becoming killer mascots - going deeper down the factory
Emily Payne
Emily Payne Před 28 dny
When I first saw the Prototypes claw, I immediately thought of the Beldam from Coraline. I'm not saying they're the same, but she did make dolls that looked like her victims.
Samuel Keith
Samuel Keith Před 29 dny
Poppy came out in the 1950's and he lost his family member in the 1960's. Since Poppy was sentient before Ludwig's daughter died, then Poppy couldn't be Ludwig's daughter. Unless it was covered up until the 1960's or his daughter was just merged with Poppy
yusuke’s sword
yusuke’s sword Před 24 dny
That’s what I thought too!
i_Alice Před měsícem
Let’s all be honest, we’ve all been waiting for this game theory ever since this chapter came out
Rio_ Před měsícem
the ghast
the ghast Před měsícem
I'm so happy
Stablitzer Před měsícem
I agree.
Ethan Decasta
Ethan Decasta Před měsícem
Gabriel Alonso Monçores
Gabriel Alonso Monçores Před měsícem
Couldn't agree more!
CG_TheBandit Před měsícem
The claw reminded me of the other mothers hand from Coraline
XxXMysteryManXxX Před měsícem
Something I want to take note of is that one of the death screens I don’t think Matt saw is that one of the death screens was something about a lockdown and the screen went red instead of white
Tiger Devine
Tiger Devine Před měsícem
So this man can decipher codes but can’t find one of the EASIEST trophies ever to find
Eon Rune
Eon Rune Před měsícem
10:13 Poppy was made in 1950 and the tragic family loss was in the 1960s, so Poppy might not be Elliot's kid...
The Coolest Zack
The Coolest Zack Před měsícem
Mommy long legs death is so brutal it’s amazing. This chapter did better than the first one for sure.
Peter JF
Peter JF Před měsícem
@Endro just report them as spam
Peter JF
Peter JF Před měsícem
@Lon 🅥 no it was not there
Endro Před měsícem
I wish all bots got removed
J&M Desert Adventures
J&M Desert Adventures Před měsícem
It made huggy's look really tame by comparison.
Atomic Lizard
Atomic Lizard Před měsícem
Dude maybe its because huggy is still alive ...Maybe
HSFC Před měsícem
6:40 That Does Actually Explain All The Toys With Blood Around Them As Their Are Dead. I Think This Is A Confirmed Theory Matpat!
HayBale Animations
HayBale Animations Před měsícem
3:17 I don't think Poppy crashed the train. Right before it starts going haywire, she says something like "Wait, what is-"... and the communication cuts off. BUT HEY, THAT'S JUST A THEORY.
The Damned Damsel
The Damned Damsel Před měsícem
i absolutely love how matpat says "doll" lol
ehlan Před měsícem
matpat has the pure potential to be a revering detective but instead uses his intelligence on video game theories
RapisGames Před měsícem
Question is: who's giving Huggy the orders if he's so obedient? Obedience doesn't simply mean obeying anyone and everyone you see but loyalty to your superior (at least that's what the context is seeming to say).
margareth michelina
margareth michelina Před měsícem
Maybe it's Poppy herself?
UnKnown User
UnKnown User Před měsícem
the founder maybe...
syweb2 Před měsícem
@Galaxy_bunbun Playz Rogue. Rouge is French for red, and pronounced "rooje".
Esteban Pineros
Esteban Pineros Před měsícem
My guess is that his last order was to contain everything left behind at the factory at all cost. Maybe the Owner, or one of the researchers, gave him this task, and he's the first line of defence against intruders, and the last line of defence should anything try to escape, such as Mommy Longlegs, Poppy, or the Prototype itself. This would explain why he's at first inmobile, but springs into action once we attempt to enter the factory, and why he's so aggressive and determined to hunt us down. This may also explain why he escaped after his fall in Chapter 1: He has a directive to do everything to prevent anything from getting out, so it has a motive to force itself to continue to struggle against us. As a final thought, the fact that he's the "optimal outcome" could also mean that he's self sufficient, meaning that, unlike it's believed of the other toys, he has no need to consume flesh to survive, which is why he can remain in the main foyer, without going feral. One thing still bugs me: Kissy MIssy. If we assume she's the same as Huggy Wuggy (Non-Feral, Obedient), and she certainly seems to fit the bill, then I wonder why she's helping us. This would imply that there's someone else giving HER instructions. However, the purose of this is unknown. I would have two guesses: Either a toy or a surviving employee is still hiding away from the more predatory creatures, and they know that we are their only hope of escape, in which case she can be considered an ally, or perhaps it's the prototype, and it orchestrated this chapter's events because it wanted us to bring it fresh parts, in which case, she's very dangerous.
Caviett Před měsícem
isnt huggy the security of the factory?
_DuMmY Před 26 dny
Just an assumption but, considering that it is implied that Huggy Wuggy is both smart and obedient, along with the idea of him still being alive has me thinking he is working with the prototype in a way. Because you confirmed experiment 1006 uses the remain of other toys in order to make their self stronger, makes me curious as to why he wouldn't add Huggy Wuggy onto his "figure". But it would give out more answers onto their character in future chapters if Huggy was helping him gain more power through natural obedience. (Just an odd hunch of mine I really didn't know how to explain to so it might be a bit difficult to understand.)
Cheesy jello
Cheesy jello Před měsícem
I have a theory about the sound boards. At the end when some of them just make glitchy gibberish noises Then it starts you over Maybe that is actually words that are made to be decoded. And sense mommy long legs was ALL gibberish glitching it could be a secret message. I haven’t tried this yet but if I listen closely I think I might barely be able to hear words. It could just be my brain but it does sound a little like words sometimes for me.
Lilly M.
Lilly M. Před měsícem
All I know is that I hope we see more of Kissy Missy, I don't know how helpful lore wise she'll be, but... Come on... She's adorable.
Tomoe Před 23 dny
I had a thought, what if after Ludwig made poppy, he started to try to turn her back because she was evil. But he needed to repeat the process to try and turn her back but he kept making monsters instead. He also kept seeing them as children. and that could be why he wasn't concerned about the children being experimented on because he thought he could bring them back too. Any child who lost their life could also be seen as a sacrifice or just a means to eternal youth.
KrishnanandKJ Před měsícem
I love how MatPat is just roasting the game while also theorizing it.
Flxrailia Před 28 dny
@Howell2010 what does cynicism mean ?
Kai Phan
Kai Phan Před měsícem
@Howell2010 I think u mean the company, not the game itself
Marvík Před měsícem
@Howell2010 Yeeah
BLACKGEAR026 Před měsícem
Thanks for the theory Matt, I really like the idea that the daughter is adopted!. On the other hand some of the other info half doesn't add up. Maybe it is cause I watched the Super horror bro's video where he talkes about poppy being after the rat experiments, and the prototype being ludwig. Either way great vid as always!
ScarletRaven 522
ScarletRaven 522 Před měsícem
I just love how many jokes he puts in here 🤣 11:04 for example
Pan lattes
Pan lattes Před měsícem
I honestly feel like FNaF is the jealous older sibling of all scary games that have weird almost unsolvable lore 😂
NinjaUser380 Před měsícem
for your theory of Poppy turning on the player, i have a different theory. I think she wants to erase what happened at the factory, but at the end of chapter 2, her dialog was cut short make me believe that she had been captured again, probably by exp 1006 or "The Prototype".
G Hawke
G Hawke Před měsícem
6:58 Everyone keeps thinking Huggy Wuggy survived and pulled himself into the vents, but what I think makes more sense is that the Prototype dragged his corpse into the vents and incorporated him into itself like Mommy Long Legs says as she's ground up!
UnKnown User
UnKnown User Před měsícem
@T-Army I'm glad you agree 👍
T-Army Před měsícem
@UnKnown User Ya it doesn't make sense. The scientist talked about Huggy right after the Prototype. And called him intelligible. So it wouldn't makes sense for him to just die after one fall. Since in chapter 1 he is seen watching us as we go through the facility. Also this Facility is huge. Like really huge. Like an empire.
UnKnown User
UnKnown User Před měsícem
@G Hawke your probably right but, think why would they talk about him and the prototype so much in the tapes only to have huggy die immediately after the first chapter.
Socialability Před měsícem
great catch prototype 1006
Void Canary
Void Canary Před měsícem
We like Huggy, we want more of him, so we don't want to think he's dead! Lol
Ellora Foxfire
Ellora Foxfire Před měsícem
I have a sinking suspicion that soon we are going to have too many videos covering this games lore. Maybe even more than fnaf. But hey, that’s just a theory.
Assassin Před měsícem
I think Huggy Wuggy might be the security system. You know, about that motion sensor and how its the more tamer aspect of their security
Finners gaming
Finners gaming Před 27 dny
I love where all the characters are just concerned
Jovi Chanel
Jovi Chanel Před 7 dny
10:52 to 11:05 is the funniest part of this episode
Minecraft Sushi
Minecraft Sushi Před měsícem
its been so long... since the last ive seen my son lost to this monster, to the man behind the slaughter
Lady Onikara
Lady Onikara Před měsícem
Do the toys and animatronics that are created in these stories start out creepy, or do they become creepy as a side effect of having a human soul installed into them?
Los Pibes ML
Los Pibes ML Před měsícem
2:32 maybe the character playing actually knew poppy that’s why they let her out ignoring the signs.
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Big brainz
jupiter Před 28 dny
i just realised after rewatching that the video tape from before the second chapter was released that was on the poppy playtime website was most likely dragged away by the prototype instead of mommy long legs
Darke Exelbirth
Darke Exelbirth Před měsícem
Personally I feel that the protagonist is themselves an experiment. Something about the way Poppy says you'll do whatever she asks makes me think of that "maximum obedience" line.
20Storm04 Před měsícem
It would explain the death scenes that are saying "You can take it" or "Death isn't permanent" Just like Huggy Wuggy surviving the fall you can't die very easily.
I am Baby Yoda
I am Baby Yoda Před měsícem
That was what I thought too during the chapter
Alissa Andry
Alissa Andry Před měsícem
@PJ Dianalan ig so
Nicky Před měsícem
@mj ohhhh smart smart
Nicky Před měsícem
also when she kept talking about the prototype in the death scenes and how wonderful he was it made me think she was talking to a toy standing over the player's (sorta) dead body talking about how wonderful they are.
gay starlight anime
gay starlight anime Před 22 dny
"Full on sus mode by venting away" this got me laughing so hard!
Syani Před měsícem
okay but the voice acting at 0:19 was actually terrifying, i wasn't expecting the tone to drop so suddenly and it seriously sounds like MLL is upset ^•^
ShadowGlitch204 Před měsícem
well the character was searching for missing staffs, yes of course he has to go deeper into the factory to find the truth and confront it
skyler playz:3 🧸 🦄
skyler playz:3 🧸 🦄 Před měsícem
Whenever there's a game matpat is here to explain it. "That's just a theory! A game theory!"
MyBOYEEE Před měsícem
I believe the prototype is Elliot. He just wanted to bring back his daughter, but when he died, someone else (probably the missing slide name) became in charge, and decided that living toys would make a load of money, so he brought Elliot back in a toy, the prototype. Enraged that his experiment was used for marketing, he was extremely violent and wants to escape the factory. Edit: thanks for the likes
PortlMastr Před měsícem
Yeah, the prototype is elliot ludwig, because tbe scientists used his dead body to make it
Dragunnitum Gaming
Dragunnitum Gaming Před měsícem
woah :O
Play boy
Play boy Před měsícem
cs-vid.net/video/video-xjMnEZQIomA.html Finally It’s here
David Holdorf
David Holdorf Před měsícem
SuperMandibleclaw Před měsícem
@MyBOYEEE dude we have 2 chapters
Laura Malcolm
Laura Malcolm Před měsícem
Ive never seen this many funny clips explaining the lore and FNAF thinking its them since...its the same, my favorite is this one 10:50
Duke Phinéas Barton
Duke Phinéas Barton Před měsícem
Love the little easter eggs AbsolutePixel drop about himself in those videos :)
Vlog Girl 2008
Vlog Girl 2008 Před 28 dny
Mommy Long Legs: It's been so long.. Me: *war flashbacks* My brain: "Since last I've seen my son"
Charity Cruz
Charity Cruz Před měsícem
Now that I think about it, if Stella WAS Poppy, why would the letter we receive have spelling errors? Stella was an adult right? It's not like turning into Poppy reverted her back into a child... Or she could just have horrible spelling idk
KatJustDied Před měsícem
The FNAF similarities are golden, and this just shows how (sarcastically) excited Mat is for a new update on their lore
♡{ŤÂŘÂ Channel}♡
♡{ŤÂŘÂ Channel}♡ Před měsícem
@KatJustDied TRUE! Like there are so many
KatJustDied Před měsícem
@♡{ŤÂŘÂ Channel}♡ again I say, these things are uncanny 😂 MatPat should make a series of similarities between the two games
♡{ŤÂŘÂ Channel}♡
♡{ŤÂŘÂ Channel}♡ Před měsícem
Yeah I mean look at poppy, she looks like Circus baby before Elizabeth dying (her eyes). Also things coming to life is exactly like how FNAF's story is.
Leonardo Somma
Leonardo Somma Před měsícem
Not to mention in the commercial in chapter 1 we see a *PUrpLe GuY!*
Kelsie Connelly
Kelsie Connelly Před měsícem
I am too
No2ble Dasher
No2ble Dasher Před měsícem
Maybe that fur and blood on the pipes WAS Exp. 1006 trying to finish Huggy off. Because falling THAT far must have weakened him sufficiently.
Sovy Dovy
Sovy Dovy Před 6 dny
Remember the 1006 that has a digestive system, well that proves that 1006 is actually not only a hand but a living body without any other toy parts
Mara Hart
Mara Hart Před 17 dny
Does the claw remind anyone of the other mothers hand in coralline? The whole thing with the other mother was she wanted to live forever.
JayeMover_16 Před 24 dny
Am I the only one bugged by the way the Prototype's hand is "animated"? It's being bent not at the joints but in between them at the stiff metal rods. It's pretty minor, but a bit of a pet peeve of mine.
Killer sans
Killer sans Před měsícem
I think that those orphans were tested for their intelligence to see children are the most optimal to become a toy. Since the whole point of the game station is the test how intelligent a child and intelligence seems to be important in the experiments for the living toys. Also I think when huggy Wuggy hits the pipes, that’s not blood, it’s the poppy gel.
Killer sans
Killer sans Před měsícem
Bro why are ppl promoting other channels on my comment? I’m just trying to share a theory 🤨
Killer sans
Killer sans Před měsícem
@Leo Chaichana that would also be poppy gel
1cinnamon1YT1 Před měsícem
@Leo Chaichana so does huggy and poppy.
Leo Chaichana
Leo Chaichana Před měsícem
But what about Mommy long legs, she have blood.
1cinnamon1YT1 Před měsícem
@Manaj click bait
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