Miley Cyrus
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11. 01. 2023





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lksy46i Před 14 dny
The lyrics are so simple but at the same time very well-written. And the beat is so catchy (in a good way). A top tier song from Miley again
Dżas Tik
Dżas Tik Před 14 dny
Her voice is like a cup of hot milk with gold honey while watching the sunset. Just feel it. 🌻
Jiro Salazar
Jiro Salazar Před 14 dny
Miley's songs are changing drastically every era and nothing actually disappoints. Every era is a masterpiece!
Man, her voice is just incredible! She is telling us that she doesn't need Liam anymore. She is better off without him. The vocals in this song are fantastic! Feels like summer already. Let's all hope this one goes on the billboard charts! I swear this song is just too good for a breakup or summer.
Dimo Dadilas
Dimo Dadilas Před 14 dny
I believe it's catchy enough to make it to the charts. No matter what, I love it!!
Gabbiel_ Biel
Gabbiel_ Biel Před 14 dny
Sing along!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻
Andreas Nikolaou
Andreas Nikolaou Před 14 dny
Itzel Cordova
Itzel Cordova Před 14 dny
A diferencia de otras canciones del pasado, ésta se refiere a su antigua relación con mucho amor propio, respeto, madurez y tranquilidad. Simplemente perfecta. Gracias Miley por crecer y aprender de tus experiencias para crear está joya musical 💖
Julianne Rose
Julianne Rose Před dnem
Miley is one of the only artists that really differentiates her eras and wow. She’s brilliant. Such a talented artist.
Music & Trends
Music & Trends Před 10 hodinami
Truly love how simple yet catchy this song is. It's not too slow, not to loud as well - it's the perfect pop song! Also love Miley's lower and mid register - truly one of the best vocals.
Mariana Menezes
Mariana Menezes Před 14 dny
Amo essa música! Tudo está perfeito a música, o clipe, sua voz. Te amo Miley ❤
Janaina Teixeira Cardoso Cardoso
Clipe e música show de bola. Estou amando
Beeze N let beeze
Beeze N let beeze Před 14 dny
I love it, I just wish we had more upbeat music nowadays, everything is kind of melancholy and all flows together. But I grew up on music in the 90s and 2000s when max martin produced hit after hit, and choruses were epic and catchy and had more than a few words repeated over and over (not saying Miley’s is) but a lot of songs nowadays are just so repetitive and not original or creative. I love Miley though and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!
Wallacy Barros
Wallacy Barros Před 14 dny
Knowing Who You Are With Tina Tate
The voice, the lyrics, the raspy attitude, and the music, especially the baseline are EVERYTHING!! That beat is LIFE!
mermaid goddess
mermaid goddess Před dnem
Está canción vuelve a demostrar la fuerza de la música, que gran mencaje. Me amaré yo misma y me regalaré flores porque me lo merezco. Gracias Miley eres una gran cantante y tu hermosa voz acompaña perfectamente la canción.
Evely Amalia
Evely Amalia Před 14 dny
It's an incredible song that brings a strong message about self-love. We can love ourselves better than anyone! 💞
RetroTaco Před 22 hodinami
This is such an awesome "feel good" song and is so empowering for Miley and anyone going through similar situations, I love that this song has a catchy beat while also having good lyrics
Brittany Gurreri
Brittany Gurreri Před dnem
This song really transcends all the decades by pulling from some key beats from popular songs in what feels like the 70s to more recent songs like Bruno Mars. Love it so much! Totally a strong anthem to keep on repeat
Alejandro Farias
Alejandro Farias Před dnem
Estoy obsesionado con está canción, es tan perfecta. Gracias Miley por esta maravillosa canción
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