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6. 08. 2021





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Fatima Martinez
Fatima Martinez Před rokem
Simon laughs and then becomes serious when Ethan says “Enhance”😂
Zubair Islam
Zubair Islam Před 8 měsíci
1st reply i guess
Dio Před 7 měsíci
2nd lol
Hasan Salim
Hasan Salim Před 7 měsíci
Lucas Před 3 měsíci
4th 🥸
KӨDΣƧ Před rokem
23:13 Harry: “UNPIXELATE” Simon: *laughing* Ethan: “Enhance” Simon: 😐
N.A.C ent
N.A.C ent Před rokem
It was like his heart dropped lol he was instantly silent
einch Před rokem
The way harry say 'yes'🤣🤣
comic gaming
comic gaming Před rokem
22:51 you can see harry telling Ethan the answer
xcrazymocro Před rokem
Harry was trying so hard to not get excited
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Sidemen videos are so addicting man, can't help but binging them
Caleb Teklu
Caleb Teklu Před rokem
ayo yall remember justin y
Lord JJ
Lord JJ Před rokem
@Caleb Teklu yea
Turtle Před rokem
How do you binge a new video
Wyvern07 Před rokem
Ethan carried that whole team, mad
iok21a Před rokem
aswer huio thank you new greater video coming soon 😘😘
Mustache 69
Mustache 69 Před rokem
aswer huio cheers
Uday duggal
Uday duggal Před rokem
Bro vikk is such a mastermind like its crazy how smart he thinks
quoicoubeh Před rokem
he's one of the smartest in the sidemen and their friends
Suha Alam
Suha Alam Před rokem
@quoicoubeh he is the smartest
Williams Před rokem
@Suha Alam Tobi is definitely the same as Vik
Suha Alam
Suha Alam Před rokem
@Williams no
Bash N
Bash N Před rokem
KrisBN Před rokem
23:26 The sheer happiness on JJ’s face 🤣 I’m dead
thenufez Před rokem
Harry's face when Ethan gets the word correctly, and his little cheer, priceless!
Aymen Derghal
Aymen Derghal Před rokem
Their whole reaction and celebration over "enhance" was priceless😂😂
Aarushi Mehta
Aarushi Mehta Před rokem
We all know he's big brain but Chill Vikk is underrated
fenn Před rokem
Behz was big brain this vid too
Timepass Před rokem
Bushra Před rokem
smart team in general though tbf, Josh's rowing clue was genius
Fresh Sodaa
Fresh Sodaa Před rokem
how is he underrated?
acegambit777 Před rokem
@Fresh Sodaa how is he not?
MandoAsis Před rokem
JJ, Josh and Vikk still chilling in some of their one coloured outfit items lmao😂
Chrliexc2 Před rokem
Ethan is wearing his blue watch
Camster12345654321 Před rokem
It was probably recorded the same day/night
MandoAsis Před rokem
@Camster12345654321 it was right after I think coz they got the carrots too
Dr. Iswar Chand Bidyasagar
@Camster12345654321 thats why all of em looks so tired
Julie Akumu
Julie Akumu Před rokem
@Camster12345654321 yeah....coz Simon asked Ethan for the deep throat spart
Lord ShivaG
Lord ShivaG Před rokem
7:42 Vikk is so damn smart. To get those 3 words linked in a few seconds, madness
lil s
lil s Před rokem
Harrys "Yes" celebration When Behz got the answer at the end lmao 😂
comic gaming
comic gaming Před rokem
22:51 you can see harry telling Ethan the answer
Burner Boy
Burner Boy Před rokem
@comic gaming he told him what Vik said
The Man
The Man Před rokem
he said growth
Chodak Black
Chodak Black Před rokem
surprised there wasnt an earthquake when ethan flopped ontop of him
Aditya Lakhani
Aditya Lakhani Před rokem
9:05, Vikk hinting at rolling and Simon guessing deep was "deep" 😂😂
Beerandon Před rokem
23:06 when Harry says “is this a word….. it is a word” with the shuttle music behind it is absolute comedy gold
Shantanu Kawale
Shantanu Kawale Před rokem
@funny vid we
RandomBlur Před rokem
It's like one of that sudden realisation scenes in movies
Light Před rokem
U N P I X E L A T E.
N.A.C ent
N.A.C ent Před rokem
23:07 it was also the most British I ever heard Harry speak mans sounded like he was in a Harry Potter movie in fact with the music it made it seem like it was a spell that backfired and turned someone into a frog
I loved vik’s chilling vibe in this one 🙌🏼
Adam Seckel
Adam Seckel Před rokem
Yeah man same
raw tea
raw tea Před rokem
Yeah man same
Mallex Před rokem
"We weirdly think in the wrong way... In the right way" -Wroteoshaw 2021 about himself, KSI, and Ethan
Chodak Black
Chodak Black Před rokem
11:59 JJ doesnt even try to be sneaky😂
Quizzy. Před rokem
I love how Ethan is just holding himself the whole time😂
Noah Son
Noah Son Před rokem
Noah Son
Noah Son Před rokem
I iiiii
Noah Son
Noah Son Před rokem
I iiiii
Noah Son
Noah Son Před rokem
I. I iii io
Noah Carmona
Noah Carmona Před rokem
I love the sidemen thank you guys for putting out quality content to help me laugh and smile
Andrew Vodinh-Ho
Andrew Vodinh-Ho Před rokem
somethings really wholesome about them all eating carrots together
Prasanth Rao Nilapu
Bruh they probably got enhanced vision out of it
ZillTheGOAT Před rokem
I love how Harrys in his own world just pettin the couch at 5:30 😂 Idk how but it's so wholesome
Savannah Hughes
Savannah Hughes Před rokem
aww i love harry😭
rPoodle Před rokem
Bro when those couches like change color when u pet them that shit addicting
Shay Před rokem
I've notice he was doing the same thing on the big teddy bear pettin it and smiling it was cute
MarcosAVB Před 8 měsíci
@rPoodle true😆
jason Před rokem
ethan's reaction to his own fart is jokes 19:05 😂😂😂
Brong Před rokem
This was super entertaining hope they make a part 2 of this!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Před rokem
shirt, like. Instantly noticed 😭😭
Sneaker Před rokem
This game just shows how different their minds are. 😂
Adam Seckel
Adam Seckel Před rokem
It is so good to see the sidemen just chilling out for once 🙂
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade Před rokem
JJ’s stupidity is funny and hurts your brain at the same time 😂🌝
Wadoud Sebaa
Wadoud Sebaa Před rokem
The k in ksi stands for knowledge
Who Are you
Who Are you Před rokem
@Wadoud Sebaa thanks captain obvious
shanice♡ Před rokem
vikk is such a mood during this whole video😂
Lea Faoa
Lea Faoa Před rokem
Just like the old times, more of these please!!!! This was GOLD!
Willem Cahill-Chiaroni
Willem Cahill-Chiaroni Před 4 měsíci
I love how superior Josh and Vikk are leaning back together at 3:16
wessel hop
wessel hop Před rokem
Vikk was so chill this video. Big vibes. Love that from him.
That Girl
That Girl Před rokem
12:08 Jj with his hands up has me cackling. Like he did something 😂😂😂
Niharika Mishra
Niharika Mishra Před rokem
I can't relate anything more than harry having conversation by himself
Aari Před rokem
Macaron Před rokem
@Aari 23:06
K3 Před rokem
@Aari You have a Harry pfp but haven’t even watched the vid
divyanshu singh yadav
The yes by Harry at 23:20 is everything 😂
Iman Afshari
Iman Afshari Před rokem
23:25 most wholesome funniest moment the Mr bean yes was on point 🤣🤣🤣
DavidsWeirdMedia Před rokem
23:05 Simon's face before and after Ethan said the answer is priceless! lmao
WB - Lazy and Chill
WB - Lazy and Chill Před 7 měsíci
23:24 that winning moment and their reactions are so cute 😄
tracylambertchilli Před rokem
23:23 harrys little “yeasss🙌” im crying😭
Wailmore [GD]
Wailmore [GD] Před rokem
JJ’s subreddit is gonna have a field day with his nose pick
Britt Před rokem
It looked like they were on something 😂
konan Před rokem
nah they defo wont lol. i doubt the nose pick will be in jjs next reddit video. im guessing you're a new fan.
Cordilia Odile
Cordilia Odile Před rokem
it won’t lmao stuff in the sidemen vids rarely is in the Reddit’s tbh
Anonymous Crew
Anonymous Crew Před rokem
23:24 the way Harry said yes had me dead
Sarah •
Sarah • Před rokem
Lucas Hughes
Lucas Hughes Před rokem
@Sarah • because shortly after that they were stabbed
Sakib Před 7 měsíci
@Lucas Hughes 😂😂😂
16celixe Před rokem
I love jj to bits mann he's too funny, I'm watching this at 2:40am and laughing hoping it's not too loud for my African strict parents to hear
aisha Před rokem
These are the ones I’m most excited for. They’re so chill
Tushar Sharma
Tushar Sharma Před 3 měsíci
Harry's team's celebration was soo wholesome.
JL Před rokem
LMAOOOO Harry patiently waiting to explode with silent joy for the Victory after Ethan saying Enhance 4 times & then JJ realising they won had me rollin. 🤣
pyg Před rokem
23:15 Simon immediately stopped laughing/smiling after Ethan said the word
ℳ𝒾𝒹ℴℴℴ 𝒻𝒾𝒹ℴℴ
I Would love to see a sidemen fear factor Where they all faced their fears.
Kruzkar Před rokem
Harry moving his hand to see the light and dark sides of the couch 💀💀💀
DeluxNZ Před rokem
Anyone else love when simon loses to JJ? The face says it all 🤣🤣
Flynn Před rokem
13:16 the way JJ shakes his head with that very proud smile is kinda cute tbh
Swagtachi Uchiha
Swagtachi Uchiha Před rokem
kinda cute ngl
TheProblem Před rokem
TheProblem Před rokem
SEG秦NAVEEN Před rokem
Viks last line - never give up 😊 he is soo motivating all the time 😊❤️
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Před rokem
Big up Kon for saying he would include the sidemen for the next clothing promo🙌🔥🔥
The The first
The The first Před rokem
Bullseye Před rokem
its chipfat not kon
No Forwhat
No Forwhat Před rokem
A Great Name
A Great Name Před rokem
@Bullseye nah
Auna Před rokem
I love these types of videos, was hoping they would bring them back
Tosinkingfisher Cheeseburger
Simon laughs and then becomes serious when Ethan says Enhance 😂
Bijaya Shree Paudel
Bijaya Shree Paudel Před 7 měsíci
Josh is not at all boring, he is the funniest 😅
Medz Pfukri
Medz Pfukri Před 5 měsíci
JJ, ethan and harry's softly getting excited at the last was 😁 hilarious
hello Před rokem
The way they cheered at the end of the video I can't stop laughing 😂
BEAST6014 Před rokem
Vik was straight smiling for “deep”
Ivan Mathew
Ivan Mathew Před rokem
I was waiting someone to say THROAT
comic gaming
comic gaming Před rokem
22:51 you can see harry telling Ethan the answer
hell mode
hell mode Před rokem
@comic gaming no he wasn't you can clearly hear harry say growth and simon was also behind them
PAC MAN Před rokem
@comic gaming No you can hear him say growth, and then he starts moving his face away so realistically there was no time from him to tell ethan the word. Love the vid tho
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue Před rokem
@Ivan Mathew yep
Vaidik vaidya
Vaidik vaidya Před rokem
Man the editors are really doing good on sdmn videos ❤️
Hass Před rokem
The reaction at the end to this day has me laughing 😂
I Mac Sports
I Mac Sports Před 6 měsíci
Harry is deadass the best at this game and it's not close. Vik and Josh are a close 2nd and 3rd but Harry takes the cake with his word choice and answering abilities.
Ikky Před rokem
Tobi really has a huge presence. Missed him in the video🥺
Rafael Gran
Rafael Gran Před rokem
sorry, i might’ve missed something but what happened to tobi?
Burner Boy
Burner Boy Před rokem
@Rafael Gran he has covid
ItzImperium XVI
ItzImperium XVI Před rokem
Kinda feel bad for not noticing he wasn’t there
Oscar Kitchen
Oscar Kitchen Před rokem
didn’t even notice
chakra Před rokem
MysticNate Před rokem
13:08 jj is actually really genius, he didn't give any hint to the other team and put all pressure on Josh
Alex Jacobs
Alex Jacobs Před rokem
See but to qualify for being a genius, you have to do it knowingly.😂 That’s just the first place his head went to
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer Před rokem
There's something really wholesome about JJ wearing the clothes he got from the shopping vid
XxbocajioxX Před rokem
i think its cause they filmed right after the shopping vid cause vik is wearing yellow and josh is wearing pink
Mo Před rokem
it was the same day
KeZz YT Před rokem
Josh is wearing the hoodie from that vid too. So xxboca must be right, filmed right after. Also makes sense with them mentioning the throat spray :D
FUN SQUAD Před měsícem
Can someone agree with me that their clothing edits are just mind blowing
kazi mubin
kazi mubin Před rokem
I swear the sidemen outros are the only outros I stay around for, so sick. Guy should get a raise or something
sophieissalty Před rokem
Rhakjellg Před rokem
fax no printer no ekes
shush Před rokem
Fr the beat at the end is sick
Borgir Před rokem
Ayo you look like Vikkstar on steroids lol
Olive Před rokem
They're probs payed a lot...?
Haytch Před rokem
Simon is hands down the funniest in the sidemen
VinteUm Před rokem
That ending has me in tears... The way Harry says "Yes" and celebrates xD
Ahem Khanna
Ahem Khanna Před rokem
Still Simon, Vikk and Josh's team is unbeatably smart 😳
JHolland Před rokem
I love these vids , u guys just chilling together is always funny - Jj and Ethan messing about is always funny
Alex Sav
Alex Sav Před rokem
They should do the more formalised version of this game and play Spyfall. They’d just need an eighth person to play with to even up the teams. I think that’d be grand fun for them to argue over and through each answer.
Delayed Creator
Delayed Creator Před rokem
What's the game
ALKKI Před rokem
They did this
StateOfPanic Před rokem
@Alex Sav they have already played codenames
Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter Před rokem
@StateOfPanic exactly
Ethan Carter
Ethan Carter Před rokem
@Alex Sav they have already played this
Freddie Quell
Freddie Quell Před rokem
Behz was actually unironically really good at this game lmao
URUS Před rokem
Sidemen got always good content no joke🔥❤
Olivia Brodarick
Olivia Brodarick Před rokem
I literally didn’t realise this video came out today, bc I’m not used to them playing games like this together in so long
Rafael Rada
Rafael Rada Před rokem
When JJ reached for a handshake, Ethan whispered the answer 😂
Mubeen Před rokem
Love how the dumbest of the sidemen pulled up such an amazing comeback and win
Shallow Před rokem
Love how JJ , Josh and Vick are wearing the clothes they got on the episode where they had to buy eachother things in one colour
Mo Před rokem
They shot this on the same day, right after the Sidemen Sunday
Guribedi13 Před rokem
Intro Was Sick!! Keep Up the great work guys
Lilian Před rokem
sidemen videos are so addicting 😂💕
SB 6
SB 6 Před rokem
Behz what a champ. With the clutch stun grenade /fart to disorientate his opponents before the final points 😭
Sophie Michelle
Sophie Michelle Před rokem
17:24 JJ’s reaction lmfao
Jay Před rokem
JJ is literally doing everything his work rate is maddddd
Jamzy 33
Jamzy 33 Před rokem
His work rate compared to the rest is crazy
Jonathan Před rokem
What work rate my G they are literally having fun in this video lolll chill with that ricegum talk
froggy. Před rokem
@Jonathan albums. Live shows. Interviews. Boxing. CS-vid (his CS-vid channel) and the other multiple sidemen channels
Maria Balaska
Maria Balaska Před rokem
Ethan I see u sir, first drugging them with the toxic fart and then winning, because you were actually really good at this game 💪🏻
Pranav Pappu
Pranav Pappu Před rokem
23:27 that hug was hella wholesome ngl
God's Gamer
God's Gamer Před rokem
I would’ve never expected JJ’s team to win😭
Chris Luiz
Chris Luiz Před rokem
I love how vikk was just chill the video Big up vikk💪❤
Nah G
Nah G Před rokem
Harry: Unpixelate Vikk: They got that one fair and square Accidental joke flew over all their heads 😂😭
Bhanujay Sharma
Bhanujay Sharma Před rokem
JJ, Ethan and Harry - My 3 brain cells getting me through life, barely!
~SAM~ Před rokem
22:44 Poor JJ...vik did him dirty🤣
Lily Dunn
Lily Dunn Před rokem
Simon* did him dirty
Emily Randall
Emily Randall Před rokem
Gotta respect JJ for the love island water bottle
Baginski football
Baginski football Před rokem
Over this past year vik has turned into a absolute unit
Aram Kim
Aram Kim Před rokem
Sidemen teaching life lessons at the end 😂😂😂
Donny Berger
Donny Berger Před rokem
If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying. JJ my dude!🤣🙌
Haridas Palleeri
Haridas Palleeri Před rokem
I feel like it's been a long time since we got an IRL moresidemen video on the couch. YAY
Chrissi Před rokem
True, the sofa videos are always great!
Haridas Palleeri
Haridas Palleeri Před rokem
@Chrissi They're elite!
s Před rokem
yeah the og room
Haterade1223 Před rokem
12:04 JJ’s face as well as Harry’s 💀
Aaron Mascarenhas
Aaron Mascarenhas Před rokem
We need more videos like this!!!!!
Charlotte j
Charlotte j Před rokem
Josh is getting so cool in his old age
DonDada Před rokem
I love how jj wrote KSI on his water bottle 😂
Hazelnut 7
Hazelnut 7 Před rokem
It’s mad how Ksi is chilling in the all orange, josh is in the supreme pink, vim has the yellow off white on and Ethan had the same top on as the sidemen Sunday video, it’s totally recorded the same after, and we let it slide how much graft they people put in for us !!!
Camster12345654321 Před rokem
Vik is mad chill in this! Deffo been on Harry's wacky backy 🍁🔥😂
Zayd Beitar
Zayd Beitar Před rokem
Surprised no one else is saying this😂 they all look 🍃
Micha 139381
Micha 139381 Před rokem
@Zayd Beitar yeah I mean Josh with the sunglasses as well lmao they’re highhhh
banana man
banana man Před rokem
man is just full of the burrito from the previous sidemen sunday
XSwaygz Před rokem
Vick just seemed so chill in that video haha love it
Follow Along Fantasy
Yo this was way more entertaining than I thought it was gonna be lol
The Tuke
The Tuke Před rokem
I laughed so hard at Ethan smelling his own fart that I squeezed out one of my own
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