Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin 

Tucker Carlson
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Watch Tucker's immediate reaction to the interview here: bit.ly/3SxeZBY
Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.
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7. 02. 2024





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@TuckerCarlson Před 21 dnem
Watch my immediate reaction to the interview here: bit.ly/3SxeZBY
@Philip_Taylor Před 21 dnem
Thank you for making history in such a manner. Audacious and yet appropriate.
Subtitulos al Español por favor
@HandcupOfficial Před 21 dnem
Hey Tucker! Big fan!
@GeoPoliticsCommentry Před 21 dnem
To put a wordsmith spin on the importance of independant media and reporting to the Tucker/ Putin interview and the collusion of MSM to follow a government approved propaganda points.For those of us who wish for a just peace and an end to forever wars, there is an absolute obligation to challenge the client media’s deceptive licensing of conflict. These needless wars impoverish and immiserate not only the victims but the duped populations of the countries from which they emanate. It is, after all, Western taxpayers that unwittingly fund this grotesque circular profit mill, a meat grinder that sucks in human lives and spits out vast wealth for a tiny elite, the same tiny elite intimately related to the political class seeking to justify those needless conflicts. All licensed and peddled as morally defensible by the ever loyal client media
@trulylynn9941 Před 21 dnem
The MSM is going crazy my friend 👍🏼🤣😂😘
@edwinjoy3932 Před 21 dnem
Next I would like to see US president Biden being interviewed by Russians for 2hrs.
@katya.promolodost Před 21 dnem
He will not able 😅
@djskillaz9861 Před 21 dnem
@edwinjoy3932 please change that to 2 minutes.
@HubertofLiege Před 21 dnem
@SuperSpins1 Před 21 dnem
He will fall asleep 30 minutes into it lmao 🤣
@ross4061 Před 21 dnem
You are funny! LMAO 😀😂
@cengizgizmen3040 Před 3 dny
The Russian to English translator did an EXCELLENT Job with Perfect English .
@agavictoria Před 2 dny
Yeah, the over voice did an excellent job of maintaining the patronizing tone of Mr. P.
@yourmommashouse Před 2 dny
Almost as if it was rehearsed lol he knows so much history and dates (when he wasn’t even alive) yet when asked about times he WAS alive for and directly involved in he can’t remember. For instance the visit with Bush Senior. When asked when this occurred he told boy wonder to look it up on the internet because he doesn’t remember. Also, when asked about another date in his lifetime he responded with, I have too much on plate to remember things such as this. 😂 Clearly this was WELL rehearsed and the history lesson was either recently learned and memorized or he had an agent in his ear reciting a script for Putin.
This is Rare, you know why, Putin has never talked someone else outside of his circle ever since 2022 battle against Russia vs. Ukraine!
Removing his wrist watch, was the 'appetiser' for anyone watching, to get ready for a long conversation👌
@Veche_zar Před 17 hodinami
Professional))) you don't say Not even one provocable question. Just what were agreed...
@nice80275 Před dnem
Now remember the interview with Austrian BBC journalist Armin Wolf where he interrupted Vladimir Putin every 30 seconds and did not allow him to say anything,Tucker Carlson A true professional,bravo.
@davidisthis Před 2 dny
I like how he chose to use his words so carefully. He said "the people who had control over the authority of the land" instead of directly blaming the guilty party he suggests something that can not be proven beyond speculation.
@michaelcruz4623 Před dnem
What happened to his excuse about not wanting Ukraine to join Nato bc the US will set-up missiles there aimed at Russia? Putin is a liar. He knows NATO was created to stop the next Hitler. Putin is the next Hitler. He knows NATO will not allow him to take Ukraine That has been his plan since he conned Yelstin. Putin is an old communist dictator that is afraid of the people. He has to control the people. Navalney was a hero by pointing out Putins corruption.
@evgeniam685 Před 12 hodinami
He said about people, he didn't actually mean parties, he meant those who above any party. He was talking about Cabal/ Deep State. Watch Above Majestic documentary to understand what he meant. Deep state controlled whole world for many many centuries. He couldn't say it yet because majority of people wouldn't understand him
@vladimirfasyura8191 Před 6 hodinami
Shame on Tucker - in a recent interview he said that Putin's words about Nazism in Ukraine sounded very stupid and are used to call other people evil and bad. Ignorant! He also argues that there is nothing wrong with “nationalists”, and the Nazis were only in Germany in the Second World War! 🤦‍♂️ Tucker not only does not know these concepts, but also did not bother to try to understand why Ukrainians who praise fascist divisions, get tattoos with swastikas and use the methods of Nazi Germany are called Nazis in Russia... surprising, right? Putin has repeatedly said that he is the biggest nationalist in Russia.. But Tucker didn’t know this!! He also argues “it’s not bad to be a nationalist... but the Nazis were in Germany and it’s stupid to justify your actions by calling Ukrainian nationalists Nazis” 🤦‍♂️
18 million views on this is not enough tbh. This vid should have 1B views
@user-vz9ec2dn8c Před 2 dny
Ютюб уменьшает,демократия😂😂😂
@rangetrotter_official Před 15 hodinami
@juliekaye363 Před 13 hodinami
Yes more people need to see how putin embarrasses himself
@Tanita7777 Před 7 hodinami
​​@@juliekaye363юлька, ты не приехала на похороны, прост...тутка😂
@mitcelwhite3500 Před 6 hodinami
Your a filthy shill
@armageddon1403 Před 20 dny
Now we are eagerly waiting for a Russian journalist coming to USA and interviewing Biden for two hours. 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
@marchuknataliya424 Před 20 dny
Вряд ли это кто-то будет смотреть
Slobber, spit, mumble, fall over, interview done 😂
@Nicole-kk6bx Před 20 dny
@PCongeries Před 20 dny
@JustRelaxCo Před 20 dny
@JustxStupid Před 8 dny
The English to Russian interpreter had the easiest day of work in his life. Cheers to the other guy!
@xenobob2773 Před 7 dny
There is a russian version of the same interview on the kremlin channel...so Id say you are mistaken.
@JustxStupid Před 7 dny
@@xenobob2773 too bad you don't know what an interpreter is, mistaking one for a media translator. You think Tucker had a fairy shoved in his ear?
@gilk7688 Před 6 dny
The Russian to English speaker was really good looking and had six pack... oh yeah... and he had blue eyes.
@abdinasirabdi3640 Před 4 dny
P 😅😅Pop​@@xenobob2773
@user-xn6lq6ob9y Před 4 dny
@@gilk7688 how do you know? Have you seen him?
@ferat-yb5tt Před dnem
Браво на теб ти направи добро за всички нас добър човек си браво уважение към теб
Great interview and very informative, I’m happy people can receive a clearer understanding of what is happening between US and Russia
@andrealuna984 Před 2 dny
kudos to the translator, amazing, and tone he speaks with, he is telling a story, I am speechless
@Kill_angel Před 2 dny
Удивительно, как быстро после этого интервью умер от отравления Навальный. Повестка перебита. Отличная работа западных спецслужб. Ох ну разумеется, я не права. Да. Это просто совпадение.
@johnniejett9363 Před 21 dnem
The Russian to English translator did an EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!
@cotch40 Před 21 dnem
It was insanely good
@thomgizziz Před 21 dnem
That is 100% not the real time translation you are hearing... how are you this slow?
@organicinohio5398 Před 21 dnem
I agree! Very pleasant to listen to.
@nalanhazzard Před 21 dnem
It was done really well
@jbkibs Před 21 dnem
@@thomgizziz how does tucker understand what he's saying?
@ErykK16 Před 8 dny
im surprised that Putin didnt call Biden braindead.
@rudhoc8843 Před 7 dny
ВВП как умный человек, не привык опускаться до оскорбления оппонентов
@redemissarium Před 7 dny
He is very ethical in all interview
@StariiSeid Před 5 dny
Well he kinda doesn't have to
@CountSabatee Před 5 dny
Biden’s own people do it enough that Putin doesn’t need to😂
@aur485 Před 3 dny
Putin is the most polite politician. He has never offended anyone in his entire career. He's too smart for that.
@mombradshaw5528 Před 5 dny
I also think that President Putin missed his extra calling as a professor of history! He genuinely enjoyed educating Tucker in history. Very thorough.
@Svetlana_Zakirova Před 4 dny
талантливый человек талантлив во всем😄
@neneanea Před 4 dny
Of course how anyone could have learnt Putin's version of history except when listening to his own made up fabulations?
@carlabotelho7848 Před 3 dny
And the history Putin told is all wrong or changed in Putin's profitit, 😢
@tomletourneau11 Před 3 dny
@ludmilaandr8793 Před 3 dny
A good president must know the history of his country in detail.
@user-is9vf7ol3z Před 5 dny
bro if u replace putin with biden he wouldnt last 2min
@NastyAngel Před 3 dny
1min30 walk to the chair and 30 sec talk
@leannshort2211 Před 3 dny
LMAO FR!!! 😆😑🤦🏻‍♀️
@georgehh2574 Před 2 dny
Still, this doesn't reflect positively on Putin in any way, he's still the head of an oppressive regime.
@FiruzaAlt Před dnem
After the collapse of the USSR, chaos reigned in Russia. Gangs... and Putin put the whole country on its feet. If only you could see and know it. Then you wouldn’t say that.
@micha5876 Před dnem
@@FiruzaAlt I'm from Russia and it's a lie. Now we have mafias and corruption in our country
@user-us2nc6uu1s Před 3 dny
Putin is not lying about Boris Johnson. The conflict could have ended in the spring of 2022 if Ukraine had agreed to neutrality, said David Arakhamia, head of Zelensky's Servant of the People party. Answering the question why Kiev refused to agree to Russia's conditions not to join NATO, Arakhamia said that this decision was also influenced by the British Prime Minister. "Moreover, when we returned from Istanbul, Boris Johnson came to Kyiv and said that we would not sign anything with them at all. And "let's just fight," he said.
@user-dy1op2zx3r Před 2 dny
بوتن الرجل الحديدي لا يخاف من الخونة المتملقين
@techhawk1543 Před 21 dnem
If Tucker was still in FOX News, this Interview would have never taken place !
@mrt094 Před 21 dnem
This interview was going to happen earlier and it was stopped. So you are exactly right.
@SoundsBogus Před 21 dnem
It may have taken place, but never aired. Journalists had the Jeff Epps story, for example, but Western media did not want us to Know about the US ties to Mossad and child sex trafficking. C'mon. Western agencies have done wrong. They're the "baddies" and those 6 corporations own All the media. Of course they don't want us knowing what they've done. They've got to create stories, like Russiagate, to deflect attention from themselves.
@mrbears34 Před 21 dnem
Yep, Fox wouldn't have taken the chance. It would have a negative effect for advertising.
@CamposXO Před 21 dnem
Of course it would. But we’d only get maybe 2 mins max of it
@2803ftm Před 21 dnem
Иногда надо потерять всё. Что бы затем, одержать победу 👍
@tyblo004 Před 8 dny
The part when he said, “you have problems with the migration, your people is dying, and your nation debt don’t you have better things ro do?“ totally agree with him!!
@callmefleet Před 7 dny
@@bradleyheights5905 well, you just found one of Putin's likely motivations. One of our's was to make a ton of money during the war. Despite sanctions, Russia has seen success in some areas of the economy. Should clarify that I'm not trying to invalidate every single thing Putin said in this interview since just about all his reasons are legit.
@Brancaalice Před 7 dny
@@bradleyheights5905 You mean, ww2 take nation out depression, what a lack of creativity. So keep killing human in order to keep out depression. Many countries are developing without war. Blood for money, it was not God intention.
@HellCat_Kenny Před 7 dny
@Krack2805 Před 7 dny
u kno who also felt that way? the america first fascist movement LOL@@HellCat_Kenny
@RayOfLight.101 Před 6 dny
Putin should better care about his people. He is intentionally sustaining low education and poverty to foster the slaves, who have no power to sand up against his dictatorship.
@craftminerCZ Před 7 dny
What an absolute bomb of an interview. Putin, with his years and wealth of experience reframing the interview within the first 30 seconds and navigating every question while maintaining his well-spoken manners... The interviewer, willing to push on hard subjects, but careful enough not to overstep the boundaries and reset the conversation. Interpreter of course enabling this conversation to be nearly completely fluid. For most of the interview I had to keep reminding myself of several things: The stuff that is actually going on in the real world, the bits of unwavering truth in what Putin said, and the fact that imagining Joe Biden in his position would've simple resulted in a comedy show rather than a serious talk.
@MC_Hammerpants Před 7 dny
Don't forget Tuckers strange, unbreakable but incredible stares. Psychological warfare that I believe made Putin uneasy. It causes him to be the one who breaks eye contact
@Krack2805 Před 7 dny
@@MC_Hammerpants LOL these guys think tucker is god
@MC_Hammerpants Před 7 dny
@@Krack2805 lol not even close
@RayOfLight.101 Před 6 dny
Mate, the whole interview is misinformation. He makes up stuff. If you didn't learn about European history at school, then learn about it now. But not from Putin. Google it or get history books from library.
@shanewatkins7491 Před 5 dny
"Pushing on harball subjects," for example saying "of course" that Germany only invaded Poland after asking nicely for their land back. Those rude Poles being so mean to the polite Nazis. Carlson made himself the mouthpiece of a ruthless dictator, politely not interrupting Putin's propaganda.
@vl9107 Před dnem
18 Mio. Aufrufe und so wenig Kommentare. Er steht wirklich für sein Land und für Sicherheit des Staates.
@MettPitt Před 7 hodinami
Er hat im Prinzip das gemacht was Hitler gemacht hat im Sudetenland. Ganz toll.
@10Docs Před 6 dny
As someone who's deaf, the translator did an amazing job
@mrrobot8973 Před 5 dny
How would you know ? Honest question.
​@@mrrobot8973they are experts at reading lips.
@mrrobot8973 Před 5 dny
@@ToddKimberlin-py2nq yeah figured that’s prob how but I think it’s still pretty difficult even for the hearing impaired.
@ThePlantedTankTV Před 5 dny
@@mrrobot8973 Closed captions/subtitles?
@ecomoo Před 5 dny
you'd better go buy a pair of hearing aid for yourself
@kmimiteh Před 5 dny
@TuckerCarlson, I do not agree with a lot of your thinking or ideology, but I must say that I do believe that you stay true to yourself, and I fully respect that, and this is why I like you. Thanks for that and hats down for your courage to make this interview that, as we all know, so many powers are against to it.
@carlabotelho7848 Před 3 dny
The question is , why did Putin accept to do this interview and all he said about the history is wrong 😢
​@@carlabotelho7848history is very hard to pinpoint, as a croat i can tell you that easily as other contries learn different history from ours about us and our neighbours serbs and bosnians and others alike, i think there is a greater power in play over all that, or we simply dont know the history of our kind as well as we think we do
@bassmanjr100 Před 2 dny
​@@carlabotelho7848Specifics please?
@@EdgeworthsSugardaddy I am sorry but in this case Putin manipulated the history in his favour.
@prototechnic1680 Před 21 dnem
2 million views in 6 hrs!!! Checked the trending tab and it’s not even listed. Completely absurd
@user-om6pj2fv3l Před 21 dnem
Это только тут. В Твиттере уже больше 50 миллионов
@godlyBlade Před 21 dnem
I'm sure it's just another one of those convenient bugs they always seem to run into when someone speaks out against the approved narrative.
@aragornii507 Před 21 dnem
Beware: the socialist left in America aka the Democrats are censoring all comments that go against the socialist liberal Democrat leftist agenda. Not hate speech. They are simply censoring anything that goes against the socialist agenda of the Democrats. Big tech companies like CS-vid and Meta will censor anything that goes against Joe Biden and liberals. Spread the word
@NightOwl222 Před 21 dnem
I'm happy it's at least here, on CS-vid.
@kittysatanicbelyah Před 21 dnem
2 mill isn't that much for 6 hours
@svealusmagi4165 Před 8 dny
Very good interview i have been waiting for a very long time ,when is it coming? There are always two sides to a coin.
@BigBandz-dr9op Před 5 dny
This interview Hasn't changed nothing😂 there's is still innocent lives lost because putin wants to steal back some land but your uneducated and learn everything you know from CS-vid so😂🤡🤦‍♂️
@michaelcruz4623 Před dnem
Putin us a monster, plain and simple. He was behind the killing of 300 Russians with the FSB bombings. He lied to the Russian people that it was Chechnyans bc he needed to have Chechnyia in order to restore the USSR. He then went to Georgia in 2008. Crimea in 2014. He took Crimea to stage weapons and supply Russian soldiers so when he invaded Ukraine. It is all lies!
the end was a dagger to the heart of the western leaders .... my gosh...
Meanwhile Biden is figuring out what is name is😂
@elonakalagova5660 Před 5 dny
@norbyvevo4634 Před 4 dny
@ryant115 Před 3 dny
Meanwhile...someone is telling Tucker that coin-return shopping carts have been in the US since the 80's, and have been slowly phased on in favor of proximity wheel locks.
@davidlopez1169 Před 3 dny
I’m Jill’s puppet wishing a happy Biden
@KS-kb4zt Před 3 dny
Beniamin Hitler Netanjahu 🇮🇱 👹
@nasonschabell3441 Před 2 dny
Thank you Tucker. This is important information that all Americans need to know.
youtube, still stealing views? shame on U!
@joshuavillalobos8218 Před 21 dnem
Bro .. Putin Spilled all the tea!!! C.I.A.'s face right now 😮
@Sudden-Death Před 21 dnem
@kieran5191 Před 21 dnem
Yeah I wish he had gone deeper into that 🫢
@tuckster27 Před 21 dnem
Pretty much confirms the alphabet agencies, and not the President, are running things.
@user-qr8ki8ue4i Před 21 dnem
He (Putin) did not. And the CIA have heard all this before.
@samgibson684 Před 21 dnem
That's obvious, ask Kennedy... .oh wait
@f9658 Před dnem
It's fascinating to witness and learn about Vladimir Putin’s reasoning and personal anecdotes from his discussions with other world leaders. It offers a glimpse into what unfolds behind closed doors, particularly given that these talks determine the fate of millions, if not billions, of people worldwide.
I appreciate hearing a true statesman talk and not a politician. In the west we seem to have only the latter.
@exempligratia101 Před 5 dny
A statesman who seemingly is comfortable with swift handling of political opponents in accidental deaths, repression, and other abuses not dissimilar to actions the US or other nations states engage in?
@flash2tz Před 5 dny
Don't be mistaken. Putin is the consummate political! Just because he is diplomatic in his responses doesn't mean he isn't a politician. It is exactly what makes him one. The man is smooth.
@exempligratia101 Před 5 dny
@@flash2tz of giving answers without “giving answers” though. This shouldn’t give any approval to what his system does much as that’s typical for most Western democracies. Especially with Navalny and the many dissenters of Russia…
​@@exempligratia101But the American system is much dirtier indirectly 😅😂😂 ... Americans are not free people as it's being said ..they are forced and controlled ...even Russians are free people than the Americans
@KopperNeoman Před 2 dny
@igratia101 The answer is that it's not unconstitutional in Russia. It's a similar reason that I judge Juilus Ceasar far less harshly for owning and capturing slaves than I do George Washington. Nobody thought slavery was wrong in Ceasar's era, but in Washington's it was illegal in England for over 700 years. That and the fact that Juilius made no bones about his acts of conquest and slave-taking, while George waxed lyrical about all men being free under God whilst personally leading armies to recapture those the Loyalists liberated.
@Surgay.Vladimir Před 6 dny
There is the Russian journalist that wanted to interview Biden aswell
@annagotohim Před 6 dny
Kiselev is not a proper journalist, moreover if you are content with the manner in which he delivers information from a TV screen, I am very sorry for you
Thanks! This is such a good interview! While watching, I wanted to "like" it multiple times, but alas, once is the max.
@wayoutwest3009 Před 4 dny
This was less an “interview” as Putin steamrolling over Tucker for 2 hours straight, while Tucker provides slight-to-no pushback on any of his statements. Putin went on Russian TV afterwards and said he was “extremely unimpressed” with Tucker, and said he thought he’d be “clever” but instead he “took a different route”😂 This really opened a lot of people eyes about Tucker being full of it.
@tomgekko5889 Před dnem
No, he said about him that he considered Tucker a dangerous person, a strong interviewer, and expected a stream of very pointed questions @@wayoutwest3009
@corradop.4708 Před 5 dny
On behalf of the whole of Italy, i would thank you Mr. Carlson for your great job! You are a real journalist!
You must have some grandiose syndrome to believe that you are the whole of Italy, seek some advice... And about Tucker, he asked 5 questions in a 2 hour ''interview'' thats not journalism, good job though at giving the world the liberty to hear Putin's view on the matter.
Really!! You jus made me embarrassed to be italian
@4amaikido Před 3 dny
@@morganpandolfo1987 say that without crying
@boejiden855 Před 3 dny
@@morganpandolfo1987io sono Italiano e mi piace Tucker. Un buon lavoro, davvero.
@solliderfull Před 16 hodinami
@@morganpandolfo1987 And why so? Because you're more into western propaganda or what?
@elijahpositive2995 Před 20 dny
As a russian language native speaker as well as english edvanced speaker let me inform that this was one of the best snd closest to the source translations I've ever heard. It is so important when it comes to international relations!
@gaMnyaX Před 20 dny
а как же ошибка с советской украиной?
thats so true. sometimes expressions are hard to translate but the translator did a great job
@diehard11111able Před 20 dny
@elijahpositive2995 Před 20 dny
А как же ошибки с заглавными буквами при написании?)
@Son-AirsoftRussia Před 20 dny
@@gaMnyaXя честно говоря только её и заметил,хоть она и важна,но потом уже говорили советская Украина
@Justmy2mexpesos Před 18 hodinami
Great interview! This is how journalism should be, give us the information and we will come to our own conclusions.
@LivingBGLegend Před 7 dny
Yes! I have been wanting to see this and BAM! Here it is on CS-vid. Thank you tucker for doing this interview which in turn gave us great insight
@rogeliogarcia258 Před 7 dny
You should go to Russia! Go today! They have the kind of freedom you crave! Don't wait any longer. Go today!
@LivingBGLegend Před 7 dny
@@rogeliogarcia258 why would I go to Russia? Who said anything about freedom? You're a troll and/or an idiot
@LivingBGLegend Před 7 dny
@@rogeliogarcia258 ignorant describes you best
@rogeliogarcia258 Před 5 dny
@@LivingBGLegend I'm being serious. If just seeing Putin gives you so much joy, imagine what it's like to actually live in Russia! You would have Putin all the time. Go now. Start planning today. Your life will be so much better there.
@LivingBGLegend Před 5 dny
@@rogeliogarcia258 you make no sense. Who said I was excited to see Putin. You aren't very bright are you? You're assuming quite a bit and not actually saying anything related to my post.
@ell3655 Před 6 dny
I wanna see a Russian journalist interview Joe Biden
@quantum-t Před 6 dny
nobody wants to talk to rus liars
@Neznyuh Před 6 dny
​@@quantum-t только почему-то оказываться наоборот
@user-rf6di9rb5x Před 5 dny
no way)))
@gwenbily Před 5 dny
@RockSooks Před 5 dny
that would be impossible because russians dont speak english
@daniellc5160 Před 2 dny
Writing history, with arguments 💯 .👍
I don't know why tucker is trying to be dominating here Putin is being very respectful here I think so should tucker be
@Jinseual Před 20 dny
That 20 minutes was probably the longest "1 minute 30 second explanation of history" Tucker Carlson ever had.
@user-vc4sy3bp8z Před 20 dny
Здравствуйте, это абсолютно нормально для русского человека. Русский язык вообще информационный, но и душевный, с другой стороны. Есть минутка, минутонька, минуточку, которая минутой не является😊 😊😊😊
@Rodion_Telyatnik Před 20 dny
We in Russia already have a meme with Putin's speech (starting from the Tale of Bygone Years) in style of Star Wars introduction with inclined text moving to the horizon :)
​@@user-vc4sy3bp8zso "give a minute of your time" and going on for 30 minutes is normal over there?
@Hhe448 Před 20 dny
@@Rodion_Telyatnikthat’s hilarious.
​@@StraightWhiteMaleNews yes, it's just like the English "hang on for a second" where you actually are asking for some time window, not for a literal second.
@user-wd7uc6fx8k Před 2 dny
Очень приятно читать комменты, приятно понимать, что люди во всем мире пытаются объективно увидеть ситуацию и сделать свои выводы, сформировать собственные точку зрения, а не навязанную правящей элитой!
@mmaemserna9696 Před 20 hodinami
Are you Russian? If you are My Son told me about this interview I’m watching now. I’m hoping this has the touring done in your country too. Heard from my son how Beautiful Russians are and how clean and Beautiful your country is too. I was thinking How nice it might be to live in Russia. But my Son out of my three kids would die if I did (mommas boy) anyway If you all live in Russia under the care of Putin I do believe ya’ll are protected very well.
@weedyp Před 19 hodinami
I agree! And i was just telling my wife not to instantly make any judgements one way or the other, not until hearing all of Vladimir Putin's points. You see? The vast majority of people in the West do not know about most of the issues that Putin brings up. They don't know because it's being kept from them. We in the West only get half the story, if that??
@user-wd7uc6fx8k Před 18 hodinami
@@weedyp у меня брат в Канаде живёт уже 20 лет, мы с ним сравниваем инфу и понимаем, что нам многое не говорят и им также, единственное могу сказать, что он уезжал в 90е из разваливающегося СССР, а сейчас мы живём хорошо в России, правда, и очень любим людей во всем мире, я этническая украинка, я заканчивала украинскую школу, много родственников в Украине осталось, я скучаю по ним очень, это братоубийственная война... больно, пусть будет мир
@xavitheta5190 Před 5 dny
For Biden to even come close to this cognitive ability is far fetch.
@AB1Vampire Před 6 dny
I do not care for Tucker but he certainly did a public service by hearing-out Putin in this interview.
@TheXrysali Před 19 hodinami
Tucker is awesome. What’s not to t
@tmdesigns11 Před 7 dny
His last statement about how it's easier to tear down churches than to separate unified souls was deeeeep! Good interview, Tucker.
@wendimorris8889 Před 7 dny
Did you like the part that citizens cant own guns in Russia? And abortion is legal. And college tuition up to a Bachelors is free? And healthcare is free? Maga nuts love Putin but wouldnt survive under his autocracy. 😂😂
@MM-ow4mp Před 6 dny
ha ha ha - he is like a deer in a headlight with his usual stupid open mouthed face. He tried crawling into Putins behind - even Putin made fun of Sucker Carlson afterwards for this softball colonoscopy.
@shanewatkins7491 Před 5 dny
Glad you have such admiration for a ruthless dictator.
@@shanewatkins7491 Don’t forget the admiration for the so called journalist.
@majorcoats7777 Před 4 dny
​@@shanewatkins7491dictatorships aren't inherently evil. As long as they aren't super leftists and work to strengthen the nation, I'm fine with them. Leftist democracy is a failure. At the very least, all adult citizens voting should be dialed WAY back.
@KremusNeo Před 2 dny
Now everything is clear
@Art_qwerty2023 Před 21 dnem
Всем привет из России! Из Якутии и Дальнего Востока!👋🌺💐🌿🌹🌹🌹
@rachelhart.2386 Před 21 dnem
@ChasityMorgan368 Před 21 dnem
@CarolReidCA Před 21 dnem
Hi from California, USA 👋
@tbetyf7047 Před 21 dnem
@roxanneborsick1810 Před 21 dnem
@_RavishingRaven_ Před 7 dny
When Putin is talking about these conversations he’s had with past presidents I don’t doubt it one bit!
Really enjoyed this interview, Vladimir is a very impressive man.
Whenever I search for this video on this site, it doesn't show up, but when I go on Tucker's CS-vid channel it's there.
@N3mdraz Před 5 dny
Yup same. Hello "free west". Now search in Google first "black couples" and afterwards "white couples" and you see how we get manipulated by man-made biased algorithms. (After the 6th photo white couples are becoming interracial and black couples stay black only)
@joeis18 Před 5 dny
You're bad at using the internet; not everything is a conspiracy.
@@joeis18 I did type in Tucker Carlson Vladimir Putin, and nothing shows up but when I have to type in the full video title it shows up. This is one of CS-vid's most popular 2024 videos, but still, the search results show me other videos criticizing him.
@user-yw8ng2uh4y Před 4 dny
Вот она, истинная свобода слова, регулируемая демократами😂😂😂😂😂
@kellycuckoo3143 Před 4 dny
@BrandonGGoodell Před 2 dny
Wow. No cuts in the interview that I could find. Just real conversations between two people. Respect to both of you.
You are aware that Putin obviously got the questions before hand (as in every interview), and was never really interrupted or got a follow up question by Carlson?
@KopperNeoman Před 2 dny
@@AnnaKarenina-cb4ic The purpose was not to attempt to struggle Putin, but rather to let him give his defence.
@@KopperNeoman The defence: "The ukrain is full of nazis, and this docoument from for 1000 years says ukrain belongs to russia".
@geaninatasca Před 5 dny
What a historical interview this was !
@jackeagleeye3453 Před 5 dny
How so?
@micha5876 Před 5 dny
It wasn't. Putin's version of history is a lie and manipulation
@letslightenup667 Před 5 dny
Poland never collaborated with Hitler! This is a propagandistic interview that cruelly slanders Poland. For centuries, Poland has been the biggest victim of Russia and Germany alternately. During World War II it was attacked from the west by Germany and from the east by Russia. Poland has been occupied for centuries through wars, partitions, and a harsh communism during which the intelligentsia died first, people were taken to Siberia like animals and murdered in a cruel way. Russia has always had an understanding with Germany, and it remains so to this day. what a false anti-Polish message.
@PetterXC Před 4 dny
Hearing such an educated leader is a one Ina life opportunity
@micha5876 Před 4 dny
no, it wasn't
@koluyyayyaypol Před 21 dnem
Интересно, а байден закупил себе таблы от сердеченого приступа ? Мне кажется ему и всей его тиме старперов точн понадобится при просмотре интервью
@nattijean515 Před 7 dny
i enjoyed the history. i always have wondered what history other people from different countries know/teach
@ania16333 Před 6 dny
Well, apparently they teach in Russia that Poland collaborated with Hitler… and the WWII is Poland fault 😮 wow some kind of Putin’s twisted history
@asmodeus1960 Před 6 dny
The 'history' in putlers version is in his head only. I wonder how many people in the US have actually listened to rravings of two lunatics. ruZZian propaganda screams that this interview was the most watched one in the XXI century. I came to US back in '79, but unfortunately, I still understand ruZZian. Although I've never went to the swamps of moscovia. I've always hated orks and have never thought that America will be on the verge of becoming a dictatorship. P.S. As much as I dislike Tacker Carlson, I have to admit that he prepared as far as the history of ruZZia way better than this KGB snitch
as i history student, he was only partion right, he did not mention some important context for many things... Etc. Rus state succesor was Galicia-Volhynia (Ukraine - West), Moscow come to power 3 centuries later...
@micha5876 Před 5 dny
I'm from Russia and can tell you that Putin lied about history. His 20 minutes lecture was a bunch of lies and manipulations.
@letslightenup667 Před 5 dny
Poland never collaborated with Hitler! This is a propagandistic interview that cruelly slanders Poland. For centuries, Poland has been the biggest victim of Russia and Germany alternately. During World War II it was attacked from the west by Germany and from the east by Russia. Poland has been occupied for centuries through wars, partitions, and a harsh communism during which the intelligentsia died first, people were taken to Siberia like animals and murdered in a cruel way. Russia has always had an understanding with Germany, and it remains so to this day. what a false anti-Polish message.
@namkyluctinh1856 Před 3 dny
Mr. Tucker Carlson ! This is great that the world gets to know the truth about Russia through you. Can you let the world hear from President Biden about the outstanding issues that America is relevant to in the world today.
@user-vz9ec2dn8c Před 2 dny
Байден споткнулся и упал с трапа самолета
@madeintexas3d442 Před 2 dny
1:11:32 "Who blew up nord stream?" I couldn't stop laughing for 3 minutes.
@simplelifeph Před 2 dny
Superbly handled by Tucker. He made Putin laugh in the middle of a very tense interview.
@user-xt5yz8wm7z Před 2 dny
@LestaTank Před 8 dny
Да , это наш любимый и родной Президент с большой буквы , смотрите и вдумывайтесь в слова которые он говорит ! Это очень умный и мудрый Правитель моей страны 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
@d4rd1v79 Před 8 dny
Well, I really done that. But his words dosn't make sense.
@haroldi.6450 Před 3 dny
Putin is a master communicator. Learn alot from this interview
@gregc8567 Před 2 dny
learned what exactly?? a new version of history? Poland provoked invasion by both the Nazis and USSR??
@lisaescatel Před 21 dnem
I'm really enjoying listening to this, and I'm loving seeing all of the comments from all over the world. It's encouraging to know that people all over the world appreciate freedom of speech, and freedom of the press. I'm watching from Oklahoma, US
@katiesampson567 Před 21 dnem
I completely agree. It's refreshing!
@Thisisnolongerajoke Před 21 dnem
NSW Australia 🇦🇺
@anastasiaporter2373 Před 21 dnem
@arstepstep9795 Před 21 dnem
Respect to you Americans for Tucker, a real journalist.
@cubeoncube2 Před 21 dnem
I'm from Russia myself, I have friends in Michigan, they saw the interview and started calling me on Facetime saying they're coming to visit soon.
@glenn-younger Před dnem
Just listened to the whole interview and I do thank you for sharing it without editing. A few things struck me. First, we've been fed the news that Vladimir Putin had gone more than a little crazy. I did not see craziness in this interview. Second, I think it would serve us to take a look at the longer picture that has gone on over both Democratic and Republican administrations that brought us to today. One has to wonder HOW MUCH a given President drives the agenda, how much a certain three-letter agency drives the agenda by inciting 'events', and how can we extricate ourselves from the Industrial War Complex that Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech? At any rate, the US has historically screwed Russia all the way back from World War II and so it is naive to think there isn't a long road in front of us towards making a lasting peace. It is a road that can be taken, but one must let go of the 'posturing' and the ideology that proclaims war-making leads to peace. Oh, and btw, those economic sanctions have hurt the US and Europe more than Russia in the long run. On this, Putin was spot on. It doesn't make sense to continue playing an old game that would've worked forty years ago, but not in today's times.
He's saying what so many American citizens have been exclaiming: Why are we backing Ukraine?! Put America first, please! This fight is not ours and I understand why VP did what he did.
@foster6805 Před 3 dny
Lmao you don’t know how the American war machine works do you? It’s business…🤦
@imin2905 Před 3 dny
Because America is backing democracy everywhere otherwise the world would be like in North Korea.
@snakeshake7381 Před dnem
isnt every fight yours when your a global superpower?
It's really sad to see people backing communism.
@yusuphajawo8758 Před 6 dny
@Jerry-we4dy Před 6 dny
0:45 Thank Tucker. Knowing Truth is important.
@gregc8567 Před 2 dny
Also good job being a stooge
@aleishajack6952 Před dnem
Love him or hate him Putin is a very interesting man to listen to. He comes across as extremely intelligent and logical. @tuckercarlson, not so much...the look on his face says he has no idea what Putin is talking about. This interview would be much better presented by someone with an equal intellect to Putin, like Jordan Peterson.
@andrewnolte7474 Před 8 hodinami
@mxrijx Před 20 dny
Love from Serbians 🫶🏻🇷🇸
@whitefrost5579 Před 20 dny
@user-pb4bg6ib5j Před 20 dny
И мы любим вас, братья!
@user-oy2wg3mm4s Před 20 dny
@MultiFff333 Před 20 dny
Братья наши дорогие, мира вам. Любим вас всем сердцем ❤
@sfia_ve7107 Před 20 dny
@Noa-rr3gu Před 8 dny
Thank you very much for having done and proposed this interview, I think it is a really important and good point when knowing what happens in the word, God bless You!
@user-wr6zc4bs2u Před 2 dny
The couple of subtle insults he threw at tucker was great 😂
@Abrecanx Před 5 dny
The translator did an excellent job at showing us how to use Kettlebell, Comrade.
@Serjo777 Před 4 dny
What does that mean?
Putin’s definitely getting the contextualization point on the AP World essay.
@amandamurray6238 Před 3 dny
this is amazing piece of history in real time.. there IS hope there is a FUTURE.
@oceanwavesES Před 19 dny
when I saw the length of the interview over 2 hours I was like no way I'm going to see it all. I just reached the end and I want to know more
@amanpanwar2648 Před 19 dny
Then you should definitely try the Putin interviews with Oliver stone it’s a 3 part series spanned over 5 years and Putin speaking his mind about critical topics
@oliviao3686 Před 19 dny
Right?? I also haven't had enough 😂
@juliagrafals8303 Před 19 dny
Great thank you for letting us know that
@hrhmaija2276 Před 19 dny
Or thinking he is hitler replaying ww2 in his head. Fraud fur coat sector. ​@@Alex-gv8zr
@lianasiraeva1544 Před 19 dny
@@Alex-gv8zrне нужно врать! Особенно про Татарстан. Татарский язык даже в соседних регионах в школах преподается, если население преобладает татары.
@wariobeats9499 Před 6 dny
I didn't know Yaroslav The Wise did a thing 1000 years ago I am so enlightened on this issue now. Insightful commentary. ;)
@ppumpkin3282 Před 5 dny
I'm a Tucker fan, but I don't think this was his best interview, he didn't seem well prepared, and occaisionally would pop up with generic questions. What we are really missing here is how much the CIA has meddled in Ukraine, and have never gotten a good explanation of the 2014 coup.
@MLVAS Před dnem
I bet Biden doesn't know this much history of USA LOL
@TheRealSalesse Před 6 dny
Too bad we're not allowed to watch President of Russia's New Years address to his people. I watched a view of them on an annual basis, but they've been banned since Feb. 2022. In Canada, posting news articles on Facebook is banned... I look forward to Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for all!
@kmimiteh Před 5 dny
This is not ban, this is censury
@micha5876 Před 5 dny
Why people should see his lies?
@ecomoo Před 5 dny
America and other western countries are now behaving fascist and Russia is democratic.
@percysequeira284 Před 4 dny
@@micha5876 I agree with you @micha5876. We should only listen to the lies of our own leaders and Media. NEVER bother to listen to the others version.
@Sceancs Před 5 dny
Thank you very match for yours interwiew! Great work!
@micha5876 Před 5 dny
Are you sure if making Interview with modern hi tler is a good work?
@brunosm.l2267 Před 4 dny
@@micha5876 Sure
​@@micha5876😂😂😂 wtf
@micha5876 Před 4 dny
@@MizraimRamirezMoreno-op3ey do you have any problem with understanding? I'm from Russia and can tell you that Putin is a new Hit ler
@thomass1891 Před 19 dny
As a person that speaks Russian, I must say the interpreter did an outstanding job.
@Huntbarternsteal Před 19 dny
I heard he speaks english but not to western media.
@unpopuIaropinion Před 19 dny
nice try CIA
@mpagirobin3805 Před 19 dny
@Ahmed-ku9yh Před 19 dny
@shanejones578 Před 19 dny
@@Huntbarternstealof course he speaks English, the entire globe does. And of course he’s not going to speak on global matters in a non first language that isn’t 100% fluent.
@damianbennett4297 Před 5 dny
He got Putin to really really talk. He showed full hand
@TheXrysali Před 18 hodinami
Very interesting. Thank you Tucker
@michellegomes2030 Před 5 dny
That was an incredible internet mr. Carlson! People need to hear about history to understand the present and make better choices for the future.
@IvansBikesBmws Před dnem
Very interesting to watch.
@METALADIX Před 19 dny
I'm amazed that the full interview is actually on CS-vid.
@OA-wq2bk Před 19 dny
Not for long I suppose
@user-gt9fh9hp6l Před 19 dny
Well said!
@prezlamen7906 Před 19 dny
Prolly not for long. YT cucks are screwing with views, comments etc, and i couldnt get this interview jn feed at all. Had to search for it.
@sarc992 Před 19 dny
imagine the level nazzism it would be to ban it
@zakariajanzi766 Před 19 dny
yeah well worst case scenario we'd just have to watch it on a slightly shittier video player on rumble. Fuck youtube (but not their video player)
@user-ci9qd9xx5k Před 7 dny
Здравствуйте, Уважаемые Жители США и других стран Мира! Мы рады приветствовать Вас. Нам приятен Ваш особый большой интерес к этому интервью. Надеюсь Вы понимаете, что мы всегда готовы к диалогу и сотрудничеству. Мы не агрессоры. Давайте развиваться Вместе.
@wattsy538 Před 6 dny
Ukraine’s no saint. But was a full on invasion necessary or justified?
@gregc8567 Před 2 dny
Russia Federation gathers hate
@user-xt5yz8wm7z Před 2 dny
@@gregc8567 troll cope 🤣🤣
@_ShrewdJude Před 4 dny
Liberty for all, together we stand divided we fall. I wont forget those words from my childhood and team sports taught me to stick together no matter what your differences are.
@aaroncarter734 Před 5 dny
Look. We need to get along. Lets not worry about oligarchs. Or money. We got that under control.... Dont we?
@DS-lq9hd Před 5 dny
I found the history of Russia very interesting. Especially coming unfiltered from a Russian ruler. Thank you for doing this interview it was very enlightening.
@micha5876 Před 5 dny
As a Russian I can tell you that Putin's version of history is a big lie
it is a bullshit not a history. try to read a book
@mariaparvus6066 Před 4 dny
As Russian i must say, that everything Putin said is true and based on facts, documents and proofs!!!
@Sure_You_Betcha Před 4 dny
​@mariaparvus6066 It is a story based on truth... not the truth... The story about Poland in ww2 is straight-up BS, but it does have small amounts of truth.
@micha5876 Před 3 dny
@@mariaparvus6066 you perfectly know that it's not true. Ты совершенно понимаешь, что это все бред
@naifabd1184 Před 6 dny
Biden can never speak like this
@d4rd1v79 Před 6 dny
No, he cant speak Russian
@aaroncarter734 Před 4 dny
Why so serious???
@naifabd1184 Před 4 dny
@@aaroncarter734 im just saying, he cant and will never be smart
@aaroncarter734 Před 4 dny
@@naifabd1184 well amen
@GibranCastillo Před 20 dny
Peace for Russians, Ukrainians, and everyone else involved in the war
@attilasson4250 Před 20 dny
@tiffanitoenail840 Před 20 dny
Tell that to the aggressors
@Heythere12344 Před 20 dny
@user-no9yi9un4j Před 20 dny
​@tiffanitoenail840 to Americans? Vietnam, Iraq, Lebanon, Serbia, Afganistan and so on! But Russia so terrible and USA and NATO so peaceful!
This is Rare, you know why, Putin has never talked someone else outside of his circle ever since 2022 battle against Russia vs. Ukraine!
@gleko75 Před 4 dny
It's a general missunderstanding between East and West, a conflict of interest, they can understand each other through translators, but they don't really understand each other by meanings.
@isay207 Před dnem
We understand dead soldiers and civilions
"building the future and keeping the past alive is the one and the same thing." metal gear sold 2: sons of liberty
@user-om6xz5uq7l Před 6 dny
Its good to have a BALANCED view and hear both sides of the story. Western media states one side and its usually bias.
@shanewatkins7491 Před 5 dny
This was NOT a balanced interview. You have a point about the common biases in US journalism, but Carlson mostly just nodded through the BS. Carlson did a good job not interrupting, but did a terrible job in pressing Putin about many major points.
@aur485 Před 3 dny
hi bot @@shanewatkins7491
@Not1331You Před 11 hodinami
Tucker!!! you shoulda read those documents bro
@infinity697 Před 21 dnem
Shout-out to the translator, the unsung hero of this interview
@user-wn3vv9jn3l Před 21 dnem
Sounds like ai
@maximzhentichka350 Před 21 dnem
@iro4201 Před 21 dnem
For the first time, I am glad he understand Putin's humour and character (first 4 minutes)
@matro-skin Před 21 dnem
Happy english 😉
@pro.Russsia Před 21 dnem
Tell Putin the next time he is asked.: "Why do you think that NATO wants to attack you," let him answer: NATO is a military bloc that was created against us. NATO is an aggressive bloc, it constantly attacks independent states under far-fetched pretexts. NATO bombed Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan before our eyes. The countries in this bloc have repeatedly attacked us, robbed, destroyed and killed us. So this aggressive block began to approach our borders. The main country in this bloc, the United States, began to withdraw from international collective security treaties: 1. Anti-Missile Defense Limitation Treaty 2. Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe 3. Convention on Biological and Toxic Weapons 4. The Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) 5. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons 6. The Open Skies Treaty And what happens is that the bloc that attacks everyone, whose countries have attacked us more than once before, is approaching our borders. The main country of this bloc is withdrawing from the agreements regulating security. What should we do? We have repeatedly asked for guarantees of our safety. They forgave me to sign a piece of paper that they would not attack and refused to sign that one! In 2021, Russia handed over to the United States drafts of a security guarantee treaty and an agreement on measures to ensure the security of Russia and NATO countries. The documents were handed over on December 15, 2021 to US Deputy Secretary of State Karen Donfried. In January 2022, the United States and NATO refused to give any guarantees.
@robertsanchez3352 Před 8 dny
Tucker Carlson and the Tate brothers next. That is all break the Internet again Tucker you’re awesome keep doing what you’re doing. God’s soldiers are no longer staying quiet and we will be heard
@lggmez Před 2 dny
perfect work!! society really needs this kind of journalism.
@MauriceMischo Před 2 dny
Why is this video so hard to find in the youtube search?
@slavajoo2330 Před 2 dny
@simplelifeph Před 2 dny
Happened to me as well. I had to go to Tucker Carlson's channel and look for the video from there. I guess the video is getting too many views and CS-vid is lowkey hiding it.
@tyleranderson6533 Před 2 dny
"tucker carlson interviews putin" first search option
It's never been for me. Literally first result and all I do is type "putin interview", works when you aren't logged in too.
@Rimrock300 Před 2 dny
because you do not write 'tucker putin' and sort the most viewed??
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