Every Johto Pokémon Game Freak Forgot

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Every Johto Pokemon that's never gotten later generation love, like an evolution or new form!
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26. 01. 2023





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Komentáře 3 869
MandJTV Před měsícem
I made a weird error in this video and said Shadow Lugia was introduced in the same gen as Lugia, something I know clearly not to be true. I am befuddled and ashamed, but you can make me feel better by buying merch hahahahahaha mandjtvmerch.com/
Beenevolence Před 3 dny
Noivern is my favorite bat
Crystal 🔮 Throne IMAX Theaters 🎭
nice vid brody, i liked & subscribed hey can u pls make a video on Pokemon MMO 3D (free to play, Open World Unreal Engine)
yokaifan58 Před 16 dny
Hey Mandjtv, can you please do this type of video for every generation please
charles fisher
charles fisher Před měsícem
also mikey at 15:59 you said shorter when you meant longer.
Anthony Taliaferro
Anthony Taliaferro Před měsícem
collettiville Před měsícem
For what it's worth, Ariados was gifted a signature move in Gen 7 that would actually be a pretty solid move if given to a pokemon with better stats.
Bulborb87 Před 19 dny
@poopy pants well not every pokemon is going to be good as they can't all be world beaters, also we're always going to be getting regional birds and rodents, early insects, a pikachu clone, a pseudo-legendary, box art legendarys and starters every generation as those are standards
poopy pants
poopy pants Před 19 dny
This is one of my biggest criticisms of Pokemon, the amount of Pokemon out there that just have terrible stats and are completely useless because of that is fucking annoying. That and I hate the regional archetype thing. We don't need 8 versions of Pidgey. Talonflame was the only one that had any amount of creativity to it.
Jumping Spider Jesus Freak
@HE’S coming soon My brother in Christ, why are you posting this on a thread about spiders? (Also, LOL, this is the most interesting use for a bot I’ve seen. Kinda sleazy though.)
Bulborb87 Před měsícem
@Melon that it does because it doesn't learn Toxic Thread until level 63 which is way too late for something so horribly weak
Melon Před měsícem
It also learns this way too late, anyone without the patience of a monk has already boxed the spiders well before it learns that move and anyone with that patience will be underwhelmed by the move after taking so long to actually get it.
Lex Smith
Lex Smith Před měsícem
I really wish they would bring back the “baby Pokémon in the wild have 3 perfect IVs” thing. It really gave an incentive to catch and raise them.
robert lupa
robert lupa Před dnem
@Василий Мельник Gen 6. To be precise, any wild Pokemon in the "Undiscovered/No Eggs" group would be guaranteed tp have at least 3 perfect IVs. This was presumebly done to make getting competitive-ready Legendaries less painful, but a side effect of this made Baby Pokemon (which can't breed either) be affected by this too.
Василий Мельник
In which gen it worked?
Preddy-O Před měsícem
I mean, while that is nice in a way, a huge issue right now is that baby pokemon cannot breed, but are the result of breeding regardless of incense. Due to baby pokemon being much more common and a lot easier to catch, I kinda get the IV thing, but on the other hand, hypertraining kinda replaced that.
Alouette EXE
Alouette EXE Před měsícem
I can actually see Sunflora's potential to evolve. I'd like to imagine Sunflora's evolution being a Grass/Fire type because it's a "sun" flower. Kinda like if Volcarona was a flower.
J Murray
J Murray Před 2 dny
Happy I used the oval stone so I could see that being a counter argument Though I raised one for the deck and I’ll tell you what those things are a pain due to friendship
J Murray
J Murray Před 2 dny
Just babe it a twin sunflower
Joey3264 Před 12 dny
This would make an interesting option for a sunlight teammate
Alouette EXE
Alouette EXE Před měsícem
@Rubywing4 i'm not someone who can predict the future either. I'm just talking about the potential it got even if it gets overlooked by gamefreak. Doubtful or not, the potential still there.
Rubywing4 Před měsícem
@Alouette EXE I know it has room for an evolution, I'm just doubtful it will get one because stone evos so far have never gained an additional evo beyond pre-evos, which has not helped their case at all. But hey, who knows? Maybe GameFreak will surprise us with breaking their unspoken rule of stone evos in future gens.
UnderseaRexieVT Před měsícem
It's worth mentioning Unown did get a buff in Legends Arceus by changing how Hidden Power worked. Now it's not just one type, but it picks a type the opponent is weak to. That's a pretty giant buff, considering that's Unown's only move.
PickleTheFloof Před 29 dny
This is the story of how I got an Unown to carry my team.
UnderseaRexieVT Před měsícem
@A Really short Brontothere No Pokemon has Hidden Power in S&V. It doesn't even work if you were to transfer a Pokemon in, currently.
A Really short Brontothere
UnderseaRexieVT Před měsícem
@Max Welton536,329 Non-existence? AFAIK it's not in SV at all.
Max Welton536,329
Max Welton536,329 Před měsícem
And then Hidden Power was restored to its original functionality in SV
gab_gabriel Před měsícem
To be fair, Meganium was given a lot of focus in New Pokemon Snap and was even the mascot for that game's gimmick
Myself Před 2 dny
​@Joey3264 chikorizzta
Joey3264 Před 12 dny
Im one of the few players that like the chikorita family, id love a grass/fairy legends form❤️ (change celebi to a grass/fairy while were at it)
Felipe Bórquez
Felipe Bórquez Před měsícem
Ash-Greninja is available through the Pokémon SM demo so...that was the truly first case of a starter getting a unique form while the others didn't
Linhardt von Hevring
Linhardt von Hevring Před měsícem
The only thing Chesnaught and Delphox have gotten since X and Y was Braixen being playable in Pokkén Tournament, which hardly counts IMO.
Youtube-Kit94 Před měsícem
Yeah, that was weird to say "First time in Pokémon history where one starter got a new form and the others did not" Greninja in gen 6 got literally everything served to him on a silver platter and Chesnaught and Delphox got shafted about a hundred ways to sunday. Imo, those two by far are the most shafted starters in history, not getting any new forms, not having any treatment, be it special or not, being both completely and utterly overshadowed by the gen 1 starters getting megas and being shoved down our throats *and* Greninja getting absurd anime exposure, a new form, a busted-ass secret ability (two if you count its other form) and so on and not being obtainable in a *single game* since X/Y, literally. You only can get them in S/M/USUM by trading them in from a game (aka X/Y) and not any way like other starters with island scan or something, you can't get them in gen 8 and gen 9... oh wait, you can. Guess which one. Yup, Greninja. The Johto starters are a case of generally not getting enough exposure until Typhlosion got some with its Hisuian form, but imo Chesnaught and Delphox are the starters that truly drew the shortest end of the stick when compared to its compatriots. Gen 5 also will have super shafted starters until the gen 5 remakes, to be clear. But even they were playable and obtainable in more games, having a pair of games and their sequels. Delphox and Chesnaught don't even have a third version.
Leafeon Před měsícem
15:19 also giving Shuckle an evolution means that Shuckle will be able to use an Eviolite, making it's defenses even more insane
AmyTransGaming Před 8 dny
921 Defense and SpDef Shuckle? Yeah, that'd be insane.
Null Point
Null Point Před měsícem
@Eeveefan 1 20 base HP, oh god that's bad...
Null Point
Null Point Před měsícem
@Eeveefan 1 Defense is meaningless without enough HP. Give me a moment to check Shuckles stats.
Cpt Haxray
Cpt Haxray Před měsícem
@Joseph Hsu To be fair, Shuckle already has near the top level defenses, but its HP stat being so poor is why it is a terrible wall. Tossing even more defenses on it would likely not break shuckle with it's bad defensive typing, as its not fixing the Hp problem.
Saiyan254 Před měsícem
Yeah and power trick makes it super strong
clydae Před měsícem
I would love to see Noctowl get the Dark typing. As a kid I remember hoothoot being so exciting because it was the first pokemon you could encounter that only spawned at night, something that wasn't present in the first games. I just thought that was so neat, so I think a Dark typing would be a nice nod to that.
robert lupa
robert lupa Před dnem
I can't really see Noctowl as a Dark type. It looks a bit scary, sure, but it doesn't strike me as "malicious" or "one that doesn't fight fair." Oh you meant that it's a nocturnal Pokemon? Yeah, no, that's not what the Dark type is about.
CoffeeFlavoredMilk Před měsícem
A cool idea I could see is pulling a Lycanroc and having its evolution have forms with unique attributes based on time of day, though in this case typings. One is Dark/Flying, One Psychic/Flying, and maybe one Ghost/Flying. Yes two of those overlap with Oricorio which also has alternate forms but I think you can something different with Noctowl. Also I dunno I just think the concept of a "day owl" Pokemon kinda amusing in a way given its an inverse of basic animal biology.
476233 Před měsícem
That’s such a good point!
Eaglest05 Před měsícem
Honestly Xatu is another one that would work really well as evolving into a ghost type. It already spends its time gazing into the past and future, you could give it like a "While trying to solve the mysteries of the past and future, this pokemon neglected its wellbeing in the present. Now that it's evolved, it's practically become one with the flow of time. Do wrong by it, and you might find yourself fading out of existence as it prevents your parents from ever meeting in the past."
Game Man
Game Man Před 26 dny
Now that would be neat.
Ofir Soroka
Ofir Soroka Před měsícem
Jarrod Nisly
Jarrod Nisly Před měsícem
Idea for Xatu evo: Xanatu (based off the concept of Xanadu, but following the naming convention of its pre-evs) Ghost/Flying After having gazed into the future for so many years, it was finally able to peer into the afterlife. What it saw was so shocking, this pokemon passed away due to shock.
O Tom das Pelúcias
O Tom das Pelúcias Před 20 dny
-- Před měsícem
Wouldn't Ghost/Psychic be better assuming that it's not a bird anymore?
Lord of Keks
Lord of Keks Před měsícem
Cool concept. Kinda like annihilape who got so angry that he died
Semudara Před měsícem
Reminds me of how Gothitelle will have visions of how the universe ends and just casually shares them with other Pokémon. xD
mati gamer 329
mati gamer 329 Před měsícem
I think Skarmory didn't get a new evolution is because it would make Skarmory hold the eviolite, which boost the defense and special defense by 50% but only works if the pokémon can still evolve. Add the fact that it's only weak to fire and electric and its high physical defense and you get a Toxapex 2.0.
Ofir Soroka
Ofir Soroka Před měsícem
That can be a Rhydon vs Rhyperior 2.0 because you can give Skarmory eviolite and make it insanity bulk, but he has to hold the eviolite while it's Evo can hold other items
CoffeeFlavoredMilk Před měsícem
Eviolite Skarmory vs Skarmory evolution would basically be Chansey vs Blissey 2.0 if all they did was just make the Skarm evolution have better defenses or w/e. I think they should go a route that sets the evolution apart to give a reason to use one over the other. Think Porygon2 vs Porygon-Z. Maybe give it a lot more offensive pressure, change the type even. I remember one time I saw someone make a Fakemon evolution of Skarmory that was, of all types, Steel/Dragon.
alphabet soup
alphabet soup Před měsícem
I was genuinely surprised Sunflora got nothing in gen 9. Especially since it had a focus from the grass leader. It could've absolutely gotten a new Evo in Scarlet and Violet.
Ujjwol Chaulagain
Ujjwol Chaulagain Před měsícem
Lugia and Luigi sound like they could be two box art legendaries.
Stephanie Beckman
Stephanie Beckman Před 3 dny
How about Mario and Luigi
Story Před 11 dny
Gabriel Tirado
Gabriel Tirado Před měsícem
It’s loogie
Hank Peterschmidt
Hank Peterschmidt Před měsícem
@Ignochomp99 I think Luigi could be dark type…
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Před měsícem
@Mr. Kirby Mamma Mia.
Maurice Sakelsek
Maurice Sakelsek Před měsícem
Ever since jumpluff got in my scarlet team as a meme, but ended carrying my team, it will always have a place in my heart
Ofir Soroka
Ofir Soroka Před měsícem
I wanted to use it, but I was locked on Spregatito and also got a Flechling
Alex McKee
Alex McKee Před měsícem
Yeah I was surprised at how good Jumpluff is in Violet. I caught a Hoppip for old times sake never having actually used it it properly in GSC, and in Violet Jumpluff has become one of my favourite Pokémon to use.
Anisuperketchup77 Před měsícem
If ledian were to get an evolution, just make its attack stat crazy, and buff its speed a little bit. The signature move could probably be a bug type punch move, so it could make iron fist worth it.
Buldrahil Gaming
Buldrahil Gaming Před měsícem
Im not really in favor to give Unown a new form myself, but it came to mind that they could make an "exodia" form. So if you have them all they could fuse together making a really strong, big pokemon with all letters. It would still just know hidden power though, but would have an intense increase in stats. Would also give you some kinda trophy to collect them all.
JCDragon2819 Před měsícem
I always thought Unown should have gotten its own exclusive Z-Move based off of Hidden Power that deals super-effective damage to all types regardless of combinations and abilities.
Cameron Naylor
Cameron Naylor Před měsícem
Call it "Rosetta" named after the Rosetta Stone!
Abhi P
Abhi P Před měsícem
Lugia is the ultimate legendary along with Ho-Oh. Nothing is more ominous and exciting than those two in silver/gold. So mysterious and mystic and natural. Not a motorcycle, not a robot or alien, not a GMO, just a straight up flying creature from the depths of the ocean with a killer soundtrack
Elmar A. Hannah
Elmar A. Hannah Před měsícem
I'd love an evolution for Sudowoodo that has decorated itself with leaves and vines and is now a Rock/Grass type since it has incorporated enough plants to actually count as a plant. Kinda like how Bulbasaur and Paras have things growing from them and therefore gain the Grass typing.
Addison_V_Ertisement Před měsícem
Personally, I've had an idea of Octillary evolving into a giant pirate ship that's also a giant squid, with canons under its suckers. I gave it the water/steel typing, and named it Kalarmada.
Addison_V_Ertisement Před měsícem
@Ignochomp99 Yeah, a kraken is basically a big squid.
Addison_V_Ertisement Před měsícem
@DARIO GOMEZ LOPEZ Why not? All Moody does is lower one stat and raise another.
TwistedTaco Před měsícem
KhaanMan66 Před měsícem
It’s already close to a Kraken so I think that next evolution could work. Make it water/dark typing because of the kraken being terrifying for sailors.
robert lupa
robert lupa Před měsícem
@Prof. Reuniclus Light that burns the sky is pretty much a nuke.
Shivur Před měsícem
The lore behind the creation of lugia is enough for me. I absolutely love lugia and once I found out the story behind it I'll never complain about lugia never getting extra attention
Khail Rosil
Khail Rosil Před měsícem
A lot of the mons had an upgrade via the introduction of Hidden Abilities. Xatu was used because of Magic Bounce, Feraligatr was given Sheer Force and was able to acquire Dragon Dance. These, for me, were good upgrades.
Hydros Phagus
Hydros Phagus Před měsícem
16:51 Speaking of regional form, imagine an Australian Pokemon region where Octillery becomes Water/Poison based on blue-ringed octopus.
Unown could have an ability similar to wishiwashi or zaygard, but it only activates if you have collected them all, just imagine you being beaten up by a cluster of Unown
Kayla Metcalfe
Kayla Metcalfe Před měsícem
Mikey, Your light-hearted tone, goofy comedy, and dedication to loosely following the scientific method have brought much joy to my house. My partner and I have both been struggling through a rough time and putting your videos on helps us feel more hopeful. Thank you so much for your content
Testekill Před měsícem
Wynaut was actually really important to making Wobuffett usable as it lets Wobuffett learn Encore which is huge since it takes away the need to predict what attack the opponent is using.
Prasanna Bhat
Prasanna Bhat Před měsícem
Well that is true but they could have added encore to wobuffett. Atleast it is good for wynaut memes
White Rabbit
White Rabbit Před měsícem
Please stop the human sacrifice at the particle accelerator laboratory.
Joe King
Joe King Před měsícem
Khal Draco
Khal Draco Před měsícem
17:40 Mantine did get a stat buff in gen 7, going from 65 base HP to 85 so not entirely forgotten
Mr.Pokemon Před měsícem
I think a fun regional form for shuckle would be flipping it's offensive stats with the defensive ones
Fahim Tausif
Fahim Tausif Před měsícem
For Ledian's evolution, I have an idea of going the Maushold route. Just have 5 of them with different colours. Lediam seems to have some Kamen Rider inspiration, so it would be cool for its evolution to have some Super Sentai inspiration. Also POWER OF FRIENDSHIP.
Fishyboi Před měsícem
I'm hoping they make a lot more Paldean forms for the dlc
Bloody Static
Bloody Static Před měsícem
I hope that when Game Freak makes a Michigan-based Pokémon region, there will be a dark-flying type Blue Jay Pokémon because Blue Jays in nature are really big bullies, both figuratively and literally and they scream at the top of their lungs in order to drive other birds out of the feeders.
Ir0n Leviathan
Ir0n Leviathan Před měsícem
I’d love to see Lanturn get a regional variant that’s Ghost/Water, having it be a guide for the souls of people who die at sea. A regional evolution on top of that would be awesome too.
J McK Před měsícem
@court I said that EXACT same thing when I read Leviathan's comment 😂😂 that idea is so sick
Minh Cao
Minh Cao Před měsícem
Give him a Fire/Water regional would be better for me.
creepi boi
creepi boi Před měsícem
@court for real.
Rhodu Před měsícem
Maybe in a Greek region! As the farer to the underworld!
Sam Perez
Sam Perez Před měsícem
You can also use Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Go, which is also weirdly connected to the mainline for trading. It's specially important because it was probably the inspiration for the concept of all shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Shadow Lugia could be seen as an upgrade to Lugia from a DPS perspective too. They should just make it canon as the alternative form in the mainline games since it has appeared in two pretty prominent spinoffs.
Byrdmaniac Před měsícem
Mantine exactly gets the upgrade you asked for in Radical Red, where it is an Electric/Poison type. It's a pretty good mon too, with Storm Drain and solid stat distribution & movepool.
Dragon Strike
Dragon Strike Před měsícem
3:01 “Pidgeot being the only one to get anything” *Corvinight has left the chat*
Namkwal Před 6 hodinami
well... thats also the only generally actually great pokemon in gen 8 so
Nick Linn
Nick Linn Před měsícem
Sudowoodo could evolve into a felled sequoia or some other large tree, which gives it the ability to block a path pushed with strength. Wobbufet could see the “tail” aka the Pokémon itself become the main body and becomes more offensive based.
Kingo_Clubs Před měsícem
Great video michael! Johto is probably the least forgotten gen overall, but id love to see videos like this with other (early) gens.
Quaid Reynolds
Quaid Reynolds Před měsícem
I know you counted getting the fairy type as special treatment for azumarill, but its also worth mentioning the fact that it was given the ability huge power in gen 3 when abilities were introduced. That plus the physical/special split in gen 4 made azumarill so strong. It's just been getting better and better over the years
Ofir Soroka
Ofir Soroka Před měsícem
It's like wine: the more time passes, the better
Otis Cluck
Otis Cluck Před měsícem
@RequiemKale yeah it’s so useful when it immediately dies after using belly drum
A&A Kwok
A&A Kwok Před měsícem
@Quaid Reynolds belly drun+huge power=shred
Quaid Reynolds
Quaid Reynolds Před měsícem
@Brent Robinson it had both huge power and thick fat in gen 3, but at that time all water moves were special so they were unaffected by huge power. In gen 4 there was the physical/special split so moves like waterfall became physical and could utilize huge power
Brent Robinson
Brent Robinson Před měsícem
It had huge power in gen 3? Are u sure. I thought it was only thick fat in gen 3 but in gen 4 he got huge power which started it getting buff and better
Honda Accord
Honda Accord Před měsícem
I'm sure you already have ideas, but I was wondering if you could rate how well the original gen 1 mini sprites fit the actual Pokemon they're based on? Gen 2 as well, if you're feeling bold 😊
Katie J
Katie J Před měsícem
I think a shuckle evolution could totally be done. I've seen plenty of fanart out there of it and even drew one myself. Made it also fighting type and called it ShuckleDuster.
Elizabeth B
Elizabeth B Před měsícem
I think Wynaut deserves a new evolution! Yes, it's a gimmick pokemon, but part of its gimmick is in its design. The tail being the true pokemon that is hiding is similar to Girafarig's design gimmick. It would be fun to see an evolution for Wynaut where the tail comes out of hiding and gets stronger, showing itself as the true pokemon.
Vincent Visser
Vincent Visser Před měsícem
Dude you stepped up your game with this video. Quality, humor, great editing too
erik rocha
erik rocha Před měsícem
In all honesty I feel that Jynx does deserve a evolution since magmorator and electavire do exist within that trio
Semudara Před měsícem
Jynx absolutely deserves an evolution. Something kinda based on the Baba Yaga, I figure?
SpaceSaturnArts Před měsícem
I just saw a reddit post about how Furret should have a pop star evo, like a counterpart to Obstagoon, and I think thats a really fun idea. It could get a normal/fairy regional form
Jarrod Nisly
Jarrod Nisly Před měsícem
I love this
Callum loader
Callum loader Před měsícem
@Requiem primarina is better looking to me then the ugly final forms for sobble and quaxly. I also like it more then greninja (but I know that’s unpopular)
Connaeris Před měsícem
Oh yes that would be so cute
TheLuckyGamer Před měsícem
@Requiem yes.
Requiem Před měsícem
Do we need another Primarina tho….
Joe Lara
Joe Lara Před měsícem
If they could make a Jhotolegends showing you how the tower burns down that would be cool. They could add in extras such as Xatu having an evolved form, feraligatr as a dark and water, or ground and water and Meganium with a Grass poison typing, while possibly adding adding in a starter from a different region to cover the 3rd pick. They could also add in ever evolutions with that due to the focus on eevee in Jhoto
Pitaya_Is_Cool Před měsícem
It is worth mentioning that lugia got a really playable card in the tcg that was so good that almost every non lugia deck in tournaments was a lugia counter deck
John Smith
John Smith Před měsícem
Forretress is a perfect candidate for a paradox form. It could be called iron blaster or iron cannon
IntrepidSword Před měsícem
Polities actually got a huge buff. In gen 5 It got the drizzle ability, summoning rain when it enters the field. Since weather was permanent in gen 5, Politoed skyrocketed in usage as the only rain setter. Later, however, Pelipper would outclass it in this role.
Chucho E. Quintero
Chucho E. Quintero Před měsícem
I don’t know if you’d count it as an upgrade but Forretress got access to Body Press in gen9, making it super dangerous 😮
Beta Bee
Beta Bee Před měsícem
I feel Ledian actually has the highest chance of any early route bug to get something. It just feels like it has more potential than the others
13th FullMoon
13th FullMoon Před měsícem
Maybe they could give it an evolution inspired by the power rangers. Maybe give it steel typing and make it a special attacking counter part to Scizor!
Fahim Tausif
Fahim Tausif Před měsícem
@robert lupa I actually commented something like that. But you beat me in timing.
Cameron Lapp
Cameron Lapp Před měsícem
Ledian is one of those Pokemon I get excited catching in playthroughs but end up boxing when I check Bulbapedia :( I remember it being good? Mandela effect?
Nagg Před měsícem
It feels like they accidentally swapped its special defense and attack. Like why 110 special defense when you have IRON FISTS?
robert lupa
robert lupa Před měsícem
Super Sentai Ladybug! WOOHOO!
SilverPumpkin Před měsícem
You mentioned how giving Sudowoodo an evolution/regional form would change too much because of its theme, so i think giving it a Convergent line would be perfect! You'd be able to make another sudowoodo without changing the original sudowoodo!
Cola Girl143
Cola Girl143 Před měsícem
I know that gen 7 is in the past, but imagine an Unown Z-move that acts like no retreat and an actually good psychic attack But it can only be used on Unown-Z
d4c_reznor Před měsícem
Gamefreak may have forgotten Lugia, but the card game certainly didn't.
Glitchtopia Před měsícem
Sunflora should require a moonstone to evolve into a weak gloomy wilted kinda flower that when sunny day is up, becomes really powerful with amazing stats and moves.
Spazzy Před měsícem
I broke my hand recently and watching Mikey’s videos made my day better, thank you for being an active and entertaining poketuber for years 😊
Dustin Walls
Dustin Walls Před měsícem
There’s a reason Rowlett, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil were the chosen mons to be starters. Each of their names hold a feudal Japanese reference in which Legends of Arceus was built around- feudal Japan. Not to discount the lack of love chikorita and todadile got but there were reasons.
KittyMations Před měsícem
I used a Lanturn named Flicker on my main playthrough team of Shield, it was the first pokemon game I ever played beginning to end and I used the exact team all through the DLC as well (with the exception of replacing my Thievul with the gift Silvally from the battle tower). It's not my favorite pokemon but using it on my team definitely made me grow a soft spot for it, so I'd definitely be down to see it get some love. And, funnily enough, it stood out the most from the rest of my team, being the only one that had dual typing, a non-attacking move, was not in a regular pokeball, and was the last addition to my team before the champion. And surprisingly, despite its "meh" stats, it did manage to pull through for me in some really tough battles so I have Flicker to thank for that! If I were to use that same Lanturn again it'd be nice to see it get a well-needed upgrade so it can continue to be awesome.
cameron sims
cameron sims Před měsícem
I honestly thought sigilyph was going to be the evolution to zatu since it was released and still would make sense. They share similar move pool, inspiration in design and roles in battle. Only sigilyph is more powerful in use
Jared C
Jared C Před měsícem
Gen 2 introduced so many cool pokemon, but so many either sucked in battle, or you just couldn't find them in a casual playthrough of the region. This is why I so want a remake of the Gen 2 games in some way, and with an interesting spread of the pokemon from that region so you can use them on your journey
Que Aye
Que Aye Před měsícem
Meganium should be a grass dragon they need to add wings and it would be dope. Imagine a grass dragon who knows fire blast or solar beam . I think that concept would be dope. And I love dragon pokes
Alec Holloway
Alec Holloway Před měsícem
I know they already had the dialga/Celebi time travel stuff in the mystery dungeon series but it just makes so much sense to tie them into scarlet and violet DLC with time travel being such a focal point of the games. Dialga is already featured in Legends Arceus and could be a great way to tie that in and Celebi could be used as a way to explain bringing the paradox Pokemon to the present
Beep boop
Beep boop Před měsícem
It's certainly interesting to think about, but I disagree with it making sense. Dialga is from hisui/sinnoh, which is based on Hokkaido in Japan. Celebi is also from a region based on a place in Japan. Scarlet and Violet take place in what is very Spanish/Portuguese. The looks and feels of Dialga and Celebi don't fit neatly with the region. The time travel machine fits much better, both in the story and as design. A product of a professor becoming obsessed with learning more about this strange place and it's past/future, which has become out of control and sucking more and more pokemon from other times into the present. And aside from that, it would be really weird to have a legendary Pokemon from a different region play a main role in games that take place in a completely different region on the other side of the world. Legends Arceus and the mystery dungeon had legendaries play a role in the story where their home region is (near), so that was much less jarring
Focus Objectives
Focus Objectives Před měsícem
Feraligatr is my 2nd favorite Pokémon behind Squirtle. A regional variation would be absolutely fantastic.
Little6 [小さな六]
Little6 [小さな六] Před měsícem
I think a cool Ledian getting a variant with the typing of bug/fighting would be cool and help its ability
Kevin L. Stephens
Kevin L. Stephens Před měsícem
Multiple years before the gen 1 version of this, I thought of an evolution for Skarmory called Excalibird and its feet were swords.
Lusca Sharktopus
Lusca Sharktopus Před 25 dny
1:10 actually, the first time a starter got a new form without the other two getting anything was Greninja gaining the Ash forms, while Delphox and Chesnaught getting nothing
Mr. Banana
Mr. Banana Před měsícem
Every gen 1 Pokémon that got ignored is my favorite Mandjtv vid of all time and I’m soooooo happy you made a sequel
Seanzy Man
Seanzy Man Před měsícem
I actually think an evo for Octillery could work really well. If you give it the same treatment as Dracopult where it can use Remoraids like guns it can pull out. Make it an armory of sorts, have it evolve into a squid even. So more tentacles, Remoraids stored in its body, and then it would come full circle with the whole "gun fish" motif.
Ben Před měsícem
@Batgames89 Because Remoraid is based on an Archerfish which shoots water. Octillery is based on an Artillery/a tank. It uses its snout/mouth like a Bazooka, hence Octozooka. It’s ability is Sniper. Why would they turn into swords instead of bullets.
Batgames89 Před měsícem
@Ben why would they suddenly become guns?
Ben Před měsícem
@Batgames89 why would they suddenly become swords
Batgames89 Před měsícem
Renoraid swords. To be unique
xS3t0x Před měsícem
@Enrique III el Laberíntico yooooooo that's a name I can get behind
Toady Před měsícem
I always liked the idea of a regional Noctowl that looks like a snowy owl and is Ice/Psychic. Hisui would've been a great opportunity for that
Michael Deypalubos
Michael Deypalubos Před měsícem
I always tell myself that all original 151 Pokemon (or atleast one in each evolutionary family) will have a new form (regional variant/mega evolution/ gigantamax) or an additional evolution before the franchise ends, but I hope Johto Pokemon will too.
Parp Před měsícem
Dragonite getting multiscale was great though. People overlook hidden abilities.
UprisingCanadian Před měsícem
Vileplume and Bellossom were honestly perfect candidates for Megas, and I could see them being a really good regional form, or even version-based plot, like how Gordie and Melony were seperate gym leaders in SwSh. Bellossom probably could have done well as a standalone Pokémon such as Stunfisk or Absol though.
Emyr Lewis
Emyr Lewis Před měsícem
Tropius would make a great Pokémon that can evolve in the past but lost its ability to evolve in recent times. So a evolution in a Legends game would be awesome like Stantler had a evolution.
Misk-ivus Před měsícem
As a person who loved Misdreavus, you could imagine my excitement seeing Flutter Mane in Area Zero having never heard of it before playing the game.
Londlock Před měsícem
Also, Flutter Mane is a Ghost/Fairy type. Meaning that after all these years, Mimikyu is no longer alone.
Looth Hussain fazeel
IMO a cool idea for a skarmory evolution would be an apex predator that can easily take down corviknight. I also think it should lean into the whole "feathers like swords" thing
fl00fydragon Před měsícem
What they could do with unknown is to finally use them as we see them in the lore: as a way to "bend reality" by collecting and arranging them to cause something impressive to happen.
Gallifreyan Warrior
Gallifreyan Warrior Před měsícem
Also, in regards to Unown... it needs a new moveset , as it only knows Hidden Power, and that move is not in Generations 8 and 9 (maybe 7 as well )
Angry Bord
Angry Bord Před dnem
You must do Hoenn next! I think everyone is suprised that Milotic got nothing all these years.
Spectre Před měsícem
It’s only a matter of time until we get 4 stage evolutions. That could potentially be when all the Pokémon who barely get any love can make a comeback.
TheLadySilverMoon Před měsícem
I think the best they could do for Sunflora, was either evolve it or give it a secondary type - like fairy. Sunflora using Dazzling gleam or play rough just makes sense to me.
robert lupa
robert lupa Před měsícem
Or a more sun-like one that's Grass/Fire. But I could kinda see Grass/Fairy too.
FrogWithStyle Před měsícem
I think a good change for wobbufet (aka a regional form) is a wobbufet that is an extremely frail but really hard hitter that is really fast.
Yamil Diaz
Yamil Diaz Před měsícem
It would be kind of interesting if they gave Ho-Oh and Lugia a third legendary counterpart. I always saw Ho-Oh as representing the Sun and the Sky. While Lugia was more of a symbol for the Moon and the Sea. Also one was associated with the Beast Trio while the other was related somewhat to the Bird Trio. So a third counterpart bird embodying the Earth as both the planet and the element could work and maybe make it relatively associated with the Swords of Justice Trio.
Sleep Deprived Pikachu723
What they could do for Sudowoodo is give it the Linoone treatment and give it a regional form and an evolution that way, if they want to preserve it as an icon.
Ise no Kami
Ise no Kami Před měsícem
I recall nicknaming my Ledyba/Ledian “Ledrior” a few times, and somehow tricked myself into thinking Ledrior was the name of a third stage. For that alone I’d be down for giving them a new evolution.
grizzly bear with no rizz
if smoochum could get a different evolution that was actually good then i feel like that would bring it justice, like a psychic fighting, its a same like jynx with the dancing but it incorporates its dance moves with fighting, and it could have a signature move thats like ballet lash or something, and it is a ribbion dancer with psyching energy whips
justin julian
justin julian Před měsícem
To play devil’s advocate for baby forms: they DO allow trainers to get Pokémon previously overlooked or previously rare a lot earlier(such as sudowoodo and snorlax…..though munchlax’s debut was anything but common) While the baby forms are DEFINETY not upgrades, they make up for it by making trainers discover Pokémon a lot sooner
Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony Před měsícem
Why did they make Munchlax nearly as hard to find as Glameow?
Spectre Dan
Spectre Dan Před měsícem
@Sentient_ TypeWriter won’t deny that, yeah.
Sentient_ TypeWriter
Sentient_ TypeWriter Před měsícem
@Spectre Dan Chingling would be fine if they also added an evolution to Chimecho, a similar situation to the Roselia line. Could have used the Shiny stone as an evolution item too, or even one of the held trade items
Spectre Dan
Spectre Dan Před měsícem
@Connaeris chingling, too, is pretty useless. Especially when the same generation released Mime Jr, which is infinitely more interesting and capable as a battler.
Connaeris Před měsícem
Exactly! I think the best example of this was Budew in gen 4, which could be found before the first gym. It's a shame they didn't do it more often with some of the others though. It's quite pointless to have to wait several gyms to catch a Pichu or a Mantyke for example. Oh, and also Azurill should not exist.Marill is absolutely weak enough to make it unnecessary.
Travis Friedrich
Travis Friedrich Před 12 dny
Magcargo’s evolved form can be done through a metal coat trading. Also, imagine if Smeargle gets different VARIANTS based on “creative” occupations. Like a defensive smeargle variant that can “cook” up new moves.
Yuk Wing Wong
Yuk Wing Wong Před měsícem
Mikey,you should try out a fan game called infinite fusions,you can fuse any Pokémon you want and every single fusion is actually good and the creators putted a lot of work on these designs, there’s also a randomiser mode
Deadzone777 Před měsícem
I'm just so glad that someone said something about the pokemon that Game Freak refuse to help after so many games
Animosity Před měsícem
I use ladian a lot in Pokémon stadium 2, if you transfer it into your game with a good move set it’s actually quite viable, you can go the spore route and use it as a stall Pokémon and just sleep, paralyze your opponent. You can also go with sunny day and solar beam direction along with giga drain and correct me if I’m wrong but I think it can learn fly and even hyper beam
CuteClaire Před měsícem
This game is cool since they allow trainers to discover pokemons sooner in the game
Kate Lundberg
Kate Lundberg Před měsícem
I can't believe I was gaslight into questioning whether Tropius was actually released in gen 2 and I just wasn't realizing it since, like Skarmory and Magcargo, it fits in almost better with gen 3 than gen 2. I had to look it up to realize that Tropius specifically fits better in gen 3 because it was released in gen 3, the other 2 were just kinda unutilized in gen 2 and more prominent in gen 3
TURDY_ WATER Před měsícem
I think it'd be cool if Unown could evolve if you had every form and maybe some item. Could turn into a book since it's just letters, maybe with more Unown swirling around it
yesUwatchingME Před měsícem
I'd love to see a new evo for smeargle, keeps same stats (maybe even lower all stats except for HP or something) and giving it a new ability were after it uses a move in it's move set it switches the entire moveset into a secondary moveset and after using one of the moves in that set it switches back. Call it "Palette Swap". Would just love to see it do something wacky with 8 moves but might be completly busted ahah
Erebos Před měsícem
16:58 we already have GMAX Blastoise as a naval supercraft turtle/tortoise. Having an aircraft carrier turtle would be a bit redundant and likely get overshadowed by GMAX Blastoise if it happened too soon
Parasaurolophus Z
Parasaurolophus Z Před 6 hodinami
The only upside I can think of for baby forms is they let some Pokemon be encountered earlier than they normally would and give the satisfaction of getting one more evolution as you play. It's neat to, for example, get a Pichu at the start of SuMo and work with it to get it to Pikachu instead of just getting a Pikachu right off. Azurill is another one like that, and I remember catching one early on in my Pokemon Y game to use as my Water type in a playthrough. Better example might be something like Smoochum, since Jinx is almost always caught super late but Smoochum could be placed in the wild early, or Igglybuff, which you can get super early in SV, but Jigglypuff normally is an early/mid encounter instead of a route 1 encounter. It's not a lot, but it's one purpose for baby forms, I guess!
SpiderMew Před měsícem
How to give Unknown an Evo: A quest that lets you build a magic word out of them. This magic word made out of them is their new form and its stats and powers can depend on how you build your magic word.
TyplosionAttack Před měsícem
Delibird and Stantler getting evos/forms has made me so unbelievably happy. Two of my favorite Pokemon. I also love both of Donphony
robert lupa
robert lupa Před měsícem
> Donphony
Taylor Perchase McCarthy
Taylor Perchase McCarthy Před měsícem
@AustinSPTD1996 Iron Bundle is close enough as it’s very explicitly a future Delibird, while it’s not coded as a Delibird it is for all purposes a new form of Delibird, just under a different dex entry
AustinSPTD1996 Před měsícem
Delibird never got any new forms.
TyplosionAttack Před měsícem
@Bulborb87 True... But it's also my favorite region
Bulborb87 Před měsícem
i mean Johto is home to a lot of pokemon that are underwhelming
antnuh Před 7 dny
I love Ariados and Spinarak. For the longest time, they were the only spider pokemon and Spinarak especially is adorable
Sam Před měsícem
Unknown should DEFINITELY be part of a fetch quest like Spiritomb of gimmegouhl. Except in stead of collecting items or talking to people, I think you should have to catch one of each form of Unknown and then bring each one to a pokemon researcher. S/he will say "You have made a complete catalogue?! Oh Please would you give them all to me for research purposes? You would not be able to get them back..." If you say "Yes" then the researcher should let them all out of their balls at once, leading to them all swarming together in an orbit around mystical glowing energy (like in "Pokemon the Movie: Spell of the Unknown"). the researcher should then state that this pokémon is too strong for him or her and ask you to take it back. Thus you can receive the Unown- complete form. This should actually have good stats and a move pool to reflect their immense power.
Norman plays songs
Norman plays songs Před měsícem
I see you won't be doing forgotten pokemons for Hoenn any time soon. Like Johto, if we wait a little longer, we might get more evos and forms for the weak and forgotten ones.
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