"End Of The World" - Tom MacDonald ft. John Rich 

Tom MacDonald
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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald
SHOT & DIRECTED by Nova Rockafeller & Jared Potter
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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
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16. 03. 2023





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@TomMacDonaldOfficial Před 11 měsíci
So, what do y'all think?! Is it my best video yet? Dont forget to share the video and PLEASE download on iTunes or Amazon! Lets get another #1! geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/end-of-the-world/1676982107?ls=1&app=itunes
@Scotiapilot1966 Před 11 měsíci
You hit the nail on the head.
@nancysmith1371 Před 11 měsíci
Amazing as always ❤ 💖 ♥
@scottcorcoran2342 Před 11 měsíci
🔥 as always
@BongRipMcgee420 Před 11 měsíci
Gonna be on repeat all day bro
@mandeesullivan7837 Před 11 měsíci
Always love it! But my favorite is still best rapper ❤❤❤❤❤
@jamesmills1630 Před 11 měsíci
I'm a 60 year old man, who doesn't like RAP music, but this man's message has changed my mind GOD Bless Tom, please pray for our country we need it!!!!
@crownbmethodsidjrc3816 Před 11 měsíci
Yes, ooh Canada!
@nanamonster9233 Před 11 měsíci
I'm nearly 70 and totally agree. Tom is just so good. I found him and got my grandkids listening to him now!!
@bryanspanjer3213 Před 11 měsíci
Yes sir, we need to stand together. I believe that is one of the most important things we can do. PRAY is number one!
@DrGold99 Před 11 měsíci
Hell yeah brother. America
@loriwyoming835 Před 11 měsíci
60 year old woman who adores Toms messages. And no I'm not a person who listens to rap. But I do listen to his.
@user-hw8np7sf8x Před 6 měsíci
I am 19 years old and was raised in a Republican family. At first, I thought they were crazy for talking about politics, which I didn't care about. But hearing you has opened my eyes. They were right - the world is crazy, and many people live in denial. Thank you for enlightening me instead of letting me blindly follow others.
@YahuahsChosen Před 6 měsíci
Thank your mother and father. May the love of the Supreme being Yahuah(see YAH on your left palm) shine upon you in all goodness and bring you truth. Why was the name Yahuah taken out of the scriptures over 7000x? It’s simple- so that you wouldn’t know it. For “everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה shall be saved.” Romiyim (Romans)‬ 10:13‬‬ ‘And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה shall be saved.’ Ma`asei (Acts)‬ 2:21‬‬ Pour out Your wrath on the nations Who have not known You, And on reigns that have not called on Your Name. Tehillim (Psalms)‬ 79:6‬‬ Help us, O Elohim of our deliverance, For the sake of the esteem of Your Name. And deliver us, and cover over our sins, For Your Name’s sake! Tehillim (Psalms)‬ 79:9‬‬ I can keep posting scripture about how Important Yahuah and Yahusha Ha Mashiac name is. you see those who don’t call a this name is cursed, those who call there is salvation and deliverance and blessings. Name in Hebrew is shêm, shame; a primitive word [perhaps rather from H7760 through the idea of definite and conspicuous position; compare H8064]; an appellation, as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority, character:-+ base, (in-) fame(-ous), named(-d), renown, report. a name is a Mark, authority, and character of a person. The reason this is important because Yahuahs name encompasses his whole character through the scriptures. And a different name encompasses another character. Another Mark if you will. lord, god and jesus are not innocent translations. in TS 2009 ISR explanatory notes it explains making these changes transgresses the command not to bring Yahuahs name to naught, and not to add to the Word, and not to have another mighty one against Yahuahs face. -the name lord can be traced to the Roman house-diety , and further back to the name of an Etruscan sovereign, Larth. In antiquity sovereigns were -the name god developed from a Germanic god wodenaz-gudenaz-guden-god. -the name jesus can be traced to the diety of healing in Greek culture. iasous a female healing diety. look at the scripture below the Greeks likened there deity’s to the Hebrews when they saw the power at work. And when the crowds saw what Sha’ul had done, they lifted up their voices, saying in Lukaonian, “The mighty ones have become like men and come down to us!” And they called Barnaḇa Zeus, and Sha’ul Hermes, since he was the chief speaker. And the priest of Zeus, being in front of their city, brought oxen and wreaths to the gates, and wished to offer with the crowds. And when the emissaries Barnaḇa and Sha’ul heard this, they tore their garments and ran in among the crowd, crying out Ma`asei (Acts)‬ 14:11-14‬‬ I pray this information helps you as you seek the truth and continue to research these matters.
@DakarRaider Před 6 měsíci
thank YOU for thinking critically at your age. You're gonna be fine when we all sort this out together
@mybooboo289 Před 6 měsíci
Keep them critical thinking skills kid ❤! You’re parents did well . I have been called crazy for the last 25yrs , ahhh who is crazy now ? 😂 20 yr old putting things on tic Tok that I was part of is nice to see
@patriciacansler Před 5 měsíci
Also thank your parents. I'm doing the same with my kids. They thought I was crazy until covid. Then they started paying attention.
Read Atlas Shrugged
@robinfryzel4638 Před 3 měsíci
I’m a 71 year old woman who thanks you having songs that speaks the truth and in a way for younger generations to hear and think about.
@elizabethsunshine5978 Před 6 měsíci
I’m a 50 year old retired homeschool mom 😉 and Tom has carved a whole new space in my mind of musical tastes. GREAT work. Deep. We need your voice Tom. And God is our world’s only hope.
@MrsAliKey Před měsícem
36 year old mom of 2 little boys. Your music gives me hope for their future. People are still fighting for truth and light
@marypeeples9068 Před 6 měsíci
I’m standing with you Tom MacDonald! Your words are right in line! Jesus is coming !! I’m praying for us all!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✝️
@67skins75 Před 4 měsíci
Jesus took one look at this world and said "Forget it. I'm not going back there!".
@joeldockery2610 Před 3 měsíci
​@@67skins75 nah he coming back 💯 . Maybe sooner than we think . Maybe later idk when but it will happen
@DeathCrueVideos Před 11 měsíci
Tom isn't just singing a song here people, he is speaking truth, someone who has the balls to try to explain to everyone that the end is here... This song isn't about likes or views or even money, He's trying to wake us up. Money is no good in the end. Getting right with the Lord Jesus Christ is what's important.. Thank you Tom for this awesome song. I'll pray for you and everyone who likes this comment.. Let the Lord know we still love Him..
@ajames9834 Před 11 měsíci
Praise our Creator God.
@allencrameriii9305 Před 11 měsíci
BEST COMMENT EVER!!! Thank you, sooo much my human…
@cherylangleton3662 Před 11 měsíci
You sure got that right!!
@ericsfishingadventures4433 Před 11 měsíci
Thanks for the prayers. We're going to need them! 🙏. May God and peace be with you. Shits going to get bad before it gets better if people don't wake the F up!
@d.d.ucheabba5461 Před 11 měsíci
Amen and Hallelujah
@elizabethtunstall7042 Před 8 měsíci
I'm a child of the sixties, we had hope, love and peace. My heart goes out to the children of this generation yet when I hear Tom McDonald it gives me hope. Stay strong young ones. Keep telling your truth & don't give in to this crazy world xxx
@ChubakaSteven Před 7 měsíci
Your generation gobbled up communist subversion and left less for future generations. The road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.
@marcyking461 Před 7 měsíci
We had love, peace (?), and a war in Vietnam raging, you mean. Nothing's really changed, just the players have changed and the internet has made it easier to find the truth if you open you eyes. I love the fact that Tom & John are teaming up to reach the people through their music. Maybe they can red pill the people who still have their heads in the sand, and together we can fight the Lex Luther wannabes and win for the betterment of humanity BEFORE the world really does come to an end? Time will tell.
@CyborgAlienBariaur Před 6 měsíci
@73reneer Před 6 měsíci
Keep telling HIS TRUTH!!! I hope you mean. Everyone is already, telling THEIR own truth. That's how we got into this mess. Our CREATOR'S truth, is the ONLY TRUTH! KEEP TELLING OUR FATHER'S TRUTH!!!!!! The gospel!!!!
@millersatthefarm8 Před měsícem
"Your truth.". Nothing sums up the problem today as that little phrase. There are truths and opinions, and they are not the same. This moral relativism has deprived the younger generation of the ability to understand the difference .
@fooser46 Před 6 měsíci
Was never a rap fan, until I heard Tom. Cannot get enough of your music, what a powerful patriotic message.
@JMaiden-ym2bl Před 5 měsíci
He’s a Canadian
@gregdean8441 Před 4 měsíci
Wrong was ! American now
@BadAss-HellHound666 Před 4 měsíci
I also have never liked rap. I grew up throughout the 90s when it started to become more prevalent. I've never cared for it because the majority of the messages have been negative. I listen to big 1940s bands and singers. 50s 60s 70s 80s (all good vibe music)and now Tom has been turning my opinion on rap. Keep it up man. Your helping actually wake people up from this "woke" BS and shedding light in some places that have been dark for decades!
@suzanneburns2931 Před 5 měsíci
You say what many fear to say out loud , but please , everyone keep praying God still hears our prayers .❤️🎶🎶🎶
@Conservative_Indiana Před 8 měsíci
This song gets more relevant as each day passes. 😢 god bless everyone
@jebustchrist4054 Před 6 dny
most of his work does it seems.
@jessicasmith6275 Před 7 měsíci
I was bumming today about a lot of this. Thanks for reminding me I do have absolute faith in God. And making my tears turn into joy....
@cherylwalters2061 Před 11 měsíci
Tom, I may be a 72 year old granny, but I am sharing this video with my peers, their kids and grandkids! John's smooth country voice along with your rap is absolute genius! Your lyrics reveal what so many of us are feeling about the insanity that has turned our world into chaos. You, Nova, John, your Dad and the rest of your family are owed a debt of gratitude for exposing the corruption and dark times, yet illuminating and giving us hope for a better future. Thank you, Tom!
@amystrunk3180 Před 11 měsíci
@hotrod500hp Před 11 měsíci
Cheryl keep the faith. Tom is entertaining us, while spreading exposure. Many of us, we all know the truth, we will have our tried-and-true America back. no country is without faults, also no human has a better opportunity of country, of freedom, than in United States
@nwaubaniogogooriaku9879 Před 11 měsíci
Wow your amazing woman to have the appreciation of this video and the artist, these amazing minds are the reason so many are aware of today’s falsehoods.
@cherylwalters2061 Před 11 měsíci
@@hotrod500hp Thank you for your encouragement. I agree that no country is without faults, and we must educate our younger generations to appreciate history and not "erase" it. I believe that truth will prevail and people are realizing that we must not be silent. We must and will protect America's ideals of individual freedom, responsibility and liberty.
@cherylwalters2061 Před 11 měsíci
@@nwaubaniogogooriaku9879 Thank you for the compliment. I was never a fan of "rap" until I discovered Tom MacDonald about 3 years ago. His insights and observations are always relevant. He also has a sense of humor which sometimes can be rather dark but still compelling. I guess you can call me a fan. LOL Enjoy!
@Sunkisteskimo22 Před 4 měsíci
I find myself watching this video and Ghost several times a day. Wish I could “like” more than the one time.
@MsBleau Před 4 měsíci
every comment helps, I ❤ every time I watch
@RonaldBarnes-on2xq Před 7 měsíci
I'm a 58 year-old man and I never cared for rap either but Tom MacDonald has totally changed my mind he is on point with his words his opinions his thoughts, he's quite amazing, hopefully he will help bring people together to overcome the evil that is upon this world thumbs up to give Tom You're something wonderful in the world that's all mixed up have a wonderful day
@andrearobinson3911 Před měsícem
We need everyone, especially the younger generation to hear his music. He's amazing. I have always hated rap but "I hate Hip Hop" is amazing. Lol
@randomactsofvideos313 Před 5 měsíci
Flowers in their rifles, that was a significant time in our history. Younger folk need to pay attention or fall to the lies we been taught and fought ... keep on keeping on.
@ChompinAtDaBit Před 3 měsíci
Who doesn't love this guy? Wasn't into rap, but if this is rap, I Iike it and I like Tom's message. Bless you, Tom! You're a good man!
@Teresia12 Před 27 dny
I'm a veteran. My late husband was in the military 20 years. I love John Rich. He's a good man. Just like Tom. Both just like my husband was. We need more good men like them today. God bless and keep them.
@mitzithompson1368 Před 11 měsíci
I'm a Veteran, and you are singing what my heart has been screaming. Thank you Tom. ❤️
@nwaubaniogogooriaku9879 Před 11 měsíci
Love our veterans, I wish our government does for you what they do for kids who want to be trans and give you quality care.
@jeffreymelillo7671 Před 11 měsíci
Me too 💝 3ACR
@ghazialwan8121 Před 11 měsíci
Bless you bro
@ghazialwan8121 Před 11 měsíci
👽 👽 👽 👽👽 👽 👽 👽
@mitzithompson1368 Před 11 měsíci
@@ghazialwan8121 don't you get it? It's all tech.
@antware Před 8 měsíci
Best song I've heard in ages and I listen to loads of music. The collaboration with John Rich phenomenal. Thanks Tom, Ms Rockafeller and Jared. Love your work. Greetings from Ireland.
@chrissyfletchercook3362 Před 7 měsíci
You are an amazing voice Sir.. ❤️ thank you for singing out for us ALL. ❤️💪🇺🇸💯
@Gray-zi5bp Před 6 měsíci
@shukeelc5177 Před měsícem
Absolutely brilliant duo
Thank you for this!🙏🏽 You give me hope! Greetings from Germany, God bless you and your loved ones.
@tarkajedi3331 Před 3 měsíci
Two favorite artists in one song !!!!!!!!!!!! EASY TO VOTE THIS UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@TerriTownsend Před 29 dny
Some of best lyrics ever. 67 year old wife of 35 yrs mother of 5 grandma of 7. Great grandma of 3 (so far). I love your music and my family thinks it's pretty cool I share something they like too❤
@annabodot962 Před 7 měsíci
For anyone who has lost those who chose to chase the waterfall: you are never, ever alone in your cries. Those of us who’ve been there cry for you. Cry for us too. We are in this together.
@davidnasa7480 Před 6 měsíci
This is absolutely mesmerizing! The depth of this gentle man's talent is truly remarkable. It's a league of its own, unrivaled by any other artist on the planet. Your exceptional work has our unwavering support - please, keep it going! From a Kurdish American.
@cathytucker7999 Před 7 měsíci
I am completely head over heels crazy in love with you, Tom! ❤
@jkbikers2823 Před měsícem
Im 54 we all need jesus love one another
@jeremyarnold6353 Před 11 měsíci
This just hit number 1 on iTunes at 6:53 a.m. CST. Congratulations, Tom!
@stevencole-ll9to Před 11 měsíci
Was it taken down? Or am I missing something
@jeremyarnold6353 Před 11 měsíci
@@stevencole-ll9to I just checked, it’s still number 1 on the charts.
@lisajordan5451 Před 11 měsíci
The devil will never take over Heaven. GOD created him, and kick him and rest of the devils out because he tried to over throw GOD and he couldn't. Jesus went and took the keys from him and got up with all power. The only thing the devil is doing is lieing to people seeking whom he can take out, destroy, and devour. Repent JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON!!!
@jeremyarnold6353 Před 11 měsíci
@@lisajordan5451 why did you post this under my comment?
@kelseyrobertson5736 Před 6 měsíci
Keep killing it tom ❤ you inspire thousands including me. You make me believe that I am worth of my voice and no matter how much people try to silence a voice speaking truth.. the truth always comes out ❤ thank you for speaking that truth with courage and grace. ❤
@nikkiwatson9582 Před 2 měsíci
This is probably the 24,000th time I've listened to this. We all love you Tom and Nova ❤
@HardWhereHero Před 8 měsíci
I honestly don't really care for country music but I respect that your colabs are always with people who have integrity and similar views. The message is very true.
@briarstick6500 Před 5 měsíci
I'm 76 and I never liked rap but this is messages that are needed and I love him and Adam Calhoun songs Great Messages
@DanInBranson Před 11 měsíci
What a HUGE endorsement to have someone like the caliber of John Rich collaborate with you is MAJOR!!
@Duchess_Bananabread Před 11 měsíci
Those were my thoughts, too!
@Douglas_I Před 11 měsíci
I don't have a clue who that is but he sounds alright
@ministertimothypresents Před 11 měsíci
Learn what it means to be a "Bastard child", at cs-vid.net/video/video-QxeLNgM_dgw.html
@ripgut6155 Před 11 měsíci
He's the skinny one from Big N Rich right
@DanInBranson Před 11 měsíci
@@ripgut6155 Yes
@donaldbritt7573 Před 6 měsíci
Great song and message , you’re waking a lot of people up 🙏🏼
@aryzen2012 Před 6 měsíci
Tom MacDonald...you are A Superstar man. I can't say god bless you, because..God has already blessed you, you have such a wonderful mind and your a speaker for god, Thank You man for such purity in a time of great peril. I've been aware of all these things for 2 decades, I've told everyone for years this stuff was going to happen but you know how deaf those ears are. Keep it coming Tom, your a music prophet man.....!!!!👊🙏
@user-rz7zm5ko7r Před 26 dny
I am a 58 year old jewish christian woman who is born - again raise in SF Bay Area and I am a fan of your prophetic messages. You are a David and I am praying for you because Saul is after you. I want to join you in the cave of abdullum! I see myself like one of those mighty men that Left Saul to join David. Praying for victory.
@jebsmith323 Před 8 měsíci
John Rich has a beautiful, warm voice. I've heard of him, but I haven't heard him in years.
@jessicagoulding8610 Před 7 měsíci
Tom definitely understood the assignment. Every song has more truth than you will find anywhere else
@brendalaveine7756 Před 10 měsíci
Being 93y old. I’m proud of both you young men. Great truth song.
@Thehermitist Před 10 měsíci
Awww bless ❤
@cassieleigh2400 Před 7 měsíci
@JDogVids Před 7 měsíci
God bless you sir I hope you had an amazing day today!
@briandorobiala5439 Před 7 měsíci
NO Cussing, no racism, just the facts
@daddypoorbucks3406 Před 6 měsíci
God bless you
@iontheworld1 Před 8 měsíci
TOM is a Real Florky deep in his hart he knows! ❤
@mariohenn5741 Před 8 měsíci
❤ Educate the society about the truth!
@tanyashearon6042 Před 7 měsíci
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I JUST now listened to it and immediately want to listen AGAIN AND AGAIN! Thank you Tom for ALWAYS speaking truth and making such amazing music..and Nova..thank you for the outstanding videos..and your music and voice as well. I fist got started on Tom Macdonald when I was struggling alcohol addiction..and in rehab..we all listened and watched the video to Sober..in group! And I've been a HUGE FAN ever since. You, my friend are helping save lives. And for that..I will forever be a number one supporter! Much love and God Bless
@21depalma Před 7 dny
An absolutely Genius collaboration of 2 GREAT men singing TRUTH. I just found Toms music a couple weeks ago but have been listening to John for years. Before I found this song I had thought these 2 could make GREAT music together, then BAM, found this song from Tom & John made almost a year ago, a PERFECT song together, not just musically but lyrically, every word is TRUTH & what people NEED to hear both people that are awake to know we’re not alone and people that are woke that need to hear the TRUTH, not the systems truth but the FACTUAL TRUTH. God Bless you both and Thank you for this and many of your other TRUTH songs , such as “ The System, Superman, The Man, Progress, I’m offended, just found Earth to God WOW!!! Dirty Money and many many more” Love from an awake Patriot
@teemarie5478 Před 8 měsíci
Wow, what a great collaboration, I love the video as always. Great job Tom & John Rich❤️🙏🏼😰🥳
@driftless1870 Před 6 měsíci
Tom Macdonald is a prophet.
@phasedoutbullet Před 11 měsíci
I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a military veteran and an American Patriot, and I find it’s a shame that I’m more proud of a Canadian Rapper that has more patriotism than some of my own countrymen.. Tom I appreciate you for your music and message, and I pray for your continued success in hopes it will actually reach more people so they can see through the BS of our so called government and the establishment! Much love brother!
@LenaeMaysWorld Před 11 měsíci
Agreed. We are many. We will win. Dark to light, patriot. ❤️
@chrismccaffery1091 Před 11 měsíci
Thank you for your service 🇺🇸
@Valleyboysproductions Před 11 měsíci
@brianfreer4942 Před 11 měsíci
I too am a patriot. I have always and always am American loving patriot.
@michaelthomas229 Před 11 měsíci
Lmao😂😂😂 Tom just making money that’s all I promise all these people don’t know what grinding American means hard work it’s easy to these people internet days god bless
@Australia._ Před měsícem
I saw a Gilatinus bird listening to this song today. I felt so proud. Thank-you 🦕🦖🪃☺️😁🤩🥰🥹🏞️👌🏻❤️🤑
@stevemcclendon9297 Před 20 dny
As a man thay has changed for the better you truley are an inspiration to all of those without voice. Mistakes can be made but unless you learn your doomed to repeat. You are such a talented misician but imagine if you just spoke to people, you have the fan base and you have the credibility and money to non profit it a true sense of the definition to help guide not only youths but your messages through song hit those of all ages. Continue to do good for those that fight for freedom and true justice. Thankyou for your service to freedom and true justice.
@imjuiceworld9974 Před 6 měsíci
I am seven years old. I love this song keep on making music like this
@b52tj05fn7 Před 7 měsíci
You know, I've never loved rap. Yet, you are so good. Your words are so true.
@realcoolphil Před 6 měsíci
Tom, Nova does a great job. You guys stay together forever please
@riffjiff Před 11 měsíci
Right now, I'd say Tom MacDonald is probably the most important musician on the planet. Always a message in his music. Nobody else has the balls to tell it like it is.....
@lifeofanurse1235 Před 11 měsíci
@michellepotter628 Před 11 měsíci
Same with John Rich 🛸
@abigale1972 Před 11 měsíci
Agree 100%
@shellybmya Před 11 měsíci
@philburnham7410 Před 11 měsíci
Loza Alexander also tells it like it is.
@forkspoon8723 Před 6 měsíci
Beautiful message! Amazing song. Love it!
@randomactsofvideos313 Před 5 měsíci
Every time I listen to this song. I am inspired to battle on, to never let go or give up, hope others feel the same. The crooked, are coming for the devoted to this country, be aware!
@debrafall6950 Před 5 měsíci
I absolutely LOVE this tune. I find myself singing it throughout the day. ❤
@tamsteak Před 8 měsíci
completely awesome! tom is just pure genius
@peterbechamp9092 Před 4 měsíci
This song is legendary
@dianebailey6662 Před 11 měsíci
As a long time fan of John Rich and a new fan of Tom, I'm so glad these two got together. Both reaching number #1 hits with their own writing, recording & producing ❤️. No one telling them they can't do what they want 👍 Praise Jesus 🙏❤️🇺🇸
@ToddAutry Před 11 měsíci
No joke. This is awesome
@Saanonymous80 Před 11 měsíci
Never would've expected this from either of them. Their formats and voices complement each other. And Novas visuals are the extra whipped cream on top.
@gavinl4388 Před 11 měsíci
John Rich has a long history of being pro war, it’s kind of hypocritical for him.
@yz6091 Před 7 měsíci
Tom you really broke the mold on this one with John Rich. It gave me chills like the Holy Ghost does. Thanks bro for this song it’s great and it should remind all of us for what we are fighting for and the future we won’t have if we don’t start to fight
@carolynbecker9839 Před 5 měsíci
Thank you for spreading truth and hope!! This world is crazy!!
@cjbrogdon2 Před 4 měsíci
❤ America . Stand together.
@GODsARMY121 Před 5 měsíci
He said I talk to God but it's long distance and I lost reception.🔥
@knoweyes Před 7 měsíci
Excellent song! I don’t like rap, but I love this! 65 year old here. A big 👍
@craigmartin1661 Před 11 měsíci
Tom you are the reason that I get up everyday and work my ass off,especially to reach my goals. I’m an ex addict and a horrible person . I had to move five states away and always believed I wouldn’t amount to shit. And between your music and finally being sober. I finally gained the strength to go after my goals and dreams. I’m halfway there. Between the mental breakdown and hating my living situation. I’ve fought tooth and nail to get where I’m at and I still have a long ways to go. But your music gives me the strength to keep fighting for what I want. I truly appreciate not just your music but you as a person. Thank you for helping me. And thank you for showing me that any body can achieve their dreams and goals by giving 100% effort into everything I do. Thank you for helping me claw my out of the dark and get back to the light
@renabarnett2238 Před 11 měsíci
Don’t ever stop fighting for it Craig. I don’t know you, but I love you. Remember that. There are millions of us out there that don’t have to know you to love you. You have shown your heart. I pray for God to bless your life so abundantly that you will sing His paradise from the tops of whatever mountains you choose to climb. Peace brother.
@TravisRocco Před 11 měsíci
Craig go get em' today buddy! You have everything you need. Don't stop. Press on.....Press on.
@lydialove4074 Před 11 měsíci
❤❤❤ ROCK-ON! ❤❤❤
@trehawker4045 Před 11 měsíci
Right beside you brother. Praise Jesus!
@MitziHart Před 11 měsíci
Keep on keeping on,… You’ve got this 🫶🏼…
@kimberlylamantia7794 Před 5 měsíci
I went to Niagara Falls today with the expectation of not coming back. This song was partly what made me walk out of the water. No joke. Much love to y'all and I'm happy to say I'm still here 😊
@kimberlylamantia7794 Před 5 měsíci
@@Johnrichmusic___ Today is a different day and I am feeling much better. Thank you for asking.
@alexkluge3054 Před 4 měsíci
go back.
@blaisebanik7913 Před 7 měsíci
Another great song
@kristijones5325 Před 20 dny
My son turned me on to Tom when was in high school. Been a fan ever since
@TheWorldAccordingtoJim Před 7 měsíci
You both are GOLD!! We enjoy your collaboration... MORE MORE MORE ❤❤❤
@michellevandermerwe3467 Před měsícem
Love the country and rap combo❤
@davee7344 Před 11 měsíci
Holy cow , to have John rocking out a video with Tom shows he has definitely opened eyes, this dude never disappoints,
@solarguy6517 Před 11 měsíci
@seanwayment9361 Před 11 měsíci
😂 I was so planning on saying "holy cow!"
@maryn8139 Před 11 měsíci
@@seanwayment9361 :-)
@tog4867 Před 11 měsíci
No offense to you but John Rich has had his eyes opened for awhile now... Listen to his music in the laser couple years... Don't just listen to it but hear what he is saying in those lyrics and you'll know what I'm saying... John Rich is a great man...
@davee7344 Před 11 měsíci
@@tog4867 no offense to you, but I’ve listened to Big and Rich before you probably even knew who they were, I was referring to John knowing Tom and doing a video with him, John is an active proponent of the left libtards and is a great American, his theme song is Sean Hannity’s tune to start his radio show which is number 1, so I think I know all about John, no offense to u
@bacaworld7095 Před 6 měsíci
Why is literally everything you put out complete truth and fire !! ❤️🇺🇸✝️‼️👏🏽 May God bless you always Tom and those who stand with you!
@hercomstrbl Před měsícem
God bless you Tom MacDonald. Godspeed.
@clydeholiday5907 Před 6 měsíci
Yep I've been at church for 50 years this is what preachers out of you we need more people like him that takes the stand and says it the way it is
@G.M.P.studios Před 6 měsíci
I been waiting a long long time for the world to open their eyes. This is why we live like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you Tom MacDonald for all the blessings
@CrowSpirit1977 Před 7 měsíci
Your video is brilliant bro! Bringing two genres together.. Hell Yeah man! Love it🤘
@RCSNIPER34 Před 11 měsíci
I'm broken down right now man, this song hit me in a different way that I can't explain. It hit deep down in my soul because it's true and we are all running out of time to save the lost and spread the gospel. I was thanking God throughout this entire song man. I never get emotional, especially with a Tom Macdonald rap song.. But there is such deep truth hidden in plain sight and words in this song. Tom I don't know if you know God personally, the God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, but I feel like that if you don't know him yet, you are well on your way to finding the best relationship that you could ever imagine and nothing will ever be able to take it away from you. Once you know the Truth and the creator of this world and universe, your eyes, mind heart and soul will be awaken like nothing you've ever experienced before and I can't put into words the joy, comfort, wisdom, peace and strength that he gives you through his Word. I've been watching you for over 5 years now and I've been on my journey to find the ultimate truth to all truth and I have greatly enjoyed watching you grow closer to God as I have. Like I said, I don't know you specific views on God, but I know that you are a spiritual being and it shows in every song. You have gained so much wisdom that doesn't come from the demonic or worldly realm and I can tell that you know Christ in some sort of way. I will never stop praying for you and Nova and I pray that you will never stop looking for the ultimate source of all Truth, the creator of the cosmos, Jesus Christ. I love y'all like family even though we've never met and you don't know I exist, but God sees what you are doing and he is the ONLY one that you need to worry about knowing exists! #HOG
@Tracimoon2222 Před 11 měsíci
Keep the FAITH my friend 🙌🙏🫂💜🕎 This Spiritual w@r is already WON..GOD WINS ..Hopi Prophecy.. The 144 Rainbow Warriors are here 🙌 We didn't come to lose..We will change this world for the better, for the children 🙌🫂🙋‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️.Golden Age on earth is nigh...Much LOVE and LIGHT HEALING to you 🙌🙏🙏🙏💛💛💛
@andrewplaisance8282 Před 11 měsíci
This got me so emotional and I felt it in my soul. I need a friend like you in my life
@SetMeFree Před 7 měsíci
This is killer!
@user-bj9jl7kc8d Před 2 měsíci
United we stand. Tom MacDonald for President. Keep up the good work. And God bless you.
@jaimeguzman4064 Před 2 měsíci
United we stand
@LittleItaly75 Před 5 dny
Love you, Tom and John!
@prabalnawang8536 Před měsícem
Facts and talent...Tom MacDonald 🎉
@stevemcmahan8277 Před 11 měsíci
Damn Tom. You know how to scare the shit out of a person. You just preached a sermon with this song!! The message is chilling!! You and John Rich together are an amazing mix!! Well done Tom and Nova!! Well done!!
@mrsd1095 Před 20 dny
I love that you did a colab with John Rich. This is 🔥
@Jrwlar1963 Před 7 měsíci
We did it in hopes of a better future for our children 🙏🙏🙏☦️☦️🛐🛐🪖⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️for my children,John,And my teo TOMS
@heidi1112 Před 5 měsíci
I don’t know why this makes me smile and think, no matter what happens, the light will always keep us safe.
The John Rich chorus just rounds this piece so nicely
@ribbon1226 Před 11 měsíci
I’m 6o year old wife, mom, grandma- I started waking up over 20 years ago. Often a lonely journey because no one wanted to hear. Thankful for online groups like me. Spiritual/awake. Your song is brilliant. More people awake!!!!! Worth celebrating 🥳 ❤
@danliquori5077 Před 11 měsíci
This guy talking shit about Toms fan base…. Right here m.cs-vid.net/video/video-OxvyD8Y9GCo.html
@lifeofanurse1235 Před 11 měsíci
@lenoraw1098 Před 6 dny
Keep praying and prepping! ♥️🇺🇸♥️
@HalsPals Před 7 měsíci
Dang it, man! This guy is good and right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@gloriagillham9844 Před 5 měsíci
Thankyou for a song that resonates with 99.9% of the population the other .1% just don't want to believe or are part of the problem on earth. It has been over thirty years since I listened to rap. My boys are grown w/there own children now. I do Love John Rich and now I Love ❤️ Mr Macdonald please keep your songs and message out there.I will be getting your music. Great work Uniting in all ways. And God hears our voices keep praying and crying out to him.We the people will stand for Freedom ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤United!
@gloriagillham9844 Před 5 měsíci
@Johnrichmusic___ I'm doing good thankyou. Love your music. I thought you and Tom did an excellent video together. This uniting music together is great for the people around the world. The song is awesome
@mighty_Buttercup Před 7 měsíci
John Rich's part actually makes me quite emotional 😢
@css9945 Před 3 měsíci
You make me smile!❤
@ItsEagleMusic Před 11 měsíci
By far this is the greatest collaboration that 2023 has given us... Epic, nostalgic and more entertaining!!! The creativity that Tom & John gave us is beyond amazing. Much love🔥🔥🔥🦅🤞🏻💜
@ministertimothypresents Před 11 měsíci
cs-vid.net/video/video-Ya3p4n6Fn14.html If you like Tom, you'll love this! 👆🏻
@ItsEagleMusic Před 11 měsíci
@@adlabar7289 🦅🦅🦅
@marcussegrest5708 Před měsícem
Good song. Sad it’s not on the radio.
@user-ue6be2ff6n Před 2 měsíci
Tom Macdonald is awesome❤
@Go_buggy Před 7 měsíci
Every spoken word 💯 facts
@xmina.is.coolx123 Před 7 měsíci
im 1567 year old who usually despises rap but tom mcdonald has me on the edge of my seat
@Australia._ Před měsícem
He is like "The Tiger 🐅 King 👑".
Tom MacDonald - "Ghost"
Tom MacDonald - "Fighter"
Tom MacDonald - "Superman"
Tom MacDonald - "Buttholes"
Enough proof??
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