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I've reacted to a lot of episodes of Grey's Anatomy on this channel, and am often compared to Dr. Derek Sheppard (because we both have dark hair, or something), so it only makes sense that now I react to his final episode as a regular character on Grey's Anatomy, Season 11 Episode 21, How To Save A Life. This one was packed with medical information that was fun to break down, but also quite emotional. Today we talk about trauma injuries from car accidents, dislocated bones and hips, stomach lacerations, the need for CT scans, punctured lungs, checking your pulse, being on call, appropriate behavior during surgery, and end of life care.

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22. 01. 2022





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Georgina Hodgkinson
Being able to hear his internal monologue throughout this episode is honestly the most heartbreaking thing. “I’m going to die because these people aren’t properly trained” gets me every time 😭
Knowing he could live, but forced to watch himself die, absolutely brutal.
Rachel Kelly
Dr Mike would love Amelia Shepard. They show her “over ordering” CTs all the time
Tyra Enutpen
Yeah ur right I didn’t like how seriously they took it after finding out he’s a doctor like that added more value to life. Doctors should take everyone that seriously when it’s life or death. Doctor or not
jadyn hassall
it’s weird seeing someone watching this episode without crying
The worst is when she goes back to her own hospital and just mumbles “Derek’s dead”.
I couldn't imagine anything more terrifying than being a doctor who's been in an accident, being aware but unable to communicate, and being aware that the drs taking care of you are making bad calls and wrong decisions.
Sherie Sehrbrock
The fact that Dr. Mike was like " oh no, McDreamy is gonna die" and proceeded to laugh. It cracks me even though it's not funny.
Marco Munoz
As a CT Tech hearing a doctor say “we over order CT in the ER” just makes me feel more sane 😂
Manaswini Bhyravavajhala
The fact that he knew he could live, but had to watch himself die because those people weren't properly trained is just horrible!
Kaitlan Korne
As an ER nurse I’ve had to tell docs to order head CTs for mvc patients and one of them that they blew off for 3hrs actually had a bleed and had to be transferred to a trauma center. Best believe I documented every single attempt I made to convince the doc to order a CT. All he ordered was a chest X-ray
Amanda Fuhrer
This is the hardest episode ever! He knew what was happening and couldn’t fix himself. It gets me every time.
Liz C
The fact that they skipped the CT and went straight for abdominal surgery is key to the storyline. The emotions are intense in this one because Dr Shepard is a neurosurgeon, and its a brain injury that takes him out. Also, the "he's a doctor" moment is relevant not because they were going to treat him differently but because he came in as a John Doe and the little girls information lead to identifying him and his next of kin. PS- the redhead dr returns seasons later to throw a wrench in Meredith's emotional recovery. "I remember you..."
Johann Moore
Listen to him when he talks about the head ct. my brother hit a car on his bike going 45 mph and wouldn't have survived without a head ct. Thanks Dr. Mike love your vids. you are a great guy
Slightly Crazy Vegan
Show request - Medium: Season 6 Episode 3 Pain Killer --- Dr kills patients out of mercy but as the story unfolds, he's not so heroic.
Emily Ann
The one thing he didn’t touch on that I wish he did was when Penny, as an intern, tries to tell them to order a head CT but they continuously shut her down.
Matthew Govender
you know something i kinda liked about this video is when Dr Mike says they new people forget to turn off the alarms and they do actually forget to, at first i thought it was for dramatic flare but it could also be them showing how bad the hospital he died at was
Derek’s thoughts are essentially a “doctor reacts” video but with the worst possible ending
Aradhya Dayalkar
They never wanna end a season without a departure, death or someone’s marriage.
Theodore Michotte
Theodore Michotte Před 4 hodinami
Well this takes the concept of seeing yourself dying to a whole new level. That being said, I loved the breakdown and the extra info you gave.
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