Destroying a $500,000 Gold Prime Bottle 

Mark Rober
Odebírat 28M
zhlédnutí 33M
99% 1 500 000

Věda a technologie

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5. 11. 2023





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@Best_grass Před 15 dny
Winner in new york: gets shot Winner in London: gets stabbed
@joshbarrera8554 Před 13 dny
@frenchiemike42 Před 13 dny
Winner in France : Gets taxed 61%
@spino-_-raptor9728 Před 13 dny
​@@frenchiemike42thats still a win in my book, thats still about 200 grand worth
@holosko4242 Před 13 dny
Winner in Turkey: gets taxed %150
@StevyMira Před 13 dny
Winner in Spain: There never was a bottle
@bobbyrutz9402 Před 14 dny
1 billion plastic bottles.. but I can't have a plastic straw.
@Xiomaro01 Před 8 dny
Oh the irony
We have tons of them where I live, would you like me to mail you a box? 😂
@w3ro187 Před dnem
@@deborahwhitehead5414 brother you got your Business now
@owenklein1917 Před 13 dny
The gold is 100% retrievable. 24k gold is pure gold and the lower you go, the less gold there is and the more random metals there (copper for instance). Mark melted this gold into molten copper so he essentially just created a lower karat golden brick.
@nothanks9503 Před 11 dny
What about 26k gold
@SICresinwrks Před 11 dny
Gee really, we all just assumed it was 500k tossed down the drain🤦‍♂️
@KetamineUser69 Před 11 dny
And now imagine gold and copper had the exact same melt, gas and plasma point
@AustinGAMINGMASTER Před 10 dny
Pure gold don't exist 25k gold would be pure
@owenklein1917 Před 10 dny
@@AustinGAMINGMASTER 25k gold doesn’t exist… 24k is the highest karat gold you can get and it’s 100% pure gold. No other metals, just gold
@Shteven Před 19 dny
"Oh! I GOT IT! I GOT THE NUM-" *Immediately gets mugged*
@lavenderspice7992 Před 19 dny
@jonathanscores6478 Před 18 dny
Literally lol
@dhebcenciebf8139 Před 18 dny
In both places
@wvb8272notfound Před 18 dny
-He got mugged by me :)-
@wakesurfingfordays Před 18 dny
Literally lol
@afkathisguy Před 9 dny
1 week later... "This is the Lockpicking Lawyer, and what I have here today is a bulletproof box with a lava trap controlled by a digital combination..."
@estudiordl Před 6 dny
Please this...😅
@XDBjoernXD Před 5 dny
...But with a major security flaw. *Proceed to open it*
“This is a bulletproof box with a lava trap controlled by a digital combination, and it can be opened with a bulletproof box with a lava trap controlled by a digital combination.”
@clarka011 Před 11 dny
Has everyone lost their minds?
@bookworms77 Před 8 dny
@CWHolleman Před 3 dny
Pretty much. Just shoveling coal into the Titanic at this point
@simonhailom2477 Před dnem
Insanity all around
@The_Best_9009 Před 18 dny
Lock picking lawyer enters the chat
@alfiej6226 Před 18 dny
brings a magnet and a plastic bottle with him
@sponduli Před 18 dny
If we're sticking to canon lore this might actually be a job for McNally.
@longbow6416 Před 18 dny
​@@spondulitactical speed square!
@spidertyler Před 18 dny
​@@longbow6416it travels faster than a bullet
@timojixio6032 Před 18 dny
Sooo, his first tactic would be to destroy the masterlock, with a masterlock. However, he'd have to get one of these cases to the other... 🤯
@Stoner_boy Před 14 dny
You said new York and London? 💀 Someone’s getting shot and someone’s getting stabbed soon as that thing opens🤣
@seand.3085 Před 5 dny
@@annalisanatividad4585What are you even confused by? 😂
@@seand.3085 the London like ik 9 11 in NY but what happened in London
@Floedekage Před 4 dny
​@@annalisanatividad4585 what are you trying to say?
@@Floedekage how is someone getting shot and stabbed
@hristodonev Před 9 dny
Mark Rober used to be a scientist
@scottventure820 Před 17 dny
12 yo prime suckers going wild for this one rn
@jaydengaming7037 Před 16 dny
@shrekchrist2857 Před 16 dny
@shurovrafi6369 Před 16 dny
I never went
@jaydengaming7037 Před 14 dny
@CED99 Před 5 dny
That gold looks remarkably like plastic...
@georgehall7749 Před dnem
They aren't going to use the half million dollar bottle for the example.
@reddr216 Před 11 dny
Winner is mark because the video just replaying for views while we read the comments 😂😂
@thegirlwhoflies26 Před 3 dny
me when the pause button exists:
@lolno6975 Před 17 dny
"This is a steel bulletproof lock. It can be opened using a steel bulletproof lock"
@arbiterr Před 17 dny
@Brawndo2008 Před 16 dny
This is why I make my bulletproof locks out of bulletproof bullets
@WackBoomin Před 16 dny
@200bx11 Před 16 dny
W reference
@Luged809 Před 16 dny
It was worth a half a million at the beginning, and it's worth a half a million now.
@joshpointoh Před 8 dny
Yeah but it doesnt look like a bottle any more
@Pseud0nymTXT Před 5 dny
half a mil and whatever the copper is worth
@ceelegit7985 Před 7 dny
Tell me you have money to burn without telling me you have money to burn.
@jack2u Před dnem
they will just separate it later
@ninjucca4585 Před 16 dny
I mean, it's not destroyed. It's now gold mixed with copper that can be chemically separated again with a little effort.
@pixxlated_ Před 14 dny
​@@JR-ol9pcit's true though, it's not that hard to separate, especially when you have the Internet and Mark Rober money
@defectiveparts8604 Před 14 dny
Homogeneous metals, practically perfectly separable, with minimal chemical efforts. Nearly 100% of that gold is retrievable.
@tacet3045 Před 14 dny
@@pixxlated_ Don't even need Mark Rober money. Just need a couple of litres of nitric acid which is about $50.
@lildmckay Před 12 dny
The bottle is being destroyed, not the matter itself.
@B33FY2011 Před 14 dny
People seriously need help with their mentle health for ever drinking this poison never mind even being bothered whatsoever about a so called 500k gold bottle😂😂😂😂😂
@rddnzuddin4339 Před 4 dny
Me putting water in soap bottles and living of ramen: 👁👄👁
@xaiverbres7335 Před 17 dny
Mark rober is going to be a supervillain one day
@lena3659 Před 15 dny
And he’ll do it just for fun. No tragic backstory needed.
@peguzi1 Před 15 dny
dr. chaos 😅
@SeanBurdian Před 15 dny
@@lena3659 “Welcome to Squirrel Obstacle Course Part 64, Yellowstone edition!”
@franciscolopez1787 Před 15 dny
Mr. Beast is the our universe's variant of Nick Fury. He's just training people to get past Rober's traps.
@Blazeer_2.0 Před 14 dny
next john kramer
@table2.0 Před 10 dny
I’m happy the gold can be melted down into something actually valuable tbh
@user-wm4rr8ny6p Před 11 dny
This a solid gold piece of sh
@centaurable Před 16 dny
Londoners be like “he didn’t say knife proof”
As a Londoner I can confirm (BLUD STOP GIVING AWAY MY PLAN)
@Joshua_Lawrence Před 14 dny
" 'e dit int saye _noife_ proof!"
@LiamM_ Před 14 dny
@@Joshua_Lawrencebro has a Nintendo discussion podcast and watches anime. Stop it 😂😂😂😂
Na in England we think outside the box! We just chain the whole cabinet to the back of a pickup and drag it around till the cabinet brakes apart
@centaurable Před 14 dny
@@Joshua_Lawrence you forgot to say "init" at the end of your sentence, il give you a C in 'British language'
@Strashky Před 5 dny
no matter if anyone wins or not, that golden bottle is gonna melt
"In new york" Oh no, you about to get mugged over there 💀
@mOOse_25 Před 17 dny
6th graders be punching the air after this
@linussustips5561 Před 16 dny
@Gavatron0 Před 6 dny
My ADHD when he put it in the box 😂
You're so quirky 🙄
@Comrade_Blanc Před 4 hodinami
No one cares
@Wilshaffner Před 12 dny
There’s no way he’s holding the SOLID GOLD bottle! If it was solid gold it would be too heavy for him to lift that easily
@donaldhubbard9546 Před 7 dny
Bruh, $500,000 in gold is only 17 pounds. He could easily lift it like that.
@Theundying_oof Před 3 dny
Also it may or may not be hollow probably not.
@owenhelser9177 Před 16 dny
Concrete saw enters the chat:
@JancelTorres2011 Před 14 dny
@_Hypez Před 14 dny
lol yeah
@nobitatabino5959 Před 14 dny
Ironman coming and laser beams
@tonypeppermint5329 Před 14 dny
You never heard of guards?
@arihalvorsen7122 Před 14 dny
Dynamic enters chat
@Sepragami Před 11 dny
it's definitely 696969 it gotta be💀
@zaSlimeGuy Před 11 dny
Imagine burning a $500,000 bottle… I can as long as it’s prime.
It's not burning, it's melting. Completely different phenomena.
@Ryuktheotaku Před 17 dny
McNally Bout Be A Million Dollars Richer 💀☠️ Edit : *The Bottle Got Self Destructed SMH*
@notsofunny3176 Před 17 dny
@MtPunkin Před 17 dny
It's a code lock, not a key lock
@crimsonking9648 Před 17 dny
​@@MtPunkinhe'll find a way
@DaveyRu Před 17 dny
This is a CodeLock. It can be opened using a CodeLock.
@ClearlyJoking Před 17 dny
Mark said it himself, he made two. McNally is gonna go to London and use that one to open the one in NY
@flamerjames898 Před 14 dny
If Mark destroys it, he'll be my hero.
@khebre6032 Před 14 dny
There's no way they sold 1 billionth bottles
@laideehart2070 Před 6 dny
More like gave away nearly a billion and hyped it up to do a 1mil hail Mary in attempt to make it up in sales. 😂
@saimch9024 Před 17 dny
Glass cutter enters the chat
@DevonRuhlGITS-SAC Před 17 dny
Have fun with even low level bullet proof glass. You’re gonna need a diamond saw and about an hour bare minimum. Even if it’s only pistol bullet proof, you’re still gonna have your work cut out for you. Not only is it hard, it’s also thick lol
@mellow63656 Před 17 dny
it’s payday fellas
@user-qd6jt9sd3h Před 17 dny
​@@DevonRuhlGITS-SAC majority of rotating saws will get through it quickly
@augustboothe8565 Před 17 dny
Rocket launcher enters the chat.
@mindaugask_ Před 17 dny
Angle grinder and drill say hello
@AndrewLyon23 Před 5 dny
That is 1,000,000,000 plastic bottles added to our planet... Think about that.
@Potato69696 Před 13 dny
"It's bullet proof not stone ptoof" ~Mithun da
@stevenoerlemans9414 Před 21 dnem
I love how the entire comment section decides to hate prime and I'm all here for it.
@wesner1th Před 20 dny
I'm here for the love, the unity and peace
@@wesner1thwell you better start looking somewhere else mate
@wesner1th Před 15 dny
@@SuperMonkeyAnimation Na na, I'm here to spread the love around all these filled with hatred people lol
It isn't destroyed into lava. It is just melted and mixed with other metals. They just need to put nitric acid and the other metals will dissolve, which will once again be 24 karat gold like it started out.
@sycops1 Před 7 dny
And thus the first real life bond villain was born.
@ando5563 Před 17 dny
I refuse to believe prime has sold 1 billion bottles
@osric729 Před 16 dny
Same. No one I know drinks it and I've never seen it in stores. I also live in a major city so it's not like I'm in the boonies.
@mowerman4530 Před 3 hodinami
“This is a bulletproof case. It can be unlocked using a bulletproof case.”
@denully Před 14 dny
Impressive they sold that many overpriced flavoured water.
@nickwheeler1652 Před 17 dny
Nitric acid dissolves copper from gold to get it back. - Shout out to "sreetips"
@mattneville2864 Před 17 dny
Physics wins again
@petegeralis7076 Před 17 dny
❤ then they keep there money anyone surprised
@CynicalChicken661 Před 17 dny
Yup like oh nooo it gets destroyed
imagine just lapping the glasses cheeks and then just running out with the bottle
@jinghengwang9646 Před 6 dny
my guy already melted it💀😂
@xaviertwilight7855 Před 15 dny
He used to be a rocket scientist and now he does this
@iGaveLiaHIV Před 9 dny
@WafflePeep Před 9 dny
He was an engineer and he’s still an engineer. He’s just having fun. I don’t see the problem
@yeetmeister6889 Před 9 dny
He used to have a boss and is now his own boss
@markosmywords9202 Před 8 dny
Now he gets to melt things :)
@ecogreen123_4 Před 8 dny
don't know if there's a negative or positive connotation there.
@bethyd6134 Před 9 dny
He's like that one cool science teacher 😭
Guys the gold just turns to liquid and can be 100percent reusable
@nestie11 Před 19 dny
I have lactose intolerance, and I would rather drink 18 gallons of milk than a sip of prime
@ewan.mck010 Před 19 dny
@sans-br8hg Před 19 dny
@@ewan.mck010 because he is smart
@B0mboby Před 19 dny
im not lactoase intolerant but if I was I would still agree
@shocktnc Před 11 dny
@kiraPh1234k Před 9 dny
​@@sans-br8hgNot smart at all. Hurting yourself to avoid a hydration beverage because of whatever feel feels you have about the creator/promoter is certifiably insane.
A kid in London already won it, so they melted the one in NY and TraxNYC got it back
@thunderbunny4592 Před 5 dny
Melts it. Recasts it, sells it no pofit loss.
@scottgriz Před 22 dny
Mark, you have taught us enough science to know that the gold won't really be destroyed. So this is a bit of an empty threat.
@Mina265 Před 21 dnem
Yeah all you are wasting is time and energy to remold and separating the copper and gold.
@awsomein5ways Před 20 dny
But you won't be able to get the 500 000 dollar gold bottle.
@skipper472 Před 18 dny
​@@Mina265Yeah, like $20 of energy and chemicals for $100k worth of promotion, so worth it.
@user-sx1fg7lc3c Před 18 dny
Yea but people who actually drink Prime, aren't smart enough to know that 😂
@kidhubServer Před 3 dny
You could win it if you act fast. Mark rober: puts bottle in lava immediately.
@gertje-ms7ho Před 9 dny
Someone: do this and follow these exact steps Mark: Hold on what if i drown it in lava?
@drakeivy8 Před 20 dny
Ive never met anyone over the age of 12 who actually likes prime
@infogreenYT Před 19 dny
Bro, respectfully, you look 10
@YxB-xi2km Před 19 dny
@@infogreenYTthat just makes him a more reliable source lmao
@zachjohnson5799 Před 9 dny
A terminator thumb at the end telling you to hit the like button would have been the cherry on top of your cake.
@tobywilson4040 Před 17 dny
McNally entered the chat
@Timothy_Million Před 14 dny
Aaaah, a fellow gentleman
@ncleasure94 Před 13 dny
And exited the building with a very refreshing bottle.
@firestorm_718 Před 13 dny
@Timothy_Million Před 13 dny
@@ncleasure94 the most refreshing things come in gold 🥂
@ianbrantley837 Před 13 dny
And he has a speed square. 😂
@NuhVaDuh Před 7 dny
If you plan of winning that in New York, better bring bodyguards 💀
@joonashannila8751 Před 12 dny
But... Please stop talking like the gold magically disappears after you melt it.
@paulharsh78 Před 19 dny
Mark should know $500k of gold melts down to $500k worth of gold.
@JohnnyBlesscph Před 18 dny
🤣🤣 wrong, everytime u melt gold it loses 20% 😉 everyone with abit of gold knowledge knows that
​@@JohnnyBlesscphplus the gold wouldn't even be pure anymore cause he is melting it with molten copper
@witachapinamk1507 Před 18 dny
So?? What's your point?
@alanlord876 Před dnem
What if it ends up consuming my life instead? 💀
@Potterheads5250 Před 6 dny
R Life lesson: never trust that Mark Rober will do something that normal people call simple, so don't trust him with something that is HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!
@kareemio_playz Před 20 dny
Mark is supposed to be the only guy you can watch and enjoy a nice science video of idk what this is bro 💀
@danielzavelin Před 13 dny
lpl and mcnally showing up to violate the lock:
@TestAccount-pi9ws Před 7 dny
Children goin crazy on this one💀💀💀
@tonaerio Před 17 dny
They’re gonna have to have security or measures in place for the winner. Nobody is going to be able to walk off with 500k, they’d get jumped immediately
@a-bright-future Před 15 dny
Aint nobody winning that
some kid already won..@@a-bright-future
@NotAccountable Před 15 dny
Depends who gets to em first.
@a-bright-future Před 14 dny
And the security are gonna jump him themselves
@billalkhaddimi4262 Před 14 dny
g fuel be like : i don't know the location
@Bibble_isBae Před 11 dny
Bros lost his mind at this point
@johnokean8216 Před 17 dny
Ok, but once the lava cools you can just cut the gold out because it’ll form a layer due to density. The gold isn’t being destroyed, it’s just changing form temporarily.
@tacticallegos Před 16 dny
That’s not how alloys work?
@johnokean8216 Před 16 dny
@@tacticallegos in order to make specific alloys, you need particular temperatures and pressure. In this case I’m assuming they are using molten copper which can easily be washed away with acid.
@creepopsub2936 Před 15 dny
Actually it will be mixed in molten rocks and when igneous rock will be formed it will contain traces of gold and that rocks would be so hard to be separated from gold. Because rock is the solvent and it has a higher melting point.
@kingbleh Před 15 dny
​@@creepopsub2936he literally said it was molten copper, not rocks...
@ronaldfarr3798 Před 15 dny
You just need citric acid no need to cut
@Joshua_Lawrence Před 14 dny
Blud got rid of it before I even had the chance 💀
@Kevin-zz9du Před 9 dny
Lockpicking Lawyer here...
@tntxcash547 Před 17 dny
They should dump every prime bottle into molten lava😂
@boubacarquanon4295 Před 16 dny
@worldslargestnerd Před 16 dny
Fire and primestone
@linussustips5561 Před 16 dny
@MonkeManVR7 Před 15 dny
@TempusVulpi Před 15 dny
@jojough8283 Před 14 dny
hate to break it to you Mark, but at this point I don't think that bottle can be saved by anyone anymore
@user-ow8mq4jo8c Před 5 dny
Watching gluttony consume itself is worth way more than 500k
@brightax7502 Před 4 dny
That’s like calling the lottery gluttony, plus that’s not gluttony it would’ve been greed
@shrekchrist2857 Před 18 dny
McNally is about to have a field day with this one
@user-jq5ur7nc2t Před 17 dny
@scmiclesdoodle8167 Před 17 dny
You are using a prime bullet proof case to open it we will be using a prime bullet proof case
@mrspicolli Před 4 dny
You should design lairs for super villains. I’d be shocked if you hadn’t gotten that call already.
@Paperstations Před 17 hodinami
no way that bottle was solid gold looking at how he managed to place it gently down with just one hand
@squigglyblue7377 Před 23 dny
People who drink Prime: when did you first start hating your body?
@PMTcommenter Před 21 dnem
I’m here waiting for the answer cause I’m curious too
@yobama7849 Před 20 dny
What’s wrong with drinking Prime?
@TScott-fb1oc Před 20 dny
​​@@yobama7849It's considerably less healthy than similar products on the market. Energy drinks aren't particularly healthy in the first place, but I suppose the issue is that Prime is popular with, and marketed towards children.
@peachyypaige256 Před 16 dny
I feel weird agreeing with this when I drink Monsters like every day 😅
@electricpaisy6045 Před 4 dny
Looks more like a golden painted plastic bottle to me.
@Theundying_oof Před 3 dny
its literally not though. there are videos of the box in london and new york. he would already be canceled if it was plastic
@kikitokN15 Před 8 dny
"quick! Grab the emp gun!"
@alexsito150 Před 15 dny
there would’ve been 3 but bro destroyed the 3rd one💀
@feifei717 Před 7 dny
That was copper
@curious9904 Před 13 dny
i... that looks, sounds, and tastes like a safety hazard
@klaudianiko5321 Před 6 dny
Mark rober next be like: In this video I made 1 to 1 replicate a nuclear warheads
@pnwsamsquantch Před 20 dny
'This is a solid gold prime' *watches the liquid inside move around*
Well they obviously arnt going to use the real one for the test
@RareSolstice Před 19 dny
He said “solid gold BOTTLE of prime”
@Marcel_Connelly Před 19 dny
@@RareSolsticesolid gold ain’t see through genius
@RareSolstice Před 19 dny
@@Marcel_Connelly y’all are taking what he said way too literal.
@805devildog7 Před 19 dny
And on top of that gold doesn't turn to nothing it just turns to luqid gold aka its still 500k worth of gold
@hi-_-there_im_cool Před 10 dny
I'm sorry Mr. Rober, but you just burned one of them.
@phyllyweezy1 Před 13 dny
Remind of that one guy that did the same thing with the million dollar
And people wonder why the aliens haven't tried to make contact.
@ITZ_Average Před 4 dny
That bottle couldve changed my life forever..
@LKEditz-dq1bn Před 13 dny
don't worry i'll take it if nobody gets it mark!!!
@mithicash1444 Před 17 dny
The fact that people buy prime at all, yet alone a billion bottles, blows my mind. It is by far one of the most "mid" drinks available.
@user-cb8sn5pl4t Před 16 dny
@BrotherHood-xh9sg Před 16 dny
Not to mention incredibly unhealthy.
Unpopular opinion maybe but Powerade is the best.
@viepenromero5100 Před 16 dny
No one drinks that, oh maybe few some idiots.
@Flare-Bolt Před 14 dny
Guy who's gonna win will be instantly robbed
@meneerlapin808 Před 16 dny
"Please escort your Companion Cube to the Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incinerator."
@TalonBytes Před 14 dny
@fomoran Před 12 dny
Don't make me remember you can't force me to remember
@titan2554 Před 10 dny
Now I have to go back to therapy
@landonbrown3400 Před 9 dny
He must have a very impressive workout routine if he can lift up a bottle of solid gold
@kylepadilla7022 Před 13 dny
"This is the lock picking lawyer and today......."
@sc0ner783 Před 18 dny
You're trusting New York with that? Some guy is gunna ram it with a truck trying get it, spilling molten copper everywhere
Or london. I cant even guess what theyll figure out.
​@@mysterystainontherug6290they"ll just try to shank it like they always do
@origaneltakikun Před 17 dny
They’ll have it down faster than you can say “that’s cap 🧢 my guy”
@KingNP41 Před 16 dny
The New York one got melted so there’s nothing they can do 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
@ZachariahShihab Před 4 dny
And then they just retrieve the molten gold after
@DarkSilverThor170 Před 5 dny
Ok so Gatorade has a billion of bottles
@wavyseahorse Před 23 dny
Just burn it prime is the worst
@charaf-yt6492 Před 4 dny
The only popular drink that people don't buy 💀