Creating A Beautiful Jewelry For Lips😍🍯

Wood Mood
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26. 02. 2023





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Wood Mood
Wood Mood Před 28 dny
Listen to the full song on YT: cs-vid.net/video/video-Qi8DrpZoWQQ.html
Bro Max King
Bro Max King Před 7 dny
Nice song
User 2020
User 2020 Před 9 dny
You are already better than other creators that dont list the music
Edoardo Carmignani
Edoardo Carmignani Před 10 dny
Edoardo Carmignani
Edoardo Carmignani Před 10 dny
King Squirrel
King Squirrel Před 16 dny
Really loved the part where we saw the result for less than a second at the end.
Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller Před hodinou
It because it turned out looking like shit lol
J Před hodinou
Didn't even see it.
Suresh Rudradeo
Suresh Rudradeo Před 6 hodinami
Rinu Rosane
Rinu Rosane Před 6 hodinami
Madison Heights
Madison Heights Před 12 hodinami
Love your sarcasm
HowlingMoon Před 8 dny
I have literally never been more confused in my life
Ryker Lawrenson
Ryker Lawrenson Před 2 hodinami
Glad I’m not the only one
¿Reia? Před 7 dny
This is the perfect example of just because you can doesn't mean you should Edit:should u edit this so no one can find out what I commented to get to get 1.8 likes???
Muichiro Tokito
Muichiro Tokito Před 6 hodinami
This is the perfect example of just because you can DOESNT mean you should i agree
Михаил К
Михаил К Před 11 hodinami
Fine. He showed some professional tricks. Good boy. And what? How does it look on the face?
Ginger Před 2 dny
This reminds me a lot like Facebook
Siriz Creative World
The process : 10 mins The results: 1 millisecond
Primrose Před dnem
Me was like: wait, what did I just watch?
The Lost Attic
The Lost Attic Před 3 dny
Dang I was thinking the same thing
Mira Tyo
Mira Tyo Před 4 dny
Holden64 Před 6 dny
I’m going to wear that every day, especially to work.
Amblah Alexand-Blah
Omfg yessds😊
Ayşe fatma Sever
Gracie Eredia
Gracie Eredia Před 6 dny
I looked away when the results came up now I have to rewatch the whole thing😭
S Kumar
S Kumar Před 16 dny
When you work hard for totally unnecessary things!🤣
independent Před dnem
Sourr...budgaming ff
Your right🤣
Mr. boss
Mr. boss Před 4 dny
it could be necessary, for cosplays
Mr. boss
Mr. boss Před 4 dny
​@Kitten Cutie 707 they did actually
Tabulerator Před 6 dny
Welcome to the Art World my Friend :-)
Aaradhya Před 5 dny
i love how she kept her mouth open and her the wax flow in
Aaradhya Před dnem
@CrystalSky lol maybe
CrystalSky Před dnem
is she choking-
March~11 Před 8 dny
Thank you so much for the tutorial this is so necessary I would die without it😔💔❤.
☆ it's me pinky ☆
​@Sri Thanvi ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!
March~11 Před 5 dny
@Sri Thanvi 😂😂
Sri Thanvi
Sri Thanvi Před 5 dny
Veryyy true 😂
abi Před 18 dny
Lemme just grab all this out my pocket real quick
arvind rastogi
arvind rastogi Před 15 dny
Aash 4 4 4
Aash 4 4 4 Před 16 dny
​@bīvôŕ Ďębňăţh Āňķïţã💜💜 Begging for thanks LLLL
bīvôŕ Ďębňăţh Āňķïţã💜💜
I completed your likes from 999 to 1k. so give me a thanks 😂😂😂
Marcus Tilley
Marcus Tilley Před 16 dny
Pure-blood Gryffindor
I never knew we were supposed to wear jewellery on lips-
CookieThebunny Před 7 dny
Yes, everybody would love to wear something on the lips
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley Před 18 dny
Who tf would wear nuts on their lips💀 LIKE BFFR
LMAO💀 Před 3 dny
It’s not “nuts” it’s a honeycomb w a bee 🤐
Dylan Freund
Dylan Freund Před 11 dny
@organix electrified wear ridiculous outfits lmao
Ellie R
Ellie R Před 5 dny
and when you get a minute you can do this in 5 minutes at home❤️
V00p. Před 3 dny
Great tutorial! I have all the materials right in the kitchen cabinet
CrAzyTrAsh._ Před 15 dny
Dude be really testing my patience
rainnus Před 5 dny
Kiwi Muffin
Kiwi Muffin Před 10 dny
Thank you, the tutorial was really easy!
Squiggy Noodles
Squiggy Noodles Před 8 dny
Oh yeah this was really helpful actually i really needed more lIp JeWlEwRy lemme just get my solder and welding tools-
Chouhan Chouhan
Chouhan Chouhan Před 20 dny
Lips does not need any jevelary to look beautiful
Nora Pereira
Nora Pereira Před 5 dny
yeah ikr! idk why ppl think jevelary is necessary for lips.. theyre beautiful just as!
17lyra777 Před 11 dny
@RandoDum lol ok
RandoDum Před 11 dny
@17lyra777 oh- I just reread your comment and I think I misread it. Yeah it's impractical
RandoDum Před 11 dny
@17lyra777 I was replying to "but what about jewelry?" And I say no to any lip jewelry
17lyra777 Před 11 dny
@RandoDum but why? Because it looks ridiculous and impractical? 😅
Mae Před 7 dny
They really be like, “buying already made jump rings is just too easy, let’s just make our own”
Kat Před 7 dny
I love how there giving us the tutorial like we're actually gonna do it😂
Charlotte Cat
Charlotte Cat Před 3 dny
Ik like who even has all those fancy machines and materials lying around in their house lol
Your Fun Sister
Your Fun Sister Před 15 dny
I feel like we could have spent more than a nano second on the big reveal.
LuvBear 브론윈
LuvBear 브론윈 Před 3 dny
I need to pay this guy for cosplay
Conner Grissom
Conner Grissom Před 6 dny
And the award for “least necessary jewelry” goes to…
Monse Resendiz
Monse Resendiz Před 13 dny
Literally never let them know your next move
Cryptic Cobra
Cryptic Cobra Před 11 dny
It's so beautiful the human mind can only look at it for a fraction of a second without laughing their ass off at how dumb it is.
violet king
violet king Před 9 dny
the best part is i have all this just laying around my house!
Arshiya Mundhe
Arshiya Mundhe Před 18 dny
I patiently waited but end up loosing hope in CS-vid 😔
꒒ꀤ꒒ꀤꍏꈤꈤ(ᵃ ᵏᵃʷᵃⁱⁱ ᵖᵒᵗᵃᵗᵒ)
i totally disagree with that lip jewelry. it's so weird. time to wash my eyes with bleach.
MRS. Palmer
MRS. Palmer Před 2 dny
a master crafter!!!
Mikayla Pouncey
Mikayla Pouncey Před 2 dny
That’s so cute! I would literally shave a panic attack tho when that was being poured into my mouth
Joba JO
Joba JO Před 14 dny
The end shoot is too short for me to recognize what it looks like😂
Shevy Byass
Shevy Byass Před 2 dny
@Holly Lowery are you serious?!? Why do WE have to inconvenience ourselves by watching the clip maybe 2 or 3 extra times in order to pause it just enough, to get the video in a clear enough frame? Sweetheart, no. That's like making a video about how to clean a car and quickly go past the finishing looking because it's trash. 🤨
Holly Lowery
Holly Lowery Před 2 dny
So you go to the end and keep hitting pause until you get the perfect view. It's not that difficult to figure out!!
Shevy Byass
Shevy Byass Před 10 dny
It looks like trash
Paula Curtis
Paula Curtis Před 19 hodinami
Totally interesting...luv it, more please
lomi Před 15 dny
this is talent!! 🔥🔥🔥 keep it hidden!!!
Barbara Koslowski
Barbara Koslowski Před 3 dny
Everyone need this..!!!
Oscar A De Aza
Oscar A De Aza Před 7 dny
The last place I wanna be in, is to be enclosed in a spherical dirt clay with a heart in it. Show everyone, I love art. I’m still young once again.
rawr Před 18 dny
pov: you were the first to fall asleep at a sleepover
omniversalStargazer Před 21 hodinou
my mum would have had a feild day with that plain maile pattern, but it looks pretty at the end!
Laura Guerro
Laura Guerro Před 6 dny
That would be very editorial!
Ahana :)
Ahana :) Před 17 dny
When you have the money and the expensive tools, you can do anything for fun
Venkata Lakshmi Ganesna
Loved how purple changed into blue
Aysan"Mm~ Před 11 dny
The Kardashians watching this be like:*GO GET THE CREDIT CARD!!!!*
Ana Timmins
Ana Timmins Před 15 dny
Run that by me again! Forget it... I still can't see the end result! I will have to live without lip jewellery!
June_Bug Před 2 dny
No one: Gets a crystal, pours wax onto it, uses the wax that dripped onto the ground and then never uses the crystal again.
Riley M
Riley M Před 7 dny
Who has the materials, the time, the patience, the need or the motivation to make this thing.
callie Před 18 dny
i like how you showed the finished piece for a millisecond
cherry Před 10 dny
And also the bird is gray on dark gold(color)
cherry Před 10 dny
It looks really bad: The gold is darker which makes it weird and also is blending into a gray There are 5 holes making it continue like a grape form but holes and also the + or × is a bird or smt There is a key 🔑
melk the eraser
melk the eraser Před 14 dny
@Alisha Khan Someone else said it earlier that’s why, probs
awandanu Před 16 dny
It looks do stupid thats why
Alisha Khan
Alisha Khan Před 17 dny
Under rated comment
Tedlo 🤭
Tedlo 🤭 Před 7 dny
Quick and easy!! 😮😃
Love, Es
Love, Es Před 3 hodinami
So nice now i can use up the uv resin i had laying in my kitchen cabinet
Pine Crafters
Pine Crafters Před 13 dny
They really said never let them know your next move
Pheonix Před 3 dny
I love the part where we see the beautiful jewellery.😱
Chunni Lal
Chunni Lal Před 9 dny
The best jewellery in Ohio:
Юрий Р.А.
Юрий Р.А. Před 18 dny
Шикарный намордник
귀단 임
귀단 임 Před 9 dny
무엇이든지 잘 만드시네요
M Nieder
M Nieder Před 3 dny
Utilize the only reason to ever wear lip jewelry and ZIP IT!
Sophia Kepins
Sophia Kepins Před 19 dny
who actually out here wearin that shit😂
Madelyn Mccutcheon
Madelyn Mccutcheon Před 2 dny
yeah, i totally have time to do this! 😊
Maryam Haji
Maryam Haji Před 12 hodinami
Thanks for the tutorial 😊
Dr. Айболит
Dr. Айболит Před 20 dny
И на хрена это? 😏
ayse gedik
ayse gedik Před dnem
im crying now 💀
Hailey Merit
Hailey Merit Před 11 dny
The fact she took the time to make the mold then coverd it in clay making it a whole different shape
Okayoranges&lemons Před 18 dny
It’s like we all have a roster of very exspensive tools in our pockets
dadadino Před 6 dny
Such an easy craft 😀
月のJD Před 4 dny
This is why we need more than just pause on CS-vidShorts we need to be able to skip back 5sec or forward 5sec to actually see something without wasting several minutes of our time
Lifewith_Mymy💗 Před 14 dny
Ok hold up let me just get this out of my backpack gimme a sec
Pauline isbeast
Pauline isbeast Před 5 dny
they expect us to make this but we barley got those products at home
† Skylar & Jesus †
Looks awesome! Jesus loves you
Bala Prabha
Bala Prabha Před 14 dny
Normal lips is so beautiful 😍 🔥
pmarie2003 Před 4 dny
The world is falling apart, and we're doing lip jewelry.
World Diary
World Diary Před 3 dny
shaemaa Před 20 dny
كل هذا الانضار ولم نرى النتيجه بشكل واضح
Kay K.
Kay K. Před dnem
That sure did take a lot
Gay Tide Pods
Gay Tide Pods Před 7 dny
Brandy Gray
Brandy Gray Před 17 dny
Wish you showed the finished product for more then 1 second
Yoriichi Před 11 dny
Wow it looks really beautisesary
n Před 2 dny
"mum i want a lip piercing" "we have lip piercings at home" the lip piercing:
Cerene Maria Joy
Cerene Maria Joy Před 12 dny
I just put on a lippie and voila! Beautiful lips!
Melita Sulejmani
Melita Sulejmani Před 4 dny
The Clay Part cauth me off gaurd at the start 😅
Stace Bimal Aljen
Stace Bimal Aljen Před 6 dny
was i the only one who tried 6 times to pause the video at the right moment to take a good look at the result 😭😭😭
Swati Upadhyay
Swati Upadhyay Před 17 dny
Lipstick left the chat😂
Xavier Maliyekkal
When your wife ask for a jewellery and you don't have money
80s Lady
80s Lady Před 10 dny
Yeah, nuts on my lips were never my thang! ☠️
Sydney Marie
Sydney Marie Před 17 dny
That is a solid minute I will never get back 😢
enormalny Před 9 dny
this is used to clip the leash into the mouth, very nice gadget, easily leaves the jaw.
Андрей Каракулов
классный намордник получился
George Smith
George Smith Před 17 dny
LoL Love the name wood mood, thats every morning for me.
CRIMSON Před 3 dny
That one friend fixing your stuff
佐和子 田中
佐和子 田中 Před dnem
最初「ナニコレ」 途中「ナニコレ」 最後「結局何ダァァコレrrrェェ」
Damnxit Před 16 dny
“ A is singular, lips is plural😵‍💫”
melk the eraser
melk the eraser Před 14 dny
it’s one piece
Jecintha Rose
Jecintha Rose Před 3 dny
WOAH life changing idea the missing piece in my life
Xeyale Esgerova
Xeyale Esgerova Před 15 hodinami
Ольга Связина
Муж модели: Дай тебе бог здоровья, добрый человек! Улыбается и молчит, наслаждаюсь тишиной)
Eliza Arevalo
Eliza Arevalo Před 22 hodinami
😮 Can we settle for lipstick only on lips?💄
Hi♡. Před 6 dny
I love how 5 min crafts think we have the money and patience and skills to do this
luvmytorties Před 18 dny
Is that for a lip piercing? If not then how does it stay on?
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Před 7 dny
I’m still confused as to why the lip was necessary😅
Gloria Bowlove
Gloria Bowlove Před 8 hodinami
So satisfying!
Ксения Před 18 dny
the process is very beautiful
Aeeeshatuh Idrees
Aeeeshatuh Idrees Před 3 dny
Wish I read the caption sooner cause why?....
Mandy Shaw
Mandy Shaw Před 2 dny
Perfect point just because you can don't mean you should when it's not good commonly right. Stay with in the Lines on some things. Common sense don't go out of style ever. Classy will remain forever.
kuk kuk
kuk kuk Před 19 dny
Долгий процесс и результат в конце не разобрать. Очень быстро
Wiley Kim
Wiley Kim Před 16 dny
И вообще зачем эта штучка?
Ольга Před 19 dny
На губах весят цепи!
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