Brendan Fraser's acceptance speech for Best Actor at 2023 Oscars

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Watch Brendan Fraser's emotional acceptance speech for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 2023 Oscars. More: abc7.com/brendan-fraser-the-w...

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11. 03. 2023





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Komentáře 8 828
SuperRaeDizzle Před 10 dny
The only actor I ever cared if they actually won. This man is a living legend
The Toy Box
The Toy Box Před 14 hodinami
Living legend!? c'mon!!!
ultrix soma
ultrix soma Před dnem
Rae commenting while avoiding the feds.
Joshua Awoderu
Joshua Awoderu Před 2 dny
My thoughts exactly
Kevin Před 3 dny
@Kenneth yeah a bit of a travesty Elvis guy killed it and was snubbed 😆
alyssa smith
alyssa smith Před 10 dny
I’m so happy for him. He was invisible in the film industry for some time. Now he’s bigger than ever. He deserves it all.
Kevin Před dnem
@Razobličavanje sucks
Razobličavanje Před dnem
@John Smith Mummy series?
Tactical Před 2 dny
@John Smith pretty sure he meant from the movie "the wale"
John Smith
John Smith Před 4 dny
@CTF example?
MaxGnome Před 11 dny
So honest, so humble, so overwhelmed... I don't think I ever say one winner being so shocked and scared of his so deserved success. He's now a 12 of 10 on my sympathy scale!
ccefc_families Před 2 dny
Very very very happy for him!
John Smith
John Smith Před 8 dny
One can even say....Brave!
Darja Před 11 dny
This speech is so touching. You can feel that he's not only a great actor, but also simply a good human. He truly did deserve this Oscar❤️
taison rai
taison rai Před 8 dny
Dyane Johnson will not achieve it ever
Jay Mansour
Jay Mansour Před 10 dny
I adored this man during my childhood…so glad hes doing well now
Kevin Před dnem
@RDT imposter and pervert 😆😂
Margaretha Falco
Margaretha Falco Před 4 dny
Александр Симан
@Brendan Fraser Me, after the mummy. Thanks for your contribution to the cinema.
RDT Před 5 dny
@Brendan Fraser bro are u for real
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser Před 10 dny
Thanks for your continues love ♥️and support,that’s what keeps me going How long have you been a fan of mine?
Paul Engels
Paul Engels Před 12 dny
Hollywood doesn't deserve Brendan. He is real, big hearted, humble, kind and a good human being. No wonder why he didn't survive in that world. Happy he won and it's redemption and vindication that those with beautiful spirits and hearts do triumph in this dark world. Love you, Brendan!!!!
Thrash Před 8 dny
The sad thing is he was blacklisted for speakind out against sexual abuse he recieved while in hollywood
Evo Před 8 dny
They don't deserve him. BUT they DO need him.
Pixie Před 10 dny
ArtsticFlea Před 13 dny
Man disappears from the film industry for almost a full decade, comes back for one movie and wins an Oscar from it. What a legend
SoyaIvans Oficial
SoyaIvans Oficial Před 5 dny
Ke huy Quan also him And Brendan both not just Brendan deserved
Maxie Amaru
Maxie Amaru Před 8 dny
@RedmanLaw000 whatever do u mean , everyone is better or best in their prime, Brendan is one of my fav.action/comedy star, he is among the best of the best to say the least. Now after being kinda kicked from Hollywood for being true to himself , he proved them wrong and won an Oscar , thats the pinnacle of a meaning of comeback,determination and success while still being true to urself !!! But to ur point, i loved him in the mummy franchise, my only wish was Rachel wasnt there in the 3rd one,they were so great together.
Dummy Před 8 dny
The Whale movie made me cry so much ❤
Yuhin Před 10 dny
He was one of my childhood heroes due to the Mummy movies, what a redemption it has been for him. Kudos.
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser Před 9 dny
Thanks for your continues love 💕 and support,that’s what keeps me going How long have you been a fan of mine?
Mingo Před 11 dny
I’ve been routing for this dude. I can’t express how happy this makes me. After suffering the way he did Brandon deserves a break. Glad to see good hearted people be rewarded for their hard work
LaKeisha Robinson
LaKeisha Robinson Před 9 dny
I agree! 😊
baiser vole
baiser vole Před 12 dny
My two cents after watching the movie - he whole heartedly, 1000% deserved that oscar. I was blown away to pieces by his performance and the movie itself as well.
Michael Roland
Michael Roland Před 3 dny
@John Smith it was good
John Smith
John Smith Před 4 dny
It got terrible ratings, pass
Michael Roland
Michael Roland Před 7 dny
Yeah that movie got me crying like a baby
tomatodamashi Před 8 dny
I don't care about the oscars...like at all. But after watching The Whale and had to see if he won. He totally deserved it.
C.J. Giordano
C.J. Giordano Před 8 dny
His performance was good. The movie itself I wasn’t a fan.
Nick Před 9 dny
It really hits you in the feels when you see someone show how much something means to them.
OneManArmy Před 12 dny
Finally getting the recognition he deserves. He was outed and humiliated, then they gave all his roles to other actors. Glad to see him rebound after such a hard time. That's true success
Commando0333 Před 4 dny
Ousted... Not outed
JamesTobiasStewart Před 7 dny
​@h3arty As I understand it, a producer sexually harassed him and he reported it. But that was in the days when Hollywood's go to play was to hush up such things and for daring to try and shine a light on it, Fraser was blacklisted. He was shunned, roles he was previously up for were withdrawn and numerous doors were closed to him for daring to rock the boat. When you combine that with the psychological stress and the physical injuries he'd accumulated from years of filming stunts and action scenes, he just couldn't take it and stepped away from Hollywood.
h3arty Před 8 dny
Outed and humiliated? How? :o
witch hazel
witch hazel Před 14 dny
It was refreshing to hear an old-school acceptance speech. What a good and humble man.
Gaynor Patterson
Gaynor Patterson Před 9 dny
Wow 27k likes. 🏆 😂
David Seres
David Seres Před 11 dny
​@re-Pete after-me Enjoyable movie for me...
norseman43211 Před 11 dny
Beautifully said.👍🎥🙏🎥👍
The Man With Nothing To Lose
@evilSWA - beyond pandora films ?????? What the fk did I just read?🥴
SPC Před 11 dny
I thought we'll never see Brendan Fraser again but he didn't disappoint us and won best award for himself in the world.
Jeanette Smith
Jeanette Smith Před 8 dny
I just watched The Whale and shed some tears. A very deserving Oscar win.
gopi krishna
gopi krishna Před 11 dny
Until it stopped.. That gave me goosebumps.. so happy for him.
Aparna Před 4 dny
I have never been balling but so happy watching anyone take an oscar the way I see Brandon, we love you with all our hearts Brandon!! 💕
Emma Em
Emma Em Před 4 dny
The MIX of emotions that this film gave me... sad, sympathetic, angry, happy, heart-warming, empathetic, frustrated, and admiration. It was SO HARD to watch!! But WELL WORTH it! His performance has the POWER to raise awareness, influence, and help others who are going through or could go through the same thing. UNBELIEVABLE acting! WONDERFUL character, WONDERFUL actor! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
byzanttine Před 14 dny
I feel so happy for him. After almost disappearing completely from movies, this is indeed a comeback for the generations.
GaysGoToHell Před 7 dny
@John Smith Here's some more attention,kiddo. Your parents rightfully didn't give you any.
John Smith
John Smith Před 8 dny
@TheHailstorm77 like what?
John Smith
John Smith Před 8 dny
@Ana Patrícia huh? Meryl Streep been winning Oscar's since the 80s and Jack career never fell off. Lewis quit. Pacino is old. Do more research
John Smith
John Smith Před 8 dny
@Carolyn Yates great reply for someone voicing their opinion
John Smith
John Smith Před 8 dny
So stunning, so courageous,, one might even say...Brave!
ranveer_rollins Před 5 dny
Coming back after so many years and taking the oscars .this is hard work and dedication.❤❤❤❤❤
Richard Devine
Richard Devine Před 10 dny
This was a tough category with all phenomenal performances, but I believe Brendan put all his chips into this role and it outshined and touched us all. He deserves this comeback
The Glanconer
The Glanconer Před 9 dny
Hollywood tried to destroy him but he's back and hist back role ever. Proud !
Ashlyn Johnson
Ashlyn Johnson Před 5 dny
He’s such an angel, very very well deserved 🖤
Tiresa Mercruy
Tiresa Mercruy Před 10 dny
Finally. This guy so deserves it. Love his acting. So under rated.
lina charuca kawaii
lina charuca kawaii Před 14 dny
He spoke up against abuse and he was blacklisted. He deserves this comeback and he deserves this oscar
John Smith
John Smith Před 4 dny
Him speaking up about ONE guy did absolutely nothing
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Před 8 dny
Spoke up against what abuse ?
Kelsey Bergen
Kelsey Bergen Před 9 dny
@Suki he accused Phillip Berk of sexual assaulting him. This man was the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - so a big name and influence there. Ever since then the phone went quiet. Poor guy, glad to see he’s doing better
Kelsey Bergen
Kelsey Bergen Před 9 dny
@Prestige 15 he accused Phillip Berk of sexual assaulting him. This man was the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - so a big name and influence there. Ever since then the phone went quiet. Poor guy, glad to see he’s doing better
Stefarooh Před 4 dny
Jesus what a beautiful movie. I went through two whole toilet rolls while watching this movie. Have not cried this much from a single movie in a very long time and what I really loved about it was it was not trying to be overly-sentimental or manipulative (like some of these tear jerkers are). The Whale is the real deal people, Watch it, bawl your eyeballs out of your head and leave with a profoundly beautiful message about hope and being a good person to others. Well done Brendan. You deserved that Oscar win.
Markiso Wickstorm
Markiso Wickstorm Před 9 dny
His performance in The Whale is the best I have ever seen.
Guilherme Bittencourt
It's precious to see how people got excited for him too. his rival colleagues for the prize and even the smiles the announcer dropped. Shows how he deserved to win.
This was the most suspenseful speech of the night, he had me on the edge of my seat worrying that he'd have a heart attack right on stage.
BuAKM Před 4 dny
His performance in Whale was hands down something different. I wish him all the best after all the stuff he went through
Cropsey741 Před 14 dny
What a comeback story, and what a wholesome man. No moral lecturing, no arrogance, no drama. Fraser is the man.
Rijul Rana
Rijul Rana Před 14 dny
@Oswaldo Zuniga parks and recs refference 🤣🤣🤣
DarkLord Před 14 dny
@coolbHzjdnd own that bozo👏🏽💯
coolbHzjdnd Před 14 dny
@Oswaldo Zunigaher comeback felt plastic
Oswaldo Zuniga
Oswaldo Zuniga Před 14 dny
I'm sorry but Kim Kardashian still has the best comeback story of all times.
Annie Godfrey
Annie Godfrey Před 10 dny
The only person who I care about winning an Oscar. He deserves so much ♥️ what a freakin treasure
Taetae Před 8 dny
I don't care for the Oscars. But I'm overwhelmed with emotion because Brendan won. He truly deserves the recognition. What a comeback Brendan, our childhood legend! I wish for all the good things in life to you ❤️
Muskitt Boon
Muskitt Boon Před 12 dny
The rarest glimpse of humility in Hollywood.
Wessley Před 10 dny
Never seen anyone *deserve* an Oscar this much.
Fiona Me
Fiona Me Před 9 dny
I was crying before he spoke. Such a wonderful and talented man. The most well deserved award in years! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️
Anudeep Sasikumar
Anudeep Sasikumar Před 14 dny
The only actor who made us feel like we all won. All our prayers .
Syd Před 11 dny
@Dare absolutely. first role he gets and bam, oscar. deserved it like no other
No Middle Name NMN
No Middle Name NMN Před 12 dny
Beautiful soul.
oneskinnyhonky Před 12 dny
He's a people's champion.
Dare Před 12 dny
​@Syd and that all while he was basically almost crippled by the injuries from doing his own stunts. It's a wonder that he's able to stand and move again
Syd Před 12 dny
​@KurfelsTGnot the same in the slightest. brendan was ripped apart and blacklisted from hollywood because he opened up about sexual assault. then he was financially ruined by his ex wife who made him pay tenthousands a month on alimony for 10 years. this man had nothing left before he got this part and now winning an oscar for it as well is just beautiful. leo just didn't get an oscar a few times which happens to many actors.
deborah Richardson
deborah Richardson Před 7 dny
Honestly the greatest award speech I've ever heard..just thanks and love no other bs..
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Před 6 dny
I really wanted him to win all along. I feel so good now. This man's movies are an integral part of my childhood. Congratulations Brandon. 🎉❤️
Calamarda21 Před 7 dny
I cried my heart out of happiness and gratitute. He deserves it!
Ben Milton
Ben Milton Před 5 dny
That rare thing… a genuine speech by a genuine man at the Oscars. A man that doesn’t realise just how exceptionally talented he is and is as humble as the man next door. Incredible Brendan 👏
TheCujo71 Před 10 dny
He has always been such an amazing actor. One of the most genuine people in the entertainment industry. He was treated so badly. This is his time. What a comeback. I hope he has many more great performances in his future. There are very few that can play such a range of characters as well as he can.
Edie Ohoxoxo
Edie Ohoxoxo Před 14 dny
I could not have cared less about the Oscars, but when hearing about Brendan's win this morning, I was very happy for such a humble man.
Shell D
Shell D Před 12 dny
@Mish375 S With Honors, School Ties, The Quiet American, Mrs. Winterbourne, and Still Breathing, Gods and Monsters, just to name a few greats I believe are worth checking out. These were all WAY before the Whale. It’s such a shame he doesn’t really get recognition for these and gets more for stuff like George of the Jungle and other silly stuff like it that makes him come off as a joke.
M A Před 13 dny
Same 😭❤️
Edie Ohoxoxo
Edie Ohoxoxo Před 13 dny
@Marsh That is what I understand. A friend told me that she cried and cried...but he was amazing.
Alaina Afflerbaugh
Alaina Afflerbaugh Před 14 dny
He was the ONLY award I kept waiting to hear about all night.
Mish375 S
Mish375 S Před 14 dny
@Marsh I'm definitely considering watching it.
Ashen -.-
Ashen -.- Před 11 dny
Brendan was left apart by Hollywood, surviving by himself after being at the top, only to return in glory and something different that made him deserve a recognition, thanks for all the effort ❤
Rojan gurung
Rojan gurung Před 6 dny
Greatest comeback in an entertainment industry .. God bless 🙌
RR P Před 5 dny
Muero de amor cuando Jessica al leer toca a Hailey porque esperaban que ganara él 😢
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson Před 11 dny
So happy for Brendan, seems like a great humble guy. The Mummy is one of my fav movies ever
I'm sorry but
I'm sorry but Před 9 dny
Brendan Fraser and his movie roles were a massive part of my childhood. He’s one of the few people that I actually respect and wish the best for in this industry. He’s incredible.
Palyne Gaenir
Palyne Gaenir Před 13 dny
It's so rare that you feel like an award has gone to someone not just deserving for the work but deserving as a good human being who really deserves recognition and support.
Michelle Delamatter
Michelle Delamatter Před 11 dny
@JACpotatos no I'm basing my argument off of the fact that I've read about every biography book about him out there and watched hours in interviews. You are the one assuming I took from only one source... sounds like projection for your baseline knowledge
Michelle Delamatter
Michelle Delamatter Před 11 dny
@JACpotatos maybe you are a slow reader I talked about a lot more than that. Meanwhile you base your assumptions off of article headlines....
JACpotatos Před 11 dny
@Michelle Delamatter you're basing your entire argument off of a single court case......ffs
Michelle Delamatter
Michelle Delamatter Před 11 dny
@JACpotatos it wasn't mutually toxic that was prooven in court. Also who are abused may turn to drugs as a copying mechanism that doesn't make them a bad person.
Martina Zabielna
Martina Zabielna Před 9 dny
Brendan je skvelý herec a zaslúži si to!!! 👏🏆💐👍🙋‍♀️
Emmanuel Juárez Castillo
Jamás sentí tanta felicidad por alguien a quien no conozco en persona 😊
Christian Fabros
Christian Fabros Před 8 dny
He really deserves this award.
David Fernández
David Fernández Před 8 dny
Soy el único que se emocionó tanto que hasta lloró, sentí como si yo mismo hubiese ganado ese premio cuando mencionaron su nombre? y me sentí identificado con Hong Chau, su compañera de rodaje al verlo triunfar, y me dio gusto que Brendan la mencionara en su discurso Se merece lo mejor!
ScotianRebel Před 9 dny
I'm amazed that an oscar finally went to a fantastic human being for once. So happy for him ❤
あなたの はは
あなたの はは Před 14 dny
I've never been so happy for any actor to win this award. I haven't cared about the Oscar's in a decade. But I know this matters to a good man, and that good man won out for once. Kindness and integrity won out for once. Kudos Brendan and Darren and all!
Mc Valhalla
Mc Valhalla Před 14 dny
Harsh Jha
Harsh Jha Před 14 dny
I thought the same
Plen122 Před 14 dny
Sad that Austin didn't win. But congratulations to Brendan, he was the sentimental favorite this year.
Michelle Robin
Michelle Robin Před 14 dny
Definitely!! ❤️
Kevin Curry
Kevin Curry Před 14 dny
Give him one for Airheads too!
Harvey Epstein
Harvey Epstein Před 11 dny
one of the best acting comebacks he definitely deserves it.
Fozi Bear
Fozi Bear Před 10 dny
What a performance I was moved to tears when watching this film he so deserved this Oscar well dn Brendan
Nike Z7000
Nike Z7000 Před 11 dny
Honestly grateful Brendan got this award. In my opinion is he's up there with the great actions heros that molded our view of actions heroes. His roles in the Mummy movies make him a legend in my books.
Lucija Ević
Lucija Ević Před 10 dny
He was one my favorite actors as kid. I'm so glad he came back and took Oscar.
kelsey ticheler
kelsey ticheler Před dnem
I am so happy for Brendan Fraser. One of my all time favourite actors. He was absolutely amazing in The Whale.
DEZSŐ OLÁH Před 14 dny
He already won our heart since he's back. Now he won an Oscar, and when he was trying holding his tears, that was a really emotional moment.
John Smith
John Smith Před 13 dny
@oxydo 993 total stalker
John Smith
John Smith Před 13 dny
@ZekeAndroid49 lmao the mummy movies
K Před 13 dny
@John Smith just giving you back what you put out. Maybe don't post ignorance?
Soniya Chopde
Soniya Chopde Před 11 dny
God bless this man! Such raw emotions❤
crpsaiyan Před 10 dny
You can see how overwhelmed he is by this win. Well done, Brendan! You've truly earned this Oscar. ❤❤❤
Beau Bellamy
Beau Bellamy Před 12 dny
He seems like such a sweet guy. I’m super happy for him and it certainly seemed like every one else was too.
sbbrph2651 Před 6 dny
I admit it....I cried. I think he is wonderful!!!❤❤❤
Paul Beaudry
Paul Beaudry Před 7 dny
He's a really great guy and actor! That speech said it all and it touched his heart ❤️ I'm proud of a lot of the films Brendan has performed in and he should have won an award along time ago. It's too bad it's taken this long for him to get a new role, but he finally got one. Hope he gets more, but GOD bless his heart
Riff Raff
Riff Raff Před 14 dny
So humble . Took no credit. Gave everyone else the credit. That’s why we love Fraser.
Semaj_502 Před 11 dny
@MaxSt. Arlyn lmao
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson Před 11 dny
@Aaliyah What an odd hill to die on lol
Aaliyah Před 12 dny
@semaj_5022 Omg....your comment brought me to tears. I'm barley able to put into you're how amazing you are. Wow.... you seriously the greatest person . Thank you show much. Your message touched my heart. You're a better person then I... I'm literally crying writing this. You're a beautiful human and I'm honoured to read your comment. Yeah....not.....see....how I pandered bulkshit to you. Just like Fraser....
Semaj_502 Před 12 dny
@Aaliyah It's called decency and humility. Most of us, as human beings, should have no issue being able to tell when a person is being sincere, and Fraser is always sincere in his praise of others, like in his acceptance speech here.
Simon Ayers
Simon Ayers Před 11 dny
His kids are named after cars? Love how genuine he is. Well done🎉
Nightinghood Před 3 dny
One of very few people in the world that has no haters, he deserves so much more. Protect him at all costs ❤
Juliana Cuellar
Juliana Cuellar Před 3 dny
I was so happy for him that I cried. This is so heart warming
Gabriel Geller
Gabriel Geller Před 9 dny
I never thought he would win an Oscar! So incredible. Amazing person and actor. Well deserved.
dr rd
dr rd Před 11 dny
Every 90s kid out there remembers that this guy was our childhood now he's a Oscar winner! How amazing!
yikes Před 14 dny
I never cared about the Oscars but I'm actually really happy to know that Brendan Fraser won. What a come back! After the turns in his life and his career. Wow. This award is so well deserved. He is extremely talented and he puts his heart into his performances, a credit to the art!
Fvoarin Před 9 dny
@Black Feel creep
Douglas Cowle
Douglas Cowle Před 14 dny
nicely said
Fvoarin Před 14 dny
Turns is putting it extremely lightly, but I get what you mean. He's had a lot of f-ed up things happen to him, that basically ruined his career. So glad he's being recognised. We were all ecstatic and thought he "was back" with Doom Patrol. Now look at him :)
Der Manni
Der Manni Před 10 dny
just read about his life and why he was "gone" for a time and you love him even more. this guy is a humble and lovly person.he deserved this.
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow Před 9 dny
This was a lifetime achievement award for him almost. Had to feel so good.
J Logan
J Logan Před 11 dny
OMG i just wanna hug this guy every time i see him winning bc hes so overcome with genuine emotion and appreciation
Cris Před 9 dny
I'm so glad he won, well deserved after everything that happened to him
_Invincimiles_ Před 12 dny
His speech was so touching what a beautiful man he deserved it so happy for him 👏🏾❤️
Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad Před 14 dny
A big big big moment in the history of Oscars...Huge Respect 💞 Loss of mother at a critical phase of life, fall of a successful career, painful divorce, depression, health issues, allegations and assaults...He lost everything... 💔 But look at him, he came back to reclaim what he truly deserves...Such a happy day for those who never give up❤️
Tommy Před 14 dny
@Rob Fournier I agree with that
Javed Miandad
Javed Miandad Před 14 dny
@StretchGamesHD Fall of, not fell off...read carefully
Rob Fournier
Rob Fournier Před 14 dny
Its just a Movie, these people need to relax. Plenty of regular people have tragic stories.. Good for him, he seems like a great guy but these are just movies for entertainment. If the movie business' disappeared tomorrow we would be alright.
ARNAB DEO Před 14 dny
Yeah True that
StretchGamesHD Před 14 dny
Fell off!?!?!? Tf you on. He got seriously injured while filming a movie and had to stop. Didn't fall off atall.
GoMiko Před 11 dny
I just watched the movie. I didn't know the full gravity of the issues he faced during his "hiatus". All I knew was that he was screwed over by hollywood and that's it. I grew up watching his films and I cannot believe that, after finally being free from all the horrible stuff, his acting skills never was lost and became even better. He remains a good soul. He deserves everything.
thor gs
thor gs Před 10 dny
I've never been this touched seeing anyone win an award
Samuel DLS
Samuel DLS Před 12 dny
I loved Brendan since I was a kid watching “The Mummy”. I don’t know what kind of journey the man has had through life, but, I’m glad he’s back doing what he loves.
Count of Beretania
Count of Beretania Před 7 dny
Incredible. Absolutely extraordinary. Not a single mention of politics. He didn’t use the moment as an excuse to stand on top of a soap box and go on about injustices and sad current events. He just went up there, reflected on his career, it’s ups and downs, and how grateful he was to be given another chance. He thanked the Academy, the cast, the director and writer, his sons, his girlfriend Jeanne, and his agent. You don’t see these types of acceptance speeches anymore. I’m happy he won.
5bLucky Před 7 dny
Brendan and Ke both are so heartfelt sincere. Blessings to them!
James Mcgovern
James Mcgovern Před 13 dny
It's not often you see your childhood hero fall and the rise to then top again like a phoenix. But this, this brought me to tears. I am so grateful I live in this timeline where Brendan has done just that.
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Před 12 dny
You need some life goals bro.
Mariah Block
Mariah Block Před 12 dny
Beautiful ❤
Isaiasmind Před 12 dny
@OldSingingStudent DougBill Ferguson My man thinks it's easy to deal with fame, depression and harassment.
Simon Ghost Riley
Simon Ghost Riley Před 12 dny
Can anyone pls tell me the name of theme played when he came to the stage
Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko Před 9 dny
Omg I actually cried for this man’s success. I’m so happy for him! 🤧❤️‍🔥✨🎉
Hoyoversefan101 Před 4 dny
Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser Před 8 dny
Thanks for your continues love❤️ ❤and support,that’s what keeps me going How long have you been a fan of mine?
YoshiPrime Před 5 dny
I am so glad he is doing well and we get to see him again!! Brendan Fraser is truly a good human being!
Callum Před 12 dny
Brendan Fraser is such a humble human being and a fantastic actor 👏 You deserve it brendan!
Ooga Booga
Ooga Booga Před 9 dny
Anybody who knows this man career and what he has been through will appreciate his accomplishment. I'm so happy for him!
Gru vee
Gru vee Před 12 dny
Seeing him getting this award fills me with utter joy. I'm really proud of him!
Gecko Discovery
Gecko Discovery Před 10 dny
Ive never cared fot the Oscars but so happy at this one you can see what it means to him truly deserved
Neelkand Sharma
Neelkand Sharma Před 7 dny
He really deserves this Such a kind soul ❤
Cait Alexander
Cait Alexander Před 8 dny
I had the pleasure of working with Brendan on Condor filmed in Toronto a few years ago. We celebrated his nomination at the Canadian Consulate in LA before the Oscars and he is equally as humble and beautiful a soul on the world stage as he is in person. He really LOOKS at you. You deserve this sweet man. Thank you for your service
2Faces Of Evil
2Faces Of Evil Před 7 dny
He proved he is a amazing actor ❤
Romar Campbell
Romar Campbell Před 12 dny
What an absolute legend.. I grew up watching this man's movies and to see him on top again is absolutely inspirational
Carlos Soto
Carlos Soto Před 14 dny
The man just got up there and said a heartfelt thank you. No fluff no nothing but vulnerability and honesty just like his winning performance. One of the best speeches. Well deserved 👏
Linda Pullan
Linda Pullan Před 13 dny
Well said, I couldn't agree more. It was an honest and sincere speech, from a humble man. A very deserving winner.
Carne, Batista y Pera
@Jan Pawelczyk no
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Před 13 dny
@Lucas Savicki I'm not talking about the plants themselves. Tons of wildlife and other living things die to grow the plants we eat. As a comedian once said, "How cute does something have to be before you complain about it being killed?"
Lucas Savicki
Lucas Savicki Před 13 dny
@Pete Smith terrible argument bruh. I eat meat, but lets not pretend its even close to the same thing, animals feel pain, plants do not
Pete Smith
Pete Smith Před 13 dny
@Jan Pawelczyk You're still killing living things to eat a vegan diet. Negatively impacts the environment, too. So what's your reasoning for doing it?
Not Sorry
Not Sorry Před 7 dny
Волшебный Оскар! Воплощение того, что все возможно.
Lem Song
Lem Song Před 8 dny
Im so happy for him. He was my childhood. I loved all his movies, he's a funny guy.
Manikandan Před 8 dny
Speechless Moment for Our Hero ❣️
Maria S'
Maria S' Před 11 dny
I have to say the he really is an outstanding actor. Just by seeing how timid and emotional he is and, then seeing the goofey, funny, and sometimes ridiculous characters he’s played is a proof that he’s very versatil. And now the whale, heart wrenching acting.