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6. 11. 2023





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@irina_a4616 Před 19 dny
- payment by card or cash? - cat's eye.
@kobeeboy Před 16 dny
@zsolthegyi4584 Před 16 dny
Not working..
@CBR21 Před 16 dny
Я помню этот комментарий, когда там было 100 лайков
@xredastro5162 Před 15 dny
Your cat reached level 20!
@khuzaimy9944 Před 15 dny
@dumb_nauka Před 15 dny
Wow, this guy need Nobel for this, ‘cause him make NFC pay without NFC antenna. Next level.
@Jr_live23 Před 11 dny
There's an NFC transmitter chip inside. Wym antenna?💀
@boyparhusip2577 Před 11 dny
@dumb_nauka Před 11 dny
@@Jr_live23 i mean coil, sorry for my english.
@Jr_live23 Před 11 dny
@dumb_nauka sorry for my aggressive response, I didn't realize you were foreign. You're English isn't bad considering.... but I don't understand how your comment was meant to be relevant. Unless it's simply satire, sorry if so.
@dumb_nauka Před 11 dny
@@Jr_live23 you’re right about nfc chip inside this module, but induction coil still inside plastic card, around all the perimeter. You can found schemes in web, it’s definitely not secret information. Without coil module didn’t have a way to communicate with receiver device. I’m nfc implant engineer and, of course, have experience with nfc payment devices.
@yashikamaurya5574 Před 15 dny
" sir your total is 7$ " "Ohh shit i forgot to bring the cat " 💀 " i swear it was in my pocket" EDIT : guys I made it , never gotten so many likes 😭😭
@ChildofYAH Před 14 dny
@anishali7697 Před 13 dny
@cr-2032-ncadsr Před 11 dny
@milannoriega6001 Před 5 dny
@kunalsarkar15 Před 18 dny
Shop owner : who will pay Customer : my cat
@Monsty.... Před 12 dny
@nurulaina7763 Před 10 dny
Shop owner be like: wtf!!??
Cat declined
@DimensityGamer Před 6 dny
Shopkeeper:- orr you mean.. you give your wife... (Pu... Ss y
Reminds me of MIB
@dumb_nauka Před 15 dny
I'm disappointed in the number of people who don't realize that this won't work.
@HooiHoed Před 13 dny
@dumb_nauka Před 12 dny
@@stalebell already do it in another comment.)
@dosdude1935 Před 11 dny
You're disappointed in people that don't spend their time learning about NFC readers and how EMV chips work huh?
@dumb_nauka Před 11 dny
@@dosdude1935 yep, that’s literally fundamental part of modern electronics, and I don’t understand people who’s didn’t try to learn this basics.
@udaychadalavada. Před 15 dny
Those who believed that is why you should never skip physics classes
@prathamvij203 Před 8 dny
Why physics 😂?
@elijahpalmer6323 Před 8 dny
No antenna no payment ie physics
@gg-ct3fo Před 4 dny
@brianjones228 Před 22 dny
Now we can buy food with our cat amazing
@sarajafer-is9px Před 16 dny
Literally that's what I thought too 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
@chiarazhang7257 Před 13 dny
Or our cat without u start to shopping cat food
@bc123132123132 Před 12 dny
Trade cat for food seems like extra step
@angelbiyela-yh1cc Před 6 dny
What if the cat is stolen and someone uses all your money
@aidancorp8457 Před 5 dny
You still pay the bill
Why make such fake videos? After all, in order for contactless RFID payment to work there must be a coil connected to the chip, which is normally located at the border of the card. The pendant itself came out very nicely, but for creating a fake I give a thumbs down....
@Candy-uo8sv Před 6 dny
Its way more fake than you described
Does there? A friend of mine cut out the chip and stuck it in a wristband. Works just fine. I've had cards that have cracked through and not a problem to still use them. Fairly sure there's no further coil of wire in a card.
@daphenomenalz4100 Před 4 dny
​​@@ChristosChristophi-er7wi bruh, there is no battery running the chip when you want to connect to it. That's why coils are needed, as it provides electrical current when the phone is brought near using magnetism : You literally can't use an electronic chip without electricity 😭
@thoughtsengineer Před 2 dny
@@ChristosChristophi-er7wi(1) the wrist band: RFID can also be powered through batteries. Probably your friend connected the chip to a battery. (2) the cracked card may still have the coil intact or connected. Like your can still have 2 wires make electrical contact by just touching them together. So try it, if your card is made with thin plastic, then you can shine some light through and see the coil. Won’t work with thick plastic like the Apple card. You can also try cutting the card in half and test it. Let me know if it magically works from free energy
@javierperalta8578 Před 7 dny
Cashier:Will your purchase be with cash or card. Customer: *Shoves cat into the card receiver
@rubenmaster Před 17 dny
Me: where did my wallet go ‘Sees cat’
@user-cv2sk3sb8e Před 16 dny
The funny if the Cat scape of house
@spawnofthedead4556 Před 15 dny
I thought it was a tracker, what is it supposed to be
@Gooseknox Před 12 dny
"Oh they put a microchip in the collar in case the cat gets lost! That's so sma-"
@PekilordFamata Před 6 dny
Exactly what I thinking . . . we got fooled 😅
@BOSS_GAMING_8 Před 15 dny
"Sir would you pay via cash or card?" Him : "Cat"
@achujayakumar5418 Před 13 dny
Car 👀
@BOSS_GAMING_8 Před 13 dny
@@achujayakumar5418 it's a meme
@delastic15hack57 Před 16 dny
"how would you like to pay sir? " ' I forgot to bring my cat so i will pay cash ' Edit: WTH 139 Likes MOM IM FAMOUS🤩 Edit2: WTF 293 LIKES HOW❤
@AbbeyKitty1013 Před 16 dny
I'm laughing too hard at this
@nurzahraa Před 16 dny
"Umm sir, our shop don't allowed to bring pets anyway "
@AkiZhimo21 Před 6 dny
What is wrong with u people? Why whats the deal with being soo cringe over getting likes on comments I mean I don't understand 👾 it's so weird and cringey
@sterfanjuninho3912 Před 14 dny
I would trust this more in a dog, after all, they don't move away from their owner.
@Nanasrollypolly Před 19 dny
All fun and games until your cat hides and you gotta pay taxes
@user-ob1zy8ju6t Před 13 dny
😂😂 *- оплата картой или наличными?* *- Кошкой*
Imagine if the cat while wearing the collar gets out of the house and never comes back lol
@zefirka1148 Před 16 dny
- Оплата наличными или по карте ? - по кошке
@dumb_nauka Před 15 dny
Жаль правда что буллщит.)
@evo48rus Před 16 dny
Так вот что такое "оплата взглядом"
@julian330j Před 5 dny
Imagine being another cat and see this cat with three eyes
@IsabellaIsabellian Před 21 dnem
Who needs a soulmate when you can have 'THESOUL MUSIC - ANOTHER K-POP THEME' to serenade you all day long? 🎶🕺🏻💃🏻
@hanawolfgang Před 12 dny
Pls wear pants
@PekilordFamata Před 6 dny
Just imagine if the cat realizes that it can buy treats without its owners, i would trust a dog more 😂😂😅
@prashobunniunni4130 Před 21 dnem
How this work without a power supply 🤔
@U.like.cookie_1 Před 19 dny
It's a credit card chip.
@kryptikkrash7826 Před 19 dny
Get this comment to the top 😂
Exactly, regardless of what type of card it is... they all work with the same mechanism. Besides, there is no practical use for that. Do you always plan to take your cat to a restaurant or somewhere else?😂😂😂
​@@U.like.cookie_1Yes, you can be sure that it is, but do you know how that chip actually works and its operating mechanism? Do you know that if you cut the corners and bottom, your card doesn't even work anymore?
@wdSs444 Před 19 dny
It's worrying how slow some people really are..
@New-Jeans132 Před 14 dny
Owner: putting the chip in its collar The cat: what will happen when the cat will run away😂😂🤣😁
@emberlight4533 Před 10 dny
"alright, would that be transaction or cash?" "transaction" "ok, just tap your card there" *lifts up cat*
@topherverano2629 Před 19 dny
"No pets allowed”
@prasann9460 Před 19 dny
"Here your order, how u will pay, cash or card?" "C A T"
@lolbria241 Před 10 dny
Better it would have been if u put a gps tracker there instead of giving the cat ur entire bank account😅
@scott86747 Před 14 dny
"Help, snowball ran away and took my entire life savings"
@produtosbomsoso237 Před 14 dny
Bola de neve? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@ja3far-7abib Před 18 dny
It's all fine until the cat decides to run away
@dimitriszis2281 Před 12 dny
Everyone's gangsta until it says "insert your card"
@gracemehta4770 Před 6 dny
“Just this” “Aww man, my cat ran away”
@fallen-kai8241 Před 19 dny
Store employee: "Ma'am there are no oets aloud in the stores. You cant bring your cat in here" Person: "Oh no, Its my credit card!" Employee: "what-"
@thoughtsengineer Před 2 dny
Computer engineer here: that chip stoped working when you cut the card. There is a loop around the card that when near a magnetic field, it generates a small electrical current and gives a bit of power to the chip. Cut the loop, then no more electrical power to the chip. Chips don’t work from free energy Other chips may use batteries, but not the ones on credit cards so that it last much longer.
@jx.n0thing Před 14 dny
Imagine cats evolving and start buying food with their collar
@ZoubidaZizo-pd6ib Před 18 dny
ماذا لو تاهت القطة😂😂😂😂ممكن الترجمة😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@Balka_73 Před 3 dny
Cashier: do you have our card? Bro: I have your cat, so send your money quickly!
@FoxxMoon Před 2 dny
When your cat gets Stolen or Runs away and your Card Chip is on the cat 😂
@user-fb8et8hv4r Před 16 dny
Я теперь всех кошек и котов проверяю😂😂😂
@AceMonk123 Před 7 dny
"where is our cat?" "..."
@lmfao275 Před 3 dny
“Sir I need you to swipe your card”
@Kisses4myself Před 18 dny
Now you can't go without your cat anywhere and if it runs away you have a big problem
@Gagan00000 Před 9 dny
- "sir how would you like to pay" - *eye*
@Desserts-Reverse Před 7 dny
I ain’t never wasting my contacts like that
Dónde se compran esos chips?? 👍✨ Porq ya me han robado tres perros, dos chihuahuas y un pastor belga.
@tioneyXD Před 19 dny
Esse é chip do cartão 😂
​@@tioneyXDPior que não é, é chip de rastreamento
@user-yr7nh8hu5w Před 17 dny
I like that they had a very convenient sheet of various size cat eyes
@wardevil666 Před 12 dny
For NFS, you need an antenna. There is a thin wire in the cards. Since made in the form will not work!
@asjimmy90 Před 12 dny
В кольцах делают и в форме получится. Но чувак из видео про нее, видимо, не знает
@amdonefor Před 8 dny
and here i am thinking that she loves her cats so much that she put a tracking chip on him in case he got lost😂😂😂
Can we please get the DIY version
@Zreknarf Před 9 hodinami
they.. showed the whole process here lol 1. uv resin in contact lens 2. picture of cats eye, nfc chip 3. more uv resin
@naveedali1406 Před 12 dny
"That will be 79.95" :The cat will pay
@coolbruske4623 Před 4 dny
It's all fun and games till your cat runs away or gets kidnapped or gets to Canada somehow
@disloyal999 Před 18 dny
Imagine loosing the cat😅
@aamirm5117 Před 4 dny
How many people have ever made a phone call with just the SIM card lol
@MagicMarniss Před 5 dny
"Whiskers don't forget to get the groceries."
@dominicibarra4923 Před 20 dny
Are these five minute crafts because this ain't going to take five minutes dog
@mainakdeb2780 Před 12 dny
If that method of payment works .. then I am David Beckham 😂😂😂😂
@balintbiro1478 Před 14 dny
Cashier: Cash or card Me: "Eye of Ender"
Someone steals his cat. Him - Did someone see my credit cat?
"Insert cash or select payment type" "Theres no tap option..? *looks at full cart of groceries* 😰"
@larazanellato9483 Před 15 dny
finally the car can purchase it’s own food
@itstocaathena6774 Před 8 dny
When i go to a restaurant that says no pets allowed."welp i guess we arent going anywhere bc no pets"
@IIIRaZoRkInGIII Před 15 dny
All fun and games until the terminal wants you to use the cardreader.
@cs.aka.f.f.d Před 7 dny
-Cash or credit card? -cat. -what? -cat.
@jonasbelardo9227 Před 11 dny
Lol how the NFC can communicate without antenna? Its like you talking to a stone 😂
@Mr.BeansYt Před 13 dny
Bro took unlocking your third eye to a whole different level
@hyusuke4430 Před 12 dny
Bill Collector done got a third eye💀
@sanjuro_493 Před 4 dny
My cat would make me broke without hesitation
@bilinasmini3480 Před 10 dny
The cat now goes in search of his own food.
@snoopyesquire9624 Před 6 dny
Drug dealer: what ya need?guy:a g. Drug dealer:swipe the cats neck wit yo phone
@saizui3827 Před 12 dny
cat: now i can buy my own whiskas ⓛ ω ⓛ
@Wordex55 Před 7 dny
Bro didn't even think his cat will run away
@Dr_Fish_feet Před 12 dny
Cat runs away and cars out of fuel 💀💀💀
That cat can now buy all the catnip
@alister2413 Před 6 dny
“where’d my left contact go? i can’t see!”
@imperitalica Před 4 dny
The cat after 2 months: 🗿💲💲💲💲
At shop: where is my cat? Shopkeeper: why? He: for payment. Shopkeeper : wtf
@Dontzky Před 10 hodinami
"What is the form of payment ?" "Ender Eye"
@yuso.b854 Před 13 dny
Imagine the cat running away now and starting a new life, moving to Geneva and having a family. It’s all he’s wanted
@hena-chan7299 Před 8 dny
imagine that you will be asked to put the card in the terminal
@Noa2794 Před 16 dny
"Card or cash?" "Eye."
@natulcien809 Před 15 dny
How many of you take their cat to go shopping?😂
@elliewillians5254 Před 6 dny
“Insert the card for pay”
@diya1737 Před dnem
Person : *Enters a store with cat and didn't brought wallet phone and notices his cat ran away*😂😂😂
@raymondmessi4385 Před 6 dny
It's all fun and games until... She/he goes missing
@szymonbeee1276 Před 11 dny
-Payment by card or cash? - Uhm.... CAT.
@thememeboi9782 Před 6 dny
Cat card:declines Butcher Shop owner:well we can take another eye 🫥
@user-zt3bn4qd9w Před 6 dny
Whenever the cat gets lost:mhhh kitty 😳ahhh
@HapDev1 Před dnem
Rip when the cat goes for a walk and dont come back
@EdotuAluo Před 14 dny
These days, you can't leave your cat alone anyplace, and if it escapes, you'll have a serious issue.
@ulisesdiale4004 Před 10 dny
Imagine this on a cat that's missing one of its eyes 💀
@user-fy3zc8jj9c Před 10 dny
"Wrong PIN! You have 8 tries left."
@user-mz1uh4ju1n Před 11 dny
The NFC card needs a coil of copper wire so that it can power the NFC chip. That means you broke ur NFC card 💀
@nowshinsrejon Před 4 dny
When everything is paying by the cat Public : steal the cat!
"Bro i forgot my wallet can you pay for me" "aight sure" *gets the cat out* "why do u have a cat" "payment" *pays the food with the cat's eye collar 🥶🥶*
@gemninja1197 Před 15 dny
Image the panic you would feel if that cat runs away🤣👀💦
@UC4o8gkoFHTiq Před 12 dny
For that purpose he inserted Apple AirTag in the different place 😅
@amal3v0 Před 11 dny
Shop guy: sir cash or card This guy: cat!
@Robot_bro2011 Před 6 dny
It's all good until your cat runs off.. 💀💀
@MersiSly Před 14 dny
The cat who went into the forest to end his life☠️
@BOYTLeRoyJenkins Před 6 dny
"That's not how it works.... that's not how any of this works"
@adamogaming9661 Před 16 dny
it's worse when the Cat wants freedom and runs away
@eloicuL Před 11 dny
I could've get that by sending my GAMATOTO on expedition 😂😂